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File: 1527040624025.png (14 KB, 524x685)
14 KB
Do you guys even draw? not seeing much art here. just bs talks about bs
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idk what this thread is about but it said pyw. I'm pretty smitten about this drawing I just did. Been mulling over the idea of going back to muh berserker story and really leaning into the Norse mythology memes that I was kind of downplaying in muh headmovies for the last decade.

Basically I have this story idea that started originally as an idea of a kind of spoof on A Boy and his Dog, as well as the cultural fad to just remake shit but gender swapped. Thought it'd be a funny vehicle to goof on both the casual sexism of Hollywood 50 years ago, as well as the overreaction by Hollywood recently to "fix" things by overdoing it and trying to hard.

But then recently as I've been rereading about Norse mythology for fun I started mulling over whether or not I should go ahead and turn Dog into Fenrir/a Fenrir-related GIANT dog, instead of just being a dog with psychic telepathy powers.

idk. I think both can be neat. One problem I kind of have with the idea of turning Girl and Her Dog into a Fenrir/Clifford meme, is that it kind of overlaps a lot with muh Maugn Jottner giant character, who spends a lot of the narrative in muh brain grapes wandering around trying to protect a little kid version of a girl. Guess that's already super derivative from Frankenstein and Bioshock and whatever.
Y-yeah I draw
W-whats it to ya?
Joke’s on you guys.
I can just post something old like pic related. So if you like it I can feel good, and if you don’t, I can just use the excuse that it’s old and not an accurate representation of my current work.
File: sketchthing.jpg (100 KB, 400x738)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
i draw
File: VWvTJM.gif (1.38 MB, 320x240)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB GIF
I'm a draw. I artist.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (263 KB, 1280x720)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
Who is you favourite art streamer and why?
is streaming and speedraws the only way to break out as an artist in the modern age?

>pic related its peter draws
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Based Peter Draws
Peter's "irreverent humor" and the image he portrays of other people's art sorta pisses me off. Extremely slave morality cope tbqh.

he draws fate characters and is really good
(on twitch)

Caisne (great character design and concept art)
grigoriypeppo (traditional portraiture)
atamanman (anime)

How do I get this good?
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File: rk6zZWQ.png (334 KB, 559x242)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
The torso is okay, hands don't look bad, arm is okay, but the connection of the back of the skull to the neck, the butt and feet are bad. I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt and say the face was just a stylistic choice.

This man needs to read some books. I recommend Steve Huston's book on figure drawing.
>literally not a single feature overlaps
>I literally have no clue why he doesn't improve, and usually after some point with artist it's really just laziness.
He plateaued years ago. He went from 'shit' to 'marginally mediocre' and has stayed there. He wont improve without serious study and why would he bother since he's already 'made it.' His fans just want edge and memes and are completely uncritical, there's absolutely no incentive for him to get serious about getting good.

File: 1430861525513.png (94 KB, 535x401)
94 KB
Pixel art thread? I've been really interested in getting into pixel art and animation.
I'll dump some infographs and pictures I have. Feel free to post your own tutorials and content and give advice to others.
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Honestly the worst kind of plebbit normie garbage
now make it bigger
I wish there was separate board for braindead NPCS who can only communicate through the use of buzzwords
The Pit's and Samus' hair needs to be fixed. No spikes on the Pits and Samus' side-fringe should be longer.

File: boy squat sit.jpg (221 KB, 1600x1200)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
where were you when you realised you simply werent intelligent enough to get good at art?
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get out of here muslim. you were not welcomed here and you are too brain dead to integrate with western society.
File: 1285596650087.jpg (32 KB, 400x270)
32 KB
>Damn anon, what a badass motivational speech!
Yep. Start.
I was in my chair, trying to draw
realized when every beginner's book was started at a level i couldn't get to
If regret won't change your nature then all that's left is belief.
At home, getting cosy. I am a sperger, so i am not good at self promoting.
Went to an european art academy and got my degree - but now i am seriously doubting if i want to be an artist. It is not worth it.

