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File: why.jpg (20 KB, 288x288)
20 KB
why arent you watching the best traffic youtuber?
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They should put traffic light there.
Also European design is much better overall.
I forgot to add
Or at least accleration lane for those who trun left to the main road
I only watch the Bikmanforu livestream. its so comfy.


He's so great with customers. Its fun to watch his social interactions
What the fuck? How can such busy intersections like that be completely uncontrolled?
What the fuck is traffic youtube? I clicked a video and watched 30 seconds, he's just sitting at an intersection describing the cars that go by? This is the most autistic shit I've ever seen.

File: IMG_20171004_125509-01.jpg (3.77 MB, 3120x4160)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB JPG
>work in charity shop
>this came in
>thought /n/ might like
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Just like the precious feelings of psychylists, it's extraordinarily fragile.
That's pretty nice, a little piece of history and an interesting item if you like touring.
File: nam.jpg (56 KB, 456x600)
56 KB
File: collectible af.jpg (35 KB, 400x300)
35 KB
Seems pretty collectible
Did they have a cannondale full suspension one?
>shit sus system
>both valvles crooked
>shit saddle
>NDS pic
>shite af gear selection for pic.
>total meme

File: hqdefault (1).jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB
I just bought the "Serfas Super Cruiser"" the worlds largest bicycle saddle available on the market.


It will arrive in 1 week. I plan to use it on my cruiser/roadster bike (upright position). I paid 90 dollars incl shipping to Europe.

Anyone else has experience with these super large saddles? I will review it on /n/ when I get it. People's experiences with it have been great as long as you use it on the appropiate bicycle.
File: bigassaddle.jpg (16 KB, 355x286)
16 KB
this is bigger
So are you a 400 pound fatass who literally can't get your enormous buttocks onto a normal saddle?

Enjoy your massive amounts of chafing and extreme discomfort. Larger does not equal 'more comfortable'. You should always get a saddle that is the correct SIZE and SHAPE for you.
depends on the bike. they're only decent for short (less than 30 minute) rides on cruisers that sit you upright

otherwise they just cause a fuckload of chafing and asspain. Because you have so much more saddle contacting you when you move you legs, that gives you chafing. and when you have something super cushy, you sink down into it, and more of your weight goes on soft tissue, causing asspain.

a firm saddle that fits you properly, you're mainly putting weight on sit bones, which are great at taking weight.
ive tried dozens of different saddles, my favorite one is one that's nearly rock hard. comfy as fuck, can spend hours on it no issues. Specialized Power saddle.
This guy basically said anything you need to know:
for long rides the only option that will give you a pain-free ride is a hard and quite narrow saddle.
If your sit bones are not symmetrical (as mine are) you can go for a leather saddle which your butt will shape over time until you don't even notice it is ther.
congratulations on your massive ass

File: barrel bag.jpg (25 KB, 570x379)
25 KB
Maintenance, gear, and other questions that don't necessarily deserve their own thread.

Previous thread (currently on auto-sage): >>1111660


My question:
Looking for recommendations for a seat bag that either has a zipper that won't die in less than a year, or that has something other than a zipper as a closure.

Pic marginally related; I thought it was nice, even if it's not what I'm looking for at all.
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File: 1474988021775.jpg (75 KB, 640x904)
75 KB
what fenders do I use for 2.2 tires ? 60mm ?
File: WHY IS THIS HAPPENING.png (1.73 MB, 1876x1314)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
So I'm gonna post this in they dying bread because I really need help.

My Bike Friday's headset isn't attaching to the steerer tube properly.
Normally, there's a little skirt that goes around the threaded part, but it won't fit over for some strange reason now.

The part highlighted in red has somehow gotten super close together, so the threaded tube (in blue) can't fit through it anymore.
What happened? Is something bent? Is there any way to make it un-bent?
Think I figured out what caused it, the QR flanges have stretched closer together from overtightening.
What's the best way for me to un-stretch those?
Wedge something in the split, the part that closes when you tighten the lever. A flat bladed screwdriver will probably do it.
Thank you kind anon, that worked better than I would've thought.
Steel really is real.
Those flanges were practically touching before, I couldn't even get a sturdy screwdriver in at first. Had to work my way up with progressively bigger tools.

