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File: 1397250564054.jpg (2.57 MB, 3062x2162)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB JPG
How do we not have a digimon thread? Hacker's Memory is out in 2 days.

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>Veemon becoming a chubby dinosaur
He never did. V-tamer had an Agumon.
Idiot writers that thought they could coast on older fans caring about slice-of-life hijinks to the exclusion of the actual plot.
I forgot to say Digivolution line included
Ooooh, right, you guys view Digimon as /m/, huh?

Funnily enough V-Tamer 01 is the only Digimon work I actually finished. I want to watch Adventure but subs seem fairly hard to come by and OZC hasn't worked on their subs for more than a year.

I read V-Tamer, I can confirm it was a Veedramon.
He means Zeromaru evolved from an Agumon.
There's a scene early on where they're exploring Lord HolyAngemon's castle and find Leomon training a bunch of Agumon. Taichi gets all nostalgic and say something to the effect of "Hey, remember when you were like that?"

I'm really trying hard to like this show. What's wrong with me?
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File: 0041-009.jpg (206 KB, 847x1200)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Orphans couldn't decide what kind of show it wanted to be or what story it ultimately wanted to tell.
It was heart warming and interesting as an underdog military story with some body horror elements, but the second season decides to be a dead end roller coaster where the story then becomes a fairy tale/evangelion before becoming The Last Samurai.

McGillis and Orga just sort of get to a point where they shrug and give up entirely. You know, while everyone is still hot blooded and going for the prize.

Orga was really cool when the show began, he was like a purple haired Kamina who didn't die, but then he becomes an ankle grabbing sodomite apologizing for trying to win the thing everyone agreed they wanted.
File: hal-hilling.webm (2.94 MB, 620x348)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
Compared to a fight from nearly 10 years ago.
>McGillis and Orga just sort of shrug
Everyone knew Orga was going to call out McGillis but McGillis just throwing himself on the wire for Tekadan doesnt make any fucking sense other then trying making McGillis less of a total fucking psycho for no reason
File: Spoiler Image (86 KB, 1280x720)
86 KB
Orga did call out McGillis in that one episode, punched him square in the face. I honestly still had a little hope in the show at that moment. A crash test dummy of Hope that was pulverized into sawdust by a barrage of break-slamming plot ends for the sake of some out of the ass "downer ending".

It would've been better for them to have cut it off at any point and tossed out a few "What if" long episodes endings. Otherwise we get:

>An entire pseudo legal shipping company stationed entirely by down on their luck women is mass murdered by a government body with an illegal weapon
>No one objects to this plan or suffers any repercussions because of it.

>A character motivated entirely by power finally achieves his dream by piloting a machine that created the empire he now serves and wishes to save from corruption
>just kidding, it doesn't do anything and no one cares that he has it

>Underdog Militia bets everything on one last final mission to help end militant child labor which includes invasive surgery with a high rate of fatality or permanent crippling nerve damage.
>Their leader gets cold feet, begs for his life, spends probably seven entire episodes having every single minor character get frustrated with him pussy footing around.

I get that there was some sort of reoccurring theme that romanticism was dead, because of the way all the duelists were unceremoniously killed with dirty tactics or nonchalance to their death, but it seemed an out of place story element in this political/military thriller about child soldier liberation and human rights.

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File: 64599210_p0.png (991 KB, 786x1139)
991 KB
991 KB PNG

For a superior experience please add !C9UNU3S59A to your filter and help rid the world of FOOLISH POSTERS WHO DON'T EVEN PLAY THE GAMES OR WATCH THE ANIME.


Previous Thread:

If you're a translator willing to work on the translation for Endless Frontier Exceed please follow this link:


If you need help with any game try checking Akurasu for help:

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Can you make one post without insulting the other person? For fucks sake, yes I said "you must be blind if you can't see the difference", not a big fucking deal. I already posted a comparison to Rebuild Asuka and it looks nothing like the ridiculous portrait I posted. Maybe you don't think it looks different, whatever, I disagree, that is all.
>No Iron Leaguer
Not even MM, it's just hard to think of a show treated worse by SRW
File: THAT HUGE LEVEL UP.jpg (234 KB, 1916x913)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
Fuck. Me. Sideways.



I mean I get why it's possible, but fuck me.

- Level 50 Leonard (10 level difference = x3.7 EXP)
- Lunamaria Ace Bonus (x.5 EXP)
- Tessa Ace Bonus (x.2 EXP)
- Iron Emblem (x2 EXP)
- Gain (x2 EXP)
Because VBDB is a bigger threat.
The only tricky thing about 3ds piracy is that there are like three different file types that the games can come in.

EX playing pirated 3ds games on actual hardware uses .cia, while emulating on PC with citra uses .3ds or something.

File: blassty-07.jpg (86 KB, 618x800)
86 KB
Rare Mecha thread

post mechas that deserve more love

Starting with Cruise Chaser Blasty
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File: SZ-NF-006-SES_lines.jpg (2.27 MB, 2795x3969)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB JPG
File: index.jpg (8 KB, 212x238)
8 KB
Anyone have art, designs of the Mechas from De:vadasy?
All I could find was pic related and no bigger.
Any good size posters from it would be nice also.

