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Happy 12th Birthday, 4chan!

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The /g/ Wiki:

/g/ is for the discussion of technology and related topics.
/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site.

For tech support/issues with computers:
https://startpage.com/ or https://duckduckgo.com (i.e., fucking google it)

You can also search the catalog for a specific term by using:

Always check the catalog before creating a thread:

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File: 02.png (717 KB, 1000x793)
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Last thread: >>50661545

What are you working on, /g/?
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If you want to learn how to program properly, yes.
whatever I'm just gonna go with the meme
I'm tired of being left out
C is a very intuitive language. It doesn't hide shit from you and doesn't have shit like forced OOP that gets in your way.
Nope. The best languages for beginners are those from the ML family. C will make you tear your hair out and ultimately give you brain damage.

File: AI.gif (44 KB, 320x320)
44 KB
Will artificial intelligence be real in our lifetime?
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I understand you're point anon. However I don't really think "Evolutionary Software" or any other non-deterministic approach has even the slightest possibility of succeeding. There is no magic fairy dust to wake up Pinnochio. Life is designed. We are designed especially so. Only a design approach has a hope of succeeding in this endeavour.
in fact we may have discovered it already, i mean a way to spark the AI, but we are hardware limited and we can't really test where it can go.
>in fact we may have discovered it already, i mean a way to spark the AI
I'd sure like to know more about it all anon.
we were designed by the natural laws of the universe, and we can understand the natural laws of the universe to a certain extent.

we have to be careful with AI. particularly because just because it has intelligence doesn't mean it will be human.
But that's not true. Most of the things we discovered over the course of history were'nt fully design. In fact it's mostly something reacting to another giving a third thing. It's only after that we perfects the discovery and give it a better and most efficient design. (i'm thinking of vaccine for example when it was discovered we barely knew anything about virus and all the immune stuff)

File: 11b.jpg (224 KB, 1082x960)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
So AMD is a clusterfuck with Win10.
>buy 390x
>crash to desktop every 10min-4hours
>black screen which needs a reboot
>return and buy a 390
>even worse

Anyone have a 970 or higher with Win10? Is it as fucked?
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Kek I know that feel
File: 1373504065724.png (266 KB, 640x400)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
Enjoy your card being obsolete next year once it gets gimped by nvidia.
Found your problem. How do you even plan on playing vidya if you can't run pirated software on that shit OS?
I don't think he bought it for gayming bra.
980ti + win10 masterrace
thats what happens when i have an unstable overclock,
make sure your psu's cables are all in securely and check your shit with gpuz, you might have gotten a shitty card

What version of the GTX 980 should I get /g/? There are too many options and I have analysis paralysis.

Also graphics card general.
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AMD drivers for win10 are better than NVIDIAs.
>option paralysis

AMD drivers are good enough to run the card with failing VRAM. So I just ordered a 290X to replace my 7970 which died on me.

(If anons were in the /gcg/ yesterday and saw a moron ordering an Asus Matrix, be assured. Cancelled that and went for good old Sapphire Tri-X).
not to add Asus Matrix doesnt even perform that much compared to the 290X reference lol

glad i didnt pull the trigger when someone was trying to sell me that shit for $350

Someone forgot to tell my PC to be shit on Windows 10 then. 0 driver problems.

File: Nano-chan.png (177 KB, 640x480)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
When will we have true sentient androids?
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No I was saying insert a joke like for instance "What's the difference?" or something to that effect. There are really too many to count.
Heh. I was basically expecting you to demand I check my privilege next anon.
I'm not a sexist but there are definite differences in the way men and women think. Whether or not that's to their advantage or disadvantage is up for discussion.
I am a sexist after long consideration. And you are certainly correct in stating the obvious about the differences mentally between the sexes. Even the most ardent Feminist and SJW faggot who have even a modicum of education have been forced to cede this point to the scientists.

My position is that a good dog is far better than the average woman when it comes to companionship. This is a time-honored sexist position btw, going back at least centuries.
Cats are better.

File: amd zen uarch.png (137 KB, 597x648)
137 KB
137 KB PNG

Seems like the first more in-depth details have surfaced.

>Some 'reverse-engineering' of Zen patches provides info that Zen is finally a 4 ALU + 2 AGU + 2 SIMD with 32KB L1 and 256KB L2. And each SIMD unit is (probably) 128bit FMA

Thought on this, /g/?
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Again, what's more reliable, intel slides or the actual delid product. If you think it's some super early ES feel free to prove me wrong by deliding a 5960X.
They never said they don't want to be the 'cheap' brand they said they don't want to be the 'well it's good for the price' or 'budget' option.
>butthurt grasping at straws

That isn't an intel slide, its an actual die photo.
Its not from some random pre release ES that was torn apart by a nobody.
>its an actual die photo.
provided by intel. Also you might want to read up on what counts as an ES. That's clearly a delid QS rather than an ES. And it's still a 12core die.
As a side note we c could save so much money if someone would just invent a shovel with a kickstand

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yeah youre just as trash as i am
What is it?!
File: scrot316.png (2.11 MB, 1920x1200)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
.seen Plez

File: my room.jpg (103 KB, 650x450)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>If we ever do make a general we should atleast have a guide to archiving and preserving your data, whatever the niche is, so at least new hoarders know what kind of hardware and configurations they should be using.

