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File: image8.png (75 KB, 1690x1325)
75 KB
>lower tire pressure

Ride is comfier but rolling resistance increases, thus a slower harder to pedal ride

>>increase tire pressure
Faster ride, easier to pedal, but you feel every bump in the road.

How to you get it where it's easy to pedal and the ride is comfy as fuck?
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I do this with road tyres.

Rolling resistance arrow should be larger than aerodynamic.

Prove me wrong.
>I'm slow. Prove me wrong.
Depends mainly on speed, tires and position on the bike.
On a fatbike in sand it is indeed higher, on a roadbike at 40 km/h it is much lower.
As the picture clearly shows a roadbike with the rider in the tribars, we can assume he is going reasonably fast on his roadbike and encounters mainly aerodynamic drag.
you might want to check ur inverse square there m80

File: campag-christophe.jpg (68 KB, 640x480)
68 KB
Are these bad?
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>>hard to get in and out of
>maybe if you are a mongoloid
If you're using them correctly, then they're pretty tight on your feet. Remember they predate clipless and are supposed to serve the same purpose. If they were loose you'd kill yourself trying to sprint, your feet would come out of them and you'd crash hard.
You've got high hopes if you think anyone on this board save for a select few actually know how to properly sprint.
a few would be the majority of posters
What the fuck are you even trying to argue now? Were you drunk when you posted that?
these are better legit


File: mudguardsbg.jpg (170 KB, 703x471)
170 KB
170 KB JPG

I'm going nuts trying to find a proper set of mudguards. Not that shitty plastics strips (pic related). I have one of those.

I'm guessing there's a good reason why are not standardized for MTB.
If you're actually MTBing then they'll inevitably break, possibly into your wheel causing a crash and they'll also clog with mud
front ones are ok i guess. less shit flying into your face is fine. rear one seems unnecessary. you're gonna get dirty. thats just part of the game. i guess you can make a case for protecting your dropper post from rocks and grit if you wanted to.

What are the best shoes for bicycle mechanics, and why are they backless clogs?
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fuck off, nikoslav
Good 1 faggot
>5 posts
>3 IPs
Gee, I wonder which posts are the OP samefagging...
backless dansko leather clogs *sssssip* now there's a work shoe.

File: sn_restored.jpg (80 KB, 729x482)
80 KB
Talk about past and present interurbans.

Suggest what interurbans you'd create or re-create.

We talk about why the interurban is the greatest transit concept ever.
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RIP Key System


And RIP this mural too, sadly.
Never forgive, never forget


File: IMG_20180925_164541864.jpg (3.51 MB, 4036x2821)
3.51 MB
3.51 MB JPG
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daaammmn thats cool af

You have a problem with feeling like a bear at the circus?
File: Husky.png (311 KB, 489x723)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
No bears allowed
That's sketchtastic
C-Campy gruppo when?

Class B airport general aviation edition

Welcome to the /gag/~

/gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome. Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum.

Old- >>1229508
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good project plane?

>Battle Creek, Michigan
looks like a bird’s nest
Seems like a pretty solid money pit

File: glider cockpit.jpg (163 KB, 1920x1080)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
My first flying job was towing banners over Florida beaches with 254 hours. Second was towing sailplanes over the Everglades. Mostly weekend gigs, but its flight time and pays a few bills anyway. Is your pride keeping you from a flying job that ain't airlines?

Why aren´t trailer busses commonly used anymore? Most coach-drivers get out of the bus to check the tickets of passengers and help them with their luggage anyway, so the seperate cab is not that big of an issue. They also are cheaper to build than a standard bus.
Also: Please post pics of trailer busses
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I saw these in my hometown a while after I moved away. I really wonder if you can reliably ride in the back of these things without ever buying a ticket.
Just like with normal trains, you can easily walk in and sit down without a ticket. But if there is a ticket control, you are fucked.
Bus trains with gangways when?
File: 20160525_160135.jpg (1.59 MB, 2048x1536)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
They have these in Zion National Park.
File: buszug.jpg (135 KB, 800x533)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
They really come in all shapes and sizes

I found this shitter on Facebook/Michigan Bicycle Classifieds and couldn't resist sharing
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quality post
>Doesn't know what the Great Divide is
>"lel what a troll bike!"
Troll bike for a troll ride
LOL! if you only knew..
…fuck, i think i have a new fetish now…