File: g4gbdkdf.jpg (188 KB, 1024x712)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
The more I look at this bike the more I fall in love with it. First I disliked it but its growing on me. Where can I buy one?
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There is a bar-end shifter though
>1st freewhell no derailleur shit triggers me.
>2nd the degree on the saddle makes it impossible to sit confortable.
>3rd no resting bars or grips

Confirmed for show-off bike that is impossible to ride.
It's like those cheap ass OTS-to-SS conversions but done to a recumbent
It's seems to be a Roulandt 'bent from the early 80s.
> saddle degree
Doesn't look comfy but since you push yourself up with you legs, I think it might work. Sometimes things look worse than they are.
> no resting bar
There is a steering bar. You don't need anything else.
> show off
Maybe. At least a very early model.
> impossible to ride
You haven't ridden it or tried to ride it or have seen anyone doing either. Stop hyperventilating.
No way man. Skids are for kids

File: 1507369347688.jpg (359 KB, 2047x1150)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
/n/, how does this make you feel?
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>twin falls
>east of provo
>no stop in Shizuoka
I'm quite offended.
>Santiago (South)
What did he mean by this?
Maybe the author was illiterate, so: Santiago, South America rather than San Diego, CA.
Afrika is obviously not worth it.

What do you guys think about slinky-based transportation?
Gas the jews instead
Yeah gas the kikes
Slinkies are my favorite

File: 87686.jpg (74 KB, 768x512)
74 KB
Tell us about your flats, or lack thereof.

>how many
>which tires
>the culprit

Buy any cheap tires that were puncture resistant? Expensive ones that were shit? Let's hear it.
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>tfw gator hardshell tires
I can actually only think of twice I've changed a tube in the last two years.
The first time I was nailed by a '98 Cadillac and taco'd my front wheel.
The other flat was just a pile of broken glass on the road I didn't see while riding to work at 4am.
Honestly feel very pleased with these tires for city riding. I've plucked out a few goat heads in the past, but without actually puncturing the tubes.
Look into some wider tires, I'm almost the same weight, but I don't really have any problems until I get under 60psi, but I'm using 700x32s
I agree with >>1109825 though. Sidewalks can be really shit sometimes, so ride the roads when you can.
schwalbe marathon and marathon supreme are all I ride these days.

girlfriend trashes a set of gp4000s every few weeks, but won't switch to a protected tire because she thinks they're too slow.

my mom has some old pasela TG tires that ride well but flat more than I'd like.

oh and the sunlite/kenda/cst "raised center" tires are absolute dog shit. not all the kenda are bad though. I have kontacts on my bmx and trailers and they roll good and haven't flatted yet. and I've heard good things about the kwick as a budget city tire.
Like how do they manage to flat so often? Pinch?
for the paselas- they have good protection but it is not stand up to long objects like glass shards or staples.

for the gp4000s, it has been death by nails and screws in the road, or abrasion from other bikes in the bike car on the commuter train.

File: frontview-4.jpg (525 KB, 960x593)
525 KB
525 KB JPG
Direct drive recumbent
31 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well, for one, you can't properly adjust chain length and tightness with those short road dropouts if you wanted to use a different ratio (I just noticed there's a multiple speed freewheel there also). That would be quite annoying if you were actually using it for any serious riding, but I guess the owner just wanted "muh clean build". Plus I'm pretty sure that's a custom built frame, so if the owner actually wanted to ride track, he could have built it that way.
Once again, nothing wrong with any of this, just odd choices.
hmm, that doesn't look retarded enough, is there anything better for that?
you are no bike enthusiast.

I found a German speaking jesus riding a fwd bent on youtube
File: Unbenannt.png (560 KB, 844x437)
560 KB
560 KB PNG

File: trek.jpg (37 KB, 600x337)
37 KB
When should you stop putting money into a beater bike.

> Bought 50 dollar trek MTB like a 99 early 2000 model.
> Needed Rear cassette, chain, and shift cable, with rear derailleur.
>got everything for 50 bucks.
>total 100 not bad for a trek mtb.
>rides nice, but noticed brakes suck, front is worse than rear.
> Just wanted a bike to ride around.
>rim in rear is bent and gouged from brakes, also they rub a bit.

So my questions is should I leave it as is and ride the shit out of it? Or should I replace the rims and such?

I am new to riding, never owned a real bike besides walmart shit, wife is getting me into riding, she rides all the time, wants me to ride with her. Says we will get a new bike for me in a few months if I like it.

