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File: tpa.png (7 KB, 324x200)
7 KB
This Pokemon is Strange
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probably the dumbest fan theory out there
They could just make another or give it an evo. We got pandas in France and a giraffe in Japan.

Giraffe in Japan isn't really that odd when you understand the eastern correlation between Giraffe and Kirin. Girafarig's real name is Kirinriki.
or Pokemon based on the Three Musketeers a generation before the France inspired region.

File: pharos15.jpg (78 KB, 800x800)
78 KB
bc ampharos art is needed
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File: ampharos and mareep.png (418 KB, 864x760)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
File: party.png (602 KB, 800x800)
602 KB
602 KB PNG
File: aqua ampharos.jpg (142 KB, 800x800)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Anyone lurking?
File: 62601497_p0.jpg (111 KB, 556x900)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
File: ampharos accordian.png (573 KB, 800x800)
573 KB
573 KB PNG

File: Fatass.png (67 KB, 268x252)
67 KB
A wolf does not concern itself with the opinion of sheep.
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but thats a bird
>implying owls are birds
Way to miss the point retards.
File: DWz446PVMAAl-Ex.jpg (58 KB, 700x1120)
58 KB
oh no
but fag, owls are birds

File: images (2).jpg (21 KB, 528x279)
21 KB
Who's that Pokémon??
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Who's this?
i only see wings in that fanart
Your mom
File: Ultimatechimera.gif (3 KB, 176x164)
3 KB
It's the Ultimate Chimera from Mother 3.
A reference or tribute of the Mother games, given that Creatures Inc. was involved in both series.

>How GOOD was Garchomp ACTUALLY? - History of Garchomp in Competitive Pokemon (Gens 4-6)
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that's kind of silly
competitive pokemon isn't exactly very popular, new blood in the community sounds like a good thing
they are good, it's just verlis falseflagging; as a matter of fact falseswipe vids were praised here at first, but suddenly a bunch of hipsters started shitting on him for no real reason
hey, that's cool
I'm glad vp wasn't absolutely insufferable for once, way to go guys

Oh, most of what he's doing is just compiling- just putting it into one place (particularly tournament results for those who don't follow it on their own time) and often making something of a story out of it gives it a bit of flavor.
>How GAY was OP ACTUALLY? - History of OP in Competitive Cocksucking (Ages 16-25)

File: download.jpg (5 KB, 259x194)
5 KB
So there's the fire trial in Akala and I'm stuck here... Every time I try to hit Marowak with a Super Effective move he uses "Detect" and I can't hit him... And his helper is very annoying... I tried using Hydro Vortex (Z-Power) but it doesnt do a lot of damage and Marowak proceeds to 1shot all of my pokemon with his helper and his poison move... please help !

My team is : lvl 28 Torracat
lvl 23 Wingull
lvl 22 Inkay
lvl 21 Flaaffy
lvl 22 Eevee
and an egg...
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Why would you pick anything besides Popplio? Water/Fairy rapes the entire fucking game. I played Moon and My seal, Pikipek, and Magnemite carried my team through the whole game
I beat him with the owl around your level or maybe level 31-32 about a week ago. I'm not sure what type marowak is so I'm not sure what Pokemon to recommend you but I will suggest that you try to find a better team or at least train some of the ones you have. You have an eevee so you have some choices in typing and a flaaffy that turns into ampharos so that might be a good start. You could also learn to time your attacks better or just grind. This game shouldn't be that hard are you doing a nuzlocke run or something?
Just use topsy turvy inkay then hydro vortex

How old are you?

