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File: COVER TI.png (797 KB, 967x1267)
797 KB
797 KB PNG
Hello again!
I just recently completed another comic and thought I'd put it up here for review and commentary.
Hope you like it!
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You gonna do more with the red head?
File: 20180912_014652.jpg (1003 KB, 2560x1440)
1003 KB
1003 KB JPG
She a sex goddess so sin sex for the goddess of sex sin
File: NON CANON.png (267 KB, 724x674)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
I've got a couple more ideas for comics featuring her, but she is one of my favourite characters to draw so she'll be getting doodled now and then
You realize, of course, the obvious follow-up to this panel is that she DOES come back later. With a toychest full of items to turn it into a kinky 3-way. Makes no sense that she'd turn down such an opportunity.
File: MUNSTER MASAMUNE.png (217 KB, 387x673)
217 KB
217 KB PNG

File: 1528050031720.jpg (578 KB, 723x1023)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
mother and daughter thread
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File: 1465012826319.jpg (177 KB, 687x808)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
File: 1463028509614.jpg (427 KB, 1100x850)
427 KB
427 KB JPG

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File: 1541538188852.png (1 MB, 1136x640)
1 MB
Jesus Christ muh dik
Name of whatever this is from?
Apparently it's something called Scourge of the Evil

He deserves his own thread.
Vanilla or Femmed Up are both fine, just post anything nice and lewd relating to the best Disney princess.
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File: 1540949802133.png (810 KB, 1280x905)
810 KB
810 KB PNG
literally retarded.
>all those cheerleaders
>Higgs, Kelly and other miscelanious
shall I continue? It's a textbook example of a harem show, anon.
Yea, the retard, 2 tomgirls (one of which disapears), and a witch.
Angie's marco's mom so she's off his nobbing radar, and moon is fucking old as shit. The cheerleaders, higgs kelly and other MISCELLANEOUS are all background characters are BACKGROUND CHARACTERS. A harem show is when there are a decent amount of WRITTEN, female characters that are after a character's dick. Star is, Janna vanishes off the face of the earth, Jackie is, and Heckapoo is for like one episode.

Yea, if all of the characters were fleshed out as cock hungry nympho's desperate for marco dick and were around for an equal share of episodes each, it might be, but they're not
File: 1541591715199.png (547 KB, 1280x1392)
547 KB
547 KB PNG
File: marco_harem.png (452 KB, 1170x1900)
452 KB
452 KB PNG

No op paste edition.
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Jesus Christ! What the actual fuck is with all the Futa? Not that it ain't good but it's just concerning.
File: Speed Nova.webm (593 KB, 1280x720)
593 KB
>he doesn't like dicks
Given what we know now about the origin of the warframes it's not exactly wrong.

File: 3846_20180716040849_0.jpg (269 KB, 708x1000)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
Stories: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bnGqZyDNVtFLpjsDaEOhXyhByMlNLXoOnLF9e9iIc2o/edit?pref=2&pli=1
Booru: http://clang.booru.org/
Previous Thread: >>2747050
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Unf, sexy as fuck.
I also like this version a lot. Draw her ready for some anal recharging someday if you don't mind.

...why aren't there sexdroids in SW anyway?
It's reasonable to believe there are, but SW at it's core has always been PG-13. Sex is limited to "occasionally you see women in skimpy outfits". They don't really touch on it.

File: PS_Pelo_being_so_happy.jpg (176 KB, 1280x989)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
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Does that count?

i hate SU, but that's hot as fuck, especially the leaking precum

File: 00.jpg (380 KB, 706x1000)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
Post anything that has to do with him or his characters. Patreon exclusive stuff is appreciated.
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From these panels it's showing a side of Skrapne that I wanted to see, she actually likes him. Can't wait for more
And she's showing just how much she likes him by seducing his sister, and Dumfer is totally going to walk in on the middle of the act.

Think Skarpne just knows how to seduce a lady or some alien shit at work? It looks like a normal make out progression more than a super slut awakening like the other chapters have been.
Thank you anon this is good stuff
When's next stream?

