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/n/ - Transportation

Displaying 34 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1223656Going to an Indian grocery. What should I get? Specifically, spice recommendations?[View]
1220893MD-11 hate thread. This peice of shit has next to no plus side from a logistics stand point. Passeng…[View]
1216927US Metro Area transit rankings: Most service hours to population: 1. Kahului, HI (Maui) 2. New York,…[View]
1224216Best place to by bike parts: I need a new wheel for my bike(Giant Roam 3 Hybrid) what is the best pl…[View]
1224148What does /n/ think of Mackinac Island >only methods of transportation are horse-drawn carriage o…[View]
1222215>live in NYC >Dont have time or money for motorcycle licence, insurance etc. >Dirt poor …[View]
1223134Bicycle Navigation: >Try to reach a destination only 30km away >Plot a route in Google Maps …[View]
1223638Are you a MAMIL: https://www.1843magazine.com/features/the-long-and-winding-road > Middle-Aged Ma…[View]
1223432Strange Locomotive Thread: >BE CREATIVE >NO FONTAINE LOCOMOTIVE…[View]
1208250If the pilots died would you be able to land a jet liner at 40 000 ft?[View]
1222852Got it. Fucking cheap Chinese ruber[View]
1219976Bike Lanes: Do you ride your bike on the sidewalk when there is no bike lane? I had used to ride on …[View]
1224012What's in your bideon(s), /n/? And if you say Monster energy white I will pistol whip all of yo…[View]
1224059Transport Security itself: This sounds like a dumb question, but what sort of equipment security is …[View]
1224146>have CAADX 105 >don't wanna use it for daily and too lazy to fix the old beater memerid …[View]
1224106Bike touring advice/general(?): Any anons here on /n/ versed in bike touring? My friend and I are pl…[View]
1224035Generally I know more about Cars and motorcycles than bicycles. But recently I've been starting…[View]
1224024Sense of direction: I have an incredibly bad sense of direction, I have to forcefully visualise the …[View]
1223012Are there any ways or hacks to get legitimately cheap flights? Assuming the exact day/locations isn…[View]
1223839https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HfvS68aMIc Could it ever be true?[View]
1223274AIRBUS HATE THREAD: Fuck airbus for reducing commercial aviation to boring, ugly, flybywire twinjets…[View]
1222141Pre World War 2 Junkers aircraft.[View]
1212082/jrg/ - Japanese Railways General: Last thread hit the bump limit. Post here to talk about the train…[View]
1223639Wheel strength: /n/ube here, please help out. I'm not a shill however I'm looking for a ch…[View]
1222698Dear America, Do better https://www.paris.fr/actualites/stop-a-la-pollution-la-ville-propose-de-nouv…[View]
1221051Who was in the wrong here?: >on path next to canal, everything allowed except motorbikes/cars obv…[View]
1222398my bike weighs 36lb[View]
1219228Does the weight of the hubs matter? I mean they arent rotating mass like the rims or spokes. So what…[View]
1223598>vastly superior the 707 >aesthetic as fuck >failed anyway Imagine if carriers had bought t…[View]
1221247Moped and Scooter Thread: If this is too close to /o/ territory just ignore this Are moped's a …[View]
1201829/upg/ - Urban Planning General:: Missing middle housing edition. Old thread: >>1177715[View]
1222554My Fuji Touring in toothdecay black, my S-Bahn in communist red, my Düsseldorf Flughafen sign in pil…[View]
1212057why don't we have fully automated trains yet? we have the technology, metro systems have been …[View]
1221214Get on the tram/bus/train. There's a baby crying. Mother can't/won't do shit about …[View]

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