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Redesigning the colors of my watercolor palette, let's post some palette schemes.
Mine is: Cadmium Red Medium Hue, Thioindigo Violet, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Prussian Blue, Sepia, Payne's Gray.
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This isn't even the fight by the way. The fight is either poorfags trying to have an opinion about mixed media synthetics or anyone who doesn't do watercolor trying to have an opinion about brushes. Boomers lumping synthetics from 20 years ago in with the shit we have today is just icing on the shit cake.
It wasn't actually Ferrari but that's fascinating seeing how recent the developments are. PR254 was first accidentally synthesized by a university researcher in 1974 when he was trying to formulate something else. He did a writeup on discovering it and in 1983 a Swiss company Ciba patented it which held for the next ~20 years. DPP got used in all sorts of cars like Ferraris, Corvettes, BMWs. They made it for $20/kg and sold it for $100/kg.

I wonder what other good shit in car paints or whatever industry is waiting to be public domain. Like quantum dot pigments or something.

are leningrad watercolor any good?
winsor newton mostly, but koi is also ok

azo green
pthalo + prussian blue
winsor + pyrol red
red iron oxide
indian yellow
yellow ochre/azo yellow
quinacridone fuchsia/red/rose
payne grey
cobalt violet

thats mine

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I like your choices, I can see how they work with each other in different configurations. The endgame is figuring out how to meld transparent and opaque for effect. I don't know what I'd do without yellow and red ochre as a base coat for absolutely fucking everything.

I was disappointed starting with a transparent palette because all the glowing color bullshit has more to do with saturation and contrast than opacity and I hated how silly portraits looked. Then I found out they complement each other. Tinting over earths is the bee's knees. A semiopaque blue is the giraffe's necktie. Cadmium is the squirrel's nuts.

File: SMcK_Nike.jpg (1001 KB, 2808x2806)
1001 KB
1001 KB JPG
How the fuck do you make art that actually matters to you? I don't wanna be one of those chucklefucks painting trees where the primary value of the work is just the style and presentation/interpretation of reality, but when I try to plumb the depths of my own experience for emotionally significant shit I either don't find anything or don't know how to draw from it. What's the deal? How do you start making art for yourself instead of some imaginary audience?
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They asked for art with personal meaning, not art that appeals to critics.

I would add to this a distinction between the conceptual idea of the artwork, and the technical execution of it.
Generally, artists spend a lot of time finding a 'style', but don't take into consideration the range of emotionally evoking subjects they can portray in that style.
The conceptual part of the artwork is like the metaphysical, which shows the philosophical argument the artist wants to portray (they are saying: "this is important to looks at"). Kinda like the plot of a book.
The style of technical execution is usually some kind of subconscious preference, unless you have explicitly thought it through. An artist might like the hazy outlines and loose brushwork of impressionism, or a more tight and concrete approach like academic realism. This is a kind of reflection the artist's personal values. For example, controlled chaos looks interesting on a canvas, but what does it mean about the artist? Everything has a reason behind it. Sometimes the conceptual and the technical aren't in unison, in which case you'll create a confused looking painting.
If i wrote this same post in simple English, no one would give a shit. It always amuses me how the presentation of an idea influences how seriously we take it. Once you dissect their words you realise they are just a more articulated version of an observation any common man can make. Not saying there is anything wrong with that. Just found the responses to this post interesting since the ideas expressed have been posted here many times by less articulate anons.
I didn't want to touch that because all I think about are stylefags who make barren art and otherwise talented conceptual artists who don't can't paint worth shit.

I feel like the metaphysics are overlooked outside of fine art. Skilled commercial artists definitely tap into the metaphysical to great effect, but it's lost by the time you get to tumblr. One thing I really admire is when you see the iterative process of concept art coming into its final form. It's clearly one artist but the number of "styles" it goes through trying to reach the final form is what made me better understand the process. Seeing just how many iterations and revisions it takes to reach a final form, the unison of conceptual and technical you hit on, changed my entire idea of how much work it takes and what it involves. It was freeing to know how open and broad the process of making what doesn't work is. I didn't feel so constrained to get it right the first time. Or second. Or the first year.

