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Is it as insightful as I've heard?
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File: IMG_20191019_094851.jpg (3.32 MB, 2976x3968)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB JPG

And its not expensive


Its hard to grasp the point because i have show you random pages but when you read it, you get the point
Cringe and BluePilled
I've read it a while ago, and I don't remember a single thing about it, save for it being very sappy.
does seem like he waffles on a bit. doesnt appear to be the big message the first few posts in here made me think it was. the bits on colour are interesting, and cement what ive heard others say.
i also found youtube videos with excerpts, youtube is useful for art book reviews that people like to talk about.

is it that /ic/ could learn from this, or more that /ic/ is focused on other matters (figah drawen) to learn from this?

File: 0983305.jpg (146 KB, 480x471)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Is this true?
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>I don't understand how someone can spend years on learning a skill only to drop it completely at some point. That is what I don't understand.
In my experience a lot of parents will force or pressure their kid to pick up an instrument, even when they don't like doing it.
>Anyway, it always irritated me when people mention that they "used to play an instrument" for example. I don't know how you can pick up something, become good enough at it to see the appeal and beauty in it and manage to just drop it altogether. It really convinces me that people don't all have an equivalent subjective experience. Some people really do perceive more, have a deeper sense of beauty. So really, there are lesser artists than others, which is probably what OP is describing.

some people do this weird thing called go to school and get a real job, have sex, amd have kids, and dont have time for something that requires daily consistent practice
>and dont have time for something that requires daily consistent practice

At least some professions are honest about it and they call what they do "a practice", because that's what it is.
>lesson 5
Yes it is! You gotta enjoy doing it for the sake of it,otherwise you will stop when money doesn't come as fast as you expected. Those who keep going even through hard times will end up somewhere eventually (and maybe after countless failures that they embraced)

File: pre.jpg (67 KB, 1148x696)
67 KB
>Rapidly improving artist shoots up in popularity and then suddenly disappears

Why does this keep happening? Can they not handle the fame?
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Dude go to therapy or at least read one CBT book.
We already established it's the character
cock and ball torture books?
There's tons of people with social anxiety who manage to work : either find a job where you don't have to interact with people too much (not seeing clients,being alone most of the time) or face this anxiety. Mom isn't going to cover you eternally you know! (and living autonomously has a cost)
CBT is ineffective; the data on it shows a high relapse rate.
this is because it doesn't solve the underlying problems. it says
>see what your thoughts have caused? you're miserable
>stop acting on your thoughts and act on these other thoughts instead
it's fucked.

File: 0447.jpg (1.29 MB, 2490x3677)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
Quick draw a figure(s) from imagination and post it in this thread. Don't be scared anon, I believe in you!
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How is Terada so good bros? His sketchbook is filled with these soulful doodles.
File: lighting practice.png (885 KB, 598x1000)
885 KB
885 KB PNG
Lets keep it going lads.
File: the.jpg (35 KB, 900x900)
35 KB
Where'd you learn to color like that? :O
Thanks anon. I’m actually not that experienced with color. What I do know, I learned from Loomis’ creative illustration book or maybe it was eye of the painter ? Idk, one of those. Learned a bit about warms and cools from sinix as well (warm light cool shadows). Other than that I just messed around with the sliders, tweaked the saturation etc. until I had a nice base to work with and went in with color dodge for the blue.

File: 1570837638650s.jpg (5 KB, 166x249)
5 KB
Need some pics of the head and neck
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File: neutral.fleur1.jpg (100 KB, 720x899)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
I like her snaky looks
File: 3Q1t1QX.jpg (88 KB, 640x480)
88 KB
BRO, are you like mad or something
*Splurt* oh no *splort* HNNG I'M FUCKING COOMING *gloop*

“you have to study to improve” vs “naturally talented and drawn to drawing” mindsets

i noticed that some people say that you have to make the conscious effort to improve and learn new things, and that if you just draw whatever for fun forever you will see minimal progress. and some people who say that they just always doodled and drew and they got to a pretty decent level without consciously trying to study, just drawing whatever they want

what do you think?
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Because they want to and enjoy it. Not to "grind".
As soon as you grind, you're done for. If you were gonna make it you wouldn't need to force yourself to draw.
>It doesn't mean anything here except "money" which has nothing to do with art
Art is a fucking trade not some higher calling, if it wasn't for the money in art then art wouldn't have progressed to the levels it has
>what are hobbyists
Gtfo calarts anon, you were already destroyed in that previous thread.
Who cares about hobbyists. I doubt they make up more than 5% of the past great artists
Most modern artists started as hobbyists and were offered jobs for it. Pretty much as soon as the camera was readily available and until fags like Warhol and Basquiat got paraded, drained and wrecked by the Manhattan MOMA kikes art became a personal pursuit first and a trade second.

