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Female PC was propositioned by NPC. Roleplay saying "I'm not that kind of girl". Anothet player does an out of character rant how I was slut-shaming. Ruined the entire session.
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I like the idea of " Neckbears"
The man must be spinning in his grave fast enough to power all of the British Isles these days.
He got everything right when all he wanted was to be wrong.
>A fictional woman not having sex indiscriminately is slut shaming
that doesn't even make sense
Because /r9k/ come here to shitpost.
gross. Kat knows better than that.

I need music that gives a vibe of “benevolent forces from beyond the stars have arrived to aid us”
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go listen to

Mike Oldfield
Tangerine Dream
Only choice especially if you've watched the show
>Mike Oldfield
What did he do other than Moonlight Shadow and Get to France?
Hiroyuki Sawano

In a setting with, say, more traditional gender roles, how does a women achieve a position of power, become a warrior or manage to attain a job usually reserved for males? Does this apply to "monstrous" women such orcs or tieflings women?
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File: Artemisia I of Caria.png (54 KB, 250x255)
54 KB
By being a wealthy noblewoman, and a complete fucking maniac who commits war crimes and murders anyone who opposes her.
It's literally in the book. Unless your specific setting has it that way, the guard captain probably can't shoot fire out of his eyes.
ok OP, i want you to imagine two painters, a classically trained armature just starting out on his career, and an elephant who spent to many days watching obnoxious sight seers before they found a paintbrush.
lets say they both paint the same panting, not a bad one, or a good one just an average piece. the painter would at best be able to sell it for the weeks rent, and the elephant would become world famous overnight.

Lower expectations just mean that surpasing those expectations becomes theoretically easier. So in a setting where women are pushed into the weak housewife category being just competent as a warrior is enough for them to achieve fame and potentially fortune. Of course they still would be pigon holed into other womanly fields, and how well they fit the sterotype either of the "warrior woman" or woman in general will determine how society reacts to them.

take a look at queen Victora, no one expected anything from her but by being basically competent and defining womanhood in her time and nation she rose to the heights of popularity and influence. The same can be said of Joan of Ark, with a natural talent for artillery and siege warfare plus a sparkling of natural preaching prowess she became a literal saint.
>don't add girls as frontline troops
>still get slaughtered
>no more soldiers, nation is conquered
>women are kept as concubines for new victors
File: magic n shit.jpg (547 KB, 963x830)
547 KB
547 KB JPG

How would he fare in 40k?
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The Beastmen lacked spiral power because that's how Super Zangief designed them. And besides, Viral, in true Gurren Lagann fashion, said fuck that and started doing it at the end anyways.

>So, all the lights in the heavens are our enemies, huh?
He'd end up serving Slaanesh in 3 hours.
I just don't see it.
Me either. I think that one of the side-characters might salivate over a particularly attractive chaos-worshiper for a few seconds before Yoko, the gay engineer guy, or another supporting character smacked them over the head to shake them out of it.

File: avengers.png (1.06 MB, 1013x647)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
What would their MTG cards look like?
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I don't know much of MTG lore but from the little that I have lurked over the years,I feel like only Thor would be a Planeswalker.
>Captain America
>Legendary Warrior
>Battalion - First Strike
>T: Equip 1 Legendary Artifact in your hand to Captain America.

>Captain America's Shield
>Equipped creature has Absorb 10
>Sacrifice Captain America's Shield: Deal damage equal to the equipped creature's to target creature. If this damage is enough to kill that creature, return this card to your hand."
Vision could be one as well I think
Nah. The PW spots are obviously reserved for dogshit-tier donutsteel written by fat women
Do all of them, and Thanos

File: minimal.jpg (17 KB, 600x375)
17 KB
What's the best minimalist/rules-light RPG out there right now?
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The most suggested one on /tg/ is easily the Evens Up variant rule.
this motherfucker right here
For rules-light, I like Barbarians of Lemuria. For absolute bare-bones minimalist, some kind of attribute-based system where everything is attribute checks and improvisation on the part of the GM.
Apocalypse World and its many Hacks

File: Cover Vampire V.jpg (1.37 MB, 2550x3300)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
Please do not make the mistake countless of people seem to do for some reason; this is not the World of Darkness general.

Previous Thread: >>59796179
>V5 Rundown
>Pre-orders for v5 are available now
>MEGA (mostly Chronicles of Darkness)
>MEGA (mostly Old World of Darkness)
>Other Links

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The Tzimisce are the only ones who actually do vampirism right
What paths use that combo? I can't think of any
Because they have the best culture
Serpentis, Quietus and Chimerstry are all stupid as fuck and were only added in order to make the independents seem more unique

File: 1518404107956.jpg (515 KB, 737x1555)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
>Player who gives other players shit when he thinks his fighter is more deserving of an item than other characters
>I'm putting a +con amulet in the next dungeon that curses the wearer into only being able to wear jewelry, which would also remove most of his magical gear

I know some of my players are cool with this kind of stuff due to previous campaigns that have gone into H territory, but this guy I'm unfamiliar with.
I figure if he wants to be a cock I might as well throw in something silly that may or may not trigger him, though I can't help but wonder if I should use something more interesting, either as the bait or the curse.
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You're also not straight but ok.
don't be a faggot op you know what he meant.
I know what he meant, but the question applies just the same.
If the curse is not debilitating in some way why leave it in a place where other items might be?

