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File: 1518997617486.jpg (112 KB, 747x420)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Will we finally see the long overdue death of pauldroncore high fantasy with the advent of games such as kingdom come, bannerlords, and even witcher?
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That's a good point. The word isn't "realism," (that implies an absolute) It's "authenticity," which is a word for gradient.
I'm not sure what "pauldroncore" means, but I sure as fuck hope that high fantasy doesn't disappear in favor of boring "gritty" shit like Witcher, KCD, or GoT.
>You're either arguing semantics or a retard.
t. someone arguing semantics

If you know what somebody meant then why do you have to be a pedantic ass about it?
>generic fantasy
It's a cancer upon this world and should be purged as such.
MMOs started failing and high budget singleplayer RPGs are on the rise.

Does your future setting feature offsprings and genetic/cybernetic engineered versions of humanity?
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Cyborgs are kind of shit on because their bodies are basically tailored to do something, like lift, fight, etc.

We do have designer babies though. Even middle class folks get in on it but not as much as the big spenders. Just filtering for disease.

No, but only because of conservative pushback against it.

The colonial authority that oversees human territories beyond Earth (which is to say, the current government after humanities various space territories told Earth to go fuck itself after Earth tried to drag its colonies into world war 4 and everyone realized they didn't fucking care who owned a given stretch of land on that planet) has a bunch of different regulations and laws about what you can and cant do in terms of 'human adaptation'. They are really worried that people will use genetic engineering and cyberization to modify themselves to live in hostile environments and settle new planets, effectively splinting humanity into a bunch of increasingly unrelated species/cultures. With such division, cooperation becomes less important and conflict becomes inevitable.

The end result of this is that all of the same technologies ARE still being developed in research labs, its just illegal to apply most of it to people beyond a short list of approved treatments like anti-cancer genes (super important in space) and medical prosthetics.
Transhumanist tech is still legal on other lower life forms, leading to a growing population of 'smart dogs' who are essentially slaves but their standards are so low that as long as you give them basic comforts they still think they are getting a good deal. With the right treatments and gear, a smart dog is as intelligent as a person is. But they still, on most levels, think like a dog so they come off as dumb. Smart dogs generally do better in groups with very organized hierarchy, so they tend to serve roles in military or police organizations.
Smart Cats are a thing too, but in much smaller numbers and they are more tightly controlled, because they are basically only useful as terror weapons. They don't take orders well and while they can be very friendly to people they like they can't or wont understand that its wrong to kill people for petty reasons.
There's quite a bit, but most modifications have very strict rules. All races received a genetically inheritable "upgrade" centuries ago, which improves general toughness, disease resistance, and other such useful things that make dying harder and living to old age much easier. These modifications were added slowly, and as I said are genetically inherited so all but the crazy purists have them. There are also more advanced bio-engineering methods that are generally not inheritable and are more exotic. Those are things like advanced muscle enhancements, optional hyperagressive spleens, adaptive cammo, acid glands, etc. Most of these augs can fly under the radar.

Cybernetic augs are usually more noticeable, but sometimes can be concealed. Some mechanical augs are only legal as emergency replacements, like arms and legs, but others like an infrared module in the eyes or a midbrain computer can be purchased with a large sum of cash. Cybernetic augs are generally not though of as highly because some are very difficult to control, or cause particularly nasty side effects in some species.
File: high five bro.jpg (14 KB, 250x170)
14 KB
>the war between humans and machines had been raging for centuries
>both sides had been augmenting and enhancing themselves with bioengineering and cybernetics, until they could no longer tell eachother apart
>a heavily augmented human officer was surprised to find out, one day, that his wife was a robot all along
>as much as she was surprised to find out that he wasn't
>the birth of their child was treated as an armistice
>now this bizarre synth-organic species has turned their gaze outwards, to explore the vast universe

I'll say it does.
Yes, Dragonborn are an engineered caste race produced by dragons having sex with virgins. Very intelligent, very strong, but sterile after the second generation (like a time-delayed Mule) and the sterile ones are typically dumb brutes fit only for warfare.

