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How would she fare in Warhammer fantasy?
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File: 1517927188420.png (299 KB, 422x414)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
There's more where that came from.
I too like the Devil from Shin Megami Tensei
I don’t know what that is!
>*tips fedora*

Are we gonna be for channel?
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In terms of colour pie this card is actually seriously fucked up. I mean, sacrificing a piece of yourself for power is super fucking black.
man y'all dont get puns

ill admit it was a reach tho
do you not see the notice at the top of the page?

But ramp is green.

File: A9rTCc9Y7w-10.png (29 KB, 300x250)
29 KB
TFW yesterday was going to be my very first legit D&D session
I stayed all night studying paladins to be a fucking oath sworn badass
read the char guide, the wiki, two hours of yt shit vids and guides
made a prime character with awesome lore behind him
Party fucking abandoned me eventhough i set up the game
> What did i do wrong

Also is anyone interested to play a roll20 game anytime soon?
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File: tommy.jpg (55 KB, 618x410)
55 KB

Tell me ideas boss
well what would a paladin do in this situation?

don't sink to their level, no matter what.

spend some time meditating and praying on the correct course of action, or consult your priest.

assume the best of your stalwart friends and companions until you know they've betrayed you for sure. if this turns out to be true, smite the fuck out of them. give them no quarter. eradicate their filth and pray over their graves.

like, duh
First rule of playing. Don't be a faggot paladin. Be Neutral Evil like the cool kids.
File: 1541901147760.jpg (121 KB, 528x805)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
>kicked out for being That Guy before he gets to play

my sides are in fucking orbit. tell us more details so we can actually figure out what your problem is.
It's probably not your fault people abandoned you. Just keep at it, keep looking for a group, keep experimenting. Keep trying to redefine who you are as a roleplayer and improve yourself. That's all anyone can do.

No bully edition

Previously: >>63057980

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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we need a new thread boys
New bread:
File: bbd-202-hunted-wumpus.jpg (270 KB, 672x936)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
>you fuckin' hunted wumpus
Please play pic related. It finally has a home where it makes sense thanks to Varina.

File: 1423886740319.jpg (150 KB, 1000x659)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
I had an idea for a game, /tg/ - one where the players are in a near future not!Communist or not!Fascist country that has recently embraced democracy, which much of the population supports since things were pretty shitty. The twist? The players are all secretly supporters of the old regime, and are convinced that everyone else must be brainwashed or enemy agents and that they have to fight to save their country.

Do you think this is an interesting setup? What sort of system would be good for it, or what other things could I do to flesh it out?
It sounds interesting but I can see serious problems with actually trying to run it. Like "what are the character actually going to be able to do to try to achieve their goals?" They'd basically have to become some sort of terrorist group like the IRA or ISIS if they were going to have any sort of large scale impact at all and not just end up getting arrested early on with out any "accomplishments".
Well, I think it's important to expect that at some point the players will actually fight, but there's a lot of other things they could do before or after. They could start off as a bunch of 'concerned citizens' that start printing pamplets or their own newspaper that's a thinly veiled support of the old regime, try and gather some supporters. There could be a phase where they're trying to gather documents and books that are now banned, or equipment that's being phased out by the new government. Maybe they'd even do some sabotage to get people missing the security under the old regime, or spying, or trying to get some allies among the remnants of the old regime or other countries less friendly to the new one.

I guess it is hard to leave it open to an eventual success without making it all too easy, but I think it's more for exploring the mindset of a person fighting for old ideals, and not having it feel justified to the players by it being something as black and white as 'we're good and they're bad.'
>Do you think this is an interesting setup?

Interesting, but next to impossible to run as >>63073214 wisely suggests. The game would devolve into nothing more than modern day murder hoboes with all the problems that entails.

>>What sort of system would be good for it...

Systems? Anything with modern firearms and interpersonal stuff. I'll say GURPS before someone else does, but Gumshoe, Delta Green, and others would work too.

>> or what other things could I do to flesh it out?

