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Please post all quest threads on /qst/


Quest threads that are posted on /tg/ will be removed.

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Make an armylist for Cathy for the next Total War Warhammer game /tg/
Why should i
Fuck you.

Guan Yu.
Basically the empire with less steampunk gunpowder and Conan the barbarian Catholicism, more celestial magic and fantasy Confucianism.

I would give them stronger, paladin level heroes just to get that three kingdoms feel.

Maybe ballistae and rockets instead of big cannons, this is just to differentiate them a bit more.
She can make her own Cathay army list!

Previous Thread: >>58407875

/wbg/ discord:

On designing cultures:

Mapmaking tutorials:

Random Magic Resources/Possible Inspiration:

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I need some help with my setting. It's vast empire based on Chinese in 10-11 century with some parts from Persian empire. It's nominally ruled by emperor, but the real power is in hands of various bureuacrats.
So i want to begin a campaign with players escorting government officials who take a census in remote part of the empire. But I can't make up a reason for census, and also questions that must be there
Do you always need a reason? Military draft, or there have been problems with these remote parts and the government wants to know how many able bodied people are there.

In real life, knowing exactly how many people are living in a certain area is very important to a bureaucracy. It determines how much tax revenue can be obtained from a location. It determines how much public funds are allocated for use in that area. It tells the bureaucracy how much manpower can be drawn from the area for use in war or public construction projects. There's all sorts of reasons to conduct a census, and even more if these bureaucrats are on the lookout for, say, magic users or other demographics.
File: 1520517017471.jpg (275 KB, 1200x675)
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275 KB JPG
>What real world "time period" does your setting most align to?

The 1980s. I like to describe it as "magic and jet fighters." There's a lot of the 80s high fantasy vibe going on, coupled with some good ol' Cold War geopolitics.

>Do you pick "time period" when you start worldbuilding, or later on?
I generally don't. Usually I get a flash of inspiration as a single image, and based on what it contains, like what people are wearing, the tools they're using, and the stuff in the background, I start connecting the dots on what tech level the world is at. Real-world history frequently provides guidance on how things fit together, but I generally don't pick a specific time period to base things off of.

>How close should any setting align to a real world "setting"?
I think my answer to the previous question was leading into this. I tend to find fictional settings that are "Real-World Except X" less compelling than something that tries to stand on its own. Borrowing elements is fine, but if you're starting with a part of the real world and just twisting it, it's not as interesting.

>Why does Modern Fantasy get so little love?
Good question. I think it's because there's an inverse relationship between the tech level of a setting and the traditional trappings of fantasy. Magic and monsters become less believable as the science of a world advances because science is how we humans have steadily gained mastery of our own world and filled in the gaps those concepts once occupied. Lightning was once the wrath of the gods, but now is just a discharge of electricity caused by particles in the air becoming excited. When the people of a setting are sufficiently advanced, it starts begging the questions of, "Why are these things still there? Why are they still fantastical in-universe? Why are they unexplained?" Figuring out how these concepts from one end of our history coexist with those from the other end is often difficult.

File: osato_kun_472569_wolf.png (251 KB, 639x1164)
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251 KB PNG
I have a very big issue that I'd like to address. Many times in stories and series, seduction and sexuality take a role in its universe, and seductive approaches open up a lot of doors in various scenarios, specially in non-heroic fantasy of a darker tint. Many characters have a use of their charismatic and romantic abilities or a 'womanizer' aspect to them.

However, there hasn't been a single time in which if anything of the sort gets brought up, mostly on a lighter note than it perhaps should, anything that involves flirting or a character's sexuality makes everyone uncomfortable. Even if you still keep it PG-13 and fade to black as needed, the act of flirting or implying any romantic or sexual is considered taboo as all hells.