Giants and half-giants are human genetically meddled with by a dragon that tried to get a workaround the Dragonborn sterility issue, only to be killed by his creations who now hold that region of the Empire as a breakaway revolutionary state that sells guns to insurgents.

> tfw GW don't want to sell you tickets cause you live in a shithole

Grudgebringer Edition

>Resources (Crunch, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Role-play)
WFB: https://pastebin.com/2EJLZq7a (embed)
WFRP: https://pastebin.com/NX6t6eYa (embed)
Novels: https://pastebin.com/Uzp9RQ9i (embed)

>We're looking for these novels for the archive:
https://pastebin.com/t5kdcfVm (embed)

>Alternative Warhammer Miniatures and Manufacturers
https://pastebin.com/WQTJDtUV (embed)

>Warhammer Wikis

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Renegade mages are not tolerated, it could be she just learned to use bright magic on her own & got caught doing it
You have to be vetted and trained by the Colleges at Altdorf
Her background story has her learning at the college but she jumped as soon as she could iirc
A pretty common base for a build is the rerollable 1+ armour save. Dawnstone and Scaly Skin is mandatory but from there you can go either shield and magic sword or magic helmet and Halberd. I myself always go for the latter with Helm of Many Eyes for that delicious ASF which pretty much guarantees you rerolls on failed hits with the massive WS of a Chaos champion. At LD8 and bsb-reroll it's unlikely that you'll ever see the negative side of the Stupidity.

I also remember that some guy a fair couple of threads ago praised a set up consisting of Glittering Scales, Potion of Strength and an additional hand weapon. I haven't tested it out for myself though but I'm curious to test it out for myself. Seems like he would really shine together with Festus.
I ofc meant I and not WS.

Cheers mate!

File: 5eb.jpg (26 KB, 600x750)
26 KB
>i play evil characters and act actively abrasive towards any player with a non-evil character
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>literal militant atheist who wants gods to fuck off and leave humanity to their own course
Usually there's also the possibility of being reincarnated as a powerful demonic servant of said evil god, or maybe the evil god gives power as long as you act like enough of a bloodthirsty asshole. But yeah, a lot of the time evil cultists worship evil gods just because.
>Pretty much. He had a strict moral code, and while he didn't go around murdering everyone because he could, he wasn't particularly against it.
Waste not, want not.
Strange Journey will never be a ttrpg.
Athar was a class in 3.5. It fucked with divine casters and suppressed divine effects, more or less.

There's also a cleric class which sort of rejects gods too but it's infamous for being cheese.

File: relaxed ana.png (1.35 MB, 635x1035)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
Infinity is a 28mm scale futuristic skirmish game by Corvus Belli where alien cyborgs work hard to eviscerate their enemies.

>All the rules are for free. Buying the books is only relevant for fluff:

>Catalog of fluff, dossiers, and unit models

>Rules wiki:

>Rules Wiki Offline Backup:

>Official Army Builder:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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When are courtesy lists supposed to be handed out? I feel like I always play before game things out of order. If I recall correctly, it's supposed to be something like:

>You agree to play with your opponent
>Pick Classified objectives (draw two and discard one for each)
>Have the initial WIP roll off
>Have players pick Initiative and Deployment
>Start deploying (reserving 1 for later)
and then it starts.

So when can one see a courtesy list?
The muyib asiwara Harris has become a staple in my lists, a burst 5 spitfire on a bs 14 profile who can also tear up cheerleaders in CC is absolutely insane. I usually run 2 minelayer muyibs, sometimes swapping one out for a doctor, so they can hold the ground they take and lock down a huge chunk of the table.
New thread
Essentially, once a model (as in, a miniature/holoecho and not a camo or similar marker) hits the table you can know its stats (except hidden ones like cost/SWC/LT/CoC). Courtesy lists are only meant to facilitate that.

