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File: 1493967065696.jpg (69 KB, 540x539)
69 KB
What are some simple, perfectly acceptable chatacter ideas? There's so much negativity about red flags and bad tropes but let's be pleasant for a while.

>A satirist court jester bard thay went just a bit too far, and is now in the run for the greatest joke her ever told
>A reformed thief trying to make some honest scratch through adventuring
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Exalted would work well for that. Martial arts is a really big chunk of the powers and there's a lot of cool variety in there.
File: IMG_3037.png (7 KB, 300x300)
7 KB
>I may not be a great man
>I may not be strong or successful or renowned
>This I cannot control
>But there is something I can control
>I can, at least, be a good man.
You got stats for 5e spiked gauntlets?
Oh man, I love that last one.

File: Beholder_(D&D).jpg (13 KB, 215x224)
13 KB
OD&D setting, party has no magic. I'm thinking of giving away spells like I would items and saying fuckit. good idea?
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Wand of charm monster. Make everything your pet.
Thats why they make wands in the first place dummy
Just remove restrictions on MU-exclusive magic items.
>OD&D setting, party has no magic. I'm thinking of giving away spells like I would items
Scrolls, OP.

The thing you're talking about is scrolls.
Or just take those items off the list altogether?

How are they not up to the ankles in magic swords?

File: squirrels.png (239 KB, 462x266)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
tl;dr / "the point" at the top, backstory at the bottom.

Are there any online MTG "simulators" or MMOs that can be used to casually catch up to friends who've been playing a long time? Ideally, it'd have ALL of the following:

-Free to play
-Up-to-date cardlist at -most- 2 blocks behind release
-Access to cards from past blocks ideally back to core 8th ed.
-A "reward-based" pack / booster system w/o microtansactions
-AI opponents / a casual or non-competitive community

Been playing MTG physically for six years or so, never bought a pack myself. I've got six friends who play religiously and (semi-jokingly) get me holiday gift boxes, fat packs and duel decks as an in-joke of me not being serious enough about the game to actually want one as a gift. Between that and being the only one with a house big enough for a bunch of drunk millenials to draft and them not having room to store card collections, I end up with leftover draft cards too.

Needless to say I now have a huge collection of cards, but they're -all- pack-pulls, and decks I make use what I've got. I do what I can when I'm motivated, but I always get comments of "you shouldn't use X, there's Y which is the same thing but also does Z / costs less" or "I wouldn't put all these different instants in here, just 4 copies of X". I don't buy individual cards, I only have as many as I pull, and I simply don't know the game enough to be able to look at a card and know there's a card from 6 blocks ago that synergizes or does it better. I'm looking to fix that by basically playing and building decks without the financial burden of buying things, especially older and therefor more expensive / hard to find things.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Cockatrice Screenshot.jpg (619 KB, 1920x1080)
619 KB
619 KB JPG

There are deckbuilding sites all over the place. TappedOut and DeckStats are the two I'm familiar with.


They both have pretty similar feature-lists and a whole ton of decks posted that you can browse through if that's your bag.

As far as free online M:TG clients, the only one I have any experience at all with is Cockatrice.


It's free. You download the client and then get a pop-up that adds every card, from every set to your client (it then scrapes the images from the official card database and downloads them as needed. They can't be packaged together for legal reasons I guess). It has its own deck-builder as well but it's kind of bare-bones. I've found it easier to build decks online and then copy them into Cockatrice after. Pic related is what it looks like, it's from me goldfishing my Skullbriar Commander deck just now.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The real kicker is the housecat defeating a supposedly trained soldier.
Get xmage. Unlike cockatrice the client enforces the rules so you don't end up with some idiot trying to cheat or just making mistakes cause they don't know the rules.
Can it handle the weird early bullshit like Chaos Orb and Shahrazad?

