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File: tips.png (581 KB, 720x480)
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581 KB PNG
Yes, I'm back.

>previous thread

Summary of my particular situation: My group's sessions are going to shrink, so I'm looking for tips to improve the flow of my sessions and make the most of the time we have together. So far, I have thought of the following things:

> Prepare as much as possible before the session
> Prepare a paper with all necessary notes for the session
> If the previous session stopped just before a combat scene, already set up the tiles before the next session
> Revise the rules, specially the combat chapter
> If a rule question comes up, just make a ruling for that session, then look into it only afterwards (so we don't spend time checking out the rules)
> Only roll one initiative check per combat (sort of obvious, but I always preferred to roll each round.. though its definitely slower)
> Have all PC's defenses, passive skills, hp & etc available
> Ask players to get to know the rules, specially the ones concerning their characters

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I need to get around to sanitising an updated version of this.
That's a hard one to figure out for you, given how important Adam and Lilith are. Any alterations can and will drastically change the flavor of a game.

Consider a few possibilities:
A. Adam and/or Lillith is dead with a capital D, while Angels are still coming for him, there actually is no threat of Third Impact; if NERV can outlast his remaining children, Earth is saved... at least until World War Eva breaks out inevitably.

B. This one is what I had planned for my own Adeptus Evangelion run: Adam and Eve (a Lilith analog from which the Evas are derived) are sympathetic, and once communication can be opened with them intend humankind no harm. However, Adam's failure to seed Earth with life and not-Lilith's misbegotten children have triggered countermeasures from their origins; an angel sent to reseed the earth with the correct life and another angel sent to destroy the unintended weeds. These angels are Abel, and Cain. Lilith is actually a fifth entity, born of Eve's flesh during second impact, which in my setting was Adam nearly killing Eve over the planet before realizing the misunderstanding. That is how the earth is seeded with Eve/Lillith's children. Lillith resides in the depths of the ocean and is super-secret-postgame-boss

In the show, the Eva's are all derived from Lilith.
What if you had a competing/antagonist force with Eva's derived from Adam? I imagine them as more controllable but also animalistic or surreal in form (closer to the angels) which puts tremendously more mental strain on the pilot. Both forces suffer Angel attacks, while also attempting to secure the other's Godhead.
Neither side wants the other to lose to an Angel but they still want them weakened enough to attack themselves.
>> Prepare as much as possible before the session
Nah, don't waste time on speculations. Learn to make shit up on the fly. I made up a whole campaing once, nobody suspected.
>> Revise the rules, specially the combat chapter
Nah, make shit up. The less rules you use, the better. Just don't ignore stuff players have from classes/races/spells/whatnot.
>> If a rule question comes up, just make a ruling for that session, then look into it only afterwards (so we don't spend time checking out the rules)
I hate DMs that do this. First, you assess the situation. If it's screwing the players over too much, stop the session and check the rules, that's why you bring a fucking rulebook to the game (if you didn't, then yeah, make shit up, but also eat shit, but the handbook and start bringing it to the game).
This thread so cleanly separates the decent gamemasters from the hacks...

what real-world places do you often think of when trying to visualise the 'standard' fantasy world
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i wanna play in one of your games
where ever they filmed stargate sg1. so ...Canada?

File: boss.jpg (30 KB, 474x315)
30 KB
Hey, I am a relatively new GM. I have started my group in a game of Way of the Wicked. I am running it tonight, and a player stepped away for an urgent call. They were in the middle of role play with the boss. Someone sets him off into a holy rage into killing as many people as possible. The strongest on the team has him so worried the boss avoids combat and focuses on the small fry behind him. The Boss was also harder to hit than strongest player was hoping. Point is, the player on the phone got dropped to -2 HP and no one can heal her. She comes back, gets pissed, tries to act as a final thing before dying. I point out that she doesn't have the feat Die Hard. She is now mad on a personal level. We suggest she make a plea with god (Me the GM) check. calling it a religion check. We figure nothing comes of it, I set the DC to 25, and tell her add CHA and WIS to it. She rolls a Nat 20. We are playing an evil campaign, the party are direct servants of Asmodeus and under contract with him to boot, they are in the house of his unholy pope dude, and she has a divine encounter. The question now becomes does she want the power to stave off death long enough to kill this boss, or bargain with Asmodeus for more power. Her two goals with this character are to become a demigod, and control a dragon. At this point the contract makes it so that she has little to bargain. Anyone have an idea where to take this now? I have three days until I have to give her a quest, power, or whatever.