And to mock opponents by handing them a blank sheet of paper with a title
After everything is deployed and before the first Order Count of the first player.


Q: When do I have to give my opponent my Courtesy List?
A: You may show your Courtesy List at the end of the Deployment phase.

File: 555.jpg (12 KB, 280x450)
12 KB
What's the most sexually graphic thing that you've ever let a PC do during campaign?

I mean legit campaigns, not pure magical realm "everyone is a women with 36GG tits" stuff.
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File: wip5.png (979 KB, 500x500)
979 KB
979 KB PNG

Even one response was more than I was expecting, so, sure thing! This'll take me a while, though, and the chronology of everything is going to be fucked up because I'm just retelling bits as they come to me.

First off, I forgot to mention the fourth member of the party, who is a skin-and-bones girl with some fish bits (pic related), but more importantly is also attached to a giant fist. Like. Fuck you, this thing is a story tall and explodes when she punches people with it. This is not immediately relevant to anything, but I felt bad about forgetting to mention her as being part of the team.

Moving on, this show raised some relationship complications between bird-eugenics and her bat-sister, considering Bird was presently in a relationship with the french muscledog - yes, this was a rather unfortunate love triangle that only Bat was aware she was in, which is why she got drunk for the first time post-show and spilled her troubles to a sympathetic fist. This would lead to Bat taking a rather drastic measure later - but that's a different story.

My rambling aside, it turns out the reason the idol business in Rome is so cutthroat is because the city's Top Idol is backed by one of the three major mafia families in the city, who are both remnants of the city's old guard devolved into petty infighting and assassination attempts, and currently vying for the actual throne of Rome. Regardless, of the gun mob, the mutant mob, and the cyborg mob, Top Idol was in the 'employ' of the gun mob - emphasis being because she was so financially powerful that she'd essentially taken half of it over, keeping her position as Top Idol by setting the competition on fire.

She was not a pleasant person, to put it lightly. Out of character, I was amused when told that the only reason she didn't immediately make to crush an upstart stripper idol was because she was actually outright offended by the thought of wasting her time with some street whore.

File: Rococo.png (979 KB, 500x500)
979 KB
979 KB PNG

Relevant here is that our party runs a mercenary company that's picked up/necromancy'd up quite a few folks, such as Everyone's Favorite Mutation Idol Rococo-chan. Top Idol, obviously, hates this, even as she starts recording such lovely songs as 'Bitch Fell Down The Stairs' about a bird. It's something to turn on the radio and hear your main competitor calling you a two-bit whore, for sure.

This business comes to a head when Rococo gets called up to meet the mutant mob boss, who's secretive, a violent nutcase, and her biggest fan. Naturally, we disguise ourselves to tag along as her entourage, which was wholly unnecessary given what came next. Still, Mutant Boss turned out to be the lucid, reasonable kind of violent nutcase, and even if one of the heads of the city has discreeetly encouraged us to kill her, we decide against that particular course of action since she's willing to work with us in the whole upcoming Russian/Chinese war.

Which is about when Top Idol's hit squad breaks onto the scene to assassinate Rococo and, hopefully, Mutant Boss too. They fail miserably because we're there, of course. Even better, we couldn't move against Top Idol beforehand because she hadn't violated the NAP, but she just gave us the perfect reason to beat the shit out of her since she attacked a member of the company.

So we go to kill a bitch.

This involves setting our mercs on different side-ops to successfully infiltrate her latest show and clear a path for us - I forget most of the details except having the invisible girl punch people in the crowd to start fights. Everything descends into chaos, Top Idol is a bitch and tells her security detail to just shoot the crowd, and then we fire the Fist Cannon to send The Fist through the ceiling and squash a backup dancers.

