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File: 1530959108002.png (236 KB, 580x600)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
hey, I bought a Banger Park Skateboard 8.5 x 32 1/8 from http://www.whateverskateboards.com/ a week ago and I impulse bought it cus im autistic but now im worrying that its not a reliable site to buy shit or that they sell shitty stuff. I was just hoping you guys know anything about whatever skateboard and if its good or not
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that shit is kawaii
skins n emotes
I bought my board from somewhere else, specifically a mini longboard just for going from place to place.
this, OP
v snizzy

File: caadx.png (475 KB, 950x559)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
If you could only own one single bike for all your riding, what would you get?
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File: G M C.jpg (185 KB, 1500x1125)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
There's only one logical choice
Cannondale delta v1000 hands down
Some cyclocross bike with wide gearing
File: wind-blowing-cloud-hi.png (32 KB, 600x377)
32 KB
>deep section wheels makes sense when you're on a mountainous stage
>shitposting this badly

Anybody else mildly aroused by the shape and form of the bicycle?

I believe excessive focus on this hobby leads to a sexualization of the bicycle
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File: image.jpg (68 KB, 300x300)
68 KB
File: Fukken.saved.jpg (9 KB, 240x225)
9 KB
I haven't seen this pic in ages and the smoking ear makes it even better. Good jorb.
What do you use to wash your bike?
Regular dish washer, soap or what?
a naked guy standing outside washing his bike is any better to you? what third world country do you live in?

i just use generic dishwasher detergent in a bucket on everything BUT my frame is raw metal and my secret weapon is a good rub with generic dirt cheap soapy steel wool pads. They are incredible on aluminium / chrome bits. They clean and polish to a mirror finish at the same time.

File: srgx111.jpg (192 KB, 933x600)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Post some uggos, lads
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>on Cumbrian coast line
>expecting Class 37 with comfy carriages or at least a Sprinter of some sort
>fucking this
I still have a weird attachment to them though and i'll be sad to see them go when they finally do.
>They kind of remind me of steam engines when they go hood first actually...

Fun fact. NS originally ran their locos ass first because of dieselization. Engineers were still used to steam locomotives so that's why the long way went forward (as in the picture you posted). At least that's what the urban legend I was told was.
The current NS was formed by the merger of NW and SOU, which both preferred long hood forward operations and ordered locos with high short hoods and control stands designed for such operations. NS switched rather quickly to short hood forward operation, and now a significant number of high short hood locos are either off the roster or rebuilt with low short hoods. The idea behind long hood forward operation was placing as much metal between any track obstructions and the engineer/conductor as possible. Now with the prevalence of safety cabs and the operating challenges of running long hood forward, NS is about 30 years past their long hood days.
*fallout 3 theme plays*
>As a eurofag, I've never understood why US locomotives have one cab.

No real reason to have dual cabs when every terminal has a turntable or a wye (or they make up new consists with a locomotive that's already turned the right direction). On road switchers and locals, they'll often get two GPs with each pointed in the opposite direction.

File: rth.jpg (31 KB, 636x358)
31 KB
>notice my speed is going down
>im actually struggling to pass road bike freds
>shit im getting out of shape
>speeds keeps going down, have to give 100& to hit 40km\h
>one day i finally that feel the front wheel is funny
>front hub was basicallly not even spinning anymore and actively brakig the wheel
>espheres arent broken
>fuck it, just clean the grease off and pour chain oil on it
>go from 0 to 50 faster than a bugatti now

Its like i bought a pair of ultra light garbon meme wheels, shit wont stop spinning. Always seemed stupid for me to use fucking grease, pretty sure now people only use that shit becuse they are lazy. I'll be using oil on the front wheel from now on, doesnt take even 5 minutes to apply it.
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File: MGTOW.jpg (16 KB, 400x400)
16 KB
By the information in your own story, you are the fred.
I think your bike is in shit condition
Sealed or loose bearings? I imagine you can only oil loose bearings. My cartridge bearings are fucked. Is it worth buying my own bearing press or should I just bring them to the shop?

