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File: 81YExm67S5L._SL1500_.jpg (142 KB, 1324x1500)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
What does /ic/ recommend for a tablet to go drawing solution? I just sampled my friend's Galaxy Tab A and was moderately impressed by how well it performed considering its age.

I'm looking at the newest Samsung tablet strictly for taking notes and digital art on the go. Maybe even making a digital comic in my spare time. I would not use the tablet for anything else, and it would not be for my primary art as I'm mostly a traditional artist.

I've seen some people talk about cintiqs in not so flattering lights, and I've seen people praise iPad Pros for art. I'm curious what the honest critiques of it all are.
I tried the S3 while I was trying to decide between a surface pro and ipad pro, and I was very pleasantly surprised.

It's stupidly expensive, though, which puts it in a league with devices it has no way of competing with, so it's trash if you have to pay full price for it.

Couldn't find any other samsung models that had an S pen on display to try it out, but iirc it's literally the same wacom emr tech that avn8 uses, and that was pretty bad with the bamboo stylus and unusable with the toothpick, so unless they upgraded significantly, I'd be skeptical.
If I had to pick, iPad Pro + stylus just because it works wonderfully with CSP.

Where do you think the /ic/ figurative art trade will go in the future?
Civil unrest in Europe, the rise of China and an economic meltdown, if any of this happens what will you do, will you abandon art as a career? What did the majority of them do in previous wars and depressions?
File: DC WPA Artist 57.jpg (49 KB, 640x517)
49 KB
artisan products will always cater to the sensibilities of the money people, i.e; the current aristocracy. china is more conservative and still a strong tradition of academic art that they inherited from the soviets so figurative artists could actually do pretty well in an era with china as the cultural center, not accounting for chinese racism.
>wars and depressions
some joined up or were drafted, some worked in various capacities with the wpa or produced propaganda. a lucky few managed to maintain their position among wealthy benefactors and others flocked the centers of growth & stability at the time, places like disney. disney's films actually performed better fiscally during the depression than during the depression than during the war years and their pipeline necessitated employing lots of artists at stable *for depression* wages. that is the other thing to consider: the desire for entertainment products doesn't simply disappear because bad shit is happening, the means simply shift.
A very thoughtful answer, thanks!

File: 20171208_155621.jpg (1.42 MB, 3120x3120)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
Her name is Yumi. I also am open to criticism/advice on the drawing itself. Sorry about my lack of skills. Feel free to ask questions.
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I don't have one
Very good. I like the subtle touch on the ribbons.
What can you do about those tits?

Im not good at that

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (49 KB, 1118x805)
49 KB
Hey bros, I haven't seen one of these in a while, let's have a group study thread.
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looks like that thing from splice...
Nice design
File: 1508610275842.jpg (783 KB, 681x1023)
783 KB
783 KB JPG
Shweet! Nice and pleasing to the eyes
Post more
it's ok anon, I like it

File: kickstarter-patreon.jpg (59 KB, 560x315)
59 KB
Project funded or monthly donations?

Which would you choose or have you done? I've done kickstarter twice for comics and don't think I can go for the monthly pledge route because I don't have a big enough following
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what controversy exactly?
first the porn purging, then fee changes

>getting fringe fetish porn off your website
its a controversy when theres anough people complaining about it

Patreon attracted a lot of degenerates
Donation per finished piece. That way I'll have a constant motivation to get stuff done but wouldn't fall into the "oh my god I'm ripping off people who trust me" if I hit an artist's block or something that makes me unable to draw for a while.

File: 6_f.jpg (555 KB, 684x472)
555 KB
555 KB JPG
I've never been here before...do I just ask for a critique?
Actually looks really good and interesting. the only thing I don't is the text that quite looks like kanjis.

before I do a critique I would like to hear the story behind this. Since I can't assosiate it with anything I know I assume you do.

Like, Art style, meaning, color.

How do you guys cope with the feelings of crushing loneliness and having no one to guide or support you?

I'm just so afraid of not being able to make a living with this, I'm going insane and being completely alone and with no guidance creates an atmosphere of impending doom that I can't seem to shake.
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Dude what are we looking at?
File: 1467814567213.jpg (126 KB, 480x608)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
By justifying the loneliness and isolation as a result of a shitty system that doesn't support artists and turning it into grind rage for a later fuck you to the more practical business and STEM majors.

If you haven't started talking to yourself yet then you're not deep in yet. If you a pussy you could always do graphic design.
Laugh away the pain, get a real job, and draw only as a hobby. Git gud, keep a blog and take the odd commission.
So don't paint edgy things. Turn your pain into something beautiful. I like to turn my crushing loneliness into inspirational short stories to express to myself all the positive things that I wish actual people would say to me.

And smut. I also write smut.
Inspirational short stories?