How do you approach romance and sexuality at the table without making things awkward for everyone involved? Can such a thing even be accomplished?
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Thanks, anon. Is there an archive of all the art with her in it, by any chance?
>Killing the PC romancing the NPC instead of the other way around
Why isn't this done more?
I wouldn't know.
>Is it worse to just introduce something that players may be uncomfortable with, or to say something that might be taken as "i WANT sex in my campaign"?
Yes. Yes it is much MUCH worse. Just shoving shit in there and crossing your fingers that your weird sex thing doesn't gross anyone out, make them think less of you as a person, and leave the campaign is about as bad of an idea as you can get. It is basically socail etiquette to not do that.
File: ~02.jpg (41 KB, 360x402)
41 KB
>tfw this is the doujin that you based your longest running rpg character off of

File: abraham.jpg (115 KB, 720x540)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>the last character you played has been chosen as a prophet of the Abrahamic God
What do
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File: worry.jpg (39 KB, 600x766)
39 KB
>the entire plot of the adventure right now is that Jesus is coming to a standard D&D world and thus reality is getting fucked
He probably kills himself out of spite, unless the prophecy is that he would kill himself in which case he would live out of spite constantly shitting on god's name out of spite. He's an edgy "no gods no masters" style anarchist.
Obviously the idea of hell is directly contradictory to the idea of an all-powerful loving god. Purgatory makes sense
File: 460x389.jpg (37 KB, 460x389)
37 KB
Dedicate my life to spread his word and do his will, giving everything I have to save my people only to get cursed to wander for 40 years in a shitty desert along with most of my people after just escaping from a life of opression because we doubted God once and he got butthurt.
Will probably try to usurp the position.
The weird thing is that this is Rifts, so it might sort of be a possibility.
Unfortunately, this is Rifts. He will not last two seconds.

The Fateweaver Edition

Previous Thread : >>58528825

New Books have been added

Please stop shitting up the thread with politics, memes, and race-baiting
Do not respond to bait, hide, report, and Party on dudes (And dudettes)

>A Traveller's Guide to the Mortal Realms

>Malign Portents: Behind the Scenes

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There have to be other humans in the realms besides chaos worshippers and guys that look like they're from the empire.

Would be neat to see some of those guys. Are there people in the plane of beasts? Would be neat to have some barbarians that aren't hung up on chaos.
Woah, they have new fluff. This will surely excuse the fact that they have not a single new model. Next you'll tell me that "Seraphon" aren't legacy either because they weren't called that in WHFB
>want to get just her
>no one sells her alone
>There have to be
there are, shit loads of them. in shyish sometimes they live side by side with undead and sometimes that is not a bad thing at all
in Ghur people can secure a place if they manage to survive the relentless assault of greenskins who have nothing better to do than to stomp gits all day long
Havent played the game in ages and I want to hop back in. How are the "Start Collecting" boxes balanced against each other? Was thinking buying two different ones, one for my bro.

File: Z.Orcs.jpg (117 KB, 1280x720)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Do you like LOTR orcs?
No, but I like you. uwu
I don't like orcs of any kind
I love the little buggers, few races ever get to be as evil and cruel yet somehow pitiful.

File: Bgg SCA.jpg (2.28 MB, 3072x2048)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB JPG
Last thread

Which do you prefer more, Pure Euros or Ameritrash? Say something nice about the one you didn't pick.
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i can absolutely see that. the second time i played, i admitted that i accidentally erased my path after a silence (when it's only supposed to erase following a surface). so i called a surface immediately to correct the mistake, because i couldn't remember our path.

we still ended up winning; our quiet little radio operator carried that shit in a big way.

it's super easy to learn/teach, and even a 6 player game is comfortably <3 hours. it's pretty much perfect for our group.

i only visit this general in passing - are ks games frowned upon? i could definitely understand. kickstarter-exclusiveness is utterly out of control.
>are ks games frowned upon?
CMON is frowned on even more
Eric M. Lang is frowned on the most.

