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File deleted.
More of her?

Remember: All request threads belong on /r/.

File: stop.png (32 KB, 600x600)
32 KB
1) When posting something include the artist and character/show name. If it's part of a doujinshi or manga then give the name of that as well.
2) No loli or furry shit.
3) Ecchi, Yuri, and Yaoi Belong on their own boards. (/e/, /u/, and /y/)
4) All images must be of Japanese/"Eastern" origin and style. Images of "Western" origin and style will be removed.
5) If you want to make a request then take it to /r/. This board is for people who wish to contribute. If /r/ does not fill your request it is still not okay to post it here. If you contribute a decent amount of board-related material then feel free to request, but not before.
5.1) "itt [ass/bj/whatever] thread" and only posting one image is a request.

Every global rule applies as well.

File: 001.jpg (487 KB, 1200x1668)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
I remember I first heard of this hentai here. I swear someone linked the whole collection and I downloaded it, but I can't find anything on my computer. I've only been able to find the first two chapter, so I'll dump them. But anyone know where the rest is?
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File: 20.jpg (579 KB, 1200x1668)
579 KB
579 KB JPG
Top right bubbles: "Mmm... Haahh"
2nd panel bubbles: "You're really wet, sensei." (really/amazingly/incredibly)
And then: "Wanting to do it since noon... Was it unbearable?"
1st panel SFX: *dripping/oozing*
3 SFX around her face: "Haa... Haah.... Haa"
2nd panel SFX: "kaa" (blushing)
Last panel first bubble: "Well then, I'm inserting it now, sensei"
Small bubble: "Y-... Yes..."
Last panel upper text: "Yes!! The real thing!"
Bottom text: "It's been so long! I haven't had a real penis since I lost my virginity at a brothel when I was 21!" (roughly)
3 SFX around her face again: "Haa... Haa.... Haa"
File: 21.jpg (622 KB, 1200x1668)
622 KB
622 KB JPG
First bubble: I'm actually not sure, it says "tsupu" but I have no idea what that's supposed to represent. I guess has something to do with his penis poking her vagina. Actually all the sfx on this page are kind of confusing
Second panel: "Mmm!"
Third panel: "Mm?"
4th panel text: "It's not that much different from the strapon...?"
"Well, I guess of course. This isn't an ero manga after all."
Bubbles: "Ah" "Uu"
SFX: vigorous motion
5th panel bubble: "This world's ero manga!"
The manga:
The girl is supposed to be raping the guy.
He's like "No..." "Aaah!" "Stooop!"
And she's like "It's deep in my pussy!" and "It's totally different from a vibrator!" "It feel so good!"
Last panel text: "Mmm... Well, having sex with a young man... It really is the best!"
SFX: the top two are "Haa Haa" (panting) and the bottom three are vigorous motion
File: 22.jpg (626 KB, 1200x1668)
626 KB
626 KB JPG
First panel: "Mm!"
SFX: sound of kissing ("chuu")
Second panel text: "Mm..." and then "French kissing is nice too..." (French kissing service, tongue kissing service)
SFX: two "Haa haa" around her head and one by her arm, middle right one is the sound of fondling and the middle left one is maybe the sound of something wet? I'm not sure
Third panel: "Ah!" and "Aaaahhn!"
SFX: vigorous motion
Fourth panel text: "Ah... It's good... A strong embrace is nice too..." (strong embrace service)
Fourth panel top four bubbles, right to left: "Ah" "Mm" "mmhaaa" "heheh"
Fourth panel big bubble: "Your voice is so erotic" (more literally: "You pant with a good voice")
Fourth panel SFX: The rightmost and leftmost ones are vigorous motion/fondling/humping/?/etc., the bottom middle ones are "bam bam bam", or maybe like "slap slap slap" and the top two are "Ah"
Last panel: "You're cute, sensei"
Small SFX: "doki" (is this the first doki?)
File: 23.jpg (556 KB, 1200x1668)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
Kawashima: "Aaa..."
"By this time Kuroki is definitely doing it... God dammit." (She refers to Kuroki pretty rudely)
SFX: sound of fondling (she's masturbating, in case that wasn't clear)
Tiny SFX around her head: "Ha" "Ha" "Ah" "Mm..."
Middle panel right bubble: "Wait... what if Kuroki becomes addicted to that guy too?"
Middle panel left bubbles: "It's not like he's such a handsome guy... But he's not pretending to be a pervert, he really is one"
Last panel bubbles: "Ah..." "Kuu..."
Right SFX: vigorous motion
Left text: "It's... It's totally different!" (Note: In Japanese all she says is the verb and the subject is implied but not said. So it may be more literal (in meaning) to be translated as "He's totally different", since she's talking about the MC in the next page, which would indicate that she's talking about him here as well. But I'm pretty sure it's an intended double-meaning, where you are supposed to assume she's talking about the sex like before even if she's talking about the MC instead.)
File: 24.jpg (600 KB, 1200x1668)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
First panel text: "I've bought who knows how many prostitutes over the last four years, so I understand..." (She also uses the phrase in the title to refer to herself, "shirouto shojo", literally "amateur virgin", which I totally don't understand...)
Bubbles: "Ah" "Mm"
SFX: "Haa Haa Haa"
Top right: "He's just acting cool for a client like me" (I think she's saying it's just work for him)
Bottom right: "He's probably just trying not to act like he doesn't like it" (This is probably wrong, but I can't do any better, sorry)
Top left: "He's just following the customer service manual like he's supposed to" (Alternatively: "It doesn't mean anything because he's just following the customer service manual like any good boy")
Bottom left: "He's only in it for the money... he doesn't care about my body" (Alternatively: "it could be anyone's body", or he cares about her body but not about her... I have no idea)
Third panel right: "But..."
Third panel left: "This boy is different!"
SFX: rightmost three are "bam" or "slap"
the four around the bottom are the sound of groping
The text by his face: "Ehehe, An adult's body is really nice..."
Last panel right text: "His kiss and embrace... they're not just service... they're real. He's really enjoying my body..."
Last panel left/middle text: "He really is a pervert!" (alternatively: "He really is lewd")
Middle SFX: "kaaa" (blushing, in case you forgot)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: img001.jpg (206 KB, 1280x1822)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Still a lot of stuff not scanned and much of what has been hasn't been translated. What missing that you really wanted to see. InB4 Most stuff doesn't get scanned, which is true.

