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File: D&D_Transparent.png (57 KB, 1500x750)
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There are quite a few articles and rants on the web explaining why Dungeons & Dragons sucks. So, let's take that statement at a face value — D&D gargles balls, plain and simple.

That said, most of the arguments I've seen focus too much on the details. They talk about alignment, about how classes are set up, about the amount of rules to handle or the number of books you need to buy. Some even point out the player mentality which, granted, is greatly damaged by the play style the system encourages, but I've never really seen anyone cutting the issue to the bone and getting to the core. Here's my attempt to lay out the four main reasons I don't use D&D:

>1. Power level.
It would make a lot of sense for a system define a certain power level and stick to it throughout the game. In D&D it’s impossible, because if you want to improve your character in any way, you get a damn package of abilities with every level. The guard dogs you feared in the beginning of the game will be helpless pups after a couple of “adventures”.
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Armed men who most certainly have a fire and some mundane alarms at that.

Plus odds are good that the Barbarian can just talk to them
If your campaign features the city heavily, the city shouldn't be a safe zone, don't get me wrong I am not a fan of 5E but it functions within its niche
Except no, because you're still taking a week to get any spells back. Arguably, gritty rests work even better for city based campaigns, since you can have the one or two fights per day that are fitting for investigation and intrigue.

But it will still take 1 week for the caster to get their spells back. Do you really think that trying to hunt down a serial killer or the like is something the group will wait a week for?
Cities do give the players easier access to safety than the wilderness, of course you can work around this
I wouldnt go that far, but I think we mostly agree.

Bad players certainly would, and the game encourages them to do so. Mediocre players (see: the majority of the recently emergent 5e playerbase) are going to rest whenever there's no imminent danger, regardless of circumstances. Its part of the reason I dont run 5e.

File: picCe2Njt.jpg (112 KB, 555x370)
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112 KB JPG
How does your character like their eggs?
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My dad always called it cyclops toast.
Scrambled, but convinced only her familiar can cook them right.

All she does is use less butter.
Scrambled and packed with spices.

Either that or sliced on a herring and green onion sandwich.

On a bacon cheese burger with hasbrowns for breakfast.
Over easy, on top of a slice or two of cheese, which is itself resting on a bed of fried mashed potatoes.
Gravy is optional.

File: Dubious Indeed.jpg (67 KB, 312x445)
67 KB
Challenge edition

Previous: >>54533999


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

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Building Thromok the Insatiable. Main plan is to get to 25 or 36, grant haste and trample or unlockable and one shot that turn. Backup plan is tokens with overrun effects. Any reccomendations that aren't on EDHREC?
Answers, Big Mana, chaff that did something like making tokens on death or something, and infinite combos like Mikaeus the Unhallowed + Triskelion. Ideally you should be able to win the instant you resolve Razaketh by pulling extra mana and combo cards out of your deck.

The links in the OP are a good place to start. EDHRec, while by no means a replacement for actual thorough card-selection, is a good place to start if you have no idea what cards go with a commander. It's basically a database that collects decks posted for each commander and tries to create lists of "Here's what everyone else is using with this guy" for each one. Here's a link because I feel like spoonfeeding:

Didn't the rules get a tweak when flip avacyn came out? Because she counts as boros.

you want lots of mana rocks and mana doublers to get him out early and recast him if he gets removed

and then you also want a fair amount of token producers and self-recurring creatures to feed his ability, so stuff like ophiomancer, bitterblossom, endrek sahr, bloodghast, reassembling skelly maybe

and then you just want good cards, if you tutor every turn or multiple times a turn and get a good card every time, you cant lose

File: 1472442070380.jpg (152 KB, 420x704)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
How would you put a fresh spin on vampires?
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>Sun King is beheaded

Louis XIV the Sun King never die beheaded tough, he died of sickeness as a old man after one of the longest rule a European king ever had.

You're talking about Louis XVI who wasn't the Sun King, just Louis XVI.
Actually no, I watched the Lovecraft movie Necronomicon
But you vampired absolutely right. I'm all for good/redeemed monsters, heck the party I'm in has 2 right now, but you can't just have your characters not be cautious around what is an evil predator 99% of the time.