File: bold and brash.jpg (78 KB, 1280x720)
78 KB
Hey /ic/ I've been trying to get back into traditional media and one medium I want to go back to is acrylic.

Anyone have recommendations on brands I can buy? I don't need anything overtly professional and expensive, just stuff that's decent quality.

Originally I wanted to buy Apple Barrel paint and those packs of Artist Loft brushes they sell at Michael's, but apparently they lose bristles like a motherfucker; and Apple Barrel, while a brand I'm familiar with, I doubt it has good archival properties.


High pigmentation professional artist grade acrylic paint at factory prices because it’s a factory.
Will ship you actual paint swatch chart.
Great prices.
That’s fucking tight, thank you anon!

File: Improvement.png (2.89 MB, 2500x2500)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB PNG
Look back on your work and dont give up hope.
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Ew balloon feet. Kek work on hands.
>balloon feet
that's a new one
Extremely cute picture. Nice color
That’s quite a difference
thank you!

wouldn't the best toon art character be like the face of someone real, in that nature has provided that information for your eyes; we're talking Ash, from Pokemon, and other 'cute' anime characters, are there human faces that represent this character best?

Imagine pic related as a masculine actor, try to see from other angles. This is that face.
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OP is ash
based stroke poster
This. It's a shame they stopped locking autists and other mongoloids up in the 70s, now they're free to roam, annoying and/or even endangering normal people with their stupid bullshit. Imagine how much better /ic/ would be without Jimmy and the rest of the "Autistic Four" trad media retards for example
File: 1530191837357.png (191 KB, 473x430)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
Are you asking if anyone has ever been so far as to go look more like?
someone screencap this

Good or bad I just want see them /ic/
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hey uuhhh show us your work bitch
First post based post
>American flag bikini
>Not Confederate flag bikini on a blonde southern right wing oriented girl that you can BLACK
bretty good taste Anon
>80% of the people here just reinforce the starving artist that doesn't wash, doesn't like going outside and is severely depressed stereotype
Fuck I thought I was special I'm just another sheep
File: 1547525156918.jpg (673 KB, 1200x800)
673 KB
673 KB JPG
Here ya go.

File: IMG_20190114_142054.jpg (374 KB, 912x1600)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
There is math to art.

You can be a pro artist just by scribbling in the general direction of the finished piece and then touching up. Pic example. It's my first drawing.
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pleaseee stop using lined paper lmao
draw a self bortrait op

You cant be serious, right?
you can't fully appreciate this masterpiece without an understanding of calculus and an iq of 100000
learn some real and complex analysis or kill yourself

Post art that blows your mind
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A master
I guess the thick black line make it seem too pop out of the environment
meta as fuck

File: elites.jpg (78 KB, 600x539)
78 KB
tired of seeing nothing but rl face studies and anime posters?
Then post all your creature, concept and animal art here.
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fuck yeah I’ve been waiting for a thread like this
Nice job, Anon. Most people wouldn't draw as nice wings
thanks :D
almost forgot to post this

I'm in some dire need of critique before I bum rush through this and rage quit. I want everyone and anyone to tell me their opinions, what they don't understand, what i need to fix, and if this makes any sense at all?

What I will be fixing:
1. Page 1 and 2's speech bubbles to be clearer and consistent with the rest of the comic.
2. typos such as "gothca" and "sensative"
3. obviously I'm still working on color
4. adding small details here and there

Questions I'd like answered:

What is going on in these seven pages?

Is it easy to follow (other than page one)?

