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File: 134489851020.jpg (317 KB, 692x1500)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
I'm rolling with this post as well. GO GO GO.
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roll for midnight sketchbook stuffin'!

File: s_img4_1024x1024.jpg (76 KB, 1024x531)
76 KB
So Ilya is actually living in Japan now.. why tho? I haven't seen any oh his stuff published in any nip media, except that one time when he did a livestream for that pixiv duel thing
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File: l-unamused-puppy.jpg (118 KB, 580x386)
118 KB
118 KB JPG

Anon, can you read?

What the fuck are you talking about
File: 1534077076580.jpg (14 KB, 500x375)
14 KB
Apparently not lmao. I legit thought he typed athletic.
>x indentifies as an otaku
That doesn't mean he likes weaboos tho

File: animubox.gif (2.78 MB, 500x281)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB GIF
>he doesn't merch

Do you guys order merch from other artists regularly?
Who are your favorites, and what kind of stuff are you into
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In other words,
you're calling him a normie xD

xD xD xD
>Do you guys order merch from other artists regularly?
regularly? no, I don't have yet the income for that, but I am planing to
>Who are your favorites?
the good ones
>what kind of stuff are you into?
>another artists actually makes money from the stuff he does
>grrr better show /ic what of a tilted jelly faggot you can be

haha nice one anon
Hey, don't call me jelly, you slime!

But you CAN indeed call me faggot!:D
That's completely accurate ^_^
The only stuff I've ever purchased and still do buy are posters, but only when I go to cons

File: Capture.png (49 KB, 1024x169)
49 KB
Yes, many
Can't believe I used to think this guy was amazing.

File: 1531879903993.jpg (83 KB, 1024x768)
83 KB
Didn't see one of these in the catalog, and Im on the market for some new shit.

Thinking about buying pic related, anyone know if they are any good?
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If you have the money, you can use what most inkers swear by, Winsor & Newton kolinsky no.7 or you can be cheap and just buy a decent synthetic brush. I personally like the Escoda Prado series because they're really springy.

Speedball Superblack is great and cheap, Dr. PH Martins hicarb has a deep, rich matte black, FW and Liquitex acrylic inks have great selections if you want to use colored or metalic ink, sumi ink has a bit of glossy finish in it if that's something you're into.
Thanks about that, I'll stick to microns then. Yeah they were SPs
Hello, I am completely /beg/ tier, but I was wondering, when should I start to break into ink and such, and what would be some good beginner ink tools to help learn the medium?
For fineliners you really can't go wrong with microns, you can buy the pack of .20mm-.5mm for like $15 I think.

For brush pens, prismacolor has some cheap ones, pentel has the pocket brush pen which is considered one of the better portable ones. Websites like Jetpens have samplers of a handful of brush pens as well for ~$25
Alrighty, I'll look into them. I want to learn to hatch and such with a brush so I'm hoping for one with a good springy tip.

File: 古手梨花.jpg (42 KB, 800x600)
42 KB
Top 5% of /ic/ and I'm not being ironic.
i like it!
File: 7777.jpg (391 KB, 499x499)
391 KB
391 KB JPG

You know the drill
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ow the edge
File: shit IC says.png (616 KB, 3104x3104)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
hair is great, that red skin ain't too flattering though lol
What the fuck
Thank you! Will work on that

File: 1533827437004.gif (1.78 MB, 400x279)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB GIF
how do we get TV paint ?

its too pricy and theres no torrent of it.
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File: bestteacher.png (126 KB, 297x389)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
there's an old version on CGP but I'm also unable to find a more recent version

>tfw im unable to pick best girl
even the teacher is top gf material
Yeah there is a torrent for it
10 years old one.
TV Paint is kill btw, most of the employee left due to retard direction a few month ago (I know someone who worked here).
Don't expect much from new version.

File: Kizuna.jpg (177 KB, 978x686)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Any of you guys entering the Virtual Youtuber Competition? or is it more /3/d ?


>4chan is creating a Vtuber – a Virtual YouTuber – and we want you to submit the design! The winning design(s) will win a 4chan Pass for life. Anyone can submit a design, but only 4chan Pass users can vote. Artists submitting designs can choose whether to be credited or to remain anonymous. One vote per Pass, so no ballot box stuffing!
File: 1519464005301.jpg (49 KB, 571x571)
49 KB
>He does this
>He does this for free
File: 1531408039805.jpg (230 KB, 632x542)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
also on >>>/3/638347
>You agree that 4chan may use the design for commercial purposes.
Anyways, I'm making a reddit mascot for the contest

File: 1320991845863.jpg (16 KB, 300x234)
16 KB
What are the biggest mistakes beginner artists make and how to avoid them?
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There’s no data on this fact one way or the other, but from talking to people I suspect that the vast majority of people don’t do the things they enjoy the most (the things that bring them the most joy while they are doing it). They do the things that come easiest—that come automatically without much thought—or they do the things they’ve convinced themselves that they like due to insecurities, societal pressures, etc. People create inauthentic identities for themselves, convinced they like doing things when they really just like the idea of someone who does those things (usually influenced by romanticized ideas, or greed for fame/money). A lot of people dont realize they really enjoy certain things until much later in their lives. Heck, a lot of people go into art who don’t actually enjoy the process, just the idea of producing good art makes them feel cool, or they like the idea of being artsy. Those people will always end up burning out. If you like the process of doing it and improving, it doesn’t really matter that you’re not going to make it.
Pick yourself up a copy of "Drawing the head and hands, redraw every image once looking directly at the object (no tracing) then once only referencing if you forgot something from the first attempt, then make 1-3 new images using stuff you learned from the copy.

