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File: 1464115049227.jpg (140 KB, 783x923)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
thanks for reminding me how lucky we are to have gotten primarina
The design doesn't even match the gender ratio. Only female Popplio should be able to evolve

This is Bayleef. She's depressed because she's been away from Ash for too long. Say something nice about her
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>tfw the writers bitched out and didn't give us a sex scene between ash and chikorita/bayleef
File: 1441694964384.jpg (616 KB, 1280x1707)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
Chikorita is sexier!
What's wrong with that Chikorita on the right? It looks sickly yellow.
File: 1520351561884.jpg (23 KB, 181x280)
23 KB
Too much hotglue!
Fucking this

File: 1511669443790.jpg (67 KB, 544x435)
67 KB
It's finally the weekend!!
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Thanks for ruining one of my headfantasies fuck
>-censored for the kiddies-
New pokeani episode with skull grunts and still no Guzma
I'm now wondering if they are saving Guzma for Kukui's league plot
ok what the fuck I finally realized that's a Lucario
File: quick jupiter.png (296 KB, 674x1000)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
Who is this
how about grime and salt water

File: 1358124770380.png (202 KB, 356x373)
202 KB
202 KB PNG

Let's settle this once and for all.
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>usum in 2nd
So it means that gen7 haters are a vocal minority (shitposters), nice to know
Show yourselves fags
Could have sworn there was at least 20 of you people who swears by their hearts that Gen 2 was the pinnacle of gaming.
Good to know it was just shitposting.
/vp/ is literally the stupid manchild community
File: masuda (2).png (236 KB, 336x418)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
Please buy USUM.
File: buyusum.jpg (25 KB, 251x426)
25 KB

File: vaporeon.png (388 KB, 800x450)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
>it has a cell composition similar to water molecules. This structure allows Vaporeon to melt into water at will and keeps it camouflaged as it swims.
How the fuck does this fish dog work
how can you defeat a creature which is just made of water?
if he melts and you split the water into 2 equal parts does he form back together or reform as half a vaporeon? or two vaporeons? can he drink some water to regain lost mass, like if he loses a leg or some shit? can he just become fucking enormous by drinking a bunch of water and becoming swole? is there any way to stop this absolute beast of a pokemon?
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>water disappears when boiled
with Pokémon Lightning bolts and Pokémon grass moves.
When Vaporeon turns into water, every atom in its body simultaneously and instantly turns into either oxygen or hydrogen. Atoms like carbon, iron, nitrogen, etc. will either eject or combine protons/electrons with other atoms as needed until everything is an oxygen or hydrogen. Then they all bind together to make H2O.

Vaporeon builds itself back up because all those water moelcules "remember" what they're supposed to really be, so they can go back to being whatever atom they were before the transformation.
The power of infinity energy is astounding!
Hahaha there's still more retarded wojaks I haven't saved? Lol favourite meme.
t.boys of soy

Where are the figures?
All we really need are Ash and Lillie figures, and maybe Gladion since they are the three most popular characters of the anime.

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File: IMG_20180311_170547.jpg (32 KB, 400x240)
32 KB
That kid looks way too young to pull of Jotaro
what's this?
We're dressed the same but i'm girl
This is the cutest playable male character I've seen

File: usum.jpg (170 KB, 578x327)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
What is the biggest scam in all of human history?
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Emerald and Platinum and this are, yeah.

Not the Pokemon game, the actual gemstone.
They're totally worthless. They have no intrinsic value, and can almost never be resold for what you paid.
Their popularity as the centerpiece on an engagement ring is the product of a marketing campaign by De Beers Company, following monopolization of the world diamond supply in the late 19th century.
if you decided to buy it after having bought sm youre just a retard.
>Emerald and Platinum
>not Crystal and Yellow

Post what your playing and stuff.

