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File: aco.jpg (267 KB, 800x1200)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Welcome to /aco/.

This board is meant for posting 2D/3DCG adult content of Western style or origin. Please post Eastern style content on the appropriate board (i.e., hentai, alternative hentai, ecchi, yuri, and yaoi as appropriate).

Note that Global Rule #3 is in effect! This means NO images with anthropomorphic ("furry"), grotesque ("guro"), or underage ("loli/shota") characters. Images depicting bestiality or scat are not to be uploaded. If you want to post this kind of material, go to /b/. For the purpose of defining what is anthropomorphic ("furry"), do not post images of characters with muzzles, snouts, or any other major non-human characteristics. Minor features like cat ears are fine.

Please post high-quality images only, and provide as much information as possible with your post (e.g., source material, artist name, etc). Poor quality artwork and doodles will be deleted. When starting a thread please provide at least six images of your own to start the thread. Do not post request threads (e.g., "MOAR!", "Sauce?", etc).

Legs edition
Old thread >>2895793
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Thanks for the pic by the way ::::)
Hm, "abuse" is a one sided term, I would prefer to call it... "obliteration into submission", it sounds nicer.
Roxy/Porrim is an amazing pairing
>stating an opinion, therefore subjective
>a lie
How is that a lie? Do they not actually like curvy Rose?
god why cant terezi be real i just want to lay my head on her thick grey thighs and have her kiss my forehead

File: 1547679610593.png (175 KB, 952x627)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
>Provide references and keep them to one image/post.
>Be patient and take it easy! Don't forget to check the boorus first to see if your request was fulfilled.
>Drawfriends, don't hold back.
>Keep art critiques short.
>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10 or Image limit.
>No one is entitled to a request delivery.
>Don't fight spam with spam.
>No begging.
>Have fun!

>Collection of Deliveries:
/co/ - http://the-collection.booru.org/
/v/ - http://vidyart.booru.org/

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File: kimmy_request.png (2.06 MB, 2232x1500)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
Requesting Kimmy Howell lifting her shirt (& bra) and pulling down her pants, revealing her breasts and panties like in the reference pic. While acting all tsundere-like.
You really shouldn't though
File: 1547240746278.png (859 KB, 839x463)
859 KB
859 KB PNG
Requesting Quinn getting a facial
Requesting a nude pin-up of Finn's wife from the Adventure Time comics. Any pose is fine.
Can someone do a pic of College Junior
(she had a licence to prove it) Ashley Spinelli in one of the above poses?

(I prefer the two on the right - but whatever)

Previous thread:
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File: gallery_6149_246_301787.jpg (446 KB, 1050x1680)
446 KB
446 KB JPG
File: 1459235781175.png (457 KB, 500x724)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
This was the first piece of meru's that I saw
I wish people would draw pullups more often
Pullups are great, but thick diapers are still the best.

File: 505648228384848459_0.png (587 KB, 530x750)
587 KB
587 KB PNG
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I'm not a /wedg/ regular I just pop my head in time to time. What do you guys mean drive them away? Is there some autistic side to this general that spooks artists away?
yes. We're a very..specific bunch. We don't get what we want we dont support it.
Who got Feather Coats Lucina/Corrin wedgie picture
Like, pester the artist constantly with requests, verbal assault them if they say no, and if they open commissions, call them greedy sacks of garbage for asking for a price that the person dictates isn't worth it.

To be fair this isn't community specific, just look at the commissions thread, artists in general just don't get respected on the internet, and as someone who's wanted to get into drawing for a year now, that really bums me out.

Previous Thread: >>2897925
Smut Pastebin --> https://pastebin.com/nrxT4N4U

>What do I do here?
Discuss Warhammer stuff i.e. lore, tabletop/videogame meta, smutty questions about Eldar/Tau, etc. This is a comfy thread, so we do not want it to turn to /vg/ or, worse, /v/.

>Is writefaggotry allowed?
Of course! /tg/ used to have their weekly smut threads years ago but suddenly stopped due to reasons unknown. This thread aims to reignite that. New pastebins are always included with each new thread that will include previously saved works and updated chapters. There are many talented writers lurking in this thread, so do not be afraid to talk to them about writing tips.

>Can I post Warhammer memes?
You can but do not be autistic about it. This is a porn thread after all.
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That entirely depends on what you're looking for.

They play kind of different roles.

Fire and Earth caste are often tomboys. The Fire being more so, while also being fit or well built, with the attitude to go with it.