File: Anime-Artwork_074.png (55 KB, 500x192)
55 KB
Something terrible just happened to me.
Let me share this cruel story with you /vp/:
>be me
>never saw a Shiny ones but know they are out there
>decide to play Fire Red again
>on my way through the Rock Tunnel
>fight my way through the dark abbys
>suddenly there it is!
>it's a Geodude
concider suicide
>catch it anyway
>back at the pokecenter I check its stats
>it's "shy"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>doesn't know that VBALink exists
>doesn't know that GBA Backup Tool for legit copies exists
>doesn't know that save file always can be exported from the emulator
op either is a retard or baiting
not baiting just retarded. played pokemon for the first time in years. not really into all the stuff you can do with an emulator
If you really wanted to you could buy a flashcart or revo k101 and transfer your guys to legit games
Ill share one myself
>my bday on X
>doing wonder trade
>get a shiny Sturdy golem
I never even had a regular one. I'll be happy in your stead, OP
>be 9
>encounter first shiny
>find it through rock smashing
>no idea shinies existed
>thought it was a glitch
>killed it

It's ok tho, I'm pretty lucky with shinies now.

Fuck this autistic Darkrai cosplaying twat. How was this shit allowed? Where'd he even get a Darkrai and Latios? /ourboy/ Ash could've finally won. It was said he was the only person to take out any of Tobias' Pokemon, so Ash was clearly better than whatever chump got to the finals. The people in charge of the Lily of the Valley Conference should be fucking sacked for this. Fuck anyone that thought this was a good idea.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I think they're banned more from a realism sort of view
Imagine how lopsided an American football game would be if one of the teams had Master Chief as a quarterback
Having a legendary Pokémon would be just like that. Game wise they aren't too much better but from a lore point of view you wouldn't allow some asshole to come in with a fucking mewtwo and sweep the competition
Mewtwo has always been designated as overpowered though. Meanwhile Moltres and Suicune have always been allowed in to official tournaments. Latios is in that same boat as them, so I'm wondering why somebody would complain about it being overpowered; the sublegends or weaker legendaries have also been shown to be used by other random trainers in the anime. Remember the Nurse Joy with a Latias? Or the literal who background kid with a Heatran?

I'm just arguing against people who are grouping all legendaries under one banner when the tournaments and anime have consistently shown since the beginning that it's not the case.
>Inb4 the next anti ash Chad has ultra beasts
Im more arguing against why this asshole has a Darkrai, I could care less about Latios since ORAS showed us that anything with a pulse can be handed one without trying

>Guzzlord eats Lycanroc
>Buzzwole Devours Pikachu
10/10 episode
Because Darkrai is only banned because of Mythical status. It doesn't cross GF's sacred 600 BST (not including megas and shitty abilities) threshold, it's just banned because it's an optional mon you only have a window to obtain.

In the Spectral Thief tournament, recently, they allowed all Mythicals except Arceus because of its high stat total.

File: empty space.png (1.76 MB, 1366x768)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
So who is going to be his next mon?
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But why would Ass Ketchup have two Lycanrocs? Midnight doggy is #44 on a Japan-only popularity poll. Why would they shill a Pokémon that's not as popular as dusk doggy, which they're already shilling?
The bubble spider.
I thought he was getting Poiple why did you fuckers lie
> Ash
> Getting an UB

You naive.

File: 25379785.jpg (22 KB, 300x225)
22 KB
Gen 8 will introduce a fusion mechanic that allows two Pokemon to become a new one. One of these new Pokemon is the Zeraora.

Can you guess what two Pokemon come together to form it?
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Kinda like the start of yugioh, fusion monsters were overshadowed by god cards, rituals that no one gave a shit about fusions.
Anubis/dog-esque Pokemon+electric mouse=anthropomorphic cat?
I've always thought that fusion was a bad idea, but if it gets added in the same way that Ash-Greninja did, I'm giving up hope on Pokemon. (Ash-Greninja was cool in and of itself though).
If anyone has heard about Monster Rancher, they'd more than likely be millennials, hun.
File: 8f8[1].png (351 KB, 622x465)
351 KB
351 KB PNG

File: 295Exploud.png (189 KB, 450x450)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
As lame as this is, I think sound could really function well in the game.

It would be super effective against:
(Because all of these carry sound waves sort of)
Weak against:
It would resist:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
i hope every last soundfag dies in the rapture.
And I hope you choke on your own dick
File: index.png (16 KB, 228x221)
16 KB
Now this is a nice topic. Sound is a nice type.