Playing through Sun for the first time and trying to get a balanced team with mostly Alola Pokemon. Any advice?
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File: uuu.png (171 KB, 936x408)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
X Wonderlocke/Moon Wonderlocke

about to fight Viola/Just beated Totem Mimikyu
I like your Mismagius.
bump because I like these sorts of threads
Update: I just beat the game, I thought I'd need to get my team up to lv57 because I never beat FRLG as a kid and was expecting the E4 to be much harder than they were but I beat them at lv50 across the board with only Rhydon being above lv50.
Pearl Team Nuzlocke. Special details: never used Pachirisu, which is good enough (better because of its bulk). The Lopunny is actually a Special Swepper (came Modest, so I used millions of Calcium, which also helped to evolve it early - and gave it Thunderbolt and Focus Blast) and the Bibarel is not a HM slaver. Purugly also 2fastforu with Assist for funny situations. Going now to the 7th gym leader. Pearl/Diamond seems waaaay easier than Platinum because every single enemy team is horrible, even worse than mine. Wish me luck.

File: btfo.png (767 KB, 1598x900)
767 KB
767 KB PNG
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Want to lose weight like Primarina did? learn how to do so in 5 simple steps
I want to EAT that fat and tender seal!
File: 1519310862743.jpg (19 KB, 495x362)
19 KB
>You will never get to rape this fat slut

>using the edit
there should be more knocked out pokemon photoshopped into the picture
File: IMG_1unw3m.jpg (18 KB, 280x280)
18 KB

File: IMG_20180322_061005.jpg (84 KB, 908x933)
84 KB
Why is she So perfect
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We will regret this, i know
Delphox Lopunny fusion
File: 1495265791522.png (83 KB, 189x185)
83 KB
I'm already full of regret because I really want this to be real
Yeah, but she's a bit digimonish

File: Sun and Lillie 25.jpg (149 KB, 849x1200)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Post them ships Canon or not
No yuri or yaoi allowed [spoiler/]
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File: 12600.925825.jpg (77 KB, 600x537)
77 KB
File: Team_Skull.jpg (96 KB, 700x610)
96 KB
File: 1513573362861.jpg (65 KB, 530x707)
65 KB
Guzma ships are the best in general.
File: 1513475872724.jpg (203 KB, 600x651)
203 KB
203 KB JPG

Would Valerie be a good mother?
She needs eye surgery first, OP.
What's wrong with big glazed over eyes?
This is fetish thead, isn't it OP?
No but she would be a good pokemon, lol
She would be a good fairy godmother

File: 1519173218105.jpg (760 KB, 1169x2550)
760 KB
760 KB JPG
I want to believe
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>especially when the person has no art that's even in a similar art style
lurk more, he has a shit ton of pokemon art of the same quality
it's a reference sheet you retard
That's ironically what makes me think it's real. Show me one other fakemon platypus that makes a shout out to the first real world specimens' being thought of as fakes/other animals stitched together. Because that's entirely the type of design reference Game Freak would make.
You would have to be mentally retarded to think these could be real.
That was done by someone else. Even if the bunny turned out to be real it wouldn’t evolve into that.

How do we feel about X and Y? Do you think Pokémon Z had potential for improvement, or is Kalos a lost cause either way?
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XY is one of the best PKMN games when it comes to fun. Which is really all that should matter.
File: 1428142017637.png (319 KB, 960x1465)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
It's a bit outdated now but I used to champion the x2y2 thing way back when. Even wrote up a big ol pasta about it, pic related
Not a shipper but I felt like, Kalos being France aka the land of love, GF missed a golden opportunity to do a romance subplot in XY with Diantha. Calem is older than most Pokemon PC's, and Diantha is both younger and a woman. Calem's goal is what Diantha is, and she doesn't really care about being champion too much (until she loses). There's a lot of repeated meetings before you know she's champion, she shows interest in Calem's ambition, and it gives the champion a new subplot that doesn't involve being regional chief of police.
Unlike any romance involving Serena where most of the interaction is backstory, since you first meet Diantha during the XY storyline, you the player get to see the development happen, making it more personal and first hand.
As-is, Diantha is the shallowest, least likeable champion in Pokemon history. Why, I don't know. I definitely wanted more out of her.
>As-is, Diantha is the shallowest, least likeable champion in Pokemon history.
She really isnt, specially if you include anime and manga.
XY was fun for the most part, just a shame we never got to fully explore Kalos which is something Z probably would had allowed. Also, how Zygarde didn't amount to anything and instead got a sad gimmick attached to it feels bad man

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