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File: import gf.png (64 KB, 734x1108)
64 KB
>install windows 10
>use """"anti-botnet""" scripts that conveniently disable system updates, windows defender, and install a bitcoin miner
>complain about how bad windows is on /g/
>install arch linux to show how cool and woke i am and how secure my os is
>don't even enable selinux
this is your mind on /g/
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>Bitcoin mining

Stopped reading there
>Install ubuntu
>My searches and personal data go to third parties such as Amazon
unity is not ubuntu anon

read a book
>install windows 10
>use """"anti-botnet""" scripts that conveniently disable system updates, windows defender, and install a bitcoin miner
>complain about how bad windows is on /g/
This is spot on. The hilarious thing is that these people consider themselves "power users".
>disables updates
>whines when he gets malware that encrypts his entire computer

File: 1498223659622.png (289 KB, 606x402)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
Is there a worse technology community?
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File: snake-oil-cable-03.jpg (95 KB, 700x519)
95 KB
>spending $4k on audio gear at once
>when you clearly don't have any passion for it to begin with
yes, there are a ton of idiots in audiophilia, but not every audiophile is

my setup cost $1000 total, and it'll last me forever more or less, until I'm bored anyway. it's a much better value than SONOS or whatever shit Bose is putting out (I actually like Bose headphones tho)
If there's no difference in sound between $5 Chinese headphones and $150 entry level headphones with a $100 amp, why should anyone believe there's any difference up the ladder?
>Have no memory of what I had been using for headphones
>Whatever those were break
>For some reason use a USB headset for a few months
>Get some nice audio-technica
>Probably the first time a pair of headphones hasn't hurt
>Play some shit vidya I had been playing using exclusively the USB headset
>There's actual ambient sounds in the BGM that I couldn't hear
Clearly you needed to start with shittier shit.
if you can't tell a difference between some $100 IEMS and some included samsung or apple smartphone earbuds, you should probably get your ears checked because you must be deaf.

File: snip_20170624154551.png (8 KB, 364x386)
8 KB

Post those fan curves.
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x5650 OC + H100

Its set to auto on the lowest setting, it works fine.
The stocks fans are a bit loud, but it doesn't bother me.
Don't have pic right now but I set my fan speed at the same value with my gpu temp (30C->30%, 40C->40%, etc.). Works fine on my toasty r9 280x.
File: fan.png (11 KB, 480x470)
11 KB
File: 20161109_013140-1-1.jpg (2.47 MB, 1856x1816)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB JPG
>Fan curves
File: curve.png (9 KB, 358x379)
9 KB

File: images.jpg (5 KB, 228x221)
5 KB
Right now I have a server daemon that runs in a terminal window. I want it to just run without presenting any interface, like a normal service.

How do I do that on mac/linux?
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cool, thanks to you my program will be officially supporting gnu/linux
So write an init script for it. I think systemd can still launch sysv init scripts and they're a bit easier to understand.
are scripts an acceptable solution for software intended to be used by normies though?

that's the reason i want to be as elegant as possible with systemd, and launchctl
There's pretty extensive documentation on how to create daemons for both Mac and Linux. For Linux specifically, you need to figure out which init system your distro uses.

File: 1476051475827.jpg (48 KB, 365x444)
48 KB
>install some Autodesk software
>now it eats up 50% of my CPU, 100% of the time, with a bunch of self-restarting processes
Incompetent-yet-somehow-popular companies thread?
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All EDA software
that reminds me, I saw this ad the other day for autocad

That dumbshit company has the audacity to ask for $120 a month for a personal license of autocad
No, student licence.

Whatever happened to:
>provide software demo
>provide reasonably priced software download
It comes with the territory when you have any big software that becomes an industry standard. They have no competition so things can be as shitty as possible, and the customer keeps buying it because thats what their employees know.
t. Autocad slave.