As already noted, I believe your first approach with the players being "Old Regime Supporters fighting to turn back the clock" is more or less impossible to run seriously. Instead I'd take a page from German reunification and make the players informers and/or agents with the now disbanded secret police. A lot of East Germans who had secretly worked for/with the Stasi found themselves trying to keep their old Stasi links secret. Put your players in the same situation and have them deal with blackmailers, people denouncing them, the new government wanting them to act as agents in return for their old "crimes" being pardoned, etc.
I guess that would be more fun and allow players to get right to the focus of the game, instead of having to build things up. It'd also help explain their resistance to the new regime.

Main reason I avoided that idea initially is that I wanted to keep it vague what the country was like, so that the players wouldn't feel like they were the bad guys as much as loyalists, and thought former secret police members would get more notice than ordinary citizens. A level of paranoia and subterfuge would be welcome to help avoid the murderhobo problem.
you should have many sessions where they work in the regime with the intent to gain bonuses /loyality or protection and family support before the gov't change happens so they have a backstory as to why they want the old authority back.

systems, i recomend savage worlds ,good gun play, and lets players feel faster improvements

File: a164ec1e9ba2bc8d.jpg (100 KB, 736x736)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Glamourbombing Edition
>Previous thread
>>This week's Monday Meeting Notes:
>>Latest Onyx Pathcast
>>Fiction Friday

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Not realy, but it is a very fast kind of capitalism. No waiting times, no time to think deeply, etc. I thought it fits

So, are you joining the email protests against V5 general insanity? I know you are more comfortable in your Hedge, but every bit of help to your Vampbuddies is welcome.
File: a7532c35f8f5e809.png (699 KB, 1198x749)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
As weird as that might sound, but i kinda want them to die hard with this.
But on the other hand i want them to not learn a single thing from this affair and do it all over again next year, but with israels forced abortion or canadas ongoing sterilisation of natives

I feel conflicted...

>Doctor Manhattan:
Why would I save a world I no longer have any stake in?

>Laurie Juspeczyk:
Then do it for me.

Your brothers in destiny call out. Will you heed the old alliances, or will you just watch?

File: 1542475287472.png (13 KB, 811x171)
13 KB

It's been a pleasure.
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Scroll up, all it takes is a handful of users to get activity going again on a dead site.
weev here. i've been a poster on this board forever, never talked about any far right stuff except in a couple /40kg/ threads and I mean come on it is /40kg/ that shit is topical.

they can't blame me for this stuff
no, the plan is the hope that the censors won't kill the whole site when they come for /pol/
If he cared about that he would just ax /pol/ instead of trying to bring advertisers.
Yeah. Maybe I should take another look at 7, they seem quite a bit better than I remember.

>the censors
Who, exactly, would that be?

File: 1391802148923.jpg (2.43 MB, 3072x2304)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB JPG
>I'm attractive, fit, charismatic and take care of myself

>Pick up MTG in HS
>Get really into it; have like 4 decks
>Go to LGS to actually play
>Everyone's disgusting and awkward
>Try to have fun but the stench is horrific
>Try to have fun but the guy next to me is smelling up the room with mcdonalds
>Try to have fun but someone is telling me why Jace is the best (without me asking)
>Eventually I just can't go anymore
>Stopped playing

>Now I play Warhammer like an adult
>Just got my SM army to about 2500 points
>Go to different LGS in different city

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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speak for yourself, fatso
>Collectible games
Just pen-and-paper RPG it's cheaper and you can choose your group
Dude if you're going to lie at least try harder. I live in Philly and I've been to seven different stores in the past two years and it's literally never been that bad. Maybe you're just a judgmental faggot who wants to feel better about yourself by putting other people down. Worst case scenario try asking your friends from the gym if they play since you're "fit"
>Everything after 60 is pain and crapping your pants if you don't take care of yourself, if you do everything's okay at the minimum until your mind starts going at 85 or 95.
Fixed that for you, dummy.
>Now I play Warhammer like an adult
the toppest of keks.

Why do orcs and goblins always abduct women from the more "fairer" races?

Aren't there any female orcs/goblins? How else would they reproduce?
171 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
>humans can't reproduce with elves
>goblins can't reproduce with humans
>elves can't reproduce with goblins
aaand the setting's dead
Bullshit. Orcs and goblins are meant to be evil, rapey monsters, not an ethnic group like being Polish or something.
Tolkien also made Catholic mores part if the laws of nature for his knife ears; ie 'elves are unable to conceive of adultery and if threatened with rape, a married elf dies to save its 'purity'. '
File: dark_elf_girl_on_tree.jpg (343 KB, 1637x1689)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
Given the normal traits of beauty, long life, magical affinity, and generally amicable relationships with humans, it would make more sense that elves would control humans by marrying their daughters off to human nobles to create a ruling class of half elves. It would be like Norman England.

