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File: 6354654626236.png (24 KB, 517x386)
24 KB
eye color test, let's go NGMI losers, show me how well you can see color. post results

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File: hawkthing.jpg (85 KB, 800x617)
85 KB
I'm in dim light but the pink got to me. It was pretty bright.
File: gdxze8g1pmm11.png (47 KB, 650x773)
47 KB
I'm on my phone and I got dog
I'm a fucking failure boohoo
16, 4 errors. the last one the all brown fucked me up otherwise I would've been perfect.

This is a badly made test tho
28, 2 errors.

But this test is better:
File: 43214231526162315.png (16 KB, 916x309)
16 KB
i feel like the hue test sliders are too easy, if it had like a time limit or something it would be a better test

Draw a skull from memory (no references) and post no matter how it turns out.
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favorite one so far
File: skellies.png (192 KB, 663x697)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
all without reference
File: 20190115_231206-1.jpg (3.14 MB, 2058x2430)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB JPG
...And now to go and practice with a reference.
I never quite understood, what’s the point of the ellipse/circle on the forehead?
frontal eminence

Any visual novel devs out there? What are you working on?

I just started writing an otome game, and its serving as great motivation to improve my art and learn new skills.
I fucking hate RenPy. What alternatives to RenPy are there op ?
not op but i heard there are alts like tyranobuilder.
im currently using renpy and desu it isnt that bad.Mind if i know why u dislike it?

the code is a disaster. i ran into so many issues and unfixable bugs... i even contacted experienced devs and they reviewed my entire code and ended up telling me 'well, no idea sorry lol'.
I would try tyranobuilder as >>3769792 suggested. If you like coding you can use Unity or Gamemaker. I see Visual Novel Maker on steam all the time, but I'm not sure if its worth the $60.

File: image.png (118 KB, 512x512)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
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Post more ryona references, for purely academic purposes of course, Im still looking for a proper way to evoke fear in girl's eyes
Off it.
File: rin.jpg (654 KB, 1312x1081)
654 KB
654 KB JPG
This is a nice SHIBUYA rin
It's so hard to find reference for this shit
I went as far as googling things like "extreme terror face" and "extreme pain face" on Google and the results are all mild "vaguely hurts" faces where the person isn't even screaming

File: IMG_20190113_120832.jpg (1.18 MB, 2592x1944)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
Im new here so idk but am i allowed to ask for commisions?
Yeah OP hit me up on Twitter, ten bux and I'll draw whatever you want
Ummm, you serious?
This is like going onto /p/ and asking if anyone will pay you to photograph something for them.

Do you not get how this is stupid?
I guess i see your point

File: NAP620_1.jpg (80 KB, 537x717)
80 KB
Is there a good japanese "How To Draw Anime" books made by japanese artists translated in english?

Western Artists who made "How To Draw Anime" books are try hards.
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Once you know the secrets you don't want to share with white pigs.
What's the name of this book? Or series of books?
can't you read? ngmi if you can't even study 日本語

It's called How to Draw - Hands,Gestures, Poses Illustrations. You can find it on J-List.

Dumb nigger trying to be funny. Try harder next time, faggot.
File: lol.jpg (201 KB, 1427x960)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
>Dumb nigger trying to be funny. Try harder next time, faggot.
lol i wasn't trying to be funny. it's a shitty looking book. lmao at anyone that thinks they're gonna learn at anyone thinking /beg/ how to draw books are magic bullets because they're japanese

File: 1531485551383.jpg (15 KB, 290x299)
15 KB
>I'm not like most anons. I have a whole story and universe I've been building up in my head for __ years!
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Most people also see as: or i am going to be great right at the begining or i just suck.

No one start big, and sometimes you may not be as bad as you were at the begining, but you are not that great yet either.
I think its perfectly understandable to have worlds you build on slowly and such, more so if you actually do stuff with them, but I do agree it annoys me when I see people who've never finished anything in their life acting like they're gonna spend 10 years constructing an art masterpeice on a world they've had since they were 13.

I have a few worlds I like to think about and have done so since I was a young teen, but those have always been excuses to make cool scenes and draw cool characters; if I ever do end up being able to make art stuff, I'll probably come back to them, but I dont act like I'm gonna be able to create some masterpeice just because I've spent 10 years *thinking* about a world.
>tfw too late to go into art
It's never too late to go into art.
I'm just enjoying writing and illustrating my story for now. I may share it with a few friends. Maybe there's a slim chance it gets put out to a wider audience but why worry about that when I'm enjoying the creation aspect. Starting a project with the intent to make it the next big thing just seems like too much hassle.

I'm thinking she should wear a rashguard as a top, since she has a lot of aquatic speriance. Then for her bag rig I kind of am designing my own concept. It's basically like a bag with a big poncho thing mounted on top that you can use for walking in shitty weather, or you can put the bag down and raise the rails that the poncho tarp is on, and you have a rudimentary tent. Plus it looks like a cape poncho and is generally neat.

Is construction just an advanced form of symbol drawing?
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Right. That's what I referred to in my last sentence.
>Also, I guess that's your definition of "symbol drawing"- any drawing that represents 2D shapes?
2D shape =/= not in 3D world
you fucking autist
If it CAN be represented in a 3D world doesn't mean it has be in perspective. As I've already said, how many dimensions are represented depends on the artist.
I'm not sure I understand. You can mathematically(and on a paper) represent a 2D shape in a 3D world. Yes, the shape doesn't have a 3rd dimension, but given the intent, there's nothing stopping it from being able to freely move in 3D space. Look at 3D modeling for example.
>Drawing is the representation of 3d space (or shapes) on a 2d plane
File: 4796100256_37bb6ca07d_b.jpg (624 KB, 891x1024)
624 KB
624 KB JPG
why are you still here then?