Is it possible to have draw too completely different styles and pretend to be different people? Like if I wanted to do porn art and regular art separately. Like if I build a reputation as a good artist drawing normal stuff I don’t want people digging and finding that I alway draw Zelda getting fucked as a trap. Like the normal side I can live stream and draw and talk and show my face and the other I don’t and just draw nasty ass porn.
>is it possible to draw
for an ignorant little shitposter like you, nothing is possible
Ur gay tho
Yes, but you'd have to make a concerted effort to make sure neither style bleeds into the other by mistake
be out and proud, its 2019 no shame in being gay

File: 1570230373737.jpg (372 KB, 2048x1152)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
You have to master perspective, value, color, gesture, composition, which takes literal years and a lot of pain and frustration, never forget, charge what your time is worth anon.
>You have to master perspective, value, color, gesture, composition, which takes literal years and a lot of pain and frustration
can this meme stop?
since when is this whole "boohoo art is so difficult it'll take blood sweat and tears oh god an artists life has to be misserable or they're not real artists waaaaah" shit become the norm?
the funny thing is, the people who started this shit actually ended up believing their own lies.
File: 1570413756814.png (49 KB, 784x744)
49 KB
With that opinion you must be the one who drew pic rel.
Based Picasso charging $500 for a napkin sketch.
this, true artist value their time and work.
>Soul vs Soulless
How come artists always lose their soul when they get good?

File: Chris-Straw.jpg (13 KB, 233x204)
13 KB
Images would be Nice.
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>I somewhat admire the idea of sticking to your vision, which he largely does
dude his vision is just him sockpuppeting a bunch of vidya characters. you think he decided to become trans just like that? of course he spent too much time unsupervised on the internet and got influenced to do that. This is exactly why lgbt should be kept the fuck away from kids, and kids from the internet.
Is she Canadian ?
File: EHI8-YKWwAM3rGG.jpg (112 KB, 1016x789)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Him, did you know he turned 30 yesterday ?
This picture of Kenshiro by Hirohiko Araki is basically the inspiration for everything I draw.

Is this textbook flanderization?

A character that just happened to have big boobs evolved to have her entire being be defined by having gigantic boobs.

Are there any other good examples of this in art?
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She’s a character meant to attract a person with a certain fetish. What’s the problem here?

evolved to have a long ass torso (3 heads which used to be 2)
He developed his style. Nothing wrong with that
>A character that just happened to have big boobs evolved to have her entire being be defined by having gigantic boobs.

I really doubt that it was a "coincidence" or she just so happened to have big tits. It looks like that character was specifically created for that sole purpose to begin with.

File: 1570913806631.gif (247 KB, 500x391)
247 KB
247 KB GIF
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File: chun li.gif (655 KB, 250x250)
655 KB
655 KB GIF
Depends on if your goal is to reproduce within the style or be able to generate, sui generis, new pixel art.

If the latter, just grind your fundies and practice producing drawings in pixel art too, pixel art is just normal digital art with additional limitations

If the former, isolate elements of the room and reproduce them pixel by pixel. First you trace. Then you copy in greyscale. Then you render colors and shading. Then you reproduce from memory. Then you try to make an item that's similar but slightly changed, from imagination.

Repeat over and over again with different isolated elements until the patterns and tricks you're seeing set in. Yes, it's that simple, and yes, it's that boring, reproducing something can in fact be as simple as
>Repeatedly reproduce parts of it till you can basically shit one of your own out just by rote experience.
File: 1561051407830.png (812 KB, 1293x1012)
812 KB
812 KB PNG
there's no secret. just select a pencil tool and start experimenting
i want to reproduce within the exact style, i'll save your advice and take it on board

these nail edits though harmless always feel like someones fetish to me. i don't see the point in nail edits they don't really add anything new to the original to me.
Buy Pixel Logic from Michafrar, it helped me inmensely.
Get Aseprite. Find pixel artists that you like, see retro games that you love how they look and study both.

File: IMG_20191018_181631.jpg (132 KB, 640x423)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
what does noke mean
It's an Irish slang for for homosexuality.

File: brack.jpg (79 KB, 960x576)
79 KB
going pro,
how many of you guys/gals have had to show proof of using legit software?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You can just clear them.
Is it just exif?
File: Untitled.jpg (92 KB, 707x512)
92 KB
If you're still paranoid about some tinfoil shit then get some exif cleaner programs.
check that its even there to start with, right click - properties - details
it might also be adding a photoshop icc colour profile to jpg's, so keep an eye out for that.

File: 20425529.jpg (201 KB, 709x1024)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Posting classic/contemporary figure drawings for inspiration and study.
30 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
So far its provided nice ‘ahah’ moments while reading it, and the exercises are pretty nice but most of them so far require a model which I dont have :( so its been alot of work with a mirror/ self portraits where I can
It's not that.

This thread is full of great drawings, but KtD isn't really the path to get you there. It's written in a dilettante sort of way.

I'm inclined to think Juliet Aristides book on drawing and sketching might be better, but I need to look at it again to see how difficult it is for someone to pick it up fresh.
I’ll definitely take a look ty
Where I can get thoose books?

File: aaa.png (719 KB, 793x620)
719 KB
719 KB PNG
use sai to draw Chirs o' neil whay could i done better for the face?

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