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Subject says it all, elegan/tg/entlemen.

I'm running a wilderness adventure next week and I don't know what kind of stuff an adventurer really needs to survive, so suggestions and images for reference are welcome.

I'm looking especially for fantasy non-magical equipment, but whatever you want to post is fine.
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I love all the pictures, but I have to ask, does anybody ever deck their character out in tools and dodads? bring a portable battering ram in 5e for instance? I just love the idea of a barbarrian or fighter being the full of little helpful bits and bobs instead of just being a beef slab with an axe.
File: 1506795881734.jpg (264 KB, 1600x1197)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
File: Chinese_snuff_bottles.jpg (408 KB, 1544x1024)
408 KB
408 KB JPG
Good thread. Have some magical bottles.
I do this for pretty much all my D&D characters. I'm that guy who has an entire extra sheet just to keep track of all my various items. I almost always buy some kind of pack animal to carry larger gear (mining equipment, crafting tools, etc.).

I basically just look at the lists of mundane equipment and buy anything that costs less than a couple gold. I'm often asking the DM for small stuff that's not listed in the book, like "hey, can I buy some smoke bombs" or "instead of alchemist's fire, can I get alchemist's ice or alchemist's lightning?"

File: cossacks letter.jpg (1.4 MB, 2202x1879)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
What is Exalted?
An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroes in a world that turned on them.
Start here: http://theonyxpath.com/category/worlds/exalted/

>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Read the 3e core book (link below). For mechanics of the old edition, play this tutorial: http://mengtzu.github.io/exalted/sakuya.html
. It’ll get you familiar with most of the mechanics.

>Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group?
Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on /tg/.

>Resources for Older Editions

Resources for Third Edition

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>That's because most people are playing the game instead of in threads crying because of lack of games, which as before no one wants to run because it is a steaming pile of garbage mechanics wise.
Sure, anon. The reason your game doesn't get much attention is because it's just too damn popular for that. That sounds entirely plausible and not at all far-fetched.
File: 1.png (38 KB, 499x338)
38 KB
Yeah makes perfect sense, that's why DnD and Warhammer generals are just wastelands.

>High stakes
>Perfect defense and perfect attack are lesser gifts
>- The d20 system handles it fairly well, plus with the Frey die allows for far more dramatic combats of mowing through lesser minions which Exalted fails to do utterly.
Have you heard of battlegroups and trivial opponents, anon?
>You want a game that bogs down under its own weight

Godbound does that just by remaking paranoia combat for d20
If you like Godbound, fine. But the Exalted General might not be the best place to turn up and shout "Fuck exalted, play godbound instead".

File: 1484679527418.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
Let's just say that, hypothetically, I'm tired of my character after 8 sessions or so. Is it ok to break it down to the GM, or should I avoid being that guy and stick with it until death?
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...Not wanting to play mechanically boring characters is bait now?

The very same! Funny that.
File: orc half-orc family.jpg (2.69 MB, 2200x1375)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB JPG
That's sad, but at the same time cool.
My characters are like my children, brah.I just want to see them happy.... and occasionally punished for their hubris.
i feel like its just barbarian and fighter
rest is pretty fun
You could find an in-story reason for your character to retire gracefully instead of being killed, maybe.

File: Ratfolk Cleric.jpg (107 KB, 715x859)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Maybe we should start taking notes... Anyway; Ratfolk religion - what sort of gods do they worship? What demons do they particularly fear?
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File: 1516996649154.jpg (650 KB, 1920x1080)
650 KB
650 KB JPG
You should give TWW2 a try. There's nothing like taking those arrogant elves and dwarfs down a notch or two.
Bump limit has been reached. Are we going to start a new thread?
Shit these thread still working
If I was gay for catboys I'd go to Infinity General.

File: image.jpg (16 KB, 650x198)
16 KB
Why doesn't /tg/ want gunblades in their fantasy games?
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Seriously, my DM is like those people, they're just the worst. Last session I had my dual weilding ranger Jarst spin his swords around over his head so fast he started flying like a helicopter, but my DM said I couldn't do that because it was "silly" and "unrealistic". Like, HELLO? It's a FANTASY game! Literal magic is okay but helicopter swords are where you draw the line? Unbelievable!
File: 1485268114469.png (654 KB, 680x510)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
to be fair, saiyan tend not to be known for their intellect.
Because explosive sledgehammers are a far superior implementation of the concept
>I don't like dissenting opinions, let's make a thread on /tg/!
Glad to see someone gets it. What do you mean I can't use my dick to cum acid all over my enemies? It's a fucking FANTASY game!

