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File: Capture.png (458 KB, 630x821)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
Wittle character sketch :))

File: stats.png (29 KB, 604x720)
29 KB
Monthly Stats by number of visits and their percent increase/decrease last month:
Twitter - 3.62 Billion(-11%)
Instagram - 2.86 Billion(-10%)
Pixiv - 195 Million(-11%)
Deviantart - 162 Million(-9.5%)
4chan - 67 Million(-10%)
Artstation - 31 Million(-10%)
Newgrounds - 17.6 Million(-16%)
Hentaifoundry - 14.7 Million(-9%)
Pawoo - 2.26 Million(+88%)

Special Mention:
Tumblr - 368 Million(Was 568 Million at September 2018.)

Any other website is below 100 million, forgot to include or not worth mentioning.
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why is there a general decrease? also nice to see mastodon being used with pawoo, is there a similar one for english speakers?
twitter/instagram is too big for the general decrease to mean anything. most sites got a few million extra views for the months after the tumblr ban with the highest being a little over +10 million.
Where is /ic/ we didn’t even make the screen cap...
It’s right there, below /wsg/
Lots of porn artists moved to NG during Tumblr Exodus.
It's actually the best option for mixed SFW/NSFW gallery right now. Unless you are a fucking weeb.

File: wuq2puoa98d21.png (1.42 MB, 1513x1279)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
are the pencils at the bottom left funny because a beginner may not use a wide range of tones? or is it something else
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File: 1520392178817.jpg (37 KB, 640x960)
37 KB
>all these pencilfags
Who gives a shit about pencil brands lmao. Pencil's on the fucking list because it's garbage beginner tool and you'd better switch to pen or, if it's not your thing, to more expressive "soft" medium like charcoal or sanguine ASAP. It's not like it's impossible to make good art with graphite pencils but you must be really fucking lucky for its limitations to perfectly fit your technique so that it won't turn your art into dull garbage.
hes just in a lot of ref packs. Kind of like the old white guy everyone knows.
Or just go digital you fucking art boomer
Not him, but on the mannequins right now. They fucking suck.
File: 1 (one) yike.jpg (145 KB, 2048x1152)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>choosing between traditional and digital
>not doing both

I'm looking for movies/tv with good designs, composition, lighting, color, anything worth referencing/studying.
>Barry Lyndon
>The Machinist
>The Illusionist
>Wolf of Wall Street
>Kill Bill
That's all I can think of
Sin City

if you're into animation
File: rhapsody in blue.png (168 KB, 711x294)
168 KB
168 KB PNG

File: dudebob.jpg (12 KB, 192x154)
12 KB
so ive been drawing and oraciticing my anatomy fundies from FWAP and micahel hampton, but after looking at legend of zelda art i just have the urge to learn some watercolor for some reason.

is there a Loomis for watercolor? how does one go about learning it?
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Is English not your first language? Because your post makes no sense at all.

Watercolor and goauche are two completely different headspaces. If he wants to learn how to watercolor, telling him to drop them is not advice.

is goauche harder?
gouache and watercolor are chemically very similar. Gouache is more often applied in a thicker, more opaque fashion, which means it's easier to cover up your mistakes. Gouache can also be diluted to get more transparent effects like watercolor. Watercolor in dilution is more often more vibrant, if solely because cheap gouache brands use calcium carbonate as filler, giving a chalky look. But some people don't mind.
Fanatics like the zealous brainlets of the AWC fetishize keeping gouache and watercolor separate, but they play quite well together.
If you go back far enough in the etymology of gouache, it used to just refer to the process of adding white pigment to your paints to give them opacity.
If you want, just get a cheap watercolor set and a cheap tube of white gouache and experiment with mixing.
handprint.com is the only resource of note. There's enough references to get books you want and enough autism to keep you from painting for months. Just absorb and make note, it's more a reference than a guide and should be perused leisurely and gleaned for information you can understand at your current level, although the guides are great. Behavioral scientists love nothing more in life than telling other people exactly how wrong they are about "common knowledge". Take it slow and follow your gut, watercolor is all about your gut.
check out shibasaki on YT
has some really clever, easy to learn techniques

File: ai.webm (805 KB, 1920x1080)
805 KB
It's over
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>AI can and will completely replace human artists eventually.
Nope. You have either to be a non-artist to say that or just don't understand how AI and human brain work.
Pretty much.
The human brain isn’t special. If we can create a synthetic mind, it will be able to create art.
>You have either to be a non-artist to say that or just don't understand how AI and human brain work.
No, *you* don't understand how AI and the human brain work. Care to point out a single thing that can be modeled by biochemical processes that can't be modeled by electronic ones? We're a very, very long way away from it, but it's certainly possible, and will happen in the long run.
inb4 religious free will fag
The human brain is much more powerful than you know foolish bug.
Artificial Intelligence turns simple sketch into photorealistic masterpiece

File: 1552169823439.jpg (36 KB, 655x527)
36 KB
How much can It cost a non mediocre teacher or art school online that isn't Harvard tier expensive?

>but self teach
that's a meme, 98% of /ic/ stagnate for years because they think self study is some magic bullet.

>but art college memes
I'm not asking shitty art college, but ateliers that focus on classical realism.
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there must be at least some faggot on /ic/ who isn't completely trash and wouldn't charge thousands per class.
I would teach you but I can't really care that much if I'm not getting paid well. It'd have to be a decent amount of money to take away from my own work.

Many incredible artists are self taught nowadays, for example Nurzhan Bekkyaliyev, pic related.

