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AKA City on the Edge of Battle

It’s out on Netflix
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All we need is Ghidorah infecting a female and Haruo would have kaiju-girl harem in the making.
space elves are essentially female
File: 77.png (2.18 MB, 1125x1500)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PNG
File: 68878064_p0.png (1.69 MB, 2150x3036)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
That makes it kind of hot.

File: girls_laughing.jpg (104 KB, 800x812)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Anno just dumped a surprise teaser into Japanese theatres that says Eva 4.0 is coming out in 2020.

Multiple legit reports from reputable sources:

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3.33 is fundamentally flawed because the intent and goal behind it is interest tonally flawed.

3.33 is all about ruining Rei and pushing Asuka and Kaworu because they are the directors favorite. Its pretty, irrational and even pathetic to want to do that. Neither Rei, Shinji or the audience for that matter deserves that sort of treatment - not even in the contrived and backwards setting in 3.33.

Is it then any doubt as to why 3.33 is as irrational, petty and shallow? Of course not. Neither is it any surprise that the people who defend it (and fail) are also just as shallow, butthurt and pathetic.
Who gives a fuck at this point?
They were anticipating an attack. They are so all the time.

Not only that, once they grab Shinji Ritsuko goes like "see this proves he can still be used to activate an impact", meaning they would anticipate an attack in order to grab shinji.
>Anno just dumped a surprise teaser into Japanese theatres that says Eva 4.0 is coming out in 2020.

Anno just dumped a pile of manure and the Nips (being the zombies that they are) will lap it up no questions asked.

Juushinki Pandora, episode 15

I know nobody cares, except for the anon who ironically posts that this is the anime of the year - not that I mind or anything. But still, this is the climactic mid-season double-header, and if you were planning to catch up with the show, now is very much the time. A lot of stuff happens, there wasn't even time for anyone to eat Chongqing cuisine this episode.
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That dance scene? No.
Only three or four more unique BRAI left and we got ourselves a full fledged monster of the week kaiju series here.
Shoji Kawamori, loaded with chinese monies, brings you the following:

The world is in a post-apocalyptic state and it's the MC's fault.

While working to revert this, he joins a unit to defend Neo-Xianglong from hyper-evolved techorganic animals.

Also, dimensional power sources/acid-trips, metaphoric chaos analysis with bears, and lots of chinese food.

Also, I guess this what Yuuichiro Umehara was putting more work on, since his character (Jay) still has his voice as of ep. 15, and Goro had to change in the end of Darling in the Franxx,
This plus it's Warhammer 40k featuring the Emperor as the main villain, Malal as an 80s girl that likes pandas, lots of cool action, and real robots.
I want Yun to cook mapo tofu for me, too.

God fucking dammit. I knew they'd bow to the whims of the absolutely horrid fandom eventually.
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> character is gay but it doesn't affect anything about them or the plot
> fucking ruined
I do wonder what the upper limit on people getting an adrenaline boost from stuff like this is going to be.
Well it's explained he's been dead for a while and that he's been in that Black Lion plane ever since... I think the battle with Zarkon
Yes, but what I mean is that they never explained how he died or why his body physically disappeared.
>Just fucking let us have something holyshit
Being gay is a meme.

File: CZ0ayBWUAAAOaFM.jpg (105 KB, 480x640)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
It's been a while since one was made.
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I think I have the Katsushi Murakami art book
But anyone have a download link for the Metal Hero design book
File: tsurai toki hodo.jpg (83 KB, 355x369)
83 KB
when will someone FINALLY please scan this thing reeee
I thought it did get scanned.
i haven't seen any links, there's some dude posting a handful of selected scans on tumblr though, but they skipped just about every show

Will Gundam ever be this fucking kino and good again?
>my sides.jpg
Two flat characters talking to eachother? Man you must think so low of Gundam, anon.
lol no

Name an better A.I
Protip you can't
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Ah, I hadn't heard of the one in Solatorobo. Sorry I wasn't clearer!

Bolos are great and I've always assumed Bogie was influenced by them. No idea if that's actually true.
Eve from Megazone 23
Casper is Yellow 13 from Ace Combat,must tell /aceg/ that we finally found him
thanks buddy.
she counts as best girl, you filistine.

Also, I bleed in orange.

File: Gigantic_Exceed.jpg (172 KB, 701x1024)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
How about a Guyver thread, /m/?
Just finished rereading the manga and boy did I forget a lot about the first arc, Aptom really was a piece of shit in there.
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I think Zoalords have free will compared their Zoanoid drones; but obeys out of fear of the creator themselves.

Only the Original Zoalord, Archanfel, rebel against them when the creators decided to cancel the Zoanoid project by outright destroy the planet itself with a FUCKING ASTEROID.

Archanfel have no plans for the Guyver Unit as far as I could tell, but some of the lesser Zoalords have other plans. Still the Original does plans to use the Zoanoid Army to overthrow his extraterrestrial creators.
File: sadguts.png (92 KB, 283x343)
92 KB
Being a Berserk *and* a Guyver fan is the true meaning of suffering.
how does he plan to counter the creators just mindjacking their zoanoids when he finally gets to their world?

he can try blanketing them with sheer force of will but he'd be unable to do anything else.
I guess that why he created the 12 lesser Zoalords as their commanders.
>and i would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those damn guyvers and traitorous zoalords!