Thats possible but I doubt it. Autocad has 3-4 background processes that run constantly for checking your subscription and generally being scummy. The company datamines their paying customers.
I wonder what the license policy for Dual-booting the same copy of windows is like

hey guys can you drop me off links for good hacking tutorials on Darkweb?
and please post with screenshots i don't get sliced from some dark web maniac for views
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Just learn any programming language you dork.
>>61069744 yes that
>>61069746 what do you recommend
Lisp or Phrogram for you.
Fucked up the reply.

File: ethernet switch.jpg (71 KB, 506x336)
71 KB
Gigabit ethernet has been standard on consumer electronics for a decade, how long till 10 gigabit ethernet moves down into the consumer realm?
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File: 20140320_095146.jpg (2.3 MB, 4128x2322)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
It was an SSD apparently. This is about 5 years ago now.
Nice cable run through the drop ceiling too.
File: 20140315_221746.jpg (3.53 MB, 4128x2322)
3.53 MB
3.53 MB JPG
Leaving it out for the sake of the argument is not flatly wrong. Do you really think someone who manages a DC has never seen 25/40gbit? Piss off you pedantic neckbeard.

Next time I will be ultra specific and mention everything, no matter how irreverent to the point I was (correctly) making so I don't have to reply to inferior /g/tards.

Protip, people like you cap out as a sysadmin because of your bullshit. They don't get to move up and onto better things.

Pic related, purchased cash 3 months after taking on my last job.
Don't get me started. They were in an office building. Company leased another floor but the property management wouldn't let us run fiber down from 25th to 4th floor. So, what I did was run single mode to the window outside of this server room, drilled a hole in the window frame and fed it through. Went downstairs to the 4th floor and had one of my lackeys feed it down. We had that stand of fibre running down the outside of a 30 floor office tower for a week, working perfectly btw, and the property management finally gave into me.
File: yourpost.jpg (66 KB, 960x1280)
66 KB
Pic related, it's your attitude.

File: Clueboard.png (361 KB, 1140x760)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
/mkg/ - 65-66% edition

>Learn to touch type:
>Buyer's template:
>Where to Buy:
>Use the buyer's template
>Keyset wiki
http://keypuller.com (https://web.archive.org/web/20161101152119/http://keypuller.com/)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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do greens feel less mushy than blues, in your experience?

because i just bought a switch tester to test them out with the intention of getting a keyboard with greens on it, and the tactile bump/click on a green feels like SHIT compared to the blue on the tester.
Does one need a Bluetooth option? The price goes up by $17.
File: 1495592134336.jpg (57 KB, 661x508)
57 KB
$120 or less. Willing to go over if its worth it

South East US

>Preferred switch type
Cherry Reds or Blues


>Form factor
Tenkeyless or Full

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
They're stiffer in my opinion, but I'm not the best judge of these things. I just know that I enjoy a heavy keypress.

That said, I need to reduce the clack and probably should've just settled for the tactile bump.
next thread

File: serveimage.jpg (28 KB, 668x449)
28 KB
Does /g/ recommend a used tablet for under $150? I'm thinking of a Nexus 7 or Lenovo Tab 2.
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/csg/ could probably recommend you a tablet if you're okay with Windows 10

Android tablets fell off the face of the Chinese marketplace because they suck dick
Tab 2 is like $80 nigga
not for $150 at least

why not a phone? Much easier to find a cradle for it
also cradles are a hell of a lot cheaper than a tablet
File: 1496203617172.jpg (38 KB, 403x433)
38 KB
Get a galaxy tab a for like $120.