Earth caste any imperial citizen might encounter are the maintenance and tech autists who're often times relatively clueless about anything outside of their profession, who're also close to being short stack, and are generally the most thicc of all the castes.

Water caste are tall and balanced diplomats with high degree of social skills, possibly to a point where it gets creepy if one were smart enough to see through them. They're essentially manipulators.

Air caste are super tall with atrophied bodies who do nothing but operate ships. Probably most narrow minded and autistic of all the castes.
Thanks, guess I'll just have to double the length of my leg bones. It's that easy!
I fucking hate this elite elite elite force. Werent the custodes enough? I hope they all turn to chaos.
>Is this the great plan?
So was Emperor Xbox huge as a human, or is it some psyker trickery?

File: 1503994606816.jpg (181 KB, 709x1100)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Holy shit, we let it die! Fear not, because now we're back!

>Reply to the previous image with a related image!
>Relations can be anything from hair color, to setting, to image dimensions!
>Try to avoid images with a lot of stuff going on, such as comic pages.
>Keep images on topic (hentai goes to >>>/h/ )

Hard Mode:
>Make relations that don't have to do with obvious physical characteristics (red hair, big tits, wearing shirt, etc...)
>Make relations that have yet to be used in the entire thread!

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the game!
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File: 1496834658380.png (1.46 MB, 1205x1266)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
glowing blue
File: 1538108923928.jpg (69 KB, 600x600)
69 KB
File: j5t3r0qie.jpg (142 KB, 1280x607)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
passing through the head
Ear fetish?
Blonde hair

File: 1546961172774.png (1.67 MB, 1035x1577)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
>Respect /aco/ and global rules
>Provide references and keep them to one image/post.
>Requests must be related to content of Original Character origin. This means no licensed characters.
>Remember to tag your deliveries to the Anchor Post to make fulfilled deliveries easier to track.
>Be patient, not all requests will be fulfilled, it all comes down to plain dumb luck.
>Take it easy and please be nice to the drawfriends! Remember, they do these for fun.
>Drawfriends, don't hold back, if you like a request someone else already did, feel free to do your own take.
>Do not just post a link to your request from the previous thread. Re-state your request and repost your reference. You'll have to repost your full request after the thread 404's anyway, so please conserve post count.
>Don’t start fights with other requesters; It’s off topic, you can get reported for it. You’re all here for the same reason anyways so save the post count
>Keep art critiques short.
>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10 or Image limit.
>Don't fight spam with spam.
>Have fun and enjoy the lewd drawings that come from this.

>Drawing Books, tutorials, practice websites, and drawing programs:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>everyones OCs and requests but mine are shit
If someone wants to draw that, I'd be fine with it.
File: 1543166022593.jpg (344 KB, 1087x1086)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
Definition and application of the word "troll", according to Wikipedia:
>"In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses and normalizing tangential discussion, whether for the troll's amusement or a specific gain."
>"Application of the term troll is subjective. Some readers may characterize a post as trolling, while others may regard the same post as a legitimate contribution to the discussion, even if controversial. Like any pejorative term, it can be used as an ad hominem attack, suggesting a negative motivation."
Application of the word "troll", according to /aco/ OC drawthreads:
>"someone who doesn't like your elf OC"
File: queen0101.jpg (1.68 MB, 2855x3504)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG

Requesting this cruel and haughty queen in a kinky or humiliating situation of your choice, suggestions in the ref.

>How is your character aligned politically?
She’s the queen! Everyone should pay their taxes, speak to her respectfully, and never question the rightness of her decisions.
>What is the traditional diet of your character’s people?
She lives in a medieval european setting, so we’re looking at lots of porridge, greens and salted meats, with roasts and boiled puddings on special occasions.
>What level of education does your character have?
Tutored in history, languages and etiquette from a young age
>How strong is your character?
About as strong as most early-middle-aged women who don’t exercise regularly. So…not especially.
>What is your character’s life expectancy? What has affected it?
Probably pretty good, since she’s survived her own birth and that of her children, which are the two main danger zones for someone in her position.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

"Snug like a bug in a rug" edition


Previous thread: >>2910844
111 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.
Please refrain from posting Exampla content since she is not considered /xeno/ material.
kill yourself
Shut the fuck up Examplahater.
Probably the same way I’d avoid a wild animal killing me.
Slow movements, hands in the air and prove good intentions.

It also depends on the type of alien too. If I know they can kill me in an instant I’d probably accept their dominance and for example go lower down like you do with wolves.
If its one I can tell is meek or has peaceful intentions themself I’d try to assert my dominance over them. Make myself look taller, act comfortable etc
Its cool and all but I cant tell whether its supposed to be erotic or am I missing something?

