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Let's bring together all we've got and create an amazing collection.

Those are all I've got:
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Anon she was literary born with tits.
File: 23611326_p0.jpg (1.28 MB, 1741x1500)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
Fellow anons, who do you think is the best HxH girl?
Nefelpitou is female, and I will prove it with in universe logic.

When the Chimera ant King is born, he and the royal guard leave the current nest to form a new colony elsewhere. That means that at least one of the royal guard needs to be female to start up a new colony. Shiapouf is fabulous, but clearly male, same with Youpi. That just leaves Pitou to make new ant babies with the king, according to their evolutionary programming.

File: RJ222665_img_main.jpg (316 KB, 560x420)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
Check out the >>>/aco/ 3D General for western 3D porn, SFM et al.

Previous thread: >>5005562


>http://erogames.website/ (a.k.a. SANIC_HEGEHOD PACKLIST)

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based autismo
File: 0d4ee26e.png (259 KB, 600x338)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
ay yo is this the thread for VR content/what do you guys think about waifu sex simulator and mmd hentai

File: 2.jpg (1.63 MB, 2400x3200)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
Bonus points for gokkun
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>turns her on a lot

"I'll take things that never happend for $200, Alex."
No it's not. It only changes the taste, that's it.

Teacher appreciation thread.
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You guys are funny. >>4774719
File: 64072798_p0.jpg (612 KB, 1032x1457)
612 KB
612 KB JPG
File: 5 doigts.png (892 KB, 709x1000)
892 KB
892 KB PNG
>6 fingers
thanks but no
counting is hard
are you retarded?

File: Artist Recs.png (6 KB, 678x367)
6 KB
Choose the tag to vote on for artists for the week:

Tag Choices: https://ehwiki.org/index.php?title=Category:Tag

Saturday & Sunday: Vote on what the next tag should be and whatever other stuff is needed, such as veto'ing and other quality assurance.

Monday - Friday: Daily voting for the top 10 artists for a tag, with the top 2 artists of the day being added to the list.

The purpose of this thread is to campaign for your preferred artist, discuss artists or tags, and whatever else that you feel to be relevant, such as the next tag to vote for. It doesn't have to be only the weekly designated topics.

This thread is related to this thread:

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>you want to keep the discussion around doujinshi & H-manga artists, correct?
Preferably, yeah.

Separate stuff can be done for other types if this goes anywhere.
Back-up plan if this doesn't go anywhere, which is to be seen, I'll give it a while is to have openly and anonymously editable pastelinks where anyone can simply edit it. In which case, it'll probably be filled with my personal choices and whatever else others put and refine it from there.
Alright, here's what the tags are going to be for this first time, each only had one vote.


nakadashi was voted for, but it's being dropped to have 5.

Since it wasn't specified, I'm going to assume the following, unless corrected.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Oops, should have this backed to the OP, oh well.

Tag Artists - One Artist Only For Each

Time to see how this goes.

File: asagi_igawa (3).png (602 KB, 1280x720)
602 KB
602 KB PNG
Game VS Anime "Taimanin Asagi"

I've only watched the anime and haven't played the game so I've got a few questions.

How much different is Asagi in the anime from her counterpart in the game?
How many scenes are adapted from the game in the anime and what did they leave off?
How did Taimanin Asagi become this much popular?

I'd like to read what /h/ has to say.
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File: asagi_igawa.png (944 KB, 1280x720)
944 KB
944 KB PNG
I can never ever get tired of fapping to Asagi, this hentai anime is a timeless gem by Murakami.
>her anime version is much more slutty
I'll have to agree with you on that as does Oboro.
File: 1522361221774.png (358 KB, 467x588)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
bumping because I'm in the same position as OP
>lots of small details on certain scenes
Can you point out those details & scenes as I might've missed them?
Me too but I have fapped to it countless times and I only played the game to know what was going inside Asagi's mind through her monologues and trust me after knowing how slutty she is during sex scenes makes anime even hotter.

File: 6.jpg (15 KB, 300x462)
15 KB
zelda thread ?
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File: newer.jpg (542 KB, 1200x849)
542 KB
542 KB JPG
anyone got that new smash ultimate syle floating around
File: IMG_8440.png (900 KB, 1020x925)
900 KB
900 KB PNG
This is super good.

The last thread only just died.
Look at the picture again and try to read the english letters.

File: 1525310718770.jpg (185 KB, 850x1202)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
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Oh no, oh god! What are you doing girl? Sugar in the vag?! This can only end badly! I've had a yeast infection before, once is enough, this brings back bad memories!
File: da1eb61.jpg (276 KB, 1000x1680)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
File: a53e182.jpg (301 KB, 2232x1386)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
File: 3c48e4e.jpg (677 KB, 3500x2100)
677 KB
677 KB JPG
Is that a fucking neckbeard?

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File: 1519598946190.jpg (103 KB, 724x1024)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
File: y5R3OJN.jpg (252 KB, 773x1200)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
File: 1518896980074.jpg (2.55 MB, 3507x2480)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB JPG
Looks like you were beaten in battle and have to let the real warriors take your pussy as spoils of war! I'm a good fighter though, I'm sure nothing will happen to me.

When is it going to get licensed?

is there any hope or we should all give up on it ever getting uncensored.

It's been more than a decade and some of the latter hentai ova got licensed before it, what is it going to take to talk Lilith/ Pixy into licensing it?
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Sakura hasn't been sad since she discovered the D.
>There is a 4 hour Yukikaze live action movie
Why has nobody mentioned this before?
because 3DPD
>Taimanin Asagi
You guys meme this hentai so much that I'm almost tempted to watch it
and I assure you won't be disappointed.

File: 1528403982220.gif (3.42 MB, 400x300)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB GIF
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You guys are so weird I honestly can’t tell if this is a joke or not
I just want pure vanilla kawai hentai, what the fuck is that.

Bonus points for Tionishia
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Are monster girls /d/ material? Centorea probably is but how monster do you have to be before you need to be there?
If Kobayashi is ok, Monster Musume is ok

Continued from >>4831079
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File: DfnsAkyUYAAr30t.png (329 KB, 432x801)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
File: plut 10.jpg (555 KB, 1134x1450)
555 KB
555 KB JPG
I came

Can we have a sumata thread?
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like paizuri butt better
File: 69068051_p0.jpg (1.08 MB, 1000x1414)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG

File: Accept your desire.jpg (143 KB, 799x800)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Access https://pastebin.com/nh9RyrUf
Basics https://pastebin.com/ncyFQb4f
Wiki https://pastelink.net/ehentaiwiki

RESOURCES https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uJzgJBGuY5Jv0xcaPwGD8lAlYueu0Z6Q4HWdy1BDDDg
RELEASES https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1F3w3ag00gcOqRlFBjW21gwxpdsej0Kz1P8JBKu6F9_4



Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Hey EOP-kun, did you ask Tenboro for those PNG-only galleries yet?
resized low quality images of the originals
Anyone got Kaitsushin's password from this work? https://exhentai.org/g/1238501/aa239a0ca2/
Looks like the person who uploaded it is a little faglord.
>Please do not post the password here, or else I will delete this gallery.
Password for what?

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