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What do /ic/ thinks of satoshi urushihara style?
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>muh loomis proportions
those arent loomis proportions tho
still, here is a (you) for trying

Looks good.

I hate how urushihara typically draws scalp hair (especially bangs holy shit), but his pubic skills can't be beat.
much fucking better
when you asked me an another anon to explain, I was pretty much refering to the differences seen in the OP pic and in >>3280806
File: 11895-620x-crop.jpg (32 KB, 620x395)
32 KB
>muh style
File: ass.png (81 KB, 202x159)
81 KB
that g

Does anyone use polymer clay on this board? I've just discovered it and I'm getting some supplies in a few days to start with. Is there any advice, resources, or other artists I should know of?

I like this youtuber, I just wish she was a little more technical with her videos

This channel focusses a lot on the technical side, but I'm more interested in doing charms, not jewelry
What kind of craft are you looking for, anon?
If you want to sculpt your own figures, I guess /toy/ would be better for you(But as a warning, is a fucking slow board, even so, try out the custom thread)
There is a craft thread in /cgl/ for jewelry and cute stuff but it doesn't pop up that often.
what magic do people perform to not get their finger prints everywhere?
Polymer clay is AWESOME. If you're looking to get serious about it, a small food processor is invaluable for mixing and warming your clay. They tend to be fairly easy to find at the thrift store. A pasta machine is great too for making sheets, which can then be used for making millefori rolls.

Honestly for some reason there are not a huge amount of resources currently on the internet, but much of what I learned has been from books published in the early-mid 90's, and you can probably find some at your local library.

Petroleum jelly and q-tips.

Here are some books iI found to be particularly helpful and interesting. Even if the projects themselves might not be your style, it's worth checking them out for the techniques alone.


-Great for highly decorative pieces and mid to advanced techniques.


-Good for learning to construct aluminum foil and wire structures for figures, Maureen is also a master of millefori. I found this one helpful for constructing faces as well, though her face style is a bit homely at times.

Welcome to the polymer clay world anon, hope you have fun!

File: 1492739010517.jpg (377 KB, 629x728)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
Does /ic/ has some pack of resources for digital artwork? Just bought my first tablet, feeling like a retarded bamboom using it, wanna know about more prograns, tutorials, brushes and etc.

It doesn't even need to be a pack full of stuff to download. It can be a explanatory overview about prograns, brushes and information for new comers in digital art in general.
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a thread died for you to ask this
blogthread, ''this artist sucks'' thread, feels thread, rant thread, bait/meme thread or donate to my patreon thread?
>Expecting this cancerhole to get off their lazy asses and do something productivity for the community
Get off this place and never look back, its what I'm trying to do
Sai 2 >>>>> Sai 1
the generals are the only thing on this board keeping it alive, ironically enough

news flash: you aren't cool even if you think you are

File: 1508001858018.jpg (65 KB, 357x480)
65 KB
Why do all of my drawings look flatter than paper? I think I've gotten past symbol drawing but now I feel like I'm trying to draw the outline of things too much.
How can we help if you don't post your work, op?
probably lack knowledge of perspective and dimensions
you probably draw to stiffly too, like you're nervous to let the line move freely off the graphite

since you DIDN'T ACTUALLY POST ANYTHING, i can only advise you to draw quick gestures to help you give a looser hand
and study things from different sides

File: lay.png (733 KB, 1486x1633)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
Ive NEVER ever finished my work
I find it so hard, and frankly boring, to work on a single drawing for an extended period of time.
I spend 1 hour on pic related, which is more than usual.
How do I find motivation to finish my work?
Do others experience this problem?
Is this going to hinder my art career?
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>Is this going to hinder my art career?
Not trying to be a dick, but how are having a career without any finished works in the first place? Anyway, could it be that it's frustrating, rather than boring, because polishing is out of your comfort zone?
It's probably because you don't really know how to finish work/what makes work finished, at least that was my problem. When I started doing long figure drawings, still life and figure painting along with anatomy studies with guidance of teachers I learned how to make paintings/compositions from imagination that look finished.
never finishing work will prevent you from improving in the long run, seeing something through from sketch to finished piece gives you a lot of insight on what your true capabilities are, for example a certain body part will look good to you as a loose sketch but if you went and rendered it fully you might notice it's off or that you don't know how to properly shade or texture it
and as the other anons mentioned you can't hope to have any kind of art career if you have no finished pieces to show
do you have a blog OP? I love that piece
Force yourself to finish your work and over time you won't have a problem with it. Teach yourself some discipline and control.

