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File: dsc04199.jpg (324 KB, 1000x750)
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324 KB JPG
how can I get excited about cycling?
yes I am a cager but I am trying to take my bike to work sometimes but it is just so fucking boring and slow. In the car I can sometimes hit 200km/h on the highway while weaving in and out of traffic, but can barely get above 20km/h on the bike paths because of fucking dog walkers and their fucking flexi leashes.

When I drive, I get to work feeling zen as fuck and can't wait to get back on the road. But when I ride I get to work angry as fuck and want to bash the fuck out of every slow piece of shit I see.

I thought bicycles were supposed to be relaxing
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we aren't on the same page here at all
out of curiosity, what is your current car?
File: 934-Turbo-RSR.jpg (844 KB, 1800x1200)
844 KB
844 KB JPG
>not a flat-6 mounted in the rear
>You floor even a sporty car and it doesn't feel like anything special after riding a motorbike
THIS, after riding supersport liter bikes everything else is slow. OP probably thinks their glorified poverty machine shitbox is a godmachine since he thinks going straight fast is cool and that he thinks 200km/h (120mph) is any fast at all. That's econobox tier. Probably drives a gti, wrx, si, or focus st or some other shitty car clueless drivers think is fast.
Volvo 960. Yes it isn't fast or in any way special, it's a means of transportation. And it does that really well and cheaply. As I said cars just stop feeling fun after you have ridden a motorbike. I don't try to slide around in it but sometimes it just happens. It isn't scary or fun, it's just something that the car does and I'll rather take an oversteering car than an understeering one.

Why I mentioned supercars is because that's what you need for a car to get even close to the feeling of a motorbike. Your average Ferrari loses 0 - 100 km/h to a $5k liter bike. And even if it could do the same time it doesn't feel the same when you aren't hanging onto the bike.

What's your car if it's so fun?

>car that actively tries to kill it's passengers
Probably at least some fun/10
the speed limit is 90kph on all the "highways" here that are just 2 lane roads. plenty of curves and people go like 110. 120 on those kind of roads sometimes

Yo poop, I lost your number and I know you’re probably still on this bullshit board. Text me?

Pic related. It’s me the one time we tried riding bikes together on the levee.
File: ring_agonizer.png (11 KB, 815x467)
11 KB
poop, come back

File: DC8.png (745 KB, 1280x720)
745 KB
745 KB PNG
One of the video recording the takeoff process together with article talking about it: http://avherald.com/h?article=4b414b6e&opt=0
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Except it didn't crash.
last dc-8 in the US for sure. The rest are in africa and a single one in the middle east, those don't count because they'll be gone before the turn of the decade
They banned it from flying to Colombia, and Medellin was the only destination that it served. It's stored in Kingman now and I doubt it'll leave anytime soon
It amazes me how Colombia has let Aerosucre get away with things like this for years, even after the accident in 2016, yet as soon as a foreign airline does it, they get banned from flying. South American government at it's finest
NASA would like a word with you, anon

File: 153589479.jpg (19 KB, 340x221)
19 KB
Let's face it. There's 0 reason this job couldn't be completely automated.
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Trying to keep a pint of beer under control over speed bumps while in a bus ought to be awarded a medal at least as high as a US marine "I can tie my own shoe laces" medal.
America. The land where guns are considered safer than a bottle of liquor. baka
It was a brand new unopened bottle that I was taking to a party. Being the europoor that I am I just grabbed it from the shelf where it had been sitting when going out without even thinking I should bag it.

They've also got some serious issues with nudity.
America considers breasts more dangerous than firearms or alcohol, despite the fact that out of these three things they are the least deadly. They can neither kill by alcohol poisoning nor by shot wounds.
A good ol murrikan boy could get confused an turn gay if he say a rogue nipple

File: images (3).jpg (16 KB, 275x183)
16 KB
Just got a math PhD
300k starting
any job I want in Atl
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File: IMG_2098.jpg (3.19 MB, 4032x2268)
3.19 MB
3.19 MB JPG
I bike in ATL all the time (Georgia Tech student). Lots of people hate it but I've found that the car drivers are becoming more use to cyclists and more courteous every year. Meanwhile, the city is working hard to build more bike paths and separated bike lanes on the streets, which people have finally learned to stop parking in.