why don’t they just make planes out of the black box material?
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I bet it comes down to the bottom line. I mean, planes move significantly faster than cars so if the crash doesn't kill you, the deceleration event will but I don't doubt the possibility in designing a 'safer' design. The problem is, it would cost significantly more to design and equip along with increasing weight requiring more powerful engines and reducing economy just like in cars. All the safety standards pushed onto cars is why it's no surprise when a modern car advertised as 'light' is 3000+lb but 2 or 3 decades ago, 3000+ is considered heavy. Not only all that but really, vehicular road collisions is one if the highest mortality rates while flying commercial is practically non existent besides the media drama which follows that one accident every once in a while. You never hear about road collisions being dramatized on the news but in terms of mortality rates, it's right behind cancer and heart disease and significantly higher than gun deaths but all you hear about on the news is about another shooting. Modern media is absolutely bullshit
Planes don't crash like cars usually (except cases like AF447 and 9/11), they land badly. With proper design chances of landing in pieces can be minimized. And you aren't getting killed by deceleration, but metal shreds, burning stuff, and flying outside the plane. Like a motorcycle, either you being crushed by a truck, or shave your face and ass to bones.
1. Landing gears should collapse. It will prevent pitching down in case of accidental landing on grass or sand.
2. Belly and nose (because fuck pilots) should be able to absorb some energy, so it doesn't go through rest of fuselage and rip it apart. Plus, this will give much bigger room for fuck ups in case of landing without gear.
The only reason they aren't doing this is because all planes were designed in 1960 when they didn't have computers to calculate crumple zones easily. And now they don't want to change anything, because it works.
Interior should be modernized as well. As I said, car-like seat belts are much better at restraining people, and proper interior is desirable.
Planes weren't evolving like cars in terms of safety.
Planes were getting electronic safety systems, while on cars they were busy designing chassis and airbags. Only recently car manufacturers started adding electronic gimmicks.
These things don't happen because, to >>1245796 point, the number of incidents involving commercial airliners relative to the amount of seat-hours flown by commercial airliners is virtually nil, especially in the developed world.

Airliners are as strong as they need to be. There are plenty of examples in the last 10 years of modern airliners ditching or overshooting/landing short of runways with no loss of life. An Emirates 773 even landed wheels-up at DXB in 2016 with no critical injury. There's just no reason to implement things like crash testing or crumple zones.
>These things don't happen because, to >>1245796 point, the number of incidents involving commercial airliners relative to the amount of seat-hours flown by commercial airliners is virtually nil, especially in the developed world.
Yes, chances are low, but it still happens.
>Airliners are as strong as they need to be. There are plenty of examples in the last 10 years of modern airliners ditching or overshooting/landing short of runways with no loss of life.
Yes, but redesigning interior and adding some sort of crumple zones will lessen injuries, and allow for more fuck-ups.
>There's just no reason to implement things like crash testing or crumple zones.
They just don't give a fuck about safety. They give a fuck about shekels and miles per galon.
why don't they make the train out of Bruce Willis in unbreakable

What is objectively the best class I railroad, still in service?
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PTC, alterers, and cabs fail.

Just see the recent up crash in Wyoming. Where a train crashed into one ahead of it at 52 mph. Killing both crewmen and obliterating the locomotive. Causing single tracking for a week. As they investigated and cleaned up.

Which caused extra crews to be called up. To dog catch dead crews between rawlins and north platte.
Oh, you're that new hire who does everything 'by the book' because you think there's a boogeyman in every bush

All that shit has already been considered and carriers are still moving forward with one man crews as much as they can. Doubt you're going to be the guy who stumps the whole board and proves them wrong.
Spend 3 months switching. Yard master sees everything, and managers always use switch crews to get in their mandatory daily testing in.

Now of course managers will let things slide. Because 100% rule compliance hurts production. So you can get away with shit. Just dont obviously violate a critical in front of them, put metal on metal, or put equipment on the ground.
I worked at a Class 1 longer than you have
t. Stobe

Does anybody know this airplane model?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This entire board is 100% fueled by autism, he's just a better autist than most of us
>t. jealous
>implying /n/-specific autism is retarded
back to /o/ with you

of course, I should have noticed the german at the very least
thanks anon
Either a Lufthansa Group A320 or Boeing Aircraft

How did it crash? Was it a fuel tank explosion or was it shot down by the military?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1538425790784.png (233 KB, 991x672)
233 KB
233 KB PNG

>pilots left the air conditioners on too long because it was a hot day
>air conditioner's heat sink is right under the fuel tanks which unintentionally makes them dangerously hot
>fuel tank explodes right after take-off

I know ridiculous circumstances have caused all-souls-lost accidents before, but come on...
It's never one thing - a single root cause. Every A&P that I've ever talked to that's familiar with Boeing jets, specifically the 747, has said that the 747-100 & 200 center fuel tanks were, and still are, a fucking time bomb. I know 3 A&Ps who have have logged time on, in and around that particular accident aircraft, 747-131 S/N 20083, N93119. It was known to be something of a problem child since delivery to Teenie Weenie. My brother-in-law, who worked at the TWA overhaul base in Kansas City, used to groan every time he saw 119 show up for a Check-C. Nobody who ever laid a wrench on that jet misses it.
>a single root cause
yes it was. its name is carl icahn.
File: Carl-Edward-Sagan.jpg (167 KB, 1324x1324)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>carl icahn.
You leave muh nigga alone.
Uncle Carl, shitbag that he was, had about as much to do with the combination of circumstances leading to the grisly demise of TWA800 as you or I. Well, you, anyway.

How come /n/ and /o/ are seperate boards? Also, would the discussion of roller coasters fit the theme of this board?
31 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
This was osted to my urban planning student group page. I read NUMTOTs before they made you join but I no longer do.
/o/ is much faster than /n/ imo, and I am thankful for having them split because /o/ is just such absolute shit these days.
Reminder that tripfaggots except for BaconRider belong on /o/. Bacon is alright.
Another argument for coasters on /n/: roller coasters work on a block system that was clearly taken from the railroads, although it's a bit different in its operation as the brakes and propulsion mechanisms are usually track-mounted rather than on the vehicle.
Is that Al Gore?

File: NBAA18.jpg (322 KB, 1200x627)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
Anybody else going next week?

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