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File: turna.png (519 KB, 640x465)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
This thing pushed back a space cruiser that was trying to ram it. Gundam weights are usually pretty wacky but the ships seem to be a little more reasonable with the Musai weighing 13000 tons. If we assume the Wilgem is 1/4th as massive as a Musai at 3250 tons, and the ship was accelerating at 5G, then the Wilgem must have been generating 16250 tons of thrust. The Turn A overcame this meaning it must have at least 16250+28.6t (its own mass) for a total of 16280 to counteract the Wilgem exerting force on it. In reality the Turn A was pushing the ship back so it must have even greater thrust, but based on these assumptions the Turn A could at least accelerate at 568G when fully loaded, when empty (since its beam drive system runs only off the reactor and the I-field it generates) 930G.

5G is based on some mechatalk calculations for the Nahel Argama's approach of Palau, but the Wilgem is a newer ship, albeit not a warship, could be greater or lesser I just arbitrarily picked it. I just assumed the mass of the Wilgem, maybe someone can look at the scene and do a better calculation? Eyeballing it seems like its height is around 60m based on the Turn A's height in relation and around 120m long. The Musai is bigger but the wing span and length include the massive empty cavity for the HLV or other carriers.

Has anyone done calculations for the 00 Gundams?
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Boy one thing G-Reco made sure to remind you of was that inertia's a BITCH
Didn't you see the thread earlier? The Turn A doesn't count cause that guy doesn't like it.

I dunno anything about 00 though, how fast are they?
>I am surprised the speed didn't kill any of the pilots

Speed doesn't kill, only acceleration does.
Fix a couple of airbags. Hey airbags worked for Gundam Zeta and CCA. So it's all good no ? Until we have inertial dampers that is.
>I dunno anything about 00 though, how fast are they?
I don't know I'd like to know if anyone calculated them. The 00Q must be pretty damn fast

Funny you mention that because that one MA Mick used on Earth could halt damn near instantly and turn on a dime. During the generals that had people going on about out of the world super science, that and the super compressed water balls.
But in Gundam it's always continuous acceleration, or acceleration while changing vector. That should do some serious damage.

File: 1365900328400.gif (2.95 MB, 569x320)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB GIF
It was on my backlog since forever because I thought it started subtle enough to wait for better moment to savor it.

Turn out I was right and it is awesome.
I knew there was a good idea in it when I heard pretty astute comment in the pseudo-science but I expected to have to 'suffer' the fan-service (poor me who like plot and PLOT).
And in the end it was pretty surprising. Even the episode feature the most fanservice didn't... oh wait there was that stupid gay archetype but if we put that aside, the DANCE episode turned out much more subtle than I expected, even classy when we compare to the norm here.

Stuff that surprised me (after I successfully unsee /m/ spoilers):

- the two "slaves" girl of the Pirate queen were not actually slave, just great followers.
- the GARGANTIA waterfountain is a repurposed shockwave/sonicboom absorber? I approve and I suspect it would work.
- the dance part was played as a background stuff and not overplayed, not too a lot is overplayed
- it was a really good take on humanity taking different path. One side became animals and lost all reasons to do more than act on instinct, thereby loosing civilization. The other side denied human limitations so much to focus on their tools that they became tools following the order of tools.
- the prick who was only here to be a moron and do bad decision actually accepted his error and recognized (some) of his flaw. Made for a much deeper character, getting a better haircut also helped.
- CHAMBER is the bro I never had

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File: 1367445733419.jpg (179 KB, 1280x720)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Lobster Queen is only 19? Ages in anime always make me feel old.
Yeah, going by anime age I would look like one of the 3 professors from Mazinger.
File: 1368373811856.gif (935 KB, 480x270)
935 KB
935 KB GIF
I'd be the cool old mentor guy who dies in the end of his arc after doing a monologue about leaving the future to the next generation, since he can't go on fighting at such an old age of 24.
File: 1428252382027.jpg (131 KB, 834x720)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
According to one of the side doujin posted above Bellow is supposed to be minor too. Well at least the person who said that was easily drunk.

Favorite underrated classic Mecha anime?
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Why does this robot have 10 faces? Stupid.
no it legitimately sucks ass
File: simon.jpg (10 KB, 284x177)
10 KB
Simon is a decent protagonist but his Seiyū
sucks serious ass.
>pic unrelated
>Simon is a decent protagonist
Weird way to say worst protagonist ever. I literally hated him by the end of the series.

