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File: WhatImadewhathesaw.jpg (33 KB, 1022x453)
33 KB
You know the rules, and so do I.
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Urban Arcana Curse of Strahd Mash up set in New Orleans.
File: MSP Eberron.png (2.54 MB, 1201x2048)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB PNG
Eberron Campaign
File: WP3.png (1.96 MB, 1230x1575)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG

Care to elaborate?
Why yes. Basically the idea was for reasons the city of New Orleans has sunk into the DemiPlane of Dread on one of the Urban Arcana tides of Shadow. Now slowly its interweaving with the valley of Barovia.


First is a half elf police detective ranger who has had some slap stick levels of living and dying on the edge.

Second is a tech bro entrepenuer rogue who is dealing with a nervous breakdown over magic being real and the ghost of his Tiamat worshipping domestic terrorism funding partner whom he paid to have killed haunting him.

Third is a Revanant Asimar Divine Soul Sorceress who might have been an avatar or prophet of an Egyptian Goddess if not the goddess herself who has slept through an era when magic had ebbed low on earthand been sleeping as a mummy and now runs a funeral home and is now recovering her power.

Tiefling Mystic local nerdowell and hookup who is a transporter and go between for illegal goods and services while also practicing voodoo, who may now have a drug problem thanks to tech bro.

Half elf private eye wildmage. He’s been all wild magic...all the time.

File: onitoko!! .png (305 KB, 642x548)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
Why even include western ogres in your campaign when you could include Oni instead?
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File: 1511376601465.jpg (273 KB, 707x1000)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Not technically an oni but looks close enough.
File: 1511408015455.png (266 KB, 528x811)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
>be oni
>runt of the litter
>oni siblings pick on you, you get less food and booze cuz they steal your share
>parents just say to fight them for it but you get your ass whooped
>trying to outsmart them kinda works, but they usually just whoop your ass and steal your stuff anyways
>meet human adventurers
>they're wary at first when you challenge but warm up to you when they realize your heart isn't really into it
>get close to them
>they appreciate how your much stronger and tougher than them, also what little mystical knowledge you have
>decide to go hang out with adventurers and see the world instead of live on a mountain as your siblings bottom bitch
File: Spoiler Image (40 KB, 640x480)
40 KB

Because it wouldn't be much of an Ogre Battle without them.
I was thinking yu yu hakusho for some reason.
>glitter on her club
>someone could track her movements by following the trail of glittery dead bodies

File: hhg.jpg (1.53 MB, 2076x1992)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
Exothermic Spear of Russ Edition

Old thread >>58012823

>Thread FAQ

>Official HH 7th Edition Errata (not updated since January 2016)

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

>HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore

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Some good tips for starting a Blood Angle force here, take a look.
Yours? Never heard of this channel before.
It's just some autist faggot chilling his shitty slideshows.
Nah, he's alright. It's good to see some guy from here doing something more than saying his primarch is better than yours
Yeah, like "my opinion is better than yours." Haven't seen that on the internet before.

File: trajan.png (993 KB, 586x843)
993 KB
993 KB PNG
Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes and High Lord of Terra, Trajan Valoris.

>Warhammer TV Tip of the Day:

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary:

>Main Mega:

>Other Megas:

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That last fight was awesome, it was the remaining 10+ Gal Vorbak against one Custodes and he just killed them all except for Argel Tal. Great book and Betrayer is an even better sequel.
Unironically it helps me a lot and I don't have to worry about it becoming unstock and falling all of a sudden.
As a T'au player, I hate the fact they might be making Riptides OP again. I thought it was finally dealt with once 8th came about, now the codex is bringing 7th's shit back.
Of course I did, it's great to hold your mini and get your gimp to lie upside down and hold it
>just fix the shit that's supposed to be iconic to the faction ffs
They did though, didn't you see? The big mechs got buffed.

Ok so a wizard appears and he asks you to tell him what earth will be like in 20 years? 50? 100?

I need your near future predictions for technology, society and especially warfare.
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Also why have I only ever seen it on /tg/?
It's just making fun of /pol/tards and their constant use of retarded memes like soyboy.

Someone on /tg/ made it up a few weeks ago. I thought it was funny, so I use it now. Apparently I'm not the only one.
Everything will be linked to the internet, funnelling information to data servers to be stored indefinitely. And I do mean literally everything: you flush your toilet or flick a lightswitch, Google HQ records it.