I was interested because I liked the theme and the pitch of a sort of Dune/TI-esque area control game, but didn't buy in and it now seems pretty unattainable. I've yet to hear any real negatives of the game itself beyond "REEEEEE LANG! REEEE CMON!" but also fairly little from people who have actually played.
Yes, Yes I have. And I've done a 3 sub game of it already (9 players, 3 on each team, dropping first mate)

And yes, the radio operators on all three teams had smoke coming out their ears by the end, but holy fuck was it fun.
Since the topic is on captain sonar, how vital is it to play 4v4?
I bought it recently and friends have been asking for a play but I keep telling them I'm waiting for a 8 player opportunity.

I made the thread this time, anon

Previous Thread: >>58518067

For all your questions on Dark Heresy (1st and 2nd Editions), Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, and Only War.

>Who's making the new 40k RPGs?
Ulisses-Spiel, very well known in Germany. It's set post Gathering Storm, uses a Shadowrun-esque D6 dice pool, and is a unified line with Marines, Humans, and Xenos all playable in the core book.

Book Repositories (If you're planning to download any Rogue Trader materials, read the .txt file in the RT directory)

There is a new Homebrew Megafolder option in above MEGA directory containing several things.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Keep in mind that those maps have the WIP worlds Deep Fathom, Kaap, Veda, Surt and Khoss and are not part of the 1.5.0 release.
File: 40k Sector template.png (43 KB, 1311x1090)
43 KB
How did you make that map? I'm starting my own game of RT soon, and I was thinking of using this template. But after seeing your map, the one that I got feels a bit bland I guess
That's the template for photoshop. The background is a mix of several different nebulas found through google. Your base isn't bad though, very easily legible and the legend is in a place that doesn't cover part of the actual map.
In which RT book can I find Dark Eldar?
Playable ones? The Soul Reaver (kabalite warrior career) and The Dark Kin web supplement (wych career, alternative ranks).
NPCs? Most probably The Soul Reaver again.

File: 1499722624990.png (314 KB, 600x600)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
Anyone got any ideas for byzantine titles for decadent nobility?
I'm running a game set in a classic 'old kingdom' type area with aeons of hedonistic, courtly intrigue based history and I need the most absurd, convoluted, overelaborate titles I can get.
Any suggestions?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
In an online game, for a campaign I was DMing, I once had a nightmare sylvari (evil fey plant basically) NPC named Baroness Lainne of the Pack, the Smiling, Mistress of Diresight, Brokenhope and Shimmerstone.

So rank, first name, name of her group, personal title, and the domains she claimed rule over. You could add a last name to that.
Marquis of the Eldenshire
Silver-Potentate de Brokenroc (rival with the Gold-Prefect of the Treasurer's Key)
Supreme mugwump
For convoluted points, how about having a Duchy and a County bordering each other with the same name. However, due to some obscure legal technicality, the Count title is higher in rank than the Duke despite the Duke having the fancier "Your Grace" styling.

While theses differences are only important to seating arrangements at feasts and who gets to be called what, it has a tendency to inspire jealousy in both parties, as well as confusion among foreigners.
>However, due to some obscure legal technicality
Age. The duchy was created "recently" (so within the last 200 or so years), but the county was one of the oldest in the empire.
Or it is/was a palatine county (which has special authority, usually because it's a boarder).

There's also the thing where the same title means two different things - a baron in England is different from a Scottish baron (also, there's the Peerage of England, the Peerage of Scotland, Peerage of Ireland, the Peerage of Great Britain, and the Peerage of the United Kingdom)

Multiple knightly orders can add extra levels of precedence and potentially factional groups, and of course they have ranks.
Companion, Knight Commander, and Knight Grand Cross are common ones, and Bachelor is one too

>humans find orphaned non-human child
>they slaughter it on the spot

>non-humans find orphaned human child
>they take it in as one of their own and raise it with tender love and care
Really makes you think.
>non-humans generally aren't very intelligent

