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File: Sweet_Guy_Danny_Trejo.png (1.08 MB, 916x976)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Going through Sweet Guy # 16 and I saw a jap version of Danny Trejo. Has anyone else seen a real-life actor kind of thrown in to a doujin before?
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Jesthuth Chrith
Why does everyone but her look like they're made of wood?
I don't remember what this was from, but here's messi
>Yo, my name's oooobama
File: 4.png (433 KB, 1123x1600)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
does this count?
even if it's one page?

File: thumb-eroge2.jpg (50 KB, 1055x592)
50 KB
Anybody know where I can see Eroge! uncesnsored?
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this is one of the few hentai I pray will be either picked up by another distributor to be uncensored, or leaked. this, and Katekano idol sister are like, the holy grail
You seem to have good tastes anon, would you recommend anything else for someone who's favorite eroge is Eroge!?
File: fdosOuHdCPAl04i80TDX.jpg (90 KB, 364x500)
90 KB
Or hentai as good as Eroge or Katekano for that matter?
There are more animated Clockup eroge stories, maybe watch these?
Thank you, mind dropping a few names or links?

>moe in anime shows bores me to death
>moe in hentai makes me diamonds

Anyone else feel like this?
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File: h021.jpg (83 KB, 707x1000)
83 KB
>dat filename
you've never seen a booru filename before?!
yes dis!!!
Holy shit this picture is literally perfect. Going to need a source, or just more like this please. Thank you anon

File: 001.jpg (346 KB, 846x1197)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
For the announcement of the new season,drop all of your lewds
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anything of the scans of the parodies by Homura's R Comcis or Creayus from C91 yet?

Fresh for your fapping desires.
It's a nice enough C.C. x Kallen x Lelouch doujinshi.
code geass doujins shall never stop!!!!
eng translation when

File: 001.jpg (925 KB, 1414x2000)
925 KB
925 KB JPG
beginning dump w/ script
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Not enough anal
Not enough Vivo
Not enough Mom/Daughter sex at the same time
Not enough Fate being a slut

Clearly, the 3 first volumes were better.
Was there a chapter 3 I missed? The last one I saw was her getting anal reemed for the 1st time.
Book 2 best book
Ah that's disappointing. Book 1 was my favourite, I prefer it when they aren't expressively sluts.
Yeah, book 3 is he lets his son have her for awhile and she gets off on it more.

File: Image00001.jpg (702 KB, 1800x1274)
702 KB
702 KB JPG
he had a great thing going with this but the scat, and cucking 2nd dark elf kinda ruins it. still hopping for harem orgy
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I think some artists that dabble around the concept of impregnation of their stories but don't do actual pregnancy are often a bit afraid of their ability to draw a girl pregnant and make them look appealing: it is difficult to do if you don't practice doing so a lot. Tensei-kun's got it down pretty well. Tamagoro is just now trying it out, and published a picture of a pregnant girl, but I feel like there was room for improvement from him in the appeal.
Yeah I get that, also some are just not into drawing preggo sex scenes. Just expect at least acknowledgement that the girls got pregnant, something as simple as a line saying their pregnant or even holding their belly implying their pregnant yet we don't get either of those things.
oh damn time to look up this hmanga.....series?
>I just want him to make more Fukuyama-san
Me too. I have no problem with his elf series but I just don't find them appealing in terms of their appearance.

As for the marriage and pregnancy not being explored, I think it's because the artist doesn't have concrete plans for a mature (age-wise) Fukuyama yet. While that's pretty much the next step to take their love into, going into that territory would be inching closer to the end scenario. Whereas he can have a lot of freedom to do stuff when they are still at a younger age.
>cucking 2nd dark elf kinda ruins it
Dunno man, when you have every elf at your beck and call you ought to experiment and fuck around a litte. Plus she was kinda cheeky so that will teach her a lesson.

Fap No.71 Happy Holidays Edition!!! Rules are same as usual No Futa, No Loli, Etc. Board rules are rules if you don't like them then go somewhere else. As always Ill give a 5 picture head start.
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File: IMG_0789.jpg (105 KB, 715x1000)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>>4507707 New Thread
>>4507707 New Thread
>>4507707 New Thread

File: 325424363.jpg (156 KB, 1116x1600)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Why does Gust's shitty fucking art turn me on so much?
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I already named the artist in that very post, deep valley.
it;s the mami doujin.
Can I get the artist name? I've always loved his artwork but never bothered to see the name. I'm a fucking fool.
>Inoue Kiyoshirou
Nvm, I just read your post. Thanks!
File: manyuchifusa_10-2.jpg (433 KB, 1048x1500)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
no, the other one. did you just unfortunately miss the posts?

only going this far because he draws such mountable girls.
File: manyuchifusa_14-1.jpg (457 KB, 1050x1500)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
That turn into such submissive meaty onaholes after being dicked.