File: 1462856257966.gif (202 KB, 200x200)
202 KB
202 KB GIF
Why the fuck is drawing on a tablet so hard? I got a huion 1060 and I'm thinking maybe I should have gotten something a bit smaller.
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I don't know a single artist that pays for supplies. You just go into the art store, pick up your paints and brushes and buy some gun.
I pay £6 a month doing one painting a day, you pay £300, enough to buy a really good tablet that'll last years.
File: sim-tablet.png (102 KB, 1249x856)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
>something a bit smaller

Draw with your elbow and/or shoulder.
Work on a picture of a low res like "72" and hae a normal sized pen or sketch brush. it will be easier to do lines.

File: feng-zhu010.jpg (30 KB, 300x396)
30 KB
What happened to him? His channels seems to be dead.
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sup feng
So FZD does have PR even on /ic/. Interesting.
Can confirm that what this anon said>>3232771
I know that girl, I've sniffed her chair before.
Makes you wonder what Feng said to make her cry.
>you're never gonna make it
how was it?

What does /ic/ think of Skinner?

I imagine everyone hating him because it doesn't fit the old masters ideals. Being that he is extremely popular and successful but even I kind of feel like some of his stuff isn't technical.
>extremely popular and successful

Looks like tenth rate high school art.

I fucking hate this world.
File: bg-video-com.png (627 KB, 1800x474)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
I like Skinner. Dude's clearly developed his own style over the years. His lack of fundies does bother me sometimes, he makes weird choices with anatomy. I like his coloring style, very flat and bold, though it tends to all be the exact same value and saturation. Makes things tough to read at first glance.

His foldout cover for "Once More Round the Sun" by Mastodon was pretty cool.
do you remember your
>oh, don't look, those are my shitty drawings I did in highschool when i was bored
what you are looking at is somebody who didn't get out of that phase
this shit just gave me eye cancer

Thoughts on this tablet, /ic/? I'm thinking of getting it in the near future. So far most reviews seem positive though I'd like to hear something more personal from someone or a few people here who might've had the chance to use it extensively.
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hes probably just used to it and is faster with it than a mouse
Question: I have a wacom pen and touch.
My laptop's dead and I'm relying on a borrowed macbook air.
The OS is 10.8.
Can I safely download drivers for this?
File: 1487373434654.jpg (1.01 MB, 2048x3072)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
I bought the 22HD for £900 as an amazon warehouse item under like new condition. What are the chances of it actually working 100% because it still seems too good to be true

They are a necessity. I use cheap medical cotton gloves which I cut out the fingers on, leaving the pinky and index finger whole.
Like new condition means the item as take out of the box or has no box. Was returned for some reason or the buyer got it from else where for a multitude of reasons.
It's a roll of a dice that it's completely fine, faulty, or refurbished (fixed).
Due to the fact that tablets like those can be very iffy system to system test it as soon as you get it to be sure nothing is wrong with it.

How do some of you fill up your sketchbooks? How much of it contains sketches, studies, colored and rendered work? Post pics.
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So lads, I've got a 200 pages Canson sketchbook.

I'm afraid of wasting not-cheap paper, instead of printing paper, grinding vilppu.

So, with which garbage should I fill it? Any cool ideas? Animals? Hoominz? Tits?
It's all cheap paper until you're talking 400lb press watercolor. Just draw a big ol' dick on the first page and don't bother caring what you do in it. It's how I break in all my friends' sketchbooks and journals.
File: 20171211_225151.jpg (918 KB, 2048x1152)
918 KB
918 KB JPG
Learn.grind grind grind
Master study. Grind grind grind
What did we actually learn? Oh this!
Grind grind grind
I usually use sketchbooks to practice stuff I'm bad at from imagination. Any "proper" work or studies I do digitally.
I usually end up ripping most of the pages out of my sketchbooks to file them elsewhere (animal pictures are grouped in one folder, for example) and sketchbooks get thrown away when they run out of pages. If they're sketchpads with cardboard backing, I might salvage the cardboard for painting on in acrylics.

I just really don't like flipping from three pages where I've been doing studies of animals to a hand study or a character design page, so I separate them.

I do not draw on the backs of pages. Sometimes I use markers so I have to use a couple of pages as ink barriers.

Requesting a pdf of pic related (or any one of the same author)

(I already tried /wsr/)

Can be any other book with the same premisse or approach of pic related too (those fancy art school manuals arent really working with me...)

>inb4 loomis

Hes good, but i think he lacks on straightforward figure construction that is not proportions.

Politics aside, propaganda art has incredible composition and body language
>Previous thread >>3195391
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File: male fighting.jpg (39 KB, 600x437)
39 KB
File: male dancing 2.jpg (211 KB, 1275x1440)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
File: statue 1.jpg (39 KB, 564x520)
39 KB
what type of fight is this?
nice ass though
File: file.png (1.18 MB, 1149x797)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Let's pretend it's mantis style.

File: 81Z9pR+k66L._SL1500_.jpg (159 KB, 1500x483)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
does anyone have this 5.6mm lead? Is it good for
sketches, studies and finished works?
* not the brand or line of product itself, but this white one, like, is it good?

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