Or as girl in other words.
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Post yours, fag.
Google "merc wip" and "Proko kangaroo".
Looks more like Jim Morrison desu
Shit I liked this
I usually draw animals, so this was weird for me

File: Defensive_shaori.png (738 KB, 745x777)
738 KB
738 KB PNG
How do I draw like this?
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reading comprehension. we're saying the exact same thing.
I fucking love women more than anything but sucking dicks looks fun desu
File: Page_21web.jpg (731 KB, 792x1224)
731 KB
731 KB JPG
so I'm trying to do a crowdfunded comic and get people interested in my art, what do i need to work on to improve and gain a bigger audience? please be as brutal as you need to be, im getting no traction on social media or other sites.
<- cover for my comic

ill post a few pieces, i try to draw everyday but nothing seems to be helping so the clear problem i need to get better.
ignore this sorry meant to make a thread
it's not men at their pure form. that'd be more bridgman. araki and other gay shit like in the thread is gay, rounded shit.


Are you the chad naive or the virgin sentimental?

Watts Online school is currently having 50% off their live streaming classes. It's a good supplement to the full course if you know where to look. Thoughts? Is it worth spending the $50 to $150 bucks on the current selections?
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I-I'm lonely
File: 1438168320768.png (904 KB, 1300x1735)
904 KB
904 KB PNG
You're so pathetic.
Ew, gts is gross, freak.
Thank god. Now you'll stop responding to me.
File: dog.jpg (62 KB, 585x609)
62 KB
>But if you audit you don't get the refs or the critiques, only the demos.
Why you gotta lie like that my dog?

File: girls random.jpg (1.94 MB, 1333x2000)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
what's your opinion about my drawing??
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nice work.
I love those Krita brushes
Doesn’t deserve it’s own thread/10
That's above beg level art. Jealous retard. Post your work
Looks good to me, cartoonish but works.
Eh, not a fan personally. Top left is okay but the cheap shading and coloring ruins the others - almost looks like clipart. Nothing special, pretty generic but you have something to work with so that's a plus.

File: qt.jpg (22 KB, 285x224)
22 KB
Any art hoes on this board willing to come sit on my lap and talk about the impact of Bau Haus on the modern western art movement?
go away soft boy

no one wants your self inflated ego and ~uwu depression uwu~ aesthetic

I bet your cover photo on facebook is something from evangelion

we see through you

you mope

File: mememee.png (724 KB, 478x603)
724 KB
724 KB PNG
Hi guys. I would love for some critism for my art. I'm not a professional, I just do this for fun and it helps my depression to let some emotions out.

Feel free to give me critique, I would love to get better at it since its a passion of mine.

>I drew this one when i was really drunk and mourning my grandma, kind of a tribute to her. first time using watercolor and ink.
better than 99% of /ic/ and it actually has meaning and a soul. the watercolour tecnique is shit tho, you're supposed to let it flow and wash aswell. You didn't let the water room to breath m8, all those visible tiny brush strokes shouldn't really be there, also the colours got muddy.
7/10good work
Thank you so much for the critique!!! Since i have no clue what the fuck I was doing these points are really good and i'll actually printscreen ur message so i remember it further ahead.

>here's another teeny tiny flower i drew with some new material i got, its on an A5 paper and its super zoomed in, so you can imagine how small it is lol. this is also for my grandma.
Generic and souless.
well, i guess its a taste preference.
>random doodle from when i was a substitute teacher and was bored. i kinda like it tho

File: image.jpg (243 KB, 616x999)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Aside from Pinterest and google where do you find great reference images?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
use japanese and school_uniform tags. It's where I get my sfw reference from and my nsfw material from.
>sci-fi and creature design, this happens to be the 2019 thing
I second this well-thought question.
You got a site for mechs, robots and overall tech stuff?
File: DNVaPjDV4AELluR.jpg (30 KB, 383x396)
30 KB
dumping some i use
iirc these are under creative commons cc0 license but i might be wrong there

