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File: gogeneral.jpg (113 KB, 1280x720)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
What country has this game been released in?
Officially: Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, many EU countries, the UK, and the USA

>Is anyone else having trouble with x?
Yes. Servers have been fucking up forever. If you have an issue, it's likely a server issue or a bug not unique to you.

>When will the game be released in my country?
What are we, from the future? We don't know.

>It says that the app is incompatible with my devices! What gives?
This is a region lock and it is very probable that your device IS in fact compatible with Pokemon GO. Install the app to find out! Directions are below.

>If I live outside of the countries in which this game has been officially released, can I download this game for Android?
Sure! Keep reading for directions.

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Noob question

How do you increase your team size in pokemon GO? When i fight a gym i can only use one pokemon
When you fight a friendly gym you can only use 1 pokemon (Fighting friendly gyms raises the prestige of the gym, allowing more pokemon to be put in that gym.) . When you fight a rival gym you use a team of 6.
Oooooo okay
thanks anon
btw does it have pound for fast move?
No, it has Feint Attack (lol)
and Play Rough

the moves change when it evolves anyway, dont they?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720)
91 KB
Would you support GF going back an revising a load of typings for Gen 7?

What would you change? Here are some of mine:

>Samurott - Water/Fighting
>Noctowl - Psychic/Flying
>Golduck - Water/Psychic

File: Chicken nugget.jpg (210 KB, 1040x750)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
This pic is an old piece of shit, but roll anyways
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Bored. I'll try this later when i have time.

File: popplio.png (48 KB, 300x258)
48 KB
What dual typing do you think Popplio is going to have, and why is is Water/Fairy?

17 Pokémon as of ORAS we're able to learn Disarming Voice through leveling up. Key phrase in the previous sentence is leveling up. The majority of the pokemon that learn it this, and it's a majority by three pokémon, are either pure Fairy-type or have Fairy as a dual typing.

The seven pokémon who learn it by level up, save for two outliers, are either part Normal or Psychic type. The two outliers are Milotic and Altaria, two semi-overtly feminine pokémon. Milotic must have, in 3rd gen and ORAS, the beauty contest condition completely maxed in order to evolve when traded. Altaria is fluffy and seems to be more feminine than most dragon pokémon that exist.

This brings me to the next part. Most, if not all of the pokémon that learn the move Disarming Voice are either weak looking (Jigglypuff, Audino, Skitty, Espurr) or overtly feminine (Florges, Milotic, Sylveon, Gardevoir)

No Fighting types, even with selective breeding for egg moves, can learn Disarming Voice. Anyone who believes that GF would make Popplio be able to hatch with the move as its only way of obtaining it is stupid. Would GF go out of their way to selectively breed a Popplio so that it would have the move for a gameplay video/trailer/whatever? It would be too many steps for GF to troll people.

As it stands, Entermaid basically confirmed.
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>muh patterns
>muh patterns
You realize that the series follows a pattern right? Saying that just signifies denial. What, they're going to give Disarming Voice to a Fighting-type like your beloved "Ballio"? Think before typing.
No anon, GF actually gives 0 shits about the patterns you've formulated in your precious head.
I'm not denying anything. Every new game however, there's someone like you who believes they've predicted the future by looking into a bunch of meaningless patterns.
I'm simply saying it's literally impossible to predict what type a Pokemon will be based on a single move. Your evidence is all based on an old game. You don't know how Disarming Voice will be treated now.
If they give "0 shits" about the patterns "I've formed in my head" why do they continue to follow said patterns. In fact, why do pseudos keep popping up in each generation if GF doesn't care about patterns. Think before typing and maybe you'd realize that your precious games, even dating back to the tried and true older games, follow the same patterns you're saying don't exist anywhere but my head.
What do Psuedos have to do with the distribution of a single move?
Besides, the only leak acknowledging Entermaid and the other starter's existence is one that also says GF is breaking a major pattern by removing gyms. If you want to believe in Entermaid, you, by default, also have to accept that patterns are meaningless.

File: 2468.png (182 KB, 400x300)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
Hi /vp/

I play Pokemon very casually, played every version at least to some degree haven't beaten most of them though because I fall off at some point. Given that I barely know what the fuck I'm doing there were always a bunch of stereotypes about how to win in this game and I was wondering how much most of them actually hold up. Stereotypes like

>get a team that covers all type weaknesses, switch to the type you need and oneshot your opponent
>always attack and don't waste your time doing atk/def/evasiveness/whatever increases and decreases
>don't bother with status changes unless they do damage over time
>just evolve your Pokemon as soon as you can
>daycare center, breeding and whatever are too much of a hassle

and so on and so forth. I'm almost positive that a lot of these don't actually hold up but for someone like me just throwing out effective damage gets you pretty far in this game and makes most non-attacks seem superfluous. Nevermind that every version I just see more and more fancy moves added and never use any of them because it feels redundant.

