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File: Mika and Atra.jpg (48 KB, 692x389)
48 KB
Episode 39 - Ver. 3.0
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then why foreshadow that Mysterious kimaris look-a-like when Vidar already has his own Vidar Gundam frame?
Mokazukis got mad skills

Possibly because Vidar hasn't been wrecked yet which forces his hand to make the upgrade.

It's still more likely however this is an entirely new frame since the OP clear backgrounds the new Gundam in the Seven Stars museum.

Guessing it's going to be Ellion's, Issue's or Fareed's familial Gundam.
>They look tasty, like ham.
I love Mikazuki's autism.
Any reason why the mob boss appears to like him, other than "because plot".

File: Untitled.png (2.82 MB, 1985x769)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB PNG




For those new to gunpla/plamo or even just new to this thread; please read the guide. Please read it before asking questions, as there is a chance it has already been answered there.

For those unfamiliar, "plamo" is a shortened form of "plastic model". If it's made of plastic, someone can probably help you here!
If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry!

>Why won't anyone answer my question?
Try being specific, especially about your materials and process. Post pictures whenever possible; even if the kit/part looks bad, you are more likely to get help posting pictures.

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File: BANM170350.png (786 KB, 597x753)
786 KB
786 KB PNG
too many accessories
File: Razorbanya and Sinonju.jpg (1.28 MB, 2592x1456)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG

Here's a less shit pic of the Zabanya. Adding his limbs to save that bootleg figma is what motivated me to even start this whole project. Still debating if I should add some armor to her chest or not, though.
The shield looks like a giant strip of tire.
File: 1 (1).png (371 KB, 720x480)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
>tfw diaper waist
Why do Astrays looks so good and terrible at the same time

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Yeah, their chatting this episode was very cute.
I'm pretty sad it's ending as well, but I bet it's end nicely. Plus Kyuranger's coming and that looks hype as hell.
so Amu stays with Yamoto, Misao goes with Tusk, and Leo and Sela finally date?
A rival relationship. Totally tsundere for each other.
I have a feeling that Mario's actor really likes toku.

File: the end.png (616 KB, 630x474)
616 KB
616 KB PNG

Looks like the old thread died just before I posted the finale. Oh well.

Having had his first attempt at destroying Solbrain foiled, Ryuichi Takaoka instead turns his attention to Kazuya, attempting to instill in him the poison of rage. Solbrain is led into a deadly trap -- and this time only Solbrain or Takaoka will escape alive. Why does Ryuichi Takaoka persist in his hatred after so many years? Commander Masaki takes flight with the crew of the SS-1. The final mission for Solbrain is here!

So many finals here. Solbrain's final mission. The final appearance (other than flashbacks) of Ryoma, Daiki, Reiko, Jun, Dozer, and Kamekichi. The final challenge for Takaoka. This is a great episode, though I did find it amusing that in retrospect, it only took a floppy disk to keep Takaoka enraged. His final scene is particularly amazing. Doesn't it seem like there are some people who, for them, anger is all they have, their only reason to live?

So, that's it. That's the end of Super Rescue Solbrain. I certainly hope that you've enjoyed watching this series as much as I've enjoyed presenting it to you. Expect a batch soon.

Once again, I'd like to thank Ignis from Over-Time for assistance in getting these hosted, and all of you for supporting and encouraging me. Big shout-outs to Megabeast Empire for their work on Juspion, and Millionfold Curiosity for their work on Gavan -- Metal Heroes are getting finished! Also, though technically not a Metal Hero series, Big Nova Subs for Byclosser!

Final words... hang on to love, because tomorrow will always belong to you! I'm Sailor Otaku, the Weeaboo Shogun, signing off for now. At least until Exceedraft...

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File: sayonara.jpg (80 KB, 900x673)
80 KB
Well done, Sailor. Thanks so much. :D

"Detectively" speaking, this last plan of Takaoka was not only the best, but also a real elaborated one - specially if we consider this show as easy entertainment for kids, not "real thriller for adults". Pretty impressive. Too bad toku plots nowadays are flat like a paper sheet. As we were talking before, toku needs more poison, like they had in the past.

