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File: fred.jpg (155 KB, 612x612)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
ITT: Things that make you automatically discredit someone as a cyclist.

>uses Di2
>doesn't wear a helmet
>has a Brooks saddle
>rides a fat bike on pavement
>rides on the sidewalk
>is fat but still wears full kit
>is fat but still rides a super lightweight bike
>is fat but still rides a super aero bike
(nothing against fat cyclists btw, it's good that they are getting out and improving themselves)
>no bottle cages
>only bikes for sport; doesn't commute, tour, randonneur, go on adventure rides, or anything else
>always drives death cage to the bike trails (it's okay to do it sometimes, but you have to ride from home at least some of the time)

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>doesn't wear a helmet
Don't be a helmet nazi. If the law says you don't have to wear one (an in most places, if you're an adult, that's the case), then it's not anyone's place to insist others wear one. It may be the smart thing to do, but that doesn't entitle people to be assholes about it. It's just like annoying, loudmouth anti-smoking crusaders. It actually does more harm than good by provoking people to do engage in dangerous activity just to spite you. Don't be that person.

At any rate, people not wearing helmets is not nearly the problem that people not mounting lights (which actually ARE a legal requirement after sundown in most places) is. Also people failing to signal, and otherwise not observing vehicular traffic laws. Those phenomena damage the collective reputation of everyone who rides.

>rides on the sidewalk
There are literally places where this is required by law, though. For instance, the next town over from me prohibits bicycles on the traveled lanes along the two U.S. Routes that run through downtown: cyclists are SUPPOSED to use the sidewalks there. It's vitally important to know the local ordinances and to pay attention to signage.
Someone who doesn't wear a helmet is a moron and should be ridiculed up and including when they become a brain pinata.

Riding a road bike on the sidewalk without a helmet is even more retarded because of how many bumps and obstacles are on there, as well as the narrower corridor you have to weave through + random pedestrians.
All I'm saying is that attitude is counterproductive because there are actually a lot of people who would come to that conclusion on their own but for assholes who try to impose it on them.

It's the same reason why such a large part of the motorcycle community has resisted helmets: they see it as an attack on their freedom because the advocates are dicks about it.
I ride a fat bike on the pavement, I put as smooth tires as I could find on it. No one dares try to run me over because they would wreck their front end if they impacted my steel monstrosity. It also has great inertia and good downhill acceleration so I'm always split between mashing up the last 30-50% of a hill and being physically unable to hit a cadence that would further increase my speed.
Side benefit is I can roll through parks, parking lots or jump up curbs piss easy to avoid traffic.
Urban Fatbikes are a similar demand niche to BMX, but without the skatepark.

Sheldon put LSD my dad's water bottle on an S24O with Grant and he was never the same again. All he wanted to do was set up cantilever brakes all day and stare at pictures of quill stems and lugs on iBOB all night. He replaced his shoelaces with twine and got fired from his job as VP at Kellogg's. He said "ain't no big thing" and abandoned our family on a tandem bike tour through South America. He said we were 'too racer' and he was an 'unracer' now and left my mom with the Carradice, a bag of oatmeal and a pop can stove. She had to turn tricks for Sterno while we hitchhiked back to the border. I'll never forgive these bastards. Last night I saw a bike with downtube shifters parked outside the bar and taco'ed the wheels with a piece of broken cement. God damn it dad why did you leave us like that you fucker... Fuck steel, fuck freewheels, FUCK fixed gear, FUCK 650B CONVERSIONS
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>someone who's never tried acid trying to be funny
Why would I try acid after what happened to my dad? Retrogrouches are all brain dead pot smokers
it's good you don't do drugs then, as brain dead as you are a straight edge, I can't imagine how worse you'd be if you did drugs. Then again, I doubt it's possible for you to be worse than you currently are
>fuck freewheels
b-but, we need those.
i don't get the hate though. i ride current and vintage steel. i hate carbon fiber. i hate disc brakes. my bikes have baskets, i bring things with me when i ride. doesn't make me hate the dude that blazes past me on an aero road bike, nothing but lycra and himself. you do you, and stfu.
>you do you, and stfu.
do you do drugs?

File: anne_frank.png (751 KB, 511x850)
751 KB
751 KB PNG

Post locomotives you'd name after the girl. It can be from any railroad from any era, but it has to be a nice one.
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File: The General.jpg (396 KB, 1600x1038)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
>alternate reality where the Confederacy won the US Civil War

How's that supposed to work?

Also now that you mention the Civil War, here's Western & Atlantic Railroad #3, also known by its more famous name, The General.
The Ford Panther Platform of trains
Anolf Frankler Express
>They’re too busy fucking with baconrider I guess.
Not other anon and I know who baconrider is but why are mods fucking with me?
He's nuts but he's /n/ as fuck.
the golden star

File: hongkong1small.jpg (3.13 MB, 2100x1500)
3.13 MB
3.13 MB JPG
Continued from >>1069094

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #13, starting with HKG
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You sure thats not SYD, MEL, BNE, or PER?
pretty sure .. not sure why it is doing that though as all photos are the right way up when previewing them
File: IMG_9560.jpg (1.98 MB, 3264x2448)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
my home airport (and maybe base someday)
File: IMG_9576.jpg (1.73 MB, 3264x2448)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
Also went from MIA to TLH (pic related)
File: E24 and E25 MIA.jpg (1.69 MB, 3264x2448)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
btw this was what I was talking about

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I have some low tier campagnolo veloce on my beater. I like them.
>tfw i have veloce on my "good" bike
>the chad campagnolo team sky winner
>the virgin shimano obvious hunchback retard losing the race
Do you think Sky cheats just as much with their disabled riders as their other pro teams?
who di qt?

