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File: IMG_20180210_1625264.jpg (3.09 MB, 4056x2704)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB JPG
Perfidious Competition edition

Previous >>1128376
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File: IMG_20180201_1352108.jpg (2.84 MB, 4056x2704)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB JPG
Also, I should add, you will get a lot of experience onboard the ship in multiple places new mates don't have much chance to get better at. Since you have so many lifeboats, you are going to be very good at anything involving lifesaving equipment. And since you're docking/undocking every day, you will have several regular ships' voyages' worth of mooring experience in just one contract. If you weren't good at tying up before getting on the PoA, you will be after you get off. You also get a lot of experience with stability, funnily enough. On most ships, touching the heeling system as a 3M would be grounds for an instant warning, but on here the 3M is responsible for carrying out the C/M's ballast orders and for using the heeling system while the ship is underway to keep her level.

Another important detail I didn't fully grasp until I was onboard, the whole thing about being the bridge being the ship's brain is magnified. If there is any kind of emergency onboard, they call you first. You are responsible for dispatching whatever aid is needed for whatever incident that happens. It can get kind of hectic at times since you have so many passengers and crew. You get a call on the emergency line about once per day, if you're lucky. But you get all the benefits of being on a cruise ship while getting paid to be there, so it evens out out.

Another neat detail is that the bridge control station is more like an airplane's than a ship's. It's even literally called a cockpit. And yes, those are Recaro seats. When your C/M has pull with Corporate, he can get shit done.
File: IMG_20180201_1352418.jpg (2.88 MB, 4056x2704)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB JPG
granted I've only got a very limited experience being on the bridge of a cruise ship, but why does it seem like the atmosphere is so much more tense on a cruise ships bridge?
while I was interning with the local pilots, the bridges of the cargo ships always seemed way more laid back than on the cruise ship.

also are you allowed to mingle with passengers while off watch?
File: IMG_20180307_2107077.jpg (1.93 MB, 4056x2704)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
I just had typed up a long response to the first question but then Firefox crashed and I lost it. Long story short, cruise ships are more rigidly professional during manuevering, and people are more on-edge because of the valuable cargo they're carrying. The arrival/departure checklists aren't just a meme to be completed afterwards on a cruise ship; you have to actually follow that thing to the letter.

>also are you allowed to mingle with passengers while off watch?
Yes/no. As an officer, I have full pax access (although I always come second to a passenger when it comes to getting service) while I'm in uniform, and I can eat in the main buffet for free. I can eat in the other restaurants too, but those get charged to my crew account.

Also, you can't really fraternize with the passengers. If they talk to you, you can respond back, but you can't just go like "Sup babe, I'm the Third Officer, can I get your number?" and butt into conversations you're not a part of.

The row of magnets at the bottom of this picture are all the overboard valves we have for controlled discharges. Both the bridge and the engine control room track them at all times.
I just got shit on by a bird

File: lner4472.jpg (60 KB, 640x480)
60 KB
Steam thread anyone?
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UP converted Big boy to burn oil.
For you
I know a few British steam locomotive have been to North America, but does anyone know which or have pictures?
wow that photo looks unsafe
In the National Railway Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin, there's a Gresley A4; 60008 Dwight D Eisenhower

General Aviation, commercial, and military welcome! Post cool pics
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I’d rather get the 177rg and put the extra change into gas and maintenance/revamping the interior rather than getting an expensive plane that sits in the hangar. Besides I think the RG Cardinal is quite a gorgeous looking plane, and it’s complex so that adds to the cool factor for sure.
I dunno, I think fixie Cardinals look the best, the wheelcovers just balance out the lines of the aircraft perfectly.

The Centurion, OTOH looks phenomenal as an RG bird.
If you don't want a hangar queen, don't get a cardinal RG. they are total maintenance hogs.
I would have to get a job there first to make that decision.

