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Pic related Enviro 400 MMC.
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Do first have a link to wrightbus like stagecoach do with ADL?
A bus(or train) that doesn't smell like piss, rotten flesh or some other BS
Not that I know of. Reason why Stagecoach use ADL products is because the chairman owns a majority stake in ADL.

Thankfully where I live, First are no longer ordering any Wrightbus products, and haven't since 2015 when they ordered their first batch of Streetdecks. Apparently their so bad, they've had to had multiple engine replacements every year.

Well they're not lying when they it literally is a Star that's blue
>rotten flesh

Unless you're from the third world, I've never heard of a bus or train smelling like that.

File: PAATWA.png (105 KB, 916x400)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
The Great Debate.
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Pan Am is pretty based if you ask me.
TWA was the Howard Hughes one, and the one I recall using most often as a kid in the late 80s/early 90s.
But Pan Am was the Juan Trippe one, so they win.
File: TWA 747-200 final livery.jpg (1.29 MB, 1600x1096)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
for me, its TWA
literally who?

File: 1485546039356.jpg (106 KB, 800x530)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Probably because the GE Genesis is all Amtrak needs on unelectrified lines.
To be fair though, it would probably be either museums, small freight operations (onto sidings from a mainline) or commuter rail operators who would be interested. Otherwise, this is an obsolete locomotive.
They can and have been used for freight before but I believe they have a higher gearing than standard freight units, so they're not as ideal as a used freight loco

File: cascadia2018models_0.jpg (33 KB, 770x400)
33 KB
The 2018 Freightliner Cascadia is the best american tractor ever made
Prove me wrong
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File: Peterbilt.jpg (101 KB, 800x800)
101 KB
101 KB JPG

Any Peterbilt.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (142 KB, 1320x732)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
western star > other trucks
Aww so cute.
Because we have American size roads that can accommodate larger tractors.
top kek

File: hongkong1small.jpg (3.13 MB, 2100x1500)
3.13 MB
3.13 MB JPG
Continued from >>1069094

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #13, starting with HKG
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there was one that lasted up to a year.
the one 2 threads before this one, lasted from May 2016 to Oct. 2017. These are probably the longest lived active threads on 4chan
The previous airport threads all had been active for a very long time.
That's just insane.
you new here?

File: Father Rapha.png (224 KB, 1229x1160)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
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>shitposting this badly
What's a sidewalk?
Fish and chips
Are you sure? I don't think the earlier poster is riding on 'fish and chips', though I may be wrong.

Why don't you use public transport? I'm talking about buses, trains, trams, underground etc. What's your god-dam excuse?
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>anime avatar
>absolutely dogshit opinion

Why is this always the case?
File: sosig monster.png (103 KB, 1088x970)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
dem fooken tories keepin are wurken class daown
Or a cheeky re-naming and re-Rhodesiaing
Because most anime is designed to rot your brain
you're a disgusting degenerate

File: USA.jpg (74 KB, 690x447)
74 KB
They make Class 66s look like little baby trains.
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Yeah but piggy-backed cars are usually hauled on Plate H lines with double-stack clearence in the US.
File: Gabarit_AAR_Plate-H[1].png (16 KB, 1011x1535)
16 KB
>posting out of date loading gauges
no, that's going to be too tall
plus I don't really see the benefit
What was the reason for these class 66 units going on tour?
scroll up doofus

File: 1527543380648.jpg (146 KB, 576x432)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Discussion thread for /n/ related anime. Yowamushi is still airing.
Last thread >>1145489
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Fuck I was worried it'd be someone recording one of my rides
what did she mean by this?
Mirai no Mirai has a lot of /n/ stuff
Many train references because MC is a train otaku in training so we get models namedrops and Tokyo railways, plus there's bicycle and motorbikes
File: Baccano!_2007_MS_-_TFP.jpg (123 KB, 922x700)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Don't know how how many still remember Baccano but anyone know what train the Flying Pussyfoot was supposed to be based on?
Best guess I have is an engine from the the old Penn roiling stock since the route was from Chicago to Penn station in the original novel (anime changes it to Grand Central)
He also fucks like an animal in the manga.
They only chose the non-pornographic stories for the anime but in most cases he has very explicit sex in the manga, he's even been a masochistic cuckold once.