When do these games usually force you to learn all the ins and outs? Can most version's endgames be beaten with this attitude? Do you need to get into PvP?
What are other casual beliefs that don't actually hold up in your experience?
Casual shit will get you through the entire game. It's a kid game, after all. You only really need to git gud for pvp.

Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new episodes, old episodes, upcoming episodes, anime Pokégirls, sub releases, discuss, speculate, bitch and moan, etc., etc.


>Citronic Gear On's music rips:

>New trailer for upcoming events, now in HD:

>Movie 19: Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna [Jul 16th]
NEW Trailer:

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Shota would probably lose it if ash used a reserves only team on him. Pointless notes
I hope Goodra gets some hits in before falling.

Shota also doesn't have notes on Goodra, possibly, he'd rely on "copying" Ash's style more to defeat it.
Goodra can tank that easily
>really more transparent...that's disturb me ! Maybe it's an error and they're not ded.
Cause they're on trainer's images.
>Ash shows up with shitfrog, pikachu, goodra, shitzard, sceptile, and monfernape
Rape and pillage the entire league.

File: Laverre_City_XY[1].png (924 KB, 559x640)
924 KB
924 KB PNG
Right, so this theory is pretty weak, I've been sitting on it for years since X and Y came out. I was waiting for potential X and Y sequels to perhaps give us more information to go off of, but that isn't happening so oh well.

The theory is that Foongus were first created in Laverre City. There's not a lot to go off of but there's some evidence. First of all, Laverre City is absolutely covered in mushrooms, specifically red mushrooms with white spots. This isn't surprising, that's amanita muscaria. It's the most well-known mushroom in popular culture and has historically been a symbol of strange magic, and doubly often is depicted with fairies. Foongus is based on exactly such mushrooms, and the game designers placed wild Foongus on the route directly east of Laverre. (You can't encounter wild pokémon in the city.)

So already you can see they intentionally made it so Foongus were able to be found next to Laverre. This might be for other reasons than just attention to detail, however. The Pokédex states that no one knows how Foongus came to resemble a pokéball. Now the only other clue to this theory: there is a Pokéball Factory in Laverre City. Is it not slightly suspicious, that the very place pokéballs are manufactured in Kalos, is the same area with tons of mushroom and wild Foongus?

The theory is that some sort of fairy-magic-bullshit went down a long time ago, maybe some local mushrooms fell onto the conveyor belt, or a batch of defective pokéballs were dumped in the forest next to some trees. But somehow, the Pokéball Factory lead local fungi to mutate into Foongus.
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Togepi was also seen as an egg. Looks like it is native from Sinnoh, and we first see its last evolution there.
Yeah, Foongus could have just been the basis for the design of the Silph Co. Pokeball.
Pokeballs have way too recent of a creation date to have any true evolution and even more recent for iconic red pokeballs.
The truth is that GF gives zero shit about lore, logical explaination...etc
That's why they create pokemon based on man-made stuff

File: SinnohClassicBanner.jpg (93 KB, 578x327)
93 KB
We've entered the last day of the tournament! How is everyone doing? What are your teams?
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Are you artistic?
Art isn't really my thing, no.

Seriously though, I just felt like keeping score.

22-15 by the way.

Can we talk about the best type ever? No other type has everything from a qt guardian angel to a creepy Jew.
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She looks cute
post the confusion one
Don't be mean to me I am based Hoopaposter
I didn't.
Ah, my bad, thought you were talking shit about Ghost types.
File: 1464417854654.jpg (813 KB, 1240x1430)
813 KB
813 KB JPG
To be honest, I hardly ever have a psychic type on my team. Dunno why, it's pretty cool.

Old: >>27293193


>NSFW requests go here:

>Tumblr Tag:
>DA Group:

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Looks good. Have at it bro
This will be a very odd request, but here goes nothing:

Would anyone like to draw me something that looks like pic related in pose, but with Mega Ampharos instead of Deoxys and Kurisu Makise (from Steins;Gate, example: http://imgur.com/9PMl3tf) instead of the girl? Ideally both would have neutral expressions true to their characters, and the setting be less "apparently dangerous", like a forest or a comfy room... Thanks in advance to any willing person.
I'd like to request Articuno sleepily enjoying her morning joe (Iced or hot, however you want) out of a mug that says "#1 Bird".
File: hitmons.png (371 KB, 1302x852)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
I'm gonna come back to this later to shade it and give it a background, do you have any suggestions for a background? I was thinking I would make it a busy street to give them a reason to hold hands like they are. Is that okay?
I'm doing this next!