>humans on the otherhand recognize a monster and potential societal drain of something that serves no purpose
File: 1521432425610.jpg (113 KB, 369x400)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Weird question, but there's no way that a boy raised by a succubus wouldn't end up eventually having sex with his own adoptive mom, right?
>Not raising the child to be a local hero of your small village before they move to the big metropolis as a mild mannered member of the press by day and a caped adventurer when a job calls for a superior sort of individual.
>people should be punished and killed based off of what-ifs and theoreticals instead of treated as an individual
It's always those obsessed with justice and societal purity who end up committing the most evil in the world.

File: gns01_combat.jpg (155 KB, 700x470)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Pew Pew Edition

>What is Genesys?
Released in November 2017, Genesys is a pen-and-paper generic system and toolkit by Fantasy Flight Games, using a refined version of the system presented by their Star Wars RPGs (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny). Its central mechanic is the Narrative Dice System, using pools made of specialized dice to create narrative results.

>Realms of Terrinoth, the first official setting supplement due out this April
>A preview of Heroic Abilities, a mechanic introduced in Realms of Terrinoth

>Player-made Genesys settings

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1451974323499.jpg (181 KB, 548x767)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
If you wanted to make a race with a psychic affinity, you could just give their archetype the feature that gives them a free rank in the Psychic skill.
Oh, that's a good idea. I like that, thanks.
Read through the settings in the back half of the book. The space opera setting (Twilight Imperium) outright gives you a "Psionic" archetype. Instead of using a Psychic skill or whatever, they just give them a bunch of racial actions they can perform that let them do psychic stuff. There's also a nemesis-tier enemy in the same setting called the Telepath who has a bunch of other powers. Take a look at those.
AH, thanks. I hadn't looked much at the setting examples, just the alternate rules and genre rules
Of course, if you want a more robust suite of psychic abilities and not just make them a bunch of racial stuff, you can go with the prior suggestion of creating a Psychic magic skill.

File: 1457429415375.png (1.35 MB, 732x1000)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
Defiant Defias Edition

Discuss the lore and story of the Warcraft franchise and its application in and around traditional games.

>Document compendium: Contains official (ex-canon) DnD 3.x variants and a fan made DnD 5e version! Also contains the official Warcraft Chronicles volumes 1 and 2.

Previous thread: >>58582818
273 replies and 74 images omitted. Click here to view.
So that can't apply to anyone here.
File: 1518871639390.gif (6.81 MB, 576x576)
6.81 MB
6.81 MB GIF
>and Khadgar
Mental childhood, perhaps?
I doubt that anyone who had childhood during the era of Kosak in WoW should be here.
I unironically wanted Fel Cordana to reverse rape Khadgar.
File: QU2mLn7[1].gif (3.17 MB, 640x360)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB GIF
I was pleasantly surprised who they picked to voice Khadgar. I really liked his character in the old warcraft lore books (The Last Guardian etc) so its nice to see they made an effort for once.

File: fPB5lkc.jpg (154 KB, 1080x1080)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Who was in the Wrong, /tg/?
159 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
You had some arguments but unfortunately I mentally translate terms like “SJW”, “virtue signaling” and “soyboy” to “I AM A HUGE FAGGOT, PLEASE RAPE MY FACE”.

Buckle up Anon, here comes the night train.
Anon, imagine seeing into the future and realizing your nephew becomes Kylo Ren, this completely worthless faggot of a Vader wannabe. You will come to realize that there is no good in him.
jedi usually aren't snowflakes
I liked Luke. I just don't care about Rey and that's my sticking point. I just really really don't like Rey
>Rey shows up to rescue Finn/Poe/whoever from who gives a fuck
>Phasma dies in the escape- oh wait lol too late
>Rey fights Kylo who then redeems himself through means unknown, because Snoke is already fucking dead
seriously how do they even have a third movie, they killed off everybody

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