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File: 20170724_183116.jpg (3.42 MB, 4032x3024)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB JPG
So if the UK has a hard brexit does that mean forgeworld goodies be cheaper for us in America
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A one world government is what this planet needs. If you faggots from the UK don't accept that, you're going to look mighty silly a hundred years down tge line when history fucking judges you. In the wrong.
>A one world government is what this planet needs.

Sounds horrible.
No, anon, let him be wrong. He clearly chose that as his religion.
>believing Britain has enough patriotic duty left in her to ever pull off another Miracle

You can't even win at Football, a game you invented.
We'll have Allah on our side soon, so who knows?

File: 1431314252684.jpg (95 KB, 720x981)
95 KB
What's the best way to represent power armor in a game? Just a boost to strength and protection? Independent strength? Any other options?

What about prosthetics? Mecha?
That probably depends on the system in question, and on how you wish to portray the power armor.
Give a system, because power armor in SR isn't the same as GURPS isn't the same as 40k.
File: 1469131571029.jpg (305 KB, 1406x1892)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
I guess I just mean generally, from a game design kind of standpoint. I'm also curious about general opinions on how others think it should be portrayed.
Still says nothing, because their are many ideas of power armor out their.
First, you have to decide if it's something you wear or something you pilot.
Then, what do you want it to DO? Power armor in Fallout, for example, is there expressly for use as heavy fire support infantry and close quarters superiority, while 40k power armor is much more multipurpose, tending towards higher survival and visuals.
Decide what you want it to do, and build it towards that purpose.
In 40k, power armor adds to your armor soak, your strength stat (but not your toughness), some visual/perception information and a handful of other benefits like ease of weapon carry for humans.
However, the Dreadknight, more a mecha (but still technically power armor), has it's own stats entirely, but the reaction times and mentals of the pilot.

Would khorne and nurgle work together to create something like the rage virus?
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Yeah, maybe. Khorn hates Slaanesh, and Tzeench hates Nurgle, and none of them really get along well. But they're capable of working together.
Yes, but they would be perpetually trying to find ways of backstabbing each other through out the whole process.
>Khorne has this idea on a back of his head to make something similar to what he pulled off with Blood Angels back in the day, but easily transmittable
>reluctantly tasks one of his bloodthirsters to ask Nurgle for a bit of advice here
>suprisingly horned daemon came back with only half of the STDs in the known universe, and spoke of Nurgle's optimistic reaction to that whole concept
>soon they try it out, works great, planet after planet falls to 28DaysLater-esque zombies
>Khorne is pleased
>wait, what?
>Khorne is not pleased
>virus mutated and hosts started to rot, becoming romero-esque zombies
>legend says even Tzeentch giggled with Nurgle.
imagine if nurgle created a std thats blocks the brains ability to feel pleasure and he infected slaanesh cultists with it
Since Khorne hates Nurgle the least out of the other chaos gods i'd say they might.

I'm currently dming my irl group (5e) to let our regular dm moves houses and play for once. Got 4 sessions under my belt.
This one will be continuing in the style of my last session, which deviates from the standard both the players and i normally have been in. I give them a Plot Twist token each, improvved everything while asking players to fill in certain details. No rails to run on as far as the eye can see.
Got a text from a player asking if he could bring a friend, i say yeah, tell me about him.
> am sent a screenshot.CE Black Dragonborn Paladin
> Player: "He is the kind of player that wants to kill everyone in the party. Ha"
> ask if he's That Guy
> am told "He's a fun guy". Also that he's killed his entire party before in a 2 year long campaign.

I've asked the player (who plays an edgy tiefling warlock assassin in the main campaign) to pass along that "the same page tool" questionnaire, but already feel out of my depth.

Anyone have some tips?
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>CE Paladin
>Somehow makes this an argument about transexuals.
It's a parallel example to show how the nuD&D creators are putting "play what you want" before the tone of the world. It's like letting you play a transdemisexual in Lord of the Rings, it is not a part of the setting, keep it the fuck out, it ruins the tone. Just like playing a minotaur in Middle Earth would be stupid because that shit doesn't exist in Middle Earth. But the nuD&D players will whinge and whine, "stop restricting me," and "fun comes first, your autistic setting doesn't matter" and then laugh hysterically when they roll a nat20 and force you to have Denethor suck xir dick.
No one gives a fuck, go cry somewhere else.
>transdemisexual in Lord of the Rings
>not a part of the setting
>ruins the tone

Friendo, how does a dude who wants to dress like a chick ruin the setting which *invented modern elves*? How fucking retarded are you?