But I dunno. There's a lot to be said for being home at night. I want kids, and having a dad who is always on the road isn't great for kids.

but won’t you likely not be home every night? You’ll have lots of overnights

File: Tramp Steamer.jpg (512 KB, 1299x923)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
Are there any known late 19th-early/mid 20th Century intact examples of tramp steamers left in existence (not counting shipwrecks/abandoned ones)? Any still in revenue service? I imagine some obscure freighter line in a Third World shithole might still have one or two up and running on duct tape.
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>working a lake steamer seems like it's about as /comfy/ as it could get
until it's not. Beware the Witch of November.
>Tell me, how much do you know about the civil war

The American Civil War? Quite a bit since I have a degree in US history.

>it's relation to the possibility of young anne frank getting pregnant?

Uhhh... I've never heard of that or thought that the Civil War was related to Anne Frank's (unfortunately) short life.

Tell me more...
Ironic that the racemixed faggot OP's thread would be poisoned by his own bizarre hyperautistic fetish.
>Tell me more...
there's nothing to tell. It's an alternate history that /his/ cooked up. >>1168756
It's like blimptrain, it's not a thing except on /n/.
I'm sort of surprised that you have a degree in US history and browse 4chan but don't go on /his/, where you would have surely already encountered that meme.
>there's nothing to tell. It's an alternate history that /his/ cooked up.

Yes but how? The American Civil War ended decades before Anne Frank's parents were even born. There were barely any veterans of it still alive at the time of her birth, let alone when she wrote the diary and died.

>I'm sort of surprised that you have a degree in US history and browse 4chan but don't go on /his/, where you would have surely already encountered that meme.

I avoid Anne Frank (and the Holocaust in general) and Civil War/US history threads on /his/ like the plague. They always devolve in /pol/-tier shitflinging fests. No one's interested in a genuine discussion, they just want to shill their political views.

File: DC8,_Sydney,_1972.jpg (174 KB, 1483x998)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
What happened to the rapid advancement of transportation technology? Pic related, our jets are barely better than those used half a century ago
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There are 3 stages of development for any technology, airplanes are no exception.

The first is early proof of concept work: simple, clumsy implementations that are developed just to show that the inventor of the tech is not insane and it is possible, followed by some improvements and other test implementations that may or may not work. Many different and slightly crazy designs are tried during this period, although the total amount of money available for these experiments is not very high yet. This was achieved by the Wright brothers in the early 20th century, and followed by the early experimental aircraft during the start of the 1910s.

The second is major rapid innovation: having seen that the basic concept is feasible, and seeking potential commercial and military applications of the technology, investors start funding massive research into the tech, and as new discoveries are made the technology improves rapidly. Now that major corporations are involved, fewer crazy experiments are tried, but those experiments which are attempted are done with huge amounts of funding and can achieve breakthrough results. For airplanes, this period consisted of the first military use of airplanes during WW1, the rapid spread of air mail and shipping during the interwar period, and the rapid development of technologies such as turbine and rocket propulsion during WWII.

Once an efficient and capable design is settled on during the second phase, the third phase begins: refinement. Major research into experimental developments slows down, and most research is focused on making marginal improvements to a design which has already been proven. This is the are where the most money is made. Airplanes have mostly been in this stage since WWII, at least for commercial purposes. The military still funds some experimental aircraft, but with commercial planes in a stage where they work reliably and make money, there's no reason to expect major change anytime soon
>we would have considered OPEC's actions to be an act of war and rightfully glassed the capitals of every Gulf State before annexing them and securing their oil production for ourselves.
that's an Empire, not a Republic. I mean, doing it covertly to protect the petrodollar is a lot more dishonest and wasteful, but we have to at least pay lip service to calling ourselves a republic. The days of colonialism and empire-building were off the table not only for us, but even England well before 1973.
Besides, OPEC making a business decision is not really "an act of war." A cartel is a bit of a dirty word but that's what DeBeers does and nobody's going to war with them. And it's not OPEC's fault we rigged our entire economy on their chief export. We started down that road well before we were dependent on mid east exports.

