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File: download.png (5 KB, 219x230)
5 KB
C++ as a general purpose language was a mistake.
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When it happens in Java it's novel. When it happens in C/C++ it's business as usual.
>I can't, but that doesn't mean shit
You can't provide any Java arbitrary code execution exploits, but it's trivial to create one in C, by accident. You're not making a very strong point here.
>Can you describe an arbitrary code execution bug in Java?
Not him, but throw a ThreadDeath exception in your code and observe what happens.
>your devs follow strict practices to never allocate to the stack
>no case where you'll ever read uninitialized or freed memory
File: 1489517640523.jpg (270 KB, 750x728)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
what is your point with this?

That's pretty hilarious.

What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>59580498
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you could argue that python is the fastest to write code
File: 1478106018832.jpg (211 KB, 640x640)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
>entirely different
And what way you write in most OOP languages inside objects? You still have the same algorithms, same IFs, same FORs and WHILEs.
It is entirely different in how you structure code, yes. Which was the original point.
there's no difference nowadays

File: 8888888.jpg (50 KB, 1137x640)
50 KB
How would you treat your sexbot /g/?
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Read the filename, nigger.
Ruthlessly. I would do to that thing what I would never do to a human being, even if paid and completely legal.
U wish plebian
>hey what's up guys, techraxx here, today we're going to throw this sexbot into this pool of coke how crazy is that?
so... mesmerising...

File: futurama-brainslug.jpg (74 KB, 500x393)
74 KB
Why is VSCode so fucking slow
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There's a name for this
You're not running it on a Windows machine
It's written in a browser scripting language

There are slower things, don't worry so much.
It's made by microsoft.
What should be used instead? I use vim but I like to have a more robust editor alongside it. Atom isn't as polished and sublime is proprietary/requires a license.

File: 513Tff2wNlL._SY400_.jpg (44 KB, 500x400)
44 KB
What are your thoughts on this thing?
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File: 001_101414.jpg (62 KB, 300x247)
62 KB
>looks sick
twinfrozr pre-5 looks dated as hell now

amazing fans and heatsink tho

t. MSI 970 owner
otherwise known as mexican of the nords
>estonia is in baltic states

I think i spotted the amerifag
estonians do all the shit labor in finland

File: file.png (160 KB, 910x577)
160 KB
160 KB PNG



File: iu.jpg (61 KB, 601x600)
61 KB
ok 4chin what came first the compiler or the language
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Kill yourself
of course it can- anything can. it's just stupid to translate a final form to itself
Why would I kill myself? Here's my reasoning on why I wouldn't: If I live, there's always a chance of having good feels. If I die there is zero chance of having good feels. Easy choice to not kill self
>couldn't assembly be interpreted?
Theoretically, but why?

>I understand that it can be compiled
No, you need to understand that it's assembled.

>why can't assembly be interpreted?
Interpreted by what into what?
Wow. It really is you.

Jordan, I always liked you and looked up to you. You were so damn smart and cool in my eyes. This sounds cheesy, but you were the cool big brother I never had. You were a role model to me. Always know that you made a positive impact on my life as well.

File: hqdefault.jpg (11 KB, 480x360)
11 KB
Hello again, I'm Rodney Reynolds from 3DGameMan.com!

File: logicalincrements.png (46 KB, 1302x394)
46 KB
is the difference between these 3 tiers in the logicalincrements page big?

i want to build a pc with components in the enthusiast tier but if there's a big difference with the extremist tier then i'd much rather build one with extremist components.

also, if it helps, i just want to have 60 fps locked at 1080p, i dont want to do 4k gaming on 4 screens or stuff like that.

File: best-buy.png (56 KB, 800x551)
56 KB
Is this store still relevant?
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>being poor
Hell yes! It's universally recognized by the clueless as a place to get help. You need to point to the best-buy geek-squad list of pricing when explaining to your aunt's best's friend's step-sister why you're charging them to fix their computer for the fourth time this month, and why they're still getting a great deal.
>"Hello, are you up for a phone upgrade today?"
I bought one of those tv's. Its kinda shit. (most tv apps through the tv's 'smart' interface cause the tv to restart). I use a roku with it and it only restarts like once a day. Great looking tv as far as picture though. Still happy with the purchase though, you get what you pay for.

But yea nothing beats microcenter as far as prices and getting everything you need in one place.
fuck no.

File: 550-12.jpg (216 KB, 900x600)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
>What is TempleOS?
--TempleOS (formerly J Operating System, SparrowOS and LoseThos) is a biblical themed lightweight operating system created over the span of a decade by programmer Terry A. Davis.

>How did TempleOS start?
Development for TempleOS began in 2003 after Davis suffered from a series of manic episodes that left him briefly hospitalized for mental health issues.
Davis is a former atheist who believes that he can "talk with God" and that God told him the operating system he built was God's official temple. According to Davis TempleOS is of 'Divine' intellect due to the inspired nature of the code. According to Davis, God said to create the operating system with 640x480, 16 colors display and a single audio voice. The operating system was coded in a programming language developed by Davis in C/C++ called "HolyC". The OS runs a file system called "Red Sea".

>What can TempleOS do?
TempleOS deliberately has no network support. It runs 8-bit ASCII with graphics in source code and has a 2D and 3D graphics library, which run at 640x480 VGA with 16 colors. The OS contains numerous embedded biblical references including a program called AfterEgypt which allows users to "communicate with God" through an oracle.

Official website: http://templeos.org/
Download TempleOS: http://www.templeos.org/Wb/Home/Web/DownloadOS.html#l1
Blog: http://www.templeos.org/Wb/Home/Web/TAD/DailyBlog.html#l1

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Some copy pasta death treat.
what's his fascination with the big bang theory cast
He clicks on an interview and suddenly youtube starts recommending him these videos like crazy.
Same thing happened with Arrival earlier.
He just watches random stuff youtube recommends to him
Terry said on the stream to upvote the TempleOS post on https://news.ycombinator.com/

>A buzzword is amongst the top paying jobs according to stack overfow
I will React after I Redis comment you made about my mind supposedly being up in the Cloud.
You can't blame them, all of those technologies are memes.
Except maybe c#, but that's being generous

thoughts on Samsung galaxy s8.
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I hope the US versions have an bootloader unlock.

But after my parents saying that they will only pay for Apple or Samsung, they said they can pay for a Pixel.
File: Clipboard01.jpg (109 KB, 768x1024)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
is it possible to get stock Android on these bad boys?
File: CRT.jpg (63 KB, 768x1774)
63 KB

You're onto something there

File: tv-time.jpg (58 KB, 940x627)
58 KB
"Don't mind us, just pirat- I mean sharing this movie"

Don't you piratefags realize that SHARING = STEALING?

Only criminals SHARE their movies and software!

Your friend who you you invited over to watch that movie now might not buy it themselves, making the movie companies lose money!

>daily reminder this is how retarded anti-piracy fags sound
i'm not giving the jews my money for I have become the jew muwahahah
trips confirm

File: linux_software.jpg (534 KB, 1024x1400)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
compton removed, replaced by application launcher section
added rofi
added kupfer
added dmenu
added clipit as clipboard manager
changed owncloud to nextcloud

Any ideas? New interesting shit?
install gentoo
Include mirage and neofetch
dtrx is a must
>recommending proprietary software
>using comfy to describe software
>using "light" to describe software arbitrarily

Kill yourself.
not seem to have something extra, something interesting
last update is 2011..
would rather put there viewnior if another light viewer
but its the featureful vieweres that are hard to come by

if it would fit there next to screenfetch then I guess...
is one of them better than the other in some way?

well, it could go next to atool

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