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File: IMG_1097.jpg (50 KB, 450x450)
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Will cyclists laugh at me for cruising on my $89 Roadmaster bike from Wal Mart? I just want a bike to ride around my neighborhood and about 10 miles a day for exercise and relaxation
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In case you wanted to look like a monkey hanging off a tree
Decathlon > Walmart

Climbed and descended the Teide on a Riverside 120, twice.
Bike still runs fine, brakes are still good and it rides verry good.
Only downside is the 14 kg weight.
That depends. Are you just going to unironically ride it around as you say, not being pretentious at all, not trying to compete with guys that are orders of magnitude more fit than you are, or are you going to cop and attitude with them, like you're as good or better than they are? If it's the former you'll just fade into the background of average, purely recreational cyclists; if it's the latter, then you're going to get chewed up and spit out by them for being a pretentious prick, and you'd deserve it.

Just ride your bike, OP, mind your own business, be a good citizen, and everything will be fine. Nobody cares what you ride.
We wont laugh at you, we will just dismiss you immediately.

You wont get the nod or smile from other cyclists, just completely ignored like you aren't even there.
I have a reasonably pricey bike for cx but if i am just riding to gym, shops, out of boredom, for exercise I ride a cheap heavy af fixie. Swings and roundabouts, who cares as long as you're enjoying yourself.

Shred till dead

File: 1503605536555.png (931 KB, 2552x1024)
931 KB
931 KB PNG
racing on bikes is probably the faggiest thing one can do
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>being too insecure to wear tight clothes

You're missing out on mirin' girls anon
I wonder how often it could also be an intentional team strategy thing. In the old days of endurance auto racing it was common for a team to give one car orders to just haul ass until the car broke, in hopes that the opposition would try to keep up and break their own cars in the process. It wouldn't shock me if teams did something similar with bike racing, especially if they knew that one of their guys was fast but not great on stamina and didn't stand much of a chance of an outright win.
they do, that guy is traditionally called a puncheur...the dude whose job is to punch forward from the peloton and push them to a faster pace as needed by your GC guy (guy who is going to win or be near the top of the overall time standings)
It's also a valid tactic for bigger riders, who are powerful but don't do as well on sustained climbs as the smaller lighter riders, to hammer on the flats, driving up the pace, to wear out the smaller riders before you get to the climb(s), maybe even dropping some of them, but definitely tiring them out before you start ascending, in order to equalize things a bit.
>always buys the most expensive bike
Premium mountain bikes cost a fraction of the cost of a entry level road bike

fuck off poorfag

File: images (12).jpg (25 KB, 282x522)
25 KB
>clothing flaps at speed
>sweat soaked
>performance suffering
>can't go for longer than 25km

Hey but at least it's better than being one of those lycra-faggots r-right guys? Those f-fucking tryhards haha
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I just wear track pants and I do 32km most days

Now to channel my inner wrestling coach when people get bashful about wearing a silly outfit to do a fun sport

Lycra looks better if you look better. Mountain bike clothing will look okay even on a fat fuck.
People who fear the lycra just have shit bodies.

why does everyone say walmart bikes are shit? they’re good if you just ride them on the road and don’t jump them or take them on trails.
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File: it's a trap!.gif (1.28 MB, 158x280)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF
One time I bought the cheapest bike walmart sells which was also 50% off for black friday and I asked for the unassembled box so I could build my cheapo $50 bike myself, and the employees were floundering around for 20 minutes because literally nobody has ever asked this before and they kept asking "are you sure" looking at me like i'm dumb for turning down a free assembly, and then I followed them to where they kept their overstock and the box had been sitting in the partially open outdoor section and the box was water damaged from rain and when I finally opened it at home, the frame had damage on it.
Just buy a swapmeet bike.
or you could of just swapped it out
what? they also came in 7005 alu? I thought they only came in 6061. That's a high class denali
If you live in a place where sea water corrodes any beach cruiser in a season a place like walmart is a godsend with their 125 dollar beach cruisers.
I got a pretty sweet Bell bag for behind my seat for all of 9 US dollars. Most bags are too large this was just the right size.

I'll probably pick up their little $5 schwinn bell to dinga ding ding at people who waive at me during rides. I ride in the midwest so literally everyone waives- nice but tiresome to take your hands off the bars or move your head up and down like a donkey.

File: google.com.png (5 KB, 310x163)
5 KB
Are you still watching GCN?
>Matt is out
>1 new lady and 2 new male hosts
> Topics like how to pump a tyre
>Sponsors visibly present

I don't subscribe it anymore.
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File: Nu-GCN.png (960 KB, 1280x676)
960 KB
960 KB PNG
Who the fuck are all these people...?
I miss Matt. I have similar clipping in skills.
cycling weakly btfo

Even though she doesn't have those things I think Emma is kinda cute.
Their how to change a tyre tells you the best way to do it though compared to the most popular youtube videos (usually for anything technical it is GCN and ParkTool).

Their video shows you the correct way to change a tire using your hands instead of the 2 tire lever method.

Need your help.
I'm doing research for a new bike.
My bike history so far: Mountain bikes Single speeds and recently a Racing Bike,
I need a new Bike for commuting and traveling, my main requirements are
- through axles
- Mount for racks (definitely on the rear, on the front nice but not required)
- 2 – 11 / 1 – 11 Gears, at least 105 Group (SRAM is also ok)
- up to 28” Wheels
- drop bars
- Carbon or aluminum (10kg max would be nice)
- 2000€ is my Limit

What I found so far:
Dream bike
Bombtrack Hook EXT-C (ca. 3000€)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Trek checkpoint
quit being a special faggot and use the /bbg/ like anybody else
beg your pardon?

