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File: 1492983922945.jpg (315 KB, 2000x2000)
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an executive running linooks?
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We run Fedora
Install Windows
File: 1493242139433.jpg (2.03 MB, 4160x3120)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
I'm sure there's a flavour out there that will run on a 6MHz Z80 with 124k of RAM.

Fuck, now I need to find it.
File: mrrobot_video.jpg (48 KB, 656x360)
48 KB
File: DEBIAN.png (76 KB, 244x342)
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File: Stallman3.jpg (223 KB, 1200x1200)
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223 KB JPG
Has anyone here actually installed gentoo?
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because of BFQ mainly, but I might go to ck soon as BFQ is merged into mainline now
>wasting hours of your life compiling things whenever something updates
nothing really takes that long to compile anymore except GCC , your browser, and xorg. but you can get binaries of firefox from the package system anyways.
and gcc updates aren't that common
xorg is pretty modular so you only have to compile small parts of it usually.

I want to add that when building from source you can build packages with a very small feature set to reduce bloat

A good example would be cups (the enormous printing shit) which almost every distro includes, but in gentoo you dont have to include it at all
I update at night automatically

Guys, I want to completely switch over to Linux full time. However, there is one problem, Linux has no games.
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But what was the perforamance hit compared to running it in windows?
not sure, have never played it in windows
>bit fast than it was, but much by this much
a bit faster* than it was, but not* by this much
Wangblows in virtualbox with gpu passthrough, my man
>windows is bad because it's a closed-source proprietary botnet
>so buy a console that runs another closed-source proprietary botnet OS

File: comfwin.jpg (154 KB, 1600x1200)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Or at least I want to install it again.

Vulkan is XP compatible. Anyone know how to get DX11 working on XP?

Literally the only thing stopping me from going back to the comfiest OS ever.
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does there exists a version that isn't the muffled, compressed-to-shit 64k WMA version that came on the XP cd?
sir, this is pure unaltered comfy music, it doesnt come any other fucking way than original. now gtfo.
it sounded fine on my shitty little "computer speakers" back then XP was new, but on nothing else

arguably, i didn't get to hear it on much else, while i did use XP up to 2009, only earlier machines actually had sound cards XP supported ootb, so the setup music only ever played on the first machines i used it on
Oh my god this
People who want old windows need to support that project
why would you ever want to listen to anything else other than

File: 1492115234767.jpg (40 KB, 500x484)
40 KB
budget PC builds?

I live in Australia so shipping is a mess.

Just want the best Gaming PC i can possibly get for $500 max

I dont know the first fucking thing about computers so help?
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honestly get a console. its totally possible to build a console killer for under $500 aus (i did for my first build like 3 years ago), but the maintenance and all the things i had to trouble shoot didnt make it worth it.
GTX 1050ti or RX 570
Cheapest mobo you can find
8gb ram
450w to 500w power supply
Cheap case

Ask in pc building general also you fucking idiot, this didn't need a new thread.
1050ti or RX 570/470 which one is better?
which ever one imho is cheaper and more ram
570/470 is better but more expensive generally. 1050ti is the lowest you should go. If you drop settings to medium-high then 1050ti is fine but the 470/570 is comfortably ahead.


File: 1493136569774.jpg (1.28 MB, 2048x1537)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
>Welcome to your new coding workplace! Find a table for the day!
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>guy next to you making calls with 6 phones at the same
>but he doesn't talk to you so it's just as quiet as a closed space then haha
Do you legitimately have brain damage?
This is a shitfest but let's be optimistic here.
>everytime there is sjw outrage you have an excuse to stop working
>that place is such a mess people probably will have a hard time noticing if you come up late or get out early
>as long as you get a relatively small amount of work done at home, you don't really have to actually work in the office, you can spend this time just cleaning up and commenting
>since you're on /g/ there's a chance you're a fag or a tranny so you win at the oppression game
milk thoses sukers for all they have, live a frugal life stashing that silicon valley salary away and buy a small pub before retiring of IT forever.
Thanks shaggy
File: 1420474192069.png (102 KB, 600x400)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
>that lain drawing on the left

File: unnamed.png (121 KB, 300x300)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
why does palemoon spike to 114% cpu when I don't touch it for more than 20 minutes? Is that furry faggot mining shitcoins?
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At least post the sauce, What are you fucking gay?

File: 1490794417376.png (234 KB, 882x758)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
Mining bitcoins for some furry on your own fucking CPU.

