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File: RMS.png (293 KB, 450x399)
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The /g/ Wiki:

/g/ is for the discussion of technology and related topics.
/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site.

For tech support/issues with computers:
https://startpage.com/ or https://duckduckgo.com (i.e., fucking google it)

You can also search the catalog for a specific term by using:

Always check the catalog before creating a thread:

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File: lovelylittlething.webm (618 KB, 600x338)
618 KB
>Steam Machines actually look well-spec'd and well-priced
>Vulkan gaphics API works surprisingly well with linux
https://www.khronos.org/vulkan ; http://store.steampowered.com/sale/steamos_sale/?snr=1_4_4__40_1
>Steam Controller actually looks pretty intuitive
>HTC Vive isn't the only HMD Valve intends to help put out
>Project Lighthouse is solving virtual reality's input problems
>"Our SteamVR APIs are free to use and come with everything you love about Steam, but they can also be leveraged without it. We call this alternate version of our APIs OpenVR. OpenVR includes all the same great capabilities, minus Steam."

What do you think about what Valve is doing, /g/?
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i just want a linux version of solidworks
it's the only thing i have a windows partition (actually a seperate hdd since my others are all zfs) for

c'mon siemens, you have linux software already, and solidworks uses opengl, would it be that hard?
Yeah. No.
All of their desktop computers, the iphone, most of their laptops
Good luck finding pc/laptop/phone of same quality that's 500 dollars cheaper.
The manufacturing cost for a current iphone is about 200 bucks, they're selling it for about 700

And then it breaks if you put it in your back pocket. There is no quality that you're getting for paying this much extra, all you're doing is making an extremely rich company even richer.

PC prices are even more inflated, in some cases where you pay upwards of 1500 bucks EXTRA compared to the individual hardware price, despite it being the exact same thing in the end, with no difference in quality.

>Captcha: rshil

File: x265.jpg (21 KB, 600x300)
21 KB
Does /g/ encode in x265?
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>Does /g/ encode in x265?

It's proprietary
Why don't you respect my freedom to violate copyright how I please?
You're free to do that, but I won't *encode* in HEVC and thus be harmful towards others.
So you'd rather enable the imprisonment of freedom-loving people than respect their freedom by using nonfree methods they aren't free to use thus ensuring their continued freedom?
>respect their freedom by using non-free methods they aren't free to use

Am I being trolled?

File: 1425270078654.png (52 KB, 480x492)
52 KB
This is why linux sucks.
People dont care about the user.
"user driven", topkek
into the trash it goes
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KDE has them. Now go ahead and move the goalpost.
>it's not user friendly
It is very user-friendly. It's just that most distros are designed for super users, not average tech-illiterate Joes.
Get a decent File Browser OP.
you mean gtk
Le meme is about being able to do that in the file selector.
That whitespace is terrible btw.

Old one is kill
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File: ay.png (101 KB, 1024x768)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
allow me to interject
I'm waiting for Ubuntu 15.04. Who's with me?!
File: uindou.gif (173 KB, 1024x768)
173 KB
173 KB GIF

muh 9x icon pack for /g/~
File: 67b.jpg (71 KB, 600x450)
71 KB
File: 8978_max.jpg (265 KB, 1280x1029)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
I'm waiting for GNOME 3.16, only two or three more weeks.

File: 1424324962099.png (51 KB, 398x409)
51 KB
>that feel when you drop your thinkpad for the first time

File: monitors.jpg (63 KB, 990x484)
63 KB
How does /g/ setup her monitors?
I want to get some speakers but I don't really have space on my desk... I have good headphones but it gets hot sometimes and I just don't feel like putting them on to hear a video or something when someone posts it.
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File: l0l.png (48 KB, 1195x503)
48 KB
>needing more than 2

unless you work from home you probably just have add/adhd/autism.
Dual hacking
Not him but I'm a designer and when I have PS, AI, and ID open plus a browser doing research/email and IRC/skype and music player, three monitors is seriously helpful.
3 monitors is best, one for anime/manga, one for vidya, and one for youtube podcasts, when i get bored with one, i just turn my head add a few keystrokes and im doing something else

used to be one would have to have only one window up at a time, took so long managing 6+ window tabs, not including browsers

and im offended, i do not have adhd or add, shit doesn't exist, doctors make shit up for money and people eat it up

File: index.jpg (6 KB, 196x240)
6 KB
I just binged a list of possible locations where you will find the man your looking for along with their age, sexual preference, hair to pube density, favorite color and how they pronounce aluminium
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Microsoft shills hard at work tonight. Fuck off with your attempt to turn Bing into a verb you piece of shit. Microsoft sucks. Google is better.
>no porn

What did you do? I have no idea what you're talking about.
why are you posting my waifu?
> Not using superior Altavista

File: IPPBXConfig.jpg (69 KB, 921x715)
69 KB
has anyone successfully run Lenny?


