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File: Penguins.jpg (760 KB, 1024x768)
760 KB
760 KB JPG
Are there any good documentaries based on drawing/painting/animation that really help to get motivated?

One that I watch repeatedly is a doc. about the creation of LWA

>pic not related
I watch that one too every other month, the studio ghibli documentary is good too, called something like ”the kingdom dreams and madness”

File: woj.png (9 KB, 645x773)
9 KB
if i cringe when writing dialogue is that a bad sign or am i just being too insecure?
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Speaking of dialogue and shit

I am making a comic but I can't think of a title for it
Any recommendations?
It's about a 30 or so year old guy who looks like he's 40-50 because he has this power which allows him to control and conjure stuff with his blood, it drains his life essence but allows him to be super strong when needed, the power also acts as a regenerative ability, if he takes hard hits, he can regenerate even the biggest wounds but all at a cost
It's in a fantasy setting, very similar to Berserk, the guy had rough childhood of never having parents since birth, being a captive for slave traders and nearly dying until saved by an omniscient being that gave him his power, or rather cursed him with it.

One title I've been thinking was "Bloodletting" but it's an awfully stiff and cliché title and it might already be in use by another comic
>Ugh, what's with the half-assed reply Anon! This is why you'll always be a little kid in my book Anon.
Anon looks away say nothing
>Okay Anon be a good boi and crawl over here on fours
Anon doesn't answer
>Anon, I said crawl here now!
Anon looks at her
>Crawl Anon!
Anon sigh finally gets out of bed and gets on all four and crawls to her while she sits own and opens her legs. She puts her hand on Anon's head and smiles
>Good boy! Now show your mistress you know how to treat her.
She slowly guides Anon's face between her legs straight to her crotch
>You love that scent doncha Anon?
How are we supposed to critique nothing?
Pyw pls sagee
File: 1539906337882.jpg (122 KB, 1280x720)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
this might be the worst one of them all

"I just smashed things I like together without any thought"

File: 1534975159250.jpg (23 KB, 600x434)
23 KB
Soo many years consuming content, flash animations, lewd images-videos-games.
As i get gud at drawing i realize the amount of work that went into every little fucking thing i've enjoyed over the years. Even shit memes that are drawn in proportion with correct anatomy means someone had already learnt all this shit and took the time to make us kek.

The only reason i started down the path of creation was the lack of content i enjoyed, Now i see.

This is fucked!
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you must know of disney animators that also work as mangaka then
Anon don't go into creation of art seeking to be better than all the drivel and shit out there, life's too short for that and people generally only care about themselves. Make something passionately for yourself and if you work hard enough for yourself that will shine through.
Well said.
you probably think too much
as you get better the amount of work reduce and your perception also change as well as your endurance and shit
but ofc if you are not willing to learn then it's ok find other hobby that you enjoy as you learn
No shit Sherlock ^^;

File: upwork (1).png (21 KB, 220x200)
21 KB
I just got banned from upwork because apparently "the fact that you have submitted a high number of proposals for jobs on our site without many contracts or earnings"

man Im so depressed, I've been doing this for almost 10 years, and this fucks locked the visibility of my account so I count get any more traffic to my profile, well anyways enough with my blog rant.

what other non meme alternatives are there to get work as a freelance illustrator?
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A lot of people post wips and sketches on social media in order to game the algorithms and get more attention, but stuff like that isn't necessarily going to look great in a professional portfolio. Honestly I think it's important to have both a well-run social media presence in order to gain attention for yourself, as well as a well-curated portfolio site you can direct clients to, something that's composed mainly of finished pieces that'll give them a better idea of what sort of work you could offer them.
> Honestly I think it's important to have both a well-run social media presence in order to gain attention for yourself, as well as a well-curated portfolio site you can direct clients to
This is how I see it too. Both are important and serve different purposes.

Your Portfolio Site - This is your curated gallery of work that you would show to people you want to sell your services to. It gives the best overview of your best work. A portfolio site doesn't often get passively discovered unless you direct someone to it.

Your Social Media Sites - These have multiple purposes. One of the most important being that your blog can help extend the reach of your work. It is a vehicle for widespread mass promotion, and passive discovery plays a big role. It can act as a more casual gallery of your work, featuring WIPs shots, sketches, etc. as well as lifestyle shots to see what type of person is behind the work.
No tumblr is as well organized as a simple gallery/grid of images on a website that you make. People don't want to waste their time. Simple links to portfolio and contact are much more attractive to most clients than a blog.
Any advice on what kind of email name is for business best? Like I was thinking making myartistname.business@email.com, or i have been seeing things like contact.myartistname@email.com on instagram. I want to make it both professional looking for any studios that would want my stuff but not too formal if one of my followers would want a commision. Any advice?

File: 1533514099376.gif (70 KB, 467x398)
70 KB
hi reminder that /ic/ is bad for development and for every 20 minutes you spend drawing you probably spend around an hour arguing and shitposting on this godforsaken 17-year-old infestsed pseudointellectual garbage fire

i improved dramatically after leaving for a couple of months and im just popping in to say that this is just basically shitty asshole Facebook for artists and you're not getting anything done.

come here, steal PDFs, steal good reference and art, and leave. thank me later
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>Leave to be able to focus
I have more control on myself m8, I mostly lurk though
Autists should perform autism if they wanna improve as an autist
I get up browse the forum reply to posts.
then get on with my day.
I probably come back 3 times before bed.
it doesn't interfere with my ability to do art because Id have rest time anyway.
That's the case for the whole internet tho. People are dumb assholes everywhere.