Is sunrise a good studio?
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Tf? Why are there no Dagwon characters on there?
I don't see Kei or Yuri.
I'm pretty sure after Bandai got their merchandising rights, UC is 765.
To be fair, Sunrise's army compared to the other anime studios is really fucking good. You'd be pretty hard pressed to beat all of Gundam, the Braves, Ideon, and Chirico.
They're really good. Much fucking better than Trigger.

File: 3521.jpg (44 KB, 225x321)
44 KB
Well, this was fucking boring.
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Tries more than you
Agreed, anon tries more than me at shitposting.
>End of eva tier meme ending

what else did you expect from lolsorandumb XD shit?
Well Anno did animate part of the ending so...

File: DioqE_DVsAEDeR1.jpg (141 KB, 1200x1029)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
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Rides scarf in the last episode is confirmed to be Orgas scarf that he wore in S1

Ride is on the run following the murder of Nobliss Gordon. He ends up falling in with a group of mercs when they realize he has AV. He eventually takes over his own division, where he commands the respect of his comrades who then proceed to take over the PMC.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Gordon's death revealed his arms deals to the public. This ends up hurting Kudelia politically, and she is ousted from office when a journalist finds out Ride is a Tekkadan survivor Kudelia was trying to take into protective custody. A young Akatsuki overhears her drunkenly complaining to Atra late one night, as well as how Tekkadan were set up to take the fall for the McGillis Fareed incident.

A couple years later, we see civil war has broken out on Mars between Kudelia's successor (who is buddy-buddy with Gjallarhorn) and Separatists. Ride is among the latter. Akatsuki joined Gjallarhorn, is good "friends" with President Julietta's daughter, and has distinguished himself for his service,

But in reality, he's there looking for evidence over what happened during s2. But as he investigates, he begins seeing that the conflict really wasn't so simple. Tekkadan weren't the knights his moms made them out to be, and he ends up being disgusted when he sees a recording of Carta's death. It's at this point Julietta comes in, explaining they knew who he was, what he was trying to do, and the truth of the matter. She lays out exactly why Tekkadan had to be stopped, etc and what Ghorn is trying to do.

In the end, Akatsuki recovers from his crisis of faith and helps defeat Ride (who by this point is clear he's not mentally healthy). Years later, Akatsuki is shown being sworn in as Gjallarhorn's president and married into the Bauduin/Juris family.
File: 1488.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
movie adaptation of s1 and 2
Hmm. How would you guys feel if Gjallarhorn took the wreckage of Barbatos into their possession, and Akatsuki ended up using a restored, "heroic" looking version of the MS?
You have no one to blame but yourself anon why did you give this shit show so much attention I try to tell you guys the meme wouldn't work the way we think it would now look where we are ugh

File: mpv-shot0024.jpg (260 KB, 1920x1080)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
>when a crab pinches your toe and you fall and land in a girl's bussy
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Had do double take. I thought an ogre was pounding the shit out of her. You know typical hentai shit.
Yes, it's in both. But I specifically mentioned X because it was released recently.
i'm no stranger to anime eyes but something about that middle one is really creeping me out
I wouldn't say it was good but it was a fun ride
>its the best mech anime of the decade

Rightly so. The best anime is the anime that doesn't give a shit about what the audience thinks or wants. And Cross Ange delivered in spades on that front.

File: DDQgEy4XcAANX2w.jpg (78 KB, 992x741)
78 KB
Can we have an Armored Shrike thread?
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Ahh Blue Gender. The /m/ show for us contrarians.
File: Keith_bluegender.jpg (125 KB, 640x480)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
File: DDNPaBgWsAEKW1X.jpg (73 KB, 999x734)
73 KB
Wish they got more love.

Say what you will about the show they are from, but these guys were like next generation Armored Troopers.
>Could it have killed them to add some bulletproof glass to protect the cockpit?

Dude you do understand the Blue don't give a rat's ass about bulletproof glass ?
Those monsters will just chomp down your armored shrike to bits and then eat the pilot wholepiece in the best of cases. In the worst they just cut you in half, or eat your head, or your limbs etc...
I'm more amazed the soldiers didn't have some ultimate death pill.
File: 1212098907739.jpg (128 KB, 1024x768)
128 KB
128 KB JPG

File: Protoculture!.png (1.66 MB, 1440x1080)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
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Didn't she marry her cousin who was a total douchebag?
Being Minmay is suffering...
by Kaifun
He was a secret douchebag until the world ended and he became an alcoholic. Then he became a total douche.
No they didn't. Minmay was a successful celebrity that got out of abusive relationship. Fondly remembered by humanity. Kaifun ended up a loser managing a rip-off band.

File: theangrypurple.jpg (18 KB, 394x227)
18 KB
Contemporary /m/ (tanks, planes, etc) that had the unfortunate fate of being helpless cannon fodder when against humanoid /m/.
16 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Wing Tank.jpg (17 KB, 400x222)
17 KB
>only on screen for a few seconds to be blown up by prototype mobile dolls
Not particularly a good one, I prefer being a player myself. Don't consider myself to have the creativity and flexibility required from a good GM.
Same, which is why I have never had the balls to start a thread on here about playing a tabletop.
This thing held it's own against a squad of captured Zakus and tanks, I'd hardly call it fodder.
With a drug addict at the helm no less.

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