File: sad-firefox-348x196.jpg (16 KB, 348x196)
16 KB
>Just two weeks after Mozilla's top Firefox executive said that rumors of its
>demise were "dead wrong," the iconic browser dropped another three-tenths of a
>percentage point in analytics firm Net Applications' tracking, ending February
>with 11.6%.

>That was Firefox's lowest share since July 2006, when the browser had been in
>the market for less than two years.

>In the last 12 months, Firefox's user share -- an estimate of the portion of
>all those who reach the Internet via a desktop browser -- has plummeted by 34%.

>Two weeks ago, Johnathan Nightingale, vice president of Firefox, argued that
>the browser had a "fierce momentum," citing Mozilla's internal data.
>Nightingale said that January's desktop download numbers had been "the best
>they've been in years" and claimed that Mozilla's own numbers showed a tick

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havent had such a prompt happen in like a year

so idk what you are smoking, but it looks like rms' footflakes
I wonder what people thought about the concept of the internet back then, when it wasn't public.

>it will never work
>too hard to use
>even worse performance
>what's the point?

people never fucking change
here using firefox
>what's this? (pointing at the chrome icon)
>did you install it?
every fucking time

needless to say, they use it as default browser.
You're even more retarded than I thought :DD

File: GTX-Titan-vs-R9-290X.jpg (259 KB, 1024x768)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Hi /g/.

To make a long story short. My old gtx 570 ain't cutting it anymore.

I'm trying to decide between switching to amd with this http://m.newegg.com/Product/index?itemnumber=14-150-700

Or sticking with nvidia with this http://m.newegg.com/Product/index?itemnumber=14-127-850

They are about the same price at the moment. Help me out?

Love you /g/!

File: largeVLC.png (83 KB, 300x300)
83 KB
Why is this such a piece of shit nowadays? It's so fucking slow. Are there any alternatives except for MPC?
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>using a command line application to watch videos
Use a fucking DaumPOT player
obscure russian link
would not click
Are you running half a fucking potato?

Just read that this guy just tweeted that someone should buy his ownership because he`s little tired and Microsoft offered him $2.5 billion. WTF! Couple of years of hard work and his living the dream.
36 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Noice. I'll note that trick for the next time I'm on my linux system.
cherry picking at its finest
Has wife fucking left him because he was a regard. Money will never buy love or have real friends.
>because he was a regard.
i wish i could see how red your face is right now

File: 1425294685341.png (181 KB, 500x500)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
Old thread >>46858825

>still using public trackers for all your torrenting needs
>seeding for free to a bunch of 3rd world leeches
>being a public tracker Communist instead of a proud, right-wing private tracker user that understands the concept of private property and that quality can only be obtained via private means

Are you torrenting the way you're supposed to, /g/?

Have you noticed that you never want to use public trackers ever again after using private ones?

Public plebs, stay out of this thread. You wouldn't last a single day on a private tracker anyway.

(Warning: snitches are watching this thread closely and people have already lost their accounts for inviting in these threads)
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Countries with >=30% bad users:
Egypt - 63.7%
Pakistan - 63.5%
Romania - 55.9%
Turkey - 52.4%
Saudi Arabia - 51.5%
Bulgaria - 50%
Ukraine - 40.5%
Slovakia - 40%
Myanmar - 38.9%
Vietnam - 38.8%
Hungary - 37.1%
India - 36.5%
Israel - 33.3%
China - 32.7%

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I don't want the first, I want the best.
The only area in which a scene release is even relevant is movies, I don't tend to watch very many newer ones.
Those places have internet?
They have better internet than first world countries.
Goddamn you americans are dumb.

File: 81ZKOGHf0aL._SX466_.jpg (24 KB, 466x310)
24 KB
Hey /g/ is there anyone here still mining those bitcoins/Alt-coins? If so what is your advice for a newbie wanting to invest in a rig for profits?

>Pic related
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Saged, reported, called the police
Don't, your too late. If you got in now you would never turn a profit.
Yes even with ASICS you will not be making your energy costs back let alone your costly investment.
Yes, I mine. My advice is, don't. I'm $2500 in the red right now, and revenue is dwindling, I won't ever make it back.
Heard utorrent is getting into mining

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