File: Cyberpunk_1024x1024.jpg (151 KB, 786x1024)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
How exactly did Shadowrun exceed Cyberpunk 2020 in popularity? Which one do you think has the better setting? Also, general Cyberpunk thread, I suppose.
Shawdowrun listened to their fans and gradually improved.

Cyberpunk said FUCK YOU and made cyberpunk 2030, which basically reset the known world into some shitty setting, instead of the megacorps we knew and loved. Combat system somehow got worse.
File: CP2020-SR.jpg (312 KB, 1259x894)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
Shadowrun kept pumping out new books, especially lots of adventures, while Mike sat on his laurels for the better part of 10 years. Fans want new stuff, quickly, on schedule, regularly. Don't give it to them and only the really die-hard fans will keep playing, everyone else will move on to the next best thing. That was Shadowrun.
A number of reasons.

Probably one of the biggest is that FASA was behind Shadowrun. FASA was a pretty big deal in the 80's and throughout the 90's when it came to Tabletop games and even managed to release some good Vidya. So they had a solid stable of franchises under their belt and with that lots of dosh, staff and writers and a lot of influence.

Talosrian Games on the other hand was a lot smaller and Pondsmith was a lot more integral to the running of the business and writing then FASA products.
So when RPG's as a franchise started to suffer in the late 90's Pondsmith announced that Talosrian Games would be a part time Enterprise and he went to go work on other things to make money. It's at that point that things go sour as Cyberpunk 3.0 almost became vaporware. When it finally released though it had...Let's say MIXED reviews. It was just popular enough to get a few supplements and accessories but that was about it.
And at this point Talosrian games sorta went under the radar to languish as Mike went to go do other things until CD Project RED got involved of course.

Really the issue is one of prestige and ultimately scale. Shadowrun was was a FASA property and had a lot of time and energy put into it. It managed to survive the Crunch of the late 90's and early 00's because of this while the Cyberpunk franchise suffered due to Talosrians smaller nature and the difficulty in weathering the crunch. The shoddy status of Cyberpunk 3.0 was sort of the final nail in the coffin for a good long while.
Less the issue of laurels and more one of pragmitism. When Pondsmith announced Talosrian games would be part time thing for him the RPG market was pretty uncertain and he wasn't the only one as FASA who were in a better position then Talosrian thought the Tabletop market was gonna go bust.
So FASA decided to get out of the game while the company was still riding high and switched over towards being a IP holder that handed out the IP rights to folks interested. Parsing out the rights to their IP is what helped keep stuff like Shadowrun alive.
Do you think the fantasy elements in Shadowrun helped it maybe have a broader appeal than a purely cyberpunk game like Cyberpunk 2020 would? Like maybe you'd have some D&D people who see a Shadowrun book with an elf and a mage on the cover and they stop and thumb through it at their local gaming store and pick it up, whereas seeing some chromed out dude on a Cyberpunk 20XX cover wouldn't?

File: 1521776614151.png (58 KB, 1229x1160)
58 KB
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I dont see anything wrong with this
I'm really lonely and have trouble making friends.
Tabletop is my favorite hobby, but the only people I know who are willing to play are who I'm playing with now.

I lash out at people and shit talk people because I'm so dissatisfied with my life, and with the games we're playing. I'm fine on actual play days, even though I'm not happy.

I feel like I'm stuck in a prison, as far as my life circumstances are.
You want to live my fetish, I hope you achieve it anon
This, but for Shadowrun
File: uh.png (703 KB, 762x702)
703 KB
703 KB PNG

okay fine.
I think DMing is poison for the soul even though it's the only role I'm meant to fill at tabletop settings. It always turns people into ego-tripping mouthbreathers and I preemptively hate people who say they're foreverdm.

