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File: chroma squad.jpg (121 KB, 1280x720)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
So, Chroma Squad updated a few weeks ago with a Director's Cut with some new stuff.

And now they've made a mission editor, allowing you to do your own missions! Will /m/ take advantage of this?

For those not in the know, Chroma Squad is a tactics RPG where you control a Sentai Team. It's pretty neat.
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We believe in you.
So can I finally make my own campaign, or is it individual levels only?
No word yet. I'm thinking it's individual 'episodes', but nothing saying you can't do 'X Campaign, Episode 3' or something.
I wanted to like this game but it's just so fucking BORING.

I want to like this game, but everytime I see :) garbage as a text line, I die a little bit more on the inside.

Find a flaw
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File: 2008-10-29-122122.jpg (169 KB, 823x698)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Weak spots all over her face.
>Thighs lack thickness
>Too pale
If she wasn't such a psycho, she'd be the best waifu in all of Gundam, by far. Such a killer body and face, with a cute voice.

File: nina purpletit.jpg (42 KB, 720x540)
42 KB
After watching 0079, Zeta, 08th MS and now this, I have to ask. What is this strange Gundam tradition of having the worst girl be the main love interest that gets far too much screentime to be a bitch with, and will it stop before I've finished the entirety of UC Gundam?
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Because there is no worst girl, of course.
Wrong, Haman is in ZZ. Thankfully she stays in ZZ and doesn't continue on afterwards though.
>Worst girl
Pick one and only one
ZZ is best girl parade
Gato pls

What happened to good super sentai? I mean, I know it’s a franchise for kids and all but back in the day it wasn’t anywhere as lame or as outright gay as it is nowadays what happened? I can’t even think of kids liking this show much anymore.
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Cool, really cool.
I think its more impactful for the heroes to defeat the villains when the villains have their own humanity. Its what made the duels from the showa sentai so powerful.
>it wasn’t anywhere as lame or as outright gay as it is nowadays what happened?

Too much power and responsibility falling upon the red. IMO what they're trying to do is get the Reds back to the Jetman-era of where they were ABSOLUTELY the leader but they're failing to realize they're going completely overkill with it by making Kamen Rider-esque power ups,making non-red story arcs and their companions have nowhere near as much relevance to the main plot as the Reds and giving all that importance to a Red character who lacks both the right amount and the lesser amount of focus for them to convincingly grab the viewer.
Abaranger is a good example of this.
he gets cucked later on by space thief
Apparently it's because red toys sell, but then it makes you wonder if it's a chicken-egg thing where red sells more because it's what they show more

I'm curious, has Tomino done any non-mecha shows? I can think of shows that don't have any mechs for other directors, but I can't think of any for him.
Triton of the Sea
Wandering Sun
Star of La Seine

Granted, those weren't directed by Tomino, but he did work on them.
>I'm curious, has Tomino done any non-mecha shows?

His best work ever.
I think this is why tomino should just stick to mechs
Granted he was in a heavy depression when he made it but i don't even think Japan cared for it
yeah but it took place in Byston Well so does it REALLY count?
>If you had a convenience store I would live with you but I know there are no vending machines either.

File: jerid.png (962 KB, 1014x761)
962 KB
962 KB PNG
Almost halfway through Zeta and I don't think he's flown a single sortie so far without getting his wingman killed, losing in a fight with Camille AGAIN, losing a mobile suit or getting otherwise injured, crying, or some combination of the four. Will it ever get better for him? With the whole "blonde """rival"""" pilot" thing I thought they were trying to make him Camille's Char, but he's been so painfully powerless up until now.
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File: you're my.jpg (376 KB, 900x648)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
Kamille was his what, /m/?


None of this is even remotely true according to his backstory info.

Going off of material listed from Gihrens Greed, along with return of Johnny Ridden. If you happen to have a source that refutes any of this, i'd be interested to give it a read.
File: perfectly good man's name.png (2.25 MB, 1438x1068)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG

How would GBF customs fare if they were in the universe where they were based from?
>Transient Gundam in AD
>Build Strike in CE
>Tryon 3 in UC
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I don't know, but it would be pretty fucking powerful. Max power winning beam was colony destroying.
They don't detect "GN signatures", that's only a thing in IBO.
>Transient Gundam in AD
Even worse case of crippling over-specialisation that doomed the Gundams in S1.

>Build Strike in CE
Not much, except the RG system is now activated by SEED mode.

>Tryon 3 in UC
ZZ still not an anime. It's toku.
>zgok amazing

Probably just an ace suit.
>Build Strike in CE
>Not much, except the RG system is now activated by SEED mode.
If it has the absorb shield and RG, Kira wouldn't even need a Freedom.

>tfw Cagalli becomes the Build Booster's pilot and Fllay becomes Universe Booster's

So we've all realized after countless threads that he's a whiny man-child. So why is he so admired by everyone and viewed as a "cool/bad-ass" character?
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This. Same applies to the audience.
File: char_ms_paint.png (16 KB, 640x400)
16 KB
Nice bait
>"New eras aren't built by old people."
>"Newtypes will awaken without me."
>Drop Axis on Earth to awaken all the Newtypes.