You vampired good anon, classic gothic is best.
File: Spoiler Image (3.61 MB, 600x323)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB GIF
They don't say "bleh bleh bleh"

Pretty much this. All the Vampires I do are hedonistic fucks that treat humans like cattle / enjoy playing games between themselves with nobles to see how much the noble will fuck over everyone to become a Vampire (thrall).

File: bgg wars.png (1.04 MB, 800x800)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Last thread:

We all know Summoner Wars is the greatest card, area control, euro, dudes on a map, bluffing, negotiation, light party, ultra deep wargame, for gateway purposes.

But what other card/card driven game is your favorite? What cards have the best art out there? Which publisher does the best job making sure they have high quality cards in their games? Linen/matte/glossy? Let's avoid the sleeves/shuffling discussion and talk about the other aspects of little pieces of wax coated paper that we love
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>That fucking play die..........
It's fucking infuriating. I get more frustrated playing this game than most others but I love it so much
Love letter is a great ultralight filler.
The TS AI is fucking Deep Blue or some shit.
is there a bgg discord server? that could be fun... if there isn't already one but theres interest, i could make one. let me know what u anons think.

figured it could be just general discussion for the most part but also might be cool for those of us who play tts or any other table top games online.
We tried it before, wasn't enough activity to justify continued use. Some of us are on the generic /tg/ server, which has a board game channel.

Make the Empire Great Again Edition

Alternatively I-Made-This-Thread-When-No-One-Else-Would Edition

Previous thread: >>54438241
Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing and Star Wars: Armada Miniatures Games

Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG System (EotE/AoR/FaD)

Shipfag's Starship Combat Fixes for EotE/AoR/FaD
Other Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Tabletop (Imperial Assault, Star Wars: Destiny and the Star Wars LCG)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: k a magical place.jpg (106 KB, 1210x1016)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
An idiot playing around with homemade incendiary ammunition accidentally sets the woods on fire.
File: 1441606849962.jpg (486 KB, 2048x1536)
486 KB
486 KB JPG
Shit, this whole time I've been trying to think of a good "early story" antagonist, I don't know why I never thought of Scum. A great pirate lord unifying the worst people of the galaxy to plunder and pillage a weak NR and IR. I'm thinking the guy would be a mixture of Blackbeard and Char; a daring, dashing, jovial masked man with a secret agenda. Plus, I have a wide array of canonical lieutenants (dengar, bossk, ect.) to choose from.

Also, I'm of two minds on the whole "menace from unexplored space" plot. I mean, I love it, but its done so often, it has to be the most common star wars story. Tales of the Jedi, Kotor I, NJO, Thrawn, hell, it even looks like the plot of the new trilogy is going to be this. At the same time, its so common because it works so well, its very star wars-y. Fuck, I don't know.

Anyways, thanks for the suggestion!
To be completely serious with you, I'm not seeing the difference in character development between the R1 characters and the OT characters if they were limited to a single movie like Episode IV.
A young prince on a noble quest to slay a princess and rescue a dragon.
...is it just me or are 8 and 9 here basically just Battletech's Clan Invasion but slightly modified?

Tell me /tg/. Why the oldest son, and not the best-fitted? The crown will suit me, as it never suited Robert and would not suit Stannis.
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>he earns the staunch loyalty of all under him.
This, and this is pretty important. Stannis may be unlikeable on the outside, but the men he has are loyal to no ends and would give everything for him.
There aren't really any other options for them.
There are always options.

see: Dorne

Not acting is acting
Didn't Stannis say if they bend the Knee they would get clemency? They could have pulled a Vale or Dorne, but no they went out of their way and picked a sinking ship.
File: 1501113099271.png (412 KB, 470x470)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
>low test faggot
>posts anime

Checks out

How would Holy Terra fare against a Hive Fleet?
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Its the most fortified planet in the imperium

It has the massive lunar rings which are the headquarters of battlefleet solar

the shipyards and star forts of Saturn with the solar auxilia

The foundries , forts and shipyards of mars and all their weird technology

The Earth has its own star forts with more solar auxilia

Earth has the imperial palace and its 10,000 custodes , which withstood 9 space marine legions , dozens of titan legios and a chunk of the imperial army as well as demons.

