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Trump edition.

File: IMG_0005.jpg (484 KB, 3300x2640)
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484 KB JPG
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File: Usaf.u2.750pix.jpg (85 KB, 750x457)
85 KB
File: comet-129a.jpg (179 KB, 1600x750)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
This Beautiy.
Too bad we've decommisioned them, in favour of Gripens. Don't get me wrong, Gripens are also beautiful, but i still like the look of '29 a bit better.

File: Tram_Barcelona.jpg (2.35 MB, 2560x1920)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG
Can I shill my blog here? Together with some buddies we write about public transit in Barcelona. We've decided to publish in both spanish and english, because we can.

You guys can also ask questions or suggest topics itt

you can visit the blog at bcnmovilidad.com

our latest bit is about electric buses. check it out https://bcnmovilidad.com/2017/01/15/electric-buses-must-we-reinvent-the-wheel/
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Sounds interesting.
I bet you'd love a big green tram up your ass you autismo loser
The separation between English and Spanish feels really off. Can't you make two different blogs or include a "choose language" option?
That being said, will the bus include autistic fantasy transport maps and projects? Because then I would read it

Yeah I figured /n/ was not the place for my walls of text so I literally saved it for my blog.

I tried to but I suck bigtime at this, I don't really know how to do it.

And yes, I will include autistic fantasy projects and maps. In fact my main goal is to shill for my autistic fantasies. I'm just trying to build a not-quite-so-autistic rep before I go all out.

I'm thinking about doing the next bit about three tram trunk lines which would be very useful (they'd replace very heavily used bus lines along important thoroughfares, and one of them is already planned). I'll start with realistic ideas like that first, and eventually go full autismo.
If anyone is interested you can follow me on twitter @bcnmovilidad
File: Cc.logo.circle.svg.png (2 KB, 64x64)
2 KB
>not licensed as Creative Commons
Fuck you. You don't respect my freedom. I will not even read. I hate you.

File: 20170106_122258.jpg (803 KB, 2048x1152)
803 KB
803 KB JPG
Old thread

I've got a bunch I'll dump later from my recent travels to Union Station in New Haven
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My wife is awful. Everytime I clean out space she fills it with shit, presumably out of spite.
File: 013201722159.jpg (275 KB, 960x540)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
That's pretty decent! I'm in a bach suite and looking at a shelf type layout for now. I'm thinking 3 modules (for future ease of removal) along one wall that's 15 ft long.

In the meantime the accumulation (hoarding??) of rolling stock continues on a casual basis. I just obtained this tonight for $20 from an estate being liquidated. Already painted and detailed with a decorated interior. Toying with the idea of lighting it up inside at some point.

I'm trying to replicate a Canadian Pacific train that operated in the 1950s after diesel took over from steam. I've got 3 of the 5 cars so far. This is a Rivarossi model and it's 100% accurate for the passenger car pictured, I found a picture of it taken in 1953 on the fallenflags website.

I love the looks of that coach, what does the diesel look like?
File: crp-4057.jpg (140 KB, 1800x1042)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
FM CPA16-4 and CPB16-4 (C-liner A-B units)
Anyone else here use Kato track? Just in the process of switching my home layout over to it, fucking god-tier system desu compared to messing about with boards, dodgy wiring and worn out Peco track.


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>Max. takeoff weight with a Rotax912ULS 100hp engine: 450 kg (992 lb)

What a piece of shit, especially for that price tag.


Them are fighting words boy.
>so desperate
i don't get this word in that context. youre not "desperate" to buy any plane you retard.

how the hell is being "desperate" among the reasons of getting a small, fun jet? are you high?
I'm sure the kit is much cheaper. Says only 500 man hours to assemble which isn't all that bad. Get a buddy to help you out and knock it out in a summer after work.

I love that image but can't find anything with better resolution on google. Does anyone have a better source please?!

You can save ONE (1) of these two beauties from extinction.

In doing so, you also prevent all past fatal accidents involved with your vehicle of choice, as both went through high-profile accidents before.
Also, your craft of choice will be reworked in a way to make them relevant in today's world again (efficiency, payload, etc).

