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File: 13574357434558645.jpg (213 KB, 800x1133)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
>does this use lineart

and what software would this use in general? the blending looks quite nice
It might use line originally it it might not and it can be done with any popular software.
Is irrelevant, what matters in this case is understanding and the fluidity of values.
How do i get to that level? What kind of practice do i need? (Yes im beg)
This particular piece is heavy with good value control
Study someone like Ilya Repin
a watercolor brush achieves this, only if you choose good values
According to the artist's artstation, he uses photoshop.


For some reason I thought the artist would use something like Sai instead. But it's probably because his style reminds me of Rei's.

File: Nice Anatomy.png (52 KB, 400x400)
52 KB
Why avoid scratchy lines?
pic not related
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>working towards building confidence in your strokes and your forms
Have you not read anything else in the thread?
It doesn't, but it's better to try to do some that don't look scratchy too.
light scratchy lines first, then finish with a final dark solid line.
Scratchy lines are okay for sketching but not for the final version.

Hi, if you'd like to share your art with other/give and receive critique come join our server!
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Cry harder.
>144p drawing
Is this a new style?
no u whore
studio spark is one of the most disgusting discords i've had the displeasure of joining, you are all ugly thirsty nerd and internet whores. fuck off with your disgusting ass jerk off nothing discord shithole.
i dont trust people who spend their art real estate socializing instead of arting

File: 1522566168721.jpg (60 KB, 323x640)
60 KB
Let's post some secret art tech and GREAT tips only, I'll start:

To draw anime looking at human references is useless, you should grind Aliens, specifically Grays, I recommend drawing between 20 to 50 Grays a day until you master their head which is the most important part in anime and manga.
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No there definitely are sekrits. The ones itt suck though
I believe they didn't actually start looking like grey's until after close encounters of the 3rd kind came out(or some other movie) before that people report aliens as glowing pale angelic looking humans.
>I can't help you with 3d though.
you need to suck on 3 dicks for that
>people misidentifying aliens for something they've seen when they were babies.
That's actually brilliant and hilarious.

File: 1470515038843.jpg (102 KB, 640x360)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
what's /ic/'s favourite pen and ink?
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a pen with black ink inside
nice bruh
Used to hate dip pens, now the G and mapping nibs are my go-to.
File: Simply.jpg (53 KB, 560x560)
53 KB
Ph Martin's Hi-Carb ink. The Maru pen is finest but I have some rarer types that I cherish

File: 2-in-circle-md.png (8 KB, 300x300)
8 KB
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guys youre supposed to sketch
b/ can't read
File: best girl.jpg (401 KB, 990x1260)
401 KB
401 KB JPG

File: 016.jpg (257 KB, 1447x2046)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
What is a good source for simplified anatomy? I just want to start drawing people in action to train my brain but I don't know what I should look for.
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based retard
File: 1537075854915.jpg (2.45 MB, 3840x2160)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB JPG
based and redpilled retardbro

File: mcjesus.jpg (73 KB, 1199x630)
73 KB
Usually I detest cotemprorary art, but I think this is beautiful in all senses.
Post good modern art, take a rest from your chink-style lollies you draw and clutter up the board with.
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I'll say this more plainly: the artist told a lot of christians that Jesus himself said they are going to hell and they knew it was true. That made them go apeshit.
This board isn't lost yet.
I see this thread is filled with a whole bunch of atheist faggots, that will find out sooner or later what hell is really like enjoy your eternal hellfire cocksuckers.
fair but its still lazy and derivative. That retard Banksy used Ronald and Micky photoshoped in the famous napalmed girl photo. Piss Christ was a cheap plastic cross in urine. It was tat to fleece the holy yet the it was treated as an insult to the entirety of the religion.
I partly agree. It's a very simply done work. Any of us could have painted it. And it struck a raw nerve amongst viewers, meaning it was poignant and precise for the time and place. My argument is that this relationship between the work and the audience cemented it as being a legitimately significant artwork. This is not the same as contemporary abstract works that have elites sniffing each other's farts. Sometimes simple visual arithmetic is brilliant.

File: it's always time.png (380 KB, 500x375)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
How many hours a day do you typically spend doing art?


What you count as doing art is up to you, try not to lie to yourself though, this thread is for srs discussion and hopefully improving.

I've never been much of a grinder but I can no longer stand how the day seems to slip away so damn fast and I only get a couple of hours in, but pros and even twitch artists consistently put in double digits.

General discussion of how to improve your stamina, manage schedules, and use time more wisely would be great too.
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That was very lame
That's 10 hours of rendering, not drawing
That guy's channel is all clickbait and very normie stuff, including EPIC PRANKS. Your time would be better spent watching moderndayjames or someone trying to teach you something.
Right now? 10 minutes or less, usually none.

Been meaning to get back to it, but I don't know how since I suck at still life drawings and probably may never get the hang of it regardless of hours spent.
Try even just doodling for like 15 minutes a day, drawing from imagination. Even if you're at total /beg/ level I think that's a good exercise to keep doing, otherwise you can get so bogged down in studies that you forget what you would like to draw if you did have the skills.
File: look at the time.jpg (46 KB, 652x415)
46 KB
Pretty good amount of votes so far, it looks like if you can do more than 3 hours a day you do more than 75% of /ic/.

