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Are these good? I want to start skating but I know absolutely nothing about it and my desire to do so might be because of Agressive Inline and Jet Set Radio.
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Inlines were utterly god-tier in the 1990s and seeing them honestly just makes me want to go back, desu.
Thoughts on the 3 wheels and trinity frame setup ? Is it worth switching from 8yrs SEBA FR1 in 4x80mm and 4x110mm ?
I was surprised that the ride is not really noticeably smoother on pavement than a 4x or 5x setup-- I guess their marketing worked given I believed it would be. The skates are great, the fit and support are right and the build quality is excellent, but I don't think the reality compared to the hype necessitates a switch.

3x seems to be the big trend now though, as Rollerblade is shilling it and all the new boots I see around the city are 3x.
Really ? The difference is huge when I switch from my 80mm to my 110mm setup.
File: image.jpg (58 KB, 425x440)
58 KB
>ywn be a 11yo on your skates with fat boy wheels doing tricks with the lads on a late 90s summer afternoon

File: jan thanks you.jpg (479 KB, 1176x1176)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
Bought some new tires (pic related) and finally got a KOM I had been trying to get a long time. 35 km/h for 45 seconds on the flat like it was nothing, it's hard to believe people ride anything else.
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>They sprang out of nowhere to tell us schwalbe is the best at everything
They don't do that, the fastest road bike tire according to them is from Vittoria, the best allrounder is from Conti and the fastest Schwalbe tire is only at place 10.

Only thing suspicious is that he links the same shop all the time.
Nikoslav is clearly correct. These tests do not reflect the real world. A tires molecular properties change according to the riders mood, power output ,and position of Venus in relation to the galactic center. Same thing with road surface. The minute a tire touches a material it inherits its properties through osmossis and transubstantiation therefore steel makes tires harder and faster. It's only science. Something you plebians know nothing about.
>he doesn't have different tires for each alignment of the planets
File: 231531.jpg (17 KB, 499x499)
17 KB
File: trollolol u mad.gif (170 KB, 400x400)
170 KB
170 KB GIF
>based nikoslav bashing
1,000,000 Internets to you, sir, you magnificent bastard. xD xD xD

I just can't find any old steel bikes to buy in my area.
All the other used ones are shitty budged wallmart bikes.
I'm thinking about buying a new steel frame online and building a bike.

Well generally when people buy old steel bikes online it's a cheap option while 'building' a bike from a new frame is not at all, so yeah, what kind of bike even?
Not to say that it's necessarily a bad idea but steel, despite being real, probably isn't your best option if you want a road bike or a mtb.
>but steel, despite being real, probably isn't your best option if you want a road bike or a mtb

don't tell me I've been memed on.
>don't tell me I've been memed on.

If you're building a bike for competitive riding (even against yourself) or just go fast, you'll enjoy a lighter bike. A zippy steel road bike is great, but an aluminum/carbon road bike is so light it's kind of amazing

With mountain the real annoyance is the weight going uphill imho.

I like to ride centuries and take my time so I don't care about weight too much. I avoid carbon forks because I am right with my bikes and paranoid about fork failure
>I just can't find any old steel bikes to buy in my area.
You're not trying hard enough. Craigslist? Flea markets? Thrift stores? Classified ads in local newspapers? Look OUTSIDE your 'area', whatever that is? You're not trying hard enough.
Consider a mail order complete bike, and working from there as well. Unless you've got a really weird build, the retail markup on the drivetrain, and probably the wheelset will be terrible.

File: 1531569097658[1].webm (1023 KB, 720x1274)
1023 KB
1023 KB WEBM
Who was in the wrong here?
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The editor for wasting so much time on an obviously fake video
I kek'd.
File: Untitled.jpg (88 KB, 679x1200)
88 KB
bike for riding where there is less than a foot of width available
something about the smoothness of that bail is satisfying
File: KILL YOURSELF.gif (142 KB, 1221x1007)
142 KB
142 KB GIF
>Who was in the wrong here?
You, for posting another shitty bait thread.
Please click on the animated gif so you can get a seizure and die choking on your own vomit you worthless fuckstain.
File: sadstory.jpg (158 KB, 478x463)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Mom, look I posted it again.

