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File deleted.
More of her?

Remember: All request threads belong on /r/.

File: h.png (32 KB, 600x600)
32 KB
1) When posting something include the artist and character/show name. If it's part of a doujinshi or manga then give the name of that as well.
2) No loli or furry shit.
3) Ecchi, Yuri, and Yaoi Belong on their own boards. (/e/, /u/, and /y/)
4) All images must be of Japanese/"Eastern" origin and style. Images of "Western" origin and style will be removed.
5) If you want to make a request then take it to /r/. This board is for people who wish to contribute. If /r/ does not fill your request it is still not okay to post it here. If you contribute a decent amount of board-related material then feel free to request, but not before.
5.1) "itt [ass/bj/whatever] thread" and only posting one image is a request.

Every global rule applies as well.

File: 6641119796.jpg (608 KB, 1024x768)
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608 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>4558496

Discord: https://discord.gg/qUxeJwU
H-Audio Dedicated Board: http://board.kasumi.moe/koe/

NEWCOMERS! Make sure to read through the following posts, they will likely answer your questions.

The majority of works discussed are from DLsite. Their site is provided below:
Japanese: http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/
English: http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/
NOTE: Not all works on the Japanese site are on the English site.

All DLsite works are given a product code. Search for works using that:

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>・意地悪なミストレスに完全支配される音声 地獄級オナニーサポート5 人間破壊遊戯

The shikoshiko-machine canno'take annymoreathis, cappin!
Any good 小さい/粗チン責め works? At the very least one track focused on it is okay.
I need some hypnosis recommendations, fellow comrades
File: hakobera4.jpg (676 KB, 1700x1157)
676 KB
676 KB JPG
Full Hakobera art.


Site reviews only hypnosis works.
anyoen want RJ196062 and new nicomidori voice work?

File: Object.png (721 KB, 1360x1920)
721 KB
721 KB PNG
If I understand correctly, netorare is when the story has the point of view the cuck, and netori is when the story fhas the point of view of dude stealing the girl, right?

so what term do you use when its from the girls point of view? just cheating?
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also in hentai cafe(faster than tsumino)
there's a difference?

anyways, it's always from the girl's PoV so who cares
about torajirou, was Sun to Witch ever translated?
For what i know, Netorare is when the guy who they steal the girl from is involved in the story.

Netori is when the poor guy has no participation and doesn't even appear
Netori is plain tense and means, approximately, "to take [someone's lover]". Netorare is passive tense and means, approximately, "to have [one's lover] taken". The difference is whether the story emphasizes the taking (i.e. conquest) or the loss (i.e. emasculation). It doesn't matter whether it's from the guy's or girl's point of view.

File: 1348109184.jpg (591 KB, 1045x1500)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
>It's a netorare story that involves middle aged men
>It involves middle aged men period

What in a story makes you instantly lose interest?

(source is Perverse Love Hinekure Hen if anyone cares)
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Any kind of blood or snuff. Can't stand it.
I want that shit die to die already.
>It's hard to have my fetishes when you are a dumb beta weab cuck

Yea that shits cute and gives my heart a boner. Then I have two boners.
Virgin sex where blood comes out of the vagina. Blood of any kind does it for me. Then I had virgin sex in real life and got blood on my shlong.

Yeah, still definitely not a fan.

File: 1488355984751.png (698 KB, 800x600)
698 KB
698 KB PNG
I don't know why there is so little of such beauty
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File: 1406752483765.jpg (209 KB, 1024x768)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
File: 1474126143474.jpg (247 KB, 730x1024)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Given that the VN is from 2004, and the OVA is from 2006, that's entirely possible.
File: Tables turned.png (9 KB, 298x279)
9 KB
This fucking series, man.

So, as far as I've seen, every manga I've read has had one of 2 stereotypical MCs.

The Guy Friend: Slightly perverted, been friends with girl since childhood, takes the initiative when given the opportunity, complete beta cuck beforehand.

Old, Fat Guy: No further explanation. A n extreme pervert, girls only fuck him because either they're required to by some bullshit law that would never pass in even the most extreme of circumstances, used some good old applied phlebotinum like some magic dust or a magic phone app, or they just love old guys. In other words, gross.

What are yours, /h/?
So true! I literally just read 3 hentai mangas where 2 of them were the stereotypical "boy has been besties with some girl then fucks her when she decides she loves him" and the last one was the fat old guy plowing some hot young chick. Gets really annoying seeing that over and over desu.

File: 932.png (260 KB, 620x640)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Why do most hentai artists use nicknames?
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B-but muh I need muh anonymity while im cranking it to my Mongolian cave paintings!
good idea
Brother what are you doing here?
Hola a todos!
File: 1467541976981.png (396 KB, 620x579)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
>Why do writers use pen names?

File: pre.png (1000 KB, 1152x720)
1000 KB
1000 KB PNG
Post HMVs.
Discuss HMVs.
Don't be a dick.


>What are HMVs?
Are- are you serious? I told you, like, a minute ago. They're Hentai Music Videos. Try fapping to the beat.

