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Scions in 8ed.
Yes or no?
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ive for the AM and MT starters as well
but instead of bullgryns, I have a third squad of scions and a chimera

Maybe I will go
tank commander
tempestor prime

scion command squad in deep strike

scion squad (5) with taurox prime
infantry squad with autocannon

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to simplyfy reading:

Psyker Inquisitor
Tempestor prime w/ command rod

Sicon command squad (4 plasma or 3+1 vox) in deep strike.

10 with 4 whatever specials
5 with hotshot volley (or melta in deep strike)


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they are one of the most efficient units in the game.

GW will probably nerf the fuck out of them when the new IG codex drops.
>Scions in Bed
Aww yee-
Start an R&H army using the FW index then so you can bring them with your CSM for bigger games or vice versa

I know that metal in terms of settings and RPGs has been discussed quite a bit. But what about a prog rock inspired setting? What sort of aesthetics and atmosphere would it have, and what would the setting be like?
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File: roger_dean_023.jpg (2.64 MB, 3840x1920)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB JPG
All Roger Dean, all the time
File: folder.jpg (72 KB, 500x500)
72 KB
Hell yeah. Trippy landscapes should be more common in fantasy settings.
File: 1503539479946.jpg (408 KB, 1488x967)
408 KB
408 KB JPG
I feel like that falls on the DM to be able describe that. That being said, how do you describe or narrate Roger Dean or Frank Frazetta like landscapes?

File: Harp_seal_22.jpg (96 KB, 2048x1225)
96 KB
Do you have seals in your setting? Where do they live? Do they differ from seals in our world? Are they cute?!

Seals motherfuckers! Talk about them.
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I like the idea that coastal races in a fantasy setting would have trained sea lions.
>Useless animals worse than girrafes but better than pandas
>Make retarded noises
>Only good for their fat
>Do you have seals in your setting?


>Where do they live?

In every ocean, both fresh and saltwater seas, and even in a couple of particularly large lakes.

>Do they differ from seals in our world?

There are no real 'arctic waters' within the setting or any body of water that possess ice, so walruses and leopard seals aren't present, though you will see elephant seals and occasionally dire breeds- complete with tusks. Seals & sea lions directly compete for food with smaller species of plesiosaur, pliosaur, and a particular species of marine-bird that resembles a seal-like penguin hybrid called "pelos". All of these animals feed mainly on fish, ammonites, squid, shell fish, and even soft corals and can be found on both sand or rock beaches living in large communities- even adjacent to one another if prey & breeding space is plentiful.
Seals are an important food source for larger creatures such as mosasaurs, sharks, hydras, sea serpents, and adolescent rocs. Indigenous populations of cyclopes have traditionally relied on seals (especially elephant seals) for hides, ivory, meat, and blubber for it's use in light oil.

>Are they cute?!

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Yiff in hell
I was thinking of making them the 'big dumb bruiser' race, with hearts of gold and loving to cuddle of course.

mixing Sci-Fi with Fantasy, should it ever be done? can it be done right? know of any examples?
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The sci-fi element is a little bit of a spoiler, but the Second Apocalypse series is probably one of the best and most cerebral fantasy sagas out there and is definitely a successful implementation of the genre combo.
Ironically they're somewhat more sci-fi than originals, but just because they have themes of cloning and AI rebellion.
Holy shit, I got quads and I was one digit away from godhood, and from there 1 number away from becoming the devil himself...
Actually, in the old EU, there is a race of T. rex/Chinese Dragons that literally rip out your soul to power their tech.
Endless Legend, Star Wars, John Carter of Mars, Destiny.

File: 1505235242407.jpg (104 KB, 640x1024)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
I want to start a small chaos marine force, but I'm hesitant because I get a feeling that primaris chaos marines are going to be a thing. Should I jump in and maybe start trying to truescale them? Build them as is and hope for the best? I like that chads seem more simple and back to basics visually and I am hoping chaos chads will similarly have a bunch of their busy shit stripped down.

I think they're just going to make the old CSM super huge like they did iwth the Death Guard and Thousand Sons, but you can always wait for the Undivided update and see what they do if you're really scared.
Just get a bunch of the custom heresy armor marines and say they refuse to change.

File: 2spooky.png (13 KB, 170x161)
13 KB
So what do y'all usually do with your free time when you're not able to play at the shop/friends' houses/etc.?

Solo board games?
Writing new campaigns?
non-/tg/ stuff?
Let's hear it.
>free time
>play some vidya (mostly Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone)
>read (novels, comic books, online essays, news)
>photography, although not as often as I'd like
>BDSM munches
Write lore, play boardgames with my girlfriend.
I generally only game once a week and prep the night before. Since we don't have kids and I work a solid union job, I do have time for other endeavors.

Going out with my wife
SCUBA (a recent addition, I got my Open Water Cert this summer and dove in the Bahamas. I hope to do more diving soon)
Gundam Models

File: Untitled.png (2.28 MB, 1574x630)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
Has anyone ever played The Campaign For North Africa?
I don't hate myself and everyone I play games with, so no.
Have you?
Or are you entertaining thoughts of playing it?
Perhaps you'd like to emulate the exploits of a certain Desert Fox? (and can't/won't find a better game to do it.

