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File: tastes like gaming.jpg (7 KB, 300x168)
7 KB
We give a hardcore gamer six different flavors of Mountain Dew to take on the OU of the Cola Wars.

>Mountain Dew flavors

>Mountain Dew ads


>Current Dew Master
someone claim champ please
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My dick.

M Gallade
how the fug is this nigga a tree

k sorry for the delay

File: image.jpg (1.78 MB, 1985x1840)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
-Pokemon Clover is: -
>FireRed hack
>252 Fakemon, created by /vp/
>Fairy type and Physical/Special split added
>Some Gen 4/5 moves and abilities added
>Trainers will be made more challenging and edited to use the new Pokemon
>New region: Fochun, somewhat based on the Kanto model
>TMs and HMs are the same
>Uses MrDollSteak's decap/attack patch
>Battle Facility where you can rematch people and buy rare items.
-Maintained by Camerupt-

-Pokemon DubsClover is: -
>Essentials Game
>A completely new region, the Inavia region

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Does anyone know what Baddon's dex entry is? It's not on the doc.
i'd vote for you

File: 20131002-180410.jpg (145 KB, 1385x836)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Nuzlocke General

pre-patched romhacks:


the old pastebin:

>Nuzlocke Info
http://pastebin.com/12STviC1 (embed) (embed) (embed)
>Links to official games
http://pastebin.com/WAC4ePwU (embed) (embed) (embed)
Most if not all of these are dead.
>Romhack Links

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Roark time, how fucked? Legs and Doug have glass def. Considering running Keiji on aerodactyl.
Although it wouldn't hurt search in the docs for eeveelutions or trade evolutions
I think Geodude is your best bet on Aero, yeah. Other than that I think Cassius will have to carry.
Normal plat or BS plat?

If BS plat you're fucked.
It has to be BS plat. Normal plat Roark doesn't have Aerodactyl

File: death_of_a_porygon.jpg (317 KB, 1600x900)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
please stop dying edition

Links - http://links.vpcpg.com
FAQ - http://faq.vpcpg.com
Room - http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/cpg
Plug: https://plug.dj/3438226856210908236

ToTT: what do you want suspect tested next?
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>offensive SR tran
>drain punch lopunny
>scarf exa
Nice meme team.
yeah I feel you on sr heatran should I just swap it out for ep or get a different rock setter?
also what's wrong with scarf exca
why were your clefables so different
Cause the other one is a lot smaller cause I had to fit it in a smaller space
what the fuck should i run on the ladder holy shit aegislash makes it impossible to prepare for other shit

File: image.jpg (119 KB, 1280x720)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Why are the majority of competitive battlers on /vp/ such shit, yet they claim to be good? Are you just oblivious to your own stupidity?
You're not part of the majority, right?

It also leads people to make threads like this one.

File: Flygon.jpg (41 KB, 608x348)
41 KB
Well now we know why we have no Mega Flygon
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File: 1427788098273.jpg (183 KB, 1566x881)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Mega Audino is adorable, plus it's fun to use, why wouldn't you like it.
File: 2015-04-21 07.49.27.png (225 KB, 552x474)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
>I'm guessing they don't because they might want to reuse them for future gens.
This. They already started using concepts of unreleased designs. At this point, Gamefreak will start to scrape the bottom of the barrel in their old scrapbooks and revamp the designs for future games.
How bad would megaflygon have to look to be outclassed by megaslowbro?
File: Metal Gear Ray.jpg (184 KB, 1280x720)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>there will never be a pokemon that resembles a MG Ray

Why even live?

Blaziken went from UU to Ubers
Serperior went from NU to OU(or was it BL?)
Feraligatr went from NU to UU

Those 3 are few of many that got a huge leap of viability with new abilities, what other mon can achieve this?

Normal mode: goes to uber with only an ability change
Hard mode: no huge/pure power
File: MMX.png (82 KB, 300x300)
82 KB
Moxie or Guts.
>Already an uber
Guts would have been awesome without being too OP.
Slaking gets adaptability.
Or maybe even scrappy.

File: motherlygoodragon.jpg (53 KB, 540x304)
53 KB
¥๏µ'я€ ąll ƒµȼЌɨɲǥ ɨďɨ๏ţ$. $ţ๏ρ ρя€ţ€ɲďɨɲǥ ţ๏ lɨЌ€ ʍąl€ ǥ๏๏.ďяą. ɨţ'$ jµ$ţ $ţµρɨď. ą$h'$ ๏ɲ€ ɨ$ ƒ€ʍąl€. ɨ Ќɲ๏ώ $h€ ď๏€$ɲ'ţ $๏µɲď ɨţ, βµţ ţhąţ'$ β€ȼąµ$€ ţρȼɨ ɨ$ ď๏ɨɲǥ βµďǥ€ţ ȼµţ$ ąɲď ȼ๏µlďɲ'ţ ąƒƒ๏яď ȼhɨɲąţ$µ ţ๏ ď๏ h€я ˅๏ɨȼ€. $h€ ˅๏ɨȼ€ď h€я ρя€˅๏$, βµţ ɲ๏ţ h€я$€lƒ µɲƒ๏яţµɲąţ€l¥.
Its ok dlugman we believe you...we trust you. Ashs Goo.d.r@ is indeed, female
Ain't nobody got time to read that shit. Give it up.

