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You guys ever just blind yourselves with your bright LED bike lights when you're bored? Like right up to your eye for like one second.

Pic very related
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I have a bike, and all fasteners there are rusted.
WD-40 also is a good cleaner.

>He doesn't take a big huff when gluing his tubulars on
Sucks to be you anon.
It's not bad for releasing stuck quill stems anon, otherwise yes, it's useless and even harmful.
Put into shifters plz. C’mon now.
wd-40 is good for getting grease out of things.

File: 51yy9IJCA1L._SX425_.jpg (23 KB, 425x329)
23 KB
I'm not sure what the hype is with triples. I just picked up a Trek 1100 circle 1993 with a RSX100 triple crankset. Because of chain alignment, maybe the first 3 gears in the 7 speed cassette are usable for the big ring. The smallest chainring can access the last 3. The middle chainring has access to all of the gears with comfort. But then with the number of gear ratios that are actually usable that don't put stress on drivetrain, is it really better than a double? Perhaps my example isn't a good one since it's a lower end model thats about 25yo. Still, especially since the bike used downtube shifters, it makes choosing your gears such a tedious task.
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>46/36/14 x 13-30 7sp
oops - 46/36/24*
14t chainring like this?
But the pros do it like that
Its only real purpose is to get you those sick mountain climbing gear ratios. When you're carrying 20 extra kg and need to get up that 20%

File: DSC00371.jpg (325 KB, 1000x667)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
I just rode one of these and I was amazed at how comfortable and user-friendly it felt. I thought carbon was supposed to be twitchy and harsh but this was the complete opposite. I ride a steel bike with the exact same tires (gatorskins) and I always thought the tires were the reason my bike is so harsh. I was going to get softer tires when these are worn out. Now I want to get a different bike instead.

Is this a normal thing for carbon or is LOOK special? The marketing literature says they use a kind of flax weave in addition to the regular carbon fibers. I'm not after some crazy $10k racing bike, I just want something comfy and normal priced (like under $2k seems not too unreasonable)

Also, how come I never see anyone talking about LOOK?
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The earliest carbon frames were twitchy and harsh, because the first experiments in making frames out of it were aimed exclusively at maximizing stiffness and muh grams.

That was decades ago. Engineers have since learned to capitalize on the way that carbon lets you choose where a frame is stiff and where it will flex, and carbon frames riding smooth is absolutely now the norm.
reverse search: no match.
anon can you talk to us more about how and when you visited look factory ? :)
You suck at google

Where did you get the carbon is supposed to be twitchy and harsh part from? First time I ever hear this
The internet

File: Raleigh Banana.jpg (98 KB, 800x600)
98 KB
How many holes would I have to drill into a bike like this, to make it as lightweight as a modern aero bike?

I'm assuming the frame is Reynolds 531.
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I regret not buying when i had the chance
all of them
Answer is 1 hole
right through your tiny head
Cornholio says: just ride and enjoy it

File: file.png (74 KB, 295x473)
74 KB
>no bbg
Is this good enough for a first bike? I'm 6'2" 190lbs and would mostly be riding it on paved bike trails. I'm also a poorfag so I don't want to spend too much and most bike shop entry level bikes start at $1000
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Does Kelly Blue Book hold any weight? Do people take it seriously? I found a cheap bike that I think is a decent bargain but according to KBB it should be selling for less than half the price (it's only $155). It's a Fuji Ace not too far from me, kind of excited since I am just looking for a bike for commutes and long joy rides. Looks to be in good condition. I am trying to figure out what year it is but I think it's a 2005 model.
Looks nice, unfortunately I don't have 5 spare hours to drive there and back.
At what point did Alu/carbon not be deadly? The roadbike I own from 2005 has a blended fork
The logos mark that frame as an '84–'87 model; Schwinn really stepped up their game during that period in a bid to bolster their rotation with non-casuals; that's a Good Bike. Convert to upright position and you're golden
That's a piece of garbage, if for no other reason than the wheelset is shit. Craigslist.