What will you decide?
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Those real space ships won't be able to land on a planet, but neither will they be massive. Think of the spaceship in 2001 A Space Odyssey: it is not large, but also not aerodynamic.
Notice how the OVERWHELMING majority of the ISS was launched aboard the Shuttle and assembled more easily with use of its robotic arm. What's even funnier is that the Soviet/Russian space program attempted to go in the direction that you are against and only didn't because they were underfunded.
>Notice how the OVERWHELMING majority of the ISS was launched aboard the Shuttle
Which has fuck all to do with anything. It reflects the poor state of the Russian space programme which in turn reflects that the Russian economy is dwarfed by the US or the EU. It has nothing to do with the Shuttle concept.
LOL no.
Again, not a technucal argument and complete done for political me-too reasons and inferiority complex. See the Tu-144 and numerous other examples. It's a pattern.
The Tu-144 started development and flew before Concorde.

Way to undercut yourself real hard there.
>The Tu-144 started development and flew before Concorde.
No. It flew before the Concorde, yes, but it was the product of industrial espionage on the Concorde project, because the rüskies freaked over the prospect of "the west" having supersonic travel - and they not. Precisely the same reaction as with the Shuttle; the west might soon have cheap, reusable spacecraft - we must too. The west have big nuclear bombs, we must build bigger ones. This type of cockfighting was called the Cold War.

Of course, the Shuttle never turned out to be cheap or particularly reusable. It turned out hideously expensive and not particularly capable - as did of course the copy. That's why the Buran was first on the chopping block when downsizing the Soviet space programme, and not the various rockets.
It's also why NASA is not building another Shuttle. Because it is more expensive when overall cost is considered, and performance is shit, frankly.

There is no explaining away these numbers:
Saturn V
Total cost per flight: 1.12 billion dollars
Payload to LEO: 118 tons
Range: To the moon and back (literally)

Total cost per flight: 1.5 billion

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Sandcrawlerside.jpg (97 KB, 1000x498)
97 KB
Is a sandcrawler physically possible, or would the ground pressure exceed feasibility?
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A common number I'm seeing for the length of a sandcrawler is 40 meters. Another site is telling me 36.8. So, that drawing is on a 1/2 meter scale. Roughly, then, a contact patch for a tread is 7 meters long and 2 meters wide.

At the ground pressure for the M1A2 (the highest for any tank made), 1.09 kg-f/cm^2, times 8 treads, that comes out to a total vehicle mass of 122 tonnes.

The closest real life comparison vehicle would be the giant dump trucks used in strip mines, which weigh 300-400 tonnes empty, at about a third the size of a sandcrawler.

If we take the ground pressure to instead be similar to one of those dump trucks, the mass would be 708 tonnes, which is honestly still pretty low, but at least kinda believable. That would be at the price, however, of limiting the sandcrawler to improved roads instead of the apparent free-roaming, dune-climbing nature of the thing. Instead of a very large off road vehicle, it would just be a very large truck.
Looks too narrow for dune driving, maybe with more width and more wheels could be viable.
This thing would make a great mars colony vehicle.
What about the crawler transporter NASA used for their biggest launchers? Things were 40m long with a mass of 2,700 tons.
Russian tanks do well in sand.

Can someone help identify the fork?

Looks like some Manitou model to me.

Travel 120mm, 1 1/8" steerer tube, disc brake only, coil spring, 9mm QR, and for 29" wheels. The previous owner has spray painted the whole thing so the color isn't original. I can provide more pictures if needed.

File: 1436624453878.jpg (23 KB, 480x480)
23 KB
>Driving in the subway
>It's crowded as hell
>Stand up and offer my seat to an old lady
>A little brat jumps on it and laughs
>I slap him and get him out of his chair
>The lady thanks me and some people laugh and applaude

I had a shitty day and old but I feel sorry for the boy.
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And the name of the lady? Abraham Lincoln
He was being an asshole. Of course, I asked him politely to stand up but he was just laughing.
After that he became red like a tomatoe and exited the next stop.
And now you know... the rest... of the story.

Americlaps, I tell you
It was in Germany

File: dont.png (339 KB, 750x750)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Last one just hit limit, winter is closing in folks

Post your rides, post photos of riding, tell us about the ride. Even trainer rides are allowed!

