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Hi /g/,

Im not sure if im posting in the right section but I've got a programming question.

How can I make information hop from server to server. In turn i'm trying to make sure the client never has visibility to the original server.

What would be the best way of doing this?

I'm currently working on a site that primarily uses PHP. Thank you.

Picture is related. Hopefully I'm explaining this correctly.
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I'm just trying to improve the security of one of my sites.
nginx reverse proxy
lmao wtf?
"hide the server?"
just pay for cloudflare. you have no clue what you want anyhow.
does cloudflare work with sites that may contain illegal content?
That's not "security" just a proxy. You're introducing two, single points of failure with no apparent upside. If you think an attacker won't be able to gain access to your "hidden" server just because you hid it behind your shitty proxy you're in for a surprise

File: 12D1JjCRBvfVJu.gif (814 KB, 500x379)
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814 KB GIF
What is your must have, essential piece of tech you can't live without?
You, anon.
Bless you sir.
File: 1501636843783.jpg (160 KB, 1000x1000)
160 KB
160 KB JPG

How do I get good at databases?
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>make your own database
>start practicing
do you really need a book?

Pay me $20 and I'll give you a list of exercises
hacker rank
shit animu
>do something i am sure it's right
>can't check real solution
>learn jack shit
File: 1476875341557.jpg (65 KB, 433x482)
65 KB

VEGA is amazingly efficient.
Wow, that 1070 is a perpetual motion machine, it literally runs without input energy.

Based Nvidia
I know you are being sarcastic but just for the idiots reading this, it's the cost ABOVE the GTX 1070.

File: 1487075021643.webm (2.92 MB, 1152x2048)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB WEBM
ITT: show us your apps as they are now

>Video too large (video: 2560x1440px, max: 2048x2048px)
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You eat like shit & your phones all retarded
for the 17/18yo chicks I bang
shitposting with friends
for local events

I had an unlimited code for 2nd pizza for free
one of the only places near work that is not expensive as fuck


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>no names
I just bulk copy them from /data/app
They all have base.apk name there.

File: 1467435738916.png (90 KB, 500x319)
90 KB
openSUSE or Fedora
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Lurk more. Now just trust me, you're better without fedora or anything RedHat related.
File: google1.jpg (27 KB, 630x355)
27 KB
File: 1475093829063.png (120 KB, 2000x1433)
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120 KB PNG
Openpepe (leap), using it since a year just werks
File: 1450296751047.jpg (10 KB, 200x205)
10 KB
desu i do lurk but i've never heard anything about this issue.

would you mind elaborating?

File: 5792401_sd.jpg (27 KB, 282x1000)
27 KB
Why haven't you bought this $160 8 TB hard drive yet anon? It's the return of a stupidly good deal desu, and it has a WD Red in it that you can get out of it, a lot cheaper than buying just the bare drive.
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NAS drives are designed to last longer, not because they run slower you fucking retard
No shit. That's what I said.
Feed me - why are single platters capped at 2TB? They've been there for a while.
Use a courier


File: INSTALL LATUX.webm (2.94 MB, 1280x720)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
Why haven't you installed LATUX yet?
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Awe is wittle vega babby sad?
B but isn't amd support to linux worse than Nvidia..?
Is this akibastrip?
given that AMD has blessed and contributed to a DRM compliant, free and open source implementation, no.

you can use modern amd GPUs with 100% free software....sans the nonfree firmware bullshit on the card itself.
wut? the new hardware literally got open source driver support from amd on release day.
novideo needs better shills

File: flat,800x800,075,f.u1.jpg (33 KB, 800x247)
33 KB
Is Haskell a meme language or actually worth learning?
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>he thinks a fizzbizz benchmark is worth anything
You're misunderstanding. Assembly will only teach a programmer how hardware works, which any good programmer will already know.

Functional programming is a foray into mathematics and theoretical computer science. Assembly can't teach you anything about category theory, number theory, type theory, macros, STM, et cetera.
What does Haskell have over Lisp or OCaml?
Better memes
Lisp: better type system
Ocaml: an actual community, better multithreading support

This may be more of a /v/ question, but... What are the best games that run well on potatoes and are compatible with GNU/Linux? It can also be run through Wine, as long as it runs well. My bets are on Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and Dwarf Fortress.
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>On potatoes
Try the indie game hits of the last years.
I really liked Hyper Light Drifter, the Shadowrun Games, Nuclear Throne
If you have bad performance in DX, you will certainly have shittier one in OGL.
I guess you could play IVAN (roguelike). Get the 0508 version, it's the best.
File: xcom.jpg (40 KB, 640x360)
40 KB
I don't play often but natively XCOM and Half Life/Counter Strike worked damn well, and through WINE I played Vampire the Masquerade and VNs.

