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File: えびふらい.jpg (46 KB, 1152x648)
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Fuck off, I thought you were the nip that posts doom screenshots and got excited

File: Echo Terra Avatar.png (152 KB, 500x500)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Recently made an Animatic as a proof of concept more or less for a scifi cartoon idea. We start production tomorrow. Comments? Critiques?
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I like the voices very much, like the jokes and the vibe. I would like to see how far can you push the animations and the character design.
This could be a good product.
Keep it up.
maybe try making something that looks like it took more than just a few days to throw together if you are looking for genuine critique
He said it was a proof of concept. Are you familiar with the term mvp?

OP should show us references and shit about the final product.
It reminds me of another cartoon that involved a lazy dude and a robot thing inside a spaceship, it was even unfinished and looked more like an animatic but the art was slightly better
Timing needs to be better and less static camera angles. The jokes are okay, but they drag on for way to long.

This is an American high school art class from 1942. So... What the fuck happened?
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I took my photoshop classes when I was an 8th grader. that was 2006, incorporated in the public school curriculum.
>New York had Italy up until 1990
Started to draw what they really wanted.
Lol they all look decent without all those art student neck tattoos and sleeve tattoos.
>dakota is basically little norway
feels good

File: drawing kids.jpg (107 KB, 748x864)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
you know, i used to draw when I was a kid. I was drawing soldiers and dragons and that shit, inspired by Magic the gathering and Dragonball and whatnot. But when I overcame puberty, I stopped.

So, why do you still draw, anon? Are you a still that snotty, little kid? Never want to grow up? You guys are truly virgins forever.

the same thing happened to me, I just draw like any others kid but stopped.

Now I started to draw again but as a hobby, because I realize it's always better practice and active hobby than playing videos games all day or watching tv.

>Never want to grow up?

People never grow up, they just have a lot of responsibilities.
I’m still drawing because I didn’t let neural pruning win

Assuming you've got the skill to make some decent figures how do/would you break down breaking into the NSFW art industry. Taking comissions, creating comics best places to post your work and build a base. Best places too safetly and securely take payments from clients and programs used to gain ad rev on your site? Shit like that.

File: 1519424149939.png (1.79 MB, 1400x1979)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
Would anyone else like to do this master study with me?
File: hjyrfjtyjyj.jpg (52 KB, 918x564)
52 KB
File: bane.png (184 KB, 461x499)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
is that who I think it is?
Yes! ... I mean no.

File: Screenshot (757).png (368 KB, 503x608)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
email and web site on back are both invalid. i have not checked the phone number. help.
Why do you think that would have any value?
>google "dan wooster artist"
>everything is literally on the first page

Anyone else hate drawing on screen tablets?

I like traditional and I like a normal tablet, but an ipad pro or a cintiq feels weird and I can't seem to get used to that plastic on glass feeling. A matte screen protector kind of helps, but then you ruin the image quality and it still feels kind of shit compared to traditional or just a normal tablet.
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I have the 9.7 ipad pro.

I have this issue

In my case it happens when I turn on stabilizers, on Procreate, CSP, Sketchbook, all art apps.

To fix it I have to change pressure curves, and for this reason I'm using mainly CSP.

Probably is a problem related to IOS 10 and 11, but I don't know, maybe on the new ones this thing doesn't happen.

Apart from that (big) problem, there is no parallax and drawing feels nice, but go to an apple store a try yourself.
anyone else have a problem where your ipad screen makes this weird squeaking noise with your apple pencil?

the only way I can fix it is by rubbing my hands on the screen to make it all oily. If the screen is very clean then it squeaks a lot
Ive only ever used a intous, but im thinking of getting a ipad pro so i can work at college and when im travelling, but ill try it at the apple store first.
I got an ipad pro and I feel you. Prefer my intuos 3 for tactile feeling. But the ipad is more convenient and less falling apart.
Why are you throwing cintiqs in the same bucket as an actual non-drawing tablet when they feel completely different?

File: DcIxsy1VMAUAaas.jpg (90 KB, 730x1200)
90 KB
What does /ic/ think of Tokiya?
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>Pretty "meh" by Jap standards
"Meh" compared to other Japanese Artists? Not sure what you mean otherwise since I assumed Japanese people like his art since Gamefreak hired him.
I absolutely adore his Pokemon stuff
...youre not wrong
>not "meh" tier (by Jap standards)

File: 1529162828447.png (260 KB, 593x635)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
What are the best resources to learn art?

don't simply @loomis me.
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this kind of makes sense, i tried getting into fun with a pencil but the god damn face perspectives killed my vibe and will to draw
Don't read Loomis, is just a waste of time.

teachers (& their books)
>michael hampton
>scott robertson

keeping my recommended lists short because i know too much choice can be overwhelming
Loomis is a waste of time and nobody had ever even heard of him until a few years ago.


File: IMG_3608.jpg (143 KB, 720x889)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
I draw from real life and try to replicate it the best I can, so I guess you could say my style is run-of-the-mill realistic. I'm just tired of seeing shittily drawn anime/manga. I decided to give one anime style it a try to see if it's as difficult as some make it look like. Anyway, tell me what i could do better and if I should start on that path if i have potential.
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The shoulders are wrong. If you really want to go "realistic" study more anatomy.
This style looks like the anime art thats typically drawn by teenage girls who binge anime desu
as opposed to the shit here drawn by neckbeards who binge moe anime
meh both styles are pretty generic either way, I really don't give much of a shit about anime art, so I was just going off initial thoughts

What do you think of wlop's art?

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>don't photobash unlike 999% of artists
>newfags are so easily impressed

hate to break it to ya, but there are tens of thousands of artists out there who have never touched tracing or photobashing at all. Stop sucking this guys dick dawg, you're portraying him like some spirit animal
I don't even think hes impressive. all of his faces look like theyre melting off- lopsided, sloppy perspective. definitely more talented than my ass no question. but I think there are better artists to learn from.
No one is going to be painting traditionally. Do you even realise how much it costs to get the shit to paint traditionally?
of course not
he's probably momatard
Literally unaplicable in digital for there is no actual paint and canvas involved nor is there a program that can replicate it in any significant way.

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didnt the gorilla also draw
It's related to art.


Did Koko learn from Vilppu or Loomis more?
File: pink2.jpg (31 KB, 300x334)
31 KB
Jesus... how much do I need to grind to get to this level? Pink Pink Stink Nice Drink is a masterpiece
Unironically nice colors

her gorilla friend Michael was better than 90% of /ic/

just asking since i saw d/a celebs deleting their main galleries. For what purpose does this serve?
Most people want to market themselves so they remove fanart or anything that could tarnish their brand
>For what purpose does this serve?
da is generally accepted as basically furaffinity 2.0 by this point. you can host there, but it would probably serve you better to move everything to a personalized blog

I think that they also claim the copyright of whatever you don't helps as well
I deleted all of my art when I attempted suicide.

Obviously it was not a successful attempt.
yes delete everything that can give you a bad name if you want to be a professional artist unless your aiming to be a nsfw artist then nobody cares much about the bad or cringy things you have done or draw as long as you keep making more nsfw
No art director cares about your deviant art, they already know it's full of shit.
I've made it and none of my recruiters even mentioned my deviant art once, I've kept all my cringy stuff in there
Get an artstation with your real name, post only your pro art in there, and you'll be fine.

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