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File: 1505506099071.png (2.05 MB, 1600x899)
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2.05 MB PNG
Hey tg, itt we build a fortress. I'll start.

>An order of knights, known for their cavalry charges and wooden wings are a garrison here, with a force of 18000 strong.
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Oooh! Dragons!!!
18000 knights riding Dragons!!!!!
Now, should it be Fire-Breathing Dragons (TM) or Acid-Spewing Dragons (C) ... no, wait: how about Ghost-busting Dragons (R)
I prefer Malazan style squad mages, where shitty mages with no real power get assigned at a squad level for stuff like minor healing and illusions (when half of them are actually high mage tier assholes on par with weaker gods, it just becomes bullshit though)
Haven't read it, actually.
I stole my idea from 'A Practical Guide to Evil' actually.
The Dread Empire's Legions of Terror use it like that & it struck me as a good idea.

>shitty mages with no real power get assigned at a squad level for stuff like minor healing and illusions
Yeah, that's basically how it works there, too.

>when half of them are actually high mage tier assholes on par with weaker gods, it just becomes bullshit though
That DOES break it all down, yeah.
APGtE only has about a dozen of high mages (and tons of 'Legion' ones).
Elves, OTOH, are almost nothing BUT Mages. Fortunately, most of them only 'Legion' tier.
Yeah, that can be another tier of Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors - along with the usual ones.
In Malazan's defense, I'm probably being unfair: most the squad mages really are shit. It's just that the broken ones are really fucking broken

File: Immortality Quest.jpg (1.42 MB, 1551x3863)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
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File: Spoiler Image (787 KB, 810x1677)
787 KB
787 KB JPG
Reaper honestly seems like the most shit path, so I guess I'll take that because easymode is for fucking casuals.
File: 1482858943625.jpg (38 KB, 500x769)
38 KB
>Flail Proficiency (Meteor Hammer)
>Sword Proficiency
>Canyon Crawler Pet
>Royal Barge

>Domestic Machinery and Alignment drawbacks.
>Ideal Body and People Person Perks.

Avatar Kyoshi
Ty Lee to chill one or both out.
I'd rather take Varrick and Zhu Li but I can't subject them to the impossible-ego queen-bitch-of-the-universe levels this squad is going to generate so I'll settle for Asami for someone to fix the boat when it breaks so we don't all die of cheap fixtures.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Does anyone have the CYOA where you get a building similar to >>55506001 in terms of style?
I think there was a monk somewhere on it and could choose a pool room, master and normal bedrooms, etc.
It had a gold/brown background too.
>no options to make your symbiote fuggable

I would make a CYOA for Symbiote waifu's, but I am a lazy piece of shit

File: large.jpg (77 KB, 500x500)
77 KB
How do I play this game Anons?
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Yeah this, go play FATE or something if you want that narrativist "everyone's a winner" touchy-feely SJW-pandering "noob friendly" thai-cuisine supporting shit, real gamers use a revolver.
No no, that's Polish Roulette. OP wanted Russian Roulette.
I would've suggested grenade roulette for a real blast, but realised she couldn't play without breaking a nail on the pin...
Load one round into the cylinder, spin the cylinder a couple times not looking, push cylinder back in, place against temple and pull trigger. Last man standing wins
File: Deer-Hunter.jpg (52 KB, 615x410)
52 KB

One shot

What little details are you proud of in your game? Maybe a little something for yourself or other players that may or may not be completely looked over.

What kind of detail do you go completely overboard with even though you know it won't be relevant to begin with?
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Will do anon.
I posted my dice tower the other day, and tg was surprisingly kind. I'll post pics of the big book.