Take your /pol/shit back to your containment board.
Why are you giving responses to the troll who is doing this literally just to get responses?

So my party decided they wanted to fight something insane, so I chose Iudex pre-puss of man form as one of the bosses. Note the game is Dark Heresy Ascension. Pic for reference.
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File: 54czd.jpg (95 KB, 480x654)
95 KB
Note- depending on the size of the party and how well equipped and experienced they are, you may want to teak his armor to better counter them, this is all dependant on the type of challenge you want him to be
Good stat lines a bit weak since its ascension but ill modifie so its a bit stronger.
>low dex
Dude, he flips around the whole arena and he has low dex? What are you thinking
Thank you and will do.
He also just stands there while you wail on him, is easy to dodge, and easy to parry.

Also he has a strange habit of lying down and giving up on life if you parry him.

File: 1500846514190.jpg (10 KB, 250x217)
10 KB
>GM or Player
>Time availability
>Text or Voice
>Contact Information
>Additional Information
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Does this returning character also have a higher practical experience level than the rest of the group because it's from another game?
>>GM or Player
Barbarian's of Lemuria, Strike!
>>Time availability
Most weeknights, EST, but flexible.
>>Text or Voice
>>Contact Information
WarWeasel#4544 @ Discord
War Weasel @ Roll20

>>Additional Information
This is just me fishing for rare games I'd like to check out, mainly Strike! and Barbarians of Lemuria.
No, everyone will start out with an Exp level equal to the previous characters and extra money for cyberware/gear/etc to compensate for missing the previous game's payouts.
File: 634132151a.jpg (598 KB, 1600x800)
598 KB
598 KB JPG


Sci-fi Post-apocalypse or Eclipse Phase

>Time availability
See additional info


>Contact Information

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Season 8 /tg/ Fumbbl League is underway.
Legendary Edition news.
Meme leagues underway.

The rules that are being replaced on FUMBBL, the CRP (aka LRB6):

The new GW released 2016 edition books, including the Deathzones supplements: https://mega.nz/#F!uw4XiYxK!tboZyS7RM-rrPJ93nSAmSg

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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quite literally >>54535990

This game isn't as asymmetrical as you say though. There is no dominant strategy, things counter each other.
That's not what asymmetrical means
thank mr skeltal

File: download (1).jpg (11 KB, 284x177)
11 KB

Queen Marchesa's army>>54522917
Darian's Kingdom >>54523107
Pirates >>54525292
The Wildlife >>54528319 → (not done help is appreciated)

Queen Marchesa has started to eye Darien, King of Kjeldor's city, and the queens army is ready to invade.

ITT 3 of the finished decks ready for play (may be unbalanced they just got done)

The Defending Party

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1478135628434.jpg (399 KB, 1280x963)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
I'm looking for art with weirdness(monsters, magic and etc) happening in a modern era.
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>"This is the last time I trust that guy back there on the bridge who looked like Cliff Richards Corpse Doing a Spot of Fishing."
Hello neighbour!
And in the second game she rapes you.
It's since been fixed well enough, I played it with zero issues on a 970. It's basically more JC2.

Get the DLCs though, especially the Air one. It gives you a powered wingsuit and makes map traversal way, way more fun.

File: IMGP2718.jpg (268 KB, 720x523)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
"Arcanists" edition

Malifaux (Including Ripples of Fate): https://mega.nz/#F!cg00BCoD!mDHocpgWP_hkkM3CpCBwrQ

Through the Breach (Complete): https://mega.nz/#F!Z9sVSYTS!U2J243KhVsUuOqAnsqTj4A

Book 1 - Basic Rules and first wave of updated (from 1st edition of malifaux) models
Book 2 - Second wave of updated models
Book 3 - Campaign system and new M2E models
Book 4 - New models
Book 5 - Just announced

Discord voice chat for malifaux chat and memery: https://discord.gg/xWkuFRz

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Carlos Vasquez.jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x1466)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Well, that's fine I guess.
She's already OK in melee if that's where you want her, but I guess there are also upgrades I take just because I have slots open...

Seems like an odd choice, but I guess that's going to happen if the aim is to open new styles.
RoF lore question: Allison Dade. She's vainly trying to investigate the truth of what happened at Innocence. What went on there and when?
File: Nurses.jpg (193 KB, 940x768)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
The PDF campaign is in the OP TTB folders.

I don't know.
Read In Defence of Innocence. Neverborn attacked the eponymous frontier town and their inside guy was a mimic inconspicuously named Tatterson Flay.

