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File: Max_Payne.gif (194 KB, 200x250)
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194 KB GIF
>yfw Ultra Beasts have 3 types
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Immune to Normal, Fighting, Ghost, and Dragon.

4x resistance to Bug

No weaknesses

Hory shitto
>Bullet Punch
File: 1473298267036.gif (1.87 MB, 155x155)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB GIF
This may be why they added the effectiveness helpers to the battle menu, since it'd be a little too hard for casuals to keep track of the type chart versus 3 types at once.

Not to mention moves like Flying Press against a 3-typed opponent.
>24 opportunities
>none of them are Poison
>Poison Legendary/Mythical/UB never ever

File: 230.jpg (15 KB, 220x220)
15 KB
Rate kingdras design
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File: 691Dragalge.png (104 KB, 431x431)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
same for dragalge
Original and stunning/10

Is it even viable outside of rain teams?

File: image.jpg (196 KB, 1280x720)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Alchemy and AZOTH and when 7 becomes 1 is all about restarting things...
> When 7 Becomes 1
> When Generation 7 Becomes Generation 1
> 7 Trial Captains
> 7 "Bag Pokemon" (6 Pokemon +Rotom Dex)
> Nintendo Switch
> Diamond/Pearl remakes soon... Diamond and Pearl have to do with space/time and stuff... This is where Pokemon will reboot or sometime in G7
> Marshadow is probably the nothingness that came before Arceus... Mar=Water, Shadow=Darkness, space=Darkness, mythology suggests water before the universe, Marshadow =Nothingness, Unique type=No Type

Pokemon Vermillion (Red) and Azure (Blue)
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I think it's this One.
Nah, it's this one.

Masuda just said that the reason he thinks Pokemon has been so successful is because they haven't rebooted it, haha.
They don't need reboots only remakes.

They won't ever toss a entire generation out anytime soon. They could however do a culling, retire certain moves and pokemon. Only to put them back in a future next generation game.
But that's the Sonic franchise anon, there was no redeeming it in the first place.
File: member-berries.jpg (68 KB, 869x501)
68 KB
Member when Lockstin's theories were good?
I member.

File: Red Canon Team.png (287 KB, 800x450)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
>Pokemon Generations - Episode 8: The Cavern:
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File: 1471429878948.png (639 KB, 877x1378)
639 KB
639 KB PNG
>Next is Zinnia getting pierced by Fug
if only
Loves Pokemon by intentionally destroying the homes of Pokémon that cant survive in the water, and ruining the lives of humans, to help the water Pokemon. In a planet of mostly water. In a Region with 50% water, in a tropical non-polluted setting?

He was a total fucking idiot anon, his motivations and plan are borderline retarded, and makes Magma actually look like reasonable people.
File: 112_2.jpg (101 KB, 520x590)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
One Rock/Ground type could wreck that team, with an electric type for backup.
>female aqua grunt
best girl in the episode
Her tits are huge

Defend this.
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It gets encore, swords dance/agility, dual screens and baton pass. I do LC runs and I used ledyba on my HGSS team so if you can't find a way to use Ledian that's your problem.
>any of that shit being useful ingame when you can just switch in something with a usable attack stat and hit supereffectives

>ledian ever being a viable support mon in any meta with that beyond shit tier typing/ stats

there is absolutely no way to use ledian in anything ever that couldn't be better done by pretty much every other mon in the dex, even most NFEs
>still good


Why is this allowed?
Stealth puns: always the best kind

File: purrsiamese.png (14 KB, 160x105)
14 KB
Regional Persian, ok having a big head, but gen1 persian have a really small head compared to its body in model and compared to its oficial art
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oh that's nice
I ate those food
Well, the idea of the face is based on persians which I think most people get, but its body doesn't match because it's supposed to make it obvious the face is a defect.

This image is flawless.
Eh. Still it's still depressing what men have to go trough.

File: 1365025175607.jpg (160 KB, 641x720)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Why the fuck do people want more remakes?

ORAS proved that if they do more they're just going to be 1 year dev cycle rushjobs that are just filler so they can make a quick buck and stall time for the games that actually matter.

If you want Sinnoh just fucking replay Platinum. If you get a remake you're probably going to get the shitty DP dex, the shitty DP NPC teams, no Distortion World, customization removed, Poke-Ride removed, and no Battle Frontier anyway.

They should can remakes just like they did with third version games and just focus on making better entries with more fresh content.
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I would normally agree but a D/P remake would look fresh with Switch-level graphics and its just begging for more East Sinnoh forms and West Sinnoh forms.