Earth has *hundreds* of billions of people to call on, including billions of the best soldiers in the galaxy, thousands of armoured and mechanised regiments.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1487044781378.jpg (77 KB, 960x540)
77 KB
hokay, it would not be Terra. Terra, is the heart of the imperium. Terra is the Astronomicon. The blinding beacon of humanity. The reason and ability for all interstellar trade, commerce, combat and war. This is the seat of the 12 highlords, a primarch, and the fucking emperor of mankind himself.

Ever single soldier, ship, weapon, deployment, pilgrim, man woman and child, in the fucking galaxy, would be sent to Terra.

Life in the imperium STOPS until Terra is safe becasue without Terra, there is no imperium.

All off the Space marines. ALL OF THEM. Would hit Terra.

The Chaos Marines would show up. Because NOBODY kills the emperor but them.

Every single fucking astartes in the galaxy, ever warship, guard regiment, loyalist, traitor, whatever, if a hive fleet big enough to actually threaten the most secure place in the imperium, a goddamn galactic scale exodus of war would focus and become such a fulcrim of death, destruction, backstabbing and promotion, either the chaos gods would rip open reality and step in personally or a fucking new god would be born. This would be the singel most catastrophioc event in 40k. gods, kings, heros, villians and monsters would rise and fall, and nothing would ever be the same.

AKA That'd be pretty fucking dope.
>nobody has ever won
Orks literally parked their death star in orbit and told the imperium "git gud."

If terra was really as protected as everyone here keeps wanking it up to be, that ork moon would have been toast the second it appeared in orbit
>Hive fleet surrounds Sol
>Shadow mutes the light of the Astronomicon like a billion moths on a lightbulb
>no reinforcements
>Mankind stranded without light of Emperor
>Hive fleet wages war on Sol for centuries
>Eventually consumes everything
>'Tis the inevitable end of man
Nope, the tyranids were on their path to total victory with no losses due to biomass reclamation because ultramar could not do shit against them.
Then the inexplicable imperial navy showed up and the tyranids melted. Even though that makes no sense because the imperial navy cannot be rallied that fast and nobody knew anything was wrong and warp travel is not that fast.

File: 1501094000615.png (835 KB, 814x815)
835 KB
835 KB PNG
"if you can write a character with an interesting personality, everything else that is needlessly tacked onto it in a special-snowflake esque way will fade into the background after a few hours of play."

that's why you should consider allowing well-written personalities and well-meaning players rather than to throw all out because a racial template, a flashy background or overdesign ticks you off.
i'll be back to GMing, then.
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If you are not willing to extend trust to the players, do you expect the players to trust you?
As a GM, there is ALWAYS times when you do something and it seems extremely fishy to the players. It is trust and faith that the GM will do right by them that keeps them from calling you out. It's a two way street, and I'd be hesitant at any GM that won't proffer the hand.
It's all a part of the social aspect of gaming. That said, I've been burned, but I always handled those players/charaters and it didn't happen twice. As a player, I've run some out there concepts, and the GM extended trust I would do right, and I did so, leading to some very memorable pcs for all involved.
Im investing more time on prep and/or models. My comfort matters more. Additionally there are more players than GMs. Its a shitty attitude, but the concerns and comfort of a GM matter more than that of his players.

I do my best to collaborate with my players and suggest things that more match the tone of the game. I frequently ask players why they make one character background choice instead of another to encourage them to really drill down to the core of their character. I try to workshop these things, but some players are hellbent on an attention-powertrip and its just a waste of everybody's time.

The argument here seems to be that playing a weird character race or background doesnt take away from the character's potential to be good, and I accept that premise fully. However, whatever is gained by playing something weird is immediately overridden by how inconvenient and awkward it can be to kick a bad player out of a game. Its risk reward, and I (along with many other GMs) have decided its not worth the risk. Its the equivalent of eating Foogoo; you're taking a risk for virtually no reward that could not be obtained under other circumstances.

