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File: IMG_3774.jpg (255 KB, 1119x1087)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
She is a fairly popular artist from our local artist community of our city
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That's so dumb. I think as an artist you should be able to draw anything you want, in the way you want. As a female artist, I love, love drawing dudes with mma-like bodybuild and loomis-tier pretty faces and if someone told me to stop drawing this subject, it would probably destroy my joy for art. The reason why I keep grinding and work hard is because I want my guys to be as hot as possible.That's one of the things that motivates me the most. And yes, I'll always click on pictures of hot dudes and I'll check on others artists who draw hot dudes. Nothing will ever stop me from doing it, I simply can't help it, I guess it's instict.

Every single time I see this argument I can't help but think it's an insecure girl (or woman with girl mentality) posting. Not someone who cares for "the cause". And every single other women (who is also a decent human being) I know in real life don't give a shit about sexualization. Feminists sometimes makes me ashamed of admitting I'm female on internet.
"Dear men. Don't draw"
I'd bet like 90% of males who draw learned to do so because they wanna draw pretty girls. The other autistic 10% probably masturbate to gundam figures and hot wheels cars.
Link to this Facebook post please. I feel like starting shit with an idiot feminist. Will post pics for laughs.
File: 11.png (523 KB, 1113x625)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
There used to be a time where people like this would be ignored and left to their own idiotic devices, why do people egg these monsters on?

>The other autistic 10% probably masturbate to gundam figures

[spoiler]l-leave me alone...[/spoiler]
go on...

File: figure.png (652 KB, 649x949)
652 KB
652 KB PNG
Draw this in 30 seconds
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>trying to talk shit.
Stop pretending
This is pretty nice
File: Untitled.png (20 KB, 542x788)
20 KB
File: 5222477185_4fcdf2cd8c_b.jpg (383 KB, 812x1024)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
File: are you ok anon.png (42 KB, 410x366)
42 KB

File: texture.jpg (1.34 MB, 2650x3275)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
where can i find a more detailed guide or writing on texture?

Guess who just got a 6k illustration gig.

That's right, yours truly. About 5 years I posted on here for the first time and posted my first drawing soon after anticipating all the praise and compliments. And was torn to shit. It's been a long road since then. Thanks for being such cunts /ic/, it's the tough love that aspiring artists need. 2018 is going to be the first year in which I don't just pay the bills and get by, but actually earn something resembling a professional salary. For a first-worlder.

Love you dicks

>inb4 kys
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Good luck OP, someone from this hellhole making it makes me really happy.
>too shy to post my art. it is most definitely not amazing and i don't doubt that there's plenty of artists on /ic/ that are better than me.
>single illustration gig for 6k that I'll finish in 5-10 days
pick one and only one. fucking kek.
>>3277689 (OP)
congratz my dude we'll be there with you soon enough
Congrats dude you're going to make 2/3 of my monthly income on a 2-3 month gig.
>jerk me off
Will do it, for some of that money, OP.

File: 1515497478551.jpg (152 KB, 1355x1606)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Any good ways to learn shading? Any tips?
What are good shading exercises?
What are good ways to learn how to shade figures?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Can someone at least recommend a good book on shading or lighting?
probably that how to render book in the sharethreads
but shading just kinda gets easier with practice
File: process steps1.jpg (308 KB, 3227x788)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
I think it just gets easier with time and practice. I fall into a lot of meme techniques myself, like overhighlighting.
The bottom line is that you need to understand form, light, and be able to see things as the 3d objects they are. That only comes with time, practice, experience, and observation.

To practice, do value studies. Pick 3 shades of gray (almost black, medium, and light, but no whites except for really strong highlights), cover your subject with the middle one, then squint at the reference (to remove the details) and start adding in the shadows. Once you're done with that add the highlights.

I'd suggest doing A BUNCH of these, without doing much rendering (i.e no blending, or very basic blending). Do them quickly, be messy, just focus on understanding how the light affects those shaoes and don't worry about the small details.

Then you can start getting more refined with it, by blending the colors more and adding little details.

It takes time, but as with everything related to art the more you do it the better you'll become at it.
Thanks guys, are lead 4 pencils good for shading?