File: tenor.gif (1.95 MB, 360x292)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF
>if it wasn't recorded in Strava, did you even go on a bike ride?
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she didn't accept a follow from a random, probably creep-vibe dude? no waayyy.
I want the dog walkers , joggers , and walkers in my neighborhood to use WAZE so the WAZE database thinks my area has super slow traffic and routes cars elsewhere.
You don't show your rides, you show your legs and fit body.
>using Strava
>posting a nice bike shot with every ride
>posting a nice cock selfie with every ride

this is the best way to get followers

File: sn_restored.jpg (80 KB, 729x482)
80 KB
Talk about past and present interurbans.

Suggest what interurbans you'd create or re-create.

We talk about why the interurban is the greatest transit concept ever.
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When I become a multibillionaire I will be building a streetcar system in my hometown(Owen Sound, Ontario). Screenshot this post.
You're a good lad, wish you all the best. If only more billionaires cared about streetcars.
Trams that run between cities with infrastructure upgraded accordingly?
Wait. Isn't it on the Pyongra Line? I don't think that count as Interurban.
No idea about that

Gotta love the Deltic mmmmmmmmmmmm

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File: m36.jpg (105 KB, 710x483)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Litra MX
Specifically the LJ M36. One of my earliest memories is watching it doing some of the last hauling through Sakskobing from the harbour before the industrial part closed in the mid-90s.
I gets me where i need and I love it for that.
File: GN_407_s.jpg (233 KB, 1000x643)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
SD45, love those flared radiators.
SECR H Class, absolutely love it.
File: IMG_0921.jpg (805 KB, 2453x1352)
805 KB
805 KB JPG

File: _DX_8512.jpg (355 KB, 800x533)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
gonna dump some old school road/tt/tri/track bike stuff that i like, feel free to join in.
starting with a Lemond TVT 92
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All I could find via google on them was a kids race team
File: Fignons-hour-attempt.jpg (103 KB, 782x800)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
go on, I like porn.
but also post sources.
like, I guess everyone knows it by now, but whatever:
wew, tripfags are almost the worst
just topped by anons responding to them
I'm having such a hardon for that kind of aero bars, do manufacturers still do any like that anymore?
I love that there's a shoulder cushion included into the bike whenever you want to carry around your bike! It's a sweet detail

File: master.jpg (44 KB, 500x334)
44 KB
Bow down to your master
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Do these SUCC?
tire valve caps don't look like dice
and the spokes don't have reflectors
My 32lb camping bike has 28spokes.
For what purpose? That's just asking for flex and broken spokes plus it's too easy for things to get stuck in the spokes.

File: iStock-505026280.jpg (467 KB, 1223x858)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
>move it, moron! You are making ke late! Ride your kiddie machine off the road, not the shoulder! You are making me late because I'm not willing to pass you even though I have plenty of room to do so since I'm within the lines whereas you are on the shoulder.
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this but unironically
>unintelligent motorist doesn't realise that cyclists on the whole ease traffic congestion
>cyclists on the whole ease traffic congestion

Only by the thousands. Outside of a few Northern European cities and China, they don't number in the thousands.
Find another route, then. You don't have special rights to the road, and the effort to 'go out of your way' is infinitely less.
they are trying in my city, kinda. they want to make a main area downtown into bike/pedestrian road. basically taking the cage lanes to 1.
what part of the country are you in?

File: images (3).jpg (26 KB, 678x452)
26 KB
Why do you guys keep shitposting in /o/?
I'm sure it seems like we all hate every single one of you but it's generally just the unsafe dickheads that annoy us. We don't like unsafe dickhead drivers either.
hey it's the VC, where did you get this pic of Tyler?
Just false flag attacks from /o/tists to stoke the hate.

Who would win mountain stage finish? Assuming average world tour pro-team climbing specialist:
Juiced 80s rider on steel bike with limited cassette range or modern "natty" rider on carbon bike with 2x11 drive train?
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Man, juiced or not, Pantani was a beast, I hope we get to see another rider like him on our lifetime, many cycling fans will remember him forever, two days ago I saw at 8:00 AM an old guy (around 70 y.o) going out for a ride with Pantani's yellow-celeste bike and a fucking maglia rosa, Imagine how inspiring one dude can be when many years after his death a lot of riders still think about him while riding.
>90s & early 00s is peak speed.
>But modern era > 80s

this guy is 100% correct and this is the answer to OP's hypo
>Who would win mountain stage finish?
The rider with the best mix of natural talent and effective training.
>Pic related is the bike that set the course record. The gearing looks brutal. I would guess 53/39 & 11-23

My knees hurt just thinking about it.
Juiced obviously. They don't feel pain, they don't feel fear, and they absolutely will not stop until they win

How to solve UK electrification problem? How has estimates gone from £250,000 for every kilometre to £1.7m?
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They can't, and even if they could it would be a bad idea because the life expectancy of every train would be reduced, they would be significantly heavier, and would require more maintenance.
Northern IRELAND is on the same island as the rest of IRELAND.
NIR and IÉ have to keep common standards in order to guarntee interoperability, which includes fitting IÉ trains with AWS and TPWS and fitting NIR trains with CAWS.
File: 1497010507794.jpg (384 KB, 1822x1282)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
>Northern IRELAND is on the same island as the rest of IRELAND.
don't care
File: 1483655800330.jpg (62 KB, 374x767)
62 KB
What's wrong with keeping most of the British rail network diesel?

British DMUs are just about the /comfiest/ thing on rails this side of Japan.

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