This. I don't come here to learn or whatever, I come here to somehow have contact to people.
File: SO_Chapter_7_Cover_B.jpg (700 KB, 1560x1200)
700 KB
700 KB JPG
i was barely drawing to begin with
even if i dont use 4chan i will just jerk off /play video games all day instead of drawing

File: 20181018_184323.jpg (2.49 MB, 4032x1960)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
Something I drew awhile ago in a class, so pardon the lined paper.
This does not deserve its own thread
You should pay attention in class.

just post some art you like
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Uncanny as fuck.
>focus on mainstream brands
>Nintendo 64 of all things
>"I'm different"
faggy shit like this ruined art

Any of you /ic/ folk into knitting/crochet? I wanna make a gift for a friend and was wondering if you know any good databases for making crochet/knitted animals and such.
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File: DVG3rwGVAAIdS3f.jpg (287 KB, 2048x1280)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
Maybe >>/diy/ has better information
Nice proyect!
File: QOhaJxv.png (481 KB, 635x715)
481 KB
481 KB PNG
Thanks, I'll go ask 'em.

File: f43124.jpg (54 KB, 640x64)
54 KB
What's going on; are we fucked?
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Yeah, we had a great run. You really don't appreciate the ability to express yourself freely without being censored or suffer repercussions from hurt fee-fee's until that freedom gets taken away.
File: 1542571123372.jpg (50 KB, 362x417)
50 KB
I'm starting to get the feeling we are going to become a blue board and we will get moved.
Wait what. What’s happening
File: 1456159075688.png (350 KB, 1516x1200)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
then we'll go to war, every porn thread will operate at maximum capacity, reference threads will flood the site with nekkid women in lewd poses and every challenge in DAD will have some fucked up sexual twist
we'll be green in no time
hey bbc, you just use hard round right
how long does it take you to sculpt your lines cause i get bored as fuck after about 30 minutes

How do you find art contests to participate in?
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I didn't go to an art gallery. I went to art.
What kind of degeneracy is this?
Why would you even want to see this guys blog? That piece is horrible
Better than you, sit down.
>What kind of degeneracy is this?

probably what those redcoats are saying

File: maxresdefault.jpg (104 KB, 1280x720)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>Apple trying to get artist's to use iPad for drawing and art
>iPad Pro bends with little force applied

Thanks Apple; I'm gonna pass.
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that's what they get for trying to sell products to those dumbfuck artistic people with their big dumb ape hands kek
This was staged, retards
No human would be strong enough to literally bend a metal piece that easily
>shilling in a low traffic basket weaving flipbook website
iPad is made from aluminum...
Degenerates were the first I’ve seen using it actually. Like bronies.

File: 1541125671477.jpg (15 KB, 240x218)
15 KB
Do anyone here feels that digital and traditional drawing feels diferent?

In the sense traditional can be very fast, or make you less tired?

like making an inked page in traditional is much faster than digital?

File: 1536721732659.jpg (135 KB, 741x1062)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
I'm going through difficult times right now. And I need to channel my emotion into my art. If anyone would be so kind, I am in a symbolism phase in my art. If you could suggest any books, or even random symbolic factoids to help get my creativity started, it would mean a lot.

This also isn't a spoonfeed. I've been looking for days. I just need to get started as fast as I can. I appreciate it. If even only a few of you respond it would still mean something.
Turritopsis dohrnii, or Turritopsis nutricula, is a small (5 millimeters (0.20 in)) species of jellyfish that uses transdifferentiation to replenish cells after sexual reproduction. This cycle can repeat indefinitely, potentially rendering it biologically immortal.
File: 1483737705244.jpg (637 KB, 1755x2000)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
File: 1534707938360.png (693 KB, 704x625)
693 KB
693 KB PNG
you made me feel worse but also made me laugh

File: received_265190327473416.jpg (532 KB, 1509x2013)
532 KB
532 KB JPG
It's my art.
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I am not here for negativity. Cant you people be positive for once?

I am never going to change the way I paint
ironic post you're being negative yourself

File: Wrw%2FdK.png (20 KB, 952x623)
20 KB
First of all, I'm sorry if Pixel art doesn't belong in this board.

I want to get into Pixel Art but don't know if it's harder or easier than "normal" art.
I have some years of practice doing digital art at an amateur level. Not looking to be a huge pro but I do want to get good enough to do decent stuff.
Recently I wanted to try my hand at doing pixel art and short animations because people really dig those and I've always felt a slight interest towards it.

What fundamentals do I need for it?
What are the steps towards a simple or normal sprite?
63 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.

that was just a rumor
FYI, one of the best things you can learn about w/r/t pixel art is anti-aliasing.

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR3Ra9cf8aV06i2jKmgKvcYVHI86-4K_b - Mortmort/mnrart has several good tutorial/tips videos for pixel art, and the first video on this playlist changed how I looked at anti-aliasing for the better.

https://www.deviantart.com/rhlpixels/art/Anti-Aliasing-534705817 - Another good AA tutorial.
Yeah it's 4
Damn, good videos anon. Thanks for that.
Yes, they are. I went and did this after watching several of those videos, but the first AA one on that playlist was the most helpful.

This is based on a pre-existing image I found via GIS, BTW.

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