Have any tips for art, give them here!

I will start:

> For increasing your concentration while grinding fundies, do not listen to any music or podcasts, working in silence will make a big difference in how much information you'll learn and retain. Listening to white noise also helps.

> Instead of drawing continuously for hours on end, draw in short 30-45 minute intervals, with 5-10 minute breaks

> Make sure to exercise as well, staying physically healthy by jogging 3 times a week can affect your overall mood, making you feel more positive about yourself while also affecting your art gains by being happier through out the day.

>Be consistent and don't give up.

Good Luck!
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depending on the image i'd say the longest side shouldn't be more than 2000 pixels depending on how detail it is, sometimes you only need 1000 pixels. the biggest thing is making sure it's jpg and not png. when i'm making a new project in ps with no intention of saving it i start with a 2k x 2k image which is easily cropped smaller or expanded.
>started at 40.jpg
a quick look at wikipedia shows that's immense bullshit
File: a girl.png (254 KB, 1240x1748)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
How do I into breasts and arms?
File: 1480014773604.png (29 KB, 1148x155)
29 KB
1)Being social online and making art friends goes a long way, try to work on projects together where you will encourage each other to make good work.

2) Your main focus should ALWAYS be to create a good portfolio because 90% of the time this is going to be the sole thing that's going to make or break your application.

3) Don't try to reinvent the wheel, there's no reason to midlessly study in depth anatomy of the human figure if you want to get into anything that isn't medical illustration.

File: Divina BD.jpg (1.04 MB, 1471x1000)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Hi all !
I share to you my second work. It's an ink& pencil drawing, 1 month of work.
80x110 cm.
3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why did you make 2 seperate threads for this? This isn't how you use this website
Epic treatment of space. Better pursued as a painting, head in that direction.
It's nice and all, but the clouds have this weird texture to them.
Almost like looking at one of those tonemapped/"HDR" photos, where across the whole image there's no change in contrast and tone. Maybe it's gonna look a little less weird if the clouds towards the border of the image have less of that harsh lighting.
OP don't listen to this guy. Yeah clouds could be fluffier but it's a great piece overall. Next time post in the draw thread tho
I think it's really cool
Good job

File: 81gYGsTvaLL._SX355_.jpg (17 KB, 355x329)
17 KB
Tablet thread.

What tablet do you own? I had Genius M610XA and it was pain to work with. I'm looking to buy another cheap tablet, any recommendations?
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
One noticeable difference would be the screen parallax for example.
New wacom models have virtually no parallax and feel like the tip of your pen is actually touching on what you draw.
Is that worth shelling out 2x the price for?
Well that's another question.

Another drawback would be the stand it comes with.
Huion stands are complete and utter shit.
They wobble, slide, and you literally have to hold the screen in place with one hand while you're drawing with the other.
Of course getting a monitor arm or a proper stand to mount your screen on solves that issue easily.

The third would probably be the software.
Not very intuitive and not nearly as customizable as it's wacom counterpart.
i don't see how any of that is remotely important, or justify paying $1,000 more
Well, I haven't used any other tablet besides a genius (didn't work very well), so I can't give you a solid opinion.
As my first tablet, I have absolutely nothing to complain about it. If it's going to be your first tablet too and you want to get used to drawing digitally, it's more than ok.
Also don't buy the small version.
Does anyone actually have color calibration information for the Huion GT-191? I can't find anyone who has documented testing it with a Spyder or an xRite and provided their calibration results. I thought Teoh Yi Chie would on his review of the GT-191 on Parkablogs, but for some reason he didn't. I ended up not choosing the GT-191 because of the lack of information, that from the people I've been looking to, did have the means to test and provide it. I know Huion claims 72% NTSC, but I'd rather take it from someone who isn't the company themselves.
It really doesn't justify the extra price tag in my opinion, but there are noticeable differences.