File: _trap bbc.png (726 KB, 800x640)
726 KB
726 KB PNG
Traps, femboys and sissys getting BBC.
144 replies and 86 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 10460948507417719097.jpg (691 KB, 1750x1400)
691 KB
691 KB JPG
File: 13665740936897569729.jpg (669 KB, 1600x1600)
669 KB
669 KB JPG
File: 3509413801357204935.jpg (2.71 MB, 5100x3301)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB JPG
File: 9509543019661072250.jpg (416 KB, 1600x1600)
416 KB
416 KB JPG
File: 45.jpg (2.53 MB, 5100x3300)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB JPG

File: FOW-color-Oct-2017.jpg (1.91 MB, 2000x3000)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
"Phallophobia" Edition

Previous thread >>2911331

Compendium of Western 3dx (work-in-progress): https://pastebin.com/nTB0UGCA

This is a series of interlinked threads intended to facilitate a discussion of published or upcoming works of Western 3dx animators. The primary criteria for deciding which animator you'd like to include in the thread is the length (and quality, to some degree) of the animation in question, not the nature of the content. However, this criteria isn't meant to dissuade you from starting a conversation about any animator/studio or animation you'd like to talk about. Likewise, you can freely talk about Eastern animators/studios or animations as long as you don't post any content mods would deem 'Eastern' in nature. The 3D Hentai General on >>>/h/ would be more to your liking if you're looking for such content, so feel free to check it out sometimes. However, don't forget the Global and board rules still apply, so you may certainly talk about 3dx artists that produce bestiality, gore etc, but not post images of it. Posting images or links to any underage content is strictly forbidden.

Keeping the discussion productive and civil is paramount. All fetishes are welcome, so avoid directly attacking other people that get off on things you personally dislike.

By the way, consider supporting those artists whose body of work you really like - after all, they need to pay the bills (and/or fund their drug addiction), too!
61 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
yeah he's been dead for years it's super obvious comparing old pit work to new that it's 2 different people
Episode 3 is set to end just before the Interrogator gets fucked.
Episode 4 "should be" the final episode, and will be all about the interrogator getting fucked.

According to the recent updates by Animobro anyways.
>there are people complaining about 13MB in 2019
atleast he put it in a seperate episode for people who dont give a fuck about that
nice, thanks

File: 1547087653809.png (325 KB, 638x971)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
Post the color guide with the work you want colored.
>No one is entitled to a request delivery.
>Don't fight spam with spam.
>Screencap edits belong in a different thread
>To make the new Color thread, wait for page 10 or Image limit.
>Have fun!

>Collection of Deliveries:
/aco/ Edit

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1547445228963.jpg (822 KB, 4961x3508)
822 KB
822 KB JPG
Requesting color on this
File: Du4aRy3UwAANt2L.jpg (60 KB, 837x641)
60 KB
Requesting a cumshot edit
File: DialogueBox_Removed.png (1.02 MB, 975x1200)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
There you go!
you want Boobs on her?
Thanks! Just started doing captions and this helps, plan on doing one of that pic.

File: 1387672895668.jpg (312 KB, 1280x1674)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
Post shit you like and why you like it.

>I like the little peek of muff she has and the context reminds me of watching my ex get dressed to go out after we fucked.
80 replies and 57 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1506.png (830 KB, 1280x782)
830 KB
830 KB PNG
If the bulk of her R34 is to be believed she is a lot of peoples waifu
File: 1510779891554.jpg (577 KB, 700x1296)
577 KB
577 KB JPG
cunnilingus or anilingus while standing, even better if its simultaneous
File: 1476210560446.jpg (287 KB, 700x908)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
Dominant man and woman fuck a submissive man.
>Thick or Voluptuous women who are feminine and sweet by nature, who are paired with a somewhat strong and masculine nigga.

File: Sketchagerie_4.png (3.34 MB, 3543x2717)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB PNG
Old favorites and new stuff
7 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Minnie and nitrine!.png (2.57 MB, 2717x3543)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB PNG
File: 1547753678646[1].png (413 KB, 812x458)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
From the AD thread
File: lucy -sm.png (163 KB, 644x844)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
If anyone has any Questionable Content requests, I'm all ears.

File: wr pose.jpg (135 KB, 1200x675)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Sex with Windrunner edition!
112 replies and 103 images omitted. Click here to view.
Good work
File: Dw8MLLmX0AIxciJ.jpg (73 KB, 652x1000)
73 KB

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