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/n/ - Transportation

Displaying 20 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1244552Talk me out of buying this[View]
1245654Car won't start: Need help So today I drove my mom's Toyota Vellfire from the her universi…[View]
1245338Most Exotic Operational Aircraft: https://hubpages.com/education/Most-Exotic-Operational-Aircraft…[View]
1245150post your jerseys[View]
1241873In this ITT thread: post /n/ approved literature[View]
124378850 years U-Bahn Frankfurt: Today (yesterday actually, October 4th) was the 50th anniversary of the o…[View]
1245081This kind of position.: Hello, I'm looking for helicopter photos in this sort of position, stel…[View]
1243780Petersen is Right: Grant Petersen is right about almost everything except disc brakes and cloth tape…[View]
1245068>cycling buddy's road bike keeps getting flats and his shit is breaking every other week …[View]
1244606been 12 years since i last bought a bike. i want to get a new one this fall/winter when i assume the…[View]
1245105Bikes you've made money on: In this thread we post and tell stories about bikes we have bought …[View]
1245100are there any downsides to 4700 tiagra? I know it's only compatible with itself but that's…[View]
1244257Im about to break the record on the most popular Strava segment in my City using my e-bike and there…[View]
1231020Any working pilots here? What can I expect getting my pilots licence workwise?[View]
1244024Crimes against rail thread: Post the only the most disgusting abominations[View]
1235925I need some /n/ art, lads. Dump what you've got[View]
1244527I live on a tiny island (~20 miles long) and I want to buy a bike that is good to use on dirt trails…[View]
1244260Just ordered one of these just to jump on the electric bike meme. The ancheer bikes get decent revie…[View]
1239300How Hamburg ruined its chance of a transport paradise: Seven and a half years ago, the newly elected…[View]
1243149Hey mates. I've decided to ditch having a car for a while, rent close to work, and just ride a …[View]

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