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How do you guys design your mecha musume, especially when adapting a uniform or outfit to armor/bodysuits/etc.?
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Basically the same points apply, for example if the character has pigtails, you could have two long head mounted boosters, drill hair could be literal drills, breasts could be chest mounted fuel tanks (or heavily projecting/oversized air vent ports)

For an example, compare Fei Yen (Virtual on voom as voot and beyond have Fei Yen Knight, which was a deliberate change) to Sailor moon
Uncomfortable neck.
Battery tits?
Battery tits.
Water-cooling tits.

File: dougram-paper-craft-cover.jpg (803 KB, 1700x2338)
803 KB
803 KB JPG
anybody build anything out of this?
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no problem
the scans are off some blog
I want to try removing the colors to make them templates for making your own ORIGINAL DELOYER DO NOT STEAL
>ultra rare /po/m/ thread
Put it all in a .zip & let's see if we can do something about the colors.

File: 1230494-chromehounds.jpg (174 KB, 1600x1200)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
All time best /m/ vidya thread?
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File: Natasha.png (999 KB, 1000x900)
999 KB
999 KB PNG
War Robots.
Wasn't it delayed to 2019?
If you can't find a working version of the PC game, the Xbox version is now backwards compatible on Xbox One.
No, it was actually supposed to launch in 2017, but got delayed to 2018.

Also showed that is was not a mecha, but a power armor.

File: clean up.png (500 KB, 640x426)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
KEIKAKU DOORI: >>16687567

>How to get into KR and where to start?
>List of subbed series
>Direct Download Links
>Kamen Rider Monster Compilation

>Kamen Rider Build episode 44 Preview

>Build Gekijouban Trailer

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I think an universal system of collectibles seems to work considering Ryuki itself and then Gaim. They probably just didn't go for it again because it results in other issues, like secondary Riders lacking upgrades compared to the main one who nowadays gets three upgrades.
4 not counting the 2 Dan figures.
Does anyone know if Gus or BunnyHat has the Faiz blu-rays?

I'm hoping Earthly/OZC can scrub that after Kiva and Decade is done.
It is. I kind of hope the movie ends with Banjo losing the Great Cross-Z upgrade completely so only his original form and Magma are allowed.
Agony is already doing it. DVD raw though I think

File: 417790-w300[1].jpg (177 KB, 500x600)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Why so few budget mecha?
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such bad quality
>there is nothing more costly than a sub-par fighter

i can't find the aviation magazine where i got that quote from but the logic is, making a war machine for the express purpose of "better than nothing" is financially worse than "too OP for the current gen".
The Big Rang was just a Bigro with some spare battleship parts taped to it, so it's probably way less expensive than making a new design.
i love how they move
File: PrawnMechSuit.jpg (411 KB, 2048x1107)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
Most mecha shows, at least anime ones, are about the big flashy shit, sorta like jet fighter pilots.

File: angels.jpg (103 KB, 580x411)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Why is Evangelion so much more enjoyable then other monster of the week shows?
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Because you were paying more attention to the cute girls than the action.
If only. I slept through it.
>high ass budget
Man, I'd totally forgotten that there were two more between Zeruel and Tabris, and that Rei died to #16 and not Zeruel.
The EVA's uniqueness

File: IMG_3138.jpg (60 KB, 640x482)
60 KB
Does anyone know where I can find more art like pic related? Any help is appreciated.
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Unicode failed.
File: C7IWTykU8AAT3Uk.jpg:orig.jpg (688 KB, 1696x1280)
688 KB
688 KB JPG
Artist: 関口猪一郎 (Sekiguchi Inoichirou)

Good art of a terribad design.
Man, I wonder how much awesome 70s /m/ art we've lost to the sands of time. This stuff is great.
We have a booru to dump these in for preservation