So I came to see what the cool people on transport say since I know many of you own beaters.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
That's a pretty decent beater, should serve you well
If you want to use it for practical beater duty, put a rack on it so you can make beer runs
Consider switching the suspension fork for a rigid fork, since old suspension tends to fail eventually
It'll be easier to ride and more comfortable with a rigid for as well, bike suspension sucks on roads
Get your wheel trued at a bike shop, or do it yourself if you have a tension gauge
This poster >>1117057 is right, its good to work on old bikes to build up skills, and buying used is almost always a better deal
Don't spend too much on that bike though, plan on buying something better suited to whatever sort of riding you want to do
Is it just the rear brake that's rubbing? You can replace the front brakes and just rip the rear brakes off.
Try truing the wheel to get rid of the slight bend. I've had wheels that will be almost a full inch out of true that bent back into shape with patience.

I say get it as good as you can without spending too much more money. If you're not satisfied then sell and buy a better bike with the knowledge you gained from your shit bike. You'll know what to look for now and stretching your budget wouldn't be as daunting
is there a bike co-op in your city? if so, take it there and you'll get all the bits you need for next to nothing.
If you are planning on investing in a new bike in a few months, I would ride the bike as-is. If a small niggle like that its you off then you are less likely to stick to cycling when you have a good bike.

File: s-l1000.jpg (75 KB, 1000x667)
75 KB
Schwalbe Marathon (original)

Cause: Nice inbetween slicks and heavy marathon plusses
111 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
The speed doesnt really matter, just by getting further away the perceived frequency will already change, if you move the source the frequency will always change.
Combining these with those velocity ChromaFlair rims they used to make and some heat anodised Ti spokes and you'd have one trippy wheelset.
maybe you dont
Im riding Michelin Pro 4 Endurance v2
Had these on for only about 400k, seem good so far, had a decent bit of glass stuck in the front a week or so ago, didn't puncture

Can the cyclists and the car users put aside our differences for a moment and agree that the true menace to both our kinds is these pedestrian fuckers?

They don't look where they're going, they step out into the middle of the road. Or vibrate side to side along mixed used paths without looking if cyclists are coming.

I generally do not have an issue with cars when cycling, cars are easy to predict, don't change direction randomly and MOST people in cars are careful because they don't want to kill cyclists.

But despite pedestrians being literally on the bottom of the food chain, they don't seem to care about their own safety and will just step out in front of cars or cyclists.

Twice this week I've come off my bike when I've been using a mixed used path, as a pedestrian has just randomly walked onto my side of the pavement and I've had to serve to avoid them.
13 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Slow to walking speed near pedestrians on a 'mixed use path'
Always give them right of way
nah nigga, just strap a boombox to your bike and play soundtracks from animu, they'll move
we are all inherently pedestrians but its at a point where a lot of them need to be gassed.

they have the same issue as cyclists, they cant obey basic signals.
Then why did you not just pass them as close as possible and knock the phone out of their hand or elbow them?
They would be careful after that!
The cunts with their dogs and mistakes (kids) are worst here.

File: DSCN6695.jpg (712 KB, 3648x2736)
712 KB
712 KB JPG
ITT: Post funny Amtrak stories

more pics will be posted below
22 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

I haven't watched that movie in like 12 years


No you.
File: coast_starlight03.jpg (76 KB, 620x381)
76 KB
Another funny story

>be me
>be smoking a cigar at Coast Starlight smoke stop
>get offered weed by another passenger I had chatted with earlier
>refuse because I have to take regular drug tests for work
>guy lights up a bong
>gets caught by conductor
>thrown off at the next stop

Dodged a bullet there.

Can we make this guy the mascot of /n/?

My mother and father once jumped on an Amtrak train to kiss me goodbye and wound up being stuck on board. The had to ride with me for an hour and a half before getting off at the next station and buying tickets for a train going back.
>I heard those crazy people got rich, too.
the weirdest part is how one of those stoned baggage handlers became a US senator

So /n/, what's your plan to improve public transit in your area, and why is it numerous, complex, unending highway improvement projects?
16 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
My plan: rebuild the entire interstate system. It'll take a generation at least. Lifelong employment in the construction sector. Emphasis on separating commercial traffic from other vehicles.

This, can't believe anyone thinks private freight rail carriers should be given more money. Clueless.
File: Melbourne-Metro-Tunnel.jpg (177 KB, 1005x565)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Actually OP, it's 9km of new rail line mostly underground.
t. Subsidized truck driver/company
Problem, trainlet?
>I will bait people in the slowest board of 4chan for some reason
keep going then, kiddo

File: thatdbesweet.jpg (68 KB, 1060x600)
68 KB

Imagine listening to this on full blast as you set out on your bike journey:

>420/10; would ride high to, too, two times (too short for long excursions).
who are you quoting

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