Blender is like that ugly chick back in highschool who became attractive as an adult.
I'm a 2D artist primarily and started to learn/look into 3D and animation. so Maya/ZBrush/TvPAint/Moho etc but to my surprise Blender has apparently been working on a 2D animation feature on their software and it looks kinda awesome




What are your thoughts on it? If you're a 3D artist and animator would you use blender? or stick to dedicated software?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I believed in this, but do you people actually use it? Like, its tedious just to move a few frames or add frames inbetween, which for me is an essential part of animating. Don't really feel like its there yet, could be great tho I guess.
I don't use it for animation but I use it for preplanning or storyboarding to get better ideas for composition like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8puJClvNYE&t=13s

you can set up a plane, draw on the plane, frame it with something even (in that case looking out of a helicopter eventually, and get parallax. i've animated 3d in blender before which isn't as hard as you make it out to be when you learn or configure keyboard shortcuts.
I'm personally waiting until the first stable release to use the 2.8 version, honestly.

As much as I want to, most of the plugins are stuck at 2.79, and lord knows when/if they'll update any to fit the new 2.8 architecture.
Krita has 2d animation. learning blender just for animations Seems like an unnesesary headache
I mentioned in the OP I'm learning both animation and 3D and that's why I asked if learning both with one software is good or I should stick to dedicated software

File: NAP620_1.jpg (80 KB, 537x717)
80 KB
Is there a good japanese "How To Draw Anime" books made by japanese artists translated in english?

Western Artists who made "How To Draw Anime" books are try hards.
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can't you read? ngmi if you can't even study 日本語

It's called How to Draw - Hands,Gestures, Poses Illustrations. You can find it on J-List.

Dumb nigger trying to be funny. Try harder next time, faggot.
File: lol.jpg (201 KB, 1427x960)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
>Dumb nigger trying to be funny. Try harder next time, faggot.
lol i wasn't trying to be funny. it's a shitty looking book. lmao at anyone that thinks they're gonna learn at anyone thinking /beg/ how to draw books are magic bullets because they're japanese
You just need to develop an style for the face, especially the eyes. Look for anatomy of the eyes and like 10 pages of loomies to learn construction for the face and body types. Most anime girls are 5-6 heads high. Anime is just making the brain of your peers believe that you are drawing people.
Why not?
It's pretty popular nowadays.

So I've been pretty hooked on this dudes art for a while now and I've been studying what I can find of his art to try and learn how he crosshatches like that.

Copying his work doesnt seem to be getting me much more mileage, I can glean a bit here and there but my results still look pretty diff from his.

Are there any books on crosshatching/hatching in general that could help shed a light on what he's doing?

Posting some of his art to star the thread.
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File: swanaGerome.jpg (152 KB, 360x720)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
vs. the design that won
While the first one is good, the brief said

>This character is a young Danji warrior princess who has a keen sense for adventure and presence that is calm and powerful. Could she be a potential Jedi? Let’s call her Swana. She is known to be strong, lighting-quick, and beautiful.

So, I think the shrunken faced probably was too much.
File: tav4_3000dpi.jpg (422 KB, 1920x969)
422 KB
422 KB JPG
I might as well post other stuff

This is the bike he designed
File: SW_Vehicle__2_col.jpg (127 KB, 720x360)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
vs. the bike that won

This other artist is Mario Alberti. Really good artist, I love his sketchy style and he draws very freely in his videos
can you explain this creature a bit more?

File: _20190108_015737.jpg (173 KB, 1051x1130)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Dear /ic/, what are your honest opinions on these 3 popular art styles? Here is #1.
100 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Glip is just good at manipulating stupid, gullible people and her fan base is ancient
You ever been on /cow/? The fans are worse than the people they want to hatefuck.
>caring about style
nigga just draw
what the fuck is wrong with you guys? why do you want everyone to draw the same shit? just let people have their own style, for fucks sake
$80 a piece is trash money for a bespoke commission

W/o the porno

Questions that dont deserve their own thread thread. Ask a question and get an answer.
300 replies and 51 images omitted. Click here to view.
do dodson keys to drawing and steve huston figure drawing book. guptill rendering in pen and ink too or other pen and ink technique books
how cheap can I look at for a laptop that can reliably run clip studio paint & use a screen tablet?
my PC busted and I'm moving countries soon anyways so it isn't practical for me to buy a new PSU, rather just invest in later.
I have a xppen 16 if that matters.
Look up recommended specs for Clip Studio.

I'd imagine a simple duo core with integrated graphics support would be your best bet to get a decent experience. 8-16GB of RAM if you plan on using Chrome, and the tablet. Depends if the tablet has built in RAM and processors for Clip studio. Might consider more cores if you plan on doing lots of image processing.

It'd look like it could be in the $400-$600 range.
Hey thanks for the reply.

CSP seems to at minimum require not a lot judging by a quick Google search. Recommended a 960m and an i7-7700hq (minimum said don't even need a GPU). My real concern comes from the tablet as it's essentially just a second screen and as far as I'm aware has no hardware itself for performing. But that price range really helps a lot, thanks, I'm not all too up to date with this stuff I got into digital art purely cause the tablet was a gift (though am enjoying it immensely, when I can). Going to take that price range and have a look tomorrow. Thanks again, a lot.
i made a thread about getting an agent and it got delet, why?

File: unreal.png (1.11 MB, 894x894)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Let's see an /ic/ YLYL thread please I need to feel a little bit better bois
160 replies and 61 images omitted. Click here to view.
Good christ. What an unfortunate character.
me with the tablet
Damn even this is not good for /ic/ standards.
Belfiore is awesome. He just went full retard on this one.
houdini got punched only once and died

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