Now you could say "why leave cursed items at all?" but that's a whole other discussion on the concept of loot and how it functions within the world when you're not exploring a place someone was murdered in.
Oh I know i'm not straight. I've given up on that a long time ago.

File: ME3_Citadel.png (520 KB, 797x535)
520 KB
520 KB PNG
Stupid sexy Birb people edition
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Because "FUN"
Not the common meme for Asari. To most you’re all Commandos/Huntresses at best and Ardat-Yakshi succubi/latex call girls at worst. If you had more Justicars. Hell even if Earth is one ginormous slum to you, we still kicked more ass than you. Even with muh “normie” arguement, most humans would rather go down fighting like a krogan than be an Asari corpslave that sat on their ass slurping Thessian brandy and snorting red sand until a Reaper came over and blasted your ass. So even with all the advantages you had and squandered, a race of slum dogs still showed you up and saved your ass. Face it, you’re lilly liveried cowards that sat in your ivory towers until the reapers started mashing your ass into blueberry jam and you admitted it. It wasn’t just Shepard either, Anderson, the Admiralty, and Earth were the first ones to get hit by the Reapers and no one came to our aid until we saved your asses. So us humans had to go the mile and a half too keep your shit from getting pushed in and you still want to act holier than thought. Next time don’t hide behind mediocrity and actually fight for yourself, we didn’t have any of the advantages you had and we still pulled ourselves up and rallied together rather than hide behind “muh normie people” argument. You don’t have to be a Spectre but damn it all dont just sit around like an idiot and let someone wreck your shit.
What's the proper way to cook a "Cow" steak? My boyfriend is staying with me on Palaven, and he's been craving one. I'd try experimenting, but I'm pretty sure Dextro cooking doesn't translate too well for Levo.
Texan here, honestly as long as I can crack a beer and I have a shotgun that could pop the wiener of a barren at 100 paces, then Texas is still home. Reapers did us a favor by wiping out those liberal Austin pukes. Trying to take my guns, bend over to the council, and let snooty xenos like >>59912809 and >>59913637 having more rights than us Earthborn Humans. The Krogan can stay, they understand us and they’re ryncol is like XXX moonshine to us when we want to forget the last week or two living near the fallout. However I want those prissy sissy citadel slickers to grow a pair or take a hike.
The Krogan are absolute Bro-Tier. A group invited me over to Tuchanka and I gotta say, BEST. VACATION. EVER.

File: 1526754470768.jpg (80 KB, 600x800)
80 KB
Does someone have this Book and can share it?
It's an AK Interactive product so you could try the scale modelling thread which I think resides on /toy/ or try asking in /hwg/ the Historical Wargames General here on /tg/. Good luck.

I'm looking for a generic system for a homebrew low magic game that takes place in a religious city state. Magic exists, but it's generally of the weird/lovecraftian variety. Gunpowder exists but there's no electricity yet.

Would BRP or GURPS be a good choice? My players aren't huge on crunch but I've heard that GURPS is mostly front loaded.
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I think I'll go with BRP. This won't be a long campaign and it seems like less work for something so short.
gonna leave this here
Good idea friend. Though if you ever want to get into GURPS, /gurpsgen/ is quite friendly.
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game, bro.

File: 023.jpg (41 KB, 312x445)
41 KB
Nic fit tier 1 Edition

>Battlebond spoilers so far
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please keep this shit out of the legacy general
I'd lose... Like 1.5k-ish?
I don't have much RL stuff past my set of LEDs and my 1 sea
This seems like it might actually be playable in something like Fish, where you just fucking die to Jitte unless it came out so late your TNN can race it
Skin color isn't really within wotc's book of things they keep consistent, but it's usually not this bad.
>upcoming young talent makes tremendous progress only after she fucks off and dies.

Hello friends,

I have never played an IRL tabletop RPG once in my life and I really want to. The social aspect of it seems really fun, and I play a lot of PC games so will be able to grasp the systems. I mostly want to have a good time and meet new fun people over a engaging game of adventure.

What are the qualities of a good player and group member to make the experience not insufferable as a newbie?