File: 1503096262288.png (131 KB, 1230x1016)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
I'm back, thought I'd give this another go!

So! The rules are simple! I draw buns.Your job is to give me /tg/ related content to mash with Buns and I'll do my best.

And... Go!
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I approve, wholeheartedly, of this thread.
The furry fags will take it over. They always do.
File: Stuff.png (677 KB, 1600x1200)
677 KB
677 KB PNG
M'back, not sure for how long but we'll see. Hope you enjoy!
I can't even picture what it might look like! It hurts my brain!
Not the requester but thats fantastic.

what's your favorite yugioh card /v/?

mine is pic related.
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At this point that nigga is Konami's Tein.
Not entirely sure, but this guy immediately sprang to mind.
>decent stats
>was a powerhouse when he came out
>many different forms and upgrades
>still somewhat relevant as far as level 8 synchros go
File: TheUnhappyGirl.jpg (28 KB, 275x275)
28 KB
>Grandsoil banned
What the fuck? That thing is relevant? Last I checked he hasn't been touched since like 2012 with that psychic deck.
File: mynigga.jpg (49 KB, 1024x673)
49 KB

Combat usually gets all the focus in games systems, even if you shouldnt be fighting all the time. What are the best mechanics or systems you have seen for just exploring ruins and shit without it being rooms full of encounters or hallways of traps? Is there really any way to do it besides narrate at the players constantly?

Other cool noncombat mechanics can go here too, I guess.
44 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I'm not sure how you'd even start.

Well, there are at least some logical prerequisites to exploration.

For one thing there has to be something there to explore. Discovering something and making something aren't the same, so anyone who wants to experience exploration can't be saddled with making the thing. So if you want players to feel like they're exploring, they can't make whatever it is they find (no new-fangled storygame world authorship stuff). If you want the DM to feel that way, too, then they'll need to be supplied with the material somehow. Either a module or perhaps randomly generated from tables.

Exploring things is basically about learning - you're finding new stuff that possibly nobody has ever found before. So a good exploration mechanic has to provide some kind of status, access, power, or even out-of-game stuff for anyone who explores something successfully (whatever "successful exploring" may entail).

So, pretty much you would want mechanics for making what is to be explored (hopefully in a way as to maximize the feeling of novelty for all involved) and you would want mechanics that reward actually exploring at least. Mechanics for HOW you explore are technically not necessary, but probably helpful.

If you don't care about the DM getting exploration fun then he can just make whatever is to be explored. Then, you could do something like for every location a player visits they tack a title onto the end of their name. You can invoke the number of titles you possess for some kind of charisma bonus or whatever ("Oh, he's the conqueror of shattered falls?! Absolutely we will do what he wants!").

Stuff like narrative interaction ("I pull the lever") backed by skill checks when the player is at a loss ("I don't know myself but my character would know where to look") has been around for a while and serves pretty alright.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
West Marches work well, have a hexcrawl, discover shit, map it back.
Next session, or several sessions after, other PCs explore the same mine shaft because now Kobolds infest it, and they need purging.
The old PCs places marks and tips on the bounty board that helps the new PCs explore and purge nasties from locations.

This makes PCs wanna explore and leave tips/knowledge onward to the next band of friendly PCs. Also interesting locations, far away from homebase and chance of treasure also works.
If you're exploring ruins, go into discussions with your players, such as "why's this room huge with benches, like a church would be" or "there's a a narrow bridge with no railing, perfect for dwarven halberdier chokepoints, or a secret escape"? See how players think about architecture, and craft a dungeon together, room by room.
What the hell is West Marches anyway? I've heard it a few times and from the reactions it sounds like the same meme tier as Strike! I could go look it up but I want to hear opinions from /tg/ so I can better frame the context.
Worst pun ever.
It's not a system or setting, it's just a style of running a campaign.

It's a hexcrawl game, but the party is not allowed to travel East (thus, the name). The map is vague or blank to the West, and nobody knows what's out there. No overarching plot, you just explore the wilderness.

You organize a fairly large pool of players/characters. The players form parties among themselves and figure out a meeting time. Then the GM just has to show up and run it.

That's it. That's literally all there is.

Do your players have NPC companions that they like and trust? Tell me about them.

I realized today that my players don't have any friendly NPCs they can rely on. I think this is because my players are newbies, and were originally selfishly evil in the first campaign I ran for them. Any NPCs I introduced were taken advantage of and the campaign ended with my players powerful but friendless. In this new campaign, they are finally coming out of their murderhobo phase and are starting to play because it's fun. One of my players today really played up character flaws, stating, "I think I realized that it's more fun to do what my character would do, even if it's not the best thing to do." It felt great to hear. But later, when they fell victim to a trap set up by some bandits, he said, "I guess that's what we get for trying to help people. Everyone always tries to screw us over." I realized I was running my game that way because they we're always such selfish bastards, but maybe they've grown enough to have characters with friends.