Pic unrelated
Excluding crappy hubs that don't have effective seals, there's not much difference between loose and cartridge bearings - they both work fine. Cartridge are preferable because when they wear out they don't destroy machined races - but loose bearings are fine if you're not bothered by needing to do occasional maintenance. Not that you have a choice in most cases, because hubs/headsets/bbs are only designed for one or the other.

Whether you need a proper press or can rig your own DIY solution for cheap depends on the part in question.
File: 1523557259720.jpg (45 KB, 401x500)
45 KB
The wheelsets I beat the shit out of both have cartridge bearings. One has novatec hubs and the other origin8. Dunno the size the cartridges.

File: tortour.jpg (112 KB, 900x450)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Is anyone here into cyclocross? How do you get into it? What should I know? What are some rookie mistakes? What to wear, skinsuits? What are some good bikes and brands? Mechanical or Di2? I guess disc brakes reign supreme?
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Fixie hipsters from the late 2000s generally moved towards cyclocross, gravel, and adventure bikes. A few hardcore fixfags went into hipsterizing cyclocross by cyclocrossing their fixies which is known as tracklocross but is pretty based.

Cyclocross bikes can be gravel or adventure bikes but not always the other way around. Cyclocross has become a defined racing discipline with UCI sanctioned regulations. One being a maximum tire width of 33mm. So cyclocross bikes rarely have enough clearance in the fork and chainstays for wider tires compared to gravel or adventure bikes. Then couple that with race optimal geometry and gearing, they become less ideal for long range adventure touring or endurance events.

In a nutshell, cyclocross is basically racing road bikes off-road with slightly wider tires in a closed circuit criterium style course
Why don't people just take lightweight mtb bikes and hop over everything?
You probably could in some open class CX but if they adhere to UCI ban hammering standards then there's no real point since tire width will be too narrow to plow through mud or sand like you could with aggressive mtb tires. The added suspension weight is pretty useless too with thinner tires and since the terrain of CX is not as rough as mtb singletrack, rigid forks have better response for the given terrain.

CX racers with chad mtb or bmx background do hop over some humps while virgin road racers tend to dismount due to lack of skill. The whole point of CX really is a showcase of bike handling skills in shitty flat terrain like wet mud and soft sand.
>Why don't footballers simply pick up the ball and walk into the opposing goal?
Cross is fun as hell. As >>1213982 said, you can take it seriously or just enjoy the atmosphere. I really enjoy it as you can take the fitness you've gained over the spring and summer from the road and just let yourself smash the pedals for an hour. Tactics are pretty much nonexistant in cross, you've just got to be able to make yourself suffer for 30-60 minutes and have some decent bike handling skills. Weather like OPs pic sucks, but I live in NC so usually the weather through cross season is actually pretty pleasant.

File: cad.jpg (376 KB, 1600x1200)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
previous >>1175934
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File: p5pb15618431.jpg (365 KB, 1024x682)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
File: Freddie Farthing.jpg (606 KB, 1600x1200)
606 KB
606 KB JPG

R - O - G - U - E
This objectively kicks ass.

why does everyone say walmart bikes are shit? they’re good if you just ride them on the road and don’t jump them or take them on trails.
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the gay is angry
No u
File: it's a trap!.gif (1.28 MB, 158x280)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF
One time I bought the cheapest bike walmart sells which was also 50% off for black friday and I asked for the unassembled box so I could build my cheapo $50 bike myself, and the employees were floundering around for 20 minutes because literally nobody has ever asked this before and they kept asking "are you sure" looking at me like i'm dumb for turning down a free assembly, and then I followed them to where they kept their overstock and the box had been sitting in the partially open outdoor section and the box was water damaged from rain and when I finally opened it at home, the frame had damage on it.
Just buy a swapmeet bike.
or you could of just swapped it out
what? they also came in 7005 alu? I thought they only came in 6061. That's a high class denali

File: NoordZuidlijn.jpg (266 KB, 800x600)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
It's usually pretty difficult to stay updated on construction projects abroad so let's give /n/ a quick rundown on the most important metro/tram/lightrail lines/extensions currently being built in whatever shithole you live. Ranting about meme buses allowed.

