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File: favorite2.jpg (563 KB, 1186x1400)
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Previous thread >>4535419
Don't forget - the context is what sells these. Adding a sentence or two for immersion will go a long way towards making your post memorable, or you can go all out an let the writer in yourself free. Be creative!
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File: 1494304283605.jpg (723 KB, 858x1200)
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File: 1288063667517.gif (1.55 MB, 640x480)
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1.55 MB GIF
Your favourite client invited you to a private beach to entertain him and his friends.
Just a little event for your fans. The lucky draw winners will get to gangbang you.

File: 1493342828425.jpg (68 KB, 900x837)
68 KB
Because everybody's loves the taste of this georgeous juice.
I haven't seen a thread like this for a while.
I'll start.
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File: 1461424359151.png (187 KB, 1013x615)
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187 KB PNG
File: 1468821960980.png (1.54 MB, 2550x3132)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
File: 1469522953026.gif (816 KB, 500x500)
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816 KB GIF
Why isn't it more common in hentai?
we need to help this thread to survive

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File: 016.jpg (435 KB, 945x1400)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
very cute vanilla, thanks!

by the way, who is the mangaka?
Haba hirokazu
Everyone look! He came back! The vanilla threads breath life once again! Kyyyyaaaa ^~^
Only 14 images left in this thread, so I started a new one


Appreciation of the lower half.
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File: 17.jpg (221 KB, 1200x1698)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Anyone know any similar artists to Hana hook? Also general hana hook thread.
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can't she just knock out the midget with a slap?
This is why i like femdom when i read shota stuff having a midget being so alpha is so stupid at least make him use a drug or something
There's a novelisation of one of Hana Hook's work. The reviews say it's bad though.
She's a closet masochist/submissive. She wants to be dominated.
midgets can't dominate anything tho

File: 1491037152233.jpg (46 KB, 600x800)
46 KB
No Gaping Mouth Thread, Lets fix that.
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in the game she actually did it
on the house not the school thou
Open mouth?
If you Google "open mouth porn" or "open mouth hentai" you'll get it
Google images
My favorite sisters
or this

What are /h/ thoughts on this autor works such as Lustful Berry and Satona-Satomi?
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Lustful Flowers 3 is now out in English!
satona 3 when?
Fuck. Great work, m8
>a bunch of assholes gangrape girls systematically
>no one gives a shit
A hate these kind of plots

File: images.duckduckgo.com.jpg (171 KB, 850x729)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Looking for all characters :3
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The characters name... my god
Couldn't post the original image since it went past the 4 MB limit. Original can be found here tho http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2627348
>no Fafnir yet
This thread is for all characters and not including him would be sexist.
Shut the fuck up, cuck-chan!
File: 1.jpg (99 KB, 661x935)
99 KB

File: 20170407211119136.jpg (55 KB, 551x555)
55 KB
still no sub for this?
TITLE: Zton Jingai Animation: A Beautiful Greed Nulu Nulu
You could probably just take manga dialogue and place it line by line where the characters speak. It wouldn't be 100% perfect, but it would certainly look plausible.
Thanks for this gemstone
found it
ty bois

Just Finished the game and I am obsessed. Help me out with some 2B Pictures?
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File: 1487149707335.jpg (58 KB, 601x850)
58 KB
The rest of this is in /vg/ in the /ndg/ thread.

Revised version with the unidentified kanji translated.
I can't even jack off to this after beating the game

File: 43.jpg (340 KB, 1200x1712)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
post ur favourite manga / videos of girls with Huge boobs and asses. No traps you fucks.
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File: 355.jpg (527 KB, 830x1200)
527 KB
527 KB JPG
Why this work by Sasaki Maru has'nt been translated is beyond me.Its a master piece.
Sauce : https://nhentai.net/g/158290/

File: 01.png (1.4 MB, 1718x2500)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
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One of the few talented artists out there who make MILF doujins without Shotashits.
no, i used to but these days there's so much cuck ntr bullshit in hentai i skim through anything i read before i start fapping to make sure it doesn't happen and i can enjoy a normal, nice fap.
as if cuckshit's any better
Milf + NTR is the perfect combination tho.
Next week maybe with comic saseco vol 2

Hi, a long time ago I read a hentai where the girl had to follow all the doctor fetish in order to save her brother's life, she wore a dildo in her butt and her pussy all day long with a belt,
he inserted a gel inside her ass to clean it,etc.

Any though on what hentai it is ?
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More precisely a chastity belt didlo.
(C87) [Tiramisu Tart (Kazuhiro)] Kougyaku Ingi [French] https://e-hentai.org/g/975889/8b94d393d6/?nw=always
You're da real mvp, thanks bro.
File: 01.jpg (278 KB, 800x1162)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
anyone get anything like this?
sitting on someone with people watching unaware of the sex, preferably without the loli.

I'm looking for loving embraces and cuddling. Mostly anything where they're looking deep into each others eyes/holding onto each other, arms around necks/etc.

I'll offer what I have in return. Not much atm.
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You sound like a third worlder
I get it. I'm one of those rare specimens on /h/ with a long term girlfriend.
If you're talking about breasts they feel like warm water balloons filled with pudding.
>What is crossdressing
Something something /d/

File: 1488236346355.jpg (53 KB, 599x485)
53 KB
I just saw people posting photos of hentai artists in the Shiwasu thread and it made me realize that I am genuinely curious about people who are behind all of that art. Both big and small.

So let's try and discuss just that. Share anything you know.

I don't know much so I'll start with some relatively well-known stuff:

Raita is a person behind character designs in Valkyria Chronicles series

Uno Makoto of the Mama Tama fame was a character designer/lead animator on a bunch of ecchi anime. Love Hina and Seikon no Qwazer are probably the most famous ones and the latter one looks so much like his doujins that I am baffled by the fact that I did not make that connection earlier. He is also, like, 50 fucking years old.
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File: crimson (1).jpg (89 KB, 600x800)
89 KB
Some pics of Crimson.
File: crimson (1).jpg (84 KB, 600x400)
84 KB
File: crimson (2).jpg (158 KB, 548x364)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
File: nanase meruchi (1).jpg (53 KB, 400x592)
53 KB
That's Nanase Melty (Nama Cream Biyori)
File: nanase meruchi (2).jpg (48 KB, 400x533)
48 KB

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