File: anzu3.jpg (191 KB, 899x1200)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
What's a good GPS app for my iPhone?
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Mobile data is separate from GPS, which is free. You'll have to download a map at home as the other anon said but after that you're good to go.
I make sure my phone is charged fully and put it in battery saving mode before I start Strava these days and it doesn't dip below 50% on three hour rides. And it's a two year old phone.

It's perfectly doable desu, and if you're nervous you can always put a little powerbank in your saddlebag or your jersey pocket. No need to blow hundreds on a dedicated GPS.
degoogled android is pretty useless, might as well get an iphone at that point

Alright I guess I'll just use Strava.

Anyone know of a good phone holder that can be easily switched between bikes?
File: OsmAnd.png (265 KB, 506x450)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
Get OsmAnd, download your country/region, enjoy offline maps and cycling mode.

Post your best /n/ girls ITT.

Bonus: Non-cycling /n/ girls from other modes of transportation
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Looks slavic
post more touring grills pls.
File: qt commuter.jpg (48 KB, 469x700)
48 KB
>touring gril
that's just a normal qt commuting through a chicago winter. riding is a big thing here
More like edgy crazy. She's apparently living in her own world not ready for relationship.

>n girls

So...women on transportation?

What kind of autistic bullshit is this?

So I am looking for a backup job as my current employer is probably about to go belly-up

I have always been interested in travel/being a conductor.

I have a minimal family, very few friends, and nothing really to do. My only hobby is my one-day a week D&D game.

Are there any companies that guarantee you a day off, or is it really all 6 on/2 off?
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Passenger service isn't railroading. Go away.
Nope, I was lucky and hired on at the crest of the wave and they were giving us 100% immediately. Can't imagine starting at 75% AND having to pay for your training. Not worth it

Also the only way to advance into management is to kiss everyone's ass and start as a trainmaster, which is a shitty fuckin job, worse in many ways than TY&E.
Trainmasters are just shit catchers everywhere. I'm content being a trainman and substitute yardmaster.
>tfw I got paid a days pay as a brakeman and yard master in one assignment the other week.
Trainmasters will be hard pressed to make as much as I will this year.
Are you the samefag that won't admit what freight railroad you work for?

4chan = land of outcast nerd cowards and bullshiters.
Maybe. :^)

File: P10100942-876x1024.jpg (278 KB, 876x1024)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
Do it's faster and easier than walking and more portable than a bike. The only down side I have found is that people have to see you riding it. I've been working on a cloaking device to fix that problem but my friends tell me it's illegal to go around with a super soaker filled with acid. Anyone else have any solutions?
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this remains my favorite video on the internet:

I have an occasionally ride a scooter through town. It doesn't look as ridiculous as you think it does. It can actually be practical as fuck, especially if you're riding it down to your nearest bus stop or train station. Just stop giving a fuck about what people think. They probably care much more about people stepping on their feet or cutting in line or something.
that dude the niggest
I rode one in college more often than I rode my bike, after I got my scooter. Pretty convenient, and more comfortable.
>this video is not endorsed by barrack obama
fucking lost it man, beautiful

Hello Anons, I am applying for Deckhand work on River Barges soon and was wondering if any of y’all had advice for someone entering the industry.

(I hope i posted this to the right board)
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Well damn, that is quite disheartening.
Semi-retired consultant. Pay stub? Ahahahahahahahahahahaha

My billing rate is $170/hr. How many hours would you like to buy?
Ok, post paystub

Then I'll believe you
There is a barge dude on here that works on the lower Mississippi.
sounds like the north west coast
>Rivers smell like absolute shit.
my guess the Fraser

File: 021705.png (802 KB, 1280x720)
802 KB
802 KB PNG
Let's post and share videos taken from bus ride in this thread.
Hong Kong, Route 290A, Tseung Kwan O (Choi Ming) → Tsuen Wan West Station
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Probably the same reason capsule hotels aren't a thing in the West either.
Capsule hotel is somewhere near the cheap end but this is the more luxurious thing and most western airlines have this im their front cabin too except cheapskates like BA or UA
>into internet
*into the country
Is there buses on Antarctica?
No, but there are planes and trucks.


File: 1508602138840.jpg (154 KB, 442x509)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
If the pilots died would you be able to land a jet liner at 40 000 ft?
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It would be hard to find anything to land on up there
Why don't planes just come with backup remote control as standard?