File: 70820734_p0.jpg (1.28 MB, 1920x1080)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
How important is it in your stories / current playthrough / character backgrounds?
What are some interesting ways your setting handles money, distribution of wealth, and scarcity?
Is economics frequently discussed in your setting? Do you consider it as a significant factor in world building?
Have you played campaigns that revolved around economics? (e.g. some sort of Trading Places futures play, figuring out the scam of some rival trading guild)
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Reminds to the pendragon stuff, chekc it out for the living expenses. The new Rq Glorantha had it too.
Pendragon 5e? I'm seeing stuff about horse-survival, but it's also giving me good ideas about fashion. I like that as an explanation.

As for glorantha, my skill at maritime-banditry is failing me. Is it worth the 30 USD? What should I be learning from that?
I'm writing lore for my Skaven in AoS, they have both a physical currency though also have a culture of taking slaves and using them as food when they're past being useable.

I was wondering anons how realistic I can make this, as Skaven generally just eat their dead or other races and steal or backstab to attain things. Shelter is likely built by slaves which are likely disposable.

What are plotholes and how can they plugged if they take a base somewhere?
>eating no-longer-useful slaves
[Disclaimer: I don't know lore about that setting] That sounds like a result of either food being relatively scarce/expensive for most skaven, or that their expired slaves are more desirable than their usual foodstuffs (even if it just has higher status associated with it, rather than being particularly nutritious, tasty, or appealing). Even if they're not super-starving, it could also just be a culturally traditional way to dispose of living property such as pets and livestock, which may have roots in lean-times where they were forced by necessity to do so.

>Skaven generally just eat their dead or other races and steal or backstab to attain things
At the end of the day, you need the ability to get things from people who you can't afford to risk open conflict with. That's just a fact of life. For that reason, you need some method of trade. The wiki page says they trade 'warpstone' which is somehow useful, and the skaven there have their own shops, so it's pretty easy to see that some peaceable interaction occurs between them for the purpose of such exchanges.

On warpstone for currency, yep they trade it with other Skaven (or really anyone who owns some and is willing to trade) for things they want.

However, they're also super-evil and selfish, so anything they attain would go to themselves before their slaves, who I assume would be the farmers/labourers. A Skaven would not feed a slave if he needed food himself first.

Shop ware stealing, burglary and mugging are bound to be things. Warpstone could buy protection, though this is an admittance of weakness which other Skaven would soon jump on to get one over on.

File: Legends-Beastmen-Vignette.png (2.59 MB, 1000x1353)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB PNG
The tale of two battletomes Edition

>Thread question:
Should there be more GA-shared units like Gargants

>You have two weeks to spam GW's FB with your opinion on points of a specific unit - don't waste your chance

>Official AoS website

>Updated Forgeworld Compendiums


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Mixed lot?
new thread when you're ready

They should have rolled Gitmob units into redesigns for Moonclan and Spiderfang.
As is Gitmob is shit tier design.
Who dis

She cute
File: 300px-Keldrek.jpg (15 KB, 300x343)
15 KB

Rondel the Condemned

File: Big_Gay_Purple_d4.png (17 KB, 135x135)
17 KB
What's the issue with 1d4chan?
262 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
You sound like a nice person to have on 4chan
Do what you can man, make creative insightful comments and be polite and constructive.

Most people just lurk, and most posts are written by a minority of people, you can make an impact one post at a time.
You can always look back on the good times. And if you got more sense then the average politics-poster then you'll be as appreciated as someone who got here a decade ago at this point.
Nah, man. Be thankful you weren't here during the golden age. You never got to see 4chan in its pure form, only to have to see it now, a shadow of what it used to be.
This man speaketh the deep truths.

File: pork.jpg (407 KB, 1433x782)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
What is your favorite character you ever made for a campaign?