Is anyone more cucked than freetards?
I can be gay for you
cleaning the history in it's entirety helps, as for the other anons, chromium still has jewgle crap imbedded on it and ungoogled hasn't been updated

File: 1478394181257.jpg (8 KB, 276x277)
8 KB
Tell me /g/, why do you /code/?
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Tell me about /g/, why does he write the code?
Job, sometimes it's fun too. It's one of the few activities you can really play as god with.
because programming is really fun.
I just do
that sounds really boring

Sorry, I don't know shit. I'm planning on getting it pre built. Will only use it to edit/make videos for my vidya review channel.

Intel core i5-3470 @ 3.2Ghz
GTX 750-ti
8GB ram
It's shit.
Yeah it'll be fine kid, ram is most important when it comes to rendering so I'd suggest asking mummy and daddy for an extra 8gb stick. That'll make your Minecraft videos render like your chicken tenders.

File: .jpg (26 KB, 404x400)
26 KB
How do you make sure you devices weren't tampered with while you were away?
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check cumstains for fingerprints
Holy fuck he's good! Son, how'd you like to come work for Uncle Sam?
i wish my life was as good as yours
Son, define 'away'. Is it
- left in a crowded public place like some pub and its still there. press #1
- lost at some ONS-spot. It'll give it back to you later that day. press #2
- U suspect some random householdmember is tampering with it. press #3
- U're generally a bit heavy on the paranoide side of things. press #666
buy quality stuff then twist it into sleeper cables and put quality appearance on shit gear


File: 1488682752053.jpg (2.68 MB, 3504x2336)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB JPG
How usable is Debian with OpenRC? Should I use Devuan instead? I'm planning on running unstable.

I have experience with OpenRC from Gentoo and the Manjaro packages, I'm not sure how plain SysVinit compares either, but from what I understand it seems like OpenRC makes things a lot simpler.
Devuan > Debian

File: 14jJPXpX[1].png (18 KB, 256x256)
18 KB
Hi /g.
Developer with 5y of experience here.

How hard would it be to find a place to work in Canada?

Microsoft Certified Web Developer in MVC
SQL 70-461 Approved
Very skilled in :
C#, SQL Server (Tsql and Admininistering), WCF,WebApi, Webforms, MVC, HTM5, JQuery, JS, Boostrap, EntityFramework.

Is the market over-saturated? Wich cities are in the most need of developers?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.

Not from india.

And no, you're not full.
nobody likes spics.

Hit job sites lol
Not according to that cocksucking liberal waste of flesh and oxygen, Trudeau.
Moncton was advertising they want to be their own little silicon island, so worth checking them out.

a few words of warning: Acadians speak english, but its easier to understand a pajeet.

File: Xeon.png (605 KB, 714x925)
605 KB
605 KB PNG


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Are these good at gaming?
>205W TDP
Those are just 28c lol. AMD is rolling out 32c CPUs.

>Xeon Phi
WTF who in the universe needs them?
That 1% of HPC who Intel paid to not get vastly superior Teslas
Or dumb middle managers who actually fell for the PnP meme

File: 1484167004460.png (305 KB, 784x782)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
Software redflags

I'll start:
>Written in C
Inherently unsecure
>Written in C and closed source
Inherently unsecure botnet
98 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'd be willing to bet 50% of your OS is bloat lmfao
i bet none of it has actually added anything to the user experience.
shit not even reddit (like 2nd/third biggest site on the net??) can figure out infinite scroll that doesn't suck shit.
You can pay lots of money to extensively audit just those parts. Then anything you writing using the other language will be secure.
>hasn't read Carmacks internal email on inlining
Practically a webdev. Won't produce anything that lasts more than a year in the wild.

It covers so many small things that are important.
It looks good.
I'm happy to see people complaining about it not being anything new because then I know these morons won't influence the language.
If you say 'but lisp has that!', 'but scheme does that!' or 'this is just like C!'. You're the kind of person that should never try new languages.
First of all these people miss the general idea of having new programming languages. It was never the case that something couldn't be done. It's how easy it is to do something without problems that's the core of a programming language. Of course you can implement a map and reduce in C but it's not as convenient as it would be in functional languages.
Of course you could write a C parser that gives you an AST which you then modify like in lisp and reinsert into your program but it's incredibly inconvenient.

It's the combinations of all the good ideas that make a good language. And the best quality of Jonathan with regards to this language seems to be his ability to filter and articulate the reasons why he's filtering specific features from other languages.
There's too much academia in language design.

File: C-RGjT1UIAAIGyW.jpg (54 KB, 580x1308)
54 KB


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