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File: BNGJ2E4.jpg (27 KB, 570x419)
27 KB
Is there an art teacher out there who is like Namasensei? I want someone to call me stupid bitch in their lessons.
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File: result.jpg (1.77 MB, 3484x2698)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
I like to pretend every time I get drunk and draw plates.
>taking advice from a guy who draws like this
File: old guy painting.jpg (57 KB, 800x755)
57 KB
he is pretty good
>tfw no qt femdom art teacher gf that pat's your head and says good boy when you grind fundies all day
I didn't come here to feel, lads.

File: 9d5.png (173 KB, 2688x2688)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
why do we draw? whats the goal? what makes you keep drawing?
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basically to improve, maybe try have it as a side job when im older, bored, can draw my own porn if the wifi goes out like it always does
Hahaha thanks for the genuine chuckle
I have OCD and the only way I feel like I can get my obsessive thoughts out of my head is by making them ‘real’ by turning them into a picture.
It fun
File: 1542047361545.jpg (123 KB, 807x861)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
It's the only marketable skill I developed. Also it's fun haha

File: 20190115_135004.jpg (3.51 MB, 4160x3120)
3.51 MB
3.51 MB JPG
So I completed my first painting that i actually took time on and put 100% into. I used acrylic paint and Im not inclined to use it again it dries so fast its a pain in the ass. Post your recently finished work
Wtf how do i rotate it
File: 20190115_135004~2.jpg (1.69 MB, 4160x3120)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
File: 20190115_135004~3.jpg (2.2 MB, 3120x4160)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB JPG
bruther, go to the >draw thread

File: 25gxwnn.png (230 KB, 1125x1600)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
I am an artist, and today I had to go to the emergency room with such severe vertigo that lasted 12+ hours and is still there but I'm on anti anxiety to cope with the distress. It is so constant, extreme and terrifying. That I had never considered suicide but if this doesn't stop in a few days I can't handle it. I've been told that video games are a bad idea. I'm scared to do anything without asking (I asked google first). Anyone with experience tell me if I will make it worse doing my art? I'm desprate, please have mercy on me. I asked my mom if she would help me die. I'm 34. No suicide thoughts before this is so extreme I beat my face in involuntary terror and exasperation. Without the tranqs I can't hold on. Anyone with experience tell me if this is a safe activity. Please have mercy on me. Please I'm begging you. Real answers =lease god please

This is not a critique thing, I don't care if I'm the wrost artist ever, I just didn't know where else to ask where there were a lot of artists.
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Might you be having sleeping problems in general Anon? That could be a possibility.

I know I suffered something similar a period of vertigo and constant headaches myself and also hand anxiety attacks when I just woke up in the middle of the night and felt like I was about to die if I fall asleep again I would never wake up. However the vertigo wasn't nearly as terrible as you described. After it settled down a bit I was referred to MRI cardiology and everything but neither found anything wrong with me.

Turned out that bad posture during long hours of work on art might have been the culprit, I decided to completely overhaul my workplace area afterwards to rue l out the possibly. It kept coming back randomly but over time it slowly went away almost completely.

Make sure you rule out the damaging posture possibility. Hope you get well soon, keep reporting back!
Someone else encouraged suicide up top and you can see they are crossed out and the post is gone. (>>3766682)
That's because it's against US law to encourage someone to kill themselves. 4chan is now taking these posts seriously. And everyone on 4chan knows what 'an hero' means so you can't hide behind that.
i had a similar case a while back, it was just vertigo all day long and i cant even balance myself walking. and after some research i deducted it was some sort of ear issue since i went to a pretty shitty public pool the day before and my hearing felt muffled in that ear so i assume it was some sort of ear infection. went to a doctor and got perscripted some ear drops and i recovered after 2-3 days despite suffering pretty badly during those headaches
>an hero
Go back to the ED forums where you belong kid
This is an extremely interesting answer. I do have sleeping problems in general and also my posture from sitting down nearly all day might be affected. It's worth considering that my posture from sitting at a screen all day could have affected my ears in some way, as there are connections to the neck, mastoid, ears, spine, etc. But I have a strong feeling that there was something more too it than that simply because of the severity of it. Though maybe it contributed, who knows. I found this post to be excellent and worth reading because it related to art and lifestyle and I never considered it but lately I have been thinking about it, before even this emergency, I was thinking about my posture etc. from long hours at the computer and looking into exercises for strengthening my neck, just in case my posture was suffering. I read somewhere that people can be suffering posture without realising it. My neck doesn't bother me but sometimes my eyes do a bit, like a bit of fatigue or possibly/probably strain. So even if its not related to the vertigo I found this post very worth reading.

