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File: electric motor.jpg (1.44 MB, 3264x2232)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
So /o/ pretty much hates them. What's does /n/ think? Are they the future of automobile transportation? Will we see electrically powered commercial ships & aircraft in our lifetimes? Is EV more environmentally friendly? What will happen to the ICE?
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>infrastructure nightmare
Even more than providing multiple types of extremely flammable liquids on tap in large quantities?

And IMHO making one size fits all is more a patent and branding problem. If ICE were developed nowadays, every company would use their own unique, patented, secret fuel citing you hundreds of reasons why this makes their engine superior.
I have doubts that we'll see electric jets flying across the Pacific or the Atlantic any time soon, but Light Aircraft defiantly a probability after all there have been a number of microlights that have been electric
>Even more than providing multiple types of extremely flammable liquids on tap in large quantities?
Yes, and it's not close. EV batteries cannot be shipped at above 50% SOC, have tons of different physical configs, sizes, layouts, connections, etc. to accomodate the design of the car.

>And IMHO making one size fits all is more a patent and branding problem
Well, your opinion is not well informed. Nobody is claiming their cells are unique or special, and nobody has restrictive patents on HV batteries. They have to do many different things depending on the vehicle they are installed in.
File: NSSavannah.jpg (151 KB, 550x346)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
>However, large ships can and should use on board nuclear generators like submarines, aircraft carriers, and ice breakers have been doing for decades.

what about for trickle charging maintaining the batteries?

File: 8233880919_5f8750c6c8_b.jpg (385 KB, 1024x768)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
Hello again /n/

Up for a third thread?

However I think the whole "unique locomotives" well is running dry by now.

Anyway, here is Aerolite of the North Eastern Railway which is based at the National Railway Museum in York. (As far as I know of that is.)
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EST, Alsace Lorraine I see?
File: q1-strm.jpg (73 KB, 936x408)
73 KB
What I believe were the Pennsy's Class Q-1 4-6-4-4, #6130.

Unfortunately the idea of having the rear cylinders facing in the opposite direction led to them picking up a ton of dirt, dust, and ashes from the firebox which were well to small, similar to the issues experienced on an earlier variant constructed by the B&O, 4-4-4-4 #5600.
File: 204211.jpg (40 KB, 428x336)
40 KB
It almost reminds of the New York Central Hudson when I see this 4-6-4-4's boiler.
File: trains124-620x413.jpg (43 KB, 620x413)
43 KB
A GWR Kruger to bump the thread.
Yes. The fuel tanks in the locomotive and in the auxiliary fuel tender had heaters that brought the fuel up to 200 Fahrenheit. What killed the Gas Turbines was that the petroleum industry found ways new ways to crack Bunker C into lighter fuels and the plastics industry found uses for it as well. So what had been considered a waste product that could be had for a fraction of the cost of Diesel became prohibitively expensive to keep the turbines running.

File: A330-airberlin.jpg (57 KB, 960x387)
57 KB
Was the pilot right here?
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>good altitude
nigger what? he was at like 150 feet max
wingspan of A330 is 180 feet. just for reference mr. brainlet

now compare it to this
ATC approved it, passengers were told about it. Who gives a fuck what the company thinks since they aren't flying anymore
Yep. He didn't crash.


I've decided to go ahead and buy a Ranger 37 (pic related) for $2,000 (seems like an amazing deal) or less (still, I might as well haggle) in cash. I cut my teeth crewing on my family's Ranger 26 growing up, so I feel like the same boat plus eleven feet ought to feel just right to live aboard and go full cruising lifestyle. I haven't been sailing in ages, however; what should I know/do/think? Also: sailing general (with particular focus on cruising aboard sailboats).
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East to West hes going to the caribbean to spend the Winter there. I know theres Kind of a Season there where Alot of People Are making That Kind of Trip but still... And then just yesterday i read about this Freak Hurricane That Went all the Way to britain
Looks like a nice boat OP.
I think the important thing about having a yacht is actually using it and not leaving it tied up at a marina.
If you plan on doing any long distance sailing, setting up a wind vane could prove invaluable. Other than that, make sure the electronics are good and you have and wind gen or solar. A fuck up in electronics can be detrimental unless you know local waters really well.
File: DSCN4925.jpg (972 KB, 2928x2197)
972 KB
972 KB JPG
,costhow?,,looks like a WWWET zone,, lots of river., is it not free?
,,does look, Pirate., allthose mu+nys.