And yes, try the free (as in freedom) games too, xonotic, vega strike, open dungeons, 0ad, etc. They are amazing.
I game on a t420, here's the list:

spelunky (via wine, but it runs fine)
theme hospital
baldur's gate series
IWD series
Shadowrun games
There are so many good OLD games you haven't finished. How about doing those? UFO-XCOM 1-2 anyone?
all roguelikes if you're into that

more games on steam than you could ever play

File: shutterstock_46376116.jpg (612 KB, 1000x665)
612 KB
612 KB JPG
Programming jobs are technology.

What do I put on an application that requires professional references?
It's an entry-level position and I'm fresh out of school with only an internship for prior work experience.
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If you can't get references from your profs you shouldn't have wasted money on school
Your boss and coworkers from your internship. If you graded or TA'd in college, then those profs. Any prof you had a good relationship with.
Tell your friends to lie for you.
Or just ask teachers or whoever to acts as character references, they can at least speak about you work ethic.
Put whatever the fuck you want. They never check them.
I can't put my boss because I still work for her.
I would prefer if she didn't know I was looking for another job.

File: salix-os-logo-200x200.jpg (7 KB, 200x200)
7 KB
Does anyone here/has anyone used Salix? Thoughts? I'm presently on Debian stable. I really like how Salix is a great, easy introduction to Slackware and with no systemd. Am considering moving over but still like Debian a lot.

File: file.png (81 KB, 692x292)
81 KB
>Wait for Vega
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That growth is from Eastern EU/China/India buying what would we considered to be mid-range and low-end OEM systems.

The PC gayming market in USA, Canada and Western EU has pretty much stagnant for a decade and is experiencing a recent but slow decline. The recent VR fad has failed to re-surge the market. The normies and nu-gaymers are getting mid-range to low-end desktop or portable solutions to satiated their gayming needs.

There's no killer app in sight to stop this trend. Smaller PC etailers have been closing shop and companies that specialized in "PC gaming" have been downsizing or closing their doors.

It is worse off on the software side where AAA developers are just re-hashing decade old franchises and aren't taking any risks. Entire genres are either dead or in ICU.

It is telling that most popular gaming franchises right now don't need high-end hardware to have an "enjoyable" gaming experience. They are able to run on OEM rigs and laptops without an issue. Hell some of them just settle for a gayming console.

Most of you /v/tards just don't see the big picture. Shareholders Nvidia and AMD RTG aren't stupid. They have seen the writing on the wall and have been trying to move onto greener fields.


This video is related

Replace "Buggy Whips" with High-end PC Gaming PCs.
Read the fucking article next time you lying piece of shit.

>Demand for high-end systems that cost multiple thousands of dollars is strongest in the West and European markets, while the Asian markets prefer lower-end to midrange hardware. This likely explains why AMD has launched several Radeon SKUs specifically for the Chinese market — it makes good sense to do so, given spending patterns.

43% of growth was in the high end.
35% of PC gaming growth was in the mid range.
22% of growth was the low end.

A 30 Billion dollar a year market that AMD can't compete in with their GPUs.
Very promising indeed.
I just love when the "baseline" is raised. With APUs that powerful, it'll mean everybody with a laptop or low-profile workstation past a certain date will have at least that much performance.
Let's hope they aren't stuck on 1366x768 resolution screens. I want my next chromebook powered by a raven ridge APU.

File: IMG_0064.jpg (1.73 MB, 4032x3024)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
Hey /g/uys I'm looking to purchase a new laptop for college this Monday.
I'm looking for a computer with the best overall performance that could also maintain high end games, this being said I can spend almost 2k

If anyone has some insight or suggestions they would be most appreciated

In the meantime here's an irl dinosaur

Why are so many Google suggestions about India, Nigeria, Pakistan etc? Do those countries that don't even have working toilets influence search results for Luxury cars and high end hotels so much?
Higher population
Therefore higher traffic
tourism you uncultured cuck
>be first worlder with first world guilt
>go be a tourist in some 3rd world shit hole to cleanse guilt
>3rd world shit hole capitalize on this
Those are literally three of the top 7 countries by population

Are you retarded, anon?
mine showing london, dubai, newyork and vegas
if you google for random phones price it is always gonna suggest in india or some shit

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