Even though I refuse to DM anymore, I still end up judging people who "aren't DMing properly" as if I have some sort of high ground. Then when I'm asked for advice, I only tell them to fail repeatedly until something works. Probably because I want them to go through the bullshit I went through when learning, rather than help them and their players skip the horror-show that is a "DM in training".

Superiority complexes are annoying.
God complexes are poison.

Can we discuss European Terrain for miniature games?

This was from a recent major European Event. Why are European events failing while American events are reaching new records of turnout?
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>those bare tables

I wouldn't even play. I'd just go home.
Tournaments are cancer.

oh fuck, those tables are...sparse.
Can i bring my Tau?
>held in Washington DC
>place in USA most like Europe in thought and composition.

oh, ok.
File: DMKdkelXcAAurh8.jpg (41 KB, 500x333)
41 KB

File: Evil_Entity_Eating_People.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1080)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
1d6 investigators per round edition
Found this last year, did anything more ever come of it?
I've only gotten to page 5 but this is a really cool read. Thank you for posting it!
No problem anon. I've been looking for more like it for about a year now.
>actual Wells Martians on Mars

This pleases me

File: s-l640.jpg (44 KB, 640x640)
44 KB
You lads don't use rounded edge dice, do you? Post 'em.

I'm looking to have custom marking casino grade D6s made but nobody seems to do it. I'd be willing to pay a stupid amount per cube. Any ideas or experience?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Casino dice are meant to be bounced off of a cushioned wall in a craps pit. The dice are large, heavy, and have sharp machined edges. Moreover, casinos regularly replace them. Why do you think you can buy used dice for fifty cents in the gift shop? Try "rolling" casino dice on your game table. Go ahead, try. The dice will not "roll" at all, they thunk down on the table and don't move. If you try to force them to roll by dropping them on a corner, you will soon have chipped corners, which defeats the entire purpose of finely machined dice. Casinos use a cushioned wall and a felt lining to enable the dice to roll and generate "true" random numbers. In craps, the shooter must bounce the dice off the back wall. If the shooter does not do this, the stickman will shout, "no roll" or "short roll" and the outcome is void. The pit's cushioned wall has indentations to encourage randomness, and the soft felt landing area keeps the dice in good condition. If you're not rolling your casino dice in such conditions (though I'm sure a couple of you freaks have portable craps pits in your basements) then you're not getting any benefit from this sort of dice.
You can make custom dice with whatever symbols you want on them you know.
I need only one. I'm not paying tons of money for it.
Not only that, but with NICELY machined dice, good (Ie slightly better than amateur me) slight of hand practitioners can fairly reliably 'fix' their dice 'rolls'.
With the machined edges and a good hand you can glance at the facing of the dice in your hand
*yep, the ones are 'up'* and execute a two-roll-only-then-DROP-flat maneuver that makes it LOOK mostly like you rolled the dice but actually 'drop' them on to the double-sixes or whatever you were aimin' for.
I'm no pro, but I can reliably get this result at 'significantly better than chance' numbers, even if its not 100%.

Mark VanMeter (did I get his name right) of the Warmahordes tourney scene appears to use this technique of cheating in the videos I've been watching,
and I learned the technique from a youtuber calling himself 'Jimbo Jones' ("How I do").

Bouncing them off the side of the pit completely eliminates my ability to cheat you in this fashion.
If you suspect cheating, watch their techniques.

Larger, sharp dice make it easier, and 'dropping them' rather than rolling with airtime is your giveaway that they're using slight of hand.
Wow, I'm surprised how well this was handled. Nice board we're running here.
Not only is it a terrible idea because of this >>59911411 >>59911756 but most people won't even let you play with casino dice because of this >>59912480.
Just get some Chessex dice, do a 300 roll test, and toss any that are particularly biased to any one side (or just the ones biased low if that's your flavor).

