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File: 1528188102727.jpg (51 KB, 778x584)
51 KB
I don't know if this is going to be approved but let's go.

I am a guy who wants to get good within a year. I am a very flawed person that is still in this process of figuring everything out. I tend to share my personal thoughts that are related but not always strictly related to art, to share my viewpoint. If I sound confident with something that is ultimately wrong, that is because that's my current level of thinking so to speak.

But I don't want it to be a solo project to look at. I want this to be a community effort aswell. Even if I am beginner myself, I want to inspire other people that have the same or similar problems as me (the biggest one is that I am confused by a non-linear nature of art). I hope that the whole thing will be an organic learning experience, meaning we will all learn from each other's experience and thoughts.

Can I make it? Hopefully but who knows, I can already appreciate the whole concept of sharing my whole self, even if it's anonymous. It's very... liberating. I hope to find my true self on this journey. https://sadlawn.tumblr.com/

>fuck off with this le cringe xD

Now draw pic rel, it's a more complex version of the last thread's pic. Last thread >>3447933
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>I think that releasing attachment to my individual drawings and attaching worth to the process is helping me grow much faster than I was previously.

That's interesting, I'll try to think that way myself.
Sounds like the poor lad is doing art therapy to cope with some existentialist dread.

This should turn out well.
>It's also liberating to allow yourself to fail.
This, all art is a sine wave improvement you will improve a lot and think that you haven't improved/gotten worse and when you come back to it you do find that you have improved.

I like to draw from morning to night and usually it will take at least 3 days to a week to a month for improvement to show up. So be patient and continue to draw.

Also sadlawn I do stand by what I said about cast heads etc. Even if you don't do them try to have a real head from google or someone else's study shading reference when shading your made heads, it will make your heads look much more realistic. Don't be afraid to use reference and don't give up!
Adding to that, if you want to continue this project publicly, IMO you owe it to your audience to share the "bad" output as well as the good. If the goal is to show a process for getting better, curating gives an unrealistic expectation of what the work is supposed to be like and becomes a vanity project on your part.

Document your struggles for sure, but they'll have more positive impact paired with real pencil mileage. If I were to take this on, I think I would just post, with monthly review. Give some time for your views and perspective to peculate as you develop your discipline.
Holy fuck this thread is a poster child for NGMI.

Circlejerking and no work being done. Good job.

This is an American high school art class from 1942. So... What the fuck happened?
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Because there's no point in moving to the United States anymore. If I wanted to exploit American business oppurtunities I can do it over the internet.
> public highschools have graphic art class
> push for making your own made up product labels and getting good at photoshopping photos
> everyone who took a highschool ga corse has a basic understanding of how to do shit like this and use photoshop to make designs for shit.

Just cause it's not on paper anymore doesn't mean it's not the same principle. do you think it's a coincidence that there isn't a shred of evidence for gestural drawing in OP? That's cause they are using techniques to simply duplicate then change and image, not make something new.
You are seriously down playing how bad modern day art classes are. I took a Photoshop class in high school and we just followed crappy online tutorials then dicked around and played Halo for the remainder of class. These kids are getting more of an art education by doing things manually by simply devoting more time to it.
I took my photoshop classes when I was an 8th grader. that was 2006, incorporated in the public school curriculum.
>New York had Italy up until 1990

File: sakura-pouting.jpg (70 KB, 712x398)
70 KB
Just what exactly ARE the secrets the pros don't want you to know here?
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>pro artist here.
I know you probably won't post your work, but would you mind talking a little bit about what you do in terms of the types of jobs & opportunities you get?
Crabs hate him!
/ic/ is SHOCKED that this chad piece of shit is drawing like Ruined Jew and basically you >>3470856 can barely draw boxes.
How? Just grab a few (yous)
Thank you. This is really helpful.
For sure - glad its helpful! I'm happy to talk about each of those topics more.
Yeah keep drawing them floating nude women studies and boxes. You'll be good in no time.