I'm glad it resolved for you. My hearing isn't muffled but I do think I have eustachian tube dysfunction. Thanks for sharing.

Anyway, thanks everybody for sharing and your support, I deeply appreciate it, it means a lot to me I hope all of you are blessed. I'm gonna leave this thread now and I wish you all the best. I think things will be fine, it seems this is manageable with medication and hopefully time. Still dizzy today, but much calmer.

God bless, and later. If I come back it'll be as a normal anon again, just for the sake of posting art. I'm gonna leave this thread be. I'm still only spending minimal time at any screen.


File: 1547454088726.jpg (510 KB, 810x1507)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
Egoraptor's made it. Have you made it?
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I'll just leave this here
>that art
This is kind of adorable in a very pathetic kinda way. How old was he when he made these? Says 2000 on there, so he musta been like 14 no?

It's funny how you can see various aspects of his psyche kinda come out through his art.
Yeah, mid teens. The art isn't actually bad. Like the anatomy is rough, but serviceable. The shoddy linework and lazy design is what makes it look so crappy. But you can see the potential. The potential he never followed up on.
File: Lucina eating.gif (797 KB, 500x446)
797 KB
797 KB GIF
I wish he would go back to animated videos they're were really good
God that music is trash.

File: big_space_patrol.png (52 KB, 751x697)
52 KB
>my best drawing in years is a fucking blook
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Huh. So basically drawing the same subject with variations in lighting and perspective? I see how that could work. Thanks anon.
Well, not necessarily drawing(unless drawing works better for you, I find it time consuming unless I can't understand the form). You can just look and understand without drawing too many times. For instance, you could paint a "depth map". You can assign a gradient for how deep a surface is compared to a base case. You look at variations in lighting, understand how the shadows are moving and infer the form from that. Once you fully know what you're drawing, it's easy to achieve if you have good penmanship.
So seeing things through the eyes of an artist, basically.
Yep, if that's what it means.
she's pretty cute tho

File: file.png (3.25 MB, 1790x2213)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB PNG
what's the opinion on this book?

any recommendation
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File: Hogarth-hands.jpg (260 KB, 1050x1038)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
I'm really fond of Hogarth's "DRAWING DYNAMIC (X)" series of books.
File: 2771342.jpg (154 KB, 600x815)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
This is kinda neat.
It's pretty legit; but as stated you need some foundation of drawing to use it really.

Anyone got a recommendation on creating animal and creatures (fantasy and sci-fi)?

> ass knuckles
> ass joints
> ass veins

This guy takes fetish art to a whole new level.

hey guys looking for krenz boxes drawings that kinda look like this but more varied if anyone is willing to share i would be super grateful ive been searching my pc but i cant find them anywhere
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File: 1544091739649.jpg (59 KB, 500x639)
59 KB
Is this valid?
No, did you read the post? That's not krenz, nor does it have anything with explicitly showing boxy construction and form.
Don't stop doing Olson, anon. He teaches you how to make cubes in perspective better than anyone else. The reason Olson's stuff doesn't look organic is because it isn't supposed to be. Don't give up on them.
they are
Oh my bad, they actually are.