File: Ladybug.jpg (172 KB, 1920x1080)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>2708982

"Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir" is an ongoing CGI superhero animated series produced in France and elsewhere. The third season started this month, though the airing schedule is erratic. Depending on where you live, the first (and possibly second) season may be on Netflix.
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I love the storytelling in this picture! Marinette and Cat appear to be dating, so she feels comfortable to lie in his lap in her panties while he paints her toenails. But she's looking past him and reading a magazine with Adrien on the cover. Does she know that Cat is Adrien?! Or is she just reading it for the articles?
Cat Noir must be off his game. Where's the "pussy" pun?
I've only watched season 1 of this show. How are the other seasons? Does it pick up in lore/continuity or is it still villain of the week?
Pretty much still just villain-of-the-week. Considerably more advancement of lore throughout s02, but it was paced very slowly, and only incremental. I still enjoy it, though.
She has such smoochable lips...

File: cent0045.jpg (652 KB, 1949x2835)
652 KB
652 KB JPG
also would really appreciate a translation from French to English
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>He's fucking my ass, no one cares. It's so good.
>He came inside me, I came too. It worked me up an appetite. I'm hungry for cocks in my mouth.
>However Joelle is calling, and people are asking for her. I obey their orders. I want to see her again as well.
>"Joelle, you're so sexy! Come back!"
>"In a minute boys, I need to prepare myself."
>I take my stuff, drink their semen, until...
>"Hello, my pretty. We meet again."

>"You were a bit rude during the convention, but there's no escape here."
>His enormous penis fucks me with violence. He is ugly as sin but his dick is magnificient. I try to resist.
>"Grumpf! Grumpf!"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
thanks for the translations senpai
>thanks for the translations senpai

Cuckquean / reverse cuck
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File: 1435617132338.png (184 KB, 377x351)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
mfw. i can fap to this
>Cuck literally means "cuckold" which is just an old word for "cheating."

Comes from the Cuckoo bird, the females of which lay their eggs in the nests belonging to other species. "Cuck" doesn't mean "cheating", not in a pure 'etymology' sense.
Everything about this comic has made me violently angry
God damn this is completely wrong. Cuckold is a different word and has its own origin thats completely different from Cuckoo. You wouldn't say Boobies are called boobies because they live in pairs.
File: asd.png (346 KB, 429x560)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
>mfw we have mother fuckers debating the origin of the word cuck

File: 307500%20.jpg (160 KB, 631x1000)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Let's keep it going
Old thread 2540261
125 replies and 83 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: t_BryceDallasHoward.jpg (16 KB, 120x79)
16 KB
Anyone got the full size of these
File: t_Padme.jpg (17 KB, 96x150)
17 KB
Yo, anybody have those new Aeon Flux pieces he did but uncensored?
File: Futa, 1487855713273.png (1.38 MB, 766x1200)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
Not that into Miley, but fuck, her dick leaking inside her leggings is really goddamn hot. That cute butt, too.


Fuck, I'd love to see that one.

File: rika1991_b02a22.jpg (82 KB, 634x480)
82 KB
Hey /aco/, you guys have any good anal stuff? I frequent /trash/ but they're, well, trash.
It can be 2d or 3d, human or furry, male on female or futa on female, whatever you got
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While I can get behind painal, I wish he'd do less rape. You don't need rape to have good painal.
File: 1510694130708.jpg (434 KB, 2100x2330)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
>anal spitroast with tonnes of cum
I really wish he drew some not-rape.
Never liked the Sex Arade. His artstyle doesn't help me liking it at all. Have to agree with him moving away from the rape and do some vanilla stuff.
Is that supposed to be fucking Manuela Davila?

Old thread: >>2743950
>Embarassed Nude female. Share em if you got em. :)
17 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: ll_pg_45.jpg (249 KB, 1000x1000)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
what's that from
looks like a series of pics some artist did on dc superheroes in a Norman Rockwell style. I don't think its much more than that.

File: wau8Bbb.jpg (245 KB, 1052x1488)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Like your buff women a little more proportionate? Then c'mon in!
210 replies and 164 images omitted. Click here to view.
some large muscle girl drawn by hutago, i think.
Krekk0v muscles give me the will to live on a daily basis.

I mean, look at her. She's so happy.
File: smn0kt5mt4221.jpg (40 KB, 574x724)
40 KB

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