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File: 1489799237636.jpg (711 KB, 1110x1080)
711 KB
711 KB JPG
How important is it to have a boss encounter in every dungeon?

Iron-clad law? A rule of thumb? Or an aged trope that needs to be subverted?
A boss battle is an easy and reliable way to end a dungeon on an intense, climactic note. But it's certainly not the only way, and sometimes intense and climactic is not what you need.

In the end, it's just a useful tool, but you shouldn't be afraid to experiment, or to let it go for a better, more appropriate tool in the context.
Players will assume there's a boss and save resources to fight it. If it's not there, you're basically blue balling the group.
If you know how to communicate with your players this isn't a problem.

>Session 0: Hey guys my dungeons don't always have big bad bosses at the end. If you pay attention to clues and maybe investigate a little you will know whether there's a giant crab waiting for you or not.

That's how you get players to start looking at every crab and to start thinking "Where's your mother, I know she's in this cave somewhere, don't you lie to me."
If you have a boss in every dungeon then the players will always expect one and the game will feel more like a video game and less like a living, independently run world. The dungeon should exist based on logical consequences of the actions of beings in the world and whether there is a boss in it or not should logically follow as well. If you leave around clues that indicate past events creating this dungeon then the players should make semi-accurate predictions (as long as they aren’t retarded or children).

Even if they predict wrong they should learn from that experience and keep on their toes.

File: TI.jpg (172 KB, 1050x300)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Give me a quick rundown on this game /tg/
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There is nothing quick about TI, anon.
>not playing the long game on a huge map
File: 1232345623.jpg (57 KB, 749x477)
57 KB
Space Cats are literally the best race though.
Looking at my copy of TI4, I had an odd thought for the Ghosts of Creuss. Basically, if you combine the upgrade to PDS with their ability to project a wormhole via tech or their flagship, could you theoretically set it up to your defences could support your fleets no matter where you went? If you had a wormhole on a planet with its own PDS, could you theoretically double up via the range extension, rolling four (or five, with the tech) dice for Space Cannon?
>Give me a quick rundown on this game /tg/
-Rothschilds bow to Lion Furries
-In contact with aliens
-Possess psychic-like abilities
-Control france with an iron but fair fist
-Own castles & banks globally
-Direct descendants of the ancient royal blood line
-Will bankroll the first cities on Mars (LionFurryOpolis will be be the first city)
-Own 99% of DNA editing research facilities on Earth
-First designer babies will in all likelihood be Bogdanoff babies
-both brothers said to have 215+ IQ, such intelligence on Earth has only existed deep in Tibetan monasteries & Area 51
-Ancient Indian scriptures tell of two angels who will descend upon Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them
-They own Nanobot R&D labs around the world
-You likely have nanolionfurries inside you right now

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1511221343236.png (1.75 MB, 1000x1395)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
>party member turns out to be a cute demon
>has nothin personnell against you, but will constantly try to make you their accomplice for devious plots
What do, /tg/?
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>implying the rest of the party won't team against the smitefag paladin
File: b4c.png (843 KB, 955x1351)
843 KB
843 KB PNG
Cute things improve everything
sit down, take a drink by the fireplace, and get yelled at by the paladin for not smiting ALL the evil.
>All the smitefaggots are morons and/or lying to themselves. If you found yourself in a situation that somehow adhered perfectly to fap fantasy convention in real life, you'd just go with it, if only because there's no reason not to.
I don't think it is possible.
And i don't think I'm going to fuck an ancient evil.
At the very least think of how all of this is going to go down.
Angels and other paladins will be giving you the side eye, you'll have to meet her parents (and god that's going to be awkward).
and that's only if you reformed them in the first place.
Imagine if it was just a demon being a trickster and you fuck them turns out it was all just a trap or some shit.
send them to a church under heavy supervision. Or follow the lord's law darn it

Let's make some chimeras, /tg/. Go to


and set the quantity to 3-4 animals.
Then come back here, tell us what you got and describe how exactly would you combine the animals as to make them a more effective single creature.