File: Beetlemon.png (201 KB, 250x510)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
>We need a new theme song. Our old theme song sucks.
>I've got just the thing sir.
>Also, make it toku. Toku is awesome.
>Here you go sir.
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What is the point of wearing pants in general, really?
Good question. Donald Duck doesn't wear pants, and he has nephews so clearly ducks can procreate
File: 1507593419038.jpg (229 KB, 696x975)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
Donald Duck has a lot more than that.
>That time the boys triggered Donald's PTSD
Strewth - why worry what he does in a moment of ecstacy? He's a young bloke - doing what he likes to do - footy players, by and large, ain't the sharpest tools in the box - don't expect a calm and measured response from them at a peak moment - join in and enjoy the silliness - I recall my first sighting of a goal celebration - Orient v Birmingam City (Os first div 1 win)- an Orient player scored and danced to the halfway line - never seen owt like it before. Nowt wrong with a spot o'dad dancing, arm waving, Peter Crouch robotics - adds colour to the whole event.

Is it weird to enjoy mecha series for the designs, the stories, the settings, the characters, the tech, etc, but for the actual war and battle parts to be unfun? Can't help but feel bothered whenever Zakus, ATs, or gruntmechs get shot down en masse (or at all, really), because even though they're just faceless machines, the pilots aren't, and they die by the truckloads. It's this really weird and uncomfortable sense of unfun that i can't shake no matter the medium, genre, or fiction. Anyone else feel this? sorry for blogposting
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It seems to me that you should look for a specific subgenre; mecha sports shows. Too bad they're super rare.

Garumecha when?

Sounds like OP's taking the intended message of mecha shows to heart. Speaking of which OP, how do you feel about shows that are about motw or aliens as opposed to a human vs human war?
I enjoy it because it plays with your emotions, your watching soldiers being gun down while screaming due to something happening to their mech having a malfunction or they just get unlucky.
File: IMG_20180715_122439.jpg (66 KB, 960x263)
66 KB
Shit like Eva or Blue Gender? Hell yeah. Unless it's like Automata. Then it's really no different.
You see that kind of thing in vidya and tabletop a lot, but aside from build, it's kind of non-existent. Some anons in another thread were talking about tacticool GuP-style Mecha, but we probably won't see that.
Is pic-related the norm?
I kind of get what you're getting at, Nadeshiko had a bit of dialogue about that too. I'd recommend watching some shows with low powered mecha where they are simply too weak to kill opponents en masse. Motw qualifies too, same with the series featuring alien invasions, etc.

Off the top of my head I'd recommend:
>Martian Successor Nadeshiko
>Zone of the Enders Dolores
>Vision of Escaflowne
>Magic Knight Rayearth
>Roujin Z
>Dai Guard
>Tekkaman Blade
>Big O
>Knight's & Magic
>Suisei no Gargantia

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: jerid.png (962 KB, 1014x761)
962 KB
962 KB PNG
Because most magazines opt to censor women's nipples.
I hate when my right nipple migrates to the middle of my chest.
>Sirocco uploaded pics of him cross-dressing as Haman right into Kamille's brain.
Yes. And it was clearly quite effective.

even though i liked EVA, i felt a little betrayed
all i wanted was to see giant robots fighting each other, instead what i got was a psychoanalysis of shinji's mind and a review of schopenhauer's philosophy
what are some anime that are actually about robots fighting each other?
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Serious question: did you really expect NGE to be anything but a bunch of psychoanalysis? I was first exposed to it so long ago that I have no idea what the average person expects it to be but I was always under the impression that people knew it was more angst and arthouse than action.
GaoGaiGar. You'll thank me later.
I thunk Gundam 00 gets the robots out pretty much every episode, at least the first season. Same with 0079/Zeta.
Mashin Hero Wataru and Dragonar
i went in totally blind, i knew nothing about it except it had giant robots and monsters
it was a good experience

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This was peak 2000s edge. Why does no one but me remember?
It was like "Kamen Rider meets Resident Evil"
I remember Paladins and Citroens everywhere
Why is the Goldman kid there?
His OC probably
demon of steel ?

