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File: 5f3.jpg (34 KB, 680x695)
34 KB
I'm talking down syndromed people, nerdy weirdos and the rebellious guy who ditched school to smoke drugs or whatever?
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Not sure. Maybe they think it's easy?
If escapism is what I need to make a living off art then by all means make my entire life escapism
Art is a job with a lot of steyotypes, a go big or go home attitude, and is seen as the daycare for social rejects.
Ask any rando on the street (or even a kid who likes art) what you can do with an art degree and they dont know. Most people only see the 'he was hated by his peers, it now he's a genius story' and ignore how 99 percent of artists fail. People also see the weird kid who probally could live a normal life if they got help and say 'hed be a good artist'.
These people don't have a shot at a regular life so might as well chase dreams.
This is why I do it.
Mmmm.... grayons

i don't know how to improve anymore , i've been copying ref for 1 year and there is no improvement , what can i do to get better ?
do i need to follow 100 tutorials ? do i need to draw 50 hands a day ?
i've been drawing since 2012 and i can only draw anime face it's frustrating
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both imagination
i took the rare ones who are not ref
(i think it show my skills like they truly are because ref is not learned skills you just copy what you see)
it's important to see where you're at by 'just copying' too. sight sizing isn't particularly a good idea because you lose any underlying construction you could've had and built upon, and thus, have nothing to take with you to your imagination - to a degree.
but it also has proportion issues - something construction is great at fixing, and it creates a visual library, too. something by virtue of symbol drawing doesn't appear to have followed through to imagination, I can only assume.
but yeah give Keys to Drawing a go and get through all the tasks!
>you've associated features of the face with symbols and just use them again and again.
spot anon ,this is exactly this TT.TT
>I'd actually love to see the references you have been using too,
i've been referencing basically every good anime art that i saw ( i also referenced movies)
most of them are in sketchbook far away so i can't show them to you
Thanks i'll buy this book and i will follow this 3 hour lessons
art is not a grind, art is a puzzle.

How many hours have you spent writing for in your whole life, yet has your writing ever improved? Hours don't improve art, hours only get you used to doing what you're doing. You have to try to improve to get better, but even trying to improve has it's limits. Sometimes you'll randomly make an error that helps you figure something out - but there are limits even to random errors.

You also have to troubleshoot why it is you have trouble with certain parts, and most importantly, you need to expose yourself to the right information - because art is a puzzle you need to figure out. If you're having a lot of trouble, it's usually because you're doing it wrong that it causes so much trouble. If you're doing it wrong, you need to try and figure out what's wrong and try to find the right way to do it using whatever methods you know - that's the name of the game.

To an extent it's luckily being exposed to the right lessons, to an extent random errors will help you find something out, but by and large you gotta be smart and figure it out using your best methods. Running into a wall over and over will only make you hate art, and if that's what art is like for you, I recommend drawing less often until you get wiser.
and again, troubleshooting is a great way to figure out whats wrong.

In your case however, it was good that you made this thread. You're not supposed to just use reference - like most things, there are limits to the benefits of using reference, eventually it just isn't that useful to use more reference and you gotta move onto another exercise; although reference is always useful every once in a while.

Do you guys know any mangaka who started drawing late in their lives?
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Well, I am korean and I know Japanese. So even if I can’t become a mangaka I can still become a manwhaga.
I heard that they banned NSFW manwha in Korea and Boichi moved to Japan. Are you okay?
Anon just make a good story. It's OK if you're not Murata, if you draw a good story instead of the usual tripe I'll read yours over le ebin shonen. I'm tired of seeing these people who are amazing at drawing but they draw unimaginative, soulless garbage. Porn, moeblob, dumb, edgy shit, not a single interesting idea, always the same Michael Bay tier braindead garbage.
Make something worthwhile and draw it competently, just good enough to deliver what you're trying to say. Even the least talented person on Earth can get to "competent".

File: upmDW.png (145 KB, 2048x2048)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
What does it mean to you to 'make it'?

