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File: DdMrElLV4AERx4b.jpg (23 KB, 500x500)
23 KB
SQL for data that can be structured as tables and records.

nosql for data that doesn't fit into this scheme.
>trips out on pic related.
Sorry. What was the ques...
>trips out on pic related
relational DBs are better than nosql DBs, if you can structure your data the needed way.

im real down rn. what tech related activities does /g/ participate in while sad? i feel slightly better ricing (pic related, i have to do it on my phone because i cant get up) but id like to know what you guys do when sad!!
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File: 1530480833802.jpg (41 KB, 630x630)
41 KB
Similarly, join a tech support discord (like buildapc) and help out those in need.
decent answer but i don't use discord anymore my dude... the one person i talked to moved to telegram with me but they're gone
write some fizzbuzz
This. I help newbies on #freenode to register to nickserv etc.

File: no_indent.png (32 KB, 722x462)
32 KB
My co-worker has been writing indentless codes for years. I don't touch his code since he's working in a different team (he's the team leader). What would you do if you work as his subordinate?
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Still same. Still fag.

Oh now with the pointless double newline, also known as "reddit spacing"
The newfag reveals himself more and more with every post, shameless and disgusting
What else would you use
File: 1532189917583.jpg (408 KB, 600x624)
408 KB
408 KB JPG

File: 6Pwey9OA_400x400.jpg (13 KB, 400x400)
13 KB
Is that the ultimate chad language?
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>the chad is supposed to be an unlikable retard
look at the original picture and you will see that you're 100% wrong
File: 1510344287567.jpg (61 KB, 701x497)
61 KB
>weird obscure shit
the pepsi universe*
oh no, you made me remember that evil
Good luck. Clojure is the only lisp you'll see employment out of.

File: beta.png (16 KB, 273x441)
16 KB
>he doesn't rate firefox


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can't be true
Oh boy you'd be surprised
These cheap routers all have 100mbps ethernet ports.
>I bought a Xiaomi router, am I finally a part of the Chinese botnet?
sure thing Wang

File: 1518513174885.jpg (57 KB, 400x243)
57 KB
File: dollar coins ad.jpg (118 KB, 1000x750)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Founder sold at the right time, then it slowly went to shit through a series of acquisitions then SD's growth exploded even though they don't offer cash back.

File: 1518245437203.png (18 KB, 485x443)
18 KB
>have a problem with Arch Linux
>post in their forum
>they are actually helpful and successfully help you fixing your problem
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>have problem in the first place
loonix fags everyone
> Have a problem in Windows 10
> Can't do shit about it
File: 1532182394777.png (33 KB, 641x729)
33 KB
you're doing it wrong. If you want 98% success rate never say you have a problem, assume X is broken garbage and nerds will go out of their way to prove that you're just a retard and X works fine.
chmod n stuff

File: scanf.png (9 KB, 454x251)
9 KB
Amateurs can't figure out why this code is dangerous
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Here I was thinking OP was underestimating /g/'s experience with C but here we are
Allocate all your RAM as memory
This is why I dont use c++
>oh, so you have to write memory handling every time you do something
>What is code reuse?
You just have to code it once, and just reuse your own code. Stop LARPing, you don't know shit.
Buffer overflow is the worst when it comes to embedded shit

>google is developing their own mobile os
>it will be available for laptops and phones
>it will kill android which is a disgusting piece of software
>google owns the web as normies see it
>google will manufacture all the hardware
>google will use their new OS on said hardware
>google will have support for android apps to ease normies into it
>google will release new app format
>it'll be faster
>it'll be less sloppy and more secure
>normies will flock to it for that reason
>android apps will get phased out
>there will be a completely unified software and hardware experience
>google will dominate the web, mobile, desktops, and hardware
>google will comb through history to see if you used the n-word or posted anything off color

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Google won't be able to get their mobile platform off the ground. Microsoft, a hardware and software company, failed. Google has only recently started playing with hardware, and so far the only thing they have managed is to make shit copies of Apple products.

Android is only relevant because of Samsung.
>ease normies into it
>normies use iphones
I already see flawed logic
Normies and poors use Android
Faggots and richs use iPhone

Smart people use AOSP
>he doesn't know

File: 1200px-ISO_C++_Logo.svg.png (69 KB, 1200x1349)
69 KB
No argument,pure facts, end of convo.
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What is this supposed to prove? Obviously certain types of programs will have marginal performance differences, but Java is pretty bloated and does too much shit automatically, for enterprise-tier solutions it is good enough.
But for demanding scientific-tier software or graphics intensive you have to be retarded to not see C++ is many times more efficient and faster, there is a reason it isn't used for 3D rendering, embedded systems, etc.
2/10 you made me reply, I wrote this more for the people who might take your post seriously than for you.
You don't know modern java then

Where you need raw numerical performance you drop down to c, that is true for c++ too. DL4J and ND4J is a prime example that you can do scientific computing in java.
>there's no faster OO language, in terms of dev AND actual running time.
>my software runs 10% faster
>but have no customers because another company that used java shipped 3 months before me
Not OP but c++
the latter entry is an int*, not an int, so you'd have to start dealing with pointers which don't really mesh will with rust idioms or have the latter entry be an &i32 at which point you have lifeline stuff to manage

then again it's worth asking why you're using a pointer as part of a key in the first place

File: 1531254204035.jpg (215 KB, 500x700)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
More of these
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File: wYXlwgg.png (181 KB, 500x700)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
I don't need to try heroin to know it's not good for you
a camel?

cheeky cheeky!
File: .jpg (188 KB, 1920x1080)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Does using javascript on board of James Webb Space Telescope count?

File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (128 KB, 1920x1080)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Was it a meme, or are the gains real?
what gains? no one uses them in fact AMD is so far behind that nvidia can just release rebrands and still have better performance, asyncshit or not.
GCN is very hard get full compute unit at max usage, idea Async shaders is made compute could interchange between computations or graphics shader without overhead.

Op pic show GPU calcule graphics and physics.

Nvidia in Volta arch build very fast computation and change context, next RTX nvidia will use like Async shaders for raytrace(compute) and graphics(graphics shaders).

Async shaders is step to union computer and graphics part for real time graphics.

File: ubuntu logo.png (13 KB, 200x200)
13 KB
What is the best ubuntu flavor ?
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Kubuntu 18.04 is easily the best. Way ahead of every other DE.

retarded embedded player can't you see the fucking URL
Lubuntu because speed

Can I get a tablet for under $100 that isn't complete shit?

All I want to do is have something that I can lay in bed with and watch movies
Galaxy Tab S used on eBay. Former flagship, still decent performance less than $100.

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