As common rules, let's say:
- the size of the result creature is an average of the combined animals
- result creature has to have at very least 1/4 of it's body coming from every combined animal
-result creature can only have as many limbs as any single of the combined animals. You can gain +2 limbs but the chimera suffers STR or DEX penalty

Also, let's discus chimeras, /tg/. Did you ever use them in the game? How did it go?
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>a swarm of thousends of these things maul you to death on your boat trip in pseudo-egypt, always staring at you
And the voice of Alan Rickman.
Thorny Devil

I think I just made the Terrasque, but with opposable thumbs and toes...
The world is fucked.
File: 134576404789.png (290 KB, 600x615)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
>200 kg unstopable orangutan covered in spikes with huge claws
>will attack absolutely anything on sight
>smart as fuck
>can survive being attacked by anything, doesn't give a fuck about poison
>can change colour for camouflage
Jesus Christ, anon.
>wouldn't expect that it's ankle spurs are fucking poisonous

File: 1507610076141.jpg (14 KB, 250x250)
14 KB
Hey guys!
Starting a campaign! We play on discord most week nights and weekends. To join just add me on discord and we'll get you promoted on the server.
If you can't show up its OK no worries m8

Personally I'm looking for anyone familiar with RPGs or really anyone at all! we already have a group but I wanted to open it up to you guys!

FYI I will be the GM for this game =))
File: 1484977331086.png (874 KB, 900x800)
874 KB
874 KB PNG
politely bumping
File: pearl smoking.jpg (8 KB, 113x112)
8 KB
File: holy war 2.0 teaser =).jpg (787 KB, 1755x1147)
787 KB
787 KB JPG

File: 020.jpg (2.92 MB, 4272x2848)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB JPG
I got a shit dm who will visibly nudge his dice. For example, he does this every time any time I cast a spell and they make a saving throw. They always save it perfectly. For context, he hates spell-casters but didn't tell me, and I got way too deep in the campaign. He didn't even tell me himself, it was one of his friends that told me.

I asked him if I could make a new charecter but at least keep my experience. He said no I have to kill my current, and reroll, starting from level 1.

I want to even the playing field.

How do I bake dice to make them loaded?
What kind of dice should I get?
Should I just buy a fuckton of cheap dice and try my way?
Can I bake transparent dice?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Yeah, why not have the most easily checked dice to see if you are cheating. What the fuck dude?
At least I'm not the dumbass trying to cheat by melting dice.

Determining the center of mass of a die is one thing, but what does that really tell you? By how much does it affect your odds of rolling a desired result? You're not going to level the playing field with a cheating DM with a 0.05% higher chance of rolling a 20.
The answer to dealing with a manchild gm who doesn't want mages to function is literally just to wizard even harder. There are plenty of ways to do dumb stuff with wizards that your GM just can't stop without absurd gm fiat that would be noticeable to everybody, hell, you can even just be a wizard who is a better fighter than your fighters ever will be.
I would search for an experienced dm. This sounds like a trash gaming experience if you need to cheat to have fun.

Alternatively use buff spells on the party and spells without saves.

And talk to your dm about this.
Why are you so retarded that you haven't left the game yet
Nerfing a class is not necessarily bad. Nerfing a class by fudging a player's rolls and not telling them is real fucking nasty.

Forcing the player to start back at level 1 after they change classes is harsh but not necessarily bad, just not a good fit for most group. Enforcing that rule by surprise (on a single player, too, I presume) is a symptom of extreme and incurable autism.

The only way you can fix this shit is by gathering the players that are sympathetic to your plight and aren't crap, then start your own group; maybe salvage the campaign itself. You may need to GM, but having to GM yourself is better than leaving it up to an incompetent douche.

If you cheat using loaded dice, you're going to lose the moral high ground (which you need if you want the other players to side with you).

File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (174 KB, 1280x720)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Useful Worldbuilding Links:

Thread Question:
>Think of an unusual people in your setting
>What kind of houses they live in, what makes them special
>What makes their everyday lives so different from other peoples
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Anybody have any recommendations for organizing the information as I'm building my world?
>Anybody have any recommendations for organizing the information as I'm building my world?

thanks for input, added money
will add other stuff later, they are rather expansive topics
Right answer there, also make a shitton of notes whenever you think about something, and only keep the best ones.
>Think of an unusual people in your setting
Commoner is actually a condition in my setting, they represent like 70% of a population and act like mindless drones but they still fit in society rather easily, they usually group up around someone who has some kind of passive otherworldly powers (won't describe why it's cool because donut steal, it actually sounds dumb af here);
There are also the "marked", some kind of mercenaries that you can call (because of a threat too big for usual means) by writing their mark, which prevents them to turn into commoners (at least thinking that actually creates the effect), they mostly just want to kill some big monsters to harvest and understand their abilities (aka bad idea), but others are either 100% mad or nice.