Also, saying "Switch-level" and all that is going to take to getting used to.
Normally I'd agree but DP simply can't work on a single screen without stripping it to bits. Unfortunately it was made during the era of the DS where touch gimmicks had to be forced into every nook and cranny.
ORAS wasn't bad because it was literally just ruby/sapphire with better worldbuilding, characters, and story.

Wasn't emerald, which is a shame, but I can't fault it as a ruby/sapphire remake

wish sky pillar was still a dungeon, but the fights at the end were a good exchange
how do you figure that
there's really not many things that require touch in the games
File: 1469158540910.jpg (423 KB, 684x687)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
People hate change, especially people who play video games and I'm saying this to not be rude to certain parties of disabilities who detest change and always insist on it being far bad then it could be.

Instead of trying new things to see if they work, they rather have several iterations of almost the same identical game outside graphical enhancements or very slight changes and call it a day, buy the game at full price and play it over and over again; I'm looking at Zelda and Mario franchises.

So instead of going to new places, adding new things and different things to capture and the fear of being Yokai Watch they rather have several iterations of Red, Blue and Yellow instead of games like Sun & Moon. While some of their gripes and issues maybe true they forget to realize that they've grown older and the taste of their target audience is quite different from what we use to like.

But, if a game company were to dish out games every year like EA/Activision with Battlefield and Call of Duty like a Mc Donalds meal people would STILL COMPLAIN. These franchises have rarely changed and you practically play the same thing but with better graphics and a new skin and they gobble it up.

File: image[17].png (48 KB, 157x293)
48 KB
Find a flaw

File: p1683515105-5.jpg (394 KB, 1100x734)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
Working on a game set in the Mojave desert. Looking for ideas. Let's hear them.
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Can you post a screenshot of you current work?
File: image.jpg (37 KB, 400x495)
37 KB
Make a Bug/Dark based on a mutant fly larvae for first stage, Brundlefly for second stage and Martinfly with wings and a huge abdomen for third stage
Make a guy whose obsessed with Ursaring and Tauros.

File: 568263720.jpg (127 KB, 646x800)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Wow! He's only eleven (11) years old (canon)!
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Do you see Trump everywhere you look? Are you that afraid and paranoid?

Do you also see Trump when the bull is fucking your wife? Is that the source of your nightmares, friend?
How can one boy be SO cute?
File: IMG_20161023_010147.jpg (129 KB, 502x842)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
>tfw no minigame in the demo where you make sun give a footjob to the mysterious old man
>tfw no hidden minigame in the demo where you make sun give a footjob to the mysterious old man

File: image.png (92 KB, 450x600)
92 KB
.cia leak when?
November 12th, calling it now

File: alolalapras.png (116 KB, 650x370)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
ITT: We create Alola forms

>Alolan Lapras
>Alolan Lapras has evolved to survive out of the warm seas of the Alola region. Once in land, it became a protector of villages. That's why Alolans always give Lapras lots of Pancakes!

File: 1476953496999.png (353 KB, 825x554)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
You know ze drill
Post, r8, and h8 teams
Bonus points for nicknames
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File: Moonteamnames.jpg (212 KB, 972x1372)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
5/6, Gak brings it to mlp/6

I'm absolute shit at nicknames so I just went with the Seven Deadly Sins in Latin. Pride is reserved for the trainer.
Litten until fully evolved
Alolan Meowth until it evolves
Sableye early on since he's on the first island
Mimikyu or the anchor (need to see it in motion)
Part of the reason I left the question mark in is if I get attached enough to my starter to leave it on my main team.

Happened with Greninja in X.
>barely 80 new mons
>maybe 60 if you discount legends, starters, and version exclusives you won't use in a playthrough
>cut that in half to 30 if you go with the number of evolutionary lines available and not individual pokemon
>a bunch of those will likely be shit tier gimmick mons who will be an anchor on your team
If you are trying to get just a gen 7 team, your options are very limited
At least it's not Gen 2
Fuck Johto

File: Capture.png (98 KB, 1404x669)
98 KB
Opinions? Doesn't seem to respect fakemon artists either
He's got a point, even if he's being a dick about it.
Dude why are you constantly stalking this faggot and posting everything here like we give a fuck?

Get a life.
Why don't people just strike him with copyright and ownership...this guy deserves everything coming to him.
Verilis needs to fuck off. There was a thread earlier plotting to kill his channel though, but it was just ideas and only a few pointless actions.

File: 1476978288713.png (1.52 MB, 1154x1666)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
Rate Thread, mah bois
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What's with the sudden hate for Salandit's evo?

it was hated the second it popped up
where have you been
File: Mah faves 7.png (1.44 MB, 1154x1666)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
Ohok. Left the ub blank
a female
File: 29287372.jpg (356 KB, 1580x1204)
356 KB
356 KB JPG

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