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File: let them die.jpg (76 KB, 500x378)
76 KB
My Opinion on the Romulans Edition

Previous Thread: >>59719390

A thread for discussing the 'Star Trek' franchise and its various tabletop adaptations.

Possible topics include Modiphius' new rpg 'Star Trek Adventures', WizKids miniatures game 'Star Trek: Attack Wing', and Gale Force Nine's board game 'Star Trek: Ascendancy', as well as the previous rpgs produced by FASA, Last Unicorn Games and Decipher, the Starfleet Battles Universe, and the Star Trek universe in general.

Game Resources

Star Trek Adventures
-Official Modiphius Page (Rules, FAQ and Player Resources)
-PDF Collection

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>resulting in a roughly 65 megaton explosion
The tech manual's estimate isn't even close to the explosions seen on screen.
The writers of those things are given an impossible task. The stuff Trek tech can logically do and the stuff it canonically does are wildly inconsistent.
In space you're not going to see much. Just the torpedo casing vaporizing, along with whatever is in the immediate vicinity. Literally all the energy of the torp that's not directly facing the target - which is going to be the vast majority unless it's a direct hit - is completely wasted. The best thing for all that antimatter to be used for would be an energy weapon powered by the explosion, which would be a lot more effective at focusing the destruction.
>Just the torpedo casing vaporizing
In blinding pulse of gamma radiation. It won't last for long, but it'll be impressive while it's there.
You wouldn't see it. You might still be blinded, before you died from radiation sickness. But your eyes don't react to gamma rays.

File: motte and bailey.jpg (105 KB, 1050x512)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Previous thread: >59761252

On designing cultures:

/wbg/ discord

Mapmaking tutorials:

Random Magic Resources/Possible Inspiration:

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How do you guys handle people actually knowing who the gods in your world are? Do they appear and thus get noticed, have some connection to the world and are just known, exist if worshipped, or something else?
the names are mostly placeholders and are pretty generic, I'll probably change a few of them around
the main three I'm settled on are Shady Dale (like Shady Sands) Silverhill and Harrowgate
need to think of what else to do with the other cities
I'll probably also make maps of Redwood urban area and the Mexican state capital Santa Cruz
File: image.png (1.43 MB, 960x720)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
Roast my Inkarnate map, anon. I really need some radical opinions to perfect it and to avoid making the same mistakes when I eventually expand it to the whole continent.
Known issues:
1. Fjords on NE are shite. Can't really do better with Inkarnate Free, unless there's some tricky technique I am missing.
2. That strip of boreal forest in the middle right bit is intentional - a so called 'Route of the Winter Court'.
3. A few bits where mountains should be scaled down and smaller ridges added on the outside.
4. Need to add color blending to the steppe/plains in the bottom middle section.
5. Should probably add some black texture and color in shores of the isles in the top right segment to represent volcanic ash.
Anything else I am missing?

Look up various Islamic culture (Turkic Persian Arab various Indian, Indonesian, Black African, ect.) nomenclature/names, extrapolate it from there. Edit names, removing or adding suffixes in addition to the ending. '-id' is often an ending (Buyid, Saffavid, Samanid), -yyid as well (ayyubid, buyyid). Could also end in other terms - Mughal, Adal, Zanzibar, ect.


Name - ethnic origin - possible sultanate name for them

Afridi - turkic - Afrid sultanate
Hazar - Turkic - Hazarid Sultanate / Sultanate of Hazari
Behram - Turkic - Behramids
Ekrem - Turkic - Ekremiyya Sultanate
Ahmadi - Persian - Ahmadids

Fahd - arabic for leopard - Fahdiyya Sultanate

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Link to high-res version -> i.imgur.com/yOXgkQu.jpg

File: 1485235394848.jpg (153 KB, 779x1025)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Last Thread: >>59864966

Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Armada, and Legion Miniatures Games
Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG System (Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion/Force and Destiny)
Other FFG Star Wars Tabletop (Imperial Assault, Destiny and the LCG)
FFG Dice App (Works with X-Wing, Armada, the FFG RPG system and Imperial Assault)

Older Star Wars Tabletop (d6, d20/Saga, etc.)
Reference Materials & Misc. Resources

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>It's got many, many more guns than an Acclamator,
he said guys, not guns

"Guys" is not a typo for "Guns".