Also, I do not have a group. I am going to try to use sites like meetup or penandpapergames to find one, let me know if this is retarded.
try finding a local boardgame club/ community instead. don't take too long rolling your dice, have your ability scores ready if the dm asks or if you gotta make a roll. don't meta at all in my opinion. if you roll a shitty roll and the dm tells you "bad thing is probably great you should x it" then x it. have some cliches in your character, it makes for some fun rp. the dumb and illiterate barbarian, the narcissistic mage etc
File: giphy.gif (971 KB, 366x229)
971 KB
971 KB GIF
Know your character stats and know the rules, obvioisly since you're new you wont remember everything, but if the DM asks you to roll initiative know your initiative.

Don't be afraid to make jokes with the group just don't try and make it like you're practicing your standup set.

Character wise just don't make an asshole.

You're gonna have a great time man, have fun with whatever you choose to play
>Give your character a motive or drive. Good characters in books and movies generally have ambitions.
>Be specific about what you are trying to accomplish when rolling the dice. It gives the DM more to work with. "I'm going to the bar to listen in on any rumors concerning the royal wedding" is more useful than "I want to roll for listen"
>Try to be consistent with your characters values. If you tell the DM your character is a heroic knight you shouldn't be stealing from NPCs so you can sell their shit an buy a new sword.
>Don't sabotage someone elses fun.
>Don't randomly kill or attack NPCs because it will be silly and fun.
>Try to avoid meta gaming, that is, using outside knowledge to your characters advantage. If one player heard vital information while your character was not in the room, you shouldn't act on said information (unless they share it with you) because your character doesn't know it.
>Be proactive, there's nothing worse for a DM than players that need to be led by the hand. If there's a lull in gameplay, remember your characters ambitions, how can you pursue them right now? What about the other players? Can you help them with something?
>Be on time, let the GM know ahead of time if you can't make it.
>You don't need to write a novel of a backstory, an elevator pitch is fine and perfectly capable of giving your character a connection to the world.
>Don't fuck around on your phone.

Really, being a good roleplayer is mostly about being polite, honest, proactive, consistent to your character, and commited to having fun with everyone else. As a DM, I'd prefer someone who polite/proactive but new to roleplaying over someone who knows all the rules but behaves inconsistently or in a disruptive way.

File: pic508071.jpg (54 KB, 487x630)
54 KB
The FUDGE system, aka the rpg that uses those funny +/- dice.

I'm interested in making use of it to maybe run a game, but there isn't nearly as much information abput it out there as there is for the most prominent systems like D&D or even GURPS or Savage Worlds. I'm wondering if any fa/tg/uys have any experience with it and, if so, what they have to say on the subject.
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T-that picture is heresy anon
especially if that's her mom
How would you guys sell FUDGE to a GURPSfag like myself

If one of those girls is a generation older than the other than she's held up extremely well.

Via credit or Paypal.

I'm not set up for cash right now.
Honestly I’ve never used the stupid adjective ladder and just say the damn numbers. It just makes more sense and is a lot smoother than having to remind everyone at the table what number is attached to what word every fucking roll.

File: NWS_90.jpg (79 KB, 700x525)
79 KB
What should I consider if I create a urban fantasy setting in the nineties? Especially compared to today.
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That was early 90's. 4chan thinks the 1990's didn't start until 1998 when they gained cognitive abilities in early childhood.
The most important thing to remember is that the 90s were an insanely optimistic time that was simultaneously apocalyptic in outlook.

I think it's crucial to be in your teens or twenties for a lot of a generation to really accurately feel/comprehend it, compared to being in your <10s. For the 00s?

-Internet becomes fully mainstream and 'normal' (more normal to have internet than not have it). So many people had AOL IM, Myspace, anyone who wasn't a braindead retard would do p2p and that dominated the dialogue about the internet in the first half of the decade.
-The second half, coincidentally with Youtube beginning in 2005, is the half of the creative internet, the internet as we begin to know it today. Facebook opens up to non college students and I think leddit arrives circa 2007. Twitter too.
-Emo and Scene in the early mids through late 00s, hipsters at the tail end of the 00s.
-Superhero movies are not really a thing in the 00s, they are much more clumsy and of limited capital but that changes with start of MCU and Iron Man 2008.
-Online vidya gaems, son. Circa 2002/2003 and you have XBL and the niggerfaggot 12 year old on xbox.
-I agree that music post numetal is hard to place down. I think you had a lot of 'post-ghetto' hip hop: Nelly, Kayne West (just checking when he started and I see on his wiki "he's a middle-class, politically conscious, post-thug, bourgeois rapper" - 2004 review). Pop was godawful crap with the black eyes peas being everywhere for some reason. You had Britney and Timberlake. You had Nelly Furtado and Shakira, so maybe there was a pop-R&B/Pop-Hip Hop kinda flirtation going on.
1996 thank you very much. I remember very little from before that
Millennium is pretty great for 90s end-of-the-world mentality.

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