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Hey so, I have this image that I want to get tattooed on my back but I don't like the pointillism style, I wanted to know if anybody could do something with it, if I like it I would have your work tattooed and I'll post it here.

Thank you all.
>work for free pls
Fuck off you fucking cunt

File: 14137163507398.jpg (167 KB, 536x1023)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>John William Godward (9 August 1861 – 13 December 1922) was an English painter from the end of the Neo-Classicist era. [...] His style of painting fell out of favour with the arrival of painters such as Picasso.
>He committed suicide at the age of 61 and is said to have written in his suicide note that "the world is not big enough for myself and a Picasso".

Contemporary art hate thread? Contemporary art hate thread.
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le idiocracy is real xD
Art history is useless.
That doesn't even make sense.
>spoilering in a red board
Who cares that this cunt died?

File: kandinsky.comp-7.jpg (199 KB, 1135x757)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
most abstract art i have found after many searches on multiple sites is purely about design, color, and composition.
i like kandinsky's work because it is more imaginitive and seems to depict something otherworldly in the forms and shapes he creates.
does anyone know artists like him?
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File: shoe nuff.png (78 KB, 321x185)
78 KB
Oh boy, it's another "I went $80,000 in debt at art college so I could name-drop hack (((artists))) and use esoteric art buzzwords arbitrarily on an adolescent beginner's anime drawing forum" thread

>muh "texture"
>muh "design"
>muh "aesthetics"
>muh "composition"

Embarrassing. Kandinsky's art is a bad joke.
More like shitinski
Because you need to go to art college to know who he is...
how can kadinsky ever recover

File: 1485077816770.png (463 KB, 1070x601)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
>You will never be a successful manga artist because you are just a whitu piggu
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Talent is pursued interest
Pick up a weekly Japanese manga magazine, any one of them. It's 80~90% very very badly drawn and generic drivel that never gets scanlated because nobody outside of the die-hards in Japan itself or the crummiest of weebs give a shit.

t. guy who works with importing shit like that.
that's a mighty fine tip though. and even then there's a ton of stuff that isn't translated and looks good.

it can be badly drawn but still be good anon. and how would you know how generic it is without reading it? well, i don't doubt there's a metric ton of shit out there though.
I know this might be a little stupid, but can someone link me up with some good tutorials to draw modern manga ? A.K.A.: Spoonfeed me please

OK... so... go into COMICS? What's your obsession with going into a foreign industry when you've got an equivalent right here?

Do mangaka whine about not being able to get into western comics? What's your problem?

pleb: picasso
contrarian: basquiat
patrician: bacon
they're all pretty great imo
Modern art sucks.
File: fa20130328a1a.jpg (201 KB, 1500x559)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Bacon is quite good but you definitely picked one of his lesser works for the OP.
It looks weird.

how this art style, form called where can i find more of this ???
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i certainly dont like manga or anime either, and i dont have anything against stylization, but stylizing comes from being able to draw realism, and drawing arms like 3 sausages just looks plain ugly, But by any means if you can withstand to look at it and make a business, who am I to judge.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (82 KB, 1280x720)
82 KB
I didn't say I like manga.

I just don't like the attitude where people here are like
>It's not how manga is drawn so it's wrong.

It fucks up threads about abstract art, cubism, abstract expressionism, impressionism and whatever else as well as this thread.
File: ac_adventuretime_comp.jpg (189 KB, 748x392)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
File: Katz.jpg (18 KB, 360x581)
18 KB
Look at the way it's drawn.

It's not how manga is so it's crap.
I like this style.

File: IMG_5605.jpg (93 KB, 638x826)
93 KB
Well so this happened, who's side are you on? The animation studio or the fan?
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I wanted to have a bi bara manwhore because that's pretty much me and I find my sexual shenanigans hilarious in retrospective, but I just know fujoshits and SJWs will taint my work with their greasy hands.
The studio had a responsibility to make sure the fans weren't taking pictures, but seriously the studio is still in the right on this one
So /ic/ does guerrilla marketing for dreamworks and some korean studio now?

I guess the janitor call was shill recruitmnet too
>tfw that's my type
H-how bara
you guys are overreacting, and optimistic beyond measure

as if your works would ever get so popular that you had to worry about this shit

File: image.jpg (125 KB, 600x729)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Why do you create art?
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I would like to go somewhere with it. Get some sort of recognition and inspire others to do the same like what happened to me when I was kid.
It also keeps me from killing myself.
File: 10.jpg (23 KB, 680x439)
23 KB
I don't know.

I hate everything I make and it always makes me miserable and I hate it when people tell me it looks good. I stand there waiting to be torn apart and then feel let down when I'm not.
same. never give up, never surrender.

File: 95648496.jpg (20 KB, 336x188)
20 KB
Could artist memes have helped Donald Trump win the election?
You can't deny that humorous memes weren't massively popular to spreading his narrative.

Yes. That's how ithappened. People who run the campaign pumped this board full of pepe ads with Trump's face.
he won because he was the republican candidate and we had a democratic president for the previous 8 years. that's the only reason.
That stuff does have an effect and they appealed to populist views so it shouldn't be dismissed as a factor. But there were many factors at play and it's hard to say how the balance between them was.

