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File: sketch1529297639201.png (608 KB, 1440x2960)
608 KB
608 KB PNG
So last night i decided to do acid and draw what i see, this is what i came up with. What do u guys think
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It’s not technically impressive, but in an experimental sense it’s quite interesting. Do what >>3479111 said and use it as inspiration.
Le edgy acid man XD so experimental and creative!

Looks like butt. Learn to draw and stay away from drugs
Really cool. Love the colors and shapes.
Do what other anons said and let it inspire you further.
lol this
sick of the "druggies are soooo creative" meme
doesn't mean shit when you can't even draw a box

File: 1514989104107.jpg (12 KB, 248x267)
12 KB
How to get better at values? I copy still lifes or whatever and I can't carry that to my work. What am I supposed to see?
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Do you mind posting your work? Would be easier to help you out if there was something specific to look at, as opposed to a general "how do I get better at X?"
General tips

Don’t draw on a white canvas. If you’re about to draw on a white canvas put down a mid tone gray or something that in general works with your light source
Practice ambient occlusion rendering. Helps you find those really dark nooks and crannies
Do more work in grayscale and push your values. If you’re working in color (in digital) check your values as you go by creating a Color layer and fill it with white or black. Unhide to check values. This works better than a hue/saturation adjustment layer
Do more studies, mindful studies. Studies devoted to light and value. With various surfaces. If it’s not translating to your work you’re not studying the right thing or you’re not doing it effectively. Mindlessly copying will give you some information, but make an effort to understand. And give yourself a challenge.
If all else fails take an layer in Multiply (or shade/shine or whatever, there’s many) and start brute forcing the values.
Aw! Whats wrong with that doggo??
I like to take color pictures and try to make it read with 5 values then turn the ref to b/w and compare + analyze why I fucked up.

File: 2.png (492 KB, 539x711)
492 KB
492 KB PNG
You fucks better go support this http://miss-twila.tumblr.com/post/175106261206/on-june-20th-the-juri-of-european-parliament

Sign the petition, or all your animu waifus' are done.
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I don't doubt that this is a terrible law that should not be passed, but this just sounds like baseless fearmongering. Where there is no victim, there is no crime. The EU won't just preemtively crack down on sites when there are no complaints from copyright holders in the first place. Especially considering many companies encourage and sometimes even promote fanart / fanfics / fanblogs etc. It would cut into their profit too if suddenly no one was allowed to talk and advertize their newest products anymore.
All these countires you listed can easily collapse on their own without the EU. It ain't that simple
there are a lot of fossils in power that think the internet is only for reading news and liking their grandchildrens facebook posts
Wouldn't facebook be banned too though? Lots of fanart and stuff gets posted on facebook.
it's near unenforcable
either facebook has to make a really good filter/moderation system, or they have to block european users (if this law is to be 100% enforced)

File: wan2.png (600 KB, 951x803)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
Are there any videos of process with explanation of every step that artist doing? I would like to see that kind of video with art like pic related.
Probably find someone who streams their drawings.
astri lohne isn't exactly like that but her videos are really easy to digest.
apterus graphics is really great, draws kinda gross/grungy/grimey stuff though
twitch coldburgerart

literally streams whole commissions of that quality art and goes through his thought processes the whole time
Thanks anon. he got nice stuff, gonna follow him
dave rapoza has

Are there actually any good artists who made it that didn’t start ages 13-14 and below? Every single good artist that has made it seemed to start when they were 5. Should we give up?
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It is partly a projection of the thoughts in my younger years when I played bass guitar and had the objective of making it. However I don’t think I am inaccurate with it describing the mindset of many other 4channers in their teens and early 20s who are obsessed with making it.

