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Would you, /m/?
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Yes I would spill my semen all over her components to make her malfunction.
>robogirl + lobotomy + panty peeing
Is there anything better?
File: bd2.png (32 KB, 802x618)
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this ship girls are a robot meme need to stop

File: 1451228634654.jpg (51 KB, 225x316)
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The G Reco of Macross
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They're trying to make Frontier look good by shitting on the new thing, not that Frontier was all that great by itself.

Just look at the gendum threads every time a new series comes out.
Frontier was a good finale indeed and a good triangle indeed.
Frontier had a great finale over the last two episodes.

Frontier's triangle was really good too, it got settled by episode 16 when Ranka decided she wasn't loved by Alto and ran off with her brother.

just sounds like jpop song #30910381
Some people just get overly defensive about their opinions on the internet, that's all.

Most Macross series have their respective groups of excessively defensive fanboys and excessively disgruntled detractors. Frontier and Delta aren't at all unique in that regard; they're just the most visible due to being the most recent entries.

Previous Thread >>14762587

>Links for beginners

>List of subbed series:

>Super Hero Time OSTs:

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Yeah, he was one of the main writers of most of the magical girl seasons of that franchise. I bet the White Racer joke in Carranger was suppose to be a throwback to them.
Next episode is going to be a gold mine of reaction images
It'll be an interesting episode for sure. Going back to a normal MotW feels weird now.

It looks like shit because old shocker monsters are a favorite for crossover movies. They cheaply made a hundred or so of them for big shots.

The original costumes have long since rotted away. They didn't start making suits that can last until... what, Gaoranger?
This. Is such a nice detail. They are the only sub group I've seen that has translated any of the actual credits.

On a whim I downloaded 3 off PSN. Was housesitting for family and had some time to kill. Powered through the game in a week, absolutely loved it. I just started a playthrough of 4 on PCSX.

This series kicks ass, I am now retroactively mad that Square raped it with Evolved. No idea how I missed, save that I never had a PS1 back in the day. Was always more of a PC guy.

Anyway, Front Mission thread. Never seen one, let's have one.
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1. Suck a dick, robots is robots

2. /k/ is shit for mech talk, all you ever get is 40k wanking from /tg/ crossposters or spergs talking about how mechs don't make sense realistically and tanks are better like everyone isn't fucking aware of that already.
3 is actually the weakest link in the series together with 1, but at least 1 was the game that started it all and its lore is fundamental in understanding the FM world, EVOLVE NEVER HAPPENED MMMKAY?
Get FM2, it's the best of the PS games and possibly the best in the series together with 5, do get the special edition so you can skip animations since they're the lenghthiest and slowest in the series.
I was under the impression 2 never made it overseas. Is there a fan translation or something? And is the DS game worth emulating? I plan to play as much of the series as possible.
I like owning (for a certain value of "own" as dictated by the average vidya EULA, granted, but you know what I mean) things, call me old fashioned.
3 had the best story/characters/world detail and for those who don't like clunky micromanagement of zillion units, the best battle system.

File: cover.jpg (566 KB, 1129x1600)
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566 KB JPG
I know I'm tired and all, but why is Zeonic doing a blitz on CDA all of a sudden? There's 1 volume left... I don't want to know how long it'll take them to release that.
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people are still begging for scanlations?

should've learnt jap and worked to buy the jap vols
What ms is that?

It looks like a deranged gelgoog
Its Char's Gelgoog that was modded in early in vol3/4 where have you been.

It sucks just like the original.
Lol wiki ass pull information.

File: 1315270389862.jpg (270 KB, 800x600)
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270 KB JPG
Ten weeks on, what's the verdict on the official translation? Is it worth a million dollars?
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How the hell do you get bronze discs from missions? I don't have a single one yet.
Tama SR 2nd scene is the same as the first one but without the dress.
They really love recycling those CGs considering theres like 5 scenes for each card
I think they rushed the game out a bit.
I attempted a skill up today, grabbed 6 Normals of mixed males on the front looking dark-skinned one as the target, the skill thing on preview was still 1 to 1, so I'm guessing it's chance-based power up with "more materials == better fusion chance"

File: Strain.png (1.47 MB, 1024x819)
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1.47 MB PNG
ITT: weirdest /m/ shows you still can't believe are an actual thing
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Wait what really. I never finished it cause I'm more of an leg and ass man. Too much of a tit man show plus mecha didn't even have any good legs or a nice ass.

