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File: Twitter_03.jpg (150 KB, 717x1024)
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The best mecha manga. No exceptions.
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The manga is passable at best. They clearly stopped giving a shit towards the end because they just wanted to finish it so they could move onto the next thing.
>The manga is amazing at best.
Every ending of literally every art form sucks. This is basically one of the fundamental laws of the universe.

Stop lying.
I'm not. You are.

File: 7.jpg (43 KB, 720x480)
43 KB
What did Tomino mean by this?
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>because CCA was so popular
This makes no sense. Do people just randomly make stuff up?
Moreover CCA wasn't really that popular from what I've read.
>This makes no sense
If CCA was a hit and ZZ was a flop it'd make another Gundam TV series look a poor investment but another Gundam movie look like a good one. But as >>15979554 pointed out, it's a largely bollocks story.

I don't know about Char's Counterattack's reception, but ZZ wasn't a flop anyway so it's a reduntant point really. ZZ didn't have ratings as high as Zeta from what I remember, but they're still some of the highest in the franchise's history and only a wee bit lower than Zeta.
It meant that Victory would be even better than F91.
And it was.
Well, there is that interview with Tomino and Anno where Anno is like "A lot of directors like your movie (CCA)" and Tomino is like "I haven't heard anything of that" though this is probably more indicative of the critical reception rather than the opinion of the audience. Then Tomino says that after the premiere one of the produces spoke to him and was all like "So.. that was it? Well, I guess it can't be helped."
Also I read in an article somewhere (I mean by a professional Japanese reviewer from that time) that at the time CCA came out there was a Gunam fatigue and a lot of fans were disillusioned with the franchise. But he is just one guy of course so I don't know how reliable his personal experience is. He also thought that many people didn't like CCA because it was hard to understand.

Further, considering CCA in itself the very fact that it got greenlit at all suggests a sort of desperation on the part of the producers to grab the attention of the viewer. Anyway you look at it it seems like a sell-out.

In this context it makes much more sense to me that if the next UC Gundam project got the short end of the stick its because the producers didn't feel secure thay there was anything more they could get out of the franchise.

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File: 1496506979318.gif (983 KB, 250x141)
983 KB
983 KB GIF

Isn't Sento basically going through the same process as Shouichi did in Agito?
Guess so. I'm completely ok with that

Yeah, for me the only bad thing Build have is the opening. Not the song, but the visual aspect.

File: fangs.webm (2.33 MB, 640x360)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB WEBM
Was Gundam Age the last Gundam TV series Sunrise took care animating?
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No that's BF.
>Two mechs standing still, one has moving bits that flow at the speed you cannot see, other just falling its arms around.

>Good animation,

G-Reco was Studio 1. That's why it looked good.
That looks like shit
You're talking about the same people who post screencaps of really well animated scenes and then go, "UH GUYS, THIS ISN'T ANIMATED WELL AT ALL???? HERE'S MY PROOF, A SCREENCAP."

Rip on its story all you want, but there are still some really well animated sequences in the show.

Whatever actual problems you have with the show, or whatever desire you have to gloat about "lel kiddy show didn't sell!!! bandai btfo!!!" has nothing to do with the actual contributions by the animators who worked on the show.

Educate yourself.

File: enigma.jpg (1.99 MB, 1714x2476)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
Kasumi is now ripe for the taking
Happy Birthday.
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This thread is pure reddit. I haven't seen a thread this bad for a while.
Has there been any news about TDA at all in the last 4 years? Chronicles 04 came out 2013, after the tracing incident, and its like age want to forget all about it.
TDA's dead, Avex will do an anime and turn Muv-Luv into Attack on Titan with Mecha.
File: 1506377888076.png (37 KB, 272x434)
37 KB
>turn Muv-Luv into Attack on Titan with Mecha.
File: ml kasumi.jpg (40 KB, 389x572)
40 KB
Happy Birthday Kasumi-chan!

Why does /m/ hate IBO when it's OBARI AS FUCK!?
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Gundam is for shitposting
Anime Suki go away, it was pure ass
Oh shut it Mecha Talk, second season was actually tolerable.

