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File: 5465x484c87.png (482 KB, 529x547)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
Anybody else looking forward to the next artvsartist and will you participate? it's always interesting to see the people behind the artwork and their kinks reflecting within it.
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That depends if she has "they/them" or "she/they" on her bio
Same. I look in the mirror and it feels like my soul doesn't belong in my body.
is that because you eat like shit tho?
fuck, those poor inklings
jesus christ why do i even exist when some people have it this together

File: watercolor easel.jpg (174 KB, 599x700)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
ITT: Art supply thread
What do you guys recommend for art supplies? Pens, pencils, watercolors, oils, sketchbooks, anything goes.
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Haven't tried uniballs. I have abused the crap out of Staedtlers and had them endure quite well.

I tried microns after using Staetdlers. They seemed cheap and flimsy by comparison, and they didn't last as long.
What's your budget and how thick you want your lines?
Pilot Kakuno is the best bang for your buck. If Japanese M is too thin for you, then Lamy Safari is one of the most popular starter choices in general, but it has a triangular grip section that you may dislike.
If you want a flex nib, then Noodler's Ahab and cheap Chinese pens with installed G nib are your options under $30.
Frankly, I have never used a fountain pen before, but i would like to try something other than fineliners and brushes. Budget is not too important, but under 50, preferably with a converter included.
I think less autistic people who don't have violent tendencies don't usually have to worry about their stuff breaking in such a way.
Princeton Neptune brushes for watercolor are so great and I have to shill them. They're expensive but they're just as well made as high end natural hair brushes (sloppy craftsmanship is the #1 reason why synthetics suck) and the fibers are better than real squirrel. Even the largest mop points perfectly.
I still have to find a Kolinsky substitute for inking, so I just use Pentel brush pens. I can't believe they can mass produce Pentel brush pens with a great point but they can't make a normal Kolinsky synthetic brush. They all suck so bad. I would try Rosemary's golden synthetics but I would have to place a huge order of #2 or #4 brushes to offset the shipping and I'm not gonna risk that, and the fact that they don't stock their brushes anywhere but on their site is fishy, sure all your brushes have enthusiastic 5 star reviews only.
Also never buy Escoda Versatil. All the 7 Escoda Versatil brushes I bought over the years sucked to the point of being unusable and I paid a lot for them.
Never buy standard fold-out, no-name aluminum watercolor palettes, like Meeden. Especially Meeden is shilled super hard by paid YouTube reviewers. They are likely all produced by the same factory and the enamel has a shitty pink/grey tint to it. I sent back a Meeden palette because of this and I ordered one from Jackson's and it had the same grey/pink tint.

Platinum Carbon desk pen is like 10$ and it makes very nice thin lines. It's the best FP I have tried but I only bought a few low priced ones which I ended up gifting away.

>i would like to try something other than fineliners and brushes.
If this isn't for sketching outside get a bottle of india ink and a starter set dip pen, lots of Japanese sellers sell a bundle of Tachikawa T-40 holder and a bunch of Zebra G-nibs on eBay for something like 9$. Even for sketching outside I just have a capped dip pen and a 1oz Nalgene bottle (eBay) half filled with ink.

Is it in bad form to block the few people who keep faving every single thing in your gallery? It keeps spamming my inbox and it gets annoying that I see some new favs on new art that I post and just find out that it's the same few weirdos who aren't artist or really have anything on their account
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its furaffinity
tipsypaipai on deviantart
So it's true then...
That is such a dick move that I don't even know how to articulate how much of a dick move it is.

What do u think?
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You finally got a little bit better, Hey it's been 7 years now..
do you even know what makeup is?
lol at shitty artists claiming art is dead
>everyone is a bad artist but me, who sees it from the only valid perspective even though I haven't even tried improving my own work

Who started the trend of drawing anime girls wearing streetwear/hypebeast clothing?