So far as not translated yet would be Akiko-san to Issho 18
100 replies and 48 images omitted. Click here to view.
You and me both. Btw is there a place i can buy digital versions of them or is it only physical or just sold out?

Anon 1832 did not try to villanize anyone. It was just a statement of fact. Many translators that would have done things in the past if they were paid to do so seem not to have the time to do commissions anymore. On top of that, other translators aren't willing to pick up where series have left off that some translators have done previously due to fear of stepping on peoples toes or causing "Turf Wars". That has caused the death of several translation groups and happened before with anime translations.
You take majority of translators and put them on payroll, now they work on you and doesn't have a time either to do something for free or to do something for money if they are not bigger than payroll. After that part of the translators who left won't try to continue works of this who on payroll, because they don't want to get into shit with "territory" and that's how things die in vain being half translated.

So, from this point of view Fakku indeed villains.
>You take majority of translators and put them on payroll

Fakku employs just 4 translators: YQII, Saha, 5am, and Rin (who joined just recently). The amount of active scanlators and scanlators who take commissions is much larger in comparison, so they're not really taking all that much out of the potential pool of people you could get to translate stuff, especially if you're willing to pay money for it.
>you pay people for a skill that they've worked hard on
>you reward work

Maybe try present your argument differently, like a monopoly perhaps.
Nobody should work for free. No, that's not right. Nobody should be *expected* to work for free.
You're already planning to pirate the content, you want the translation and editing for free as well?
Pfft, you make fakku look like saints by comparison.
I almost received legal threats from fakku before they wiped the drool away from their mouths, I've discussed at length how they're an unnecessary middleman in an already niche market and have educated myself on their DRM and so called "history" of interactions (laden with BS accusations from both sides, generally petty shit) so I've got plenty reason to dislike them. I want to be up on that hill fighting against fakku with you but you're looking like an ass right now and I'd rather not.
(sauce on X) no, situation is complicated enough. Believe me or don't, this is /h/ not a testimony.