File: 1539973575209[1].jpg (423 KB, 1920x1176)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
>cities can keeping increasing in popul-

Urban transit planners WILL defend this. For what purpose?
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What does thinking commuting by train is detrimental to the health of people when people commute by cages even mean?
>Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Munich, Stuttgart 2nd tier while the 1.9 million people metropolis and capital of Vienna (the 2nd largest German-speaking city in the world) is 3rd tier

Who comes up with those city tier lists anyways? It mostly seems to be clueless Anglos.
t. seething arsemad continental
Gonna enjoy you crashing and burning fucking BREXIT traitor.
I'm talking about in the here and now. Vienna isn't a nothing city, but you can't tell me it's on the same level as financial powerhouses like Frankfurt.

File: IMG_20181020_123729481.jpg (1.64 MB, 1920x1080)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
It's nice that light rail is coming back; of course, if they hadn't ripped it up 80 years ago, it might be easier to bring back.
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File: IMG_20181020_154423997.jpg (2.52 MB, 3264x1836)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB JPG
File: IMG_20181020_154517098.jpg (2.42 MB, 1836x3264)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG
File: Train_2560x1600.jpg (1.23 MB, 2560x1600)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
>light rail

you mean narrow gauge?
>you mean narrow gauge?
In the above case, yes. Really, I'm just annoyed that "light rail" is being treated as a 21st century political tool, as if it's actually the latest and greatest. It's not a new concept by any means.

File: Untitled-1.png (741 KB, 1755x879)
741 KB
741 KB PNG
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Those are probably friction shifters. Suntour 1985, I don't think Shimano invented indexing until a few years after. So you probably don't need new shifters. And the cogs are on a freewheel, not a cassette FYI. I'm fairly sure you can throw a 7x freewheel on there and just reset your RD limits\cable tension but don't quote me. Check Sheldon. And yes they still make 7x freewheels.

Tire selection for 27" is more limited than 700c but you can get Schwalbe Marathons (plain for sure, but probably Plus and Supreme too, but plain is better for regular commuting I think) in 27x1¼", they're what I run. Be careful because there is a new 27" standard that is not the same so be sure you're getting the old-school standard: ISO 630.
Forgot to say
Your RD is a short cage so it can only accommodate ~28t big cogs, but I think you can squeeze a few extra teeth beyond the stated limit. Check Sheldon.
So don't go crazy and get a Megarange freewheel unless you are prepared to swap to a med or large cage RD too.
They still make 6x freewheels, too, if that gives you a better choice
I've not got the time to work on it yet but I wanted an idea of what to expect when I do get around to it. Thank you anons!
>Is the tubing rebranded tange?

Sorry I forgot to answer your question. I'm not exactly sure what tange is, however from what reading I've done the VaLite is a Vanadium/Molybdenum tubing steel that Fuji used a lot.
>how do you guys ride in the winter?

mid morning after the sun has had a chance to up the temp a few degrees and burn off the frost

File: 5184.jpg (45 KB, 700x467)
45 KB
Get in here fuckers. How's your day been? I just did a two hour shift and made £50 in fees and tips and also got my £50 bonus from completing my 30th order feels good man.

Ask anything about deliveroo as well this is the best beer money job I've ever had by miles.
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who the fuck are you talking to here
You get all kind of clients from the rich that wakes up at noon and tips 5€ to the lazy student that rathers stay online the weekend than going out. Also you have all kind of office workers and couples that are "netflixing and chilling" aka they answer the door half naked
London deliveroo/ubereats starter pack:
>fresh off the boat unskilled migrant OR young lanky white guy
>cheap shitty rigid mtb with seat too low or a China special
>no helmet or incorrectly worn
>big, expensive phone (bought on credit) lashed to handlebars in most ghetto way possible
>ride like its the first time they've been on a bicycle since they were children
>no signalling
>no shoulder checks
>never yield
>red lights are optional
>zero situational awareness
>wearing headphones/using handsfree to argue with family back in third world shithole
How long until they start cycling the wrong way down streets and through busy pedestrian only areas?

For as much as I hate api-slave cyclists they're at least quiet. The noise that the shitty "unrestricted" moped riders make along with their stupid alarms that only make people hate you more is amazing.
we do what the fuck we want m8, knights of the road. Run reds, make dollar.

Last thread over 300
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You can get a frame that has disc tabs and also takes caliper brakes. Then you get those one hand double cable brakes and hook up all four
Build infos?
Fuck you, dude!