I did too, so I dropped it after the mobile armor shitshow and picked it up a few months after it ended. I enjoyed it better marathoning it, but waiting once a week only to feel disappointment was the worst.
File: blr.webm (2.44 MB, 1280x720)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB WEBM
Why won't they let Obari animate everything? Is he really expensive? Maybe they should've hired animators similar to his style to animate with him?

Explain anime production to me please. Why was the animation so bad compared to previous Gundam works(00, AGE) by the same studio?

彼らはなぜ大張正己がすべてをアニメ化させないのだろうか? 彼は本当に高価ですか? たぶん、彼らは彼と一緒にアニメ化するために彼のスタイルに似たアニメーターを雇ったのでしょうか?

私にアニメ作品を説明してください。 同じスタジオで、以前のガンダム作品(00、AGE)に比べてアニメーションが悪かったのはなぜですか?
Obari is known to overwork himself to te point of sickness. Also, directors are usually rotating to keep up with production schedule.

Much like you can pick different DBZ episodes and denote who directed because of the animation style.

File: HARRO!!.jpg (147 KB, 1440x810)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>15964194

>Links for beginners

>List of subbed series:

>Super Hero Time OSTs: https://mega.co.nz/#F!fddkkZiK!fau0lSCNv0MedCNpS_Ihew

>Super Sentai Monster Designs (currently Gorenger to ToQger): https://mega.nz/#F!Mp8hVQ7K!tm2cp0d9_GZiZdGaXt1nXw

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*Blocks your path*
Not much to go now. Fiveman will probably be next, Goranger and JAKQ are going slow and steady, and only last quarter of Dynaman to go. Alls left is Denjiman.
do returns count? because gb returns is fucking ace
I can't believe i will be alive to see the subbing of denjiman
>most showa sentai subbed
>Super Mario Odyssey and XB2 coming out soon
>NeoGAF dies

what a time

File: maxresdefault.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
96 KB
I heard gaogaigar is good, does that mean I have to watch the whole Brave series?
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Wait why are you lumping me in with the faggot shilling his youtube video? I want to clear things up. I don't make videos for youtube, there is more of a point to piss all over my wall than to make a video there for the measly amount of revenue.
I think he tried to become famous on youtube and failed miserably. Now, whenever he see youtube videos from irrelevant people. It gives him PTSD.
Is there a BD anywhere? The nyaa torrent is 480p
I have no idea.

I'm the OP, remember?
Not you, this guy: >>15979633
I was telling you and the other 2 to pay no attention to him. This whole goddamn thread is a bait.

File: 29543.jpg (261 KB, 1600x600)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
They only do new sequels to UC stuff. But none of the alternative unverses had any sequel.

As far I know there is a manga or novel sequel of Gundam Wing.

Instead of wasting time with Gundam Build Figthers, they should do a sequel to Gundam Wing already.

Do you /m/ agree?
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wonder if the devil gundam incident sparks an arms race for the colonies? they've seen how far neo-japan has gotten in terms of tech and even if they outlaw all DG based tech, it's still going to be a sore spot for them in terms of national pride.

like how back in the 90s countries was afraid pakistan would do their own public nuke test because of their rivalry with india (who did one to get into the nuke club). they never did (one theory was even if they did one, it would be puny compared to india's).

so if they can't reproduce DG tech of their own, what kind of super science tech would they bring up?
wing is done, they destroyed all the weapons.
say that to frozen teardrop
Nobody cares about a noncanon manga.

File: 35074213_p0.jpg (3.15 MB, 3732x3596)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB JPG
For a superior experience please add !C9UNU3S59A to your filter and help rid the world of FOOLISH HUMANS WHO CAN'T EVEN SURPASS THE ETERNAL RECURRENCE

Previous Thread:

If you need help with any game try checking Akurasu for help:
If any of the pages are blank try this:

Current status of the games availability in the English language as of the end of September 2016:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1507902708650.jpg (11 KB, 428x236)
11 KB
File: 1389032334080.png (157 KB, 400x800)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
We are doomed. Doomed I tell you! DOOOMED!
Kaien when ?
Little Witch Academia
Probably never ever

Why have they not done a Gintama episode where everyone looks down and makes fun of Gintoki for not voicing in a Not!Gundam anime when everyone else has?
It seems like it could easily be done.