Thanks guys

Please help me I need a campaign for a 20+ party of a wizard, paladin, cleric, and fighter in an hour and a half for third edition. Any resources would help thank you so much.
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You're so fucked. 3rd E is such a shitfest to create content for, especially the "five-billion at-will abilities and spell lists including summons and status conditions and all sorts of other bullshit that you have to keep track of" that high-level 3rd E encounters are.

Almost unplayable and hideously tedious to GM, and that's *with* prep.
Im well versed with 3 e i just need a pre made campaign to fal back on
Do you need campaign ideas/elements, or just plot hooks?

Try the elder evils book. One of them should be appropriate for you to throw at the party. You don't even have to be subtle or restrained about it. Understand that the paladin and cleric will absolutely murder any undead-having scenario.

Try the Leviatian one. It should be fun.
Put a bullet in the chamber and stops this mess before it starts.

If you're wanting to be lazy why the hell are you running an epic level 3.5 game?
Quicksilver hourglass
Stop a vampire from activating a deity powered Doomsday device who works for the fucking God of Vampires itself fighting through the remnants of the deities old Pantheon, an Elven princess, and save the Multiverse so that paragons of Lawful good and Chaotic good show up to thank you, fighting multipl eepic-level threats along the way.

Earn the Ire of Vlad Tolenkov, The Vampire Shagging Lolth in the process for actually killing an active member of the Union of Eclipses. Though probably not, as he's too busy fucking Lolth, and trying to get his cult together, even though his deity won't let him, and the plan would have technically flooded the universe with Elder Evil god tier vampires anyhow.

For extra tweaking, get your hands on the Sword and Sorcery Ravenloft rules to edit the Vampires to have their age categories and better relevant powers for 3.5

I need to make the most "fuck you" dungeon possible. How do I go about it?
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Fair enough.
see >>54539925
oh my fucking god had a good kek at this
>and it didn't work
Neither did the original, at Gygax's table: they just herded NPCs through traps and made off with a couple of bags full of treasure while Acererak was distracted by the rest of the NPCs. The first time someone 'beat' Tomb of Horrors was pretty much a slapstick smash-and-grab. May as well have been directed by Guy Ritchie.
Yeah, Gygax's own group was pretty used to his bullshit by the time they ran that.
Didn't he also have a Rogue that clung to the ceiling through the entire dungeon to avoid his traps?

File: 1457757506815.jpg (52 KB, 510x702)
52 KB
How would you make a princess the BBEG?
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Daddy (the king) is largely apathetic to his daughter, keeping his attention on grooming her brother for leadership and actually ruling the kingdom. He funnels her some of the vast treasury to keep her occupied while paying her no mind. Born into the lap of luxury but nothing to actually DO, the princess takes to moonlighting as a masked villain, using her allowance to hire thugs and bullies to take over local crime gangs, plunge dungeons, and collect powerful artifacts. She ends up building a dangerous, trapped filled dungeon complex filled with all sorts of monsters right under the castle, with daddy none the wiser. She causes chaos all across the kingdom, forcing the king to call adventurers to hunt this mysterious new enemy-all none the wiser that it's his own daughter doing so essentially out of boredom.
Honestly, it would have made more sense to execute the four of them rather than spend all the time, money and man power to construct and run those megaprisons for 13 years. Maybe hire Amon on the side to fuck these guys over.
Hey man, at least you posted a picture and some elaboration. I just did the 4chan equivalent of "fucking google it m8".
File: mE3tfY5.jpg (90 KB, 701x706)
90 KB
Of course you'd say that, Ty Lee. I know she cut her nails for you but it's not THAT big a deal.

Come and post your partywagons!

I'm looking for airships built for small groups (5-20 people).
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>Hey guys, I have an idea
>We can use WHAAALES!
File: 021.jpg (247 KB, 1131x1600)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
File: 022.jpg (306 KB, 1131x1600)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
File: 051.jpg (396 KB, 1600x1131)
396 KB
396 KB JPG

File: 415151.jpg (86 KB, 426x336)
86 KB
So I always liked the really weird Morrowind lore. You've got half-gods fighting moons, cyborgs from the future as elf-hunters, deities hearts being the fool for huge golems, towers as foundations of the physical plane or space colonies occupied by battlemages. This is basically what I often like in the mythologies of many settings. They talk of these weird old times, where everying was extroardinary, and seemed like both a mix of mythology and science-fiction. Nirn was supposed to be made from 12 different planets.
So I'm wondering is there a role-playing game that gives you this feeling? Ones were the the characters will fight gods, travel through time, alien races that both weild powerful magic but also travel to different planets. Something, weird, surreal and epic.
I'm of course not asking specifically for any of the things I mentioned. Just something that gives you a similar feeling.
Rifts or Exalted,

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