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File: VolenCK.jpg (758 KB, 2818x1528)
758 KB
758 KB JPG
Mr. NGMI is back again boys

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she suck because she didnt draw you childish anime ?
thnx anon, now i can leave this pointless website
Downloading this, let's see if I get all the viruses. Wish me luck ic.
if faggot /ic/ doesn't like it, it must be worth watching
post her work so we can laugh at it or gtfo

File: IMG_0942.png (3.88 MB, 2048x2732)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB PNG
Any critique on this one? Took 17 hours (yes i am very slow lol)
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Could use more emphasis on her face unless your point was that her face doesn't matter much if she got a great rack if that's the case you executed this 100%
Those are some of the most aesthetic breasts I've ever seen. It's like airbrush art you'd find on a monster truck in the form of tits.
Nothing wrong with that. let a man hustle
so this is the power of airbrush.... very bad..

File: 1562987862.jpg (1.72 MB, 2000x2782)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
How do nips do it? How do they have a clean, simple but still finished looking coloring style?
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it's shit
>guy literally picking a lighter color to paint over it
>also unironically thinking that's a hard round instead of a special nip blend-paint brush using a round tip specifically to fool begs

ic is literally a nuartist haven
there is nothing hard about it. your problem is you start painting when you don't have a good drawing.
the hard part is drawing not the color. paint with soft brushes by masking the shapes with lasso tool so that the edges are clean. make sure to go warmer towards the shadow. when you make a color warmer you have to change the hue not just the saturation. other wise it will look muddy.
but even if you are a great colorist you still need good drawing for it to look good
i want to cum on an atelier anime so bad!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHWOOOOOOOOO
Yep. If you look close most Pixiv artists have minimal/sloppy colouring but the drawings and colour schemes are what pull them off.

Why is there no reference thread? I’m looking for a few things
>bikes / people riding bikes

Posting some faces and hard surfaces from my stash
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Some based anon dropped this awhile back:

Cheers friends. Strive on with diligence!
File: Taringa_IMG_3F0.jpg (99 KB, 1080x1350)
99 KB

File: wy.jpg (52 KB, 849x589)
52 KB
Previous thread: >>3999506

Disclaimer: Please [-] the thread if you don't want your mom seeing this thread.

Share your pornographic drawings that you're working on and receive feedback, "blog ?" comments, and critiques. Please contain your autism.

>How do I get started drawing porn?
6 Steps to Improve
Read Loomis - /loomis/ link

References -
1. Google is your best friend. So is the Artbook Thread (ctrl+F artbook in Catalog)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Webp.net-resizeimage.png (89 KB, 400x690)
89 KB
been thinking about drawing porn again
do i have potential ?
File: SPOILER_tfw.png (458 KB, 600x2400)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
Hows this desu
Thanks anon very helpful.

Not sure why my pic got deleted tho
Same """artist"" btw
File: Project_10_1.png (499 KB, 769x1025)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
Done with this but if anyone gives me some advice ill go back and change it.

File: unnamed.jpg (28 KB, 512x250)
28 KB
Any good art prompt generators out there?
Like is there any sites or apps you recommend? Or any site that posted themed drawing challenges? That isn't /dad.
Sometimes I want to draw and spend too much time thinking about what to draw.
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my apologies anon, artprompts is broken. Try this instead

Wow that is really fucking dumb.
If you unironically need something like this you are ngmi.
If you don't get used to people telling you what to draw then you will ngmi
It may be useful to get one outside of their comfort zone.
conceptstart is okay

File: roll_chart_REV_2.png (3.99 MB, 956x5710)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB PNG
Be sure to also put your art in:

Post-free dice rolling tool:

previous thread: >>3972835
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He's Rolie Polie Olie
He's small and smart and round
And in the land of curves and curls
He's the swellest kid around!!

That has to be the most wholesome thing ive seen in a long time on this board, thx anon for taking your time and making everybodys day a little better!
File: Amazon.png (255 KB, 1000x782)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
I'll color it later.
File: Triclops drawing.png (242 KB, 441x908)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
Triclops princess. Thought her backstory could be something like, she opened her third eye by accident and saw through the veil of reality, and became emotionally traumatized by it. that's why she's crying.

He is an up and coming skeptic youtuber who is also a very talented artist and animator

I think people on ic can learn from him

his deviantart, its really good!

It's unforunate the untalented sjw hacks like Noah Bradly is paid more than him

Digby is VERY intellegent and VERY talented in the arts a rare combo, as many good artists tend to be bankacholako gender on tumblr or some shit

Plus he's friends with many talented artists as well
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File: 1530164341706.png (139 KB, 540x540)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
>YouTube channel hasn't had a new upload for 7 months
>DeviantShart hasn't been active since late April
Why is this being shilled again?
File: 1563202273778.gif (2.78 MB, 355x201)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB GIF
>pandering to the edgebois
>very intelligent, very talented
>he has friends
never heard of this guy
File: 1.png (438 KB, 1920x1080)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
tl:dr is the superior skeptic furry.
(now delete this thread)
File: 20190716_110312.jpg (58 KB, 396x322)
58 KB
Why does a thread this completely pointless even exist?
>skeptic furry

Fuck off and you’re ngmi

I unironically want to learn to draw in the calarts style of modern cartoons

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Just draw like you normally do or how you prefer.
File: ltmah4mx6l6y.png (3.28 MB, 1500x1821)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB PNG
steven universe is known for doing this on literally an episode to episode basis.
and the stans blame it on the different storyboarders and how they have "different styles" lmao
>the men draw better than the women on average

File: 1547689632430.webm (2.4 MB, 720x720)
2.4 MB
Sup /ic/, I've tried a lot of the discord channels on this board. And not to be surprised, 90% of them are nothing but teenage dramafests and weird circlejerks.