I knew the logo looked different.
The bike looks like an ordinary SJ. Presumably it came with slick tires but what other differences, if any?
Allright, no need to be rude.
>That cog
Might as well give up on the pedals

>On a cool Friday night in October, in an annual ritual on the Hindu calendar, firecrackers exploded brightly in the night sky. Ordinary folks were out late, some sitting on the railroad tracks, some lounging along them, trying to catch a glimpse of the spectacle. Some people were taking pictures on their phones.
>No one heard the train barreling through the darkness.
>At least 50 people were mowed down and killed, the police said.
Are trains inherently unsafe?
Are people inherently dumb?
Are cars inherently unsafe? They kill heaps of people.
Are bicycles inherently unsafe? A lady got killed by a brakeless fixie.
I'll tell you what's inherently unsafe: standing that close to a railway track and thinking nothing is ever going to come along the track.
ban assault trains
Indians can't even use the toilet, and you expect them to know not to loiter on active rails?

File: 461152221.jpg (1.61 MB, 2040x1277)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
I've been making a lot of railway journeys this summer and have just done the Mid Cheshire line which was nice and the Penistone line which was beautiful but not very comfy being stuck in a crowded pacer for almost an hour and a half.

Planning to do the Settle > Carlisle line in about two weeks so looking forward to that.

Where have my fellow britbongs been lately - made any nice train journeys? Any hidden gems? What about nice/unique stations visited?
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What about the diesel version of the Siemens Vectron? Plus, there's the Bombardier TRAXX which can come in a diesel version as well.
Now, I get that these are locomotives primarily in use in Central Europe, but the Siemens Vectron has had a US varient made of it, being the Siemens Charger.
Yeah but I mean the design of the class 70 in particular is appalling. They've tried to do that thing walkway thing Yank trains and it's like they only realised what the UK gauge was halfway through making it.
*They've tried to do that thing walkway thing Yank trains have
They can probably save on maintenance costs though by using shared parts.
File: brightline_fb.0.jpg (141 KB, 1200x800)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
No freight company uses the Siemens Charger. Only passenger ones.

File: swole.gif (24 KB, 200x200)
24 KB
What clothing is good for biking during the fall?

I want to bike to places like the gym, and naturally I want to wear shorts at the gym.

Should I just wear sweatpants to the gym and take them off there, or..?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Where do you live? If the climate permits just wear shorts on your bike.
File: DSCN2599.jpg (70 KB, 299x400)
70 KB
$70 wool shirt, flannel on top
$45 wool boxers, stretch khaki pants cut into shorts on top
Wool socks, Teva sandals

Wool sucks away the sweat, flannel and socks can come off as needed
This. Premium hobocore shit is GOAT
>I want to bike to places like the gym, and naturally I want to wear shorts at the gym

Underwear->base layer top and bottoms->t-shirt->windbreaker/jacket with hat

Glove liners under biking gloves (under lifting gloves if you wear those). Skull cap beanie style hat for under the helmet.

If your gym is cold in the winter leave on the baselayer top.

Russell performance base layers are 12 dollars each at walmart. they work great. you'll look more /fa/ than being in a pair of baggy mom sweats and a sweatshirt.
Idiotic thread. Just bring a backpack you imbissle. Don't forget to pump your tires too while you are at it faggot.

Will they be able to permanently transform the passenger transportation landscape in America? Any updates about these projects?
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One day lads...
>I don't know why the US doesn't have more high & higher-speed rail already.
You clearly have no idea about the retarded passive people that are the US population. Those fucks believe any and every piece of bullshit you chuck at them.
Nope. So much of it doesn't make sense.
Assuming we do get something resembling a high speed network, would they really have lines that go through Chicago since iirc there was something in the cities history about several railroads agreeing to have it be a universal terminal which is somewhat still true today
Why have a leg go to Quincy Illinois all on its own? Why not have a stop in Madison, Wisconsin?

ITT: We post extreme railway grading.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I think I recognize this from an old PS3 rail sim. This is from the Taiwan HSR, right?
>no overhead wires

>6-7% grades
>Shay Locomotives
Thought I saw wires. Looking more closely turns out they're just telephone poles that roughly line up with the path of the bridge. Also, the file name.
>Bitch, please.

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