File: vintage friendship.jpg (968 KB, 1152x1708)
968 KB
968 KB JPG
Let’s exchange contact info and maybe find a cool artsy friend!
>What are you looking for?
>What are your art goals?
>Where can we see your work?
>Tell about yourself!
File: 2.jpg (296 KB, 1200x837)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
No one?
you first!
File: 3.png (1.5 MB, 582x900)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
Here goes nothing

>What are you looking for?
I'd like to have a creative partner to share WIPs and bounce ideas off each other. People who draw constantly are preferred, but this is not a study buddy situation.
>What are your art goals?
I want to be a professional editorial illustrator, I can see myself drawing children's books too.
>Where can we see your work?
Pic related is my last illustration, the rest is at 6menezes.tumblr.com
>Tell about yourself!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: kungfu-cooking.gif (351 KB, 450x263)
351 KB
351 KB GIF
Old Thread: ???

>2D Animation on Youtube

AMB Animation Academy

SBW Workshop

Aaron Blaise

DokiDoki Drawing

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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compile all the video layers in vegas or something once you have all the pieces done
I don't think I have the right software for that. My computer can't really run it anyway, I've tried. Oh well, I don't really need it for the thing I wanted to do it just would've been a nice embellishment.
File: ae_morphtool.gif (3.36 MB, 229x350)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB GIF
it is probably spine, but you can also achieve similar results with after effects.

I made this animation with a morph tool in after effects. someone else drew the character and later on in production it was decided that he also should be animated.
because the whole character was merged on one layer, I had to cut out all the different parts, parent them with the head and morph them separately. it's the best I could do in a short amount of time, but you can achieve some nice looking pseudo-3d effects.
M8 PLS don't call me out.
you did a great job

File: FUCK.jpg (18 KB, 440x284)
18 KB
No need to make a thread if you only have a single question.

Don't know where to start? We have multiple stickies >>1579290 → → → → → → → → → and https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98/edit#bookmark=id.15jx3pyuimvj please read them as most of your common woes are here.

Want to build a habit drawing daily? Then LAS is for you: >>3251150→ → → →

How to draw Chinese cartoons 101: >>3264100→ → → →

Are you a beginner? Do you struggle with drawing boxes? Do you wish to receive critiques from Anonymous? Join us over at the beginner thread: >>3265101→ → → →

General Draw thread....you know, where the slightly cooler kids post: >>3260326→ → → →

Artbook Thread (hey you got to thread watch this; it's FREE* resources!): >>3263542→ → → → →

If you're into degeneracy then we have something for you, too. The Porn Thread: >>3258226→ → → →
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I'm starting to question my goal. I'm improving and I'm very happy about it. I thought I wanted to do comics, maybe work for marvel/dc. Then I noticed how garbage western comic industry right now. There's no way for me to work on manga industry. I got some stories of my own but I think it's garbage too. Should I search another field in art? Like fine art, etc. The only thing I don't want to do is concept art.
I checked all of those it still isn't making any marks on the canvas.
I have restarted GIMP and it still isn't working.
For traditional painting specifically oils and for landscapes and architecture, is it better to learn by studies of famous paintings rather than learn the technical details of drawing of, let's say, trees or hills? Currently I'm starting with studies as I think it's a good way to get my muscle memory in place before I start studying colour theory but I have my doubts. Any oil painters want to share their path from beginner upwards?
do a drawing of a photo by eye, then compare it to the photo by overlaying it or just examining it. you'll see the difference between the superior real thing and your own shitty version better
File: .jpg (917 KB, 3024x4032)
917 KB
917 KB JPG
Anyone know about Wacom pens?
I think mine kind of broke when I dropped it. It's still working just fine but I can feel the pen isn't clicking into place and it kind of feels really bad and clunky working with that. Just checked and a new one costs 100€ which is kind of ridiculous.

File: gish.jpg (35 KB, 563x633)
35 KB
Time to do a study, /ic/.
145 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
So that's the secret to making textures.
>shilling exiftool tracker malware
While we're on this subject, hide text files in your images so anyone that posts them can be DMCA'd easier.
File: January 17 study.jpg (496 KB, 1275x1276)
496 KB
496 KB JPG
This was fun.
i am considerably less safe than i thought. fuk.

File: pt.png (284 KB, 725x1200)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
Last Thread: >>3258226

Post your current erotic drawings and paintings here and provide helpful criticism and advice to others!