Pics I literally pull from the web. Right click and save, send to printer.
In a similar vein, I have a small leather-bound notebook which I bring to every session, and in which I keep in-character notes and sketches or anything and everything.
One of my favorite little moments I've had was spending hours on various drafts of the small town that the party operates out of- unnecessarily tweaking the uneven sprawl of a growing frontier town, filling in non-important buildings, and such. When a player came up with wanting to open up another building, after the rest of the group started a cabaret/HQ, I asked him where, and he just pointed at a spot on the map down the road. Something about the physical representation of the story world being used in even such a simple way made all the effort immediately worth it, and warms my bitter heart.
This is a really good idea! I've kind of had to pull teeth to get cosmetic descriptions of my group's PC's. They're into the game, just not that facet, while I love the little details.

Atmosphere details are great, and I also try to incorporate them. Details that make the world seem like it runs on its own, outside the events of the game. (It's about to be cicada season, shamelessly going to have that in the background.)
File: onenote.png (436 KB, 2500x1166)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
> What kind of detail do you go completely overboard with even though you know it won't be relevant to begin with?

My girlfriend keeps telling me I have depression. I’m the furthest thing from depressed. I mean, look at what I’ve accomplished. Do you see this wiki? Do you think a depressed person could make this?

File: 1503740348963.gif (1.57 MB, 350x194)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB GIF
What's your dream system /tg/? Could you create it?
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Ok, I can see how I wasn't clear really. "3.5 and on"

I meant 3.5 had the FAQ update. I have no knowledge about 5e. So I can't say anything about that edition.
Yeah, that's the bit that I was responding to. Additionally, prior to your post, no one had specified edition and as such the conversation defaults to the most recent/most played edition which is 5e. I figured your comment at the end was just an aside regarding how it was handled in earlier editions.
Yeah, sorry.

1-2 it was core printed rules. "1's always miss/fail". opposite for twenties.

Oddly, 3.5 left it out. Then released an errata referring to it.

No clue how 4,5 deals with 1's.
When it's done anon
It's not done yet
And I plan to finish it
And I also don't plan on trying to crush the market with it, or make it seem like it's the best system, or that all other systems are bad by comparison, or some other shit that is cancerous to the rpg gaming community.
I'm going to release it and be very up front about what it's for, making no excuses for whatever shortcoming it ends up having.

I also really, really don't want to charge for the rules, unless they are in physical form. Even then, I want those prices to be cheap. Like $20 or $30 USD. With free support and expansions. I'm not trying to jew anyone, I want to provide a system for gm's and players, not really for profit.
Anon, I LOVE and play the Shit out of the old 80s/90s games (I'm always in our once-in-a-blue-moon Twilight 2000 threads too), and I can 100% tell you: this is a terrible idea.

Large, complicated simulationist systems CAN be more accurate as a simulation, but, Roleplaying is inherently about Roles and a story. Unless you're soloing a Postapocalyptic murder hobo (my side project), running a war simulation would just end terribly for both players and Game Masters.

Just RP and play Arma.

File: Olaf.jpg (1.64 MB, 1700x1062)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
Bards College Edition

>Tabletop/P&P RPGs
[UESRPG - P&P RPG] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pTgTN2aJUoY95JtquowagfUJLL7tCQYhzJKcCAcbvio/edit?usp=sharing
[Scrollhammer - Tabletop Wargame] http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Scrollhammer_2nd_Edition
Discussion in #Scrollhammer (irc.thisisnotatrueending.com (port 6667))

And by popular* request:
[TES 5E Conversion] https://uestrpg.wixsite.com/home

>Lore Resources
[The Imperial Library] http://www.imperial-library.info/
[/r/teslore] http://www.reddit.com/r/teslore/
[UESP/Lore] http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Main_Page
[Pocket Guide to the Lore] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AtsWXZKVqB4Q825_SwINY6z4_9NaGknXgeOknOCDuCU/edit

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Greco-Indian Columns.jpg (79 KB, 610x1023)
79 KB
Honestly, I'd roll with it sometimes. I never like the idea of a single explanation for M'aiq, though. But I do like that idea.