So I've decided to make my own. The goals for this discord are
>Keeping people motivated drawing by providing a community of other artists to draw with and give valid critiques
>Having a place where you can have fun drawing for the sake of drawing when burn out starts to set in

No real skill or style direction and its open to anyone who just wants a place to draw with other people.

My only rules.
1. keep your drama out, we're all adults, act like it.
2. no trannies
3. keep /pol/ to yourself.
4. just fucking draw.

If any of you are interested here's the link

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: DuBVMukX4AEDkJJ.jpg (168 KB, 849x1200)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Lucas Bustos AKA Alkemanubis
If you want to gauge the skill and ability of an artist, look at the way they draw the hands and how they use them. This guy knows how to draw hands and give them an expression.
sure you are.
Yeah he's fucking incredible

File: 1512149701881s.jpg (4 KB, 125x87)
4 KB
/ic/ is so negative all the time, let's have a thread to talk about things we're happy about and remember that despite how hard it is to be an artist, we have good times which keep us going.
Feel free to brag about reaching follower goals, getting art gains, finding companionship in other artists or whatever else you want to tell the world about here!
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I agree with you but
>Fuck off and die faggot niggerfaggot nigger
chill with that shit anon
>How about focusing on the positive exercises the very neurons responsible for enjoying life, thereby increasing your capacity to do so.
Listen to yourself
File: НовыйХолст1as33.png (877 KB, 2037x1951)
877 KB
877 KB PNG
I fucking LOVE drawing muscles!
File: 1563202273778.gif (2.78 MB, 355x201)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB GIF
>normie actually making some good points
The art path we follow here is to get to "industry standarts" and make it
Nobody on /ic( draws for fun
No matter what I do it always takes me an incredible amount of time to get anything done. For paintings, starting from scratch it takes me half a day to get to the point where my values are blocked in. For art with lines, the sketch takes me a long time because I want to be accurate, and it takes even longer to finish my actual linework over that. Watching streamers knock that shit out in less than an hour makes me believe I am what you'd call an npc. Even casual artists who've been drawing for a few years on and off have more appealing products than me, who spends minimum 3 hours a day drawing
Not like I'm gonna stop but I wanted to see if anyone else had this problem and if it went away passively
this is the anti-vent thread, my dude

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 195x258)
8 KB
I've heard that drawing human anatomy is the most difficult aspect of learning to draw. Do you agree with this? If not then what do you consider to be more difficult?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
texturing anything.
drawing my gf because I don't have one
I disagree. I've always found cloth and draping to be the hardest to replicate. I must have some kind of ocular autism that keeps me from understanding how the shadows work.
Tfw you have a gf but think she's going to break up with you soon
Break up with her first faggot

I know art school is a meme, but does anyone have any experience with OCAD? How does it compare to other Canadian schools?
33 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Baguette french fag. Thankfully my familiy and friends supports my decision of drawing, and what I want to do is animation. I should be able to get a job, even if it's a shitty one when those years will end. And I think depending on where I go I might be able to work at the same time during later school years.
I graduated from AAU, ask me anything.
How much debt? Was it worth the cost? Do you have a job?
are you working at blizzard ?
well, as a baguette FF you are living in Europe where the education is not as commercialized as it is in US or Canada. So you will be able to get better quality for less money. are you going to Gobelins, you lucky bastard?

File: image.jpg (1.89 MB, 4032x3024)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
Let’s face it /ic/, nobody enjoys our art or really cares about it.
Sure sometimes people may say “Anon can draw.” But that’s it.

>that looks good, anon
The biggest fucking lie on the planet.
But that looks pretty decent. How old are you?
>>that looks good, anon
>The biggest fucking lie on the planet.
Well that's because you have a soft disposition and your artwork actually looks like shit. How about you stop complaining and go fucking study. If you're drawing for any other reason to challenge yourself and bring your imagination to life you are already failing. Now fuck off.

File: 1487907445451.png (462 KB, 1600x1102)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
The anons that brag about having it never share any of it.
Does it even exist? I dunno. nothing in cgpeers nor gfx.
Is there a similar resource of a well structured exercise programs that lasts at least a year?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
its not that good anyway
Here is it #!U08i2CiY!eIpjZDplNpx2V3BZ6jhvwRbrSnTMahO3-b0w5OqrM-I
I have it and believe me its useless shit. There is a bunch of pictures of her work with a super quick unreadable notes on marsian language.
First term is like
Design Sketching (use Koos Eissen books) +Peter Han Dynamic Sketching
Scott Robertson How to Draw
Scott Robertson How to Render

Second term they using those techniques on practice designing any kind of shit products and environments

Third term is production painting

just start with first term shit, its gonna take a while
Please share it

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