Basically with wacom you are paying for the brand name more then anything.
Much like how people are ok with spending $700 on a pair of prada sneakers just because its prada.

i spent some time on it
could you please give some constructive criticism on it?
maybe if you posted it, sure, unless you mean specifically this piece in which case

>sun is literally a yellow ball
well, everything is wrong and gross, but who cares, is a meme. Post it in /beg/ thread and maybe someone will help you.
That is quite the peaceful gondola anon
Herbs don't bend like this but it's okay, feels peaceful enough to be an effective gondola

settei thread, dump ya settei here.
3 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

File: 71jLRVh-HXL._SX355_.jpg (12 KB, 355x270)
12 KB
I like to sharpen my pencils with a retractable box cutter. It works WAY better than any pencil sharpener I've used, but I'm afraid of using it in my art class in front of other people. How would you personally feel if you saw someone whip out a box cutter in the middle of an art class?
28 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: katana.jpg (61 KB, 960x960)
61 KB
I like to sharpen my pencils with a japanese katana. It works WAY better than any pencil sharpener I've used, but I'm afraid of using it in my art class in front of other people. How would you personally feel if you saw someone whip out a japanese katana in the middle of an art class?
>but I'm afraid of using it in my art class in front of other people.
wat? lol

it's simply a way of saving the lead. with any standard sharpener, you always scrape away the lead. although i do use a small sharpener, when i want my lead tip to be pointy.
If your pencils don't look like this then you are not locomotion fabrication amigo.
I did that in my dorm room, except that I stabbed a wall. Got kicked out of art school.
man this video made me depressed

If you want to get good get the fuck out of here. Trust me, because here you will only find artist that are shit like you.

Go other places where people are better than you.
73 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Go other places where people are better than you.

got any place in mind?
Becksmen pls come back we want your photos
/ic/ posters are better than me.
is that some Iain McCaig padme?
Discord is useless, actually every art community is useless for you if you aren't going to put in the effort.

File: self-portrait.jpg (180 KB, 550x844)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Post your prints here! Anyone talentless furfag (like most of /ic/) can pick up a pencil and paper and scratch out lines but only those who are *actually going to make it* try something as involved and creative as printmaking.

>Created a new thread since the femanon cunt in the other one is a talentless hack that only posted bullshit flowers.
Keep that flowery bullshit out of this one you cunts.
40 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1515708202636.jpg (367 KB, 550x844)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
>It's him right?
He got mad because of this.
>"femcunt tattoo bitch" instead of "Nambo-Jambo"
Comedy gold.
File: bioshock_totie.jpg (186 KB, 730x599)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
I have a few. Its not really a "going to make it" thing though. Printmaking is so time consuming and its gross. Cleaning up all that ink is bullshit I fucking hate it.
>retard posts work as an example
>immediately assume he was the maker
Attall doesnt post here you dumb nigger.
That's the point.
>As another proof
Love this! Please tell me you have a blog

File: 545353245.gif (1.24 MB, 500x355)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB GIF
I'm retarded, but wondering what this message means. I feel I may be reading it wrong, but I'm told this is very useful advice.
26 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
This advice is so very true.
It should have been preached more in art school because people were constantly trying to impress and compete with their 'le deep concepts' since the subjects of what we drew were very important.

I'm actually at the point where I can use myself as an example but am not sure how.
I used to be very excited by Batman comics and always wanted to draw them and similar characters and comic books. After coming on here and people being more interested in concept art I decided to learn how to paint which was probably not the best idea (although I am now paid for digital paintings sometimes). Also, after art school of course they don't want to see your middle school fucking comic book character drawings so I gave it up there.
Now I'm trying to be a comic book artist again and I realize I forgot one really important thing:
I don't know how to fucking write a decent plot.
jamie hewlett, tank girl and gorillaz artist
It means you gotta draw what inspires you the most. If it's something like lolicon or furry and you're not sure if you should draw something else, so dumb unartistic artist normies don't get triggered, you definitely should draw it, because it's the best source of motivation you can get.

Another example, a lot of artists also start drawing western concept art or photobash shit even though they like drawing Japanese style (or something else) more so they can fit into the western scene and have better career opportunities. This is bad and you'll feel less motivated about your work in the end. Even if you make it, in the end it will just become plain work to you and there's no passion and fun in it. Plus you'll never reach your maximum skill working on half power like that.
>girls WAY too young
the kingdom of heaven is within. all men have the capability to draw well, the fruits are tucked away in the depths of your psyche. your senses are tense your not relaxed. do things you enjoy more and you will loosen up your intuition will guide you beyond your wildest expectations. as far as drawing is concerned, draw and ENJOY at the same time and, oh boy, your going to surprise yourself

I´m a mexican cartoonist and art student, share your opinions
69 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
what fucked perspective? its a frontal image.
How do Mexican's know what Floridians look like?
Love the text, man, and the title
Man, every damn Mexican I've met likes angry skulls and clowns. And not just cholos. Also what's with El Chavo. He's, like, a 75 year old man who dresses like a little four year old boy with some fat old man dressed like a baby and an old woman who dresses like a little girl. I don't get it.
found the crab

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