Hmmmm. No, annoyingly I don't. Tsk.
Image limit reached? Aw man.
from a mostly forgotten turn of the millennium animu called argento soma. One of those shows that got play at anime conventions in the early years of the anime boom. One of the early issues of US Newtype had a feature on it.

fucking nostalgia ugh

File: 1506246708418.jpg (710 KB, 1920x1080)
710 KB
710 KB JPG
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File: 66169729_p4_master1200.jpg (396 KB, 1200x900)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
File: DQmrEGLUMAAjNBV.jpg (120 KB, 579x800)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
The weird thing is using "Dmitri" in the every article about typos. But Rapter or Maximov showing up sometimes isn't as interesting as JP errors.
File: 66169729_p5_master1200.jpg (236 KB, 717x896)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
File: 66169729_p2_master1200.jpg (379 KB, 1024x768)
379 KB
379 KB JPG

File: 001.jpg (1.47 MB, 1245x1600)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
>Volume 14 will be released on February 10
>Cover is Mikita Auger (A blatant Easter Egg)
>Jhon and Sieg have to fend off waves of assassins
>the first (including the leotard ninja) are from Buchtagma
>the second are from System Caligulla (Stant Comet)
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Is there any way we can help without knowing japanese?
But these are Gem-made Fatimas
>Mecha is already very niche as is

But FSS is like only 15% mecha. They're just props for the setting and never get much limelight.
If it has a giant robot on its cover, it's classified as a mecha series.

I don't get it. Why is everybody a naked ghost flying through space?
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Why would they wear clothes? They aren't natural. What, you want them to wear jeans and a pink floyd shirt?
You're almost onto something, but how does the ghost kill the sheep in the first place?
>be american
>Gret upset about a naked body

You were born naked.
What I don't get is why everyone was reborn as opposed to just Lou and Messiah. Wasn't the whole point of it that everyone from the previous generation was supposed to die?
b 2 spooky and scare it to death

the joke is real
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Clearly they used the wrong Zero(Lelouch) image, when they meant to use the one from Nightmare of Nunnally.
>No ASHMB White-0000
>No Liger Zero
>No VF-0
>No The Big O
Why the Wing Zero and not the obvious 0 Gundam, anyway?
>0 Gundam
>where it's pronounced like the letter 'o'
gee I wonder

File: IMG_8852.jpg (1.79 MB, 1772x6012)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB JPG
If Garo and Symphogear count as /m/, does Witchblade?
If so what is your favorite incarnation?
Just picked up the first issue of the remake and felt that it was a little feministy, but it was overall pretty good.
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The only straight up magic in the Witchblade anime is the Witchblade itself. The cloneblades are tech based reproductions or something, the monsters are all cyborgs or dead people stuffed inside quad tanks to act as controllers, and there's even a male cloneblade that's just a powerarmor
Florida Woman (more typically Florida Man) is in reference to the very common headlines in newspapters/television programs recounting the strange actions of people in Florida. An example might be "Florida man accused of sodomizing alligator in front of children after consuming twelve ounces of methamphetamines" or something to that extent.

The actress from the live action Witchblade show apparently has a running history of alcohol abuse and at one point was arrested in Florida for being drunk and disorderly in public after mixing drink and pills, with accounts stating that she was walking into the path of traffic.
I knew the Florida Man thing, I just didn't have the context about the actress and was confused.
Sejic has two styles: the "photorrealistic" one he uses on covers for cape comics and the like (>>16094229), and the "sketchy" style for fanart, Sunstone and Switch (here).
He used the sketch in the most recent Aphrodite IX after maybe the second issue.

Good run

File: Shadowmaru.jpg (152 KB, 900x1732)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
File: Volfogg.webm (833 KB, 490x360)
833 KB

Hows this compare to Tobikage anyways
ninja robots ninja robots
the power of two
equals four

File: hakuoro.jpg (14 KB, 250x300)
14 KB
Was he a char?
No, because he was far more successful in the things he did.
>dee is literally char
>hurrrr is hakuoro char

Fuck off retard
>is a char
>and kaiju
hes more /m/ than gundam

File: Otomo.jpg (77 KB, 1280x720)
77 KB
Is he our guy?
Never read all of Akira. Is it worth it?
It's decent. Looks exceptionally nice.
File: Akira.jpg (292 KB, 2068x1486)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Saying "yes" would be an understatement. I would say it's one of my favorites behind Getter Robo Go and One Piece (yeah, yeah, I know).
It's got a fantastic ensemble cast of characters with tons of crazy shit going on from drug addicts, biker gangs, post-apocalyptic settings, Military coups, psychic powers, and featuring a grear delinquent protagonist.
I recommend watching the movie first if you haven't because it's less enjoyable once you've seen the wasted potential from the manga.
Yes, I couldn't put it down, read it all in one night. I should probably read it again this Christmas.
oh yeah

Tired of there being no good mech games
Just kidding, have a new Soulsborne game
File: 1513067047798.jpg (124 KB, 1280x720)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Check the catalog first faggot.

File: uncannyvalley.jpg (64 KB, 1500x500)
64 KB
>those eyes


HOLD ME!!!!!

164 replies and 45 images omitted. Click here to view.
That's all your comments come down to.
Every single person in this thread either has jacked off to this or will at some point in the next few months. Lets not pretend otherwise.
desu I think she's cute
Are you implying that I'm not 100% correct?
Not happening. I need a dick and something that dick goes into for me to fap. I accept nothing less.

File: dragonar.jpg (316 KB, 1280x1440)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
>Story cucks will never witness the epic final battle because they are still waiting for subs

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