There will be no more official wars, but there will be an endemic low level violence in every country. People will constantly be getting killed and kidnapped regardless of what city they live in. The lines between street gang and militia, police and PMC will blur and become meaningless distinctions. Anyone with a job will live in a gated community, which will in turn be heavily monitored. Everyone's activity will be rigorlessly monitored, yet crimes will still be rampant and go largely unsolved. Only crimes committed by the increasingly tiny middle class will be punished. Nanobots will be everywhere, observing and recording information and even taking blood samples.

There will be colonies on the moon and perhaps even Mars, but these will be glorified space mansions, compounds built for the super rich and manned by servants who want to escape the mess they made on Earth. Certain regions like New Zealand will be made into fortress countries for the super rich who remain on Earth.

Life expectancy will plummet as pollution and overpopulation drastically increases disease and cancer. With a detached mega rich class not exposed to it and a small middle class unable to fund research, medical technology will stagnate. Back alley doctors will become rampant and surgical levels for most will fall to early 20th century standard. Only tech applicable to survelliance/urban pacification and cyberwarfare will be pursued. People will not be starving but they will be almost exclusively consumming heavily processed meals satuarted with cancer causing chemicals. Formless obesity will covered in pimples and lesions be the standard human form.

There will be no revolution, since no one will know who to fight or have the capability to do so.

50 years prediction btw.
Also forgot to mention: ads will be everywhere and you will not be able to.escape them. Want to turn on your car? You gotta sit through an ad played across your windshield first. Open your curtains to gaze out at the sunrise? Ad will immediately play across your window. If you try to look away or not pay attention it will wait to play until it registers you focusing on it again. Since cameras and microphones will be in every room of your house by then these ads will also be created by specialized AI solely targetted at you. You're a beer drinker whose feeling sad your grandpa just died? Sappy ad for Budweiser will play on your fridges computer, and a drone will show up to deliver a free 4 pack at your door.

Welcome to Nobledark Imperium: a relatively light fan rewrite of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, with a generous helping of competence and common sense.



>Lion finally gets finished
>Avatar of Khorne
>Totally not canon M42 stuff, Morty was right, vermin really do get the last word
>More on Imperial Civil War, Cadia and surrounding systems, and Ferrus Manus post War of the Beast

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Probably. If I was an Old One it would have been tue first target once shit got real.

Also Nightbringer lowered the life expectancy of their sun so after 60+ million years it might have gone out

Necron homeworld could be a lifeless, airless, empty rock orbiting a cold cinder of a dead star if it exists at all
How well know of is Alpharius to the average pleb?
I was going to say probably for the same reasons (if you were the Old Ones where else would be your first target), though the only question is where would Szarekh have gone into stasis since he wasn't awake the whole time like in canon. In canon Imotekh was considered a minor general among the Silent King's forces but the Sautekh Dynasty has been the center of the Silent King's forces because so many of it's worlds survived.

The Necrontyr seemed to hold onto their homeworld more out of spite than anything else. They could have ditched their shithole homeworld after they developed reliable space travel but stayed there anyway because FUCK YOU PLANET.

Though I always saw the (more internally logical) reason the Necrontyr kept their home planet was because holding it was a sign of prestige and symbol of legitimacy. The dynasty that controls the original Necrontyr homeworld is the one that rules the people, even though in practice it's a complete white elephant.
So from what world should SK rule?
As was mentioned above Imotekh and Anrakyr already seem to be forming an impromptu triumvirate with Szarekh at the head. Imotekh seems to be Szarekh’s go-to beatstick, though the Silent King seems to be facepalming half the time at his complete lack of subtlety. Anrakyr seems to be the velvet glove to Imotekh’s iron fist, going around waking up all the dynasties in the name of the Silent King so they’ll be willing to go when Szarekh says the word.

We really need more on the Star Empire’s Necrons. So far the independent dynasties (Maynarch, Gidrim, Solemnace, Orikan) have been more fleshed out than the Star Empire. It’s a real missed opportunity, especially since the Necrons aren’t faceless masses in this timeline despite being post-organic and post-individual. They have individuality, but only so far as Szarekh allows it and it advances the interests of the Star Empire. They’re like Fantasy Lizardmen, they’re singly-mindedly devoted to a goal (restoring the Necrontyr to their former glory/the Great Plan) but they have different individual opinions on the best ways to do it and are capable of having their own opinions so long as they don’t conflict with the end goal. The only difference is you have Szarekh around as a final arbiter in the event the Necrons start squabbling with each other more than shooting the enemy. Plus many of them have their own quirks they developed during the Great Sleep which Szarekh can’t override directly without compromising them and has to work around (e.g., Imotekh’s obsession with dueling).