Sadly, there aren't many full building examples, much of the influence appeared in column decorations and artwork. I just think you could take the medieval styles of Greek architecture, in particular the domes, tiles, and mosaics and play up on the Hellenistic mystery cult aspect with all the various Nibenean cults, and then tie in more exotic influences. Gandharan crown moldings and Akaviri interior decorations.
File: Sanchi_temple_17.jpg (682 KB, 1727x1080)
682 KB
682 KB JPG
This was the only full structure I could find with an evidently Greek influence but there is still the question of Ayleids. What will their influence be and how does it come to play in architecture.
File: Varanasi.jpg (174 KB, 900x599)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
I like to imagine Cyrodiil's Roman aspect as being split into two fantasy versions of East and West that are a bit of a play on how people ended up seeing them and some of their characteristics. We've been talking about Colovia as isolated almost feudal fortresses and cities, so Nibeney should have an Eastern Roman base in style with every trying to out-exotic each other. While there are running architectural trends, you see far more variety in styles and artwork as there is a far greater amount of interest. Some might make a pseudo-Nordic hall while others might go in the direction of Akavir. But all of them are affected by the local builders being most familiar with basilicas, stone masonry, and building on softer tropical ground. So you see in richer areas some attempts to bring in new styles, but all of them reigned in to have a single theme running through them.
Huh, thanks for looking.

This was sorta for you.

I hadn't considered Ayleids though I would think that Ayleid might be something more inside the home, remember much of what got assimilated by the locals ended up being customs and some beliefs, so you'd see much more Man on the outside and a sorta taboo that no one talks about Mer on the inside.
Haven't tried a Dominion army, so I don't have a lot to compare it to.
It has in general been a while since I last fiddled around with Scrollhammer armies. Should have written down that math I did on comparisons.

Conjured units can't buy upgrades, so that Dremora can't have a Silver Claymore.

Your Neonate is kind of crap in close combat in the first place, and it's much more useful to have him slinging spells, so I'd probably drop the armour upgrade.
With the 9$ you're left with from not getting the claymore and not getting the armour, you can buy Practices Caster for your Neonate. The remaining 5$ you can do whatever you want with, but I'd recommend potion or a scroll.

Now, another thing is that you don't really have any proper "can-openers" in your list.
That isn't always super important, but it's not unreasonable that you might meet a high ARM unit or two. And at best, of your regular units, you have your Thalmor with AP1 and your Justiciar with AP2.
Buying Glass weapons might seem like a way to remedy that, but it's a straight upgrade to give your units a Scroll of Bound Sword, which is both AP2 AND ignores Ethereal.

So take that 5$ you have unspent, don't take enchanted weapons on the Thalmor and the Justiciar, and give them both Scroll of Bound Sword.
Now you have units that still work against ethereal, but that now have higher AP. You should have 1$ unspent.

File: HqwpyKF.jpg (452 KB, 1450x1153)
452 KB
452 KB JPG
Fitting out edition.

Talk about botes, bote based wargaming and RPGs, and maybe even a certain bote based vidya that tickles our autism in just the right way.

Games, Ospreys and References (Courtesy of /hwg/)

Models and Manufacturers

Rule the Waves

Previous >>55343169
98 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
USA is probably the beginner's best choice. Few sea zones to protect but a reasonable and escalating budget with good research prospects. For 1899 ships have a look at some of the starting builds on the forum.
So, I'm not quite sure how to feel about posting about this, but...



1945 to 1982. She served our country well. Even if it's just a couple of bucks, we shouldn't relegate her memory to the breakers of history.
sink her as a reef. no notable history, sadly. Best use for her is to help support new life.

File: 1265630650199[1].jpg (1.09 MB, 3000x2000)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
Friday has come around again, and so the fortnightly Storythread returns - do you have what it takes to write a few posts worth of /tg/ related fiction? Well, even if you don't try anyway.

This is a thread for creative writing of /tg/-related fiction, so epic campaign greentexts and other non-fiction go elsewhere. If you have /tg/ related stories to post, post them here, and hopefully some kind anon will give you feedback (or at least acknowledge that someone did actually read it, which let's face it is what writefags really want).