An ISD carries about 10k troops and less armor than the 16k an Acclamator does, but an ISD explicitly has a prefab base, a shitload of space-capable support craft and, as you say, a HOLY SHIT amount of guns like heavy turbos and ions.


Yeah, if you think about it, Imperial style is very much like the CIS style, only with fleshy troops instead of using even larger numbers of comically disposable droids and droid ships. Similarly, the CIS had years of military build up and was practically built out of corporations and industrial planets. But the fact that big wigs like Palp and Tarkin also clearly wanted the biggest space dick didn't hurt the ISD's design either, I think an ISD would win a slugging match with a Providence except maybe for the Prov ships being armed with torpedo tubes.

>I would never take Rebels reliably or as gospel because its extremely inconsistent with itself.

To be quite honest, the Lucas Story Group that is in charge of "keeping things consistent" is off to a bad start already.

They have two different sizes listed for the CR-90 Corvette and two different aspects of Canon contradicting one another in terms of the First Order's true power.
>There's also some implications that he did everything to save the galaxy from the Vong, but really even if that were the case, he only did it because it was HIS plaything, not theirs.

I think that's generally misunderstood. Although the Empire's structure appeared to be designed to fight the Yuuzhan Vong, and Palpatine was aware of their eventual invasion, he wasn't preparing out of the good of his heart; he was doing it to ensure the survival of his legacy.
They're not supposed to keep things consistent. They're supposed to be extra voices reinforcing Kathleen Kennedy's decrees.

File: Mazdamundi.jpg (457 KB, 1920x1624)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
Gobba Zobbo Mazdamundi
10 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Can't wait for the steam summer sale...
Are Lizardmen hostile towards humans?
File: 1514856724009.png (58 KB, 493x373)
58 KB
The tummy is the source of his power.
They are not fond of the dumb monkeys going about stealing their fancy plaques and melding them down even when they contain important information.
He looks like the bartender to some seedy swampy dive bar

File: 1511618478802.jpg (1.13 MB, 1538x2232)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG

Jumping off from a thread on the subject of favorite fantasy, an idea came up, what about a fantasy setting without the usual suspects of humans, orc and elves?

What if we took some of the "monster" races from other settings. Like the Tauren, Trolls and Draenei from Warcraft and put them together with races like the Lizardmen from Warhammer.

How should the basic dynamic be between the races. Should some of them be the designated bad guys that all others oppose, or should it be more shades of grey, with all the different races having understandable motivations of survival and wanting to see their civlization prosper?

I imagine that there would be genuine bad guys in the setting, but these would be external forces like Chaos or the Burning Legion that seek to bring ruin to the world (and others) for their own malevolent reasons. Otherwise, none of the races are inherently evil.

Here's my own take on the basic idea of some of the races and their relations.

Lizardmen. Originating from the dawn of this world, the Lizardmen is actually not one, but a series of reptilian races co-existing with each other. The lizardmen see themselves as having been charged with the defence of this world against the ruinous darkness that threathens it, a role they have lived up to many times as they have repelled numerous invasions that threathened this world. They live deep in the jungles of this world inside once mighty temple-cities, their world-wide empire having dwindled invasion after invasion. The Lizardmen see most of the other races as lesser, in need of being controlled and used to defend the world. They have set themselves as enemies of the Draenei, seeing them as unwelcome arrivals that will only hasten the return of the ruinous darkness.

141 replies and 45 images omitted. Click here to view.
I perosnally prefer the idea of there beeing one race that has a specified aesthetic to it rather than there beeing all kinds of animals tunred into one race.

I could see several lizard races work in the same way that Humans / Elves / dwarves work tho.
Kobolds beeing the lizard version of gnomes, troglodytes beeing lizard dwarves, snake people beeing lizard elves etc.
So different races who kind of coexist because they are closer to each other than to the others.
Eh, prefer not to have it be "standard setting, but scales." That's a bit too blatantly furry - and that's coming from a guy who fits >>59884440 to a T.
So much scaly talk.

What about an ooze species? Just a full on race or type of race(s) that are each amorphous piles of sludge with thoughts and variable acidity, viscosity, color, size, body tempetures and intelligences that go around sliming everything they touch.
oozes are gross
If you read the old testament you will notice they are even more bad guys then babylon.

File: 1440549311397.jpg (65 KB, 480x360)
65 KB
What are some interesting mounts you've used in fantasy games?

Horses are fine and all, but axe-beaks, giant centipedes, dire boars, etc...all make for an interesting change of pace.