>What kind of houses they live in, what makes them special
as the "non-euclidian lol" guy's wrath is feared by almost every thing the usual village looks and lives like a 90's Anytown, Europe with only a few high-tech remains, other live in decent-sized megastructures's remains.

>What makes their everyday lives so different from other peoples
for commoners, their blindness on almost anything in the setting makes their lives seem peaceful, but they will all bitch that their lives are terrible compared to some other commoner they idealize.
strange logic guys have "fixed" powers, so if they ever change a lot in their lifetime, their powers will turn against them.
marked usually use scrapped vehicles to roam around countries but higher ranks are so much paranoids that they walk more in a week than all the protagonists in a season of Pokémon, either because they literaly "don't trust physics anymore", or don't want to get traced down at all (sounds dumb too, I know).

File: feel, eorlingas.jpg (161 KB, 595x694)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
You anons ever try out TOR? If so, what did you think about it and what was your specific experience like?

Seen people talk about it a tiny bit here on /tg/ and it's almost always good things being said, but I rarely see proper threads about it.
13 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
yeah played it once

shit in a bear mans tent was LOL worthy

pretty dully game though , I think being some random chumps who will make no difference to anything because the epic story has already been written makes the entire experience a bit pointless.

i think id much prefer it if you could play an 'alternate history' as a different fellowship and see how things would play out than playing some random NPC nobody actually cares about.
I suspect combat in TOR doesn't do it for others as well.
>pretty dully game though , I think being some random chumps
I think you have to enter it with an old school mentality, so to speak. More about exploration and survival.
If you want an epic role you need to shift the focus on a different part of the War of the Ring I guess.
How was the "The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game" instead? The one with the CODA system?
Haven't played it yet but I finished my character for a upcoming campaign a friend of me has planed, also reading the simarillion currently, I'm looking forward to it.

Hi guys, I'm running a game set in the sea bottom. The PCs' ship sunk, and they wake up in a Rapture-Cthulhu-esque place in the sea bottom. They will see a lot of eldritch monsters and strange architecture, and I'd like to show them pics of whatever they will see. But, shamefully, I don't have enough/good ones. That's why I'm asking for some cool, sea bottom architecture and sea monsters pics. Also, general Eldritch Seas pic thread
2 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
sounds fun! what game system
Dld and play sunless sea for inspiration.
>I'd like to show them pics of whatever they will see
OP that kind of ruined the point of “eldritch” things. Most of them are mean to be so alien as to being hard to describe or painful to look at. Don’t just stick tentacles on shit and call it lovecraftian.
Giving it a clear physical form just makes it another creature to be slaughtered
Lovecraft made very clear descriptions of some of the monsters he created though
Mostly a homebrew

You are right. But if not of the actual monsters, just pics of the architecture and the sea bottom.

File: 1704214871.jpg (328 KB, 1400x1867)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
tl;dr: Talking as a female character if you have a masculine voice. How?

How do you do women in roleplay? You might find yourself choosing to play one, or if you're GMing the players will inevitably run into a girl that they have a conversation with. Either way, a man doing a woman's voice comes off as silly at best, borderline creepy at worst. How do you deal with this without it affecting the tone of the scene? I'm a male GM and I have a particularly deep voice. I could just tell my players what a female character says, rather than actually emulate her voice, but wouldn't that come off as less immersive? And if you're actually playing one, it could get even more stiff and tiring to constantly say "she says..." rather than, well, playing the role.
What are your experiences and advice?
24 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pretty much this. Unless you are good at voiceacting then you should rely on mannerisms and speech patterns.
Yeah, I do lady voices.
I mean, it's still a dude voice, but this one is all haughty and shit, and this one is an old fucking granny.

Granny is easy to do for men.
I speak in a slightly higher voice. Not cartoonishly so or anything, just a bit higher, and with less hard consonants. It helps that my previous characters that lasted were a gruff cleric and a boisterous gladiator, so just going slightly softer spoken and higher pitch makes it a world of difference.
How about just not playing your opposite gender to save you time and confidence ?
>if you're GMing
Yeah, the easiest solution to OP's problem is just to never have any female NPCs talk.