File: sketch1529297639201.png (608 KB, 1440x2960)
608 KB
608 KB PNG
So last night i decided to do acid and draw what i see, this is what i came up with. What do u guys think
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It’s not technically impressive, but in an experimental sense it’s quite interesting. Do what >>3479111 said and use it as inspiration.
Le edgy acid man XD so experimental and creative!

Looks like butt. Learn to draw and stay away from drugs
Really cool. Love the colors and shapes.
Do what other anons said and let it inspire you further.
lol this
sick of the "druggies are soooo creative" meme
doesn't mean shit when you can't even draw a box

File: study.jpg (804 KB, 1277x1000)
804 KB
804 KB JPG
As weird as this looks, it is my first painting i am not embarassed to show. What is your opinion?

Inb4: ngmi

>I have no idea what the signs actually mean.
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Thanks this is really helpful!
I actually didn't know krenz. Great paintings
Why the fuck did you have to go and make a new thread for this pile of crap?
There's the /beg/ thread. You know that, right?
Keep chuggin' anon
looks pretty flat
shadows aren't defined enough so it looks smudgy
work on volumes and add details and it'll be gorgeous
You're definitely on to something. Keep following whatever path you discovered, you really do have potential to "get it."

Is the perspective in the top panel fucked? I’ve been looking at it and flipping my canvas and it feels like somethings wrong but I can’t figure it out.
Sorry for making a new thread but the draw thread tends to get ignored sometimes and I really want to figure this out.
yes it looks more like it's tilted than curved, like it should be. the fence suggests that the dude smoking is just tilted backwards (not leaning).
also he is looking at the ladies but also facing the viewer which would actually suggest he is just looking at the ground between the junk pile and fence.
the ladies look like they are behind and not in the pile.
the gasoline wouldnt just flow towards the viewer out of the can, it would just go straight down, or follow an arc.
also the background sucks and makes them look like they are going vertically lower the further back they are in space.
the junk pile not going back in space also adds to this effect.

if i were you, i'd lower the fence and redraw the smoking guys upper torso to indicate him turning. i'd also adjust the layer with the junk pile to make it look like it recedes towards the vanishing point. then, id fix the gas cans and draw some junk inside the group inside the pile so everything doesnt look so seperated.
In general you can't draw figures. Perspective and proportions are off on basically every single one of them.
I’m not liking the line weight. You basically just outlined the guy’s silhouette

Thanks this is great. I'll definitely be fixing this stuff. You know, /ic/ is a pretty cool guy sometimes, not everyone is a crab.

File: 30464.jpg (78 KB, 1024x576)
78 KB
hey /ic/ how do i draw backgrounds like this videogame?
that's from a game. google shantae
post work

File: 1514989104107.jpg (12 KB, 248x267)
12 KB
How to get better at values? I copy still lifes or whatever and I can't carry that to my work. What am I supposed to see?
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Do you mind posting your work? Would be easier to help you out if there was something specific to look at, as opposed to a general "how do I get better at X?"
General tips

Don’t draw on a white canvas. If you’re about to draw on a white canvas put down a mid tone gray or something that in general works with your light source
Practice ambient occlusion rendering. Helps you find those really dark nooks and crannies
Do more work in grayscale and push your values. If you’re working in color (in digital) check your values as you go by creating a Color layer and fill it with white or black. Unhide to check values. This works better than a hue/saturation adjustment layer
Do more studies, mindful studies. Studies devoted to light and value. With various surfaces. If it’s not translating to your work you’re not studying the right thing or you’re not doing it effectively. Mindlessly copying will give you some information, but make an effort to understand. And give yourself a challenge.
If all else fails take an layer in Multiply (or shade/shine or whatever, there’s many) and start brute forcing the values.
Aw! Whats wrong with that doggo??
I like to take color pictures and try to make it read with 5 values then turn the ref to b/w and compare + analyze why I fucked up.