That was about when we hit the gas on our truck, smashed into her sports car, smashed THAT through the club's wall, and got a delightfully enraged scream of "MY CAR" in response.
File: Vega.jpg (474 KB, 1300x1030)
474 KB
474 KB JPG

(This has totally gone off-track from the thread topic by now, oops)

Before I continue, it's relevant to mention that Bird had lost her memories at some point in the past, and became an incredibly different person as a result, even after she got them back. Which is good, because her old self was essentially Eugenics Hitler.

Imagine my surprise, then, when Top Idol recognizes her, calls her out, and sheds her disguise to reveal herself as one of the first eugenics. What follows is catty back and forth as they get into a murderous dance battle, music blasting, backup dancers trying to murder us, and Top Idol all the while just being the biggest shitheel.

Things transform from fun banter to KILL THE BITCH the moment she calls the french muscledog a sex slave - which was true, by the way. However, she said this while the muscledog's recently resurrected father was on the field with us, and totally in the dark about that aspect of her past.

Murder happened. It was deserved. And then, because muscledog's a necromancer, Top Idol's ultimate fate was to be given an ugly bitch's body with proper recording tools implanted in her, so she could record the muscle's eardrum-destroying concerts.

This is why you don't anger necromancers.

It also turns out Top Idol was the main reason the three mob families were all at such odds, because she kept assassinating any messengers before they could meet up and form a peace. Why? I dunno, she was a bitch.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Carcano.jpg (423 KB, 1300x1030)
423 KB
423 KB JPG

Well, first, the loyalist purge.

Due to Reasons, all the mobs come together and the city's set to be purged of any mobsters who don't pack up and get out, which is quite a few. We go to take out an underboss who's particularly feisty - which means we unleash a giant Meatal Gear that shoots a Fist through the prison she's holed up in.

It was pretty good.

We find the underboss in the ruined security room of the prison, spinning in her chair and surrounded by bodyguards. She rambles on about strength for a while, gets up, challenges us to one-on-ones, and sheds her own disguise to reveal she's actually a mutant mobster plant who's just fighting us for kicks.

What follows is a pretty fair fight, actually, where she goes toe to toe with the Fist solo and the rest of us take on her minions. She ultimately wins her solo duel with the Fist through the power of the Doll-Splitting Bisector, which cuts the goddamn battlemap in half in addition to annihilating her opponent, but then we pile onto her and take her down too. Not before she gets another Bisector out, of course, but we manage to actually deflect that through putting all our effort into it.

Then we rebuild everyone because this was a friendlyish duel, and the mutie is a nerd who tells the fist that since she won in that duel, the fist is her woman now. She didn't expect to get a "shit yeah that sounds great" in response and started spilling her spaghetti all over the place.

And that's how she joined the company.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: THE ULTIMATE JIHADIST.jpg (526 KB, 1300x1030)
526 KB
526 KB JPG

Finally getting back on point with the thread topic, meanwhile, is a bird's last idol show before we leave Rome, which has her pulling out all the stops with new songs and more intricate dance and, ultimately, just this once, ending the show by throwing off every last stitch of clothing for everyone to see. The crowd went wild, of course. So wild that, post-show, when she came out again to meet-and-greet, they stormed the stage to meet their idol, and got rather grabby.

Fortunately, a muscledog french girlfriend was also on the scene and screamed at the crowd to keep their hands off... whic, resulted in them recognizing her from her voice alone, and things turned into a massive meet-and-greet - which was better than a bird accidentally getting molested for being too loved, certainly.

(The muscle's own final concert included her fighting dragons, literally dying (except not, because portal-fuckery), helicopters strafing the audience (with blood, not bullets), and generally being as over the top as you can be when you're a superstrong musclenecromancer.)

I've also mentioned the bat too many times to not make not of how her plan to snag a bird was to simply tell her about those feelings, and then strike up a plan to hit on the muscledog and try to get a good three-way relationship going on. Which, amazingly, actually worked out.