Actually size doesn't really make it safer. A modicum of skill & a seaworthy boat is the main thing. Large ships are lost all the time including sailboats twice the size as your friends. If wx condx get bad one can always hove to by deploying a parachute anchor or drogue and basically ride out the storm & get some rest. Smaller boats are limited in range by the provisions & fuel they can carry.

FYI on some 8m boats I recall off thevtop of my head: An American couple, Dave & Jaja Martin (with 2 kids) did a RTW in a Cal24 back in 1995.

Robert Lee Graham started an RTW trip in a 24' sloop called 'Dove' as a teenager in 1965.

Lots of people have done the Atlantic route in similar sizes for decades when boats that size were the norm.

Then there's this guy. He's an anomaly. A Latvian reject named Rimas Meleshyus somehow cheats death floating around in the Pacific in an unmaintained boat. He's wrecked 3x . He started in a San Juan 24. There's a long thread about him on sailinganarchy. It's hard to believe it's real. He just popped back up after disappearing 4 months ago in the s.pac when everyone figured he was dead.
Oh, and Op, I like the lines of that boat. The cabin looks a bit low but she looks like a fast cruiser. She'd look sweet with a dark blue hull.

Thread for narrow gauge railways which closed and are totally lost or abandoned.

Such as the Rye And Camber Tramway which ran from 1895 to 1939.

Before anyone says "Anon you dumbfuck tramways and railways are two different things!"

It was still considered a railway regardless.
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I'm not the only one who rides down cycle paths that have been built on top of old railway routes and imagines what the old line used to look like and that I'm a train travelling along it, am I?
At first to unify gauge on the island then to unify the gauge with Russian mainland.

Trains running along Cambelltown High Street.

I wish this was restored. :'(
So it's 1524mm huh?
File: 1448485796001.jpg (116 KB, 978x734)
116 KB
116 KB JPG

>Technically narrow gauge (by one half inch).

I want a cheap ass e-bike. $700 tops. I live in NYC and they're technically illegal here because they don't give a fuck about hr 727 stating that federal law on this shit supersedes them, so it needs to look like a normal bike. if it folds that's a big bonus. I'm a poor ass grad student who is sick and tired of the shitty subway.

I've been eyeing these https://www.amazon.com/Ancheer-Folding-Electric-Removable-Lithium-Ion/dp/B074SXKHL1/ref=pd_sbs_468_7?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=J8FYCNPATDMMQ3J10G83


Any suggestions?
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You must be new here.
This is me but in LA. The traffic fucking sucks.

Ok I'm an idiot... Why does that bike have both rimbrakes and a disc brake on the front?
File: 71w-NsShqsL._SL1500_.jpg (144 KB, 1299x1500)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
As a fellow New Yorker who's kind of considered the same thing, my main reason for not buying one of these is that it does seem a smidge limited, and also that I'd feel like a huge twat riding around on something that's called a "swagbike" and also looks like it's for twats.

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It's actually becoming more and more common with the advent of 1000, 1200+ ships. Any loss of cargo due to having two separate super structures, is more than offset by the ability to stack boxes aft of the wheelhouse to max height. In order to maintain visibility, you can only stack the boxes so high forward of the wheelhouse, and then taper them down as you go forward. Pic related

I wonder if series hybrid setups might eventually push things such that you have a accommodations/wheelhouse/powerplant in a single module that fits in a cargo row up front? If going slow with big props i pushed any farther, draft limitation will push toward multiple props like a pair or three azipods...
This really galvanized my metals
>a steaming pile of shit
thats all tug boats, anon, some are just better than others
don't ever talk to me or my son again

Opinion on the FUCI?
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>The fairing weighted him down
> The seat threw off his balance
> The single didn't allow him into good cadence.

And this day all would know that even a rocket ship could bleed.
>wanting the clunky feel of shitmano
>not using 30 year old suntour
>Doublecrap TM
Not loving that campag feel of dumping all dose gears and sprinting in front of everyone
>Not really wanting to ride with anyone else
Edgy and not a recumbent.

File: pinionmtbbeltdrive.jpg (444 KB, 1000x667)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
I am looking to maybe buy a gearbox mtb (mountainbike, no tour bikes plox) in afew years time. Do you guys think it would be good, I personally think that gearbox bikes are god-tier, since the gears basically last ages without maintenance.
A belt drive is of course only really sensible on a hard-tail and I like hard-tails for their simplicity, however I'd like to go all out and maybe buy a full-sus bike perhaps.
For the meantime, post gearbox mtbs ITT.
18 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I ride Pinion bike. I love it for the things it does: shifts perfectly under any circumstances and I can use a closed chainguard for my tourer.
I didn't want to go belt, because chains work perfectly well and are cheap. Last chain lasted 12.500 km.
The Pinion chainring and cog are high quality. I will be able to ride 30.000+ km with one set before I have to change them.
I got what I wanted: Huge gear ratio (600%), close to zero maintenance (had to lube last chain three time in its lifetime), comfortable shifting. I never have to think about my drivetrain, it just works.
Plus, the box is bone-dry. It is very well sealed (as opposed to Rohloffs that do lose oil).