Indeed, I think we’re low on characters the Star Empire can use. So far there’s definitely Imotekh and Anrakyr, and there were suggestions that Valgul and Illuminor Szeras work for the Silent King. Orikan seems to work for the Silent King through clever wording of any order Szarekh gives him to make it seem like he obeys, but we all know what he’s up to and Szarekh probably suspects something is amiss as well.

How do you speed things up to wrap a session up faster?

No matter how good a game session is, if it starts to drag on too long the players will start getting tired. Party getting sidetracked or tangled in unexpected trouble tends to extend the gameplay, and I don't want to let them simply walk away from their mistakes without dealing with them first. The delays get even worse when the end is practically in their grasp, but they're just struggling to find the final solution. At worst I've had a party stuck futilely fighting an endless swarm of insects for over one hour because they couldn't figure out that the big suspicious creature humming and gesturing nearby was controlling them!

So, how do you speed things along when it's clearly time to get things wrapped up? I run exclusively one-shots, so just quitting for the day and continuing later is out of the question.
>BECMI sleep <3
Try to give hints when they are stuck in these situations like the insect one. Or even better, try to talk to them out of the session and suggest to look around more and being more explorative in general.
Other reasons for boredom is low engagement. Small investment in the story, feel of not being challenged and/or low stakes, or feeling railroaded.
The insect example was luckily just an exceptionally bad case while hosting a game for two people with aspergers and autism. I gave plenty of hints, starting from "there's too many to count, just trying to kill them is out of the question" and "Your attack kills hundreds, but it doesn't matter because there's an endless mat of them constantly pouring in", to flat-out having the breezies yell "We're being controlled!". The players ever only tried to talk to the controller creature, but since it didn't react to being talked to they kept ignoring it. Eventually I was so bored with their shit that when one of them tried to convince the creature that it was already dead I just pretended they had rolled well enough and that the creature understood it , believed it, and died because of it. I then declared that this encounter had been the boss fight and the rest of their journey went uneventfully, the end.

More common reasons for prolonged games tend to be stuff like getting arrested, killing their lead, or trying to bruteforce through a puzzle. Generally things you can't compromise on without dropping all tension and consequence from the game.
I cannot tell about aspergers, my players are mor or less socially skilled people barring one, but that one has a sweet attitude and a gamer mind. I am lucky I guess.
But this
>More common reasons for prolonged games tend to be stuff like getting arrested, killing their lead, or trying to bruteforce through a puzzle. Generally things you can't compromise on without dropping all tension and consequence from the game.
Betrays railroading or failure to engage.
The example case where a player got arrested was on a train trip (so, literal railroading?) when he accidentallyblurted out to the conductor that they were heading past the border for what amounted to terrorism, and the conductor called police to wait them at the next stop.

Killing the lead is pretty self-explanatory and happens quite often and most of the time isn't really anyone's fault. I always keep my games open-ended, but sometimes the players are just bad at thinking of new approaches when the old one ends.

Now trying to bruteforce through a puzzle, THAT I cannot let slide. If the party has just set a tent full of people on fire and those people escaped, they're NOT going to convince those people to go into another tent just by asking repeatedly! If they can't open a lock by sticking a round rod in the keyhole once, they're not going to do it by trying again and again either.
>Killing the lead
You mean the GMPC or another PC

File: TheCity-BLAME.jpg (61 KB, 648x405)
61 KB
How far could your current party make it through the Megastructure from BLAME! starting from Earth?
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Larger image
The Netflix ova isn’t terrible either for a quicker primer.
They probably starve to death without finding anything
it's not handicap accessible, all stairs you see
There are some month long elevator rides too

File: 2.jpg (105 KB, 640x465)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
What is your preferred portrayal of elves? Do you like the image of a perfect and unifying people that Tolkien was fond of, or do you prefer a more militaristic, nature-loving, and domineering kind of elf? Or a different portrayal entirely?

I prefer the former; elves should seem otherworldly and representing a purity that other races can only stand in awe of. It's part of the reason why I don't particularly like (or use) drow in my campaigns. They are proof that the elves are flawed, and while I'm sure they have their own internal conflicts, the drow are something they can't hide. Plus a race of subterranean BDSM slavers never sat well with me.
181 replies and 51 images omitted. Click here to view.