But think of it this way. The add business have become a huge industry because it works and once you see something enough times it starts to trigger subconscious associations that if you aren't aware of or pay attention to their cause can affect you. They help strengthening already set views too.

Does anyone have the tutorial from Nurzhan bekkaliev's or Zedig's gumroad? I think Zedig removed his, but it may be archived by someone. Help a broke bastard out
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Hardly a tutorial, just a timelapse with no insight offered into his thought process
i feel like if i tried to do this, my figures would jsut look pillow shaded as fuck

someone enlighten me
Tutorial or not. That is the only one I can see on his gumroad? Isn't it that one OP wants? It's on cgpeers. There's also one by Zedig on there too.
File: emboss.jpg (68 KB, 481x576)
68 KB

The difference is that pillow shading shades the object based on the flat 2d shapes it's made up of. It's essentially the bevel&emboss filter in photoshop. It's not describing any anatomy, just a raised, flat shape. Se pic related.

A pillow shaded figure, if taken as a literal representation of a 3d object, would be akin to a refrigerator magnet.

Bekkaliev's figures are shaded like they have full volume and have a determined light source. There's a degree of stylization going on obviously, but there is nothing random about where the shading is placed. Think of a zbrush model lit from the front.

The two figures to the right in OP are shaded with what is referred to as ambient occlusion (a term borrowed from 3d). Note that there is no actual form shading, just the little dark spots in tight crevices and such.
It is similar in terms of not having a directional light applied to it, but that's the point. You can describe forms just by ambient occlusion, which is what Bekkaliev is doing here. The idea behind it is different, he's not shading, just mapping where the form transitions.

File: IMG_5618.png (522 KB, 640x631)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
What are some dark fetishes you enjoy drawing?
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Anime cuckoldry
Neotare what >>2998611 is talking about. Another person's spouse / partner being unfaithful and the one being cuckolded being aware of the situation. Also acceptable for when the story is clearly meant to invoke jealousy or sympathy on behalf of the person being cuckolded.

It's very common in doujins.
Ntr Is short for neotare witch is The japanese word for cuck or.
So can someone explain why this is a fetish? What's the appeal?
I don't know. I can see how stealing someone's woman might turn someone on but as for something having their woman stolen... I've got no clue.

How do i go about drawing. I'm a good writer and have written a few novels to myself and a few people said they're pretty great and would like to write and draw my own manga but the problem being is i am a terrible artist and would like to know where i should start in learning how to draw. Any tips would be appreciated, or should i just go to study at uni for it?

P.S: i drew this a fair few years ago and was wondering if it was any good and how i could improve on it (my little cousin coloured it in)
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Wait come back. I think it's pretty good for a few years ago. How old are you now?
Just analyze your favorite manganseries dude

I wouldn't mind seeing if OP improved over the years. And mangas not hard it's just a lengthy process but if you enjoy it it's no problems at all. I'm currently trying to write my own that i wish to publish in the nearish future. How i started was easy i wrote a short one about Guts and Caska based on Berserk only 13 pages long and had some inspiring ideas for my current one when drawing it all up and outside influences too. Maybe invest in some decent pads and supplies if you're serious about it and watch a few tutorials online before trying yourself if you haven't drawn in a while. I hope this helps
File: 1493014231588.jpg (13 KB, 533x458)
13 KB

>closes the door and locks it


>undos belt
>grabs you from behind


>throws you on the couch
>starts beating you with the belt

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Buy "understanding comics" and "making comics" by Scott McCloud

File: Drawing Women.jpg (522 KB, 1467x1950)
522 KB
522 KB JPG
Does anyone have know of any good books on how to draw beautiful attractive women.

One of the best ones I currently have is Frank Cho's drawing beautiful women. I love it but I need more.
File: image.jpg (83 KB, 500x667)
83 KB
I used to love Campbell/Madureira/Noto back in the late 90's... Kind of embarrassing in retrospect, but there's one batgirl comic that I believe Noto drew, and it was so full of incredible, loose gesture work. The story concerned Batgirl and Robin stuck beating people up in a mall. I used to revisit that over and over. There was also how to draw comics the marvel way, but that did a lot to cripple my art in a way.
File: image.jpg (83 KB, 461x701)
83 KB
Maybe it wasnt Noto but I would love to know who drew that issue.
Yeah drawing the marvel way is not really good desu.
This one? Duncan Fegredo is the artist.
The book in OP, is it any good?

File: abcyuiy.jpg (52 KB, 542x600)
52 KB
Graffiti thread.
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You aren't fooling anyone into thinking you are a bigger man after that autistic stunt.
File: ok.jpg (33 KB, 221x108)
33 KB
Then why are you still here?
I think this is an interesting art topic and I am hoping people will write various things about it and post photos. I am a curious person. Why are you here?
You are obviously just here to shitpost. I'm sure you think you get a special-snowflake pass on that with you having the handicap of a fragile ego and all that.

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