This shit is so fucking obnoxious
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This is true. This is the same people who were goths and emos and followe other trends years ago, and since now they're into crappy XxxLilFagxXX music, they'll probably forget about anime in a few years and hop into a new trend.
Literally any clothing is cute and attractive if you shove a cute anime girl into it.
what the fuck does hypebeast mean
Animestyle is mass-produced consumerist trash. This sort of shit goes hand-in-hand, what did you expect? There is no art to be found, only repackaging and signalling.

File: 1530877973759.gif (95 KB, 499x508)
95 KB
>Draw an oval/egg/whatever the fuck for the chest
>Draw a box/square/whatever for the hips
>Now draw the whole fucking figure.

Why does literally every book do this.
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Just download CSP and cheat with 3d models it's not like anyone here can tell the difference anon lol.
just tried this and it's a fucking mess, I had the free version download and the modelling thing too but couldn't get the models into the space to actually mess with
doesn't help that a lot of it is in Japanese
>a lot of it is in Japanese
All you gotta do is click on the 3d model in materials then drag and drop them onto the canvas.

buy the English Pro version for $50, more expensive EX version mostly has stuff for making multiple paged books.
3d models help with perspective but without good gesture and composition they are gonna look stiff and awkward.

File: american animation.png (150 KB, 1500x970)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
So, what's your excuse for not making it into the industry, /ic/?
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Not that I believe you, but this story is so commonplace in the industry that literally only applies onto men, that I'm certain most of it is bullshit at this point.
>I'm female...and black...and bisexual
Pick two and only two
>sexually harassed
That term has been so watered down by twitter I now never take it at face value.
Family wanting me to delay my life for four years to go to an expensive ass art school when I could just take online courses @ Brainstorm or CGMA and get further :,)
What a victim complex

File: 1557791401065.jpg (92 KB, 650x650)
92 KB
What's the hardest part about art?

For me it's sitting down and actually doing it
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Personally my art experience was being curled up on the floor in the basement dragging my shaking, sore hands across paper to draw spaceships and screaming in autistic rage whenever it didn't go right. God I miss those days. Now when I draw it's just shit.
Man I'd be happy if one person liked the shit I make
Consistency without a doubt. I feel like whatever I make is always a guessing game for how well things may turn out in quality. Like I have no control for how something may end up looking. Even if its drawing something I've done already. Highly demotivating me from picking up the pencil and have no idea how to fix.
>What's the hardest part of art
Finding the discipline to draw what I need to draw, not what I want.

My biggest muse for art is just drawing my favorite girl, I think her design is amazing and I'm satisfied just practicing drawing her, improving, and making prettier and prettier drawings of her.

But drawing my #1 anime bitch constantly isn't going to get me a following online or bring in money. That's why I've got idea boards and planning sheets for shirt designs, merchandise ideas, comic book pitches- all art related stuff I'm interested in, but when it comes down to actually drawing them.... sitting down and doing it is such a hurdle for me. Even now I'm just distracting myself by being on /ic/ even though I hate this board.
But yeah, my art output is in the complete shitter. I barely make any "finished" pieces, I haven't posted on my socials once this year, got nothing impressive to post even if I wanted to. I just sketch every day.
then you just might have to find something else to do, something you won't procrastinate on doing

File: i.jpg (11 KB, 363x320)
11 KB
Do I have to stop drawing until this goes away or is there other options?
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I've had this problem off and on. Stretching, 1-2 breaks, massage, ibuprofen, etc. Unless you're going at it 20 hours a day, it seems the emergence of pain is an just an early indicator.

I'm not a doctor though. I've just been drawing for 30 years
This NSAIDS thin the blood and reduce swelling, also soak your hand in heat.

protip:Most artists that aren't heavy into really delicate linework keep their pressure sensitivity off or so sensitive it might as well be. It makes it so that drawing with the tablet feels a little more like painting, in where your grip is feather light. It puts way less stress on your wrist. Remember to take breaks though.
>One thing that I find is counterproductive is stretching.
Streching always works for me, also dont grip the pen tight, keep grip as light as possible.
>dont grip the pen tight
I've already been asking this in other threads and never get answered, but I use a Surface Pen, it's battery powered and you can definitely feel the weight on it compared to Wacom pens and real pens/pencils which weight virtually nothing in comparison.