File: Valvrave stitch.jpg (1.24 MB, 937x3000)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
Nostalgia thread.
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I'm guessing IBO
I'd put my money on Getter, because it's so horribly consistent and repetitive.
I dunno, low tier racebaiting like the spicposting routine isn't quite his MO.
They just need more gacha money.
The tactics used against VVV seem very familar to the ones now being used against Active Raid, Outlaw Star, Patlabor, Infinite Ryvius, etc.

Previous thread:

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You're sadly mistaken if you think anyone's re-uploaded any of these links. Or cares about the filesizes. If a link is dead in the pastebin, I remove it.

If a link is posted here, I add it. That's it.
>Dragonar's subbed up to 24 or so. It had a new release fairly recently.

Does anyone have the first 10 or so episodes? M subs doesn't have a mega and with nyaa gone
We have many megas, this is the Dragonar one, though recent ones don't seem to be in it.


Most links are here in varying states of repair


File: 50459.jpg (48 KB, 225x335)
48 KB
If pic related was your first time watching UC, or even your first time watching Gundam in general, leave this board at once.
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Still havent watched a thing
File: Marida.jpg (524 KB, 1280x720)
524 KB
524 KB JPG
Thank god no. But I just got done watching it and loved the whole thing.
File: 81YcPkzZSSL._SL1500_.jpg (302 KB, 1067x1500)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
If pic related was your first time watching UC, or even your first time watching Gundam in general, leave this board at once.
Never watched gundam before
You could, and should, say the same for Fighter G Gundam and Wing.

File: dorothy-at-piano.jpg (42 KB, 720x540)
42 KB
Post em, gentle/m/en
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>tfw you will never touch fluffy female Japanese full body cyborg Sterling Archer hair
File: DNYMT0gV4AA6xYy.jpg (151 KB, 1286x922)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Best girl, best navigator for a 2D platformer, best scientist, and I like to think best adoptive mother for an orphaned human girl who grows up to make the Mother Elf and kill Sigma once and for all.
File: Aschen 1.jpg (119 KB, 444x580)
119 KB
119 KB JPG

File: ButterflyWings_7443.jpg (57 KB, 315x244)
57 KB
Hi guys, what kind of mecha is this?
I don't recognise this one?
Looks mostly like a F16 with the tails and stabilators of a F/A-18.
It's a frankenplane of some sort, GTA engages in this sort of stuff to create quasi-realistic planes that aren't actually real life objects.

There's probably a proper vehicle name for it that you can look up on a wiki, but as for real life equivalent it's a mishmash of airframes used by the USAF/USN, as the other anon indicates you're looking at at least F16 and F18 parts in there.
>There's probably a proper vehicle name for it

File: 0079 Antarctic Treaty.jpg (310 KB, 1200x1480)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
What were the POW camps like during the One Year War? Who treated prisoners worse Zeon or Federation?
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Eledor and the gay kid get caught when trying to get Eledor's royalty check, and are locked in a wine cellar where they over here plans to execute them by firing squad the next morning.
>Gass fellow spacenoids twice
>Colony Drop
>Responsible for 1/3rd of humanity lives

>Deploy nukes in an attempt to stop another colony drop

Gee I wonder who treated their prisoners worse, Zeon or Feds.
in that case they thought they were spies so that's the standard procedure
File: 1428278337707.jpg (158 KB, 472x600)
158 KB
158 KB JPG

File: 1499711829183.jpg (425 KB, 2320x3280)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
>comes out in January
is /m/ hyped?
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But Akira and Ryo have amped up their fujobait to 11...
Well I mean, the only times he's ever been flesh-colored is the manga and OVAs. He's been blue every other time.
There's nothing wrong with that, but the more "realistic" flesh color doesn't fit as well with the aesthetic of Crybaby's art imo
That Serene tiddy grab
File: what the shit.png (95 KB, 253x260)
95 KB
Akira's design looks like emo fanfiction.

File: shinn_asuka_by_frostywolf.jpg (183 KB, 1280x1892)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Realistically, he would have killed both Kira & Athrun with Shining Finger if it weren't for plot armor.
>shining finger

what are you on about anon... ?

>Rushing people with hand placed to the side that starts to fucking glow as bright as thruster fire while en route to target

Realistically, either of the terrible duo could have just sidestepped and jammed a beam sabre blade through the Destiny's armpit if it weren't for Shinn's plot armor.
Shinnfags actually exist...?

File: p1rdy.jpg (31 KB, 1293x537)
31 KB
the upcoming movie "Player 1 Ready" has a virtual RX-78-2 in it, apparently. It was flaunted during the trailer that was player before the latest Star Wars movie.

