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>pic related
>no rules bloat
>player driven
>fast and fun
>no initiative system
>easier to GM

Why are you still playing 5e anon? Do you hate yourself?
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Anon didn't say it's hard. He said it's pointless.
I quote
>for no reason
>no benefit

gosh reading/writing is hard
Because RPG rules are made to make clear "who wins" and who can do what, and DW rules fail to deliver that single basic requirement.
>All an adventure needs is risks.
Point taken. There is a difference, however, between facing ANY odds and odds similar to the ones you're trying to emulate. I reckon that other people might not care but I do.

>PbtA doesn't care about shit like flanking, or a damage of a pollaxe vs a knife
Yep, you can see that in the AW example I quoted to here: >>56576402
Which is why I say that it doesn't simulate worlds. It doesn't bother with modeling a fictional game world through mechanics. PbtA is about simulating genre through narrative instead.

> elevates the game from a story game
I think it's a full-fledged RPG. A narrative RPG for which straygames is just a fancy marketing term. I have no issue with that at all. It's a valid part of the hobby/marketplace. I'm just contrasting my own preferences and takes on it with that of others in here, to sharpen my insights on roleplaying. For example, you above point point made me reformulate my point: adventuring is about facing odds, correct. If you want to feel like Frodo, Conan or Jon Snow, however, you need to feel like you're facing similar odds. We model a., say, giant with elaborate stats so that we can convey through mechanics the odds of beating one and the challenge involved. From a pure STORY-TELLING POV, however, this is pointless... that's why I am not sure if adding modifiers to PbtA isn't a distraction from its core mission.

>The dice are meant to help determine the results of an action, just like any other game I've played.
Yes. This is not a contradiction to what I just said. However consider my viewpoint here: Moves are story-building blocks, snowballing from one to the next one. Snowballing isn't typical for traditional RPGs.
>A narrative RPG for which storygames

File: image_366f6c25.jpg (58 KB, 630x354)
58 KB
How can I make gods that are fun or interesting without being complete mary sues
in a lot of campaigns I've been in the gods are usually "The good god of healing", "The evil elder god". with all the other gods, if any, barely even being mentioned
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File: 38OchGo[1].gif (4.72 MB, 544x303)
4.72 MB
4.72 MB GIF

>Strange's power level is variable
>not that the power of Wesley Snipes is maximum

>A good comparison would be how wizards are in older versions of DnD

Is it?

I have no idea how prescient/omniscient Strange is.

I do know that 3E Wizards can handle absolutely anything thrown at them *if given time to prepare* and as levels rise, the flavor of battle shifts more and more away from the actual fighting and towards giving yourself better prep time and denying prep time to your enemy, culminating at 9th level with the spell Foresight, that lets you know anything that is about to happen to you before it happens.

So maybe Strange is so powerful he can effectively do whatever he wants - but is he so powerful that he knows what he wants before he ought to know? Can you kill him by finding an attack he hasn't warded against, and then executing that attack faster than he notices the attack? Or does he have some trick that lets him know of the attack before it happens?
He's not prescient at all. That's the point.

He's got a massive toolbox and can usually find a way to cope with whatever is going on, but he doesn't have instant access to all the info right away. He does a lot of research.
I'm not a Zoroastrian. Shit, there's probably one Zoroastrian on 4chan total.

The Amesha Spenta are really more like virtues with personalities, with these virtues also reflecting aspects of existence because in Zoroastrianism 'good' = 'correct/real'. Not hugely defined personalities either. They're really more equitable to Judaeo-Christian angels than gods.
>He's not prescient at all. That's the point.

Then Thor could probably take him if convinced of the necessity of stealth - and Loki could *definitely* take him.

File: Calligraphr-Template.png (88 KB, 1667x2367)
88 KB
Hey /tg/, do you ever use ciphertext in a campaign? I love codes and ciphers, but I've never actually used them or seen them used, since the deciphering process can be difficult and drawn out.
Pic related, since it's most of the lowercase letters from S. Peterson's Field Guide. No j or x, though, which will bother me to no end, and I didn't bother with the capital letters.
Maybe in some OSR style game where players and not PCs are responsible for coming out with solutions. Make it so if someone deciphers it between sessions, they will get some sort of shortcut or prize. But if no one does, it won't block progress regardless.
In more mainstream games, only use it for flavor before someone rolls cryptology or whatever.
Once built in an RSA encrypted cipher text for a bunch of CS Students in the third semester. They enjoyed it and solved it in like 10 minutes.