If you want a more concrete argument, the best one is that of theater of the mind. People understand common things. They know dwarves are angry, conservative, warlike, but loyal. They know elves are aloof but skillful. People have mixed impressions of uncommon things, and that mixed impression can lead to dissonance between player's impression of characters and events which can be hard to reconcile, and can sometimes bring the game to a stop. It doesnt happen all the time, but it can, and the risk of that is greater than the reward of having a character who lost their brood of eggs rather than their babies.
>how inconvenient and awkward it can be to kick a bad player out of a game
Maybe for you.
I've done it plenty of times, I consider it a part of the job. Further, I have absolute trust in my group that they can make damn near any concept they bring to me work, and if they have something outrageous, it's because they are inspired.
Maybe I'd feel different if I played with randos all the time, but I don't. Trust was extended and rewarded. That said, if I say "I am looking for XYZ character archetypes in this game", like I did for a game of Werewolf where I expressly wanted every day joe pcs, they will also follow that directive, trusting that my restriction is there for good reason and it will add to the game and it's immersion. It's much different than the GM thread going on now where people are bitching that how dare a GM restrict options available for any reason.
If its a group I trust its a group I trust. If its strangers, I just dont. The other wrinkle is none of my long time players would bring me such an idiotic character because they're not children jumping for the attention of the narrative. If you're lucky enough to have players you've known for a while in every game, good for you. You're not who this conversations is about. Clearly. We're talking about trust, and you're basing everything on interactions where trust is not an issue.
No, I'm basing them on interactions where trust had to be extended and built upon. Most of my group I've known for 3+ years, but I remember my best player had just moved into the area, walked up to my group at the FLGS and asked us what we were playing.
I believe it is critically important for a GM to give his players the benefit of the doubt, rather than this relatively recent concept that all players/GMs are shit until they show otherwise. Maybe I'm just a grognard from a different time, been doing this for longer than some of my players have been alive. To me, it's just unfathomable that I can't bring a well thought idea to a GM because they will shoot it down because it exists, not because there is something functionally wrong with it or grates against the campaign themes. It's not the same as saying no, you can't bring a necromancer to a big good guy hero game.

Does anybody else hate magic item crafting rules in like every game? Why is it only Magic Users who make magic items? That's fucking stupid.

When you need a magic sword that will split mountains, who do you go to to create it? The ancient retired warrior blacksmith, who defeated an entire band of orcs himself and forges things from moon-steel asteroids he catches with his bare hands or a fucking magic user fresh out of magic university?

When you need a cloak of black shadows that lets you hide away in darkness who do you go see? Regular wizard in a tower or do you seek the prince of thieves, deep underground in his hideaway where the souls of wrongly murdered orphans act as his spies and scouts? Everyone should be able to make magic items, relevant to their abilities.

>Fighters should forge magic armor and weapons themselves.
>Thieves make magic cloaks and grapple hooks and masks.
>Clerics create reliquaries and triple-blessed spellbooks and holy symbols.
>Magic users make magic wands, robes, hats, and broomsticks.

Why isn't this the standard? Making magic a 'scientific force that only it's users understand' instantly sucks all the fun and conceptual balance out of a setting. Fuck that, and fuck you for doing it.
71 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sure, but why do you need gold and not mana or some other more useful catalyst like wood or Lyrium powder?
File: pajama-boy-screenshot.jpg (36 KB, 640x480)
36 KB
A good crafting system demands you prepare for the next encounter by making good use of your current resources.

A good crafting makes it outright vital to slather yourself in stat boosters to do well at all in combat.

It also keeps the game moving with several smaller goals rather than one big goal. Forces you to choose on the most optimal path to scavenge the materials you need to face the upcoming challenges. Gives decision making to the game without outright spelling ''right or left''?

If you compared playtesters, games without crafting are fast-paced, turns repetitive when players find out they can get everything they need in town. It's a cycle of ''head into dungeon, fight as deep as you can, come back out, repeat''. While games with crafting allows players to stay on the dungeons for a much longer time or even create their own safe zones, because they don't depend on shopkeepers and INNs to keep them alive.

Is he... is he not wearing pants?

It looks like there's a seam on his left leg, which makes me think he is. On the other hand, it does kind of look like he's wearing a fundoshi or something similar.
Somewhere a Yehudah or Black Sun enchanter is working on just that, you know...

File: IMG_0278.jpg (371 KB, 1920x1280)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
How would you go about making a table top roleplay out of the kingdom death monster Setting?

The hunts, the settlement, and the character death being a big part of the game, as well as the feeling of hope as well as the feeling of hopelessness in such a cruel world all being maintained effectivly in this game.