File: IMG_0026.jpg (371 KB, 625x980)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
What if every Primarch had been replaced with Angron?
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File: 1441572062660.png (187 KB, 500x331)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
Imagine what Angron could have been without the Nails, I remember one thread where they had come up with an AU where he grew up on a craft world and became a happy poet.
File: 1500954479512.jpg (8 KB, 235x211)
8 KB
Pic related × 20.
What if every Primarch had been replaced with Konrad Cruze?
No Ultramar, Prospero, or Monarchia, since the Emperor whisks the Angrons away at a critical moment and all is destroyed
Can a brotha have a link, I've been wanting to read it, but I can't find it :/

File: 1501099949011-tg.png (139 KB, 223x311)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
Build a Martial Tribal Commander using OP as your general, in order to compete with the Wizard Tribal found made Here: >>54539643

70 cards and then I assemble the decklist.
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This seems good with some token generation in the same turn
File: Cowardly Wizards.jpg (30 KB, 223x310)
30 KB
What are we including in the way of mana ramp and special lands. Command Tower will automatically be included.
File: Image.jpg (25 KB, 223x310)
25 KB
Im not sure WBR gets much ramp. We'd be better served with utility lands and general dual lands I feel.
Some land ideas:
>Abandoned Outpost, Arena, Barbarian Ring, Battlefield Forge, Boros Garrison, Cathedral of War, Ghitu Encampment, Grand Colluseum, Nomad Outpost, Slayer's Stronghold.

...Identity Spoofed
...Encryption Keys Generated
...Connected to Onion Routers
>>>Login: *********
>>>Enter Passcode: *********
...Biometric Scan Confirmed
Connected to ????? Grid...

>Welcome back to /srg/, chummer
>Last Viewed Files: >>54515381

Personal Alerts

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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A low lifestyle is fine if no one is hunting for you because let me tell you Chummer. Bugging out in a ass end of town means shitheads that can bribed will be bribed to sell you ass out and even ambush you at your coffin pod.
Don't agree to GM
I hate saying no -.-
Gotta man up

And from a company that doesnt specialize in AI. I will let Renraku take care of Apex eventually.
Yeah just be candid and say you are down to GM again in the future but don't wanna GM twice in a row. Maybe propose an *official* cycle.

File: Alicia 2.jpg (48 KB, 540x741)
48 KB
A group of travelers huddled together near their fire. The night sky bore down an icy wind on them as the moon rose higher and the stars became more numerous. This motley crew consisted of a paladin, a Warrior, a Dark elf, a Tiefling, and a man who thought he was some sort of bird creature. This rather odd band of misfits had drawn together after a bar fight erupted in a town called Tumeric. The paladin already living in said town, as she was charged with protecting it.
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When do they fuck?
Get a fucking life
But anon, we don't care.
File: super radicool.gif (542 KB, 640x360)
542 KB
542 KB GIF

I like it
Needs a little cleaning up, but otherwise entertaining

If you were playing a homebrew class that dealt 1d6+str mod for unarmed weapons instead of 1+Str mod and you fought without weapons, would a single attack mod be 2d6+str (using both fists in the strike) or just 1d6+str?

Thanks in advance!
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cuz martial classes arent allowed to have fun
Yeah I figured it someone told Mike "fuck martials" Mearls what he had done and is his mind exploded.

I mean it takes a whole feat and restricted from using a two hand weapon or shield. So I don't why he should care myself.
>sacrifice AC with no shield
>sacrifice opportunity for magic or masterwork weapons
>no spells slots
>fists as light? HAH, no, they get no weapon buffs, in fact theyre not weapons, now fuck off while I draw more drow in robes

5e is cancer for nonmagic users
Why Mearls get so much shit in 5e? in the sageadvice he seems like a cool dude and says "I'd allow it" to a lot of stuff for martials, is Jeremy Nofunallowed Crawford the one who goes "fuck your martials, monk specially" everytime in the FAQs and sageadvice

A long history. He's the guy who turned 4e into a shambling corpse with essentials in a vain attempt to win back 3.5 fans by going 'Look, martial characters who don't do anything but basic attack are now the name of the game!'

He also revealed that despite being the lead dev on the fucking system, he'd never played it even in testing. Which really fucking showed.

File: reddragonlove.jpg (148 KB, 450x360)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
A Red Dragon has taken a romantic interest in your character. What would such a relationship be like?
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>Human Monk; Drunken Fist, married to Tiefling Wild Sorceress.

>"Czaria did you polymorph in your sleep again? ....Czaria? ....ZiZi? OH SHI-"
As long as she enjoys watching russians burn in the moon (and fire) light, I will make the best of the upcoming snu-snu.
>Reading comprehension failure.
Anon, I don't think 4chan is for you. You might do better in say, the third grade.
And my axe!