Even if we got nuked in the process of it happening.

But that's the peril of going to fight The Ultimate Jihadist's rebuilding soul, so, the fact that we took him out and then managed to get rebuilt afterwards means there's hardly a better time to put a plan this silly into action.

On a brief closing note, going on a shopping trip with everyone, including the french muscle and her father, and then the bat passing the man her camera so he could look at the pictures of his daughter on there, while forgetting she'd also taken pictures of a bird's stripshows... No one got out of that without feeling embarrassed. It was good.

File: Purple_Worm-5e.png (960 KB, 857x1000)
960 KB
960 KB PNG
>villain transforms into giant monster to fight the party
>gets killed
>party cooks up the giant corpse and hands out food to the needy

is it cannibalism?
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U juzt mad because mutant had learnad to read.

Isn't it usually that it takes control to REMAIN in that form?
i'd let the villain eat my character haha

I don't care but I want to fuck that wurm.

File: KillerQueen.jpg (15 KB, 189x267)
15 KB
Hey /tg/, what is the best system to run a campaign using Stands from JoJos?
i fucking swear if one of you says GURPS one more time
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Monsters and Other Childish Things.

Same goes for Persona, or anything else where characters have supernatural beings bound to them.
To be fair, not all stands are punchghosts.

I find FATE's gameplay to actually mirror the "make plans then execute a decisive strike" sort of thing the source material has going for it.
Older same thread you non-lurking fuck
FATE works perfectly for JoJo games, especially given that fights aren't based on raw combat, but on being creative.
World of darkness geist might work out well without much tweaking. Everyone being possessed by ghost only they can see after a near death experience is close enough to how stands are gotten through the arrow.

Building off a few ideas in this thread: >>58023264

What would an exotic, magical fighting style based around wielding a pair of Immovable Rods and rapidly pressing the activation buttons (whether via quick thumb-presses, or smashing the buttons into enemies) be like?

Normally, an Immovable Rod's activation action renders it difficult to use in combat. However, what if someone trained extensively in the lightning-fast activation of an Immovable Rod's button, so as to quickly activate and deactivate? And what if someone put that to use in combat with a pair of Immovable Rods? One could quickly climb through the air, for example, or one could affix it to another weapon.

Assume that this is being used by a singular combatant and not by entire military units, and that bringing many Immovable Rods will be prohibitively expensive.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Great for parrying powerful blows, if they're made or coated in adamantium or something.

It can be useful if you design a fighting style around it. Pivoting round something for roundhouse kicks or rotating to jump upwards like in a prince of persia type parkour game would potentially be a good style.

It could be very useful in grapples.
Useful for setting spears, and possibly useful for making a mobile pavise+crossbow combo (use the rod as handle for the pavise, and then use it for reloading the crossbow).

Combine with chains/net/wires to set ensnaring traps, possibly.
>possibly useful for making a mobile pavise+crossbow combo (use the rod as handle for the pavise, and then use it for reloading the crossbow).

How would this be better than doing it the regular way?
Usually crossbowman+pavise is a two man combo (one person holding the pavise, the other using the crossbow).

This lets you do it alone and a bit more comfortably.
What if someone else presses the button? Could you key the button to accept only your own presses?

File: images (1).jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
Is there a good system for running a game set in a fantasy version of the Ancient Near East? I'm thinking anywhere from Sumer to Canaan.
4 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
What kind of game? If it's tomb raiding and magical adventure, really no reason not to use D&D or whatever fantasy system you know best.

If it's more domain building and palace intrigue, something like Reign perhaps.
Search for Blood and Bronze. It's literally this.
Fuck the bronze age. I want to ride with Cyrus the Great and show that bitch Tomyris how one should deal with uppity horseshit-eating nomadic barbarians.
Use GURPS Low-Tech and the Low-Tech Companions. GURPS Egypt probably would be useful as well.
File: 15.jpg (88 KB, 639x346)
88 KB

File: 1467585741007.jpg (239 KB, 810x1080)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Whats a good program for making a star map?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I've used this one for star system maps.