Lots of exciting projects currently ongoing in regards to complete streets, increased walkability, redoing bridges, installing more bike lanes, etc.

If you're looking for longer road rides, you can cruise around in the Buckhead hills all day. We also have some brutal hill climbs (Cochise Drive is about 19% at one point - check out the Faster Mustache group ride that climbs it every Thursday evening). If you want to ride gravel, it's a relatively quick drive to middle or south Georgia where you can find some of the most beautiful red clay roads I've ever seen (pic related).

Additionally, we have a very solid cycling community and a decent number of co-ops and quality LBSes. Don't listen to the haters; Atlanta is great, the cycling community is great, and the infrastructure is constantly improving.
Nothing but hills. The wildlife will rob or kill you. Hot humid summers. Cold wet miserable winters. You'll get run over.
Oh shit. Strava showed Alabama as entirely flat. Good to hear theres some real riding there
Math PhDs make bank. Internet memes told me so

My last paper was an expansion of fractal methods applied to finance
Im not actually going to make 300k, probably start at 70 then 150 in a few years

I cant do that on my phone though I would be happy in just about any other situation when and how to play the lottery and stock market in great mathematical detail so that you are 99% guaranteed to profit
Oh shit my man I’m a Tech grad student, I’m on the GT Cycling Team also.

I’ve logged 10,000+ miles in and around Atlanta and have never once been seriously threatened or put in harm’s way. In fact, drivers I find are too precautious which is actually annoying, since people drive Corollas, having more than enough lane to pass, thinking they’re as wide as a semi truck, and never pass unless I wave them by; I even blow through stop signs and certain red lights with impunity and never get honked at. As long as you’re contrite and reasonable with drivers (avoiding rush hour rides, taking roads with bike lanes, side routes, or if unavoidable, letting a whole cue of cars by a light at a cramped road before getting going), then you’ll be fine honestly. I’m a complete jackass when going fast, and am still surprised at how I’ve never been knocked off yet.

Regarding infrastructure, it’s pretty good and coming along as you’ve said. The Silver Comet Trail is the longest greenway in the US and is just outside city limits- it’s surprisingly hilly too, especially around Vinings where you get lots of categorized climbs. As far as competitive road cycling, there is a very solid group of fast guys and a few local pros who show up onto the Tucker and Airport Rides, among other lesser weekday rides also.

Overall I cannot complain one bit.

Has anyone here done the Master in Aviation Finance program at Embry-Riddle, or know anybody who has? I'm thinking of applying and looking for both good and bad feedback on the program.
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Thanks for the feedback guys. Got some stuff to consider now
Only do an MBA if you've been working for a few years too. People who do it right after college are looked upon negatively
Is that because they have "all school and no work" on their resume?
yes. MBA should be to supplement professional experience. There's a subreddit dedicated to it and they have some pretty good advice. Browse by the top scoring posts.
MBA is a kind of "I have heard of everything" certification, so you can't go into any special details, or have any form of indepth knowledge.
The only bonus is that it has a very big focus on accounting and economics, but that by itself do not make it a leadership position.

And that is very different from having done a few years of real work, had some experience, realize WTF a corporation is, have some understanding of what its role actually is.
It also means the person won't be a piece of shit paper pusher, who is alien to the workforce and making money.

This is my cities new trams,
say something nice about them.

also, they call them trains officially.

inb4 lol bombardier.
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The province doesn't have that much to do with it, the Region of Waterloo just happens to give a fuck which is why they pushed the LRT through. Of course Mississauga wasn't going to get any of that under three decades of Hazel, instead it just got some shitty BRT going through unwalkable, sprawling areas
File: GLink-04.jpg (196 KB, 1280x853)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
FLEXITY master race
File: IMG_20170625_150240.jpg (489 KB, 1718x966)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
Did you just say, Flexity?
Bombardier always break down compared to second hand trains where i live
I like that i can easily see and wave at the operating engineer

File: DSCN_0492.jpg (366 KB, 1536x1152)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
/pybt/ - Post Your Bike Thread

Last one is at 294, almost bump limit
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Sick looking bike my dude, If you dont mind me asking, how much did it cost you to build?
would steal.

would borrow for an extended period of time and return with a case of beer
Nevermind, wouldn't return.