Wait a sec...
File: Spoiler Image (152 KB, 1288x1030)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
I'd be worried about their parenting style though.

File: 1357457272612.gif (431 KB, 640x360)
431 KB
431 KB GIF
>The campaign takes place during the Second Punic War
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>monkey see monkey do
The epitome of irony
>GM keeps fudging dice in favor of Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus and always has to say his whole name
File: Elephant.png (1.28 MB, 1184x708)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
How would you run the crossing of the alps?
File: okqjQnG.jpg (624 KB, 1220x1324)
624 KB
624 KB JPG
Strictly historical? Are we allowed to deviate history?

Mestre, posso jogar como um Blanka grego pelado?
File: ced[1].jpg (242 KB, 986x1369)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
>Roman infantry beats Carthaginian infantry
>Roman infantry pushes *through* the Carthaginian line
>(((Somehow))) this ends up being one of the biggest defeats in Roman history

I'm telling you, Trebia was an inside job!

File: Duel Decks.jpg (34 KB, 252x320)
34 KB
INSPIRED by yesterday's events, let's try something new:

Let's have a regular thread dedicated to creating Thematic Commander Duel Decks and facing them off against each other, then host matches via Cockatrice/X-Mage, then saving the replays for our entertainment. Starting now, we'll try and get a pair of duel decks done each week, completing it with a match.

Then, come December, after we've smoothed out the kinks in this thread, we try and pull off one of the biggest, craziest matches ever:

Un-Set Commander Duel Decks, celebrating the release of Unstable,

>Starting Theme.
Let's use MTG to have some fun with a common topic on here. Martials vs. Casters. a Wizard Tribal Commander VS. a Soldier/Knight/Warrior Tribal Commander.

Also, a few things I have need of:
1. Another player(s) willing to play using the decks we create.

2. Optional, but it would be incredibly helpful, a private X-Mage or Servatrice Server we can use for matches. Otherwise we'll just use a Public Server. The server doesn't need to be a permanent fixation, being able to set it up and run it for the match day is all that's necessary.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>INSPIRED by yesterday's events
What happened yesterday?
Someone posted a thread with the Castle card and suggested people post cards to make a fun casual deck around it. That eventually spiraled out into duel decks and then others for a four player commander thing.
I think it's the castle themed duel decks.
Alright, you've got plenty of good cards here... but what are you going to use to cast them with? I'll include Sol Ring and the three signets for each deck if I feel we need it, and Command Tower will automatically be included in both, but... what about Mana Ramp?
File: Image (7).jpg (30 KB, 223x310)
30 KB

File: Dark Heresy Doom.jpg (70 KB, 409x400)
70 KB
"Varying Degrees of Canon" Edition

For all your questions on Dark Heresy (1st and 2nd Editions), Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, and Only War.
Not the wargame, not Chapter Master, not Space Hulk. Inquisitor is okay, but not many people know about it.

Not sure between starting Dark Heresy 1e and 2e? Pick 2e.

>Why did FFG lose the 40k RPG License?
Because they were bought by Asmodee and that caused some sort of licensing conflict.

>Will GW make their own 40k RPGs now?
Probably not. But if they do it will likely be worse than you could possibly imagine.

Book Repositories (If you're planning to download any Rogue Trader materials, read the .txt file in the RT directory)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
257 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
Kek. Makes sense. Isn't Eisenhorn teamed up with an Alpha Legionary now too?
If it's a massive factory, sure. Entire generations live and die in these ships without ever stepping foot out of it or being proper members of the crew. Travel can potentially take years, and ships that had warp fuckery and we're traveling for decades still came out functional in terms of ship stores and crew. They definitely have the capacity to turn materials into goods, and as far as getting the goods, they're Rogue *Traders*. Getting goods and services is literally the most basic part of their job description.

They can probably make the bare minimum but exotic stuff is probably out of reach.
>Ciaphas Cain are good for for Only War
The first Cain book is definitely a DH experience, fighting a GSC with an Inquisitor, working with Tau to do so and executing a regular human with a Meltagun? All very common Dark Heresy themes.