File: BLETLogo[1].png (145 KB, 1000x1252)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET) is continuing its fight to preserve members’ jobs and to protect public safety at the Texas Mexican Railway (Tex Mex) border crossing in Laredo, Texas. On July 9, Tex Mex unilaterally replaced U.S. citizen crewmembers with Mexican train crews between Laredo Yard and the International Bridge, more than 9 miles away. BLET declared the action constituted a major dispute under the Railway Labor Act and had threatened to strike, but a Federal judge issued a preliminary injunction on July 6 that prohibited a BLET job action over the issue. BLET National President Dennis R. Pierce then asked President Donald J. Trump to personally intervene to help protect American jobs, but the Union has yet to hear from the Administration. In mid-July, a delegation of BLET representatives visited 150 Congressional offices in Washington, D.C., to apprise them of the situation. President Pierce advised that many Members of Congress were shocked and surprised to learn that the train crews from Mexico would be operating trains on U.S. soil under relaxed federal railroad safety standards. “Members of Congress expressed grave concern that the Federal Railroad Administration would allow the railroad to apply a lower safety standard to Mexican train crews than to U.S. train crews,” President Pierce said. “Our members are held to the highest standard while crews coming in from Mexico are essentially given a break in terms of certification, testing, and operating experience.” During the federal court hearing on July 3, the railroad submitted an internal memorandum from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), which appears to give the railroad preliminary permission to proceed with its job replacement plan.
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Stage a sick out.

>S.M.A.R.T union member
>UP Road Toad and Groundhog
>Road Toad and Groundhog

You guys have the gayest nicknames holy fuck lmao
Same thing is happening to the frontier pilot group. Been in roughly two years of mediation with no end in sight and the NMB won’t release the pilot group to strike. Airline still makes money on the backs of an underpaid pilot group.
Not good. Telus Canada brought in guys from Mexico during a protracted strike about 10 yrs ago. The quality was atrocious... we were undoing damage & flawed workmanship for almost 2 yrs after.

Dammit.. I read that in the same tune as the song you referenced.

File: AE-215-2[1].jpg (61 KB, 500x500)
61 KB
>ride with only right earbud in, left earbud in pocket so i can hear road
>today left earbud fell out of pocket and went into wheel and ripped it off so now only have right earbud and exposed copper wire on left

how do you guys ride with earbuds
Pls die
run the headphones inside of your jersey, that way if one comes loose or you want to remove them mid-ride, they'll simply dangle at chest height without getting anywhere near your spokes
i wear a shirt and basketball shorts
Sounds like your problem is solved then.

ITT: Top-tier bicycle design.
67 replies and 38 images omitted. Click here to view.
how the fuck do you pedal that, my knees would be hitting the bars constantly
Lol that fucking gripshift
Wouldn't want a downtube shifter it would look too weird
It's like the strangest possible evolution of the original downhill klunkers. No way I'd turn down an opportunity to ride that wacky ass bike downhill.
This will be a bike to meme about in a decade or two


Previous: >>1157713
146 replies and 45 images omitted. Click here to view.
>not peeling the wire, cutting it then putting the rubber back on
lmao @ ur life
Meant for
pls buy me a beer too also nobody fucking says BTR
File: IMG_5713.jpg (2.68 MB, 2000x1333)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB JPG
/n/ mariner meetup on the bayou when

File: W6PwmQ.gif (1.13 MB, 480x270)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB GIF
Why do brainlets think this would work?
39 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I have other question: why airplanes have shitty lap belt, when superior three point is available?
Retards have enough trouble figuring out the single point belt
There are a couple of answers to that, but I'll list them.
1. Flight and Cabin crew need to be able to still walk and move around after something which shouldn't occurs. The pilots need to be able to be fully seated as so to remain in control, while the cabin crew need to be able to carry out emergency duties if necessary. Passengers do not.
2. Lap belts are enough. They will keep you in your seat if the plane is inverted or the plane is in an unusual attitude, or there is a sudden acceleration or deceleration.
3. Lap belts are simpler. Imagine cabin crew trying to explain how to put on 3 point or even 5 point seatbelts to absolute normies who might be under the influence of alcohol, have never flown in a plane before, or are on their way to some beach resort.
4. Emergencies are incredibly rare. The most the lap belt will do in a normal flight is keep you from jiggling about during turbulence and keep you in place during takeoff and landing. The last incident of airliners needing to fly inverted or at unusual attitudes was probably over a decade ago.
Three point seat belt is much easier to use, than one point. It doesn't require any adjustment, just clicks in. Also, they are more common.
>The pilots need to be able to be fully seated as so to remain in control
And they have pretty decent seat belts,
>Passengers do not.
So, there is no problem.
>2. Lap belts are enough. They will keep you in your seat if the plane is inverted or the plane is in an unusual attitude, or there is a sudden acceleration or deceleration.
They are not enough. You still can get your head injured badly, and sometimes there is no time to brace. And with this seat belt you don't need to brace, it is enough to have it fastened.
>3. Lap belts are simpler.
>Imagine cabin crew trying to explain how to put on 3 point or even 5 point seatbelts to absolute normies who might be under the influence of alcohol, have never flown in a plane before, or are on their way to some beach resort.
What to explain? It is literally a car seat belt, pull it over shoulder and click it.
>4. Emergencies are incredibly rare. The most the lap belt will do in a normal flight is keep you from jiggling about during turbulence and keep you in place during takeoff and landing. The last incident of airliners needing to fly inverted or at unusual attitudes was probably over a decade ago.
You can't be too safe. Also, it will save a lot of money on insurance claims.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
And other problem I guess - less people will use it, because it is not as comfortable..