Please make sure your posted image is clear, DOWNSIZED TO AROUND 1000 PIXELS WIDE, ROTATED TO THE CORRECT ORIENTATION, and that any unused space is cropped.

Reminder that if you do not want to see degeneracy*, please hide it by pressing the minus button or by right-clicking the thumbnail on the catalog and selecting "hide this thread."

Questions about references for drawing porn will be answered.
223 replies and 51 images omitted. Click here to view.
not that guy, but you could have simply photographed an edited screenshot kek
np I get it.

Cursors don't show in screenshots.
not saying you actually shopped the pic, but with third party software you can capture the cursor too.
let's stop derailing the thread now.
That's true, seems like an awful lot of trouble just to try and get away with an internet dick fight though.
But I agree. If the weird woman hater shows up again I'm just gonna ignore him from now on, and advise everybody do the same.
Holy fucking shit, stop feeding the troll(s).

In 8 months I'll start going to an art Academy and I'll get free money just for attending the classes. I'm allowed to customise my lessons however I want, meaning I can create whatever theme or style I wish for and the teachers have to help me improve whatever I ask them to help me on. How can I use this opportunity to the best? Any specific things I should focus on when studying these next 3 years in the Academy? Anatomy is surely one of the things I'll ask them to teach me, but anything else worth studying that's specific ?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
demand they take you to the zoo a lot

i'd try out a bunch of mediums to figure out a fav. one of my student friends does beatrix potter style animal paintings in watercolours and her instagram has a ton of followers and she sells pieces sometimes. who knows, there might be a job where you can just draw animals. ask your tutors, if there's anything you want to squeeze out of them, it's stuff about how to network and get jobs and etc.
3d is probably a better avenue than animation tho. seems like more jobs at least to me

>I'm getting married to an IT guy + have a rich family, so even if I won't make much cash from art, I won't be doomed.
lucky slut
im in the EU. how do i get a job without learning danish?
Not a danefag, already in your country though :^)
T. Lithfag that steals random shit. If your bike gets jew'd anytime soon, it's likely one of my people.

Jk, I'm not one of those rednecks. The only reason I moved to Denmark was for my dane bf...and the better pay, honestly. Also, better art schools than what lith had to offer, better society too. Just sad to see how there's antifa fags and Muslims literally in every city. Hope Denmark becomes 100% white again someday.

What country, anon?

File: Divina BD.jpg (1.04 MB, 1471x1000)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Hi all !
I share to you my second work. It's an ink& pencil drawing, 1 month of work.
80x110 cm.
2 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Clouds do not look good at all - they're weirdly jaggy, poorly lit and overly detailed. Composition is extremely sparse and an absolute bore to look at. This was not worth putting '1 month of work' into.
Why did you make 2 seperate threads for this? This isn't how you use this website
Epic treatment of space. Better pursued as a painting, head in that direction.
It's nice and all, but the clouds have this weird texture to them.
Almost like looking at one of those tonemapped/"HDR" photos, where across the whole image there's no change in contrast and tone. Maybe it's gonna look a little less weird if the clouds towards the border of the image have less of that harsh lighting.
OP don't listen to this guy. Yeah clouds could be fluffier but it's a great piece overall. Next time post in the draw thread tho