Eberron has halflings riding raptors - like, how cool is that shit?

So, what weird mounts have you employed or use in your settings? Giant slugs? Moths? Slimes with special acid-resistant saddles?
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love that design
This is pleasing the shit out of my eyeballs.
File: BEETLEBATTLE.jpg (57 KB, 800x638)
57 KB
op, i want you to know, i really like this picture, and think you should do another

nigga that's a tortoise.

Turtle riders would actually make sense in an aquatic campaign.

File: 1525287483379.png (848 KB, 1194x726)
848 KB
848 KB PNG
You know the drill, post character art.
138 replies and 115 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1520953828693.jpg (172 KB, 877x768)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
post your favorite beastie
Why are there thai letters in one of them?
File: 1445734818984.jpg (45 KB, 795x995)
45 KB
more androids
Requesting buff blonde mercenary girls.Preferably modern or sci-fi.

File: images (15).jpg (29 KB, 443x332)
29 KB
Help. Long story short.
>Decent way into campaign
>Village we started at has been sacked by orcs
>We're on a scout mission to prepare for a friendly army reinforcements (apparently going to take them a week to get here even though the friendly army is a day's walk away).
>We find a small orc forward outpost in a Forest clearing.
>One guy killed half of them, others mounted wargs and ran off
>I dozed off at this point (was drinking) and for and reason the party decided to burn down the camp rather than fuck off innawoods
>Now we hear stampeding in the distance, sounds like about 80-120 orcs mounted on wargs
>DM ends the session there and tells us we're probably fucked
What do? The 5 of us have been racking our brains but we're not sure how to get away.
DM has also hinted at bat riders and maybe some sort of mage.

We have a monk, bard, birdman ranger, rogue and a fighter and we're all around level 4 or 5.
Pic unrelated
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Being unable to set the forest aflame is a shitty copout, but the real issue is that forest fires actually take some time and some work to really get going, and you don't have that kind of time.
Wargs have Scent as a general rule, and even then, numbers work against you when it comes to invisibility.
OP, you got what you deserved for drinking too heavily during game.
the forest fire and army things kinda make it sound like the DM is in the mood to railroad a tpk. does he seem like he's annoyed?
Not really annoyed, but in the 15min I dozed off apparently he was dropping multiple hints to the party that hanging around for 30min razing the empty outpost of no value was a bad idea etc etc.
I've accepted that my character is probably dead, at least going down fighting a horde is a better way to go than some others.
if he tpk's because of a reason like that, i'd find a new DM. there's no reason a group of 4-5 level pc's should even be up against an army of orcs with warg cavalry and bat corsairs.
He's kinda new to DMing and in his defense we shouldn'tve been up against that in the first place, we were just retarded and hung around a dangerous area too long.
I think he overestimates us a lot too, we usually nearly lose at least 2 characters every session.

File: Jenetia_Krole.jpg (515 KB, 1171x956)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
Krole Edition

Previous >>59792260

>Thread FAQ

>Official HH 7th Edition Errata (not updated since January 2016)

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I love them, just bought 30 and 10 umbra ferrox in my panic mk2 buy... I may have also bought a bunch of mk5 as well... and predator executioners, and more stuff, because I have no self control.
Don't care, they get gunned down easy enough.
File: 1518803800467.jpg (41 KB, 488x431)
41 KB
>paths your block
Found them!

File: dyson sphere.jpg (54 KB, 800x450)
54 KB

What are some plausible reasons for a space fairing civilization with the technology and resources necessary to build a Dyson Sphere to have collapsed to the point of extinction? It seems odd that a species could ever achieve this height yet disappear from the galactic stage entirely.
24 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Why the fuck are you building it out in the Goldilocks zone? The purpose is to gather energy, which is more efficient the closer you are. Vacuum is just an bad for human health by Mercury as it is Pluto, so the Goldilocks zone doesn't matter for the colonies themselves. They'll be in the shade of the collectors anyway.
TNG was littered with previously advanced civilizations that had become completely extinct for uncertain reasons. Its not difficult to belive, if the fall of the roman empire was a fiction youd call many of the events contrived and belive the characters were retarted for plot reasons.
They used all the solar energy mining bitcoins and collapsed from a forex crisis.
probably cause they used all their resources building a fucking dyson sphere
They've become obsessed with the next big frontier, or finding out whether there are others like them out there, or what have you.
The entire species has retreated to lurk on the very cusp of black hole's event horizons. There, where the incredible crunch of space rends time, they wait- effectively watching the rest of the universe in fast-forward. Waiting.