Also - Saskatchewan anon, answer me
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Did a quick up-and-back on the coast, just trying to get my body back used to things after a couple months of less-frequent riding due to work and weather. Felt good.
Cycleops Fluid 2 a decent trainer? I'm just getting back into cycling after a few years off and the online reviews seem decent.

Zwift looks fun as well so I was thinking of trying that. Opinions?
Went snowshoeing a few hours this morning to pack down a path to fat bike on. I should have waited until tomorrow to ride on it though. The snow was too soft and needs to firm up overnight. The snowshoe trails I made earlier in the week were nice and firm. I have to avoid getting too carried away riding on those trails, if I veer outside the path and have to put a foot down I'm in snow up to my knee.

It was almost too warm today getting up to -4 °C. Some above freezing days this week so I might squeeze in a long ride on a less fat bike.
File: _SAW4486.jpg (273 KB, 1600x1280)
273 KB
273 KB JPG

I can't comment on the trainer, but Zwift has been great for getting my FTP up without the distractions of traffic and frost dick. The group rides and segment records really do good at breaking up the monotony of pedaling away in my living room.

If you haven't used a trainer yet, it does take a while to get over the "torture machine" feeling of the bike staying stationary all the time.
I hope you're draping that thing with a towel while you're sweating all over it like a middle aged man fucking an underaged prostitute in a shady basement in China Town.

how can I wear lycra without looking like and absolute gay faggot?
show me what you wear to look more or less heterosexual.
38 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
>How to look cool in lycra?

Be a woman

women look significantly better in lycra than blokes, for one thing you don't have a penis looking you in the eye.
Roadie homo
Your picrealated is a very well known event in mtb history:
Sam Hill Val di Sole crash.

Worst possible example by the most ignorant lycra supporter.
>tfw road holland went out of business

try eleven velo from Australia
>Your picrealated is a very well known event in mtb history:
>Sam Hill Val di Sole crash.

WOWOW you dont say, that is what it is??!!???!!!!???????

I wanted to post ratboy in his UK skinsuit but havent found the pic.
How the hell do you think a crash pic is an argument FOR lycra then

Explain yourself

File: z3_180.jpg (77 KB, 800x509)
77 KB
Z3 Melbourne - 1995

File: n_anime.png (1.67 MB, 1356x640)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
We got 3 (sorta) /n/ related anime airing this season.
Yowamushi S3 - Monday
Long Riders - Last two episodes air on February 5th.
Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club - Friday
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I've got people I ride with now and then, but never do any non-cycling stuff with them.

said, riding alone often works out better unless you know someone that rides the way you do. I don't mind riding slow, but the people that ride slow also tend to stop a lot and for far too long. And the people in the road clubs tend to turn every ride into a race, trying to drop as many people as possible in the first 30 minutes before dialing the pace back a little.

I also hate trying to work to a fixed schedule. Its nice to be flexible to delay the start by an hour or two if you have a cold morning, or shift a long ride to the next day if it happens to be shitty for a ride that was scheduled weeks or months in advance.

I ride with people even less now that I've come to appreciate the peace and quiet of deserted car free gravel roads.

Mooring/storage are prohibitively expensive unless you've got all the licenses for commercial fishing.

I have a few friends who ride, but I literally never ride with others unless there's an organized event (century rides etc.) going on. I've only met maybe 2-3 people that I talk to regularly through cycling, and none of them are cyclists.
One of my best friends I met through cycling, it's definitely great for making buddies but most of the people you do meet in the sport will be specific to cycling and related activities
3 new translated chapters of the YP manga uploaded over the past few days.

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
8 KB
I often hear that railways in Switzerland and Germany are very high quality.
Which countries are Japan, Switzerland, Germany and other countries that are considered to have the highest quality of this?
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File: 12386678285_12554f0685_h.jpg (1012 KB, 1600x1068)
1012 KB
1012 KB JPG
Anyway, if you want to take a train between Czechia and Slovakia, here are useful links:

>timetables and connection finder for all public transport in Czechia and international conenctions as well as some foreign trains and buses, great search engine, change language in lower right corner

cd.cz slovakrail.sk
>national railway operators, operate interantional trains between Czechia and Slovakia