File: 2.png (492 KB, 539x711)
492 KB
492 KB PNG
You fucks better go support this http://miss-twila.tumblr.com/post/175106261206/on-june-20th-the-juri-of-european-parliament

Sign the petition, or all your animu waifus' are done.
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't doubt that this is a terrible law that should not be passed, but this just sounds like baseless fearmongering. Where there is no victim, there is no crime. The EU won't just preemtively crack down on sites when there are no complaints from copyright holders in the first place. Especially considering many companies encourage and sometimes even promote fanart / fanfics / fanblogs etc. It would cut into their profit too if suddenly no one was allowed to talk and advertize their newest products anymore.
All these countires you listed can easily collapse on their own without the EU. It ain't that simple
there are a lot of fossils in power that think the internet is only for reading news and liking their grandchildrens facebook posts
Wouldn't facebook be banned too though? Lots of fanart and stuff gets posted on facebook.
it's near unenforcable
either facebook has to make a really good filter/moderation system, or they have to block european users (if this law is to be 100% enforced)

Show me some good Tattoos ans tattoo images. Preferably chest.
3 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Get right the fuck out of here with your Celtic, watercolor bullshit. Y’all losers need sick wolf tatts.
How old are you holy shit
This is some played out buulllshit.

Lol crass logo.
>being so butthurt because of a thread about things you don't like
I don't know how old OP is, but you don't sound very mature either.

File: wan2.png (600 KB, 951x803)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
Are there any videos of process with explanation of every step that artist doing? I would like to see that kind of video with art like pic related.
Probably find someone who streams their drawings.
astri lohne isn't exactly like that but her videos are really easy to digest.
apterus graphics is really great, draws kinda gross/grungy/grimey stuff though
twitch coldburgerart

literally streams whole commissions of that quality art and goes through his thought processes the whole time
Thanks anon. he got nice stuff, gonna follow him
dave rapoza has

File: Truck_s.jpg (295 KB, 1250x842)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
Post ya sketchbooks
Tell other anons what you think of theirs
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File: IMG_0013.jpg (1.99 MB, 3264x2448)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
One more. Trying to draw anime...
File: IMG_0013.jpg (1.62 MB, 2448x3264)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
The gun is missing a trigger.
I was "trying" but obviously failed.
This is lovely

So how do I learn thinking and drawing in 3D exactly? Are there any good books dedicated to that? Exercises? I don't know how to develop proper spacial recognition for drawing. I know that boxes are a good start, what else?
Nearly all of the books are dedicated to that.
watch dynamic sketching and marshall vandruffs perspective class

Are there actually any good artists who made it that didn’t start ages 13-14 and below? Every single good artist that has made it seemed to start when they were 5. Should we give up?
29 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.

It is partly a projection of the thoughts in my younger years when I played bass guitar and had the objective of making it. However I don’t think I am inaccurate with it describing the mindset of many other 4channers in their teens and early 20s who are obsessed with making it.

>thinks he can create art with zero life experience

enjoy grinding fundies during your best years just so you can be a hired goon with minimal creative input on other people’s projects
Maybe on /fit/, but getting laid has never been what "making it" meant on /ic/. In fact, part of our NGMI meme is that having a girlfriend that distracts you from drawing 14 hours a day means you are NGMI.
Stop spreading this bullshit for fuck's sake. There is a rumored manga he made when he was 10 called Miuranger, but it's been forever lost to time. That picture is from another one of his works called Noa, which he made when he was 19.
You may not like it, but this is what your peak performance looks like, Illastrat.

File: 123213343.png (53 KB, 608x396)
53 KB
What are some things /ic/ (or any other art community) told you to study only to be completely wrong?
188 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
Probably because he's an artist and has no experience in office jobs? Read the post again. I doubt he had any schools related to that buisness to raise his desireability.
Thats literally how you learn to draw tho.
Protip: Draw the rest of the fucking owl isn't a meme
I had a teacher tell me that my drawings were garbage and that I sucked when I was 7, made me cry so hard I didn't pick it back up until I was 20, now I get to struggle with things I should've been way past now
Fuck old hag women teachers
Correct. Also try as hard as you can to do it from memory, really trying to find the forms. Then when you get stuck and look at reference (don't spend too long looking for refs) the things you forgot about and didn't know will jump out, and you will learn.

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