One of mine was Hardloin. He was part of a pig race named the Porkish and spoke with a Russian accent. He was the world's greatest bar brawler and an extreme alcoholic. When he was a child he smashed open the liquor cabinet with his face and when his loving father came in and asked why he was bleeding he smashed him in the face with the vodka bottle and called him a pussy before running away.

His romantic interest was an member of imp royalty so he had to fight her family in order to get to marry her. The first fight was a fist fight that he won easily. The second was a swordfight where he refused to use the sword so he just beat the guy with the guard. The third was a pistol duel with the father where he immediately chucked the pistol at his head almost knocking him out. Hardloin then proceeded to taunt the father about how hard he was going to fuck his daughter which bothered him so much that he missed over and over again even at point blank range.
Wow that sounds so bad, holy fuck never post on this site again please
It's not great, and that last line is straight up terrible, but I've definitely heard worse.
File: 1464529685166.jpg (58 KB, 564x966)
58 KB
As a foreverDM, this NPC

>Local Lord is basically trying to bring peace and stability to a city under his rule.
>Lord is basically hiring people to deal with criminals, monster infestations, and similar issues plaguing the city.
>Players have proven capable enough that they're allowed to apply, but the Lord doesn't deal with them personally.
>Players are instead put under the supervision of Cheria, the Lord's spymaster.
>Cheria is... initially kind of a bitch. Acts haughty and condescending around the players, and basically treats them like disposable muscle (which to be fair, they are).
>Players HATE her. Get ragey, tell her she can't do the things they do and basically threaten that they can kick her ass.
>Cheria knows they won't murder her just cos they're pissed though, and basically laughs, says she doesn't need to be able to fight when she's so clever and charming and stealthy ect. ect. and says the brains of an operation never fights anyway.
>Player rage rising, but they swallow it and do some assignments anyway because the pay is good.
>Players gets mission to reclaim a military fort that had been taken over by defectors who were basically using as a base to kidnap travelers and commit banditry.
>Party sets up camp to scout out the base from a distance.
>Despite having kept a watch all night, when they party wakes up in the morning, they find a satchel in their camp that wasn't there before.
>Satchel is filled with potions... and a note from Cheria teasing them for having not noticed her drop it off.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Fair enough. It was funny in the moment for my group with the DM rolling failures over and over as my character just shit talked him. I probably should have thought out this post more so it came off better. I just had a fun time playing a hyperaggresive drunkard that liked punching things.

File: lol.jpg (29 KB, 384x384)
29 KB
I'm dming Out of Abyss and in the Gravenhollow chapter one of the players (a drow, secretely paladin of lolth) discovered that the destruction of his family was one of the consequences of the spider queen scheme. In his rebellion, he refused, in her face (through a vision), to obey the order of sabotage his party efforts to banish the demon lords. As I see lolth, I think I was kind to just remove his powers and cause psychic damage enough to drop him to 0 hp. The thing is, he is talking with me about the oathbreaker path, but his oath was vengeance, and, in my opinion, he doesnt broke his vows, he just included lolth in them.

> Since he was Lolth champion and received his powers from her, not from the oath, was I correct in strip him from his powers?
> please, give me some ideias of how he could regain his powers as a paladin (I already sugest make a sacrifice to lolth if he wishes to remain his champion. neither of us tought this was a good ideia)
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Could always ask if their character is fed up with Lolth scheming BS and lol(th) random evil and want to go good and become a paladin of Eilistraee.
... That... made some sense. I can see this working
If you really want to sell the idea mention Eilistraee is a goddess of beauty that likes dancing naked in the moonlight.
How exactly does a dude become a paladin of a CE goddess that makes a whole lotta fuss out of only having female priestesses? He'd have to be a pretty fucked up nigga.
Or just have some god that hates Lolth notice that there's a pretty capable specimen that just got bitchsmacked by the spider-lady and offer them a deal.

Worked for our group.

File: download (1).jpg (74 KB, 866x578)
74 KB
Which is correct?
162 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
We're talking about sacred cows, how the fuck is it irrelevant?
>F new playerz!!!
>Why is my hobby dying?!
well that and people used to enjoy rolling under the raw score, but alrighty.
File: disgust.gif (591 KB, 480x270)
591 KB
591 KB GIF
Depends on how they do the rest of their sheet.
The player could write it fucking upside down so long as they can read and understand it while staying consistent with formatting.

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