How about an artificial type? One that was created by humans?

>Ash Greninja
>Ash and Pikachu photo in the mimikyuh challenge
>Alan references in ORas post game
>0 manga references

How can manga fags ever recover?
File: Exsqueeze me.jpg (36 KB, 680x679)
36 KB
>Assuming that the superior Manga wants anything to do with the Trashime
anon he's talking about the games referencing the anime
Wow, one of the most iconic pieces of Pokemon history gets a few nods in the games? Amazing.
Y's Greninja has Battle Bond as its ability.
Well the manga kinda already follows the games more closely than the anime. And those are references to characters that specifically only exist from the anime. The manga mostly contains characters already in the games so there is not much to reference.

What pokemon spinoff games are compatible with the standard nuzlocke rules, or have had nuzlocke-like rules defined for them?
I've personally been wondering about doing a nuzlocke in Mystery Dungeon, but I have no clue how to apply the "first pokemon encountered in location" rule. Do I only recruit the first pokemon that's willing to join? I could theoretically manipulate this by not fighting pokemon that I don't want to catch. Or should I memorize what was the first pokemon that appeared on screen when I entered the location, and then only recruit this particular pokemon, whenever it offers?

Additional question:
Has anybody tried nuzlocking non-pokemon 'mon games? Digimon, fossil fighters, etc? How did that go?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
XD and Battle Revolution could definitely do a Nuzlocke run.
Pokepark Wii is a definite no, unless you mean losing an event and never being able to use said Pokemon again.
Conquest would actually be interesting to Nuzlocke, even if it's just for one story in the post game.
I haven't played the others so I legitimately don't know
will I get banned if I start blogposting on /vp/ about nuzlocking a non-pokemon game
Eh, go for it. I can't see why you wouldn't be able to
I nuzlocked colo sometime ago
I let myself capture all the Pokémon I could, but I had some purification restrictions that I forgot
game was hard as balls, though, entei fucked me up and I couldn't catch it because only umbreon survived

I played most of the game with just suicune and umbreon, everyone else died quickly in double battles
Don't you lose a Pokemon for the rest of the run if you lose a match using it in Puzzle Challenge? Maybe you'd just extend that to the entire game and only get one Pokemon per difficulty.

File: download (21).jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Hey /vp/, is it possible to catch Raikou in route 48? I'm playing Heartgold, and route 48 is the only free route in my nuzlocke.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
crossboarder passing through, I thought you weirdos loved this shit
I dunno, but mentioning that reminds me of an old HG nuzlocke I did years ago.
>would intentionally encounter Raikou and Entei on routes I've already caught shit on, weakening them
>would go to routes I haven't been to with a repel up, intentionally encountering them an capturing them in their weakened state
Ended up using both of them on my final team. Dunno if I'd do it again, though; it was a hell of a hassle

There's a general to retain it. The fanbase may be a bunch of autists but were autists in our own ways and hate each other.
I thought nuzlocke was only being able to catch first pokemon you encounter in a route?
Yeah, but you can scum it through stuff like >>34973205

It's kind of a grey area for those two, since the game counts them as the exact same Raikou and Entei no matter what. Let's say at Route 42 you encountered Raikou and it fled. Would you be able to capture it later, if you encountered it again at Route 42? It IS, for all intents and purposes, the first mon you found there; it's not like you KO'd a Pidgey and found another one later. This is the exact same Raikou, right down to its HP number and IVs.

File: 1514538687113.jpg (103 KB, 720x960)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
ITT Pokemon only you like
16 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: whiscash.gif (300 KB, 500x345)
300 KB
300 KB GIF
File: music-mime.jpg (28 KB, 429x222)
28 KB
It's been my favorite ever since I first played Blue.
File: 1518134868934.png (85 KB, 480x514)
85 KB
I used one for the first time in OR, it ended up taking down Salamence and Metagross during E4
File: 295-Exploud.png (72 KB, 300x282)
72 KB
i wish i could snuggle with him

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