What counts as /tg/-related? Anything someone could plausibly use in a campaign (which means basically anything if you have enough imagination).

If you don't have a story ready then I and other anons will be posting pictures throughout the thread for you to test your writing skills on. This is, more or less, a world-building and character-building exercise: two vital skills for playing roleplaying games. If you don't have any pics to post, you could try posting an idea for a setting or a character, and maybe someone will be willing to write a story using it. It's also an exercise in writing though, where writefags can try out their material and gain inspiration, so if you just want to talk about world-building you may want to head over to the dedicated world-building threads.

Remember that writefags love to have feedback on their work. Writing takes a long time, especially stories that go over several posts, and it can be really depressing when no one even seems to read it (and the writer won't know you read it unless you leave a comment).

And since writing takes a long time remember to keep the thread bumped. Pics are good, feedback is better.

There is a discord for writers:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1499362772510.gif (22 KB, 540x540)
22 KB
File: 1443740772529.jpg (641 KB, 1748x1155)
641 KB
641 KB JPG
I made mistakes, I admit that.
But I am more certain than I have ever been.
That this is the path I must walk.
Even if it scorches my skin and crumbles to ash beneath my feet.
I will never give up; for I made a promise in the shadow of the pyramid of photep.
A promise to myself.
A promise to my brothers.
A promise to an imperium drowning in ignorance.
A promise to a galaxy gone mad.
A promise that I will keep.
A promise that....
...all is NOT..YET....DUST
Now, had this been the other timeline, at this point Skarsnik might have had to contend with Ungrimm Ironfist being made the Incarnate of Fire. However, it seemed that Gobbla being made an Incarnate despite lacking sapience had farther-reaching repercussions than anyone would have thought. One of those repercussions was that Ungrim was never bound to the Wind of Fire. Though this gift would not have prevented the fall of Eight Peaks or the deaths of those countless Dwarfs as the caverns collapsed, it at least gave them some morale.

In place of a no doubt great doomed battle as the Slayer King and his kin fought the squig-horde powered by the Beast-Gobbla, there was only another infestation. Between the constantly-reinforcing ranks of squig and the devious goblins hiding among the steeds, the Dwarf throngs had no time to even organize a retreat before the warlord's army came. Of the thirty-something scores Slayers grouped alongside Ungrim, only three scores of them survived the collapse, all humiliated for the losses.

From there, the Crooked Moon Tribe, renamed to the Gobbletooth Tribe in memoriam of the countless feasting squigs, spilled out from that keep and flooded the World's Edge. Mirroring the legendary Orc Grimgor Ironhide's own campaign through Cathay and Nippon (except here he was somehow bound to the Wind of Fire and merely gained the support of all the Firebellies, who viewed him as the embodiment of the Fire Mouth), Skarsnik also gained the support of countless Goblin Tribes. Most were merely dragged along by their squigs but once they beheld the almighty Beast-Gobbla, whose feats only grew with each fight, most instantly swore fealty to Skarsnik. For most in the Old World, the idea of being boxed in by Chaos in the north and Greenskins on the sides was a thought that caused despair.

It would also only be a matter of time before the three sides would meet. The great High Elf mage Teclis had hoped to turn the two plagues upon each other.
File: 1494210356329.jpg (31 KB, 564x446)
31 KB

File: Kairi_Sane.png (412 KB, 615x400)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
Ahoy /tg/, while there are a plethora of pirate and privateer themed supplements and modules out there, what is something YOU as a player would hope to see in a pirate campaign? As a backdrop, I'm GMing one for 3 players (forgemaster cleric, dirge bard, bladebound magus) in a PF ruleset. So far, they've managed to befriend several pirate lords via favors and fight off some Chelish armada, but I feel I am missing the real feel and atmosphere of a buccaneer bonanza that we all have in our heads when we think the word "pirate".
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1325798190168.jpg (172 KB, 900x900)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Yeah your game isnt going to be very piratey if you allow tons of casters, theres so many pirate and nauitical archetypes and not one of your munchkins picked one.
you should have forced them to at least make sea witches or shit like that, those are just bog standard pf powergamer builds
you have already failed
Who is this mysterious wrasslefag fa/tg/uy?