Usually, I do all my maintenance myself. I had to have the box serviced once because older boxes had a flaw in the way the cable was clamped inside the box. Pinion updated the design and exchanged the parts. Took two weeks.
> mature
Go ride a Pinion bike. They don't need any more maturing. They work reliably.
Your scenario is extremely far fetched. 99.99+ per cent of riders never will end up in this situation.
But of course you are right. You can't service a Pinion on your own because you need special tools. That is a disadvantage. On the other hand, if you want a gearbox you probably don't want to do lots of maintenance anyway.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>No more derailleur they said

It's definitely a meme if you need to put a tensioner on it...
1. Full SuS always needs a way to take up chain slack.
2. The tensioner is not comparable to a derailleur (less exposed, smaller, simpler).
3. For hardtails you don't need a tensioner. There are other options, e.g. sliding dropout.
How else are you going to do chain tension with a through-axle?
Sliding dropouts

Newcomer here. Should i even care about brands? What should i take into consideration in choosing brands?
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>I want to buy Campagnolo because I like to fantasize that I am a rider from the heroic era of cycling. This satisfies my autism. I don't think it's actually any better mechanically, but I like to be a fucking faggot and, at least, I admit it.
Campagnolo is only aceptable if your bike is Italian made, only italian craftmanship unlocks the true potential of a Campagnolo drivetrain.
I only use "Schwalbe™ professional bike tires"

>what if the pothole is only 1cm deep? i might will ride through micro potholes a lot.
Correct. This will not break a rigid fork.
Don't know how the asphalt is in Indonesia, but potholes are so deep and frequent that they are a threat to car tires, let alone to bikes. Specially after tropical thunderstorms, they can get 10-15cm deep. It's dangerous and you need to learn how to bunny hop or avoid them very quickly.

>what connects brands to personal lifetsyle though?
Maybe you are a traditionalist and a purist and you want a brand that has been around for a century or so (e.g. Bianchi and Wilier Triestina). Maybe you like a retro cool/vintage look, so brands like Masi and Fuji will appeal too. Or perhaps you want to look modern and competitive, so a Specialized or Cannondale would go well with you.
Of course, I am only talking about looks, marketing and consumeristic expression of a lifestyle. I think it's safe to say that almost the entirety of bikes made in the world come from the same factories in Taiwan and China and their specs are much more important than the brand (most brands just contract these suppliers, so it's likely that the same individual will be working on a Bianchi or a Masi bike and, some months later, on a Specialized or Cannondale).

If you are wealthy and can afford it and want to look cool, you could buy some handmade Italian or British bikes.
>Campagnolo is only aceptable if your bike is Italian made, only italian craftmanship unlocks the true potential of a Campagnolo drivetrain.

I know that this is complete bullshit and I completely agree with you, because, in my mind, this effect will be true and placebo will either make me faster or, at least, will make me want to ride more.
I have a hybrid made by decathlon, no issues so far.
My brother had a crash with a semi on a decathlon hardtail, rim was bend slightly.

Only weird thing about them is their ussage of shimano and sram parts on the same bike:
>sram gripshift shifters
>sram 3.0 rear derailer
>shimano cassette
>shimano front derailer
>unbranded crankset and chainrings

Never had any issues though...

>mfw descended 1500 m on 10% declines on a 170€ steel framed trekking bike (riverside 120 with 3x8 drivetrain instead of 1x8)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: SECR No737.png (644 KB, 768x507)
644 KB
644 KB PNG
Come and post South Eastern And Chatham Railway stuff here.

Despite not a lot of being around in preservation.
14 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
SE&CR existed from 1899 until grouping (e/o 1922).
I know, I was talking about this particular locomotive.

They had so many indifferent designs from their chaotic history that many were phased out without preservation after the Grouping. But the Maunsell heritage is pretty strong in the preserved SR fleet.
That I know.

Especially the Kirtley R1, although some made into early BR years.
File: 178_592_derekh_1may10m.jpg (129 KB, 800x475)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
A much needed bump for this thread.

File: locos.png (1.21 MB, 1080x720)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
Out of the Big 3, who had the most A E S T H E T I C steam locos?