What system would you use? How would you handle character creation and death?
I don't know much about Kingdom Death Monster, but I have been dicking around with /tg/'s latest "let's make grimdark setting" thread, so color me interested. What's this setting about?

The setting larger than the game covers, because you start off the game essentially playing as cows.

An immortal being called the Scribe periodically writes humans into existence out in a plane of stone faces that exists in eternal darkness. These humans simple come into being as adults with no memories, with nothing but some cloth and a lantern to light their way in the darkness.

The cynical might say that the lanterns also advertise the location of these 'survivors' to nearby monsters. Of which there are many, ranging from degenerate lion-beasts that are all that remains of a once proud civilization, to screaming monster goats, to time-warping rainbow birds, to bugs cosplaying as knights, and so on.

These people usually die very quickly, but the lucky ones survive long enough to find areas of relative safety, band together, and work out something like civilization. Killing monsters and butchering them for resources and advancing, until their settlement inevitably falls into tragedy and death.

A lot of the monsters in the setting eat people, or were people once. So the scribe makes more of them as needed, and the Golden Entity occasionally sends forth its armies to harvest crops of humans.

Oh, the Golden Entity is the Scribe's boss. The Scribe isn't even a major player, really. That's how low on the ladder we are. Our all-powerful creator being is middle management in hell.
Hmm. In a setting like that, I'd want to make it clear that death can come easy, while at the same time not going completely out of my way to kill them. Character creation would go fast, you get your stats out, and since humans are just "made", we don't worry about backstory stuff other than some basic personality traits. Have it so there's downtime in the settlement to let characters form relationships and connections, so they want to survive and don't consider each person they player as cannon fodder. Have there actually be signs of hope and something to strive for, just make it very difficult to accomplish and have plenty of things get in the way to hamper spirits.
Could there perhaps be a mechanic of having children? In the game, you are able to sorta play a bit of match maker and have your survivors have children, who can end up more powerful then their predecessors due to the settlement or buff the parents had.

So would that be a good mechanic to bring in or does that translate poorly?

Yeah, the story of Kingdom death is pretty sad, which is perfect for the setting
I think it'd be a cool mechanic, but not one that's open right away. Assuming these are actual children you're making here and the characters aren't just birthing out grown adults, they're going to need to settle down and raise them.

Personally, I'd make it so your characters only pair off and have kids once they've completed some kind of important quest. Save the village from a super monster or find a super important resource that's hard to get back to town, that sort of thing. Something that proves their worth to the town and gives you a good point in the story where you can time jump to the surviving characters having kids, and deciding whether you want to play as the young and inexperienced but full of potential kids, or stick with the old characters and have the kids act as extra lives.

File: 1498128187545.pdf (350 KB, PDF)
350 KB
350 KB PDF
The Generic Universal Roleplaying System is, at its core, modular, additive, and hackabe to your whim.

The LITE pdf is free! It's 32 pages long! It elegantly summarizes the core rules used throughout the entire system! It's free! The LITE pdf is intended for a GM to introduce a new player to GURPS without all the extra stuff. To build and play a regular old human character, with a cinematic flair. It is an excellent (free) read for the curious, and the unwashed. 32 pages can't describe the breadth of GURPS, unfortunately. With limited space, it eschews magic, spaceships, and exotic alien stuff, but it covers the entirety of the core mechanics. Thankfully, the gist of it is most of what you need, since everything else mostly applies or extends the one true roll of 3d6. That's right, play pulp mystery, cyberpunk action, medieval drama, or cold war espionage... all with three dice! http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/lite/

GURPS can be as LITE or as heavy as you want. Everything is optional.

Pray to the all-seeing-eye for answers to modelling your esoteric powers, technology, and abominations! Surely, an illuminated one will answer. Consult the asparagus for useful links.
69 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
See, I think the problem is that people are trying to talk to you as though it's broken. It really isn't. An experienced sniper or military rifleman could conceivably hit a running target at 200 yards, assuming they can even see the target. I'm totally fine with somebody investing that many points into one thing, if that's what their character should excel at. At the cost of not diversifying your skillset, that's fine.