A pirate campaign isn't a pirate campaign without treasure, rum, ship-to-ship duels and sodomy/the lash.
File: OK.jpg (148 KB, 579x664)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
If a bard has bothered to learn the appropriate tunes, then having a "shantyman" allows bonuses to both shiphandling and morale , as the crew are more motivated.
Also, MUTINY! if the crew aren't properly fed, fresh water provided, grog and gold shared out, etc.
File: 1457503273336.jpg (195 KB, 850x594)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Got that covered ma man, using a ship ruleset that has all of that added in.
This is my first time posting about it, but good suggestions, only one I'm missing so far is sodomy.
Believe it or not, the magus can be a bit power-gamey in terms of damage output, but the bard is a total newb who just liked the idea of playing an instrument and summoning the dead. The cleric is powerful, but the guy loves dwarves and he wanted to be a dwarven-exclusive archetype, hence forgemaster. It's somewhat explained away by the bard and magus being a young noble and ex-solider respectively of the not!American nation, but the cleric has claimed to be a devout follower of Davey Jones for a minute.

Who primarch fangirl here?
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something with hairpulling and spitting probably
Samus best Femarch. Prove me wrong.
>namefag gets triggered by best girl
>news at 11
Tao collaborator

File: 1492817970664.jpg (276 KB, 1024x318)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
>that campaign you've always wanted to run but never had the chance to

Tell me about it, /tg/
80 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
A Digimon campaign with some Persona 5 flavor.
Players are teens in detention a la Breakfast Club who get sucked into the digital world through their phones. Various parts of the school have digital analogues. They can switch in and out through an app.
The final boss is a Diaboromon style internet virus. It wants to merge both worlds and infect reality.
A campaign the players actually set their own agendas for and have their own goals instead of blindly following plothooks


Just some nice exploration.
Magical post-apocalypse. World's basically Shadowrun without the tech: points of light setting, gritty urban environments, unreasonably hostile wilderness.

The second one is Ark in Savage Worlds as a sort of Might and Magic tribute. That's on hold until I get my hands on Kronocalypse.
There's an actual Crimson Skies RPG, chum.
File: Seraph.jpg (299 KB, 639x1737)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Really far-future scifi (think 10k years from now) set on a generation ship on the way to the Magellanic clouds. Players are digitally immortal agents of the seed AI that runs the ship who have weird, reality-altering powers, called Seraphs. Basically Destiny's Guardians mixed with Firewall from Eclipse Phase. The players would be assigned to topple a totalitarian, neo-feudal regime in the aftward decks with the goal of keeping the regime from dismantling the reactors and turning them into nukes, which would fuck over the ship. They'd have to deal with court intrigue and balancing any genuine desire to help the people of the country with the pragmatism of keeping the reactors running.

File: ROSEBUD.jpg (495 KB, 833x1390)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
One year anniversary sub-edition

Welcome to Nobledark Imperium: a relatively light fan rewrite of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, with a generous helping of competence and common sense.



>What needs to be done?
>Panic over the fact that 1d4chan is apparently locked to most anons

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I think they all can. It's important to note in this respect that the Kroot don't see themselves as Imperial citizens per se. They see themselves as having signed a preferred clientele agreement with the Imperium (more specifically with the Tau). If there were other races out there they might go work for them as well. However, in practice they are essentially Imperial citizens because Necrons, Orks, Q'orl, and tyranids won't hire them, and Chaos tastes bad and tends to backstab. You might see some Kroot working for a Dark Eldar kabal, but they might be reluctant if they see it as ruining any future mercenary jobs from the Imperium. So Kroot might get brought on as hired third-party experts for Arbite or Inqusitorial investigations.