Is the weight of the pen fucking up my fingers harder? Been drawing daily for a year and while my hand pains aren't crippling, i always wake up with my fingers stiff as fuck and i'm cracking them like crazy throughout the day, they feel sore all day unless something distracts me, and drawing for more than 20-30 minutes without a break guarantees pain and soreness later.
Sometimes numbness and pain in the hands is exacerbated by poor posture.
if you are leaning forward too much with bad posture then it can lead to a stiff neck, if you are leaning on a desk with your elbows propping you up then this can stiffen muscles in your chest/bicep, these stiff muscles put pressure on other shit that leads to numbness and pain in hands.

File: 1557189276534 copy.jpg (291 KB, 1500x968)
291 KB
291 KB JPG

Post your current drawing here and give constructive critique to others! don't take anything personal!

Please make sure your posted image is clear, downsized to around 1000 pixels wide, rotated to the correct orientation, and that any unused space is cropped.
If you want critique on a drawing from the previous thread, you can delete it there and repost in this one.

>dA /ic/ group :

>/ic/ Resources/Reference/Downloads/Links:

>General resources :

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 3464363.jpg (44 KB, 976x788)
44 KB
had all day to make some cool art but all I did was make some goofy shit like this
This is actually really cool anon. Good stuff!
new thread

i dig these dude, try blocking in some tones and getting rid of the lines, might be cool. i like the sense of scale and mystery.
the eyes are way too low, they're in her cheeks.

File: 12.jpg (1.95 MB, 1600x2000)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
File: 12345.png (90 KB, 550x550)
90 KB
And what do you see here?
are these postd some kind of MKUltra thing or something

A dog and somebody spilling some ink, now fuck off fag.

File: bd4.jpg (101 KB, 680x1068)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
What makes an art style appealing and what makes an art style bad?
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>What makes an art style appealing
developed education
>and what makes an art style bad?
no knowledge of the basics
unappealing = downgrading the quality of the art to make it more "fluid" for the lower masses. makes it less nuanced and detailed, plus acidic in colour so that it reminds them of their favourite gmo products and capeshit, while escaping their crippling depression and nilhistic world views. its merely a shortcut to making the workload a lot less streneous as well tho
taps into an emotional well ex. cuteness, sadness, sexual potential
looking cheap, aesthetic not useful for any particular purpose

So it's unappealing if it appeals to...the wrong people?

What's the best or your favorite animated movie /ic/?
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Emperor's Teeth, anon! Weren't you paying attention? Venus Wars (>>3940032)!
i wasn't reading the thread sorry
Yep, concept art.
i miss when my country make things like this..

I've been studying painting specifically in reference to animation backgrounds, which while utilising the same principles of colour and light that any other landscape techniques, demands the 'internalisation of principles' and 'interpretation' of scenes, whether stylistically or using unrealistic lighting rules, and so on.

My goal is to become a master at internalising laws of colour and light and interpreting them stylistically.

I'll post inspo and process / tutorials here. Would love any discussion / tips-sharing of this area of study, not limited to but including:

- digital tools
- time of day lighting
- bounce light
- ambient occlusion
- drawing foliage and trees in a stylistically satisfying way
- simplifying and stylising shapes and objects
- impressionism
- perspective
- shadows

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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how about backgrounds in anime
Because atmosphere isn't done with saturation, in those two pieces.
It's done with hue and shapes.

File: 1558029006530.jpg (104 KB, 1065x1182)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>he only draws women
>He only draws men
>He only draws people
>He only draws anime style
>He only uses pencil
>He only does digital
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its a shame *she* is a guy
you are mistaken

It looks more like a man than before
File: qt3.14.png (234 KB, 500x500)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
she very cute
it's a shame i can't draw girls
hes a bit on the heavy side

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