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/n/ - Transportation

Displaying 19 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1131117Any ideas on why my sram pc860 chain power links connectors keep coming off, as soon as my bike meet…[View]
1113676/BRT/ Bike Racing and Training -- 'Winter is coming edition' Previous thread (currently on auto-sage…[View]
1129749How is technology changing the transportation industry? What trends are becoming apparent? What is b…[View]
1131520Help Brake Adjustment: The cable keeps pulling out of my lever. The lever has a swiveling HOOK that …[View]
1114381what went wrong?[View]
1131164what're your fav shoes for city cycling? my preference is vans slipons, they have good grip - b…[View]
1131323recently moved into the city, looking for an alternate mode of commute. what's a good entry lev…[View]
1130547Did Airbus cover it up? What is known: Blackbox and Flight recorder were 4 seconds out of sync showi…[View]
1131184This is a bit of an unusual request: does anyone here know when the first railroad connection betwee…[View]
1124374>riding home on subway from work like every day >cute as fuck girl gets on train, puts bike ag…[View]
1131095Is money the root of problems with transportation/infrastructure, or is it manegment: And how do we …[View]
1130302Monster Cross: I want to build a bike like pick related. How feasible would it be to build. There a…[View]
1128532Place your bets!: I'd like to know what the Las Vegas and/or London bookmakers put the odds on …[View]
1129894Cycling Gimmicks: why do people fall for stuff like this? you can put drop bars on a $100 multirack …[View]
1130678Underbiking: Ok, trying to be open minded here about the whole riding-a-road-frame-off-road. Ya know…[View]
1127960/GH/: General Helmet Thread what helmet(s) are you guys using? a friend crashed the other day and hi…[View]
1129906Crashes: What parts on the bike should i inspect after a crash? Just had one while pedaling at full …[View]
1130848Tweeters: Hi /n/ I recently decided to upgrade my sound system so I replaced the 6x9s and 6.5s in th…[View]
1130606Bike theft: Bike theft stories, lads. I live in Yurop’, so sandniggers are a bit of a problem if you…[View]

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