Does 'it' mean making a shitload of money, or a fulfilling career, or just a life of drawing anime titties all day long?
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It's not anything in particular, just what someone wants out of their art.
I have no problem with wage cucking. But yes I meant to work as freelancer as I don't plan to move to Japan. I saw some freelance works of illustrators like Yu Cheng Hong, Jeremy Chong, Wanke... for Square Enix, so there're chances for gaijins, they just require very high skill.
Well that's making it then! For you at least. Unfortunately I don't think anyone here can get you a job at square enix. Maybe try gitting gud and building a portfolio tailored to the company's tastes?
Make enough money to make a living while drawing the things I love, which is almost impossible. It's already hard enough to make a living with art without any sort of integrity. For original content you need something like connections or you have to be a god tier artist which I am not and probably will never be.
>a life of drawing anime tits
>a life where I have enough money to live on my own
>a life to pay for whores and camwhores for "reference"
this is making it to me and I'll be happy until I die if I could live like this it's probably not even very hard to achieve it

File: csp.jpg (185 KB, 1632x916)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
I don't understand all the fuzz about CSP. It sure offers a lot of features and you can do nice stuff with it, but the user interface is half baked and not intuitive, on both Windows and macOS. Even kiddy SAI is more straight forward when it comes to illustrations. It just doesn't look like a "professional" application.

So why use bloated CSP when you can use bloated Photoshop?
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CSP, while bloated, has a ton of useful features that just work imo. I think the main thing is that it has the power of photoshop (Mesh warp, filter layers, etc.) + extra features, but is accessible to every artist with JUST one cheap payment. I'd take it over adobe cloud.

CSP also has it's own community that shares brushes, tips, and techniques. It's goal truly is to appeal to artists. The interface is pretty customizable. So you can easily remove tabs and functions you don't need. Csp can improve in a lot of aspects though. but ever since I learned filters actually exist in csp I haven't touched PS in a while. I hope CSP tries to make their interface more clean like SAI's in the future
It’s for people who were never able to learn how to paint with photoshop, and for manga artists to trace over 3d models
I'm gonna ask this here rather than the QTDDTOT thread

Photoshop lets me reset my primary and secondary brush colors to black and white with a hotkey. Does MS5 have that? There's nothing for it under Shortcut->Option->Drawing color.
CSP has deal-breaking issues on my PC.
>atrocious screen tearing
>Cursor gets blurred out and invisible when moving

Can this shit be solved?
My gpu is Vega 64
i disagree, everything is pretty intuitive in CSP. more than PS.
look at the CSP default navigator on the top right. and compare it to the absolute garbage that is the PS navigator which only has the overview and a zoom slider. that alone is so weird to me, that PS prefers to use a fucking separate tool for rotating the canvas and has no interface controls for tilt and zoom and flipping. i bound a key to flip the canvas in PS and it takes a minute to process the whole flipped image... an absolute joke.

I need the Proko Kangaroo meeems.

It's shit.
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>the art
Except it's not art.
It's merely trolling professional investor & academic jackasses who don't understand art. (unlike 90% of regular plebeians who think aesthetics first as they should)
>inb4 trolling is a art
>he doesn't get off to fat piece of shit art-troll's fat piece of shit in a can
baka senpai
I dunno about you, but I'd consider that art. Though I guess I might define it differently than you. I personally find that identifying "art" is more dependent on the expression of an idea, like dissatisfaction with the art world, or wanting to get with big tiddy girls.
>I dunno about you, but I'd consider that art.
Then you have a worthless definition of art shared only by the kind of art school cunts whose exam project involves being sodomized on camera in front of their class.
>I personally find that identifying "art" is more dependent on the expression of an idea
The idea being "we really dislike Art and wish to destroy it all by an ever-widening definition".
If it helps, I always viewed fundamentals of pretty much any medium of art as how to express ideas properly, like making chord progressions that make people happy or sad, how to convey motion properly in illustration or animation, establishing mood with composition, cinematography, literary devices, etc.. Applying this to the artist poop, I'd say that the dude was toying with the fundamentals themselves, making for more poignant criticism, like intentionally excluding an aftermath to a story's climax.

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File: sould vs soulles.png (718 KB, 800x436)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
Remeber she went to art school
Wait, that guy remade his XJ-9 piece? I was always a big fan of his work.
File: pcj75p6y.png (478 KB, 1024x640)
478 KB
478 KB PNG
17's body is a nice improvement they just need to work on the face. I use to draw these really bad pig noses back in the day because I was trying to be original, but it just made my art look ugly and unappealing, so I think I can understand where this artist is coming from.
File: 11354365462.jpg (102 KB, 1192x670)
102 KB
102 KB JPG

File: IMG_20190717_124658_443.jpg (361 KB, 1080x2028)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
Are there any gumroads or courses online that cover the kinds of things that Will Weston posts about on Instagram from his classes? I'd throw money at him if he had lectures available online, but he doesn't as of yet.
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I'm laughing at all the young, hot models and risque instagram girls that he follows.
File: Dr.Doctor.png (12 KB, 555x407)
12 KB
for references, of course.
Being an artist/photographer is literally the best justification for that sort of thing.
>damn, that ass is great reference material
is it bad that I've lost respect for him now
I don't know what you're looking for exactly, my ph*neposting friend. Would Trent Kaniuga related? https://gumroad.com/trentk

Also if anyone could provide his stuff for download, it looks fun as HECK.