File: Raj Vokar.jpg (51 KB, 842x595)
51 KB
Bearded Galaxy Edition:

Warmasters Triumvirate is an attempt at creating yet another 40k AU. The Primarchs have changed, and instead of appointing a single Warmaster upon returning to Terra, the Emperor is critically wounded on Ullanor. In order to make sure the Great Crusade continues, the Warmasters' Triumvirate is put in place. Tensions start running high and this eventually culminates in a civil war between Loyalists, Chaos Traitors and Separatists...

Docs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14hqd6RLLgvLdYCIoLCHhQkidgXIsKUzrugyWu6pthEM

Chapter Constructor: https://bitbucket.org/chaptergenerator/chaptergenerator/downloads/

Previous thread: http://boards.4chan.org/tg/thread/54376470#top

To Do List:
>Final fates of the primarchs
> Working out things post-heresy
> Give everyone beards
> Fleshing out legions in regards to a greater storyline
59 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not meaning "hundreds more saints" or even "dozens more saints" it's just that there might be a few more, probably not even in double digits. I suppose the increase might not be in any way needed, seeing as the W3 Imperium's "saint to norm" ratio has probably been skewed in the saints favour, seeing as there's fewer people in the W3 Imperium than there are in the OU.
I'm thinking on how Linares' character develops.

During the GC, he is joyful, friendly and cheerful. He likes most of his brothers and loves them all.

The Brotherwar made him change, partly. He became more and more angry with time, and started to hate some of his brothers. Read: Kane. His perpetual joy starts to banish, as he sees how the two things that he loves the most are disintegrating: the Imperium, and his family, brothers and Father.

After the Warp Crusade, he loses most of his joy, rarely smiling nor laughing, he's less angry, but constantly searchs for ways to fix the total mess that's going on. He has lost some of his sanity, not much, but enough to be clear. It shows up from time to time, TTS Kaldor Draigo style except not really.

After that we have to reach an agreement about what happens.
The partial insanity could be latent, so when first met, it doesn't get Linares killed in sight, and when it shows at last, he has already won the trust of his comrades, so they don't kill him.
Damn, where is everyone?

File: VeloCITY 14.pdf (1.85 MB, PDF)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PDF
Hey guys. This is Mr. Blue Sky, lead developer for VeloCITY - The Wind in Your Hair, the Jet Set Radio-inspired /tg/ homebrew system about shredding asphalt and shredding turntables.

As always, you can always find the latest edition of the rules at the game's 1d4chan page at https://1d4chan.org/wiki/VeloCITY.

I apologize for any extended neglect of this game that may be perceived. For what it's worth, my other game - Super Mario RPG - experienced a surprising surge in popularity recently, so you've probably seen me in those threads. That doesn't mean I've forgotten about this game, not by a long shot. In fact, today, I have a new update for you guys.

This update, version 1.4, is a fluff update. Specifically, at the end of the third chapter that describes the default setting of the game, there is now a new list of a long-since-missing portion of the setting: radio stations! In much older threads than this one, it wasn't just city districts or gangs or NPCs getting brewed; it was various radio stations that rudies might listen to on the airwaves. I've taken much of those old ideas I still had access to and provided my own roster of pirate radio stations, podcasts and livestreams your rudie might be interested in. Some are reinterpretations of old ideas, others are new in their entirety.

As always, any questions, feedback, stories, comments and anything else are always welcome. Enjoy!
28 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1483071971833.jpg (113 KB, 850x850)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Splatoon meets Jet Set Radio sounds like a wonderful time.
I suppose the main thing you'd have to concretely work out is the squid/octopus form and how quickly you can travel through liquids. Then you can get to the idea of laying down ink to move about in, never mind splatting a rival squid with it.
Holy shit, you know what could be cool? If people made adventure hooks in the form of a snippet from these stations. Shit, I'm gonna get to work.
>currently playing on Station Epsilon

File: 1401756795275.jpg (278 KB, 1000x1000)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
What are some good uses for draconic humanoids in most fantasy settings?

Also post character art
267 replies and 82 images omitted. Click here to view.
This thread is magical realm and I am scared. And mildly aroused.
File: 1445145669739.png (339 KB, 800x1131)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
File: 1384465185730.png (212 KB, 467x348)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
Was it the dragon tits, hermaphroditism or platypi that aroused you?
Clearly it was the Dragon x Ohio fapfic

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