File: images.jpg (6 KB, 206x245)
6 KB
Tell me about your doods, dood.

Non-Marines and non-40k encouraged, Marines still welcome, dood.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, this is where I'm stuck at too. Perhaps it would be better to flesh out the goddess first. Give her a history, think about her motives for founding the religion in the first place and what the goal of her organisation is. One important thing to think about is whether or not her goals are self serving or if she has some higher ideal she's working towards.
My AoS doods

My 40k doods

Feel free to tell me what you think about them, I am open to help and constructive criticism
>a lackey underclass of demon-penguins
Are we sure hell is supposed to be the bad place? The pegs are a bit unsettling, but other than that they're still gloriously awesome penguin doods.
This is a bit from my setting, but feel free to pick out the bits you like.
The god of light and brotherly love, Aisam, is the deity to thank for the creation of the human race, and generally lavishes his blessings upon them for the most part. However, he's (for lack of a better word) a bit of a manchild, feeling that he and only he should rule the human race because he's cared for it so much.
He forgets the other deities who had a part in the creation of humanity, not to speak of the world itself, when he gets overprotective of humanity and decides to undermine the other gods by exterminating their clergy or pumping the citizenry with warnings about other deities. He's even robbed whole domains away from other deities, and this is not a one-time thing - the other gods are getting tired of his shit by now too.
He really is the Neutral Moral god of light and brotherly love, but he gets insanely jealous of the other gods, is infamously sensitive to certain questions from his clergy and is quick to turn to intimidation and sometimes force when a human who he feels should be grateful to him for even being alive defies him.
As an aside note, it's like all the good parts that should have been in 950 pages of F.A.T.A.L were concentrated into the alignment system - the Ethical/Moral divide would wipe out thousands of flamewars, though it was probably ripped off from somewhere else.
I meant Ethical Neutral, given, but he's still a Jesus/Pelor figure in a setting that's a mishmash between Renaissance Italy and Hansa-era Kurland.
He's simultaneously the most and the least trusted deity, because while he obviously means well and does help people most of the time, he's jealous, possessive and sometimes just plain smilingly underhanded when it comes to sensitive questions of faith, his relationships to the kobold and goblin deities which are not supposed to exist and the actual history of the world.

Welcome to Nobledark Imperium: a relatively light fan rewrite of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, with a generous helping of competence and common sense.



>Adventures of the folks on Ganymede
>Asdrubael Vect and other residents of the Dark City
>Phoenix Lords, nature of the Old Eldar Empire, and more.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
123 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't think we've done anything with the Russ. I thought the Russ was the tank said to have originally been a DaoT all-terrain vehicle/tractor, but I think that was actually the Rhino.
Does anyone have names for the two Legi and Draco stories? Currently they are unnamed on the 1d4chan page.
I think they both were I'm more sure that the Russ was.

Is there a developing priesthood of Ynnead if Yvraine isn't taking that role?

I have more writefagging planned if this thread survives until evening.
I could see a Tau falling to Chaos. It's vanishingly rare like Chaos Orks, but if Chaos can corrupt AI which don't have a warp presence at all, then Tau and any other sapient species should be able to fall too.
In-universe, no one knows what the fuck is up with aynnead. Farseers keep seeing the name come up the further they try to look into the future, but they also keep hitting the Shadow Point where they either can't see anything or the number of possible futures skyrockets exponentially.

Out of universe, Ynnead is probably the top bet for the identity of the Impossible Child. But since it's a post 999.M41 thing it's deliberately left open to interpretation.

File: monk vs. barbarian.jpg (284 KB, 1200x689)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
how come monks are trash while barbarians are generally pretty good?

What do barbarians have that monks lack?
83 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Depends on the system.

