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File: DpKPkzeVAAAw3fx.jpg (126 KB, 848x1199)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>cute animu girls thread

post some good ref and tutorials
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File: 456456456456456456.png (982 KB, 773x1131)
982 KB
982 KB PNG
Oh this is a girls thread my bad
I don't mind men if you stay away from little boy porn.
shoulders and hips
But boys are the best girls.

How would you color something like this?
Assuming waterproof ink and heavy paper, brush lightly with watercolor and get some tints and gradients. Let the ink ride but be subtle. Or not do anything, you'd probably ruin it if you didn't plan for color.
flood white and start over.
>How would you color something like this?

I wouldn't. Looks okay as it is.

File: 11.jpg (113 KB, 471x669)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Can we have a comic thread?
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wait he is actually a cute nip girl?
Show, don't tell. One piece is a great example.
File: wetmoon1_manga_surlabd.jpg (172 KB, 600x890)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Atsushi Kaneko
File: 018.jpg (132 KB, 493x711)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
I do someyimes.
I make some, but mostly copy layouts to get a sense of composition. Scripting and rough storyboarding is difficult for me since I'd rather just draw something direct from reference.

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I agree. Proko would probably be able to churn out some decent cartoons is he spent a couple months actually studying them and developing a style.

Michangelo was a master of construction. He could draw anything.


This is caused by not learning construction in art. Feng Zhu students can draw any subject pretty good, however my time with people who went to lara academy in London they could only draw what in front of them.
Dunno how you guys can stand watching Proko, he’s almost as irritating as MDJ and RossDraws.
According to Bill Perkins all art styles fall within the spectrum of Line, Mass/Shape, and Form. One of these should dominate, another should be subordinate, and the third you would more or less avoid. Even if you do have solid fundamentals, every minute spent practicing something incompatible with your primary stylistic goal is time ill used (unless you’re intentionally working towards another style). So yeah, you COULD create different styles, but if you have too much on your plate you’ll be a ‘jack of all trades master of none’ sort of artist
That’s not really an apt comparison. One student’s primary goal is to create fine art, while the other student’s primary goal is to integrate into the entertainment design pipeline.

File: 5b7c5c58aa9dd.image.jpg (31 KB, 493x617)
31 KB
/ic is filled with hatred, lack of self respect, no confidence, insecure assholes, children mentally crippled, perverted individuals.

Why do you keep coming here? /ic will not improve your artistic abilities.
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File: smuggle.jpg (39 KB, 474x490)
39 KB
reddit is circlejerks and NPCs
youtube is AI city
discord is social bullying lite
local is old people drawing flowers
waiting for art school
interesting to observe and prod how the idiots here manage to cripple themselves in so many different ways.
>reddit is circlejerks and NPCs
>waiting for art school

implying art school isnt a massive circlejerk
how so? maybe you just went to a bad school or are some autist. i can't tell from here.
A thread died for this, so OP could erase potentially useful info. Crab he is.
I fucking hate "thread died for this" posts on this board.
> Polyeye the Sailorman - classic cartoon
>Redpill me loomis. Why is he recommended here so often when I don't see anyone actually using his techniques? Even the better artists I watch on youtube don't use anything that looks remotely close to this.
>Daily reminder that if you use one of these to create art, you dont belong on this board. Digital art is NOT real art. Get lost, CTRL+Z nerds, and pick up a pencil for once.
Yeah, so many useful threads. /ic/ is a slow board. People vote with their posts. If a thread is dead due to a bump, it deserved it.

Are these good for digital painting?
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These will be the industry standard in 5-10 years is apple maintains there current course. May as well adopt now and get used to the software.
I love it for sketching on the go and setting down traditional looking charcoal values/textures, but it's not a replacement for a regular graphics tablet and computer, personally. A lot of advanced artists seem to take painting or drawing with it really easily, but I'm intermediate and find it sort of difficult to get precise.

File transfer is a breeze if you've got an Apple computer, but that's an entirely bigger problem if you don't like Apple computers.
Is the regular 6th gen ipad a good tablet?
The ipad pros are ridiculously expensive but i really want and need something portable for sketching on the go
It's limited, but more then adequate for sketching and simpler work. After 4 months of use I prefer it to my cintiq, i only ever go back for paid work. I do all my sketching, character art and comics on the cheapest version of ipad 6. I even use it a fast portable scanner for trad sketches, though the camera is honestly a bit shit.
That or Best Buy.
Yep it's everything the 2016 pro was but with a slightly less nice screen and with less speakers.