/g/ doesn't like price limits apparently
Get a chink one that dual-boots Windows and Android

File: jq571Q4.png (890 KB, 951x594)
890 KB
890 KB PNG
would you let your daughter be a programmer?
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You are so fucking blacked, dude.
how do you even get that white?
Locked in your fathers basement since birth
what do programmers even do? cant i just use like squarespace dot com to make a website if i wanted?
Is she emo, like how the fuck can you be that white without makeup man
ugly ass hair too

Why is there so much hate on mac recently?
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No ESC key.
T. Vim user

>manages to run kernel by itself

start with ditching the unity ASAP, you can take your time to embrace software that respects your freedoms

that gif reminds me of like every 90's website, i think I just thunk of a project

what your refering to as the GNU kernel, is in fact, HURD

File: 1497782726257.jpg (88 KB, 634x892)
88 KB
Theoretically speaking, how can you create & run a completely anonymous/untraceable twitter account?
Is that even possible?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You're making this more complicated than it has to be. You can't have convenience and security/anonymity both. END OF STORY.

Get a device, doesn't matter which, although prepaid phone would be better since you're going to need the phone number anyway. And use it for twitter only, do not keep it on your person, when not in use pull the battery out. And never input any personal information, and only use it for twitter. And considering cell phones are ubiqutous and available everywhere for cheap, for cash and untraceable, more than computers which are not as ubiquitous, they're not as easy to purchase and have them be untraceable, Plus wifi is available in enough places that you can do this anywhere.

you will never give any information away if you don't use any real info that can be traced back to you.
What a summer post.
you can't be anonymous on the internet
Wardrive was the old way.

Nowadays, disposable phones with internet could do it. Cash payment for the service ofcourse and bought at stores with very little security cameras.
Go back to >>>/sci/

>Buy refurbished PC that had the parts I wanted because it actually came out to be cheaper
>"Error 0xc004C008, We can't activate Windows on this device as the product key you entered has already been used on a different device."
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I use linux on my real computer, thus is purely for video games
Install windows with a new license from dreamspark.
yes, I used it for a few years and had no issue with it, just be careful as some anti-virus software will pick it up and advise you remove it.
You should be able to use the license key on the PC. Either the store screwed you by asking Microsoft to move the key to one of their machines, or the place that sold them the PC screwed them. Either way, call Microsoft and see if they can help.
Second. They fucked up the procedure, Microsoft will sanction them.
That's not how they work faggot. They aren't one-time use. They sometimes have trouble activating if you aren't using OEM-provided media however. It sucks but just call them if there is an issue.

File: 2017-06-24 23.43.32.jpg (2.61 MB, 5376x3024)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB JPG
Hey guys, so this brand new asus laptop just got its screen fucked. Didnt even do anything to it and upon further examination it doesnt even seem cracked or anything. Was using it, left it on my bed, then came back and its all fucked. I took battery out and everything. I really cant have this right now as I need my fucking laptop for school in the next month. I have a warranty for it but I cant wait. What to do?
41 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sorry, I'm not familiar with that story, I am familiar with retail though :^}
refund. amazon offers satisfaction guarantees on items you buy from them. just explain to them the quality of the item didn't meet your expectations and you want to return it. it's mostly automated anyways so as long as you are polite and logical in your explaination they won't refuse you.
Welp I'm going to attempt to return it if not get a full fucking refund. I really do think something was fucked with the display to just suddenly crack like that
amazon isn't retail though. the return system is pretty much fully automated.
you go to your account and view the order details, click start return process, you get a form which asks you to explain why your returning it, it shits out a return label, you send it back, and as long as they get it back you will get a refund. just be sure to return it with all the stuff it came with.
Alright anon, you've been the most helpful. Gonna refund this shit and get a thinkpad as that is what i was considering before (my last laptop was a $200 pos asus that died completely). I was flipping shit earlier about needing it but I will probably be fine for a week or two.

File: IMG_20170625_1050062.jpg (3.41 MB, 2934x5216)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB JPG
Hey /g/ I recently got a surface pro 3 for free except it had a dead drive but upon further inspection it isn't actually dead just smart says it is, so I bought a 128GB mSATA drive for it only now the dam thing says COMRESET errno 16 whenever I try to install or start up any Linux distro.

Any ideas?

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