File: patent pending.jpg (90 KB, 569x387)
90 KB
Here is one:

Hate wasting time swapping wheels or tires during those ever-changing winter days? Introducing stud caps. Just screw the threaded, and rubber treaded caps onto each of your your studs and you're good to go in no time! Comes with studs, caps, wood handled wire brush, and tap and die set.

Share yours.
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>swapping tires doesn't even take more than 5 minutes
File: chrissie hoy.jpg (41 KB, 300x450)
41 KB
Heat moldable handlebars. Customize the shape, turn your dropbars into dirt dropbars and back again! Bend them into wacky shapes that your friends will love! You want one side to be a deep drop and the other to be a bullhorn? No fucking problem!
File: Bicihome-Bicycle-Jet.jpg (44 KB, 800x410)
44 KB
Some fuckface on an e-bike dust you on a climb? Do you really want that KoM? You know you fucking do.
russians do it crazier
A dynamo stuck to the inside of your fork blades that charges your wireless shifting system. Just turn it on whenever you're descending.

File: Wood-Handlebars.jpg (35 KB, 580x387)
35 KB
i'm thinking about making a handlebar (not the whole stuff, only the grips) out of wood for my bike (using a bullhorn shape).
do any of you have experience with using wood to construct parts for a bike? is it reliable/durable (considering i dont go full le woodgrain meme and actually seal it properly with tape)? i'm considering using wood since i got more experience working with it and have plenty of raw material around for that.
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File: Ash.png (69 KB, 220x342)
69 KB

It depends on the type of wood. I recommend woods such as Ash, Chestnut, Hickory, Maple

it does
Damn wouldn't these guys get boiling hot in those outfits? Were they just slaves to fashion or what?
>år 1898
Those guys are presumably touring the Norwegian or Swedish mountains, so no.
rule 80 mf'er on the right

Which European country has the worst train system? I'm British so I'll go with UK since its the one I know the most about, but I'd like to know what it's like for the rest of you lot who travel more.
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imagine SEETHing about the UK so hard that you scold strangers over the internet in transport disscussions
>none in County Fermanagh or County Tyrone
Almost as if nobody lives in them and they're not on the way to anything significant.
File: &_aodd.png (451 KB, 468x635)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
>third world arabs seething and crying because they dont understand hyperbole
File: Bulgaria.jpg (85 KB, 610x400)
85 KB

Bulgaria has the worst train system in Europe.

File: CabView-HStreet.jpg (195 KB, 1100x496)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Boondoggle folly 19th century technology write your congressman edition.

Starting with DC streetcar, the most hopeless "streetcar" project in the entire western hemisphere.
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File: 9ssxq41l62r11.1.png (835 KB, 2048x1024)
835 KB
835 KB PNG
File: lol13.jpg (11 KB, 258x195)
11 KB
Going to Milwaukee at the end of the month but will miss the opening of their new streetcar by 4 days. So I will not get to experience yet another decaying midwestern city try and re-birth itself.
You should be more disappointed you're going to miss their East-West BRT line.
File: 4xb00y2vh1t11.jpg (1.12 MB, 3024x4032)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG

File: download.png (1.43 MB, 1440x810)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
Why havent u gotten one yet? You cant be a grown up without a car or a license, anon.
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In the past 2 days, I have been behind 4 cagers who used the wrong turn indicator.

Do you have to be retarded to drive a car these days?
nobody will ever known anon.

just do it, now, screeeeeeeeechhh those jaggies and bmws
and rightly so
Same but my love for driving outweighs all
>not just reprocessing the lithium into new batteries

Let's have a thread about the best bus: The trolleybus.