File: z.jpg (762 KB, 1879x1500)
762 KB
762 KB JPG
Background/landscapes general.
I find the subject kinda boring usually so I'm looking for inspiration, tutorials, post yours even if you want.
Unusual styles welcome but not only. Like, there's lots of animators that make fantastic bg.
Bump for interest.
The only stuff I've read on backgrounds was in perspective books, and that's a matter I'm trying to get better at too
I've officially fallen in love with old anime backgrounds, even low budget OVAs had great looking bgs.

From what I've seen, it was mostly done in gouache or poster paint and I'd love to learn how to paint like that. It's reminds me of watercolor, but more opaque

Not sure where to start though, like if you have Loomis/Hampton for figures and Robertson for perspective as go-tos who should I use for landscapes and specifically this medium?

pic is from End of Evangelion
One thing to keep in mind when doing stuff like you described is to understand the simplification of implied detail. For example - in your attached image, there is a row of moderately defined trees Because that's been established, the hills in the background don't need to be as defined because it's implied that those trees are the same as the trees in mid ground, so you can simplify those hills down into simpler shapes and smoother, more vague detail.

It's a good rule of thumb to think like this - if you're going to rely on implied detail, you need to actually show the detail that is going to be implied (if that makes sense). In other words, you should establish what it is that will be simplified. Generally speaking, things are usually defined & established in the foreground by rendering them out to a higher degree of detail, and then simplified further back in the composition.

This is all important to keep in mind because I truly think a lot of folks don't have a strong understanding of what implied detail is. The 'wrong' way to use implied detail is to draw a blob of undefined stuff and say "Oh, that's grass / foliage / etc." when it hasn't been established elsewhere. It might make sense in your mind, but you need to established what the implied details are (at least to some degree)

Hope that makes sense!
File: workman.jpg (129 KB, 800x266)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
I've been following Michael Workman on ig for quite some time now and really like his stuff, if I ever have some money to burn I'll buy one of his paintings even though I'm not from america

Dear /ic/ers, it's the 35 yo boomer again (http://boards.4chan.org/ic/thread/3638443#q3638443).
I wonder why everyone is obsessed with Loomis (head drawing method, for example)? It's so...IDK, outdated and primitive...itsn't it? Then I stumbled upon Reilly method which is not working (though it's better since giving the idea of the planes of the head) as well, though some people keep pretending.
The only cool way (in order to understand head's construction) I see is to work with low-poly models like pic rel, redraw them with a pencil, play with shades and lights, etc. Like I'm incorporating elements of a sculptor's learning process.

And, I find famous Asaro head is wrong and fake while a lot of people are so excited about it. Pic rel is a much better example (though a bit weird above the brows). Am I wrong?
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Loomis' eye line is not the center of the whole head? It's the center of the sphere you use to construct the whole top part of the cranium, you add the jaw after, from there the eyes are no longer the center. In fact, it seems as thought in the picture you've posted, the eye line is in fact almost dead center of the head?

Loomis' thirds are rough guidelines to get proportions and positioning somewhat right, the rest is up to you and how good you are at molding it to fit your reference. Construction taught like this is not an exact science, because the faces of humans are not exactly the same every time.
Also forgot to mention that one of the best parts of the loomis method is how much easier it is to draw a head in the correct perspective using the method. Perhaps some methods are better for you, it doesn't really make another wrong, loomis works for many people, and many pro artists still teach it.
>from there the eyes are no longer the center
Of course I know that, but thank you anyway.

Everything you say is right, Loomis works for basic illustrations, it's just not enough to get further understanding (without going deeper), IMO, that's all I wanted to say. It's vague, just like another anon here said, and somewhat "flat".
Well, is it meant to be more than that? So it isn't "wrong", it's just not for you, you want more from something that isn't meant to be more. Loomis' method is great, if you need different or further teaching, find that. But it's not wrong.
OK, I agree, nothing should be deemed wrong for as long as it works for intended purposes. Thank you for clarifying.