The second half is nuts
File: 1274282696196.jpg (1.77 MB, 5000x3099)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
What ? It's not my fault if everybody is blazed by half-god monster controlled by brain-jacking childs and part of the mind of their mothers in a not-too-unrealistic setting.
Argento Soma.
File: Lot27l1[1].png (74 KB, 703x1786)
74 KB
Speaking of which

File: neon-genesis-evangelion.jpg (878 KB, 1280x1024)
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878 KB JPG
So im only 5 episodes in on NGE and i have to say this is the shit right now. Granted i know its gonna take a hard 90 degree turn at the end but this honestly one of my favorite mecha animes now. Even the english dub ( i watch in english because i read the subtitles too quickly and hearing japanese and reading english is distracting to me) is pretty passable except for misato. However i have a few problems 1) why do people call gendo a dick? The only bad thing he did was walk out on shinji and tell him to pilot the Eva or heck off and 2) why doesnt shinji pilot it? I can understand him being afraid because he is only 14 but his dad basically gave him one of the most powerful weapons on the planet to fight giant monsters. In my opinion that totally makes up for him walking out 3 years prior
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Either Shinji doesn't get in the robot and world faces definite destruction or he does pilot the Eva and he has at least a chance at survival. Shinji was demonstrating apprehension over a non-dilemma and let his own daddy issues get in the way of potentially saving what's left of humanity.

This is why people think Evafags are zealous idiots and why Anno is hack.
>after Shamshel, there's no more of that.
Shamshel was episode 3 when Toji and Kesuke weren't friends yet. Kensuke expressed his interest sometime after that.
>Don't watch EoE.
>Just finish the main series and maybe read the manga, the rest is crap

Eva is a flawed, super overrated series that doesn't have anywhere near the depth that Anno or EVA fans are convinced it has with its empty symbolism. But Shinji and his apprehension to bring a pilot is not one of the issues. For fucks sake he is FOURTEEN, he's a fucking child. No shit he wants nothing to do with this war or being a pilot. Logically NO ONE would want to pilot an EVA given the risks that come with it.
14 is definitely old enough to know the subtleties of potentially saving the Earth or dying a coward later.
14 isn't the age to expect someone to put their life on the line without any hesitation for a war you don't understand, where you are the Frontline infantry, and you are ordered to do this by your father who abandoned you. And you say this line he DIDN'T end up piloting it, he did when he truly had to see that the world could end if he didn't. I think it's pretty reasonable for him to still not want to do it or be afraid of every time he had to climb back in the EVA.

File: Grungust family reunion.png (1.06 MB, 1280x720)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
Previous Thread:

If you need help with any game try checking Akurasu for help:

Current status of the games availability in the English language as of the end of September 2016:

Detailed Version of Game Availability in English as of September 2016:

Music Pastebin:

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File: 1427166885124.png (509 KB, 200x600)
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Jesus fuck
My ZR boner can't take this any more, man
Wait, elaborate.
Are your Borders about to Break, Anon?
File: 1468422995223.jpg (93 KB, 300x497)
93 KB
About to unleash my Infinity Calibur here, fuck.

File: image.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720)
91 KB
Is there any good site to stream american power rangers
maybe the normie stream sites like Free TV Project or whatever?

File: Spoiler Image (213 KB, 1280x720)
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213 KB JPG
You know, /m/, I've seen a lot of mecha anime. I had seen a lot of mecha anime before I watched Gurren Lagann. And after checking it out again, all I have to say is that if you don't like this show and the amazing episodes it has to offer, you are a HUGE fucking faggot. ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH
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The problem is every single thread started about TTGL is either a bait thread or so dumb you just hope it's bait.

It's been discussed to death about the glaring flaws and unoriginality as well as it's merits. At this point people are just blatantly trying to get their (you)s.
Well that's your prerogative, I wasn't trying to blanket statement, but the majority of people I've seen mostly hate the fan base.
People who like ttgl are mentally challenged, kinda like spics and niggers
What if I am a huge fan of all classic /m/ shit and other obscure shows while for a change I kinda enjoyed ttgl for the sake of barebone casual fun?
Not him but I would say that's a reasonable point of view to look at the series. People who think it's anything significant, to mecha or even the medium of anime as a whole, or do not admit the glaring flaws/severe issues the series has are the problem.