Get some amazing art books, start there, the sticky would be useful for that. Then, you can do online classes if you want, or a subscription to schoolism, etc.
only a retard would pay for art classes, well unless you are too stupid to learn by yourself
t. shitty self made "artist"
$0 with cgp

$10k if you're going through the CGMA program

File: 1444609048025.gif (982 KB, 320x287)
982 KB
982 KB GIF
>7 billion people on this fucking planet
>roughly a quarter of those people indulge in art as either a career or a hobby
>somehow your favorite tags on gelbooru remained untouched after almost a fucking decade
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File: 3dproko.jpg (72 KB, 387x455)
72 KB
oh no, its retarded

I've had similar thoughts, although not related to fetish porn per se. The internet seems to small in relation to how man users there are. I've uploaded some scans from artbooks and posters etc. from illustrations by relatively well known fantasy artists. Yet my scans are the only ones posted on the internet - the only other versions are in ridiculously low shitty resolutions. Somehow it seems mathematically implasusible
I think you're underestimating the sheer number of normalfags in the world. The vast majority of people only use the internet for Facebook and don't even know what anime is. Fantasy is a niche genre and if it's weebshit it becomes even more niche. You'd be lucky if 5% of the world's population know the artist.
File: 1543086146530.gif (1.99 MB, 400x400)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
Its crazy.

You could literally draw porn that no one else has ever considered making or has made, but it will be viewed by thousands of people.

File: OOOOMMMMGGGGG.jpg (18 KB, 358x270)
18 KB
OMG somebody noticed me!!!!
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File: 1552728338296.png (236 KB, 860x785)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
File: 1551084789781.jpg (44 KB, 960x635)
44 KB
it's probably just the glass thing and some giving away 2 grand thing I had the same thought after starting my account a few weeks ago and getting page views felt bad to find out just ads
Notices ARE DA announcements, that's the joke.

I don't even care anymore.
A thread died for this crap.
SHIT I just deleted some sort of contest with the movie GLASS... I assumed it had expired

File: image.png (662 KB, 3064x1612)
662 KB
662 KB PNG
Redraw this.
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File: 1.jpg (261 KB, 506x900)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
i'm beg but i wanted to join. sorry for my lack of skill
Kinda tried to go for Advance Wars vibe... half-way through coloring, which is never a bright idea.
Blog or something mate?
i regret looking at this but its genuinely unnerving. well done man
Cool stuff guy. I actually really like those finger toes. Got a place where you post your stuff?

File: cabra1.jpg (718 KB, 1080x1920)
718 KB
718 KB JPG
What do u think about this one?
File: 1551769000955.gif (880 KB, 500x450)
880 KB
880 KB GIF
is this a homestuck reference?
I think that I'm going to need a blog.

File: 1552815656308.gif (1.4 MB, 400x388)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB GIF
Roughly how good would i be at drawing if i practice for 8 hours a day for the next year?
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
entrance exams to what?
half the points come from drawing tests
you can make a decent amount of progress if you practised everything perfectly. You'd be average hobbyist level.
>you will never practice perfectly
>you need to figure out what works for you
>you will need to develop your taste
>as you continue to learn you will just realise how much you don't know
>you won't draw for 8 hours every day
>you will burn out

That kind of attitude will just set you up to fail. Be excited about your future improvement, sure, but for now you need to focus on learning at your current level. Dare I say, "just draw"
If you are /beg/ you don't need to destroy yourself, just learn things at a nice pace. Once you are intermediate yeah, go hardcore. Once you go professional, say goodbye to your health.
Is anything I said wrong?

File: 1552414226232.jpg (132 KB, 1080x1331)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>turn off wifi
>close firefox
>suddenly 4x more productive
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
nigga you trippin
open your motherfucking eyes hahhaha
File: dick.jpg (163 KB, 834x400)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
This sounds really good, I will try this
Pic related looks so souless
from my experience a good sleep is enough. Or one day max, then back to work
the industry term for this is "power cycle"

I used 4hr chunks with 2x4hr discontinuous sleep chunks + 4hrs decompression, food, hygiene + 2x4hr continuous job + 4hr drawing chunk

File: ngmis.jpg (98 KB, 640x1136)
98 KB
Daily reminder that if the life drawing model isn't looking at you like this during every pose, you're confirmed NGMI
69 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
I am that bitch. you sound like you can't take a joke.
im one response away from being called an incel so have at it, lady. it's your internet I just live on it.
Every time a model looks at me i just stare right back, doesn't break my concentration at all. I mean, if i'm being perfectly honest i don't even see a human there, just a piece of meat i want to accurately draw.
Whats something that makes you not like a certain person drawing you?
honestly the issue has never come up. all the people I've modeled for have acted like respectful adults, so I've never actually been in a situation (at least not in that environment) where I actually wanted to make someone uncomfortable.
I like your attitude.

File: brause holder.jpg (26 KB, 500x487)
26 KB
>Bought a Brause pen holder for 2.88 eurobucks.
>Got pic related, the entire box.
>Total value: 56.8 eurobucks

Also art supplies thread.
Got some nice Canson bristol I can't wait to try.
All I want is to be able to buy a set of fineliners that are all the same damn size. Give me a box of 0.5s and I am set. I got pigma microns and faber castells, and love the s size castell (why can't they just name it the actual nib size?) because it feels far less scratchy than the pigma and I prefer it for drawing on the go.
File: dbz_goku_awwyeah.gif (628 KB, 245x242)
628 KB
628 KB GIF
Got a criminally cheap ruler from Walmart for 47 cents, simply because I didn't have one. Turns out it has the beveled edge that's great for inking so I don't have to tape coins on the bottom to keep it off the page.
Box of 4 or you want some wholesale shit?
write the name on the Subject box next time

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