INB4, https://yuki.la/m/14043496


File: C2RQG7EUAAAwdpW.jpg (70 KB, 760x423)
70 KB
Previous Thread:

If you need help with any game try checking Akurasu for help:
If any of the pages are blank try this:

Current status of the games availability in the English language as of the end of September 2016:

Detailed Version of Game Availability in English as of September 2016:

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File: 1465586417436.jpg (40 KB, 700x480)
40 KB
I want a performance from old, hoarse Akira Kamiya doing a "GETTAAAAAHHUUURGHHHAAAACCKKKACKACKUHUUUH... beam."
Yep, I can totally see it happening after the previous events.
I will be Van the Nice Guy
Akabane and Kuwashima
It'll have X-O stuff, yes. But also V stuff, like PV2.

File: coveredcarrier.jpg (752 KB, 859x1219)
752 KB
752 KB JPG
We need more weird carriers
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Carriers are cool, but battleships are cooler. And you know what's the coolest? AVIATION BATTLESHIPS!
File: maxresdefault[4].jpg (59 KB, 1920x1080)
59 KB
Such a shame those DLCs are multiplayer only. I wanted more of that "desperate journey into the desert" atmosphere. Such a great game, homeworld world is the best.
File: victor-kam-father-01[1].jpg (760 KB, 1520x1066)
760 KB
760 KB JPG
File: kaga-4.jpg (35 KB, 879x231)
35 KB
mou sugoi Kaga-san
File: p_picture10[1].jpg (148 KB, 640x315)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
What the hell, she's tiny!

>[RTA]Kamen Rider Ex-Aid - 14[0889B9C5].mkv

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it's actually pretty simple
I = 1
X = 10
C = 100
M = 1000
V = 5
L = 50
D = 500
IXC repeats thrice, VLD once, M is a special case

normally it only goes up to 3999 (MMMCMXCIX), but 4000 onwards exist by putting a bar over IV
>Posting a fucking Decade webm as an example of good Suit designs.
They have level 50 coming up
Brave goes from classic RPG to modern RPG and Snipe becomes a kanmusu
>that day we'll have Final Fantasy C
>Where did it all go wrong?
At Faiz and Kabuto, apparently

File: rean.png (806 KB, 960x1094)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
Will he know how to smile again?
Will he know how to head pat again?
Will he know how to work for Towa again?
Will he know how to join Ouroboros?
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It's been five hours, it really should have happened by now? They make up right before the first field study.
>but is it a big part of the first game or am I close to being able to put that foundation behind me at least?
Half the first game is spent in school. You can't escape it. Not until the end of the game does shit blow up everywhere forever and you get dumped in a random mountain somewhere at the start of the second.

Just chat with the NPC student body because they collectively have more character development than Gaius or Eliot, somehow. And enjoy the field studies which are your only escape from school.

It took me about 4.5 hours to get past the prologue because I like exploring every nook and cranny. And because I spent a good bit of time playing on my phone because I didn't want to put up with the characters, so they were just left part way though an interaction. I have to get something from the student council now. It really feels like the worst elements of high school anime at the moment, sweat drops and all. I'm expecting Rean to run out a door with some toast soon
Falcom, why you be such a tease?
File: 1482314131433.jpg (167 KB, 857x1224)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
If you have such a hard time with anime cliches, this series probably isn't for you. While the worldbuilding is excellent and the writing generally solid, the anime tropes never go away. If you have a higher tolerance towards late 90s tropes than you do modern ones, you could always try Trails in the Sky instead.

File: latest.jpg (949 KB, 1029x1733)
949 KB
949 KB JPG
ITT: Good mechanical designs

I'll start.
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File: latest[1].jpg (488 KB, 1500x917)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
File: MB.jpg (937 KB, 1111x741)
937 KB
937 KB JPG
At last post the corret redesign...
Destiny Impulse>Destiny
>tfw I unironically like Destiny's design
>tfw I get shat on by everyone
>tfw I probably have shit taste

.. I liked it in build fighters try ;__;
Why do people hate destiny's design I always thought it looked cool even as a kid.
It has a cool sword and cool light wings what is wrong with that.

And it's going to continue Chirico's story...