File: Paperbag.jpg (134 KB, 728x514)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>Start getting into DnD because of coworkers and Critical Role (no bully)
>Fully immerse myself, read about races, classes, monsters, etc
>Buy PHB and bring it home after work
>Mom finds it
>"How's this supposed to help you find a girlfriend?"
>"Is everyone playing this single?"

Bone-chilling Sentences thread
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I didn't say it was honest just that it was a plausible excuse
>Gotta be honest man, no one is getting laid because of DnD. The chances of finding someone that is:
I lost my virginity because of DnD 3.5, so I know your comment is patently false anon. I was that annoying couple that stops showing up for game night because we were too busy fucking.

No but I got laid playing VtM with autistic mall goths
>Habitually brew wines and meads and beers
>Been doing it for two decades
>Have a bunch of barrels that I've been using since I was fifteen
>Made mention of it during a game because someone complained about how useless their 5e character's brewing supplies proficiency was
>End up talking about some of the entry-level stuff for an hour or so, get invited to bring some to the next game

>Next game, bring a two-gallon barrel of mead
>American white oak, medium toasting on the inside
>It's not my smallest, but the only ones smaller weren't ready for drinking yet
>Idiot player apparently can't handle his mead
>Ends up accidentally breaking the tap while I was busy with something else
>Still heard the "Oops"

Never been so close to slaying a man with a fucking barrel like Donkey Kong or some shit.
I'm picturing a burly barbarian grabbing a barrel with two meaty hands and crushing some poor drunk nerd into ground beef.

How would YOUR PCs feel about being raised as evil undead monsters? Self-aware of their evil, that is.
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File: 600px-Boomstick15.jpg (59 KB, 600x338)
59 KB
Good? Evil? I'm the guy with the boomstick.
Depends on the specific rules of necromancy

I think in most D&D there is no rule against this, and there ARE rules that say you can cast raise dead/resurrection on undead after you destroy them to get the person back if they still meet the other requirements for those spells.
Most of them would be pretty meh about it. I mean, half of them weren't exactly the cookie cutter definition of "good" to begin with.
The only two who would have a real problem with it would be the Warlock from Anima, mostly because being in the presence of the Warrior Summoner would now risk immediate harm to him as well as this meaning his soul-pacted dragon/wife would soon die, and the Nature Cleric because he probably couldn't go back to the orphanage and take care of his foster brothers and sisters any more.
Though how someone managed to raise a C-3 [Assassin-spec] Droid as an undead is beyond me.

And Tojiko did nothing wrong.
File: Solaire aG3vcrY.jpg (170 KB, 1100x589)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
I'm a necessary evil, taking the souls of the lost to rekindle the light.

Praise the Sun.
How does undead being evil work?

File: Tamriel_Map.png (4.67 MB, 1771x1279)
4.67 MB
4.67 MB PNG
What setting unironically has the deepest lore?
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Okay, I'm gonna bite. Is this a meme I'm unaware of? Bionicles are those edgy 90's LEGOs, what makes them worth mentioning alongside Middle Earth, Glorantha, Elder Scrolls, et cetera?
It's not even a meme.
star wars legends had the unironicly deepest lore
can you point me in the direction of fantasy fiction pre Tolkein that went to similar linguistic and anthropological lengths re: world building?
there's a difference between originality and pioneering, much like there's a difference between an insightful post and a post by a brainlet (you)

It actually has interesting lore inspired by pacific islander (mostly Maori) culture and mythology. The wiki is a fucking rabbit hole of deep lore

As I remember it from when I was a wee lad playing with these things, Organic-machine hybrid people with masks of elemental power who battle insect-like monsters.