File: IMG_0329.jpg (176 KB, 600x600)
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176 KB JPG
Post mecha show ideas you have and we'll judge them
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A series where a small beetle larva is made to pilot a giant robot (about 4 feet long with the cockpit area being 2 inches) shaped like a stag beetle made of metal built by his ded father. He fights against mysterious invaders that have four limbs and metal masks. """twist""" at the end are the invaders are human exterminators.
The Internet evolves into a network that runs on the "donated" brains of passed on people, because what's a faster computer than the human brain? People can even create androids of their passed-on loved ones (or any known person from history really) from what memories are still hanging around.

Protag is a dude looking up stuff for his report until he sees his dead sister pops up out of nowhere and tells him that she's still actually alive within the network. And everyone else is too. Upon investigating the situation and dodging businessmen who want him dead, the protag ponders life and death and decides if he should kill the whole thing or not.
Does the mech drift? Does the MC's dad make him pilot it with fragile foodstuffs in the cockpit to learn control?
At first glance it sounds like a good mystery horror plot but isn't it sort of obvious that they're "alive" if people are creating androids of the dead? Even if they didn't create them that must mean the original is floating around in there somehow if it can be retrieved with such trivial effort that anyone can have it done.
I brought this up in a SRW thread ages back but here goes

It is the indeterminate future which looks like 90s Japan. The setting is a fancy town with a very flash high school.

Our hero is a sukeban who got expelled for being disruptive and lowering the tone. Her grandfather is an ex-employee of a massive robotics corporation.

Grandpa teaches her how to pilot a mech but is arrested for stealing company secrets...

The student council president of her former school is the CEO of the robotics company's son, and he is a stereotypical asshole, all oily hair, nasal voice and obsession with discipline. His girlfriend is a stereotype ojou-sama. Together they pilot daddy's robot, a glorious looking super robot with a Gunbuster-style launch sequence, military march theme etc. They are fucking useless pilots and once you get past the shiny exterior their mech is worse than Daiguard.

On the other hand, they end up winning fights by a mixture of comedy antics and a mysterious helper in a yoyo-wielding fembot which appears like a mix of Rom Stol and Tuxedo Mask with a speech about how while this school may be rotten and this city may be corrupt, her soul ain't sunk so low as to see it destroyed.

The bad guys are an alien empire's property developers and entertainment moguls trying to demolish the town so their space princess pop idol client can get a new summer holiday home.

File: a-ko.gif (1.49 MB, 386x286)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB GIF
Are there more shows like Dirty Pair, Bubblegum Crisis, Project A-ko, Gunbuster and Diebuster? Like 80-90s shows with cute grils and mechanical shit? I guess Patlabor and Dominion kinda falls to this category too. Preferably something fun. I must be missing some shows like these...
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File: ladius.jpg (98 KB, 500x500)
98 KB

On the cool BBC sci-fi front I think some old Avengers episodes are lost too
File: ParadisePlay_017.jpg (365 KB, 948x1335)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
(That's a giant mecha piloted by 3 person by the way)

If someone know where I can get more of that than the OAV I take
It's better than how some things get lost forever. Kingdom Hearts 1.5, the HD remake, was made entirely from scratch because they simply just LOST the gold copy.

File: 1472015140194.jpg (396 KB, 800x700)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
Is there any Gundam series whose central protagonist is female?
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Gundam IBO
I watched Abbot and Costellos Who's on first skit for English class in Middle School because the teach said it was a sin for people to have never seen it
I'd say Sven and Selene share top billing. Stargazer shows both their stories separately but with equal importance. Then when they clash it isn't tonally slanted towards either of them being more of the lead than the other.
is there a gundam series where the gundam itself is the main character

File: image.jpg (58 KB, 500x375)
58 KB
ITT lego mecha
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The super tiny builds aren't to my taste, for one thing.

Exo Force, Ninjago, Alien Conquest, Nexo Knights, etc etc.
Fuck Ninjago and KN with their no-knee builds (king's mech was a step in the right direction tho), Exo Force is how Lego should build their mechs.
Spyrius, Roboforce, Life on Mars etc

>Spyrius was 20 years ago
File: CrqpJkuVUAEAtGG.jpg (165 KB, 900x1200)
165 KB
165 KB JPG

Very interested to see how he did the knee joints on that one.

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