Maybe they want to see if anyone else evolves the way they did for religious reasons. Maybe they're waiting to see if their light-speed "anyone there?" pulse at another galaxy gets a response in a few hundred thousand years. Maybe they just want to see how the galaxy progresses in their absence- the super-advanced version of Tom Sawyer attending his own funeral.

File: en_QEDjBx399P.png (247 KB, 399x398)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
Cards to be banned Edition

Previous thread: >>59814067


Thread question: Has Dominaria revived Standard in your area?

Also discuss limited and brawl here.
200 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
To add on to this, even when Standard rotates in September, I'll still be in an OK spot. I'm not losing the majority of the really valuable shit so I just have to update it with the new cards that come out.
What's the best way to get into Magic? Standard, Pauper, Arena, just drafting?
I personally wouldn't play Arena.

I got beta like 3-ish days ago and just doing my daily quests is a real chore. Not fun being shut down by netdecked U/W control and turn 4'd by Green stompys.

If you've played other card games (like Hearthstone) and know how relative card power works for draft formats, then drafting is a great way to build a collection and get experience with MTG.

Not for everyone though. Sealed is more my speed, I don't like competing for cards.
>Unless you got lucky and dusted out some meta shit you probably spent a lot of time getting run over by Even Paladin and Cube Lock and Taunt/Spiteful druid.
I spent less than 50 dollars, and this was a few years back. Off that 50 I was able to build two meta decks and do a decent job, also was able to build a fun side deck. This got me to stay and spend more money over time. With magic (all constructed formats not named pauper) it sounds like pick a top tier 500 dollar deck or go home. And in shadowverse I didn't even spend 10 dollars and I had a competitive deck. I have nothing against spending money but I'm not dropping 300+ dollars on a hobby I am not sure I'll stay in. Barrier of entry is an important factor.

I'm not out there to conquer national tournaments, but if I can't avoid getting curb stomped constantly even at locals without dropping the big dough, well, I can think of a lot of better things to get into for less.
Duels of the Planeswalkers if you don't know the rules as well yet. (not Magic Duels, the ripoff mobile F2P game that's probably dead now)

If you understand and you just want to get started playing, start in Standard, build budget Red Deck Wins (unless you think you're smart and already know what deck you want, I'm not a cop), see how it goes

File: g18nn_top-64_card.png (259 KB, 300x418)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
Question of the day: I found interesting reddit's discussion on Sifr viability now that parasite is gone.
What's your take /tg/?

Also, new national prizes: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/5/21/classic-g-mods/

>What is Android: Netrunner?

>How to play Android: Netrunner (TeamCovenant)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvRwynAp5tI&list=PLmHifZPFC_JvQZA4qgdAQEarHAJKjkbhA [Embed] [Embed]

>Where to play it online (replace spaces with dots):
Jinteki net

Try "Why I Run", great for prospective Runners looking for a hands-on demo on how Running works (replace spaces with dots):

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: scavenge.jpg (786 KB, 1121x1000)
786 KB
786 KB JPG
How is it that this pasta has literally only been posted twice yet is still more stale than the food Exile scavenges from dumpsters?
File: 1419091797134.jpg (538 KB, 732x1039)
538 KB
538 KB JPG

Hey, as much as I find it it too limited and specific for a whole cycle (not to mention a repeat of sort after Flashpoint/Infiltration/Mainframe), I kinda liked the Bank Heist idea.

>That said: Boggs seems less hesitant than Damon and the other dude on actually having influence hits of 5 on cards that "should only be for that faction."

I don't think we really know that (or anything in detail) for sure given Kitara was headed by Damon. We don't really know which design decisions were Boggs and which were his'.
Agree that it's good to have power cards back in the game.

>the other dude
Lukas Litzsinger (Hence LLDS).


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
And yet somehow it still gets serious responses, goes to show how autistic the regulars here are I guess.
File: Always be Running.jpg (390 KB, 1080x1920)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
>And yet somehow it still gets serious responses

Why wouldn't it? That's half the fun.
File: Creation and Control.jpg (287 KB, 1191x491)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
I am really curious if Mr Exile here is an ex-employee of HB.

For all we know, he could have been in cahoots with Ze Professor. And Krazy Kit probably.