File: downloadfile.jpg (79 KB, 800x800)
79 KB
>DM is big fan of Rwby, asked if we should set our next game there.
>Decent show. We agree. We set it in the Great War.
>We choose a mix of Mantle and Mistral pc's
>DM is confused, asks why we don't play Vale
>We point out Vale is a Mary Sue kingdom.
>DM seethes, but allows it. Butthurt clear.
>We do honourable soldier shit, fighting for Order.
>Many Valemen die by our hands.
>We fight Jaune's ancestor.
>NPC Schnee colonel has a Faunus bastard child. Many laughs ensue.
>DM increasingly nervous that the war is turning against the Mary Sue forces.
>Time for assault on Vecuo comes.
>Big battle ensues, as per canon.
>King of Vale is op Mary Sue. Also canon.
>With our help, however, he is subdued.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I'm sure that actually happened.
Sounds as autistic as the show itself
The show has its good moments.
This doesn't.
It was.

File: giphy.gif (33 KB, 181x222)
33 KB
Most boring people to Tabletop with

>Human-only roleplayers who are infatuated with 14-19th century warfare roleplay

>Self proclaimed 'milspergs'

>Dwarves of any kind

>Asocial characters roleplayed by asocial people
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Psionics, Spheres of Power, Spheres of Might. Ignore Vancian classes that get anything higher than 6th level spells.
Sad that this is what you have to do to make PF playable.
For 3.5, ban Core (except for skills and certain prereq feats). That solves a lot.
I mean it's pretty fun with you do that. Honestly, most of the 9th casters are stupid on a basic thematic level anyway or can be replicated even better with most of the classes mentioned. Fuck the whole point of spheres is that you can fluff your magical ability as more or less whatever you want.
Most of my group's characters and NPCs have a variety of British accents, like 90% or something
It's because we're all Brits so whenever we talk in a made-up voice we just follow our instincts
I'm still trying my best to use other voices though

File: 1517022763705.jpg (38 KB, 356x372)
38 KB
>tfw /tg/ always complains about their group only wanting to play D&D, but it's been so long since your group's played it you long for a simple fantasy game with defined classes and levels

Don't judge /tg/ by a handful of shitposters.

File: its finally happening.jpg (124 KB, 900x535)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Are you going to watch /ourguy/'s new anime?
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>He does not let anyone roll the dice.
Clearly an old school d&d player. Never ever get into a fair fight.
>Reminder to only post rape images since it is the true canon.

She was the great and powerful hero before she got blindsided by gobs and ended up reduced to gob cum dumpster.

By The Book Edition

>What is Genesys?
Released in November 2017, Genesys is a pen-and-paper generic system and toolkit by Fantasy Flight Games, using a refined version of the system presented by their Star Wars RPGs (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny). Its central mechanic is the Narrative Dice System, using pools made of specialized dice to create more narrative results.

>Realms of Terrinoth, the first official setting supplement, to be released Q2 2018

>Player-made Genesys settings

>Online Extras
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/329635601945067522/392866714544766976/genesys_character_sheet_fillable.pdf - Fillable Character Sheet
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/329635601945067522/386612561115611137/genesys_setting_worksheet_fillable.pdf - Fillable Setting sheet

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>sometimes frustrating resolution or storytelling mechanics to codify additional outcomes, which is what seems to be what goes sidways for people who don't like Fate Core or PbtA.
I noticed that watching a YouTube Let's Play of The Sprawl, a PbtA cyberpunk game. The mechanics are confined to the mission structure, you have to pick a very specific action when doing something mechanically meaningful, and though it gives you different degrees of success or failure, what they give you to work with is very exacting and specific. Things like "you can only ask for intel using this particular list of questions" or "you must pick one of these specific ways for your action to fail" or any other sort of built-in hang-up do play towards the system's conceit of geting stuck deeper into "the sprawl" and the cyberpunk themes, but it became obvious that there's no real capability in rolling a check unless there is an opportunity for that action to fail in a specific way that is mechanically meaningful. It's why trying to roleplay doing anything while outside the mission structure felt hamstrung. Hell, the act of securing a job involved a check and required selecting certain parameters surrounding the nature of acquisition, such as whether you know the identity of the one providing the job or how big the payout is or whatever.
Its honestly what steered me away from,ptba games truth told.