>What is the best hardware to hoard ? Considering internal and external devices.
>How do you sort the data and how do you consume them ?
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I would like to archive the entirety of exhentai, gelbooru, danbooru etc. before Japam succumbs to the international pressure sometime during or after 2020 Olympics and bans loli / /d/ content.
I am going to buy 10tb worth of storage to start with.

How can I efficiently do this?
You can't. You're going to have to scrape, and it's going to suck. You're also going to want to use linux, and potentially custom write software so you can save tags and not just files. A nosql/large data mongodb solution would work.

Either way this is a stupid idea.
Your 40tb of storage gives me an erection no woman can hope to grant me.
This is a thread about data hoarding
I want to hoard data that is relevant and of interest to me
How is this stupid? Thanks for the suggestions, though
Well, have fun. Make sure you use ZFS to protect your data from bitrot and controller errors. I suggest ECC ram, as well, and offsite backups, if you're going to go all crazy. I should mention that even if Japan bans shit, it's not going to disappear from American sites. And I highly doubt Japan's going to ban anything anytime soon because the industries make too much money.

File: 1437746885554.jpg (171 KB, 720x719)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Build me a gayming computer with a budget of 500 dollarydoos
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Oh thanks, this actually helps.
File: g Daily Threads.png (51 KB, 418x455)
51 KB
Here you go bucko.

buy AMD athlon 5350....pair with asus am1m mini atx motherboard...overclock that bastard to about 3ghz (yes its very doable, but only with asus motherboard) price about 100 total.

buy gtx750ti price about 130ish.

buy cheap mini atx case for about 30-50

corsair 430 w power supply. about 50

your at 330-35 give or take.

add memory and storage. You should come in under 450 total. Should play most games at 1080p at decent settings.

now fuck off!

here you got op, enjoy that sweet gaymin system
What the fuck is going on in this build? 4 Hard Drives what the shit?

Also >>50666019
the R9 380 in this one roflstomps the GTX 950 in yours.

File: 2a28ce1b.jpg (249 KB, 751x1024)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
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KEK good luck to all these gender studies and liberal arts graduates when they have to desing critical infraestructures, or do scientific research or lead countries... Some women are capable of that but most don't. If men disapeared the human development will almost stun.

Not doing so makes you seem like a bigot.
Nigga plz, t>>50656616
his is 4chan not tumblr.
If either sex disappeared I think the human species would immediately collapse anon.

File: defraging.jpg (132 KB, 574x451)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Have you defragged your PC this year /g/?
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>Manually defragging
What is this? 1999?
File: Capture.png (79 KB, 641x508)
79 KB
fugg wat do
File: incept.jpg (79 KB, 500x714)
79 KB

I only have SSDs
use FreeBSD

File: image.jpg (23 KB, 250x199)
23 KB
/wt/ watch thread:

Watches and horology represent a long tradition of some of the finest made objects in human history.

This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that is required to make a fine watch.

Required viewing for newbies:

previous thread:
280 replies and 99 images omitted. Click here to view.
>pin pallet
>not swiss lever
Sounds like a watch problem more than a battery problem. Especially considering that strap, if it's in such a bad shape, you must really have badly treated it.
I just wore it like I do everyday, the weird thing is I didnt even put pressure on the strap and with a random smooth motion of my hand it just broke
I didnt cut it, I didnt stretch it
It just broke
And it is the battery. Its the F-105W Illuminator with a light blue led that sucks battery like a newborn child on its mothers tit
They're called terrorist watches for a reason. A fresh battery, as in the battery or whole watch didn't sit in a musty warehouse for years, will work for "approx. 7 years". The backlight doesn't actually matter if you don't use it that much per day. Resin straps are still shit though and harden then crack given enough time.
File: 1372720227643.jpg (105 KB, 859x755)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
How much is too much for a watch?

Are watches Apple tier?

File: r a v e n.jpg (56 KB, 900x549)
56 KB
Thanks EU. Botnet BTFO.
Euro may be cucked by refugees, but at least its privacy front is still strong compared to the US.

File: 6sTSMC.png (162 KB, 1242x2208)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
TSMC and Samsung chips are yielding different benchmarks, but more startling a 20% battery difference.

Pic related. A TSMC chip battery test.
32 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I want you to leave /g/.
>apple fags will literally defend this
I thought global foundries made AMD chips?

Those are within margin of error you cucksmith.

I literally cannot see how Samsung could purposefully undermine the chips and still have them work correctly. Not to mention it would fucking harm their outsourcing production business if they fucking did.

Most likely these tests are done by a bunch of amateurs who aren't eliminating all other possibilities to ensure validity.

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