File: 79c.jpg (69 KB, 600x487)
69 KB
the underwhelming mech battle and robotwars got me thinking. we cant have both. it either looks super badass or its effective. pick one.
>we cant have both
We literally can.

As separate shows.

Just like how we have sports entertainment and actual contact sports.

It's a mindblowing concept, I know. I don't blame you if you need to sit down and collect your thoughts.
They just need to make the showy bits out of something stronger than plastic. Even if you gave your mech horns of cheap wrought iron you could still probably take out a camera or two
File: madmarine_stop.jpg (13 KB, 200x200)
13 KB
>gundam box guy on the right

I like it
Surely an effective robot would be badass? My that I mean:

>make a robot that actually works properly
>because it actually works, people think it's cool
>because it's cool, whatever it looks like influences future design

File: inaho vs amuro.jpg (292 KB, 1408x618)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
how you like your mecha pilot protagonist, /m/?
26 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
not anime
File: 1507449629554.jpg (66 KB, 500x452)
66 KB
>space reserved for exposition
don't you hurt the slutty roll.
>dies a virgin
Say what?

I like them non-whiny. I mean, if you're fighting in a war, you should be more-or-less reconciled with the idea that you need to kill the enemy and keep your friends alive.

I wonder if it's a Japanese thing, specifically. In all the war films I've seen from the West, the main characters are never really that upset about having to shoot the enemy. (In China, it's unequivocally a good thing to kill the bad guys.)

File: DSC.jpg (80 KB, 1280x720)
80 KB
Old Thread>>15923549

Walking Dead Edition

Green DC actor regrets Power Rangers

Enjoy some tunes as well:
166 replies and 48 images omitted. Click here to view.
Still such a fucking disappointment.
Bandai only lets them use certain teams.
That'd be Saban
Editors said they're limited to MMPR-In Space
I doubt Bandai cares
What is up with some of these poses.
>White Dino Ranger just hanging out all depressed
>Wild Force Pink just chilling
>Movie Blue praising heaven that he was included
>wild force pink.
i don't see her

File: robot-wars.jpg (372 KB, 2048x1182)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
I think the moral of the story here is that small robots are way cooler and more practical than giant mechs.
55 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
How's the Robot Wars revival? Battlebots's was alright though a bit too heavy on the reality TV show sob story crap for the teams.
Power Armors is more practical than Cyborgs in warfare; less cost of repairs.
>Sips tea, summons mecha horse, takes high ground and fires off his giant long bow
>bit too heavy on the reality TV show sob story crap for the teams.
You just summed up everything wrong with the Robot Wars revival.

Well at least 2017 had a more competent camera crew this time, you can see what is happening now. '16 had little redeeming value.

File: IMG_7012.jpg (285 KB, 801x1199)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
Previous Thread:>>15973122

>How to get into KR and where to start?
>List of subbed series
>Direct Download Links

>Build Episode 9 Preview
>Heisei Generations FINAL Trailer

190 replies and 59 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hey, if it's softsubbed it's easier to fix in the future
File: Die Ghost Robot.gif (1.34 MB, 500x225)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB GIF
I mean, the Build Driver was just an inferior Bugvisor to placate the government. Snipe's whole recruitment and mission was all a sham to stop Taiga from researching alternative ways to spot and treat Game Disease further. As were those of the other Riders in addition to the data gathering thing
>game driver physically transforms the user ala Black/Kuuga/Agito
>build driver is just power armour
>mild shock
>nearly kills him
yeah sure, it might not be as gruesome as the gamer driver, but you're still getting a shock running through your body with enough power to knock you out.
>What does this mean?

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