*World/PbtA games can be quite fun, but you definitely have to get everybody in on playing whatever particular style and format the game is in. The GM has quite a bit of flexibility on their backend, but player moves are all very specific actions, which means you need to have people ready to just freeball RP it any time they want to do something your GM can't point to and say "this is a move".

I should add, this is why they're called "fiction first", you have to keep talking until whatever you're doing triggers a mechanic, that is not for everyone.

File: fow tg banner 35.jpg (60 KB, 550x470)
60 KB

Flames of War SCANS database:
---Includes our Late War Leviathan rules!
Official Flames of War Free Briefings:

Current /tg/ fan projects - Noob Guide &FAQ, and a Podcast
Quick Guide on all present FOW Books:

Archive of all known Panzer Tracts PDFs: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/nyvobnlg12hoz/Panzer_Tracts

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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They definitely learned, Most of the cards are worth taking in the right list. Also the L6/40s as light tanks and not scouts are great.
Links/Pics or it didn't happen. Also, still fact-checking the 'final' version so I hope no one notices my mistakes in that version (ie under units I said the WG & UK had 14 unique units each, but it is actually 13).
File: Stridsvagn m42.jpg (160 KB, 1024x697)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
File: 1489945645630.jpg (140 KB, 1280x715)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Actually another point is that NATO get a choice of 3 different ground attack aircraft with the US able to take 2 options. Meanwhile the PACT get 1 and its not like their aren't others to choose from.
The Harrier for the US should have been specific to Marine forces only.

File: trans-shazam.jpg (276 KB, 1272x920)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
So, I'm starting up a setting for D&D. I'm still undecided if I'm going for a Pathfinder game, or a 5th Ed game, as the group is divided, but open to either. It's my first time GMing, and there are some things I want to try out. I'd also like to get some opinions as to what I could do better, and what to avoid.

For a start, Whilst I've never touched Pathfinder, I'm well aware that magic is broken in it, and I want to make magic dangerous to actually fuck around with. I want spells in the rulebooks to act like guidelines, shaped by the magis user and their personal beliefs, practices and the like. I want the ever present concern that if a spell goes wrong, it can go _really_ wrong. I want Magic to be a living force, something that doesn't like to be fucked with.

My setting has Magic as the origin of most true monsters. There are parts of the world permanently scarred and twisted due to some great working having gone to absolute shit, and warped, twisted creatures were born from such events. I'm thinking that I should probably use some kind of a Wild Mage Surge chart, but a lot that I've looked at feel a bit more goofy than anything, such as "whoops, everyone smells like cheese for 1d4 days".
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I mean, I suppose I can modify an existing setting to suit my needs a little, these are fair and valid points.

Regarding mechanics, seeing as how I'm going for a low magic setting, how do I squeeze that in? Magic in itself is not going to be very popular in the setting, as I said.
I'm actually saying that you're focussing too much on the 'setting' and not enough on the gameplay.

The gameplay, or specifically gameable content your players can interact with such as dungeons, npcs, enemy encounters, villains, difficult problems to solve, traps, puzzles, etc are the meat of what makes up your game more so than anything else.

That's what the design work should be around.

If you want to introduce any setting in that you'd need to use 'show don't tell' to organically add those elements to the game.

For example if you want to show that magic is scary and powerful, show the evil wizard casting a spell that destroys swathes of the groups home town then have him flee and retreat to rest and recuperate. This can spur the party to find him and defeat him in his weakened state.

If you have a caster in the party, instead of trying to work out new mechanics for him, just have the town's people treat him with fear, mistrust and awe because he's a caster and can do scary things.
Interesting thoughts.
Well, you need-
Madness Tables
Ravenloft Horror check tables
Taint Tables
Infernal corruption Tables
Far-realm corruption tables, Dragon 330 and the alienist from 2e's tables and the content of Gates of firestorm peak
Vile Darkness tables
Necromancy Corruption tables from complete book of Necromancers
Spritual phenomenon Dragon 342
Unstable Magical Effects (pictured)
Good Luck and bad Luck Dragon 276
Spheres of Power also has a wild magic option, but you would have to make your own tables for surges.

It's also infinitely more hackable for a low magic feel than the baseline vancian system.

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