>thinks he can create art with zero life experience

enjoy grinding fundies during your best years just so you can be a hired goon with minimal creative input on other people’s projects
Maybe on /fit/, but getting laid has never been what "making it" meant on /ic/. In fact, part of our NGMI meme is that having a girlfriend that distracts you from drawing 14 hours a day means you are NGMI.
Stop spreading this bullshit for fuck's sake. There is a rumored manga he made when he was 10 called Miuranger, but it's been forever lost to time. That picture is from another one of his works called Noa, which he made when he was 19.
You may not like it, but this is what your peak performance looks like, Illastrat.

File: 157545675685365475.jpg (18 KB, 500x322)
18 KB
>Hey I love your art! How do you draw _____ so well?

>H-haha just study fundamentals, anatomy, values etc

>thanks bro!
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File: 69226248_p0_.jpg (160 KB, 1000x570)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
grow thicker chests you beg newfags
It's the truth though. If you want to get help/useful tips, maybe you should ask more specifically.
Instead of
Hey I love your art! how do you draw hands so well?
Hey, I love your art! What are the basic shapes you're using for the hands? Do you use reference? Photo or 3D? What type of construction do you use? (Loomis, Bogarth etc) Have you taken any course to learn this? Are you planning on doing one?

Basically, if you don't show interest, the artist is not going to spill an entire tutorial on how to art. Even if you ask a well-thought and in depth question, they may go "idk look for it on google" and that's just fine. Be polite and try to engage with them and you'll get more useful responses.
When people ask me "how did I do _" most of the times I'm scared I'll have to explain a long process to someone who doesnt' know shit about art, so if you can show them an example of what you're doing at the moment and ask them for help, you'll get better chances of getting a better response.
Grow up.
kill yourself and your lung cuck faggot frog picture
File: 1501015627114.webm (2.91 MB, 1280x720)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM

do you really need to sacrifice everything to git gud? because logo design is also calling my attention
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Not really answering, just blogging my perspective.

I am a graphic designer and believe me when I say that dealing with clients is fucking aids.Shit is half about social skills and half about the design itself. You will finish the work that the client went through and approved the whole way, and in the end they will say some shit like "It's not like what I thought it would be" or "Can you change X or Y for me (for free)? Also getting paid is another fucking ordeal.

So if you are going into gd, get into some design agency or whatever that deal with this shit and you only slave away for some gay diva boss. For me the work itself makes up for dealing with bullshit tho.
aww man so i must to pick just one, logos or illustrations we cant git gud with 2 things?
Of course you can, but focusing on a single one is just easier....
is because if i'm illustrator and logo designer as well i will get advertising art niche thats why im interested to major in branding too
I wanted to do it myself before, but when I saw someone going through that loop for $15, I knew it's not worth it. For web, clients mostly want a Mega Fullstack Designer/Programmer who is a third worlder to do shit practically free. It's a sinking ship.

File: Barbie1.png (495 KB, 885x645)
495 KB
495 KB PNG
I've been drawing for my entire life, even having been to classes and workshops outside of standard school classes.
However, I have no idea how to make digital art look nice as I've only been drawing on a tablet for about a month and a half.
I've been drawing different styles, trying to build to something I could use and here's where I'm at using old Barbie manuals as inspo.
Any advice or tutorials I could benefit from?
I use Medibang and a Wacom Intuos tablet.
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who's the artist anon?
You got good taste in inspo at least
stick with traditional+scanner until you can afford a decent screen tablet
a dinky Intuos is going to hurt your hands, your pride, and your time
I never knew how wonderful vintage Barbie art looked. Apart from the color, these designs would still work well today.
Try looking at photos of people and drawing them in the style of your pic

File: puper988.jpg (59 KB, 932x770)
59 KB
Do you know of any artists that paint/draw nude females in a similar style to pic related?

huston > vilppu
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i love huston
8 hours of nothing but writing on the wall, 20 mins of demonstration and within the demonstration (((advanced)))) content he never went over. I can't tell if you guys are meeming or some shit.
Well he was Mullins' teacher. But both are really good teachers and they teach the same thing so it all comes down to preference.

This is not my main board so I havent been here much or for long, but I *just* now realized that all the “Loomis WTF??” threads are anons LARPing.