Yes, dilate.

File: download.png (6 KB, 214x236)
6 KB

Made a tiny /IC/ channel.
NGMI's and GMI's both welcome.
Cute /beg/'s as well.
Not going to ban you xNoseBro as you requested, but please stay away.
What makes it special?

File: 1560103932561.gif (227 KB, 480x561)
227 KB
227 KB GIF
>hoards refs and courses
>doesn't apply them to his own work
>Scribbles for an hour to feel productive
>Still believes he's gonna make it
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Even drawing a portrait from more an above or below angle requires knowledge of perspective and foreshortening. Foreshortening is part of perspective. Perspective doesn't just mean how the background changes. Basically you use knowledge of perspective any time time you draw something thats supposed to be a form in space. The best pin-up artists don't do every piece with a straight-on viewing angle, that becomes boring.
That's because theres no point in drawing a background. Most dickbrains will spend 3-4 seconds max looking at a pinup. They aren't going to admire how you drew the foliage.
>Copies a masterpiece blindly
>Turns out shit
>Throws in bin or keeps as evidence of being productive
>Never gets better
This is a good post. There is some good advice here but it sucks you have to dig through a mountain of negativity to get to it.

My advice to resource hoarders is to pick one and only do it for a week. Then do another until you find the resource you like most.

Also go outside and draw from life. Drawing from life is better than any book or video
File: sas.jpg (62 KB, 500x500)
62 KB
>using references
>not sucking naturally
get on my level fags

File: hqdefault.jpg (25 KB, 480x360)
25 KB
>Hate my job
>Can't find a new job
>Heard furry porn pays good
>Almost made an account yesterday on furaffinity
How easy is it to make bank on furry porn? I'm losing my shit going on 5 months with a fruitless job search. Never drawn furry stuff before.
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How come furries have so much money to blow?
They hold surprisingly good careers, and just burn their surplus on smut.
>that one doctor who spent tens of thousands of dollars on fur commisions
File: 500px-Pilfer_full (1).jpg (40 KB, 500x406)
40 KB
it works, I know for fact because I get SOME money from it, but dont forget is drawing after all, and if you can barely draw animumu crap then doing furry will be the same of a struggle, usually furries are nice and cool persons, they pay good if they feel you are worth the money, but have this in mind, youll have to build a relationship between your clients as some annon said, and that is time consuming, yeah, I ended up getting some nice friendos in that way as well, but damn dude opening you discord and getting lots of messages its kinda exhausting.
Im a furfag and also a lolicon (yeah massive freakko and pervert scum) and I have had lots of work in and out, it pays ok, it only pays good if you have the rare skill of doing good stuff in little time.
read loomis, read drawing animals books, stick animal heads into loomis bodies, voila
File: DWVBQI0W0AAlMNq.jpg (218 KB, 1200x1143)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
it sounds like a joke, but actually is not, one of the best furry artist out there does exactly that, he references good looking bodies and then adds the furry flavour, but again, getting at that levels is like getting at any other professional tier of any area, it requieres work.

File: file.png (421 KB, 900x1200)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
Does anyone record simon's streams here? I'm particularly looking for the one from yesterday (pic related). Would really appreciate it if anyone can share it.
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They are friends so Simons style has probably rubbed off on him.
mossa + simon = feason
On Piczel

Any link to mossa?

File: 20190717_184734.jpg (1.21 MB, 3264x1836)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Is my art reflecting my retardation?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
No. Don't let the crabs tell you otherwise.
I don't know but I dig your style

I take it you "fucked up" and decided to just fill it all in?

Don't do that, you're focusing too much on the end result being good instead of acknowledging your mistakes and learning from them.
Cartoon art is absolutely NGMI.

File: 91fcUIyWkLL._SX466_.jpg (62 KB, 466x494)
62 KB
Titty + shark good idea or no
Superb idea. Go for it.
File: DA8adlf.png (149 KB, 500x750)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
Make them blasting out milk into my mouth
I don't think that's a good idea, the Shark may bite you.

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