File: 126115477157.jpg (43 KB, 600x540)
43 KB
Has anyone ever accused you of copying when you clearly weren't?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
stop posting this same shit question all the time even with the same dog
>literally haven't been on /ic/ for 5 months
>"stop posting this same shit question all the time"
What the fuck are you talking about? I rarely go on here. Not my fault I don't check /ic/ everyday, because I'm busy drawing. Also the dog meme is literally all over /an/ daily, it's common.
Not sure if this is totally what you're talking about but yes I've been "accused" of copying reference for drawings that I didn't.
yeah. if you make a study that's too accurate people will do that.
Been accused of tracing and photo bashing here but I was working from references. Took it as a complement tobh.

do you even want to interact with other artists, or do you just want to keep it all online? guess it refers to people in general.

doubt I would feel comfortable at a con or something
File: 4aZ_Xm6tleY.jpg (92 KB, 747x1024)
92 KB
For me its the other way around, unfortunatly i dont get many chances besides 2 friends and a teacher
>when you don't study ears

File: 1533701283246.jpg (111 KB, 1000x722)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
I dont want to draw NSFW shit anymore.

what do i tell my 10k+ followers ?
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Aww fuck that reminds me when Reiq tried to become a "legitimate" artist and forewent porn for a time. It lasted about a month because the guy had no idea of where to go next, and I'm sure less money had to have hurt.
you can draw less porn, like post once a month or smt, and start your other non related accounts. This way you will not lose you followers and get reality check on your other desires
The only good thing about this thread
oh shit im in the same postion as you and i erased all my accounts and just dissapeared but now im not sure if i did the right thing, i kinda miss it mostly becasue i had a fanbase already made and i had commissions too
something like this

you should follow this guy advice


I have a lot of talent and skill/potential (please don't cringe too hard at this; but it really has become obvious in art communities, peers, shows, etc.). I have primarily stuck to illustration, but have done very limited amounts of animation. I have told I am quite good at movement in the animation I have done despite having little to no familiarity with it.

But I am very torn. I like the still, stoic beauty of a well composed illustration with color and mood and feeling.

But, animation is also interesting. Obviously dedicating more time to one, steals from the other.

Which is better do do? I love the beauty of a still image quietly looking back at you. Will I miss that with animation?

If you had a choice, would you take illustration or animation?
38 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
where's the paintovers you have done? those aren't exposing to you in any way. why aren't you posting them?
I don't know if you are incredibly retarded or just a fucking lulz truul, but here it is:

YOU, fucking dipshit, brought the discussion of your talent with your retarded, cringy and pretentious post.

You could have started the thread with just
>If you had a choice, would you take illustration or animation?
And that's it, there you have a illustration or animation thread.
Nothing more.

But nooo, you NEED to tell everyone how good you are, while at the same time explaining over and over how it is not needed to prove how good you are because "that's not the discussion"

Being this retarded, can only imply you are an insecure talentless manchild.
your reading comprehension is terrible.

i just explained the reason. for context and to say this is not some childish decision. it is a life impacting choice for someone who is not just drawing waifus.

if i had asked "which do you prefer?" with no context, it would not be relevant to my decision. it would be a bunch of people saying illustration because animation is hard and they, personally at their skill level, don't ant to do it. or that they want to animate so they can make porn. or whatever. stuff irrelevant to the scenario.

i am sorry you are so challenged and insecure by someone confident in their ability that you behave in paranoid, mistrustful ways, but it is not my problem to fix.

i will not respond to this point any more past this post. it has been explained. the end.
that is a different person. i am the OP. paintover guy is not.
Pfffffffffffffhahha o god wow

>Taking a life impacting choice based on what a bunch of anonymous people may say
>YET, don't giving the people that ask for it, more data
Jesus this guy is beyond stupid.
He trascended the potato limit
It's flawed at every level
It's impossible!

Are there any glasses that replicate squinting for judging values? I am a very pretty boy and I don’t want to get wrinkles from squinting so often
I don't think anyone makes something like that for those purposes, but you could probably get away with buying some cheap dollar store reading glasses, they could work for that purpose, just make sure you try them out first.
>I am a very pretty boy
post pics
yes, i forget the name it might be oeil de vieux but you can paint a piece of glass or mirror a dark wash and use that to see values. you also don't have to squint but just slightly close your eyes, ugly.

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