Magocratic Imperialist

They are superior mages and at some point they have started enslaving "lesser races". They are building a Great Empire step by step and most other races fear them.
They're reclusive and rare as a whole.
Those ideas are quite interesting, anon.
Beats what my lazy-ass is doing.
In the work I am writing there is only one race of elves. They are the elegant, highly magical and highly cultured race. They have created massive realms in several continent spanning forests, though they are not beyond settling in other biomes. They deeply care and love nature and are very protective towards it. They are also arrogant and interventionist, believing that the barbaric lesser races are unable to protect the world from the forces of the demonic and corrupted, thus it's their duty. They also aren't a dying race, not anymore at least, as several genocidal events instilled the fear of extinction into the race and thus they attempt to have as many offspring as possible.
There are also half-elfs. I wanted to change the stereotypical idea of half-elfs being lone wanderers and anomalies.
They are a result of an elvish attempt to create a serf army capable matching the forces of anarchy after elves themselves nearly became extinct. With decades of experimentation and usage of magic they succeeded. Half-elfs are a force to be reckoned with. They are highly militaristic and imperialist, conquering and colonizing island after island to sustain their constantly expanding population. They are also constantly engaged in military conflicts as their noble families try to expand their influence and fight for more population and territories.
red wine grape?
The whole point is that since they live forever, they have no motivation to do anything. The mortality of men is called a "gift" for a reason, and it's why hobbits and men are the actual heroes.

>Be me, a newfag at Pathfinder
>Creates Paladin. High Charisma for hammy lulz
>Team also includes Dwarf Ranger and Elf Cleric
>Normal shit for a while. Goblins and orcs.
>I dump much into Charisma, level up well.
>Team takes dangerous mission near Worldwound, nervous but excited.
>Team gets ambushed by demons. I get separated from the group.
>Succubus attacks me. Hard fight, but I win.
>Spare her life, and use crazy Charisma to flirt/lecture. Succubus confused af
>Succubus flirts and flies off.Team reunites.
>We visit my orders hold. Praise be Iomedae.
>Team Meet master who raised me. Cool guy.
>Succubus pops up spying, and is wounded by patrol. My Paladin pursues her.
>Finds her. Heals wounds. Bantz ensue. As does mutual attraction. Secret romance ensues.
>A few months on, Master gets suspicious.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>demons at least respect your free will
They do not respect *your* free will. They respect their own. Demons have no trouble manipulating or bully others, including other demons. The only limit is what they can get away with.
And that's were the C in CE comes from. They are unfettered and free willed evil.
That just makes it better when it happens.

D&D is about playing heroes that do incredible things, often things thought to be impossible in-setting. Saying something is hard is just an open invitation for PCs to do it.
As cool as this scene was, I can't see that dude as a paladin, considering what he did. He's a fighter having a crisis of faith - something that people should really consider as a viable arc more often without being prompted by playing a divine class.
>A paladin, literal champion of a god, trying to guide you to be better is not deification intervention

File: paladin perfect armor.jpg (265 KB, 724x1024)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
10/10, would play absolutely.
11/10 if I can play a tiefling descendant rebelling against succubus-grandmother, being one of the few, if any, good things that came out of this.
12/10 to have original paladin's mentor as a ghost-mentor/Jiminy Cricket lantern archon companion.
Both of these points are negotiable/would not bemoan their being off-limits

File: February-21-1978.jpg (178 KB, 794x806)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Bad Day At Larnaca Edition

Previous thread: >>57939499

Get in here, post games, miniatures, questions, whatever you like.

List of mini providers:

List of Historical Tactical, Strategic, and Military Drill treatises:

ZunTsu Gameboxes:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: technical.jpg (117 KB, 720x405)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
I'm putting together a few 15mm modern forces for skirmish sized games, as well as a 2'x2' terrain table. I planned on using Force on Force for rules, but I don't have any experience with modern warfare wargaming. Would anybody recommend a different set of rules, or is FoF a decent ruleset?
FoF is a really decent ruleset.
Cool, good to know. I have most of what I need, but I need to get some vehicles together. I have a 1/100 Mig and also a Gvozdika that I could use for a captured Insurgent tank. Matchbox and Hot Wheels should work for Technicals, right? I also would like to get some Humvess.
File: Sp1.jpg (65 KB, 800x360)
65 KB
FoF is decent but consider No End In Sight too because FoF is kind of a massive pain in the arse at times.
Yeah, I'm moving between the living room to bedroom to play and write. Any pictures either require me to fiddle with MSpaint or use a camera, transfer to laptop, transfer to USB, transfer to desktop, edit, and finally post.