I went in 6 months from "I literally can't draw a face" to "I can draw good looking faces from imagination trivially, I just suck at drawing YOUR face", which was huge gains for me.
Copy this book page by page everyday. It took me a whole year but now I can draw men and women from 50s hair style and make up.
they think copying = cheating. it is if you try and pass it off as your own but i mean copying things you like to learn from them. i wish i had realized that copying is the best and fastest way to improve sooner
>shortcuts and delusional secrets.

hits home..

Last time i created RB-thread it was super comfy - some anons shared their experience and tips of how to set up the store and get it working. Let's do this again.

During last thread i just had an idea of making a RB-shop. Now i made it and filling with stuff.
It now has 11 pictures and right now im drawing a 12 and the last one before i will announce the shop on places where i post pictures and tell everyone about it.
What i noticed - that anon was fucking right. Unlike with Society6? RB has such an amazing system of finding newcomers.

Nobody knows about my shop yet and still some people already followed me and liked my pictures. Can't wait to see what will happen after i will be letting everybody know about it.

Will be updating this thread with my own experience because im finishing picture tomorrow and opening my shop.

All anons that already have such shop - feel free to share your stories.
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Pretty cheeky of Fairly, considering his own swipes.

Question if item get removed via IP strike, do you need to forfeit all the move you've earned or can you keep it?
Thankfully you keep whatever you made. A DMCA strike is not necessarily a set in stone verdict - you can definitely contest it with the site if you want. It would be a load of horse shit if you lost all your earnings somehow because some scumbag filed a false claim against you.
File: 1474592161929.gif (55 KB, 248x248)
55 KB
>upload stuff today
>get first follower
>0 to 5 views on my old designs
>account is like a year old
I won't give up but things look grim
If it becomes general, sadly it will also become a shitpost place.
File: frogbike.jpg (40 KB, 350x400)
40 KB
>700 a month
fuck anon once I made that much and I couldn't believe it. Unfortunately it dropped off pretty quick the month after that. ever since I've been extremely motivated to try hit those numbers again.
I definitely agree with diversifying too. Sometimes I think a design will be huge but then it gets zero views, while another time some random crap up I put sells decently. imo the hardest part is coming up with fresh ideas

How valid is it to first sketch with a pencil and then use the pen? Can my art still get a 90 if I do that? I get the feeling that sketching with a pencil is cheating since you can easily correct it to whatever you want and then make it look like you were never wrong
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And everyone wish they could just erase and redo shit they said or did.
I guess its a good thing there are erasers to make our life a bit easier.

Why do you people have such fucking dumb ideas of what drawing is?

Just draw a picture.

Tell you what.

Draw with put ink with erasing. Did you get the results?

Draw the same intended piece but plan it out with pencil first, ink over it, and erase the pencil lines.

Which one did you get your desired result?

Yeah. Then fucking do the one that you want to do to get the thing you wanted to get. It's not philosophical. It's just making shit.
>Can my art still get a 90 if I do that?
What the fuck do you even mean by this.
You can use whatever method you like as long as the results are what you want.
Using a pencil is an automatic 15 demerit points.
So no you can't get a 90, only an 85 at most.

Honestly though, do a bit of both.

Just pay attention to how it affects your work.
The thing to watch out for with pencils is making mistakes early on because you figure you can just fix them later.
In that case do more direct Ink drawings to force yourself to slow down and think about your approach.

For direct Ink drawings you want to watch out for complacency.
Because you can't really fix the mistakes, you never really spend the time to figure it out which often leads to making the same mistakes over and over.
In that case do more pencil drawings, and spend some more time on your problem areas trying out different approaches to see what works.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Far from the truth. Making a pencil drawing look good is no less difficult. If you keep erasing, the final drawing will show just that - a lack of confidence.

File: 1517835907776.png (171 KB, 1383x1033)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
let's do this lads
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not a happening
File: cocks.jpg (184 KB, 1688x1032)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
The other 2-3 threads of this kind are not even in bump limit yet and you start this crap just to get attention
Holy shit kys
thats awesome

File: display_image.php.jpg (84 KB, 553x1023)
84 KB
zorn is perf--
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>insert any good artist ever
what's your point retard
what is the issue? her eyes?
I guess so. She looks like she's staring into two directions at the same time lol.
adds character imo
maybe she's staring at my dick.
(It's so big that it causes women to go cross-eyed)

also, I have a big dick:)

File: anders ericsson.jpg (48 KB, 596x447)
48 KB
Prove me wrong.
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I'm a massive phaggot :3
And I love you <3
I never said it was bad.
If we define talent as a natural aptitude it's pretty obvious people have natural talent. Just because there isn't a specific art gene that makes you good at like, watercolours doesn't mean there aren't natural predispositions that make you good at something. I bet you virtually everyone on /ic/ can name one of the fundamental art skills they found easier or harder than another, and that it'll vary from person to person. To imagine that all human beings are blank slates and that grit and determination are the only factors in skill acquisition is naive.

/ic/'s 'talent doesn't exist' is just a kneejerk reaction to 'if you don't have talent why even bother'. They're both dumb perspectives. /ic/ has a major problem with adopting the radical opposite of a notion they reject, too many people have never heard the word 'nuance' in their fucking life.
Do you love me?
I love your pretty lips bby.

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