I'll start
>The Netherlands

Noord/Zuidlijn - North/South line (new metro line, 9,7 km)
>Opening July 22. Now being tested
>Will be the most important metroline in Amsterdam and become the backbone of all transport
>The entire structure of the tram network will change, almost all lines get a different route. This is a pretty big deal because most lines have barely been changed (only extended) since they started operating 100 years ago
Amstelveenlijn (hybrid metro/tram being converted to light rail and extended)
>light rail line now still part of the metro network, trams sharing metro tracks and tunnels in the center
>will be disconnected from the metro network, amount of stations reduced, grade crossings removed and extended from Amstelveen Westwijk to Uithoorn, becoming Amsterdams first modern interurban tram line
>Construction starting next year, finished in 2021

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: pisara.jpg (85 KB, 562x494)
85 KB
Let's see:

Jokeri light rail: 25 km ring LRT around Helsinki. Will have new kind of larger bi-directional but old city center network compatible vehicles witch will hopefully help to drag the entire system evetually into the 21st century.

Tampere is building a tram. Standard gauge, as state of the art track bed construction and geometry as possible, alliance funding model. Tampere has been a forerunner in adoption of the alliance model, they are just finishing a motorway tunnel in time and on budget.

The fact that Tampere tram is standard gauge tells everything that there is to tell about the national railways. Electrification of some minor rails around Turku and Helsinki (Uusikaupunki, Hanko branches, maybe also Porvoo may bring some regional traffic.

Turku might build a tram, I give 30% chance.

Helsinki metro west extension is still under construction, there has been continued talks about this kind if railway loop under the city center but it's too expensive.
File: strawman2.jpg (86 KB, 550x446)
86 KB
>get TOLD
>become butthurt
>use strawman
I am pretty butthurt. In my city and many other cities, incompetent and short sighted politicians continue to divest and divert funding from transit agencies. Now we are left with a literally crumbling network in a full blown crisis. No one like taxes I get it, but "taxes" like congestion pricing and such are necessary at this stage to keep the trains running. Austerity doesn't work for this.
Also the economy will be more strangled when critical routes get shut down from deferred maintenance or lack of investment.
Good for you, in my city and country they're constantly wasting money on pisspoor planned infrastructure projects that are completely unnecessary and overbuilt, while I have to wageslave because I can't start my own business because small businesses are squeezed dry like lemons to cover all that idiotic spending.

Best foldable electric scooter to get me to & from the bus?
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Use your legs wtf
you bloody idiot just get a bike or a foldable one together with a good lock
You aren't supposed to laugh at retards.
>or just put your normal bike on the rack up front like a big boy.

Tried that once, was already full. These racks can't be counted on for commuting.

File: Background.jpg (742 B, 275x183)
742 B
742 B JPG

What do think about this bike? It's quite possibly a piece of shit, but I need something to strengthen my confidence and my ability to ride bikes on, before I acquire something more reliable.
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Buy the reliable bike first, idiot.
445 usd
What should I look for in a bike then? What did you see in this one that makes you decide it's a piece of shit?
>It's quite possibly a piece of shit,
No. It's guaranteed to be a massive piece of shit.

First, this is a famous piece of crap. Second, it's the wheelset and drivetrain. For more examples, go look at the Chinabike thread for bikes NOT to buy.