Unchained monks in PF are much better than Core monks in any system.
>2d10+str+5d6 elemental damage of one or another sort on 4 attacks at highest BAB+3 more iterative attacks
>The reason the main magic item you pay out the nose for on a monk costs so much is it's two magic items mashed into a single magic item - Greater Magic Fang+Greater Magic Weapon=Amulet of Mighty Fists. Build you own using one spell for a more standard magic weapon price.
>UC monk needs Strength and Wis, Dex and Con only as much as anyone else thanks to ki powers
>Full BAB and no penalty for flurry - instead flurry just gives you wextra attacks at full BAB now
>1d10 because full BAb now
>much more synergy and much more cost effective powers that can be turned into specific builds such as elemental attack monk, dimensional assault specialist, pounce and sunder style monk, etc etc.
>gains access to all the Qigong monk abilities as well as having a better selection of ki powers
>Style Strikes give access to pounce by 5th level, hardness ignorance, and extra 'stay here and let me kill you attacks' in addition to stunning fist
Unchained Monk with One Touch and Quivering Palm.

>Because who the fuck builds STR on a monk?
People who aren't retarded build STR on a Monk because going straight Dex makes you hit like a wet noodle.
Have you tried not playing D&D? Or playing 4e, monks are baller in that edition.

Even CofD does monks better than most D&D editions. Seriously, drop five points into Martial Arts and your hands are suddenly dealing more lethal damage than a vampire's claws.
Because 5th edition is better than whatever shit you’re playing. In 5th barbarians are tough as hell but monks easily out-damage them.

File: purge.png (273 KB, 518x700)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
As requested in the MtG custom card thread, here's a separate thread for other CCGs. Post your non-MtG custom cards here, exchange feedback, etc.

I've got a couple homemade Hearthstone sets to kick things off.
38 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Deathwhisperer.png (340 KB, 400x543)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
Silly me, forgot to attach the summon from the legendary. But here it is.
Spore cloud looks like an ass farting.
File: Spore Cloud.jpg (180 KB, 1600x1143)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
>Spore cloud looks like an ass farting.
Can't be too picky about the artwork. I do my best to find one fitting, but I create my cards THEN look for art, not the other way around. Some of them I had to spend a bit of time on Photoshop to get something less terrible
File: download (9).jpg (747 KB, 2000x1112)
747 KB
747 KB JPG
> Priest cards (pic related)
Just FYI:

>Cabal Acolyte
>Battlecry: Give your opponent a random 'Shadow Word' card.
Yes, those are the Shadow Words available to Priest. The last time I checked, the Shadow Words we have are Pain, Death and Horror.

>Mind Spike
>Shadow Spike
>If your opponent cast a Mind Blast while this is at your hand...
This is that basic 5 damage spell from Priest.
The thing is, death knights are really really dependent on having a weapon equipped for removal. Death Grip is their main single target removal spell, and Gorefiend's Grasp for board clear. Unlike other weapon classes, dks have a really strong incentive to sit on the last point of durability without using it so that their grip spells actually do something, so they're really vulnerable to weapon removal. Being able to equip a high damage weapon with lifesteal or froustmourne's resurrection effect, for only 2 mana, is very important to them, otherwise they get hard countered by ooze. With Runeforging, you can use your weapon freely and summon it back cheaply whenever you need it for a grip combo.

Also, I should note that upgrade itself would be much stronger in a dk deck than in warrior. (think about how much difference +1/+1 makes to Runed Soulblade and Frostmourne vs FWA and Arcanite Reaper).

>purgatory = ice block
You might have missed the difference in the wording. Purgatory's immunity lasts until the end of YOUR turn, which lets you take weapon swings (or Gorefiend's Grasp an entire board) and synergises with Lifesteal and Frostmourne.
Another thing I wanted to do with the DK was take the opportunity to put in a permanent counterweight to combo decks. DK secrets tend to be very very strong against spell OTK decks

Anyway, enough dk stuff, I'd quite like to see what people think of the second expansion. It's got some more interesting stuff going on, in my opinion.
Tell me what seems interesting in the first page.

File: 1478226976806.jpg (238 KB, 940x850)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Looking for more pics of beholders.Post what you got and make requests, but don't be that guy who begs for pics with no contribution.
11 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: itty bitty death kiss.jpg (42 KB, 564x910)
42 KB
File: regourso - gorgon eye.jpg (1.34 MB, 1000x1000)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
File: 1327617035097.jpg (92 KB, 539x709)
92 KB
File: paranoia beholder 2.jpg (450 KB, 800x800)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
I like beholders.
File: 1501989265247.jpg (51 KB, 736x607)
51 KB
Anything other than beholders? They're not my thing.

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