I'm planning to do double transposition next.
During a Dark Heresy game, the reference numbers for each mission briefing was not a random series of letters and numbers but a code with a vague reference to the upcoming mission. I did this as a little thing I could tell the players about after the campaign but one of them started to decipher each one. The past one I did was a difficult o e but he still did it
My friend did for a "thieves guild" game. We had intercepted a couple messages and had to figure out what the fuck they said. Was frustrating and fun at the same time.

Normally, i am not a huge fan of puzzles, but she is good at making puzzles kinda cool. She did tend to leave them towards the end of a session so as not to kill too much momentum, they always were plot relevant, and there was a little bonus for solving them quickly.

Thafuq is Endhammer?
Dead after some bitching about how to push forward the setting.

Look at the image above yours and post 3 to 5 lines of greentext detailing an interesting character based on that image. But if you've got more than 3 or 5 lines to tell, then go ahead. You can contribute by posting your own image, even as a form of a bump

By all means this ain't meant to replace the storythreads, so just have fun in making some characters folks.
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May the extra six more images be helpful for extra inspiration, enjoy.

File: 1510832785902.png (114 KB, 500x500)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
>honorable rogues
>"scientific" mage
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>Suggesting girthy Iop dick can fit in a narrow two inch hole
>Suggesting you spend time to carefully cut a hole in your girls wrappings instead
>Suggesting a face mask & mummy wraps are better than agile bodies & pointy ears
>Kooky eccentric wizard
>LMAO I transformed myself into a talking flower xDDD
>Pay attention to me!
>Teehee Macaroni!
Cra/Arc(hers) are better than Xelor/Rolex(seriously they are named after the watch) like Sram are named after the chocolate Mars bar.

Iop is one of the best because of the short in which The God Iop's semi-mortal son goes berserk and then after killing the sacrier becomes possessed by the Demon.

Eniripsa/Aspirine have the cutest girls/healsluts.

I actually mained Cra and used to duel my friends Xelor Often. Was fun as shit.
>>"scientific" mage

That's basically an apprentice mage who fails a lot of his roles.
How would you do it?
Have them write down the effects of spells on various enemies?
Roleplay them fiddling with magic effects in downtime?

File: ThankYouThankYou.png (50 KB, 244x141)
50 KB
What are you grateful for?
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Not even for this song?
I'm thankful to have a wife who can smile and listen while I blather on about 40k and genuinely wants to start an Ork army.
Where does one find such a thing
I'm thankful I have a roof on my head, a family that loves me, and wish the same for the rest of u.
Honest answer was taking a chance on a Longshot and not letting the fact that we lived in different states and met over Xbox live get in the way. 8 years later we're married.

Continuing on from this thread: >>56377290
the entirety of the SCP Foundation along with associated GOI's and Uncontainable entities, have been dumped into the 40k galaxy. What happens as a result of this?
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File: 728 (1).jpg (140 KB, 1000x1413)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Why not make it instead a part of 40k's history as something that saw through the rest of humanity past the DAoT and beyond?
And now you're on /tg/ bitching about stupid bullshit from another board.

I hope you get banned you shitposting fuckwad.
File: 4452093i.jpg (43 KB, 620x439)
43 KB
>Being this assblasted.
Where did Dr Clef touch you Anon?

File: 1466395718497.gif (3.89 MB, 200x200)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB GIF
Start a fresh game of 5th edition after long hiatus excited to start DMing again with some friends I met in university. We meet up at a local game store and

Every single character of the 5 players has CN alignment
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My how times have changed. It wasn't too long ago when everyone wanted to be a CG-aligned drow duel-wielding scimitars.
Hey, at least they're honest about wanting to play murderhobos.
The dm should insist that player play TN unless they accaully play alignments.

People even here on /tg/ seem to think there is much play with the outer alignments. There is not. People play cn thinking its like "i do what i want and was is best at the time". Its not. A CN must almost always take that chaotic path.

Think of it this way. Since %90 of humans are tn the last %10 must be radicals. Look at real life. If %90 of people are tn then the few that are not are very out there.

Also a chaotic character and a lawful character would be at each other as much as a evil and good. Even CG and LG.
>Since %90 of humans are tn the last %10 must be radicals. Look at real life. If %90 of people are tn then the few that are not are very out there.

I mean, the first questlon I’d ask is “Where are you getting this claim about 90% of humans being true neutral from?”

...The rest is tautological.

>Also a chaotic character and a lawful character would be at each other as much as a evil and good. Even CG and LG.
Again, says who? Why is this a good interpretation of the alignment grid?
Humans are catorgized as usually TN

>Usually: 80–90% of the race have the indicated alignment. Exceptions are thus rare and may be ostracized by the race's society

And yes the purpose of the chart was to emphasize the strugles of chaotic vs lawful.