File: buttbanged.png (280 KB, 300x548)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
Ṭ̝͚̬̼̦̣̠͚̖̺̉ͤ͐̋͊ͧ͆̓̑͟ͅH͕̣͎̖͑̾́̃̔̑̇͆̂̔͢͟͞Ẻ̷͉͇̭̬̥̭͈̞̼̟̮͇͇̔ͫͧ̃ͬ̎̉̂̉́̇̚͜ ̶̴̬͙͙͓͍̬̦͓̦͖̞͗ͪͧ̽ͧͦ̃͋͊͛ͦ̈̍̄̓ͤ͟͟͡B̨̡̗̝̭̯̝̗͈̹͈͖̊ͩ̂ͬͫ͛̔͆͑͗̒̌͐͟͠E͇̺̱͚̟͎̤̣ͮ̽ͬͯͧ̽͆́͐̉̆ͩ̈̃ͨ͂͡S̴̸̨̛͙̼͈͈ͮͫ͆ͯ͑̚T̯̥̙̩ͬͤͧͩ̍̓̽̉ͣ͡͡͡ ̵̰̫̝͙̻̼͖͈͉͇͉̠̻̺̩̳͔̪͓̓ͩ̌̏̄̾͡T̷̸̴͉̱̙̘̼ͤ͊̊̋͌̄̋̒ͯ̉̋͊̀͘H͈̼̤͖̖͚͔̱͍̽ͦ̆͊͌͆͡E̸̩̻̜̯̓ͩ͑̏ͪ̂̃̉̓̊̐ͪ̋͗͟͢͞ ̸̨̨͔̝̟̝͉̱̰̽͊̐ͮB̶̢͖͓̣̟͍̤̺̖̙̒̿͊͆̃ͫ͌ͩ͐́ͯ͛̏̚͞E̸̛͚̥̼͚̭̟̣̥̪̤̫̼͔̦̮̼ͫͦ̋̂̎͆̚S̹͕̗͙̭̼͇̥̟̠̮̗̔̓͐ͣ͗ͣ̓͌͒̒ͫ̾̀͝ͅŢ̨̬̞͖̙͇̠̪̠͓͇͖̬͚̘̯̗̺̦̱̇ͬ̑͌̑̏͐̄ͭ́ ̧̭̦̖͔̻͍̈ͣ̽̋ͭ̉̎̚̚͟T̛̼̤̗̪͗́́͊͐̈̄̆͆ͦ̄̋̚͘ͅH̷̛̰̮͍̩̠͈̜̜͓̖̯͔̏͊ͣ͂̏̐ͦ͌͒ͪ̏̆ͯ͑̃͜E̵̢̧̪̞͓̦̰̬͚̼̻̿̄̿̆̊̂̐̑̀̑̚ ̴̘̬̥̼̜̟̦̻͕͖́ͣͯ͋ͫ͡B̷̵̞̟͍͕̤̺̤͎̫̦͖̘̓̌̎ͦͭ̏͊̍ͦ̒͠E̸̥͉̯̖͑̄̃ͭ̉ͯͭ̾͒̍͊͛ͬ̃̚̕Ṣ̸̘͍̪͕̠͕̝̖͔͎͇̻̖̘̘̗͔̜͛͗͊ͬ͒̍̍̑͐ͬ̏̇͛ͦͯ͢͝͝͝T͙͕̙͚̝̣̩̥͒̀́̚͡͝ͅ ̷̦̻̹̝̙͇ͨͪͬ͊͗̓̃̽̔ͮ̂͗͊ͭ͟͝T̸̙͍̞̝̠̦̰̓̑̈̚͜͝ͅH̡̰̰̣̖̟͎̬̯͖̩͖̬̙̟ͧ̃̐̄̉̐ͫ̋̂̃ͭ̂̒̂ͮ̔͝ͅE̬̫̻̞̩̜̗͚̖̟̳̪̩ͧ̆͑ͩ̎̈ͨ̈́ͣ̈́ͨ̕ ̨̧̺͚̠̗̣͍͕̞̠̱̯̼ͫ̏̊̎͌͢B͓͈̱̤͍̹̳̙̼̻͉͚̽̆̔̃͋̋̏͂̆͌͆͆́͢Ē͓̘̟͎̯̼̾͐͒̓̓̍ͬ̓̔ͪ̆̇ͩ̿ͨ̉́̉́͝͠͡Ṣ̵̨̻͚͕̹̩͎͙͔͔̝̰̟͚͈̦͓͖̓̑̔͋ͤͫ͊̀͡T̶̡̝̣̠̜͉ͦ̈́̽ͮ̓͛ͯͫ ̸̢̛̥͙̠͎̰̞ͩ̓͋̊̇̏̀
omg yes

File: 1a.jpg (323 KB, 1280x1533)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
How do I draw poses like this guy?
33 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't think he traced it at all, it wouldn't look half as good if he did. I do however think he used that exact image, everything down to the fingers match
this. OPlet btfo, still bound to never make it like the rest of us
this image is a terrible example of his grasp of perspective though. The figure in the front stands on a completely different ground plane, not following the same perspective as the background at all.
>artists use references
welcome to 1600
all this doesn't really matter if the end result looks good.
only nitpicky artists that have no idea what it actually means to draw for a living will care about stuff like this.

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