File: blinded.webm (2.7 MB, 720x480)
2.7 MB
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source on this?
Click the arrow next to the post and click iqdb to find source.
File: uncensored-1.webm (1.41 MB, 1072x712)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB WEBM
M Ouki Lat Order [UNCENSORED]
File: uncensored-2.webm (2.04 MB, 1072x712)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB WEBM

File: 60001486.png (699 KB, 1080x810)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
Previous thread: >>4444577

Read the OP and FAQ newfriends! It'll save you time. Discord: https://discord.gg/qUxeJwU
An entire board dedicated to h-audio: http://board.kasumi.moe/koe/catalog.html (check the sticky there as well)

>How do I find h-audio?
DLSite. Japanese site (http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/) English site (http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/)
NOTE: Not all works on the Jap site are on the English site.
Each work has a product code attached. RJXXXXXX for the Japanese site, REXXXXXX for the English site, and RGXXXXXX is a circle's code. TIP: Use the RJ product code (if using the English site, simply replace the RE with RJ) to search for a work on Google, the Baidu folder, Perfect Dark, and other sites.

>Where do I search for h-audio?
1) Google, mostly. Also try:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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are you mad about the half finished English title or are you mad about no tags/cv?
The english titles are cancer to look at. It's hard to tell when the names are from english DLsite and when they're written by users because they're equally awful.

There should be an option to turn off the display of english titles
the point is that it's not even voice work
Why is CG work registered?
Who's erasing the HVDB? don't erase link on your own

File: 43325347548.jpg (732 KB, 1206x1600)
732 KB
732 KB JPG
Does anyone have a clue about what happened to Naruko Hanaharu?
Last I've heard she has done character designs and art for the Gargantia anime and some occasional covers for that one yuri magazine. But that was a while back...

Her blog hasn't updated in nearly two years and she doesn't have a twitter or anything of that sort, as far as I'm aware atleast.

Really loved her art, so I guess that I'll dump some of my folder while I'm at it.
294 replies and 139 images omitted. Click here to view.

On 2/2/2015, Fuji TV's "Money Scoop" reported that over 1,000,000 copies of the tankoubon of his adult manga had been printed and estimated the royalties of those sales at 130,000,000 yen.
130,000,000 JPY ~ 1,140,000 USD at current exchange rates.
File: P193.jpg (619 KB, 1280x1874)
619 KB
619 KB JPG
I just spent over a fucking hour (maybe two?) getting hold of the volume that included this page because I assumed there was more to it, as with >>4337826, all the while edging furiously, only to cave before the drip-drop download finished, blow a slapdash, unsatisfying load, and discover that this sole page is all there is.

I just don't fucking know anymore.

The only 'contribution' I can make to the topic is wonder when makki might put out another story out following this August gem.
There is more to it though: exhentai.org/g/856644/9864931cec/
File: 05010270490.jpg (98 KB, 510x720)
98 KB
What about Izayoi Seishin? This was his last "update" on the newish storyline and the sketches were a 2015 thing (never got uploaded, by the way).

What's he up to?
Makes sense I guess. But at the same time it also gets me wondering what would've happened if it didn't succeed as much, and pushed Naruko to produce even more stuff as a result..

File: d_103603jp-002.jpg (149 KB, 960x540)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Where to DL?
Multi part free:
Multipart pay accounts

Where to stream?
Profit while it's still there.

List of circles that are still somewhat alive (absolutely needs to be updated):

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>get ready for a nice long fap session
>second scene makes me blow my load
fuck you miconisomi your game is too good
feel thrilled to blow your load on the other scenes you havent seen yet. Dont spoil your fun, blow it in consideration
well i guess i gotta download this game now
I just get "Rink.exe has stopped working"
Run it from command line and throw the output log into a pastebin.