File: 66312319_p0.png (2.05 MB, 1400x921)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
How do they do it, what is it that doesn't allow westerners to draw with soul?
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File: 0350-006.jpg (633 KB, 1127x1600)
633 KB
633 KB JPG
retarded nip composition leading to eye strain
File: ree realistic faces.png (391 KB, 959x1400)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
>symbol drawing is okay when nips do it
File: slan berserk.jpg (407 KB, 1091x1600)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
mate im with you, but noah Bradley? yea no

Self Promotion Thread

Share your DA, insta, Patreon, tumblr, blog etc.

Use http:// when linking to your work to create a clickable link.

::: SHORT-TERM GOALS EDITION ::: What's a goal you hope to achieve in the short term (ie. next few days, weeks or months) to start off the new year?
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Woah thank you, I have been drawing semi-seriously for about year and a half. In 2018 really got into digital.
File: OnisBuenotas.jpg (502 KB, 1400x788)
502 KB
502 KB JPG

bummed out that first response is just roasting me, but I do appreciate the critique. My drawing skills are lacking, so I tend to avoid dynamic poses, etc. It's an area I need to focus on.
Take everything with a grain of salt on /ic/ half the time people are extra harsh because of frustrations in their own work. I’m guilty of it too.
/ic/ is retarded. For someone who is quite blatantly doing this as a hobby / passion, you're just fine. It seems like you have a lot of fun with your work.

File: _20190108_015737.jpg (173 KB, 1051x1130)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Dear /ic/, what are your honest opinions on these 3 popular art styles? Here is #1.
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post tits then kill self
its ok i guess?? like as long as whoever did them is trying to improve their art. #3 looks nice f its just the style and not the art and shitty background. its pretty low effort art but as long theyre improving and having fun i couldnt give two shits
unappealing. not a fan of the direction it's taking with the proportions. not a fan of this type of one-width, wobbly, ballpoint-esque lineaet either. color scheme has potential but isn't as focused as it could be, feels like yellow overlay layers placed haphazardly instead of planning the whole scheme out ahead of time. feels more deliberate than the other two, but not in a way that suits my taste
unappealing, lacks direction overall. comes off as amateurish because the shapes don't follow a certain theme so well. this type of thing usually says to me "i grew up on anime, but don't want to be made fun of for it, so i tried to make it cartoony/different", or influenced by works in that line of thought
i like the color pink so i like this one more. not a fan of the linework, the weights seem arbitrarily placed instead of to imply form. shape of the torso not so appealing. this style could benefit from more detailed and thoughtful anatomy, and greater attention to form - feels flat but not in a deliberate way
I'm in a major metro area in the US and none of this shit is anywhere I see online or in real life. This is strictly tumblrish online stuff in whatever girly communities you frequent.

File: girlface3d.png (959 KB, 1920x1080)
959 KB
959 KB PNG
One of my favorite things to do is try to model/sculpt one of my drawings. Do others do this? It is so satisfying to me for some reason!
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i've done that too :-D
Doing the reverse here. Couldn't find any model sheets online, which is why I'm learning to draw.
File: Steve.jpg (108 KB, 453x500)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
I'm happy I clicked on this thread now

File: pepelaugh.gif (170 KB, 360x346)
170 KB
170 KB GIF
>You need to respect my time and effort. I will charge more you more than minimum wage for my art or $100 for a half assed sketch


>Artists draws like a 12 year old/ deviantart tier.

17 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
$3? fuck I've been pricing at $2 sq inch. I'm losing money.
I had to make up the cost of housepainting brushes and forgot to drop it.
Hey if you can sell it keep the price, I just heard somewhere that $2 was the "don't fuck the business" price. Good artist can get $10 a square inch. Talk about making it.
File: cool_guy.jpg (69 KB, 600x439)
69 KB
Same my dude
Living the dream
what do I do to hurt their morale are to draw the exact thing they charge with ridiculous price with a decent and better art, for free, since I'm like this >>3769333
and then you'll get to see their friend's/other accounts samefagging to comfort the artist ego. :--DD
Swooping their retarded followers at the same time.

File: kyonyuuka.jpg (71 KB, 600x728)
71 KB
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what a cute skeleton

>XD I found bad anime art isnt that so funny!
Heres an idea, lets red line your art instead. That way someone actually gets critiqued
Not that anon, but your point is completely irrelevant. I assume OP meant the redline as an exercise, because guess what, it's sometimes fun to try looking at shitty art and seeing what's wrong with it. Though I guess that "fun" part is a foreign concept to you, huh?
File: 3769103.png (484 KB, 600x728)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
Do the whole thing BBC you lazy hamster

File: Untitled.gif (397 KB, 559x466)
397 KB
397 KB GIF
>Animation Thread Discord


>2D Animation on Youtube

AMB Animation Academy

SBW Workshop

Aaron Blaise

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This paper is less absorbent, so I can work heavier. That other paper is higher quality, which, ironically, messed me up because it holds much more paint, so you need a lighter touch.
Looks really nice, love the way it moves the legs, but it doesn't convey the size. It's movement is so fast and fluid. Might sound nitpicky but it'd be cool if the movements were a bit slower and deliberate. Think of the sturdy movement in Kaiju movies. Just a tiny bit of that feel.
Just a thought. Like I get what you're doing and it's really cool, but the scale and size doesnt't come across which would improve it imo. It might as well be be size of the dog.
If that makes sense.
The movement is really stiff imo
File: Untitled.webm (2.48 MB, 1770x736)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB WEBM
First (very rough) animation I've made.
I'm still trying to understand how animation works put into practice.
Is this a gud practice?
File: magic_in_the_woods_yo-2.gif (809 KB, 1920x1080)
809 KB
809 KB GIF
unfinished thing I started, mind the splotch on the tree

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