Hey, /tg/
I'm going to play 3.5 for the first this coming sunday and I need some ideas for my character.
I normally gravitate towards martial classes but maybe this time around I can play a caster.
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
If you're looking to play a caster, your best bet with core is to play a druid. Druids have WAY too much shit that makes them good to pass up. If instead you want to play a caster that deals in elemental magic like me, look up:
>Encyclopedia Arcane - Elementalism, The Primordial Force
It's got some fun options to tinker with.
Also the splatbook "Complete Mage." Many of the splatbooks will enhance the 3.5 experience for you, and I insist you tell your GM that if he doesn't believe so already.
File: 1301087038293.jpg (94 KB, 750x600)
94 KB
Some people like climbing the ivory tower.

dndtools and realmshelp has most of what one would need as long as you've got an idea of what to look for. Other than that, a quick search of "The Book You're Looking For" and pdf should bridge the gaps.
An engineer would have realized how much a bag of holding weighs even when empty and know this isn't feasible with a handheld bow.
>Some people like climbing the ivory tower.
Well, that's stupid. Some people like cutting themselves or taking drugs, do I need to endorse that behavior as well?
power attack requires BAB +1, clerics dont have that at level one.

File: 1527076931737.pdf (5.9 MB, PDF)
5.9 MB
5.9 MB PDF
>Google Drive:

>Jumpchain IRC Chats:


>How to Jumpchain:

>Last Thread
543 replies and 84 images omitted. Click here to view.
Divinity in the post-apocalyptic Earth of Swords isn't the same thing. The "gods" are nothing more than human-created gods formed of belief.
File: big_kuro.jpg (559 KB, 2548x1860)
559 KB
559 KB JPG
>taking EMIYA
>not taking Fine Wine Kuro and using the extra points to buff UBW to EX rank
Eh, that sounds pretty meta and unfun desu. If you're worried about hem being too OP, it'd be better to just nerf them than have it work with chain mechanics like that.
>Not just doing the Emiya Family Reunion scenario in FGO and getting both
Come on anon, don't be a pleb.
Be aware everyone will fucking hate you if you do this. common complaints will be
>it's meta
>you're creating drawbacks in jumps not your own
>you're nerfing powers for no good reason

File: Warhammer40k.jpg (341 KB, 3508x2480)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
I'm interested in Warhammer 40k, but I don't know where to start. The only Tabletop RPG's I've played are D&D 5e and Cyberpunk 2020. Any advice to get into Warhammer 40k
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Do you mean the table top RPGs or the main war game?
Whichever is a better introduction, but i would like to get to the tabletop eventually.
Have you watched the Text to Speech series yet?
It's honestly mostly what got me into this whole bad decision.
I haven't heard of that yet, i'll look into it. I've mainly just seen the art of the game which I love the style of.
Find someway to watch how the Taptop game is played, from Youtube or a local store. Also watch a simple assembly and paint tutorial for the models themselves.

If it seems like you would like to get into it as a hobby, just remember the following things.

1. You can find most of the books on the Warhammer general thread.

I would download the 8th edition rule book and read though it to see which faction you want to get into first, but know the first half of the book is "fluff" or lore, and the second half of the book is "crunch" or rules.

Once you find an army that looks cool to you, then download their codex as well.

2. Think about your local options.

If there is a local gaming store, see if they have an active community, if not see if you have some friends who would like to try a game with you once you get it set up. Warhammer is a communal experience.

3. Dark Imperium is a great starter set if you want to have two armies to start with, or you want to start collecting one of those armies.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1527097551622.jpg (94 KB, 700x522)
94 KB
How do you do romance and love stories right?
357 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Talk about something other than your hobbies.

Such as? If it interested me, it would be a hobby already.
Not everything that interests you is a hobby, a hobby is something you DO.
I am interested in men's fashion, yet it is not a hobby because I don't partake in it's creation or presentation.
>Describes a personality he aspires to, works to avoid anxiety
>I swear it's not work!!!

Disregarding your blatant delusion, how many of these relationships have been long term successes that required zero effort to maintain?
File: 1525300796285.jpg (114 KB, 400x400)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Huh, so this is what happens when 20-or-so low functioning autistic shut-ins try and figure out regular human emotion.
Why the fuck would you only eat part of a burrito in bed, dipshit?