You could theoretically use something like this to generate a full galaxy.
Remember that canonically God is a cosmic horror and angels are just pale reflections of his glory
Thats good for making stars and stuff but I mean something for making like a Traveler style map.
File: 0012.jpg (2.33 MB, 3300x1650)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG

Bonus points for:
Non religious PCs
Gods that screwed over the party
Gods that helped the party
“Edgy” PCs
18 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
My epic level party watched one god get exploded by Bahamut, stabbed another one to death, and accidentally lobotomized a third (our cleric's patron)

They're not invited to many parties.
That's funny, because my OWoD (Mage20) party just did a few sessions ago.

Specifically, they met an ancient dragon in her own pocket dimension, one which was once venerated as the god of a mountain in what's now western Mongolia.

Despite the power difference not being that large (they ARE mages, after all), they were rather careful and suitably diplomatic. The fact that the dragon god held someone they wanted out of the pocket dimension alive and if possible in one piece surely helped.
once my party met thore
this chick in the party fucked him in exchange for worshiping him
File: 1431644059956.gif (2.95 MB, 555x312)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB GIF
>that one PC that says he can take on anything, nobody believes him, but then he actually goes up against crazy odds and wins
>The Anima party.
Let's work through the list.
>Mikael, Goddess of Hope
Apathy from the Mentalist, hugs from the Warrior Summoner, cordial greetings from the Warlock.
>Zemial, God of Batshit Insanity
Collective "What the fuck are you doing out?!" followed by concerted effort with the rest of the gods to get him back in his cage.
>Uriel, God of Freedom possibly a.k.a. Eriol, Goddess of Chaos and Luck
Cordial greetings from WarSum and Warlock, praise/worship from Mentalist
>Jedah, the Puppet Master, God of Keikaku
Distantly polite greetings from WarSum and Mentalist, Warlock challenges him to a game of Quintuple Dimension Paradox Chess, probably loses.
>Gabriel, Goddess of Love, Feelings, and More Love
Entire party hugged warmly, WarSum refers to Gabriel as "mother-in-law", updates her on antics of half-C'iel Dragon "granddaughters"
>Noah, God of Warriors, /fit/ness, and GIT GUD
Polite greetings, followed most probably by becoming embroiled in a lifting/drinking competition.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Beholder_4E.jpg (268 KB, 640x886)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
I heard the old school Beholder Mage was really broken in the earlier editions of D&D. Can anybody explain what was so broken about them?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>that can be fulfilled by a non-beholder PC by level 3 while staying RAW
How do you even manage this?
Be an Elan, take the Assume Supernatural Ability feat twice, use your WBL to get a wizard to cast Polymorph Any Object on you to turn you into a Beholder, and then start taking levels in Beholder Mage.
Lmao do you fuck your GM in the ass, too?
Obviously no GM in their right mind is going to allow you to actually do something like that. It's a thought experiment, like 90% of all 3.5 builds.
If I recall, there are two PrC's dedicated to turning you into a pseudo beholder- I figure that shit'd work.

do you think rabbitfolk make the best rogues
17 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Dude looks so resigned at this point. Shit must happen on a regular basis.
File: 5.jpg (61 KB, 312x445)
61 KB
Technically is a rabbit piranha hybrid.
It doesn't even need those added sharp teeth, rodent style teeth are already vicious and would be terrifying if sized up
tbf, Vizzerdrix and friends were actually erratad to have the rabbit creature type too.
>Personally I'd just replace gnomes with them, or anything else
I'd certainly agree with them in the role of the d&d gnome, which imo should be more directly replaced with classic/mushroom-people gnomes

Interestingly enough some of the earlier illustrations of hobbits were rabbit-people based on people's misinterpretation of the descriptions.

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