Military spending remains the largest slice of the tax dollar pie by an insane margin, and I'm sure those military gibs are as bloated as any other agency. We gutted NASA because we didn't need to compete with the commies anymore, but plenty of planes get designed via our contracts with Lockheed etc. "Guilted by hippies" had little to do with it besides public relations. in terms of dollars, we spend on planes plenty.
This is objectively fucking false. Fyling costs 1/3 of what it did, adjusted for inflation, compared to the 1970s before deregulation.
File: airfares 1.png (27 KB, 518x695)
27 KB
Just since 1995, down nearly 25%

Its the interior of planes that needs to improve, as well as airport efficiency

File: PLL_LOTliveryconcept.png (118 KB, 1024x712)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
>On the the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence, LOT Polish Airlines will paint two of their latest Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft in white and red colors - says LOT director Adrian Kubicki
>Polish President Andzrej Duda shows support for the idea


>For Someone who cannot stand the LOT aircraft in new colors, let them see how beautiful and prestigious the government aircraft look.
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File: aa livery concepts1.jpg (273 KB, 785x590)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
This is now an aircraft livery redesign thread
File: Screenshot_57.png (620 KB, 1606x816)
620 KB
620 KB PNG
They should paint the whole fleet like that. Makes way more sense than the blue for Poland.
I hope they do, though I'm still a bit fond of the midnight blue colors, it is rather dated for a national airline. They should paint it something that represents the colors of the common folk, something like Aeroflot. Their livery Is one of my favorites. They should blend the two designs.

File: AlaskaAirlines.jpg (77 KB, 1168x606)
77 KB
Alaska Airlines is the best American airline today. Nothing can beat their track record of affordability and consistent service delivery. Whenever I fly anywhere, I ALWAYs choose Alaska Airlines when possible.
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Apollo Global Management here.

We ain't selling.
I was stationed in Alaska for 3 years. Flying out of Fairbanks, Alaska Airlines was/is the only option. The only thing that stands out in my mind is that they always served me beer even though I was underage most of the time. So that's pretty cool. Also they used to fly into Long Beach airport which is 10x better than LAX.

I dont really ever use them these days though. Southwest is the best bang for your buck I think. And they still fly in and out of Long Beach, unlike Alaska.
Also does anyone else remember the old Alaska Airlines radio ads with the founder's mom?
Southwest only flies to Oakland, Sacramento, Denver, and Las Vegas out of Long Beach. Not super useful.

File: pizza_dron.jpg (51 KB, 533x494)
51 KB
Will there be a drone delivery in the future?

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Looks like something I could have made in my garage
I think it's just a prototype.
Dji Phantom the best.
We're going to have problems selling it to America if it can only carry people below 100kg.
File: kosa.jpg (34 KB, 375x470)
34 KB
true assumption

File: IMG_4576.jpg (37 KB, 470x313)
37 KB
Its going to be my first bicycle in my whole life and im having trouble deciding whether i should buy a mountain bike, a bmx or a street bike smth. Im going to use it to go to school but its going to take in a lot of beating because the roads around my place are rough and all that. It rains often too. Any suggestions on what kind i should buy?
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You're not the first person to have that idea, the problem with it is the distribution channel:
- small bike shops can't survive on the sales of cheap bikes, there's just not enough profit margin to cover overhead costs
- mass market retailers already sell bikes well below that price point, and they aren't going to stock a bike that's both more expensive and no more appealing to the average consumer than what's already available
- online sales are an option, but then the buyer has to deal with assembly, and when you factor in shipping and handling, those cheap bikes aren't going to keep you in business unless you also sell a range of better bikes.
used 90s hardtail mtb with slick tires and fenders
it's made out of aluminum tho. steel is real
there are plenty of <$500 mtbs with front suspension,they could litreally just make a rigid fork that fits and ask people which fork they want instead of making stupid hybrids. mtbs are perfect for touring or for commuting and living in a mid sized city with a bad economy (semi far distance, shitty roads, and usually mtb trails within reasonable biking distance. it's not like bikes direct doesn't have 5+ years of suspension fork mtbs in their warehouse that no one is buying, add rigid fork and they would sell faster than they can make them
File: 1953 BSA Winged Wheel.jpg (102 KB, 470x318)
102 KB
102 KB JPG

Whats a good stretching routine for cyclists?
What do you do?
What should be avoided?

theres so much info everywhere, thats it difficult to tell whats best and whats actually wrong. we all know this is important but a lot of people dont take proper care of it. you may be fine now but maybe with some years shit comes in.

trying to find the perfect routine. (road cycling btw).
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File: cobra.jpg (36 KB, 462x514)
36 KB
Remember warm up first
Cobra is essential
Anybody got anything good for the neck shoulders etc to help looking behind and still riding straight ? worries me how few riders I see looking behind them, is that not where death is most likely to come from
This seems pretty comprehensive
This seems about legit

Unless its really cold without warming up i can avoid the legs. Its low impact. Whats important is the back and neck, i can tell you how many times i have fucked my neck and back from quickly looking what traffic is behind me. Also put too much power down pulling up on some new look cleats and hurt my upper left back. I barely got 10km on the flat and had to pull over because back pain fully wrecked me. Still feel shit from it.