>Approximately 1 vampire per 10,000 humans

Do you think that's too many and I should reduce the number?
53 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
They'd probably congregate pretty heavily.
Man, Chile is really safe.

I prefer my Vampires (and vampire equivalents) to be incredibly small in number. The community should all know each other, and new vampires should be a big deal.
File: Replicator.jpg (53 KB, 671x512)
53 KB
Release self replicating machines against them.
That would be roughly 4,000 vampires spread across all of california. While every vampire may not know each other vampire directly, that is certainly a small enough community that they would all be wothin the same social circle. Especially true if tou divide that up amongst major regions. A suburb of vampires in the bay area, nor cal, socal, and the central valley. 1,000 vampires per area. Tjat is witjin tje realm of "they all know each other" without making one unexplainable global coven.

File: Xanatos.jpg (23 KB, 353x265)
23 KB
So GM's, what was the dumbest thing you ever tricked your players into doing?
69 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
we stole the dungeon as loot
Why would a non suicidal person make a lever that killed the user?
>until he threatened to financially bankrupt a fellow player in real life
greentext it nao
Because it was funny
File: 1512678945894.jpg (56 KB, 466x1000)
56 KB
Convinced them to stand very, very still while a ghost ate one characters soul through the back of his head. Also later assisted her in freeing the ghosts twin dead sister from ghost-hunters, and releasing the two of them to snack on sleeping peoples minds.

The power of cute monsters should never be underestimated.

File: 1526758173538.jpg (5.38 MB, 3024x4032)
5.38 MB
5.38 MB JPG
Share with us what you've been fluffing. Not limited to space marines nor 40k.

Previous thread:

I will share the work being done on the Koloshi Stalkers, an Imperial Guard regiment of abhumans, based on the tlingit native americans. Pic related.

56 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.

Been spitballing to myself on how I'd justify Chaos Eldar.

To my mind, any Eldar who could survive not just 1) being instantly consumed by Slaanesh's birth and 2) continuing to survive into the 41st millenium, must be an incredibly powerful individual; physically, mentally, psychically, emotionally.

I see Chaos Eldar as walking a tighter rope than even a human Chaos champion. Their hyper emotional state makes them stand out in the notice of the gods both as prey and as champions. Spawndom will befall basically any Eldar who starts to lean towards any one god, so as a rule (and as a twist of irony) Chaos Eldar embrace something similar to the Path system where they try to control their urges performing a sort of seesaw act between the various portfolios of the Chaos gods whilst simultaneously trying to accrue their attention to be ascended to Daemon Prince status.

I see any Chaos Eldar capable of navigating their way to Undivided Princedom as being incredibly rare, no more than a dozen or so in the entire galaxy. I see Chaos Eldar who somehow become Prince's of just one god as rarer still, no more than two or three per god (with Slaanesh having only one Chaos Eldar Daemon Prince [and probably an unwilling one as well, for extra grimdark]).

I want to use Custodes rules on the tabletop to reflect 1) their technological prowess, 2) their physical power, and 3) their rarity.

I imagine a 'normal' Chaos Eldar to be similar to the Anointed from the old Storm of Chaos event and performing the role of rank and file Custodes, while ascended Chaos Eldar will either be Shield Captain equivalents or just use the profile for Daemon Princes and/or Greater Daemons.

I'm not worried about tabletop balance, I only play with friends and we like coming up with weird armies.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
That's a pretty interesting idea honestly, and I like the idea of a form of Chaos Paths that help them resist falling too hard in any particular direction. I could see them almost being zen-like in their outlook and mannerisms.

Either way, aesthetically I think they'd be rad as hell. Classical Eldar colors and shapes but with chaos iconography and Eldar perfectionism, combined with the showiness and superiority of Dark Eldar. It would look fucking great.
Sauce on picture?

Thanks man, appreciate the response. I think it would be interesting to look at Chaos beyond the superficial "frothing at the mouth" theme and to take a look at it from the perspective of an immortal, hyper advanced race.

I'm not sure what physical aesthetic I would go with for them. My first thought was using a mix of Vampire Counts/CWE but I want my dudes to look a hell of a lot stranger than that. Also, every model has to be a center piece model which makes it even more difficult.

The irony is that the Custodes are super easy on the wallet, but these Chaos Eldar are probably going to end up being ridiculously expensive $ per model to get the unique look I'm going for.
File: 1526235496460.jpg (79 KB, 701x728)
79 KB
>yfw your name is actually mikhail

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