>a private operator going on Prague-Ostrava-Košice(SK) and Prague-Brno-Bratislava lines as well as many coach services

>similar as above, operates trains on Prague-Ostrava-Košice(SK) line

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>I heard that DB is not good for the first time. It is unexpected.
DB being good is an old meme, and it only stayed around outside of Germany and with people who never use public transportation.
I have personally used trains in Poland, Sweden and England in addition to Germany, where I travel by train at least twice a week.
PKP (Poland) is terrible, but they're getting better and better very quickly. I traveled there with twice within half a year. All the construction sites and holes in the ground had turned into nice modern stations in that timeframe. Delays and lack of communication with the crew were an issue though.
English and Swedish trains were both very comfortable, totally on time and had friendly staff. In the latter case, they even had multilingual displays and announcements. When you have to stop in the middle of the countryside to let a train pass, they actually tell you that in several languages. If you travel with DB, you can stand around in the sticks for ten minutes for no apparent reason. They won't tell you what is going on and when the journey can continue. The smaller companies do it to a certain degree, mostly to complain about and blame DB's IC and ICE trains.
My experience with Poland is bad service. Yes, they might invest a lot of money into improving of infrastructure (which used to be really bad in many places) and buying new trains, but the service in general still stays insufficient. Mainly the capacity and frequency of trains in some main directions. Plus the price which stays high. Traveling by train stays expensive and unpelasant in Poland which is something I remember rom Czechia like 10-15 years back, but thankfully then came the private operators and service improved pretty quickly (not everywhere, though). I hope the sames will happen in Poland once the infrastructure is good.
frequent service for lolcheap, yes.

Quality? haha, no, at least on the CD services I use (the top stuff doesn't call where I live). 1970s East German carriages (with a 1990s-2000s refit if you're lucky). I don't mind them being old, but they're noisy inside with busted suspension, and forget about A/C (unbearably hot in summer, either unbearably hot or freezing cold in winter).
Do you live in Bezpráví?

File: Kuttrein.jpg (358 KB, 1897x1066)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
Post the most shitty public transport service in your area
86 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.
most shitty public transport in my area doesn't even have pictures as it's not fucking running.

god damn southern rail are so useless, fucking tory government handing over subsidies instead of kicking southern's arse over being cunts. these strikes should of ended months ago with victory to the staff.
File: theresa-may-pm.jpg (31 KB, 615x366)
31 KB
>god damn southern rail are so useless
Southern rail is essentially a fake sub brand. It is owned by Go-Ahead.

Go Ahead runs a company called "GTR" which in turn runs a company called "Southern". This is to protect their parent company's repuation.

Furthermore, the government worker who awarded Go-Ahead the Southern, Thameslink, Great Northern, and Gatwick Express franchises RUNS A COMPANY WHO WAS AT THE TIME PROVIDING CONSULTING SERVICES TO GO-AHEAD. So it's all rigged and a mighty corrupt scam.

>fucking tory government handing over subsidies instead of kicking southern's arse over being cunts.

Now, the government WANTS this to happen. Taxpayers are paying for the strikes NOT GO-AHEAD GTR SOUTHERN. Go-Ahead is only there to take PROFITS and us the taxpayers can get fucked with the LOSSES. Back to the point though - Southern as a rail route is profitable and makes around £30m a year even with guards. The government is just greedy so wants to get rid of guards.
>urban planning

Also known as payoffs from developers to government planners to steer tenants and shoppers to their properties.

We fought a world war against this kind of business/government partnership, led by a guy who fancied himself as a great architect and urban planner. So, no thanks.
Yeah, special discounts on passes for those over 55. Is it not a thing where you live?
This. You should go look at the arrangement between GoAhead, GTR & the government, and who's really pulling the strings. The franchise has a unique contract with the government which basically means they're being paid even when trains don't run. GTR loose *nothing* from the strikes, and they can theoretically continue forever without having to compromise at all.

This setup was created deliberately by the Government, and the plan to move to Driver Operated Doors has come from the Department for Transport directly.

tl;dr: The Government is directly behind the plans and the standoff with the union, have the gall to accuse the unions of "politicising" a clearly political plan, and always intended for this to happen.

If you're affected by the strike, write to your MP and demand the DfT stop playing silly buggers.

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