I want to begin rendering and lighting now that my fundamentals of shape and gesture are better

Any tips on how I can practice to achieve a level of polish similar to Old Yugioh art like pic related?
Got no tips but if you get good at making stuff look like yugioh card art you can make a good amount selling oricas to people with nice quality custom art. (Orica = original card). You can print them yourself but it would be better to go to one of the top orica makers and just sell them your art/let them use it for a % of the sale. Or custom playmat designs too.
>Original cards
So I can just draw myself up a blue eyes white dragon and play it in match?
File: IMG_2045.jpg (907 KB, 1200x1600)
907 KB
907 KB JPG
No but people use them in friendly matches and to show of in their trade binders. They also use them as proxys for official cards when the official one is really exspensive but they still want it to look nice, or when it isnt out in english yet. The art can also be placed on Tokens which CAN be used in official matches. (as long as its not straight up porn on it) Here is one example site that sells them in very high quality.
You can also mockup them yourself with this template.
learn how specific textures react to different lighting/environment/etc, keep your forms and colors crisp, make sure you have a dedicated light source. make sure you are not over rendering/ overworking one specific thing. if you are focusing on mainly fantasy stuff like pic related, make sure it has some basis in reality that you can work off of

File: OH YES.png (56 KB, 378x473)
56 KB
I am art director with a small group of about 20 coders, concept artists, sprite artist, narrative writers, and so on. We are looking for a couple of new sprite artists to join our team. Once the demo is done, you will be paid with revshare based on contributions soon after we finish the first demo, which should be done within a month. Potential sprite artists post discord as a response to this if you want to join.
(Pic related, it's fanart)
33 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Dang. Good concept for a character though. I could see her being extremely popular if you had put her in a retro 2D platformer.
I do have some versions of her sprite though.
cool, thanks!
>"Thorne" has the ability to turn into a snake to bite and then turns into a turtle and spin attacks with his neck?


Are you the chad naive or the virgin sentimental?

Watts Online school is currently having 50% off their live streaming classes. It's a good supplement to the full course if you know where to look. Thoughts? Is it worth spending the $50 to $150 bucks on the current selections?
31 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I-I'm lonely
File: 1438168320768.png (904 KB, 1300x1735)
904 KB
904 KB PNG
You're so pathetic.
Ew, gts is gross, freak.
Thank god. Now you'll stop responding to me.
File: dog.jpg (62 KB, 585x609)
62 KB
>But if you audit you don't get the refs or the critiques, only the demos.
Why you gotta lie like that my dog?

File: qt.jpg (22 KB, 285x224)
22 KB
Any art hoes on this board willing to come sit on my lap and talk about the impact of Bau Haus on the modern western art movement?
go away soft boy

no one wants your self inflated ego and ~uwu depression uwu~ aesthetic

I bet your cover photo on facebook is something from evangelion

we see through you

you mope

File: mememee.png (724 KB, 478x603)
724 KB
724 KB PNG
Hi guys. I would love for some critism for my art. I'm not a professional, I just do this for fun and it helps my depression to let some emotions out.

Feel free to give me critique, I would love to get better at it since its a passion of mine.

>I drew this one when i was really drunk and mourning my grandma, kind of a tribute to her. first time using watercolor and ink.
better than 99% of /ic/ and it actually has meaning and a soul. the watercolour tecnique is shit tho, you're supposed to let it flow and wash aswell. You didn't let the water room to breath m8, all those visible tiny brush strokes shouldn't really be there, also the colours got muddy.
7/10good work
Thank you so much for the critique!!! Since i have no clue what the fuck I was doing these points are really good and i'll actually printscreen ur message so i remember it further ahead.

>here's another teeny tiny flower i drew with some new material i got, its on an A5 paper and its super zoomed in, so you can imagine how small it is lol. this is also for my grandma.
Generic and souless.
well, i guess its a taste preference.
>random doodle from when i was a substitute teacher and was bored. i kinda like it tho

Are there any glasses that replicate squinting for judging values? I am a very pretty boy and I don’t want to get wrinkles from squinting so often
I don't think anyone makes something like that for those purposes, but you could probably get away with buying some cheap dollar store reading glasses, they could work for that purpose, just make sure you try them out first.
>I am a very pretty boy
post pics
yes, i forget the name it might be oeil de vieux but you can paint a piece of glass or mirror a dark wash and use that to see values. you also don't have to squint but just slightly close your eyes, ugly.

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