What color is the skin of Drow in your world? Also, more topically for me, does anyone have any ADND first edition pictures of Drow in color? I'm curious what their original canon skintone was. I've seen some second edition stuff that was brown, and of course third edition ranged from gray to black to dark blue.
19 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
The closest to Drow are voidtouched fae.
At the final stage of a voidtouch infection, they resemble little more than vaguely-humanoid clusters of fungus and flesh, but earlier on, their skin becomes translucent with a slight matte - exposing their xylem and phloem
They explicitly have dark grey skin in my most recent setting. None of that near-silver bullshit you see in a lot art: I'm talking downright ashen. They're a feudal matriarchy that sell spider silk to their neighbours, basically acting as a cultural stand-in for Japan. They even wear silk kimonos and shit, and wield thin blades made from shitty ore. And yes, they're pretty weeaboo, 'though I'd like to think that I've included other, more original aspects and cultural hooks so that they're not just an analogue for the Silk Road and Asia is general.

But yeah, I've never been a fan of the blue or purple skin tones, either; monochromatic is where it's at.
I go for completely white/lacking any pigmentation whatsoever, and that they sunburn incredibly easily. To avoid this, they slather themselves with thick ointments/muds/etc when going on the surface. Seeing Drow with or without their paint is what's led to conflicting reports on whether they're black as coal or white as mutton-fat.
File: 1460095219018.png (116 KB, 311x367)
116 KB
116 KB PNG

there are no drow in my world
File: drow81.jpg (27 KB, 564x803)
27 KB
Nah. Purple drow are cancer.

I have them as going from at lightest a little lighter than the image I posted, and at darkest something like pic related.

Do you ever split the party for story reasons? How does that work out for you?

The PCs will be attending a massive party attended by assassins who want them dead. The assassins will attempt to split the party up, get the PCs in private, then take them all out simultaneously. Do you think this will be too boring for the group? I'm thinking cliffhanger perspective transitions will help keep engagement high.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
As long as "get PCs in private" to "take them all out" and back to the PCs being together doesn't take too long, I don't see a problem.
DM tip: If a player leaves the party have the player leave the table and go into another room. If you leave the party there with him meta game will happen.

I also like doing this because, more often than not, a player who pulls this shit CONSTANTLY is the exact type of person who would metagame. The last time I had a player do this it happened several times, and never because it was actually necessary. He would literally leave the party to make due without him because he was against the decision the group had made. I'm not talking "How could you do this? That was fucked up, I'm leaving!" I'm talking "We're helping these innocent villagers? FOR FREE!? Fuck you guys, good luck fighting those Goblins without the WIZARD!" He was also really into the whole Caster>Martial issue. Unfortunately he was a long-time best friend of several members of the party so I could kick his ass to the curb without causing more drama than it was worth outside the game.

I'm really glad they all moved away, even if it means I'm out a group.
Even good player will meta game slightly.

You have a portal that leads into a trapped room. One of the players goes in said porta and lands in tbe trapped room.

If you say "[player] you land in a traped room" at the table. None of the other pcs will enter the portal as if the knew what was happeneing.

If you just say "[player] steps into the portal please go in the other room and will tell you what happens" the player will sit their baffeled and more then likely one by one enter the portal.

In ops case if the assassin wants to get them alone pull the player out of the room. Bring dice and a sheet and have the whole assassin attack done as a one on one away from the party.
File: 1507828519828.jpg (66 KB, 540x364)
66 KB
Tried this once with my old group of minmaxers and turned out poorly. If I could change it I would set it up as such:

>when in a city lure them down a side alley in which stacked boxes and obstacles are waist high
>point of interest, like a pretend mugging to pull the paladin
>arrows down the length of it from concealed position poison or paralyze
>if arrows dont catch them, have a holding spell placed on the ground
>cart blocks off the alley
>as they proceed assassins drop from above in front of, behind, and in between them separating them from each other and obstructing the view.
>out number them and gank the wizard
>smoke bombs and sneak attacks

PCs wind up in the middle of the forest with no armaments to provide a more "natural death"

That being said, I would have to come up with a flaw that could be exploited by the players. Maybe they fight with short swords and daggers, a pc has blind fighting that could even the fight, or have the assassins with no armor for movement.

File: GDG4.png (386 KB, 676x540)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
I should make some new topic pics -edition

A place for full-on game designers and homebrewers alike. Feel free to share your games, ideas and problems, comment to other designers' ideas and give advice to those that need it.

Try to keep discussion as civilized as possible, avoid non-constructive criticism, and try not to drop your entire PDF unless you're asking for specifics, it's near completion or you're asked to.