File: dr.png (50 KB, 636x793)
50 KB
What color is Dragon type to you? 'Cause GF can't seem to decide.
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File: 223387.jpg (720 KB, 1600x1200)
720 KB
720 KB JPG
Purple cause of ridley,
but also green.
Poison is Violet
Ghost is Indigo
Psychic is Pink
Fairy is Pastel Pink
Electric is Yellow
Fire is Orange
Fighting is Red
Ground is Sandy
Rock is Brown
Water is Blue
Ice is Pale Turquoise
Flying is Light Grey-Blue
Grass is Green hue
Bug is Chartreuse (yellow-green)
Steel is Grey

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Must be a Clair thing.
White. Or at least a very, very light grey.

File: mawile.jpg (96 KB, 450x400)
96 KB
What's the quickest way to increase a pokemon's happiness?

Soothe bell + luxury ball + bicycling?
Soothe bag.

File: 1290602226353[1].png (97 KB, 300x290)
97 KB
>evil team
>uses dark/poison/early route shitmons
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File: 1428361800672.jpg (23 KB, 320x374)
23 KB
Why would you give your grunts the good Pokemon
They steal Pokemon from you, retard. Or at least that's what they claim to do.

They don't have to be good, but they can be something other than dark and poison types
Don't they have to give them to their boss?

File: amnesiac.png (59 KB, 250x250)
59 KB
Have you ever completely forgot about the existence of a Pokemon before? For me it was these slippery sea slugs.
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Waterbro ever since Black, m8, and one of the best Gen5 designs in general.
I can see why people want to forget it
How fucking dare you
He's in my ORAS team and he's a beast.
I forget Yoshi

I had a dream last night that there was a dead Zebstrika in a pond and my idiot friends decided to go for a swim and got electrocuted to death.

Can someone explain these people and what brings them to the Pokemon Fandom?
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da ba de da ba die
At least she isn't inflated.
You didn't click that link OP posted.
> see Locke thread

File: Safari_Ball[1].png (358 KB, 635x634)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
/shuffle/ - Pokemon Shuffle General - Safari Edition
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I've caught the 4 shits in the safari and havn't encountered sharpedo a single time
fuck this
i was trying to save your coins, but burn them being stupid for all I care
Sorry dude you're just wrong. It tells you at the end of the level how many moves it's adding on, and it doesn't include the +5.
Can confirm. Only affects rank, does not affect your catch rate or your score.

When you get to the catch screen, it shows you how many moves you have left. It then begins to fill the bar and decrement the moves, but it will stop before considering the final 5 moves. So if you've got 8 left, it'll fill as it goes down 8-7-6, then when it gets to 5, it will stop filling the bar. The counter with decrement, but the bar/catch rate will stay where it is. If you have 5 or fewer moves remaining, you'll see it drain the number without any movement on the catch bar.
I don't see why everyone is argueing so much over this
literally if you press the little "?" when you go to buy it, it says exactly "Increases the moves left by 5 moves, but does not affect ability to catch pokemon"

Can we have like a team building help thread? I will usually have a pokemon I'd like to build, but always fall short on having good teammates that work well with it and can back it up. I just end up with an assortment of pokemon that I want to use but that won't work well together on a team. I would like to be able to see ideas from actual people who know what they're doing more so than I.

For example, I want to use Feraligatr now that it finally has its HA. I don't know if I should use a Swords Dance or Dragon Dance set, and which teammates either would synergize with. I would really appreciate some help with that.

I also don't know which moves would be best. I have nothing against Smogon, but their sets are kind of biased tier wise, and I play on cart. For that same reason, I would prefer avoiding legendaries.

Anybody can join in for help if they wanna ask, too, I'd be interested in seeing sets for other pokemon, too.
19 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Electric types resist grass
figure out what set you want to use, identify mons that stop its sweep, add pokemon that can weaken it
for example if your set was dd/wfall/ice punch/crunch
you would need to weaken keldeo and ferrothorm, both of which do not like spikes, so spikes might be a good option for your team
mega lopunny and mega manectric also stop a sweep
you could use a latias to check both of them and provide healing wish and defog support
I like pairing Volcarona with Broaligatr. Deals with a lot of the shit that walls it quite nicely.

If you donk the switch into something like Ferro and double switch into the bug, its all but checkmate unless they've got a hard counter.
I was looking at a team consisting of Brogater Galvaturla graninja amoongus slowbrow agrron. any thoughts?
Assuming that it's mega aggron, it looks like a pretty solid team, just a little weak on the special defensive side though.

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