Jokes aside, I was recently thinking how come in the 50's-60's so many cities around the world suddenly got trolleybuses, but then they died out again all of a sudden. Why was that? Why were trolleybuses so popular only for such a very short time?

Are trolleybuses still a good transit option? Are battery buses superior? Or is it actually advantageous to have electric buses that don't depend on batteries?

Talk about new trolleybus systems or extensions of existing systems. Which cities still have trolleybuses, and which cities still care for them instead of letting them slowly die out?
Also talk about past systems.

Pic related is the first trolleybus that ran in Shanghai, which has the oldest continually operating trolleybus system in the world. It started operations in 1917, and is now 101 years old, the only trolleybus system in the world that's a century old.
252 replies and 88 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Moscow trolley network is the biggest in the world

Soon to be not true
It was first like this
Now it's like this
(Fuck 4chan, it doesn't take big pictures unlike 2ch, the russian board)
File: Tram.jpg (51 KB, 660x371)
51 KB
Why Trolleybuses Declined So Suddenly
Comparison w/ Trams

Note: As there are numerous variations of light-rail & tram tech, the disadvantages may be applicable only w/ a specific design or tech

Difficulties w/ platform loading - Implementation of a level platform loading w/ minimal gap, either at the design stage or afterwards, is easier & less costly to implement w/ rail vehicles.

Higher rolling resistance - Rubber-tired vehicles generally have more rolling resistance than steel wheels, which decreases energy efficiency.

Less efficient use of right-of-way - Lanes must be wider for unguided buses than streetcars, as unguided buses can drift side-to-side. The use of guidance rail allows trams running in parallel lines to pass closer together than drivers could safely steer.

More control required - Trolleybuses must be driven like the motorbuses, requiring directional control by the driver.
File: Motorbus.jpg (2.58 MB, 3518x1709)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB JPG
Pt. 2
Comparison w/ Motorbuses
Aesthetics - The jumble of overhead wires may be perceived as unsightly. Intersections often have a webbed ceiling appearance, due to multiple crossing & converging sets of trolley wires.

Dewirements - Trolley poles sometimes come off of the wire. Dewirements are relatively rare in modern systems w/ well-maintained overhead wires, hangers, fittings, & contact shoes. Trolleybuses are equipped w/ special insulated pole ropes which drivers use to reconnect the trolley poles w/ the overhead wires. When approaching switches, trolleybuses usually must decelerate in order to avoid dewiring, & this deceleration can potentially add slightly to traffic congestion.

Difficult to re-route - When compared to motorbuses, trolleybuses have greater difficulty w/ permanent or temporary re-routings, wiring for which is not usually readily-available outside of downtown areas where the buses may be re-routed via adjacent business area streets where other trolleybus routes operate.

Overhead wires create more obstruction - Trolleybus systems employ overhead wires above the roads used by the trolleybuses. The wires can restrict tall motor vehicles such as delivery trucks & double-decker buses from crossing or using roads fitted w/ overhead wires, as such vehicles would hit the wires or pass dangerously close to them, risking damage & dangerous electrical faults. The wires also may create a hazard to activities such as road repairs using tall excavators or piling rigs, use of scaffolding, EtC.

Trolleybuses are used extensively in large European cities, such as Athens, Belgrade, Bratislava, Bucharest, Budapest, Chisinau, Kiev, Lyon, Milan, Minsk, Moscow, Riga, St. Petersburg, Sofia, Tallinn, Varna, Vilnius, & Zurich, as well as smaller ones such as Arnhem, Bergen, Coimbra, Gdynia, Kaunas, Lausanne, Limoges, Luzern, Modena, Piatra Neamț, Plzeň, Prešov, Salzburg, Solingen, Szeged, Târgu Jiu, & Yalta.
File: Malatya.jpg (95 KB, 752x395)
95 KB
Pt. 3/3

Transit authorities in some cities, wanting to add or expand the use of 0-emission vehicles in an urban environment, have opened new systems or are planning new systems. For example, new systems opened in Lecce, Italy, in 2012, & in Malatya, Turkey, in 2015.

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