It's hard to screw up friction shifters, but that wheelset, but then again,the Denali's handlebars are legendary.
Holy fuck that's way overpriced for a steaming pile of shit

File: bbg.jpg (41 KB, 499x380)
41 KB
old thread at bump limit >>1188086

Post your local craigslist, height, and what type of riding you're planning on doing.
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are these “vintage” bikes worth it? this is $100 on cl it’s a trek elance 330
Trek Elances are good vintage rides. Buy it and save it from that ill-set-up ignominy

I'm looking for two bikes preferably under $250 each for a 5'11" male and 5'4" female. It seems like there are slim pickings in my area. They will mostly be for casual or fitness use on roads and possibly dirt trails. I don't mind having to fix or replace parts but I'm not exactly knowledgeable when it comes to bikes.

Hey /n/, just got off my graveyard shift to find that my bike was stolen, because I'm a fucking retard and locked my chain to my rear fender instead of the frame or u-lock because I was running late. In my town it's probably already stripped for parts. But anyway, anyone from Canada know a good place to buy cheap bike parts online so I can get something up and running. I don't want to deal with getting a used bike here because they're pretty much all stolen Walmart bikes. Any tips you guys have would be pretty helpful. Other than don't be a retard, I already learned that one.
21 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>shiny frame
>leather saddle
>sugino crankset
Looks pretty stealable to the eyes of a thief IMO
Usually the seat has a plastic bag over it. Up close it looks filthy. I see your point though

I think a fair number of Philly bike thieves are punk rockers who won't steal from a bike that someone obviously pieced together themselves. More likely to steal fixie wheels from college kiddies
are any of you in rva lol, terrified of locking my bike up around here, always ask if i can leave it inside by employees if im going somewhere and event thats pushing it for my comfort. also need a good bike lock recommendation
Get a load of this nigger loving faggot.

File: segway.jpg (141 KB, 1000x563)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
If scooters, skateboards, fred sleds and froot boots have space here, then so do balancing personal transporters. I see a lot of people riding segway tours in my city but never really see anyone commute on one. Why is that? They can get to a bit over 10mph and have a bit more than 20 mile range.

How about hoverboards? I used to see a few people riding them but not anymore. Have they grown out of fashion?
I guess parking would be an issue? These things seem to be insanely heavy if youd want to get them in your office like your bike or skateboard.
10 mph is slow as shit lad, even the shittiest of bicycles can do that without much problem
>then so do balancing personal transporters
No, that motorized stuff belongs on the roads.
those look like some stupid fucking whites.

What are your thoughts on flying saucers?

We had some cool prototypes back in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, but after that, it seems that companies and governments lost interest. Now they're just a sci-fi trope associated with aliens and UFOs.

NASA recently started using designs reminiscent of flying saucers for their space program but they're not meant for transporting humans.
9 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well, according to the article you just linked, all that the designer accomplished was one (1) wooden prototype that made a few hops off the ground and had multiple grave design errors. Before that, there was a four foot wide remote controlled model/prototype that couldn't even get off the ground at all.
Yup. The first five prototypes (AS-1 to AS-5) were all small-scale, unmanned models that couldn't get off the ground. Some of them could fly however when launched by hand.

The sixth and final prototype (AS-6) was full-sized and manned. Out of four flight tests, only the final test was successful, and even then only barely so:

"On the fourth and final test, the jump was longer, and the AS-6 became airborne, but an immediate bank to the left due to the torque of the engine became evident."

This page goes into more detail about the final manned prototype and its attempts at flight:

Saw a few of these back in the day
I can say that i've seen a few of these meself
Was near Bermuda triangle @ the time
Just saying
File: repulsine-b.jpg (19 KB, 426x304)
19 KB
Die Glocke seems to be just a remnant of cooling tower.

OTOH Schauberger engines seem to have something to them.
Even weirder that any drawings are scrubbed off internet and only pinterest cached ghosts remain.

What always bothers me is how the earths magnetic field is strong enough to deflect particles and research facilities need gigawatts that levitate frogs with "equivalent of earths field", but you need perfectly suspended, lightweight dial for compass and strong magnets wouldn't budge in this earths super-field.
So maybe there is a way to leverage this field - does it need large area or equivalent area created by tuned system to work with?

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