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File: fat albert.gif (1.7 MB, 500x374)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB GIF
>Shining Heresy
it's better than most gundam ovas i can think of although that's not saying much
Who wants more CGI scopedogs?
File: 1308192388929.jpg (81 KB, 715x480)
81 KB
>Shining Heresy

File: villian tier copy.jpg (93 KB, 480x705)
93 KB
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>implying that's even close to a tragic villain
That's just an edgy retard

>I'm not fighting for my country, I'm fighting for my men
>kidnapped spouse/daughter/son/love interest
>climbing the ranks to clean house and kick out the retards

This is what is good.
File: IMG_20170116_175225.jpg (62 KB, 855x692)
62 KB
File: RauLaugh.jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB

>Rau is still everything the Elder God and High tier description is

I'm not shocked
>I'm not fighting for my country, I'm fighting for my men
>kidnapped spouse/daughter/son/love interest
>climbing the ranks to clean house and kick out the retards
Except all of this can be, and have been, done terribly. Motivations do not determine the literary quality of a character. If you think otherwise, off yourself.
No, there is a problem inherent in dictatorships in that one man has unchecked power and if he's a nut, like Gihren, than everyone else is fucked.

Even if their is a benign dictator, he's going to die eventually and there's no guarantee that the next guy will be as good. Dictatorship's don't work on a technical level.

File: oshioki yo~.webm (2.8 MB, 640x360)
2.8 MB
>How to get into KR and where to start?
>List of subbed series:
>Download Links
>ETC Links

>Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 15 Preview

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The "Duke is a reference to Spongebob" one was worse.
I watched Ghost all at once, so I don't really dislike it at all. I can see how you could if you watched it weekly.

I'd say that Takeru was very positive, and always tried to see the best in others. Since he was dead, he understood the importance of life, and tried to make everyone see how important their lives were, too. He never wanted others to feel like their lives were worthless. He also wanted to make other people get along, like befriending Alain, Makoto (or rekindling their friendship at first), Onari and Akari, etc.

Gentaro was much bolder about it, but Takeru sort of reminded me of him. How he was always gave other people a chance, and was really positive about it.
I don't quite remember what that one entailed.

I think it had to do with that "Every Villain Is Lemon" thing. Which is retarded.
I like trivia sections, so i dont think they should be purged, but they shouldnt be filled with made up bullshit for the sake of filling it.

File: ble-pacotao.jpg (749 KB, 819x700)
749 KB
749 KB JPG
/tg/ meets /m/

"Brazilian otaku edition"

For reference, here's a link to every English-language mecha RPG I know of, plus more:


Mekton Z, Battle Century G, Battletech, Heavy Gear, Mecha, homebrews, whatever -- bring it on!

Previous thread:
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It's truly unfortunate the direction they then went in come their DMG (which took years. literally years, to come out after the PHB... which is a problem) because that init system worked amazingly well.

Which are we talking about? Hackmaster? And what unfortunate direction do you mean?
t.Guilherme Lizeo
They turned back around on plans for a lot of things including magical items and some progression. Basically, 4-5 years between books... shows.

Although, read that big green hardcover monster manual. It is one of the greatest bestiaries you will ever have the honor of holding in your hands.
Any anon have scans or scanlations of the Gumdam Mekton game?

Am I retarded? I just got G generation Genesis. Set up my ship but I can't deploy it? Anyone know if I'm doing something wrong?
76 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Jebus gripes, that Turn A stage. Are the cocoons infinitely spawning? Ho w do you get Crystal Unicorn and G self?
Why did they fuck up the cut-ins?
So what do people make of this game?

I personally care way too much about AUs, so I can't say I'll ever buy it, but I'm wondering if there's any consensus.
I personally don't really care about AUs, but I wish that there was more late UC stuff. I would have liked F90, F91, Crossbone, and Victory at least. I also would have liked some Advance of Zeta stages to go along with the units, but overall I'm enjoying the game.
Is this worth buying? I've never really played any of the SRW type games before. Does it have an english asian version like Gundam Breaker?

File: 1481822332117.png (818 KB, 837x1110)
818 KB
818 KB PNG
Official Winterball Thread! #3
Official couples:
/out/vr/ Are going camping

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>before they used trucks
File: 6898.png (258 KB, 850x927)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
at least we got the schimmie
I just realized why /toy/ liked the couple.

He prefer his couples in /m/int/ condition

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