Me likes. Red bar tape please.

While I don't quite like that bike, I hope you are happy with your purchase and put many miles into your bike, anon.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
no one cares about your shit taste you faggot
oh neat.

Frankly, no idea. Picked up the frameset with a few extra bits and have added to it over time.

File: goose_of_justice.jpg (62 KB, 350x400)
62 KB
>cycling past geese on wet day
>slam brakes on, skid across the ground and watch the geese spaz out due to the noise

Anyone else?
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NO, geese have such good hearing that they knew you would ring the bell to scare them from overhearing your thoughts, but really they're just mad that you'd want to scare them. What's wrong with you man, that you'd fuck with geese like that?
File: 59953131-720px.jpg (75 KB, 720x540)
75 KB
i make eye contact with the guard-goose and honk at it as i approach. usually they dip their head at me as i pass.
File: USvsCanada.jpg (435 KB, 2048x1364)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
I slipped on geese shit.

File: 1523277573768.jpg (53 KB, 582x528)
53 KB
Do guns count as transportation for bullets?
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do cocks count as transportation for piss?
They transport your mum's lips to my crotch
Magazine / clip, also cartridge
> Gun with internal magazine transport cartridges to where it will be fired
> Gun transports a magazine to where the cartridges stored will be fired
Busboys at restaurants are basically a public transit system for plates.
>any atom bonded to a molecule may be considered transportation as it transports the others.

ridiculous: the method of transportation must include the means of its locomotion and a person carrying a rifle loaded with ammunition means the person is the mode of transport.

the propellant forces of actually firing a bullet from one place to another is a means of locomotion, but the rifle does not travel with it so again: no, a gun is not a mode of transportation for bullets.

Yup. They're going after us again.

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Fuck your lights I will bike in the dark if I want.
Fuck you faggot. I don't even slow down for stop signs. I will blow a stop sign at 25+ miles per hour in a 15 zone if I see no traffic. Road laws are for cars.
>following the law enforced by a violent gang of criminals who steal your money in order to pay for their guns and ammo

Stop being a cucked faggot and start ignoring the law. It isn't written for your safety. It is written to give "law" enforcement officers an excuse to stop you and steal your money to give it to their gang of criminal thiefs. You fuckers built the road with my money without asking me personally so get fucked. I will go as fast as I want on whatever vehicle I want and ignore every single bullshit rule you invented to jack my money unless there is literally an officer or camera watching me.
You'd love indian roads.
Can I touch your tummy?

wake up, wake up, the Soo Locks are open.

ITT: post Great Lakes vessels.
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>Also, the great lakes can get rough, but they have nothing on the open ocean

Lakefags will argue against this to the death, until you ask them why they don't build their ships to better perform on rough waters and then you can enjoy the silence.

This has become a true meme

Why are great lakes ships named as if they were people?
>great lakes
january 85th out here in michigan
That said, handling 10 foot seas in a Laker could very well be as scary as handling 30 foot seas in an ocean going freighter of similar tonnage.

Why do you guys hate aircraft liveries which are mostly white? White is an industry standard colour and there are other reasons which are actually very key to why airlines keep to white.
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Add a yellow or blue cheatline and maybe bring back the yellow tail and I think it's be perfect, it just needs something to break up the monotony of the all white fuselage
then just keep it how it was. the old Lufthansa livery was fine.
Man that's pretty, more airlines should paint a few planes in vintage paint schemes
File: 1703181.jpg?v=v40.jpg (288 KB, 1024x695)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Agreed, this was kino
File: SBM_7219-L.jpg (65 KB, 800x301)
65 KB
Here's a neat one from the states, a 737 painted in vintage Continental livery.

is this common?

>E P I C
Yeah I just took an epic poo myself.
>E P I C

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