File: orenodesku.jpg (165 KB, 1000x563)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Am i gonna make it?
298 replies and 79 images omitted. Click here to view.
Its just the desktop and the camera that give out that weird hazyness you see in the picture.
File: 20181022_124112.jpg (1.68 MB, 4128x2322)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
my minimal setup, what do you think guys?
File: IMG_20181022_232557.jpg (3.56 MB, 4000x3000)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB JPG
My prison cell called my workplace. Only drawing to make storyboards for my video work.
You have no idea how cool it is having sunlight during work. I miss sunlight.
Looks comfy. Is it a tiny sketchbook on the left or some comic?
i wonder how many people live like this or worse

File: 1539850018559.jpg (72 KB, 402x714)
72 KB
How do I go about drawing a girl with no fat or muscles? She's not quite a skeleton but she doesn't conform to normal anatomy either.
50 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
thanks for the nightmare fuel
Why do people pretend she isn't insanely attractive?
[Xylophone playing in the background]
So is she anorexic or has the internet just been ragging on a body-positive woman with a rare genetic condition?

File: collab-oct-2018.jpg (1.73 MB, 3840x2160)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
Collaborate with your fellow anons to pull forms from abstract shapes and work together to flesh out a new piece. Feel free to change colors, add major forms, tweak the composition, detail & render, etc. - anything goes.

The starter composition will be 3840 X 2160 - try to maintain a high resolution when uploading & sharing your contributions.

Please refrain from introducing a new starter composition until significant progress has been made on the first piece.
77 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
A drastic change or addition is needed
I really like this
This had potential. Try being more patient. Add a little, pass it on. Don't be so egotistical and show off what you can do. It's about the fun of not knowing where its going.

These >>3631674 >>3632328 >>3638168 were the best steps. These threads tend to stagnate if people don't make significant changes to the piece. Sometimes the changes are for the worse, but at least they keep things moving

Though this forest fire scene is a hell of a lot better than these collabs usually end up

File: fgfgfg.png (128 KB, 652x515)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
I'm working on a drawing tutorial, and i was thinking about this. Does it fell more comfy with ambient music, or is it distracting, since the tutorial is narrated?
yeah sure just make it quiet
Doesn’t matter, nobody will watch it.

I prefer silence. I like to pop on my own ambient shit when I'm watching tutorials. You can even provide the songs that you would have used so people can put that shit on the BG if they want to...
This. I also prefer to chose my own preferred instructions in tutorials rather than being fed what the author thinks is best.. You could provide the you would have used so people can read them if they want to...
It makes sense. Thanks anon.

File: 1034879837_3.png (692 KB, 784x744)
692 KB
692 KB PNG
Thread left a day ago. Post your own or other's before and afters.
229 replies and 52 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'll draw his daughter as loli yo
>pedo threats
Its okay to have hobbies, anon. just draw when you need to relax because its a good constructive outlet
I wish there were more people like you in here instead of so many neurotics. Art is supposed to be fun, relaxing, etc.
thank you guys, it means a lot to me. It gives me hope that i will make it ^^

File: New canvas.jpg (223 KB, 387x712)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
Getting my ass in gear after a long art block, decided to draw a Pepsi girl.

File: 1539998263218.jpg (21 KB, 640x334)
21 KB
Since some months i'm experimenting this and i find pretty hard to start any artistic work and i dont know what to do about this.

Has anyone experienced this before and knows what to do?
25 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Your cum has oxytocin hormones anon. You need it because you're sad and lonely.
I don't really have this problem anymore, and I think it's something that fades as you get more experienced and professional, but in the meantime, if you feel uninspired, I would recommend practicing drawing from life or photographs.
this unironically
similar to the concept of inertia, force yourself to keep doing it until you have a momentum going. Stop and you'll def feel miserable
theres's 2 ways to get anywhere in life.

be lucky enough to be doing X thing since a kid, find motivation for it naturally and just succeed at it.

alternative is to push through and just do the work, you might hate it short-term but you'll find happiness in the long term. and if you don't find this happiness then at worst you've wasted a couple thousand hours and you start something anew.

you don't know either way so might as well get to work.
the only way is to force yourself to draw anything, just anything, no matter how shitty it is or how shitty you feel, you just need to do something rather than nothing, if you continue doing that, one day you will develop the skill and discipline to be functional.

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