What would you like explained?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>What is going on in these seven pages?
He's disturbed that he's a mage or because he lashed out with his power. He has a surprisingly casual relationship with the skintaker. Possibly his mother can't see it, but it snuck up on him and kept out of her field of view (mostly, its hand should have been in her peripheral)
>Is it easy to follow (other than page one)?
I actually don't know- when reading comics normally I barely check the art and don't question motives unless they say something pointedly odd. I feel like I understand everything I was supposed to, but I went over this panel by panel.
>What would you like explained?
The Facestealer and its personality/how it thinks- I wouldn't expect a Slenderman to facepalm.
The nature of the world- I already have an idea of what an elf or a Giffic slaver is but I'm curious about the tone, feels magical realism, and I'm wondering if land pirates are supposed to be an actual problem somewhere in the world
>Is it grabbing and would you continue reading?
I like straight fantasy and furshit- everyone has an idea of what YOUR story should properly be and it's not necessarily valuable.
In practice yes but critically no, and beyond boosting up the main character I can't think of any way to make it better. I don't think it's the end of the world though- Ava's Demon is recommended in every webcomic thread and I couldn't find a specific reason to continue past their prologue after the planet blew up. You're in the clear
>Your speech bubbles are a mess. They take up too much space and seem to be ordered at random
Also I disagree with this
So this part I tried to make the prologue is an "important" part of the story. And by "important," I mean the only thing really substantial about it is Roth finds out he can cast magic naturally. Meaning he doesn't need a staff/wand/ enhanced item to cast spells. It would later be revealed that human's are just completely incapable of wielding magic with out an "enhancer." So the face stealer is not an essential character and will most likely not return until wayyyyyyyyyyy later.
>Despite very likely being its actual name, 'face stealer' doesn't read as a very impressive title. Though I'm not sure how important he is to the overall story.
yes, he does has a different name thats more "official" but since he's being imagined by a bored child, he has a childish name

So, I'm somewhat content that the majority of the people who have read through the prologue have had a basic grasp on what was happening. I've decided on starting over with a different style that leans towards, what I would consider, my proficiencies.

so going back to
>Either draw pure manga or draw pure Western but don't use that watered down style.
>If you take one of those pages and turn it into b&w you will see that the color values are too close to each other and the characters don't stand out against the background
>The rest of the criticism is just anatomy and other things that other anons have said.
>when you show action try to draw as much of the body as dynamically possible

I'm hoping this is an improvement on character design and overall composition.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Yeah yeah yeah its shit. Hence the need for critique

File: gibson-girl.jpg (203 KB, 909x528)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
What is it and how do I get better at it?
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I, too wish to violently shake my head so hard that I fucking die due to liquefaction of my brain
in the thumbnail i thought this guy had a burger head.
Is there anywhere to buy these online?
thats some jacobs ladder shit
bump for more of gibsons work

Blender is like that ugly chick back in highschool who became attractive as an adult.
I'm a 2D artist primarily and started to learn/look into 3D and animation. so Maya/ZBrush/TvPAint/Moho etc but to my surprise Blender has apparently been working on a 2D animation feature on their software and it looks kinda awesome




What are your thoughts on it? If you're a 3D artist and animator would you use blender? or stick to dedicated software?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
there's a good gp tut on gumroad and cgp that has really helped me improve workflow


i'd really like to start learning sculpting but it feels so strange to me from what i've tried. i know anatomy but the sculpting is going to take a lot of practice. i know there's a free and paid zach rheinhardt sculpting one i should go through too
I believed in this, but do you people actually use it? Like, its tedious just to move a few frames or add frames inbetween, which for me is an essential part of animating. Don't really feel like its there yet, could be great tho I guess.
I don't use it for animation but I use it for preplanning or storyboarding to get better ideas for composition like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8puJClvNYE&t=13s

you can set up a plane, draw on the plane, frame it with something even (in that case looking out of a helicopter eventually, and get parallax. i've animated 3d in blender before which isn't as hard as you make it out to be when you learn or configure keyboard shortcuts.
I'm personally waiting until the first stable release to use the 2.8 version, honestly.

As much as I want to, most of the plugins are stuck at 2.79, and lord knows when/if they'll update any to fit the new 2.8 architecture.
Krita has 2d animation. learning blender just for animations Seems like an unnesesary headache

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