Please use the HMV Helpline/Chat. This is the place to go for sauce requests as well as off topic and long 1 on 1 conversations, etc.

>Sauce plz
Again, the Chatzy room is best for this. Also, read the thread or at least ctrl+f for some key words, your question might already be answered.
Here is a sourcing guide to help you find sources yourself:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 23456354.jpg (239 KB, 850x600)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Can we have stream tonight?
File: 1194091462100.jpg (93 KB, 800x600)
93 KB
Hey guys, does there exist rips of Resort Boin in 720p without hardsubs? I wanna make a HMV of it but I'm unable to find source material of acceptable quality.

Also both packs I've done featuring 9 HMVs total:

I'll get around to making a folder one day too.. Maybe..
Goddamn, that was really, really good
Do you have the uncut version? Love me some Mashou 3
Are there any new HMVs in these packs? You really need to make a folder.

File: 1489476156960.jpg (68 KB, 406x703)
68 KB
Previous artfag stuff


Previous thread
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File: 618_2DJGAME617.jpg (528 KB, 1280x720)
528 KB
528 KB JPG
Most of this is redrawn Asian boys.

This insecure numale coal burning shit needs bullying off the board
>crappy recolored chinese drawings will never make you this asspained
why do white and anime girls look so good with big brack penisu? it doesn't look the same the other way around. when the girl is brown / black, black still looks better to me. whien it's lesbian shit it's just as hot to me.

maybe it's the darker color that comes off as more dominant? I'm not even some kind of self hating white person or raceplay fetishist cuckold. im sure I'll be called that though. I don't think bbc is superior or anything but I do think it's more lewd to watch
male hormone: testosterone
female hormone: estrogen

testosterone darkens skin
estrogen lightens skin

its exaggerated dimorphic contrast

File: [Moyamoya]_Kago_Cage_34.jpg (738 KB, 1280x1851)
738 KB
738 KB JPG
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My hate tags won't let me read this. Is it NTR, Inseki, Oppai loli or scat?

Depending on what it's about I may change my tags momentarily to read it.

Yes, Oppai lolis disgust me.
>father or brother raping a little girl (little girls can't consent, ever, not even in fiction)
>someone deciding they prefer one cock to another
>not okay

Sick fucking bastard. To hate or like both, I could accept, or to be okay with the latter and not the former... but to have that opinion? The mind of a pedophilic freak in action.

[spoiler]/ss/ is kosher though, you all know you wanted to fuck your hot teacher when you were like 12[/spoiler]
File: 1456365443943.png (133 KB, 313x382)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
>(little girls can't consent, ever, not even in fiction)
I want you to close this tab and never come back.
Oppia loli. No worries. Only on some of the stories and not that obscene.

I find this terrifying for some reason.

File: 1484433651829.jpg (108 KB, 600x848)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
She is hot
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LOOOL dead ass b
taro is an absolute madman
Is there any vanilla 2B/9S
b more pls
most of those seem like duplicates

File: 13.jpg (473 KB, 1280x1845)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
For me, generally speaking, more impreg. Pleasee, Japan. More impreg dialogue, more fertilization shots with the actual sperm and egg, more mentions of ovulation and fertile periods, more drawings of the ovulation process (even or maybe especially induced by the cock). More after action pages showing the girl being pregnant and/or at least positive pregnancy tests.

Also, pic related, drawing those beautiful ovaries. And although it's not all that uncommon anymore, I just love a good x-ray of the womb being filled to the brim with cum.
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Buutsex. There is not nearly enough anal in hentai.
File: 1465838245121.jpg (141 KB, 636x1000)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Seconding this. Come on Japan we want to hear the fictional exploits of carnivore women having their way with herbivore men.
sauce my dude?
We need more female on male RIMJOBS
File: 1465146544770.jpg (902 KB, 868x1226)
902 KB
902 KB JPG

For those who had watch these older anime
Imagine that you're the girl in the picture,knowing that you are going to be impregeant,
what's the thought in your mind
219 replies and 114 images omitted. Click here to view.
i would just like to find an unedited version of eps 3
What's edited about ep 3 which series returns? Or the ova?
I am with one. I like hentai but rape turns me right the fuck off. Honestly it's a massively overblown fetish that is extremely popular in Japan because they just have fucked up views on sex in general. Have you looked at your average JAV? It's cringeworthy and their sex industry is way worse than the American one. Not to mention how rape crimes almost never get reported/solved because Japanese police are shit tier at their job. Honestly, that whole country is a fucking mess.
>I am with you*
Excuse me I'm a fucking idiot.
God I hate that guys work. Makes me dizzy, looks like shit.

File: 1487811915278.jpg (266 KB, 1200x760)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Gentle, loving, consensual, one-on-one love making.

To degenerate for even >>>/d/
120 replies and 56 images omitted. Click here to view.
where's this copypasta from
that supposed to be link and zelda?
Isn't that a good thing for society's ever shifting code of ethics?
I'm a slut for "love making" pictures. Hardcore porn doesn't turn me on at all. If anything I find it really gross.

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