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File: file.jpg (103 KB, 680x383)
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Since /o/ is 98% bike threads I thought I'd ask:

What's the current best e-bike shit out there? I search and I see a bunch of $5k go-fund-me stuff years out. If I wanted to e-bike today what is the best bike, package or add a motor that currently is available?
You want to search for ebike stores in your area and try them. For some reason ebikes companies have their own stores and bike stores don't touch them.

This is one of those situations like phones and other memey tech bullshit where the internet is useless because all the useful information is drowned out by hype and marketing.
What kills the e-bikes is the 25kph speed limit. Totally worthless for road bikes and seriously limits MTB use. That being said, are you looking at road or MTB?
Electric bicycle is a concept completely beyond my understanding. Seriously, why? Why not an electric scooter or even a moped if you need motor assist? Why not a recumbent if you'd like to go fast not under UCI designations? Why carry that heavy ass bike everywhere for, what, 60 minutes of lighter ride?
I dimply don't get it.

File: 1489256300488.jpg (426 KB, 1653x1023)
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426 KB JPG
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>Fried Culo

Bingo. See the flashing light? That's a taser.
File: wha.jpg (16 KB, 300x300)
16 KB

Are gravel grinders mountain bikes yet?
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>>Touring bikes are not road bikes

touring is a STYLE not a frame you PLEB
no idea why but that bike's geometry angers me
figured it out, it's not the geometry itself but how the rear triangle is closed only on one side
>pro Touring bike rider

Who pays you?
File: images.jpg (8 KB, 236x213)
8 KB
>implying you need to be paid to be a 'professional' country crosser

ITT: Post cool switchers, preferably from ALCo (EMD, GE, Baldwin, FM, Lima, etc. are also fine).
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what makes shunting loco different from regular loco?
Types of engines used and other stuff. A switcher cannot run all that fast, but they can pull a damn track and get it moving quick.

They're great but you don't really see them all that much anymore on Class I's. Shit, you're even seeing geeps fall out of favor and you'll have yards that see all their flat switching done with big six axle units.
File: 199-Trackmobile-4650TM-1.jpg (326 KB, 1288x1006)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
What about trackmobiles?
Sure why not.

File: 1.jpg (39 KB, 1055x792)
39 KB
I saw some guy in a full piece business suit and no helmet riding his bike in the middle of morning city traffic.

What the HELL was his end game?
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File: into_the.jpg (26 KB, 289x376)
26 KB
You went to a job interview with helmet hair?
>$2500 trek mtb with dork disc and not a spec of dirt since never ridden it on a dirt patch

>$35 h&m suit separated suit with coupon

Fucking normie
>he doesn't keep a comb and quiff grease in his saddle bag
>You went to a job interview with helmet hair?
I had a comb in my trunk bag but I also have short enough hair that I can just brush it with my hand and it doesn't really get super-messed up in the first place.

Don't you wash your hair so that it's not greasy and doesn't get molded into shape by helmets?
Just ride with clean dry hair and mostly, it's fine.

Oh and btw:
>I got the job
Getting to work?

File: Bratislava.jpg (2.41 MB, 4592x3056)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB JPG
Tunnel Edition.

Post news, pictures, and videos of light rail or trams.

>Tatra T3G emerging from the tram tunnel (under Castle Hill) in Bratislava, Slovakia.
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>Trams in subways
Lolz k.
Is this really the plan now?

That is doing like the two jobs, that line, trying to be the trolleybus-replacing tram line and also the Fyllingsdalen line, giving suboptimal routings for the both, perhaps?

There are some very reasonable examples in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. Consider Brussels pre-metro tunnels, Randstadrail tunnel in Rotterdam, Antwerp premetro and the many stadtbahns, though there are some failures amongst them as well, like Ludwigshafen tunnel which was abandoned, and many other places where the money ran out, Charleroi most famous.
If you don't live in the Anglosphere or common-law country, tunnels aren't thaaat expensive to build. If you also don't live in a country where they've only stuck to century-old streetcar designs, modern articulated trams can easily be linked to provide 300-400 total standing capacity. And if you don't stick to outdated signalling systems, a subway-surface tram can support a much higher degree of branching on 2 tracks than a subway can, which is much more useful for smaller cities than a single expensive metro tunnel on one or 2 corridors.
File: Asane.jpg (534 KB, 1575x3937)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
>Is this really the plan now?
There’s also a planned extension north to Åsane from Byparken/Kaigatan, which will come after the line to Fyllingsdalen. Fyllingsdalen was prioritized because of the alignment at Bryggen, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The image is the preferred alignment.

More information (in Norweigian):

>trying to be the trolleybus-replacing tram line
I doubt that the Line 2 trolley bus will be going anywhere as it provides local service. Haukeland Sykehus is considered to be an important stop because it’s a hospital, and it has a large amount of employees there (11 800 workers).
Hiroshima has a really nice tram network.

File: Typhoon-class.jpg (160 KB, 1024x768)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
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File: Sierra_class_submarine.jpg (2.71 MB, 3000x2039)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB JPG
File: Submarine_Oscar_class.jpg (2.06 MB, 2780x1860)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG
File: Yankee_class.jpg (1.26 MB, 1241x1918)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG

File: 2016-05-01 10.34.52.jpg (2.01 MB, 3024x4032)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
Continued from >>823596
Post 'em Airports new thread Mk 11 .... starting with NPS
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I didnt know that a shuttle existed, good to know
Mine is AMS , very quick to transfer across , even if the new passport controls have slowed things down a bit
I used to hate LHR T5 but that is quite good now I find
I quite like TXL too , very quick efficient airport

File: amtrak-with-bicycle[1].jpg (187 KB, 1280x720)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
I'm going to do a bike tour in the 3rd world soon and I have some questions:

I should get 26" rims, right? I have a cheap bike with 28" ones now, but I'd rather do a quality upgrade to save myself trouble down the line.