File: 20161202150312565.png (2.22 MB, 1920x1080)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
Previous Thread

Little Red Shoes Edition


Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/raw/wNfFC17w
Info: http://www.illusion.jp/preview/honey/index.php
Info: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=910575
Mods: http://www.hongfire.com/forum/forum/hentai-lair/hf-modding-translation/honey-select-mods
Card DB: RIP
Booru (new card DB): http://illusioncards.booru.org/

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
309 replies and 141 images omitted. Click here to view.
I really want this card.
File: Poledance.webm (2.81 MB, 644x800)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB WEBM
>post-coital snuggles
My penis can only get so erect, anon!
SON OF A BITCH the re-arrangement didn't save one sec
https://mega.nz/#F!pZUX2TrI!15-bctyHR r88SJKAlaNryw

File: IA(veilrain_(edit)).png (1.69 MB, 1190x1684)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
Color/Edit Thread

This thread is for requesting colors/edits only. If you want something drawn, go to the draw thread.


- Respect /h/ and global rules.
- You must supply a reference for the characters or at least directions for coloring in every part of their body or related objects.
- Do not just post a link to your request from the previous thread. Re-state your request and repost your reference.
- Be patient, some images can take a great deal of time
- Be kind to the artists, they're giving their time to do this for you.
- Constructive criticism is fine,
- Remember to thank whomever fulfilled your request

Requesters, Feel free to ask for revisions of the works, it isn't an insult.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
57 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.
Doh, forgot the message, I politely ask for a nude filter, pls
File: CxxzsB7UkAA_Y-S.jpg (231 KB, 800x1104)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
can someone uncensor that pic/remove that sample sign?

here is WIP/lineart if it will be helpful http://i.imgur.com/pipaSDc.jpg
File: 59516565_p0.jpg (597 KB, 472x1200)
597 KB
597 KB JPG
if this one isn't an option then is there any chance that someone could fix/redraw her right foot to actually look like right one? atm she have 2 left feet
File: 60194422_p1.jpg (304 KB, 819x813)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
I just found one additional file that maybe would be helpful with uncensoring it
File: regalia002 (1).jpg (161 KB, 750x1000)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Requesting color
Yuinshiel Asteria (Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars)




File: TENDOSIS.jpg (60 KB, 608x576)
60 KB
Tendo Sisters
3 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 19_by_cloveras-d9d1jkw.png (820 KB, 735x960)
820 KB
820 KB PNG
File: 1440709695364.jpg (812 KB, 850x1219)
812 KB
812 KB JPG
File: 1449442943002.png (539 KB, 694x1000)
539 KB
539 KB PNG

This is one of the first hentai pictures I ever saw. It's almost 20 years old. Fun facts.

File: TopImg00[1].jpg (152 KB, 966x360)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
『girlcelly』 [161202] [みこにそみ] 奉課後輪姦中毒 Uncensored
out on nyaa.se
Does anyone have a save file with most/everything unlocked yet?
File: 1477139981386.png (11 KB, 252x193)
11 KB
Nevermind, found one
Enjoy anons
File: Suika Ohayo!.png (72 KB, 405x264)
72 KB

I really like paizuri. Here's a thread where I'm just gonna dump a couple things whenever I get a chance.
Other threads:
And the nerds just talking about it for some reason:
174 replies and 173 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 6.jpg (1.01 MB, 2383x3462)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
File: 24.jpg (1.22 MB, 2000x2840)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
File: 1444070621481.jpg (347 KB, 1200x1694)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
File: MJK_15_T216_07.jpg (356 KB, 1200x1720)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
File: P009.jpg (387 KB, 1200x1736)
387 KB
387 KB JPG

Last thread reached image limit
228 replies and 155 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: rare_may_pls.webm (1.52 MB, 800x426)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB WEBM
As you may see, I like May quite a bit.
My collection is very large but if you bother to look through it I'd appreciate a rare MayMay. I could also post a few if anyone has their eye on one of my collection.
Post Flannery? Or Caitlin, I'm not choosy.
Humbly requesting Hilda and/or Flannery dump
Rarest mays are by jp artist ryunryun/ryunta, or however it translates.
Whenever he does post it's always in lowres and disappears whenever he decides to take it down.

File: oc2-1.png (1.04 MB, 850x1202)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Boyfriend stealing/cheating seduction thread. Share what you've got!
29 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: oc2-2resize.png (3.42 MB, 1680x2458)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB PNG
File: oc2-3.png (1.48 MB, 1300x1900)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
:) Finally figured out how to do those outlines. Readable text, there you are!
Hon hon hon, very very clever there, girly.
Heh, clever.

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