Share your favorite NPC buddies. I'd like to hear some good ones.
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File: 1417577840807.png (369 KB, 517x491)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
Couple, I have a Kuo-Toa who escaped his Illithid Master and managed to loop his insanity back into a (shadow) of goodness and lucidity. He runs a shop run by witches as a part-timer, and they're always away so he's usually the one manning the register. He's hilarious because I can be as erratic as I want and he's a lovable guy. He once switched his gender in front of 2/5 PCs, with bone crunching and horrible body horror agony. He switched back in front of the rest, who (thankfully playing in-character) had no idea what the fuck was going on.

Then there is Good Doggo, a Blink Dog that the PCs saved and kept bumping into them cause they stayed in the same Hex doing various stuff. He really likes the party Ranger.

Lastly there's an Ancient Copper Dragon who's the equivalent of The Dude except immortal and has ties to Bahamut, almost suspiciously so since he's been seen with him in human form. He's like a passive observer type of character that I can use as an excuse for the players to have aid, but not enough to succeed without sacrifices and merit. The second time they met him he was passed out on a hoard of gems drunk while a messenger from Asmodeus and The Grim Reaper both tapped their feet in annoyance. Only one PC succeeded on finding this out, and there was that one hilarious moment where he was alone and couldn't tell the rest of the party, and was understandably terrified.
He means it in the sense that not playing a game at all is better than playing in a bad game.
I tend to make my own, last dark heresy campaign I gathered a small band of crusaders from the local population... Only 2 survived.
I'll never forget you Tim
Your english is pretty good, OP. I didn't notice any non-native gaffes

File: FB_IMG_1506022464271.jpg (8 KB, 218x212)
8 KB
Can we get a /tg/ reaction img thread rolling?
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File: 1421619478816.jpg (10 KB, 180x180)
10 KB
for the love of Christ don't remind me that TTG exists

Go!Fire 2 cute.

Boy did you pick the wrong day to say that.
If the image limit were not reached, I'd request a /tg/ appropriate reaction for my amusement and surprised glee at this post.

Thanks for the heads up anon.
Party on.

File: head.jpg (440 KB, 1981x1041)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
Can someone explain this to me?
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well you see, anon, some people have these things called jobs....
I think its pretty cool. Wouldn't spend that much on it right now but if I was in a bit higher pay grade.

Don't know why they have the lady in the pic though. Odd way to show scale.
File: burger child.jpg (158 KB, 1024x768)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
My FLGS put one of these up in the back room where all the RPGs happen, only it was the dragon instead of the mind flayer.
I wish I could say I didn't know anybody who would actually put this up in their home but some of my friends absolutely would and I'm privately embarrassed for that. They're fine people, it's just that personally I guess I would rather separate my niche hobbies from my interior decoration. And they seem to have really low standards, as in, actual stickers of comic book characters just stuck to the goddamn walls. Like, you own this house, you have a fucking mortgage, and you're going to decorate it with stickers from a book?
Sometimes it gets me thinking about the connotations of maturity and so on. Stuff like what it means/if it's important to "grow up." I try not to dwell on it, but I do worry.
File: 1443026479012.jpg (79 KB, 500x500)
79 KB
>only 3XL
>Quantity 1

Some one made a Mind Flayer head in shop/as part of a project / Hobby
Finished it
Is selling it

Is there really anything to explain?

File: rats_spooky.png (602 KB, 461x600)
602 KB
602 KB PNG
Horned rat or Nagash who is the bigger dick?
24 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
So why does chaos get all the love when there is a much better villain for Sigmar?
Because of three reasons;

1. Back in the day, Chaos was what made Warhammer unique. Especially as the corruptive, malignant force that it was. They lifted some of it from Moorcock but all that corruptive evil dark shit you see today really comes from Warhammer's Chaos.
2. Nagash has been kept out of the limelight for YEARS because he was too world changing, just like how original vampires or 1st generation Slaan were.
3. Chaos offers a wider range of models to be collected and is in both 40k and Fantasy.
The horned rat created and fostered the backstabbing skaven society. He's basically all the evils of the chaos gods, with none of the "a good thing taken to a bad extreme"aspect
Seems reasonable, I guess I am just too used to chaos right now. And I really like undead so I might be biased towards them.
slaanesh is slowly being removed

he's too r18+, loses GW appeal with parents buying their kids miniatures.

File: 1422315532511.gif (210 KB, 496x526)
210 KB
210 KB GIF
I'm DMing in a half hour and I need something to pad the adventure. I need a quick encounter to transition between two regions.

Give me anything.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
On water have a pirate ship with a water based caster maybe.
On land have a check point that's harassing people as the party comes up, the party can intervene or something and get dosh from the traveller's.
A dispute over a deer.

Hunters from two out lying guard stations got into a fight over a deer they both shot. Each claiming the kill.
It's gotten out of hand, with a couple killings by now.
A barbarian fighting orcs at a stonehenge
A fork in the road, in the center is a post with a sign pointing in either direction. The sign pointing left says, in letters clearly written in something's blood, "no com dis way. not hav gobs and not hav loots. probobably hav dragin dat way 2."
The sign pointing right reads, in letters of the same handwriting, but in charcoal, "not trap this way. saf and have free loot"

Whatever actually lies in either direction is up for you to decide.
What are the regions you tool

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