File: 拘束交尾.jpg (311 KB, 560x420)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
How would I go about commissioning a translation of a hentai?

I want to get Constraint Copulation translated.

I purchased it and it came with jap text and no text versions.
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You could try the forums/bounties on E-Hentai.
3d hentai game with animations?
A subbed version would be awesome.
File: image.jpg (76 KB, 1280x720)
76 KB
Those sounds and facial expressions are the best
Thank you for introducing this masterpiece to me, OP, I've masturbated to it three times already.

File: 1.jpg (369 KB, 1046x1500)
369 KB
369 KB JPG

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File: 1484260108938.png (74 KB, 327x312)
74 KB
>fat jiggaboo lips.
Why the hell do they do this? Shit has always looked weird like it's an attempt at subtle blackface or something. It's not like bring fat makes your lips blimp up or something. It's like he got a lip transplant and it got mixed up with someone's replacement asshole.
1. On women, it makes them look like they're constantly sucking dick.

2. On men, it just makes them look ugly. Which is the whole point of this doujin, in case you didn't notice.
yeah, it's a kinnikuman left over. to make characters look super donk.
>these are not my glasses.jpg

File: IMG_1640.jpg (886 KB, 900x1200)
886 KB
886 KB JPG
Can someone help me dump some hentai of the best pokegirl Dawn?
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File: 3520049_p0.jpg (300 KB, 642x1043)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
File: 824862_p0.jpg (769 KB, 1067x800)
769 KB
769 KB JPG
File: 7144631_p0.jpg (919 KB, 663x900)
919 KB
919 KB JPG
File: 20328151_p0.png (616 KB, 1000x1000)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
File: 42950625_p0.jpg (358 KB, 1600x1600)
358 KB
358 KB JPG

File: KAIHOUU!!.jpg (670 KB, 1080x1080)
670 KB
670 KB JPG
What are your thoughts on Majima Zenkou, /h/?

Do you like him and are you a fan of his methods, or do you dislike him for whatever reason?
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Would be cool to be him, except not bald, old, ugly and fat.
man i love this thread
never ever die
Being attractive is gay now? Way to project your insecurities.

We know who the ugliest faggot in the thread is now

So you just want his massive cock?
Stop shitting this week every post.

Jolyne kujo thread
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File: 223.jpg (101 KB, 537x539)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>never once uses Kiss to duplicate anything
>doesn't even go for ez Stone Free bondage
Jesus Christ what a wasted opportunity.

25 pages of mistakes.
How would a kid handle having two dicks?
She looks like Diavolo

File: Day2.jpg (753 KB, 1300x731)
753 KB
753 KB JPG
Post your loot and links once you are done scanning all the stuff you got from C91
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Go fucking buy it yourself and scan it yourself then you leeching fuck.
Keep trying to contact you. Seems to be not working. tried email and even panda forums.
you still here?
I need the Delia's CG!
Please! She is the best milf
so these 2 threads will have to suffice until new one is made

File: Netorare.png (37 KB, 716x416)
37 KB
Im fine with netorare

> but Oni Chi netorare
> oh my
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I used to hate it but after a one night stand where she told me not to leave marks where he'd see, it's gotten me diamonds.

I'm a bad person, I know.
I agree the whole hatejerk thing is pretty overblown, but how is scat any worse than NTR? Of the fetishes you mentioned in your post, scat is the only one that doesn't necessarily imply any physical or emotional harm to a human being.

Unless you're actually turned on by eating the shit of course, since human feces carries an array of nasty bacteria that could get you very sick.

t. vanillafag
ntr is only ok if the other guy is well endowed and slams her with a monster cock until her eyes roll back and she's almost foaming at the mouth from the ravaging
Because some people actually feel upset over witnessing something that's morally wrong. Doesn't matter if it's fantasy, the fact that it happens is enough to dislike it.
Emotional harm can be in the form of humiliation. While one can argue that it's a natural body function, people still get embarassed depending on the mental state person. This may be amplified or toned down depending on the scenario involved.

But I agree with you. Fetish is a personal thing and as such something being worse than the other depends entirely on the person perceiving it.

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