File: Dmagr9tXoAU2uN_.jpg (86 KB, 1024x736)
86 KB
What is /n/'s solution to the last mile commute problem?

A good last mile commute solution must generally meet some requirements:
>Small enough to fit into buses and taxis
>Cheap enough for most people to be able to get one without much consideration
>Durable enough for every day use in normal weather
>Not too much of a meme

I only really know of 2 solutions so far, the mini cruiser skateboard (Penny board/nickle board) or a folding kick scooter for adults, both are small and portable.
102 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
90% of cyclists here run reds and stop signs. I always slow down to look first. I don't know how they aren't all dead. You don't have to stop, but for fuck's sake take a good look both ways.
How do you remember where you parked my bike? In a big parking lot for cars I always hold down the lock button on my car keys until I can hear the horn. I would lose my bike so fast here





>riding home from work
>bike trail and sidewalk are side by side
>more people walk on the bike trail than the sidewalk
>glare at me when I ring bell or just stop and look instead of getting on the sidewalk
>bird scooters left in the middle of path
>purposely knock them over as I pass
Rollerblades. Hang them off a backpack when not in use.

File: casclean2.jpg (876 KB, 3237x2439)
876 KB
876 KB JPG
...cuz it keeps getting black as shit.
46 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
kerosene is what jobst brandt recomended and it's what my local shop uses infact it's widely suggested, i've personally found it to be highly effective and you'd be a retard to clean a chain without gloves on anyway
For everyone wondering how to get a drivetrain that requires less maintenance, go IGH and belt or full chaincase.
My last chain inside the full case lasted 13k km and I lubed it exactly thrice.

For my derailleur bikes I use the rag and "oil on rollers" method - but only ever when the chain starts to become noisy.
Park Tool's cyclone chain cleaner is actually a godsend desu, and the solvent they sell is biodegradable which is a major plus IMO
The solvent they sell is just isopropyl alcohol. Which is biodegradable.
Fuck i've been duped

well that shit works great anyhow

Post ‘em, boys.

39 miles of gravel today.
285 replies and 93 images omitted. Click here to view.
Right on, thanks for the info anon. I've grown to hate doing longer distance rides on my road bike for most of those exact reasons.
You gotta start switching to modern cranksets man, they're much sturdier
solid beater man, might want some fenders on there
Let the record show, this stupid faggot has no bike. Just a bus pass and a hot keyboard.
File: My bike.png (1 KB, 253x96)
1 KB
I do sweetie. Why so serious?

I'm writing a short story where the main character travels through Scandinavia on his great-uncle's crappy old motorcycle, except, I know nothing about motorcycles.

Can you guys recommend me a type to use in my story and include some of it's quirks and stuff so I can make this aspect of the story more believable? The motorcycle eventually breaks down not too far into the story.

Also, what are those motorcycle bags on the back called? (Pic related)
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
90s rigid mtb with semi-slicks, towed by blimp train to make it motorized
I'm sure this bicycle is a wonderful meme on this board, but would using this bike in my story actually have any credibility? I'm open to changing up my story to actually replace the motorcycle with this instead.
I'd consider checking out /o/ as there's a motorbike thread there pretty much around the clock. I want to say theres a sticky and everything. Look for /dbt/ in the catalog.
This is a cycling/trais board but I also own a motorcycle and live in Sweden. Most people here have been riding Schwalbe Marathon Supremes since the 1950s, they're still a favorite choice today
I’m from Norway and fuel taxes are so high we normally just ride around in 90s rigid mtb w/ slicks.

File: 1527543380648.jpg (146 KB, 576x432)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Discussion thread for /n/ related anime. Yowamushi is still airing.
Last thread >>1145489
230 replies and 90 images omitted. Click here to view.
It also helps that the original audio and the dub are both hilarious
Looks like she had to get a jersey several sizes too big so she could fit her tits in it.
her friend is cuter
File: mpdk5uDKQr1s4kvl.gif (705 KB, 480x360)
705 KB
705 KB GIF
School Rumble https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qj-ct49htM
Is this hentai?

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