As for non-human Arbiters, I'm not sure. Going back to >>55486895 It makes sense that psykers would not be allowed in the mainstream arbiters, or at least psykers that don't subscribe to Typhon's philosophy of "psychic powers are a temptation and it is the responsibility of every psyker to not use them". Headscanning crowds regularly is a good way to get Perils of the Warp, or they do something like mind-read a Slaugth and freak out.

On the other hand a human-only Arbites invites in-universe criticism that the Imperium is biased against its client species because it has human Arbiters judging non-humans. As with Inquisitors, most species would be livid if you had individual humans coming in and telling them what to do (as opposed to the hands-off, "don't break the few rules" borderline mutual protection pact most see it as), but didn't have the potential for the same to happen to a human world (particularly the Tau). Eldar have their "similar but different" Path of the Enforcer, but that seems to be more similar to planetary law enforcement. At the same time, it is difficult to see an Eldar as an Arbiter as opposed to an Enforcer.

Maybe Arbites are only found on worlds under direct control of the Administratum.
Yup. It was mentioned in a previous thread. We called them the Squat Mafia at first until we realized they had more in common with the Yakuza than the Mafia. They're the main source of crime in the Hubworld League. They think they're upholders of traditional values when they're really a bunch of protection racket runners, drug dealers, smugglers and pimps. The problem is that their members tend to be "good citizens" and "such upstanding members of the community" that the Arbites can't nail them on things, and those that do typically don't squeal.

There was a suggestion for a seedy den of scum and villainy a while back that we had suggested was run by the Demiurge. Since the Demiurge don't seem the type to do that anymore (they're travelling merchants, but the direction we have seemed to take them is more cyber-y). If the Demiurge end up in a state where such a seedy place is not their modus operandi, it should probably go to the Squat Yakuza. The idea that the place slips out of the Arbites' grasp because the inhabitants tend to collectively sell out anyone who breaks the rules (like trading with the Crones) because otherwise it ruins their playground sounds kind of squat-like.

I also nominate the name Pyrite Order for them, given how pyrite is unusual among minerals in that it grows inside and on top of other minerals. Kind of like a parasite (which the name sounds like).
So what good examples of serious writefaggotry do we have? Best I can think of is maybe the ending of The Long Odds.
1d4chan is editable again. I put up the Bjorn story (under "Once More Unto the Breach"), the Rainbow Serpent and associated writing, Sangyfag's Eversor story, the Destroyermen, the shrikes, and the bits on Lady Celestine. Will try to sort through the stuff on Cyrene Valantion if I get the chance. Anything else need uploading?
File: 1491969306398.gif (3.11 MB, 506x290)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB GIF

But seriously, the early threads were good stuff too.

File: 1492098860184.jpg (203 KB, 717x1009)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
Last threads poll ended at 21 votes, with 7 in the lead saying "Other organizations", tied for second were "Spec prov" and "Freelancing", and tied for last, "Knights Templar" "Demon hunters" and "The mages association.

Honestly, that skewed in a different direction than i thought it would.

So the next poll is, assuming your party comp allowed you to do so, what would be your favorite style to use? Style overview image will be posted in a moment.


Feel free to have your players come and vote as well, if you are a GM.

And the important part is, why? Does it appeal to your aesthetic? Do you like the idea of transformation, or being so powerful your hands themselves are weapons? Why does that style draw you to it?

Baseline stuff

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
92 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.
So at level 1 i get 1 main and 1 sub class and i get both their starting talents and 2 talents have to be picked from their list or the common pool. Am i getting that right? Can i get more subclasses later? Can the main and sub class be the same class but different typed (arc slayer type a main, arc slayer type b sub, for example)?
That is correct.

At level 5, 10, and 15 you can get a high talent in place of your regular one. One of them allows you to grab another style wholesale.

And yes, the main and sub can be the same class by different style there-in
Yeah, i had to hound my GM about it, and he wouldn't tell me we weren't playing because he was trying to duck one of the other members for being "That Guy".