I would say prioritize neck shoulder and back stretched over legs any day of the week. Fuck i need a massage.
i would fuck that dog so hard
Stretching CAN be used to warm up the muscles
The keyword here is that it CAN BE.
Its certainly better afterwards, but often stretching is the fastest way to reach some muscles groups.
Only stretch I do is open my ass up for fred after the ride

The big black building edition

Old thread: >>1143951
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The hyperloop should be made illegal first
It's a death trap and the costs are too high, a regular metro is the best solution
It makes sense for medium range travel in high density areas.

Imagine being able to get on the subway in Arlington, take it to DC, take the Hyperloop to NYC, and be in Times Square within an hour.
The capacity is way too low, the energy savings from the vaccum are by far outweighted by the risk and cost/passenger
>some say

File: 265381-blackangel.jpg (490 KB, 1280x800)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
Are there any animes about trains?
21 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1473630475672.jpg (347 KB, 955x1000)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
there are trains in almost every Anime
Why does this train travel three stations forward and one back?
File: lain.gif (999 KB, 500x282)
999 KB
999 KB GIF
he figured out the optimal way to stop at each train station on a line within a single day.

File: n roster.jpg (985 KB, 2000x2249)
985 KB
985 KB JPG
Sup /n/. The 2018 Winter Elite AI vs AI soccer Cup is happening right now. We're sitting on the top of Group A after an opening 3-1 win over a former last 16 team in /f/

Bikes, Trains, Trams, Planes, Skyscrapers, Freds, Cripples and a giant can of Bepsi will take the field representing /n/ in our remaining Pool A games against /x/ and /lgbt/

Here's the schedule

>Sunday 18th - /x/ vs /n/ 5:45pm Britbong, 12:45 EST, 9:45am PST
A team /n/ has never officially played. Get ready for some spooky scary skeletons, also known as Chris Froome, and /x/ will be there too.

>Saturday 24th - /n/ vs /lgbt/ 5:45pm Britbong, 12:45 EST, 9:45am PST
A rematch from the Babby Cup Final from last Spring. /lgbt/ won 2-0 in our deepest cup run to date. Revenge would be sweet if it saw us make the elite last 16 for the first time ever

>What the fuck is this
There's links next post
250 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
I like trains is seriously hung.
nigga hit my post
We're through with a game to spare. 3 wins in a row.
Where can I get that?
They were limited release on the board a few months back. You missed it.

Anyone here follow transit stocks?

How will this impact freight movement? How about manufacturing of planes and stuff? I heard Boeing's stock price decreased significantly over it because of all the Canadian aluminum in needs.
150 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
That 40 bucks more per car is really going to destroy Detroit.
Not him but even if they are skilled, they are poor and thus drive wages down for citizens. It is nothing more than tech companies exploiting the system to increase profits.
lmao nigger clinton was the one that that pushed NAFTA and created the world of cheap imported goods that we currently live in
File: thehold.jpg (35 KB, 408x230)
35 KB
ILWU longshoreman here. We were talking about this the other day on the job. Most of the guys have a "We'll wait and see" attitude. The old timers just say the same shit they always do, that things are cyclical and when one commodity drops another one will come up.

For me personally, these bulk metal commodity jobs keep me away from having to work container ships, which I hate, and auto carriers, which I also hate. So if we start getting less steel ships, thats gonna really suck for me.
NAFTA isn't the issue. NAFTA + corn subsidies are the issue. Mass immigration only happened when cheap corn exports from the USA wrecked the Mexican agricultural economy. Subsidizing the fuck out of a commodity isn't really free trade.

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