>huge, "dirty," very industrial looking
>designed purely with performance in mind, very little thought given to streamlining and aesthetics until the Art Deco movement

>kawaii as fuck, glossy finishes, very conservative styling, regal

>dat red-black livery, dem smoke deflectors
>sort of a hybrid between American and British locos in the attention towards being physically pleasing to the eye while still retaining exposes plumbing that gives off a very macho aura

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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that makes sense

Im really not well-versed in steam engine mechanics, but from what I understand the oil they used to fire in those engines isn't really a fluid and more a goo-like if pre-heated properly. So I'd imagine they'd have pay a lot of attention to keeping the whole pipeline hot so it doesn't clog.
Is there a more AESTHETIC steam engine?
They still hold the speed record for steam traction

The reflections reveal imperfect finishing over the entire surface.
File: pr09148.jpg (49 KB, 600x409)
49 KB
I honestly like american power the most. I have a soft spot for GWR steam though.

>tfw 25 fucking years old and taking my driver's license test tomorrow
>tfw assuming i pass (i better) im gonna have to start paying a shit ton for a car, insurance, gas, upkeep, as opposed to my bike where my only costs are my work parking (50 cents a day) and the occasional $6-8 tube and lube
32 replies omitted. Click here to view.
its not just the fact that cars depreciate quickly that makes them burn money so fast
its the $150/month insurance and the $100/month of gasoline you have to burn, and the $10/hour parking and all the other bullshit too
cars are gigantic money pits, i have no idea why people think they're a good idea
Hey guys, OP here

I failed my test. In America. The easiest fucking 15 minute driving test in the world that 16 year olds pass easily and I failed it because some driver at a 4 way intersection didn't observe the right of way and went right as I was going so I got fucked for it

I'm not even qualified to ride a fucking bike. I'm going to ride it into oncoming traffic next time I'm out.

Thanks for the laughs, /n/
> i have no idea why people think they're a good idea

I own a car, bike most places, and have a bus pass. They all have their niches.

Cars are stupid convenient outside of city centers. They get you and your shit where you need to go quickly in all conditions in comfort.

At 28 my used hatchback costs me under $200/month with gas, insurance, maintenance, and eventual planned replacement. Shitboxes are fine if you can turn a wrench.
just take it again man, it's OK to make mistakes. I think a lot of legal drivers would screw up the test, especially where I live
Admittedly I still only have my permit but manage to still drive a little since I work at the same place as my sibling who has a license and since they have a license and over 21 I'm allowed to drive, only downside is I have to pay them 10 bucks a month for gas

File: IMG_9265.jpg (21 KB, 500x500)
21 KB
>Be me
>Arrive on the bus stop at 7.25 to get the 7.33 bus
>Bus arrives at 7.42
>Repeat the cycle many times
>Next day
>Wakes up 5 minutes late
>It's 7.32
>I walking toward the bus stop and I see it
>It's missing like 30 seconds to get there
>5 if I run fast
>Bus is speeding like a rocket
>Doesn't stop even if I wave at it
>"Ok no prob next bus is at 44"
>2nd bus is there at 54

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
This is why people buy cars
check its estimated arrival time on your phone
Get a bike, fatass
Correct. And this is way transportation ends up being fucked up for everybody, including cagers.

OP, hear that advice. The reason why I bought a bike was because buses here are NEVER on schedule and, during rush hours, you are unlikely to be able to climb on one.
This. What transit system doesn't have GTFS data now?

Why aren't busses streamlined?
63 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.

This car got shoah'd by big oil because it was too efficient.
File: Nova_bus_LFS_STM_2011_-_1.jpg (2.09 MB, 2389x1535)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
modern buses are designed with ergonomics in mind first and foremost (the driver needs to be able to see, and passengers need to be able to board easily) but most modern buses have rounded corners and the fronts of them slope a bit and are bowed basically as much as they can be without wasting space.

also shit like >>1117932 >>1117933 isnt actually much more aerodynamic than pic related. once the air clears the front, all that's really needed is for the walls to be straight. if you really cared about optimal aero, you would probably gain more from diffusers than from meming out your bus into half of it being unused space because you took the teardrop thing too seriously

cars are designed like that because you want downforce on the front

even cars with the engine in the middle or back are designed like that so they don't fly off the road at high speeds
Where are the headlights ?
Flat-faced buses vastly improve visibility and occupant numbers while reducing the nose section in front of the axles. Buses going 30mph max in a city don't really need to be all that aero.
That Mercedes boxfish meme was a lie from the start. Look it up.

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