Didn't find that out till nearly a month later.
File: 1497337012797.png (863 KB, 1600x1920)
863 KB
863 KB PNG
What kind of games are usually run with the system?
I'm not sure if this is the answer you want, but it focus' on monster of the week type shenanigans more than anything.

Thing kamen rider or power rangers, stuff like that. But with more variety in abilities

File: IMG_8068.jpg (234 KB, 640x959)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
For each legion/eventual chapter, what books best represent them in the Horus heresy, their primarch, and them in the modern era
Example: Iron Warriors
HH: Angel Exterminatus
Primarch: Perturabo: hammer of Olympia
40k: Storm of Iron/Iron warriors omnibus
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I'm hoping someone has a good one for the dark angels
File: images.jpg (12 KB, 185x273)
12 KB
Legion/Chapter Name: Alpha Legion
HH Books: Either Legion or Deliverance Lost, its a real toss up.
Primarch book: Seventh Serpent and the first 7/8ths of Praetorian of Dorn
40k book: I honestly have no fucking clue. Maybe Shroud of Night but I haven't actually read it.

Problem is that Alpha Legion has virtually no Primarch POV and their 40k lore is patchy at best, and yes I am aware of the irony. Shroud of Night is the only book I can think of where they even get any focus at all past 30k.
Good list, anon
File: IMG_8072.jpg (374 KB, 1050x1500)
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374 KB JPG
Emperors children
HH: Fulgrim/Angel Exterminatus
Primarch: ^ especially the one with his name on it
40k: I guess anything with lucius would be good
File: Alpharius.jpg (181 KB, 500x425)
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I'd vouch for Deliverance Lost over Legion. Legion felt more like a "hey, check these dudes out, they do some sneaky shit sometimes." Whereas DL was more of a "You didn't know how sneaky we meant." It captured more the depths of the Legion's heart, and the absolute dedication of each legionary.

There is also the Serpent Beneath (I think is what it's called, not sure), which is about the Alpha Legion being sneaky against itself.

Anyone have any experience with Delta Green? A player in my group has suggested giving it a go and the other players seem interested, but I've only heard of it in passing.
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I want to write something fun about a cell hunting a renegade NYC ghoul who has been using a halfway house as a buffet, due to the manager being a sympathist. As it turns out, the people who tipped off DG were themselves ghouls, who did not want to reignite the war.
However, I'm terribad at pacing, and I don't know how much information to disclose. I certainly want this to be the first time the players have ever seen a ghoul. But what else should they know?
One thing I especially want to do is to make the ghoul frightening. I could crib straight from Darkwood, and have him call the PCs "Meat" and rattle and wheeze and spit. Ijustdon'tknowhowotopaceeffectivelyplshelp
File: Gatchaman Evil Grin.gif (368 KB, 500x250)
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368 KB GIF
What have you shown already?

You don't want to tip the hand on what your party is dealing with too soon. How does the Ghoul dispose of the inedible bits? Homeless people aren't stupid, have the investigators start with them before getting on the regular train.

Start with the ghoul being affable. Make him pleasant. Make him cooperative on the investigation, spreading false trails to other suspects. Keep a poker face.

And then, when the investigation gets too close, lock them in a room with him and kick them down a well. Keep the affability right up until the teeth come out.

Then the voice becomes cruel and twisted, then you can call the party "Meat".
Oh shit...
the ghoul's human form could be the halfway house owner. A nice Italian-American man in his 30s. When the investigators come, he feeds them prosciutto.
To dispose of the bones, and cartilege, he smashes them with a hammer, drives upstate to his "uncle's farm", and burns them, before burying.
>False trials
Like, to other employees of the halfway house?

I think a way to up tension would be to say, "it's going to take a week for us to get a warrant for the security footage, and for it to get processed, so you're going to have to do things the old fashioned style."-- so they're forced to interview the homeless people, talk to the owner, talk to the skittish, pot smoking secretary, and to the grouchy, former veteran who cooks the meals.

The one problem with this is that I can't do an Italian accent.
Got Cthulhu Britannica?

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