If you couldn't determine by now, events can be good or bad, but you should bet on them being bad. The two interventions mean new units get added to the Resistance recruitment bin (aka a cup I have filled with any usable resistance units not on the board, where dead Mujaheddin go to be recycled for the next fight [like all those militias]) and the Pakistan staging areas are now active (they have a few effects but for now all that matters is they give more controlled territory to the Resistance when calculating morale income). We thus reach the second issue with the game rules. Which units are the Islamic Volunteers and which the Pakistani Volunteers? It isn't written anywhere but I can figure out that the group of dark-green unit chits (primarily Jihadist units) are the Islamic volunteers, while I assume that the Pakistan subversion marker and ISI units are the only Pakistani volunteers.

The Faction -3- event means that the Resistance gets 3 morale (wasted) and 3 units placed immediately, USSR Raid is a raid where I roll to choose a soviet staging area (border zones), then roll to see if I exceed the total Guerrila warfare value of units in that area. I roll a 2 and 1, meaning they raid Turkmen SSR and fail! Resistance morale drops by one thanks to the troops that never left for Herat. The final event is Soviet Reaction, which is a good event that lets me recruit a unit and subversion marker for free. I recruit an airborne division, placing it in Uzbeck SSR with the other airborne troops, and gain a subversion marker which I put with the two I have had since setup.

The last part of resistance mobilization happens with their recruitment, I add 5 more units to the board from the recruitment bin (11 morale = 5 units).

File: 1435061296541.jpg (135 KB, 400x399)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
>Still haven't learned the rules after 10+ sessions
>Ask to reroll bad rolls and whine when they're told no
>Make unreasonable requests of NPC's (demand the king's crown or an expensive item from a merchant for free) and whine when they're refused
>Constantly try to one up each other
>Constantly try to backstab each other
>Make characters with no backstory and whine that they have no reason to be on the adventure
>Misinterpret rules on purpose and get mad when proven wrong
>Misremember promised rewards for quests either intentionally or otherwise e.g. Party promised 600gp if they go kill some goblins and then insist it was 600gp each when they return
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i would suggest that perhaps make your games built for more splitting up? we are currently in star wars rpg which is quite easy to split groups up with, but with regular dnd 5e is harder. in swg i am a player, not the dm, but i am able to stave off my cigarette habit for the game, and even so there are other things i could plan with the other player while the other players in their group since we split up from the other group. as much as i hate the other force sensitive character and even though i called dibs he whined to also be force sensitive, i greatly dislike him because he doesnt understand the game rules. he just wants to be force sensitive.
and i thought my group was bad
>>Text me in game that I'm using the same word too often

oh man im sorry but that actually cracked me up with how cartoonishly dickish that is
it least its only a player for you, my dm does this shit to me and the rest of the group like every third session
File: 7c6.png (11 KB, 211x246)
11 KB
>roll out bad rolls before rolling normally
>mfw it works 99% of the time

Lorewise, which setting has the best explanation/system for magic. As in the explanations behind how it works and where its power comes from.
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not that I agree with the above anon that magicka requires no explanation. But you do realize mystery fits into the idea of lore as well, correct? There is a reason the term 'arcane' is often used when referring to magic. Making magic quantifiable to a math is seriously fucking dull.
File: Wizard Overlord.jpg (616 KB, 1920x1080)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
My favorite class is Wizard and my favorite thing about fantasy tends to be magic. I have a lot of thoughts about it.

First off is the separation between understanding and mysticism. You'll have some autistic people who think you can understand something at least a little bit, that means it's a science, so they'll argue magic is a science all day. Regardless I personally prefer my magical systems more mystical; they operate off of symbolic and dramatic law instead of physical laws. Why does it require virgin blood to summon a demon, instead of the blood of anyone or even an animal? Because virgins are symbolically linked with purity; so it is a more fitting meal or tool to contact demonic forces with.