>/gdg/ Resources (Op Stuff, Design Tools, Project List)

>#dev on /tg/'s discord:

>Last Thread:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That's pretty darn good Anon.

Funnily enough I've heard that freelance editors are many times more in demand than writers, I've seen some stuff T. R. "Freelance" Knight worked on and they seem decent and his prices are affordable.
Looking good, Anon. Thanks for the hint.
Writers are easy to find, but good editors are in high demand, so most get sucked up to work for publishers. It makes freelancers even harder to find.
So I'm looking at how to handle physical distance on the board for a game that's heavily abstracted. The problem is that since all measurements are made from a model's base, it can mess with measurements on a board with different elevations. For ranged combat, that's not a huge problem, since most have enough range to cover elevations when measuring. But in melee, where ranges are only an inch or two, it gets weird.

The idea I'm thinking is using the abstracted Size system models and terrain is using for Line of Sight. Basically, the idea is a model can reach up terrain equal to its Size, and reach down 1Size if they have short melee range or 2 if they have long. Either way, it cuts their melee range in half.

So if a model attacks another model that's on a higher piece of terrain with a 1" melee, it "projects" a melee range of 1/2" on the elevated piece of terrain.

I'm not sure if its a good idea or not, though.
Doesn't Warhammer 40K 8E do it similarly? Except that they have a fixed height independent of model size? Basically a a cylinder for attacking.

No WIP thread on /tg/?!? Emperor's Teeth! That's HERESY!!!

>Citadel Painting Guides:

>Figure painter magazine issues 1-36

>Paint range compatibility chart across manufacturers

>Painting Videos only

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
334 replies and 116 images omitted. Click here to view.
That looks quite good! Where are all the parts from?
>torso, arms+claws, jump pack,
Ravenguard dark fury set
>head and legs
chaos raptor/warp talon set
some blood angels shoulders i have laying around
thanks m8

Anything people feel could be added or should be removed ?

I did a Leadbelcher base followed by a heavy wash of Agrax Earthshade. I let the paint really really thicken up in areas... I love Agrax because it makes everything rusty.

Then yea, some Runefang Steel on the edges
>I'm honestly curious how other people do it?
I always paint a small swatch on any paint I buy, have a big roll of small round stickers exactly for that purpose.
Works well enough, though some paints really don't play nice with white, and I don't usually bother painting them black first for metallics for instance.
Which is why their color-charts that you can buy are all hand-painted, to guarantee accuracy (not accounting for batch-to-batch variation in the paints).

Star wars vs edition.

Last week we discussed the mission stays the same abd mass effect crosdovers in general.

This one is star wars themed

I'll be presenting in my next post a list of reasons why i think the SW empire actually has a chance against the imperium.

Feel free to post what ever cross over material you have. It need not be SW related, its just the thread theme

>Recomended cross over stories

Mission stays the same

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
200 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
The users of the force could band together after the destruction of the empire though. Given that they're not an organized force, could they sleath their way to an ork extermination?
I mean, the orkz are tough but they would be a threat to force itself so the empire is not the real problem for them.
I have them on my other box. Will post later when I get home
>Urr Durr star wars wins because death star/starkiller
>Imperium fought a star killer, time traveler, teleport shielded, doomsday weapons wielding, undying legions carrier, Skynet x 100 assisted, thousand years old commanders directing tech magic super starkiller with 7000 marines
>Urr Durr SW have ten times the Imperium space ships
>Imperium fought endless ships assisted with death stars with literally teleporting fleets across the galaxy and after the first engagements the imperium keep up the pace and broke the galaxy spanning waaagh!
>Fought three Tyranid wars breaking 2 fleets almost completely
>SW almost endless fleet is broken and destroyed by the equivalent of Isis single handedly defeating the American and russian armies together
>Not incompetent
SW might have bullshit super weapons but time and time again had their shit pushed back relativity easy
Semi releated question, is it true that despite being faster SW hyperspace is perilous on uncharted regions? That they chart the safe travel lanes of their galaxy and that's why they can be stupidly fast?
>Stormtroopers aren't the Empire's standard infantry
they were originally portrayed as such
but with every new source comes out, they get posted lower and lower

A party in a modern or sci-fi setting has to escape from a quarantined city.
The citizens of the city don't realize they're quarantined.
How do they do it?
Probably in a creative way that ties in to the skills that their characters have.
They dress up as inspection agents and briskly walk out of the quarantine zone.
But what if the quarantine zone is also in a quarintine zone for quarantine zones?
1) Push for legislation that has an arbitrary crime be punished by exile
2)Commit that crime

Party eventually stumbles upon old files, documents, or computer databases detailing history, including how and when the city was quarantined in the past. Give them a quest or series of quests to push them in this direction.

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