I read some m/ opinions about Armor Hunter Mellowlink and I got quite hyped because they tended to be very laudatory. Now I have just finished the sixth episode and the script is sooooooo bad so far: the bad guys seems that couldn't even hit a bull which was in front of them, unbelievable outcomes, Mellowlink is constantly placed in the most adverse situations which are solved almost magically...

It's an enterteining show but far from the status it seems to enjoy among many m/en.

P.S. Forgive my English if it isn't good enoug, it isn't my mother language.
It's still put together pretty well and it's always fun to see how Mellowlink is gonna sort things out. It's hilariously predictable, though, with the signal for the end of the episode always coming with Mellowlink staining his cheeks with warpaint/blood.

I've said it before, but I got totally tricked by the show and thought the Officer who kept pushing Mellowlink on to kill people was actually a ghost. I don't know why, possibly because he only ever showed up just for Mellowlink up until the final episode so I just assumed he was some kind of hallucination Mellowlink was having.
I find that the strength of the OVA comes from the sheer creativity of the action scenes. I never thought I'd see a guy beat a giant robot on foot using only a mansion rigged with a bunch of Molotov cocktails and the sheer novelty of that kind of thing makes me forgiving of the the threadbare script and implausible luck of the protagonist. In fact, I think this quality is so strong that it makes the OVA more entertaining than the VOTOMS TV series

File: worst rider ep 22.png (318 KB, 827x456)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
I made it 22 episodes of this. When does Build become decent? It has nothing going for it and I dare call it the worst Kamen Rider entry of all time.
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>It was the exact opposite.
>No that is a bad thing.
Wow anon, you sure show us your point
Consistency, fight scenes, creativity, things Build lacks, etc.
At least Build actually bothered to make few motw episodes it had matter by integrarting them into actual story.
Modern Riders usually have pretty bad motw in general, so I don't get why would anyone would want to go back to them. They essentially just as inconsequential and pointless as Sentai motw but without all the fun camp and crazy shit.
Lizardman two-parter in Wizard is always going to be my favourite example. It ends with this darker edge to Haruto's whole "hope" deal and actually a pretty interesting insight in Haruto's personality who desperately needed character moments like this.
Then (of course) it never ever matters in the slightest, because motw is here just to pad the season and waste your time with pointless characters.
Motw episodes can be really good, but KR usually just doesn't bother making them at least decent. There is zero creativity to them and once you've seen one motw Kamen Rider episode, you pretty much have seen them all.
The only big exceptions I can think of are W and (to a much smaller degree) Fourze, because both of them actually had proper tone and settings for interesting situations and scenarios.
Seriously. How the fuck did ANYONE even remotely trust stalk after 40 something episodes of bs? Like there is enough evidence and justification to know that the fucker will always get the last laugh in whatever deal you made in the end. I got real tired of stalk by 20 and somehow it got dragged through more episodes than its supposed to.

File: binary-domain-wallpaper.jpg (717 KB, 1528x1528)
717 KB
717 KB JPG
I just finished playing this, I wasn't expecting the story and characters to actually be pretty good. The shooty robot combat was a lot of fun too. Not bad for a game I got for free a couple years ago. Amada did nothing wrong and Cain is best boy.
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Because you can't just decide to do that as a private citizen, initiate a global conspiracy and kill a bunch of people to get it done. Sure the endgame is beneficial to everyone, but the legitimate powers of the world can't just be like "thanks bro, we'll just go ahead and let all that murder slide".
I suspect part of the cult following is from Yakuza fans since BD was the brainchild of the guy responsible for Yakuza.
You're not meant to thank him, you're meant to go out and impregnate every single android girl you can find with a new generation of ubermensch.
The weapons feel really good and it's just a solid Gears clone. The voice command thing was supposed to be the big draw but you're honestly better off just using the button commands. The different cutscenes and interactions you get depending on who you bring along and their relationship with you is cool, though it's stupidly easy to get high trust with everybody by just being a yes man. It doesn't hurt that it's from the Yakuza guys and has far more memorable characters and story than this type of game usually has.
i feel like its a case of an interesting concept and premise that had a competent and inoffensive combat. Wasnt mind blowing combat but it did the job

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