File: ani125.gif (26 KB, 275x300)
26 KB
File: Bmfahrtz.jpg (14 KB, 418x308)
14 KB
File: image.png (76 KB, 250x250)
76 KB
what the fuck were they thinking

File: KotoSerenaPreview.png (873 KB, 489x597)
873 KB
873 KB PNG
Will we finally learn the reveal of Serena's pantsu?

File: Map.png (181 KB, 960x960)
181 KB
181 KB PNG

Notable ROM hacks: pastebin.com/hMRJR8KX
Getting started on your own hack: http://pastebin.com/fjGZfMzP

Gen 4 - 6 Hack Tools:


Essentials Engines:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1468709810344.png (133 KB, 500x500)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
So do you mean it works like Doom 4's storyline where it is mostly in the background if you want to look for it?
Characters make good story, and story makes good characters. If you can write a good story in general, you can write a good pokémon story.

A big plus for character development in Pokémon games, however, is a character's selection in Pokémon partners. A team can say a lot of things about the way a character trains, sees pokémon, and even the way a character thinks.

Let's say I have a quirky girl as an important supporting character. She got, I dunno, pigtails and a modified school uniform with her favorite Pokemon as a motif. I want to give her a good team that defines her newness to training and naïvety when it comes to interactions with others.
She might like cute things like Skitty, a pretty "naïve" looking pokémon, but I want to limit that idea as much as I can, as she'll come off as one dimensional.
I'll add Farfetch'd to her team: not too "cute" but a great choice for an early trainer. She can be seen as a little more well-rounded, now that she picked a Pokémon based around combat, as she is still an aspiring trainer.
I have to weaker Pokémon so I'll want to include some sort of "powerhouse" to her team. I think Pyroar would be a good fit. Powerful, but still friendly looking enough to be attractive to such a character. Also, Pyroar leans toward special attacks, unlike the other two. For color diversity, since most of my Pokémon are brown or cream, I'll add a bluer Munchlax. Now she has a quicky pokémon, like herself, that can bump into the player on occasions for comic relief. Huh, maybe it can be really drawn to food, which could start you writing up a side quest based one that.
Now, as I went about fleshing out what was a rather flat character, I realized that all my Pokémon are Normal-type, but no worries!...

This girl character that eerily reminded you of XY's flat-but-helpful rivals is now my game's eventual Normal-type gym leader, who begins as a rival, but along the way, finds her own purpose. Instant story material!
This could use work, but the idea itself is solid. there are ways to make this better like fixing a couple of the harmonies and making lines more apparent. I could always help you with this if you want.

also writing jazz is as intuitive as you understand the theory behind it, not saying that to bump you down a notch but saying you're scratching the surface of your own potential. there's much more to learn, within reason
These are the best threads on vp

File: shaymin.gif (590 KB, 500x283)
590 KB
590 KB GIF
Lucario seems to like you. Let him travel with you!
>Immediately put him in the pc
This Lapras saved me from drowning. I just want it to see the world and swim around Kalos.
>Immediately put it in the pc
27 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Because it's like shoving a present you just got in the closet
>Okay so heres this really important pokemon that means a lot to me, and this is really difficult, but I know if I give it to you it will have a long life of adventure and excitement aaand why is it teleporting away? You're not going to keep it with you and let her out for a while? What do you mean you don't want to replace anyone in your party, why did you take her if you weren't even going to use her?
We all knew someone whos team was:
>Kalos starter
>Kanto starter
I saw about 3 people that I knew with this exact fucking team. Holy fuck, learn to catch a Pokemon.
I like Lucario so I took him and it quickly became the highest level mon on my team.

Lapras still sits in my PC as a pokerus whore, though.
I had almost hat team only I replaced the Lapras with Yveltal (chose Greninja as my starter so I didn't need Lapras for surfing) also I might have swapped the fossil out for Talonflame.
Why is Latias such a slut?

Why do we even have Grass starters? Grass focuses on stalling and gets annihilated every time, all the birds and bugs in the early game just fuck your shit.

Fire is direct damage and strong against many early types like bug and grass. Water is a good balance of damage and defense as it doesn't have too many weaknesses. Couldn't Grass have been something reasonable like Electric? Don't tell me Pikachu wasn't fifty times more popular than a nobody like Bulbasaur.
23 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Agreed that the bugs/birds is a weak argument but I think the point about them often being walls is solid.
Two of the last three dungeons in Super Mystery Dungeon are infamous for being basically impossible for grass starters. You have to use up all your items to cheese them because otherwise you just instantly die on the first floor.
I went through there with mudkip and chespin and was alright
File: 12.png (160 KB, 437x455)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Grass starters are for the cute girls and fuccbois to pick.
Chespin is the best in the game thogh

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