However- I also think more rigorous types of magic can be cool as well. Magic that falls under an energetic module of a fantasy universe; there is arcane energy which can be stored or used to do things, of which mages have a finite amount and skill with. Potentially, a mage could do ANYTHING with enough power, which is what makes this method fun for high fantasy or progression based RPGs

Personally; I think some settings can do with a mix of both. For instance; imagine most magic that spellcasters use is called spellcraft and deals with mystical 'mana' or other energies. You design and craft spells which function the same way every time, putting your effects on the world- it could even be tied to an elemental system to keep it simple. Now imagine that in that world, there is more rare magic available to only a few beings or located at a few places; things like being able to manipulate fate or luck, or bringing mystical connections to thing which are simply impossible to do with traditional mana-bar magic.

The final issue with magic thought is about balance- and not just game balance but conceptual balance as well. Magic in literature and myth can be as strong as you want, but in game worlds you usually want things to be a little more even.
Interesting view point, I will admit.

He didn't say anything.
Only if you're trying to play a magical superhero wizard. Mysterious magic works great in a low-magic setting.

File: 779.jpg (317 KB, 1128x1280)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
>specific, race-wide alignment
why would anyone do this for any being that isnt under direct mind control or doesnt have evolutionary benefits from its alignment? it's just bad writing.
45 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Always (Alignment).png (63 KB, 406x86)
63 KB
You're describing murderhobos. There are plenty of players who aren't murderhobos and who use alignment to describe their character, not restrict them.
This, again, reveals the problem with the idea of alignments
The culture most of us live in is highly individualistic, encouraging people to find their own truths and morals (that's the ideal we believe in anyway, really we are mostly mind controlled cogs in big state machines).

But this kind of culture is not the only possible culture.

Some cultures encourage unity. They might use either the carrot or the stick (or both) to keep it's members in line, maybe even slaying those who show signs of going against the norm. In a culture like this, it would be expected that every member is of the same DnD alignment.

If that culture is dominant in a race, it could be that the whole race shares the same DnD alignment. The culture might be colonialistic, racist/race-purist and totalitarian, so it would seek to slay everyone of that race that shows signs of the "wrong" alignment, thus keeping the race "pure" in the alignment-sense.
that would be fine if races wouldnt be treated as mono-cultural so often.

File: rudolph.jpg (20 KB, 480x255)
20 KB
What do people do at RPG cons? Pic unrelated, probably.
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>I've run several dozen and only had a few players be the worst.
Usually, in my experience, the source of the terribleness is the DM. Often, con DMs can't manage the group, can't into pacing or RP or combat, can't not run their mouths about stupid shit like politics or gender, etc. I want to play a game run by someone competent and who is focused on the game, but oftentimes what I get is someone with an agenda who can't actually do the thing I paid them to do. Years of bad experiences turned me off con RPGs forever. Just trying to make sure that OP goes into this with a clear head and knowledge off the risks.
>Oof, you would be in for a RUDE awakening anon.
>Your self-select games are what all the normal sociable people play.
No, that's what I meant, avoiding Pathfinder.
No, you misunderstood me.. unless you mean you WANT the bad people.

Good games get lonely autists playing them, popular games get friends and groups of people who are there because other people wanted to hang out with them.

It's the tragedy of /tg/
Ah, I'm a perma-DM by choice and I'd say I prefer con games to roll20 or a gamestore anyday. I can imagine a lot of GM's don't go out of their way for it as much as I do.
A lot of cons also offer "Games On Demand". Basically, there's an area with open tables and GMs. Each GM has a list of what games/scenarios they are willing to run. You pick one, get a group together, and they run the game. If you have a group of 4 friends at the con, it's a great way to quickly get into a game. If you don't have friends, you can just hang out for a few minutes and wait until enough people show up to fill a group.
Also, most of the Games On Demand GMs run lighter, shorter stuff like Dungeon World, Fiasco, Dread, Microscope, etc. If they're running something heavier like D&D or GURPS, it will usually have pre-built characters and sometimes rule simplifications. So you generally don't need to bring any system knowledge, dice, etc. for a game on demand.

It's really about what you pick.
You can tell a lot about a GM based on how they write their description, so read it very carefully. Don't pick super-crunchy systems, or scenarios that assume a lot of setting/lore familiarity. Look for a description that's very specific about the tone of the game. If the description is too vague, don't even bother joining.

Don't listen to this. Random PF or D&D groups are gonna be very hit-or-miss. Especially if they're running official adventures and such. Yeah, you might get some chill normies, but you can also easily get a bunch of That Guys who keep asking the GM if they can play as a bear with high bluff skills, or if they can stick a katana up the dragon's asshole, or if they can rape the barmaid, etc.
Look for cool ideas, not systems.That's a much better way to filter out bad players/GMs.

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