Good times.
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File: Loomis June 9.jpg (76 KB, 1220x915)
76 KB
>mfw I realize this
we're all loomis now
File: loobis.jpg (7 KB, 138x142)
7 KB
We are all Loomis on this Blessed Day
loomis threads are like the IQ threads in /sci/ for me
>unheard of on most of 4chan
>is a person
makes the difference for me

File: bionicle-top-625x352.png (325 KB, 625x352)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
im not sure if this belongs here, but, im looking for a drawing of every bionicle back in 2007, i think. i dont think there was much color, in fact i think it was all yellow. i also think it had the good guys on the left and bad on the right. ive searched for a few years and cant seem to find it. please help.
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File: z8dw0v0f.png (1.58 MB, 1152x599)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
Were you intending to post on /toy/ or /i/?

Anyways, to answer your question. I think you might be referring to either the Throwbots/Slizers or Roboriders. Those were long before Bionicle. Do any of these four look familiar?
Fuck you nigger. Bionicles and Throwbois were pioneers of the new era for Lego Technic.
it was bionicle, that much i do know. like i said, it was a long time ago. i used it as the background for my computer at the time.
Was it official artwork or was it fanart?
it was fanart i found on brickshelf.com but i have no idea what i searched for to find it.

File: 1502721595670.png (845 KB, 1280x528)
845 KB
845 KB PNG
So can anyone explain to me what the drama is with d/ic/ks that are actually good like akirel or whoever drew this painting. Because the way I see it they're definitely a lot better than people like illustrat and most of this board. So is the 'actually good artists are shit' like a special group of crabs or something?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I, too, like the one focal point with miles of empty space composition style
wait IC thinks that's a good painting?
it's "ok" at best.
I used to namefag for a short while as Akirel. I think people reflexively disliked me because I tried to emulate Ruan Jia in my own work, so they'd instantly trash on me and I was naive enough to respond and then other people got the idea that I'm an egotistical douche.

But yeah, OP pic isn't mine. Sorry for the drama that's been centered around me lately. It sucks.
Well it's made by a d/ic/k so that d/ic/k has a very high pot to make it
There's no drama surrounding nile.

File: 134547858766749.jpg (173 KB, 1280x720)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Unironically how do you make PS run more smoothly?

There are a couple yt vids like borodante and some others, who talk about cache levels/graphics processor in the performance tab. He as an example, said to reduce cache levels to minimum(even if you're working on a big canvas), while others keep it high. Also to keep graphics processor checked, while some keep it off.

No idea what to believe.. how much of it actually makes a difference, and is it even related to the painting aspect of it all (example: make brushes act differently like losing certain features, not displaying color properly, worse gradation etc)?

Hopefully a pro can share some of his/her insight on this matter
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bump for ruanbros

Here's the deal plain and simple. You need more ram. It doesn't have to be the newest or fastest ram. You just need at least 16GB of it.

Any GPU should do the trick for most stuff in Photoshop unless you want to dabble in the 3D side of it which isn't worth it.
You need to learn how to draw first.
Buy a mac lmao
decent CPU and RAM are the requirements

File: think.jpg (39 KB, 550x550)
39 KB
how do you recommend i divide my time spent drawing? i do roughly 4 hours a day - first 20-25 minutes is a warmup, drawing lines/curves/ellipses/shapes. then i study loomis' "fun with a pencil" for literally 3 hours. is this wise? should i take some time out to "draw for myself" or would that just slow my progress?
Spend at least 70% of your time working on original, finished work that you see through to completion. Do not be someone who is incapable of seeing their work through to completion, and instead has nothing to show but half-assed studies and unfinished personal work.
so i should spend like 3 hours per day on personal work and only 1 hour on stuff such as loomis/keys to drawing/drawabox?
Sure. I think that's a great mix. /ic/ really tends to undervalue the importance of working on finished personal work, and I think this is a great balance to strike.
I totally agree with this, spending time like me filling sketchbooks with no purpose is useless.

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