>why is he so admired by everyone?
Because he's been around since the beginning and played a major role throughout to the point that his mask is as iconic as the gundam itself.

>and viewed as a "cool/bad-ass" character?
See above. Also because he's the series' "Darth Vader". The enigmatic bad guy whose true origins reveal more to him than just being a dude in a mask that is the go-to hench for the major leaders of the bad guy army. That being said only normies who never saw CCA or blind zeon fantards still see him as an edgy cool guy they wish they were.
I find interesting parallels between Char and Gul Dukat's progression from charismatic antagonist to cool heel working with the faces when he was against the klingons to being so evil as to bang Kai Winn

File: mecha-order.jpg (67 KB, 719x480)
67 KB
the natural order.
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>VOTOMS near the bottom
Sometimes I wish I was a Japanese otaku.
File: image.jpg (5 KB, 300x57)
5 KB
>battle scenes involve us
Fucking mechs posting on my board.

Abenobashi is well worth your time - the episode where this takes place is /m/-heavy, and the screenshot is the moment the protagonist realizes that.
Think it's Godmars with slightly off colors
>respecting the robot
that asshole caved in after only three weeks and had the robot replaced with a dinosaur. he is not worthy of being a meme.

File: Space_Wolf_Juspion.jpg (158 KB, 1192x1600)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
We need more Space Sheriff reboots
But that's a Special Megabeast Investigator.
If anything, it's Kabutack who really deserves a reboot.
File: 1477890545790.jpg (19 KB, 510x430)
19 KB
The reboots were dumb and so are you

I am a simple man who loves turrets
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try posting turrets next time then.
is turret going to be the next autism/cuck?

gets used wrong too much that it ruins the original meaning.

Don't tell /k/, or they'll cross-pollinate it with /pol/ and it'll go downhill from there, man.
File: 10053255p.jpg (265 KB, 861x1184)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
I've got a turret!
File: 6b56e20e6755.jpg (15 KB, 331x451)
15 KB
turret on legs

File: 1513783999511.png (511 KB, 457x640)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
What are your favorite pilot suits designs? Realistic stuff? Sexy stuff? Over the top bullshit stuff?
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File: feiyen.png (411 KB, 756x1092)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
We need a new one for sure.
>the flash to Domon's ass every fucking time
what did they mean by this?
File: 1379957920319.png (783 KB, 942x833)
783 KB
783 KB PNG
Plug suit are best pilot suit and you know it

File: Jaburo-calendar012.jpg (539 KB, 700x974)
539 KB
539 KB JPG
Did Char deliberately plan for the Invasion of Jaburo to fail by attacking ahead of schedule or did he genuinely believe he could capture the base using the secret entrance and attacking early was the best course of action?
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Char's sneak attack could only benefit Zeon I mean.
Wouldn't the Zabi's have grown stronger if the Invasion was a success though?
File: 1460876012189.jpg (110 KB, 1024x717)
110 KB
110 KB JPG

Jaburo falling would have decentralized the Federations efforts across the globe, along with crippling moral across the globe for the Earth Federation. The Federation would have most likely regrouped at Luna II to continue the war, but such a loss would have basically been a deathblow to the momentum the Federation gained at Odessa.

As for the Zabi's, winning the war over the Federation would have only pushed for the inevitable civil war between the Zabi family.

Zeon would have most likely broke into two [possibly three] factions in such an event.

Gihrens Loyalist and the nationalist party on Side 3.
Kycillia's loyalist functioning out of Granada.
Chars Neo Zeon movement which would most likely have been incubated from Kycillia's forces on Granada and the Flannagan institute.
Doesn't one of the Gihrens Greed games have a Garmas Zeon, with Garma, Dozle, and Ral amongst others?

Blood of Zeon

Principality of Zeon [Gihren]
Legitimate Zeon [Kycillia]
New Life Zeon [Garma]
Neo Zeon [Casval]

Dozle does not create his own faction, rather he demotes himself down a rank following promoting Garma to Vice Admiral so he can serve as Garma's second in command.

In the PS2 version, you can make anyone your leader.

Shin Gihrens has a path where Dozle can become Zeon's leader, though he is more or less a puppet for Kycillia.

File: dfasdfdasf.png (213 KB, 1003x730)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
Was it true?
File: angel links.jpg (31 KB, 222x320)
31 KB

File: sadamitsu.jpg (47 KB, 247x350)
47 KB
FYI a group on /a/ translated the first chapter of Sadamitsu the Destroyer


Also general /m/ manga thread I guess.
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File: sadamitsu sis.jpg (435 KB, 837x1553)
435 KB
435 KB JPG

I can't wait. They said in the /a/ thread that the manga and anime are super different
>Dreamin' of Jucy

Oh I'm dreaming of something juicy alright.
I want to know more about this brilliantly written graphic novel, so full of intrigue and wonder

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