File: enemy-turn.jpg (64 KB, 600x340)
64 KB
How do tabletop games handle active time battle or conditional turn battle mechanics? Do characters get a fraction of an extra turn per round that adds up? What happens if someone suddenly gains or loses speed and the turn order changes?
File: 1501558370878.jpg (199 KB, 700x700)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but one of my favorite games is Nechronica which has a fairly dynamic way of doing turns.

Basically, every character has a max number of action points (9 is the starting value for new pc's). At the start of each round of combat, everyone sets their action points to max, and the clock starts ticking down from the highest action point value. When it gets to your action point value, you can act.

Each manuever you can perform, moving, attacking, boosting or subtracting a dice roll, etc. consumes a different amount of AP. So swinging a big heavy great knife will cost 3 AP, while swinging a lighter attack will cost 2 AP. There are also stun or "stagger" attacks that drain enemy AP.

Lastly, there are also "rapid" manuevers. These can be performed only once per turn (that is, until the counter hits 0 AP, at which point everyone resets to their max AP again). and ignore turn order. So you can bust them out to perform emergency dodges, combo two attacks together, etc.

It's a pretty fun battle system. And that's not getting to the nuances of the damage / mutation system, etc.
I remember some homebrew initiative system for Returners FFRPG that emulated ATB mechanics based on SPD. SPD is your base 'tick', basically, every tick your initiative score increases by your SPD until you hit 100 and then you act. Abilities had other modifiers but I can't remember specifics. Really made SPD boosting a good tactic, since you could potentially get more than two actions per turn.

Downloading now, anyone else hypedfor it?


I've bought the original a couple days ago since it was at -60% on humble bundle, and so far I've had a blast with it.
I expected L2D/Vermintide in SPACE, but it feels way more like an Aliens vs Predators game or that old cinematic from Starcraft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8BD_kx9Yy4

>oozes loves for 40k from every pore
>main storyline is decent (currently on mission 4)
>special missions are very cool, varied objectives, various paths opening and closing each game due to rubble or barricades, and I haven't played the same twice so far
>gorgeous graphics and level design, with excellent enemy spawns and reinforcement lines. Every level has at least one memorable setpiece that will make you go "wow"
>great gameplay and balance, weapons have very different uses and feels yet none is garbage, even the basic stormbolter.
>great enemy diversity despite all being genestealers, with acid-spitters, various hybrids, invisibles ones, giant fuckers, exploding ones...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
138 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
Technically anyone could be clearing a space hulk since all imperials are required to do it, and anyway you can just say random faction stumbled upon it and decided to explore it for reasons. Even non LSM.
>It was bad the last time I checked
did you try checking somewhere that doesn't get disproportionately butthurt over pronouns?
That hasn't really been the case for a while. Between the HH books and DA trilogy, it's been made fairly clear that the DA are Pro-Imperial and the Fallen run the range of Renegade to Heretic.
since no one is going to answer my question, I will believe it is "no"

File: mekki.jpg (100 KB, 884x869)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
333 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Just look at what recently happened to the Boy Scouts.
That was just the Boy Scouts trying to muscle in on cookie sales and membership numbers, because their numbers and budgets have been dropping steadily.
But the really horrible thing is that I don't think this is the result of ignorance but of genuine malevolence. Somehow its as though Original Sin has been reversed, and now in the minds of a lot of left leaning people out there males are the inferior gender and masculinity is the source of all the evils of the world. While all the good there is to be found is in feminine virtues. Male has become synonumous with bad.
No it isn't. Its because a bunch of feminists convinced a little girl she had to be a boy scout and then waged a media campaign to force the Boy Scouts to accept her. They did this because the idea any sort of male centric group whatsoever was anathema to their ideology.

dat's some good manga
good lord gods are dicks tho
I don't care what the feminists say. There's stuff about being male that females don't fucking understand and don't know how to properly advise us on. Males need to form male social groups in order to stay mentally healthy.

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