I would be pretty screwed. If I some how survived the landing the plane would not be re useable. I would but my chance of survival less than 10%.
Well they do come with multiple redundant autopilot systems and redundant pilots. Generally if something makes both pilots inop it's going to make anyone else attempting to fly the same way.
you would totally

Poorfag here and need a bike. Some guy on craigslist is selling a pretty decent bike for $10. Should I do it or is it a setup? Am I going to get kidnapped and murdered?
If you're sketched out, you're supposed to meet the person outside of a police station.

Although normally this only applies to transactions involving significant amounts of money.
>pretty decent bike
No it's not.
I'd say it's stolen but it's probably not even worth a thief's time to fence a decent bike for that little.
File: bang money yeeee.jpg (17 KB, 300x225)
17 KB
Jayquan needs his dime asap, he gettin the shakes. He on edge if he ain't tootin he be shootin
Sometimes on craigslist instead of giving away stuff I have sold it for a symbolically cheap price to deter horders and people who recycle scrap. But probably it is a scam or stolen merchandise.
I've sometimes found if I tried to give stuff away I get time wasters who never show up but if I put some tiny amount it sells and is collected. Just because the item is free doesn't mean my time is.

File: 1502230027477.jpg (83 KB, 1124x879)
83 KB
Final say on these?
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Not wearing one is basically a "I don't go fast"
nice blog faggot
Not wearing one means one is educated on how ineffective they are and how biased the past studies touting their alleged benefit were:

The most cited study for their benefit was comparing American minority children riding on the roads who got struck by cars and their trips to the hospital and comparing them to obedient middle class white kids riding with helmets, supervised in parks or other car-free areas and their falls and their pussy white parents taking them to hospitals for scrapes... Then that study attributed the greater injuries of the people hit by cars to non-helmet use and the lesser injury of the pussy white kids simply falling without striking a car, to their wearing a helmet... Give us a break.

Nice cowardice anonfag idiot.


>In this study, a comparison was made between 145 children treated in hospitals in Seattle for a head injury (the 'cases'), and a 'community control' group of 480 children who had, in one way or another, simply fallen from their bikes. A comparison of the two groups based mainly on helmet use of children under 15 years (21.1% of ‘control’ vs 2.1% of ‘case’ children) leads to the frequently quoted claim that the reduction in head injury due to helmets is 85%.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
nice blog faggot
File: helmet stickers.jpg (161 KB, 1517x853)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Great place to show off my sticker collection

File: IMG_20180703_230616.jpg (55 KB, 720x387)
55 KB
In the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, many people died due to traffic congestion caused by people trying to escape from coastal area, which made them unable to escape before tsunami arrive.
And in tsunami warning thereafter, some affected residents are not willing to abandon their cars and escapes because they're expensive and the lack of them would cripple their daily life.
And then in some cases, as trains would come to stop after strong earthquake, they'll shut down level crossing that are close to them and thus also cars that are on those affected roads.
How to improve these situations?

31 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
the mountains
And suffer from landslide like in the recent flooding?
Also see 1920 Haiyuan Earthquake for fate of people living in mountain in earthquake
They can take over China and love there
They tried 75 years ago

Why is Tokyo metro so much better than the NYC subway system? Do they get more funding? Did they get built later? What's the deal.
108 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
The unions were the reason for the massive lawsuit when JNR was broken up and would have rioted had they not been guaranteed jobs for the extra 3 years after the breakup, but that wasn't why the breakup happened to begin with.

JNR died because of political meddling, mismanagement, reckless expansion of the railway network without any kind of cost-benefit analysis, and heavily increased competition from cars, buses, and airplanes. There were a lot more issues than just disgruntled union workers.
From what I read some of those gripe pictures of JNR future was puzzled together by politicians so that they can use the chance to privatize and break up JNR and from the process breaking up the union. It is not that union workers were at fault but they caused politicians to move in this direction
I heard they don’t know where exactly the trains are with the analogue system, so it slows the movement a lot. Also nyc subways run 24 hours or something, so it’s hard to upgrade.
>with the analogue system
That's NOT analogue. With relays it's arguably already digital.

>they don’t know where exactly the trains are
That is indeed a problem. It lowers the route capacity, since you need to run the trains in blocks in absolute braking distance, instead of running them finely grained in relative braking distance.
ETCS appears to be a viable solution.
File: bucket brain.jpg (54 KB, 500x500)
54 KB
>This map again

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