Statistically, does this mean RX-78-2's exposure is now greater than it ever has been before?

I mean, if you look at it as "pure amount of people that have seen the RX-78-2"

All the normies who went to see / are going to see Star Wars in theaters will be exposed to the trailer. That's tens of thousands of people who have never - and likely WOULD never - see even a picture of RX-78-2.

I assume someone is just a Gundam fan @ the studio, or perhaps Bandai is shilling for product placement. I can't imagine Bandai would give a shit about a normie American CGI movie, though.

...and yes, I will go see the movie based solely off the fact there's at least 10 seconds of RX-78-2 footage in it. Sorry to be "that guy"


Pic related; still from trailer

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Normally, when books get transitioned to movies or television shows it can hurt them a lot to lose a character's internal monologue.

Losing all of that worthless shit in this case, however, would actually improve this project.
Lol this SAO rip off movie
>And he likes Black Tiger, which is a pretty great game. But not as great as Bionic Commando
I haven't tried arcade Bionic Commando in a long time but I recall it to be mostly ass. Black Tiger was cool but there's no FC/NES version to equate it to. Unless that proto surfaced.

You don't say the dash. Example, nobody says G-3 as Gee Dash Three.
The mecha selection was pretty much limited to 80's series stuff literally due to a characters autism.

File: 1513173709692.png (790 KB, 1440x949)
790 KB
790 KB PNG


Gotta say, I like what I'm seeing so far. If this drops with VR support it could potentially become a very strong title.
71 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
What I mean by "Quake III" over and over again is that Quake III basically established a legacy of multiplayer-centric gameplay that has been created and balanced around a PVP context, tweaked to fine details. In the old days a game like mechwarrior or Halo or DooM didn't focus on multiplayer, it focused on being a good game and having multiplayer was more or less an afterthought or a secondary feature. But ever since Quake III came out that hasn't been the case for many games.

>And then to host a custom match with friends where I can pick maps and rules I need to buy premium time
Okay I didn't know you actually had to do this, that's pretty ass lmao
I can kind of see why they need to do this because by holding a custom match you're basically occupying one of their dedicated server instances so you'd need to compensate them, and I bet they dont want to deploy server code to clients for exploit/hacking reasons, so they make you pay
I actually have a Sidewinder from my F16 Fighting Falcon days. I'd use it in MWO if I could, but because aiming with my fingers and wrist is so much more precise and responsive than using my entire forearm to aim, I naturally have to use mouse since everyone else is using a mouse and I'll have a bad time if I want to go simulator-mode. This is one of the reasons why I said I was opposed to PVP being put into MW5 Mercs.

I dunno man, a lot of concern had to have been put into it considering H1 supported 16 player LAN clusterfucks in the pre-LIVE age of xbox.

Though on the other hand the weapons were pretty imba, the pistol is a goddamn pocket sniper rifle in the hands of anyone familiar with it.
Also MP as a crucial selling point was kinda Quake's hat even before Q3A, most people don't remember the campaigns for Q1 or Q2 so much as the MP.

Q3A was just id getting straight to the point about why people actually played Quake.
>Okay I didn't know you actually had to do this, that's pretty ass lmao

Its mad even worse because to do it properly you need 2 people with premium time. One person on each team acting as the "leader", so they can set rules and organize teams.

So even if you have every mech in the game, and some enemy team wants to have some matches against your team for fun, both teams have to let out a sigh as they shell out a few bucks to get a few days or premium time.

File: 52093l.jpg (137 KB, 571x422)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
What are some good retro mecha magical girl animes?

74 replies and 52 images omitted. Click here to view.
I am not a fan of little girls suffering like in Alien 9 desu. It is depressing for me.
Sometimes I remember I used to watch this shit and I want to slap younger me.

I'd marry her.
File: kichinosuke.png (179 KB, 762x418)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
There aren't any seeds for it, but I want to get it -- I've been looking for Step Jun for some time, and it not only has an engineer girl who builds mecha, it actually has some toku references.

Only questionable thing about it is it was made during the loli boom, though the show itself is ostensibly a girl's show where she is pursuing the older boy. She's a genius who's skipped ahead to high school and she falls for an older boy, a biker gang guy who turns out to not only actually be pretty nice, but shares her interest in mechanics.

It also has Kichinosuke, a total asshole of a robot that can occasionally rival Creepio from the Auralnauts for pure creepiness.

That's not a loli anon, that's a midget
Oh I forgot all about this.

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