I'm willing to spend like 1500$ for a quality bike if necessary. Do you have some suggestions for bikes with frames for 26" rims? Or should I order parts seperately and ensemble them?

Are steel frames important or is aluminum sufficient? Does steel frames have longer lifespan? I'll probably be doing more riding after this tour.

Could I check secondhand stores for bikes with steel frames and built it up myself? Or are new touring bike frames of much higher quality? (I probably won't find anything in the stores here anyway as I live in a small town).

Is important to have a well fitting frame? I'm 175cm but have long legs, my current bike is 18" and it's one size too big for me on the bike size chart. Idk if a smaller one would be more comfy.

Should I use panniers or a bike trailer?

Should I use suspension forks?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>I'd like to go from Europe to China, but the money probably wouldn't last. Maybe I'll go halfway or just tour throughout Europe instead.
Former soviet bloc countries (the ones that still haven't adopted the €) can get fairly, if not very, cheap. AFAIR Russia, Belarus and Ukraine require visas and it can take time.
ANd to the fear-mongering Anons, my co-worker's son did a 3-week-long bike tour (sleeping under a tent most of the time included) thru Romania last year and came back unharmed. Granted, it was 3 of them, but still.
>fuji touring
Good bike and good bars.

what bars / bar to stem adapter is that ?
Don't worry about 'test stages' or whatever.

Adventure Cycling does some nice stuff, but at the end of the day, all you need is a map and a bit of common sense.

File: 50.jpg (134 KB, 800x570)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
What was the longest distance you've ever ridden in at once (in a day)?
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140km is my furthest. That was between cities with a shitload of luggage.

I frequently do 60km out to the countryside, around a bit and back home.
To non-cyclists, it's mind blowing.

I'm >>1066813 and when I talked about this at work on Monday, people wondered how I even survived. The CEO of the company said that she literally couldn't imagine trying to ride that distance. She's not even unfit, actually she clearly does gym time regularly.

If you don't love cycling, riding a metric century seems insane. As it was, my 26km commute seemed like madness to people and I was constantly being offered lifts home.
About 220 km, three times. Each time was a grand fondo (ya fredly I know) and riding to/from the start and finish. Don't usually spend too much time in groups while doing these, but the longest entirely solo ride was 150 km.

What's the hot climb just south of the freeway?
You should try montacute sometime, that's a pretty fun climb.
It's brownhill creek, its only like 100ms elevation and like 5km long, but it's quiet and right near my house so I ride it a fair bit
Looks super nice on street view, will have to give it a go along with the lynton bike path and maybe one day actually go up sheoak road.

File: trainsperg meet.jpg (234 KB, 1280x960)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
Why are trainspergs so autistic?

File: 20170417_233116.png (796 KB, 719x1085)
796 KB
796 KB PNG
High altitude shitposting edition

Old thread: >>>1055298
39 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
The cross and dot on the upper right of your hud, what us that for? Seat alignment?
File: IMG_20161216_084433.jpg (2.67 MB, 4000x2992)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB JPG
Eye level by way of seat, yes.
File: IMG_0222.jpg (1.09 MB, 2592x1936)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
How about low level flying into wake island?
File: IMG_0233.jpg (1.19 MB, 2592x1936)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Sorry about fruitposting, I never could be assed to learn to fix.
File: [Mild Panic].jpg (90 KB, 853x480)
90 KB
Commercial multi checkride tomorrow lads

Boy these fucking rides never get any easier. Wish me luck boy, the suspense is killing me.

Anyone familiar with Adult Scooters that can recommend one that isn't too much money?
Just ordered this one for 75$ but i'm sure there's a better one for less.
I got this one because i don't want some deep crack or a pebble to trip the scooter. That's actually happened to me when i was younger with the tiny wheeled scooters.
>Why not a skate board
Unfortunately i cannot balance on one
>Why not a bike
Too big
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Are people in this thread srsly defending the fucking scooters?
>child's toy
Those cheap folding ones are for children, the sturdy pro scooters are sport scooters.
I live in a studio apartment with two other people and keep a bike in here too. It's not hard.
>living with others
Enjoy eating seamen off your bagel and stepping on shit in the shower
> I live in a studio apartment with two other people
That's called a dorm room.

File: 1492916435150.jpg (598 KB, 1288x767)
598 KB
598 KB JPG
How do you repair/replace bike tires/tubes?

Recently I was riding my bike back home from the gym and something felt odd in the back tire. I ignored it, but then I knew for certain something was off so I checked it and I had a flat. I don't know how it happened, but it did. But because I rode on it, the tire and tube are no longer aligned properly on the rim.

I've never attempted to fix a tire before, and I'm unsure how I would go about it. If it's really fucked, I suppose I could buy another one, but I really like the feel of this one. I've had I for a while and I really like it. I can post pictures if necessary.
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File: hat.png (207 KB, 403x433)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
You see this is why parents need to beat their kids.

But really if you don't know how to change a bike tire and you own a bike you are retarded
No need to take the tire of the rim.
>I don't know how it happened

The air got out.
File: the front fell off.jpg (13 KB, 400x163)
13 KB
>The air got out.
>Someone took the time to 3D render the Arthur fist meme

Autism truly has no bounds

This is a 6 lane highway that goes through the middle of the city

A little too early for critical mass, don't you think?

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