However, sinking so many points into only one skill is just a bad decision as a player. Like >>54543355 said, that character would be fucking destroyed in any situation where they weren't firing over flat terrain from elevation with no obstacles. They're also not at all equipped for socialization, or grappling, or being without their gun. The better reason for a GM to reject the character is not because they're OP in one stat, it's because that character is not even resembling rounded, and is wholly inappropriate for any game where you aren't explicitly doing wartime operators.
He's getting defensive, because you're kind of right. Fate started off solid, but the waifu-shit quickly took over like a tumor, and it's 85% of why people partake in Fate media anymore, especially shit like F/GO
In my gurps UTopia book I'm writing(ultra tech companion I'm writing), I'm making a tech level called TL^

What kind of stuff should they have?

I'm making a bunch of more generic weapons inspired by paranoia. And a weapon and armor generator. As well as high tech level low tech weapons. Anything else I should do?
File: sigurd.png (1.32 MB, 1280x1872)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Converting some PCs from a 5e campaign to learn GURPS's chargen.

How should I stat a character who has one arm that can become insubstantial? He can partially change that arm back to unlock doors, poke people, etc, but items he picks up don't become insubstantial.

There's the Insubstantial advantage, and the Partial Change enhancement (which makes you able to shift parts of you substantial while otherwise wholly insubstantial), but I don't know how to create a limitation for it just working for one limb.

He has special spooky rune tattoos on that arm, which is why it works, if that's somehow relevant. I'd also like him to be able to make an attack with it that ignores resistances and stuff (i'm guessing Cosmic or something), maybe have it cost FP. If the attack part is super-complicated I'd probably eschew it.

Pic related is the character.
One Arm. -40% (based on whole body being 0% for Damage Resistance, Arms being -20%, and One Arm being -40%). Seems about right to me.

File: 4e Gnoll Warriors.jpg (125 KB, 750x400)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Everyone knows the "Neo-Tolkien" races of D&D. But, if you've been around a while - or just checked 1d4chan - you'd know that there's actually an incredibly long tradition of exotic races in Dungeons & Dragons.

Now, I know it's the "hip thing" on /tg/ to hate on nonstandard races, or even anything other than humans, but I personally think that they deserve to be celebrated. After all, they're so incredibly useful if you're homebrewing a setting of your own.

So, let's have thread for talking about D&D's weirder races. Discuss whether or not aranea in AD&D were actually supposed to be able to paladins, share what races were your favorites and why, discuss which races are best for filling the "Five Fantasy Races" setup to make your own homebrew settings unique... basically, let's share the love for the forgotten ranks of the PC creatures.

At least they aren't additional flavors of elves.

File: 1468021646331.png (128 KB, 638x825)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
What does your character read in their spare time?
Do they carry any books with them?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Fortunes. From palms of friends, knuckle bones of strangers and viscera of enemies.
File: nose2nose.gif (4 KB, 329x390)
4 KB
My Drow cartographer mostly carries maps and books on history for relevant nearby areas... Not much time for free reading, sadly.

Gravenhollow had some interesting books on magical items to track down and how to close a portal to hell, though.
Probably reads eldritch scrawlings from his spell tome. That or history textbooks.
File: bewks.jpg (75 KB, 736x567)
75 KB
Current character can't carry reading material on her person. No room for it after ammo, weapons, survival gear, and foodstuffs. When she's not traveling she likes reading philosophy and treatises on martial arts. She's also got quite a soft spot for legends and folk tales.

Another character devours technical documents any time he can get his hands on them, and then promptly throws them away after he's memorized whatever the document is describing.

Third character likes to spend time hunting for children's stories to tell his daughter when he's not studying scripture.

>Kobold royal guard in homebrew setting.
>Start realising that in order to save the kingdom, he must begin to be able to not let his emotions get in the way.

He's actually studying in the library with his young "squire" about history and wars of the kingdom, how the city of Obsidian defended against the orcish invasion and why the Kobold failed miserably their counter attack.

File: WORHuntsmen_00003.png (3.16 MB, 1920x1080)
3.16 MB
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ITT: Settings you'd like to play a game in
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My brother of Nubian descent. A Wakfu TTRPG would be pretty rad.
My dick is harder than JP's hair.
This is literally Ark survival evolved. I love that game so much.
They really were. I was too busy with work at the time to actually jump in but I lurked on breaks and the stuff going on looked great.
Yeah, much as I love DragDog, really the only thing unique to it is the pawns and Arisen. Pretty much a bog-standard fantasy setting otherwise.

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