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File: gentoo.png (82 KB, 400x400)
82 KB
It's been 20 minutes
how long is it going to take for my kernel to compile
why did I get baited into this shitty OS
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>but someone earlier was talking about all the developers being pony/furfags or something
that was a joke because the repo has some packages with "pony" in the game. Packages that are on most other distro's repos as well
how do i post text/code in a window like that anon-kun?
Code tag - alt-c on 4chan x.
You can use systemd with gentoo.
Embrace the future.
the point is its optional and not forced upon you

File: GT740_SC_Single_angle.png (200 KB, 502x418)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
i think i upgraded unnecessarily

had a egva gt740 SC 4gb ddr3 same as pic

it got hot during simple games so i assumed it was not very good

i decided to upgrade to a 1050 so i started to "burn" my old card by playing hard on high settings

i found that after a few runs of 99 C it kinda got much much better

now i am playing decently in good resolution and decent details, and the card is not heating up anymore

i think i upgraded unnecessarily when checking the specs, the gt740 isnt that far of the 1050

i think mine needed a hot break in and i just never pushed it hard, now i replaced it and it just giving its best

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seriously i always thought it was a piece of shit, just now its gaining a new life
guess the point is, would you kill yourself if i replaced your current cart with this said 740 , is it unuseable?

and i used to think yes, now i am thinking i was just an idiot who didnt set up the games properly
bunk thermal paste or bad contact with the heatsink.
i am going to replace it, dont know why didnt i think of that either
post stats/ graphs or you're full of shit

File: 1521317437801.png (405 KB, 1672x1440)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
>Siri, read my private notifications to anyone that asks

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File: Image2007582445.jpg (36 KB, 594x648)
36 KB
>requires Lock Screen Notifications to be enabled
>does nothing besides reading aloud what would have been displayed
how retarded are you all?
Notifications on the lockscreen only show summarised information like the title of the notification and what app it came from, not it's entire contents.

Defend harder iToddler
The toddler poster has returned.
iToddlers will defend this.

>Ryzen processors using Zen+ will see an approximate performance boost of about 10%

Ryzen 1700 Single Thread Rating: 1774
Ryzen 1800x Single Thread Rating: 1965
Ryzen 2700 Single Thread Rating (approx): 1951

Throw in improved memory latency, memory compatibility and IPC, that effectively makes the upcoming 2700 an 1800x according to PassMark. Have there been any other giant leaps in performance like this in CPUs recently? Also, comfy AMD thread (Zen appreciation, etc).
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File: 0p.jpg (48 KB, 500x435)
48 KB
>future looks exceptionally bright for CPUs
>future for GPUs is the worst timeline

where did it all go so wrong? AMD has literally abandoned 2018 for consumer GPUs, no 12nm GPUs and the only 7nm GPU is for Deep Learning/AI shit they can sell for high margins, the second Nvidia releases their new architecture there will be literally no reason to buy Polaris or Vega GPUs for desktop
how many did i slay by buying a 1950X last year?
he's disabling cores and ht/smt according to the cinebench pics
that chart is probably older than you then

Rapes your PC in what? Not reaching the rated RAM speeds?

File: logo.jpg (69 KB, 780x780)
69 KB
ITT: Fuck you, I like it
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If only I could have the old winamp UI on my phone.
Dunno, but i'd wager its W10's fault and not winamp's. Probably loading all the microsoft botnet tools and they cant figure out how to interface with llama whipping software.
checked trips, nice

>there's audacious (also on windows) which can switch to a winamp 2 gui and you can even use winamp 2 skins on it. the problem is it doesn't offer a library

thanks, I hadn't heard of that before actually. I don't use the libary function anyway, as long as I can use muh skins I'll be ok
File: 1521747737721.jpg (112 KB, 685x745)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
File: 4chan-logo.png (70 KB, 1024x638)
70 KB

File: ubuntu-hacked-thumb.jpg (62 KB, 250x250)
62 KB
If you have "lost your password" and would swear you didn't change it, you have been using for months or years, and suddenly it is not working, you got hacked mate.

Do not pain, as long as you don't dual boot, you can tell the hackers to GTFO:
All you need to do is to locate the vmlinuz call in the GRUB entry (maintain the SHIFT key if it doesn't appear automatically), press e to edit the main Linux Kernel linux (the first by default), and simply change the line that says:
linux /boot/vmlinuz-.....(letters and numbers) ro quiet splash
linux /boot/vmlinuz-.....(letters and numbers) rw init=/bin/bash

press Ctrl+X or F10.

Now you should have a bash shell, just in case, if you aren't root yet, just do:
su -
and now write "passwd". Write your password twice, then reboot.

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Anybody? >>65216449
you shouldn't do this, it'll break your os
Uh.../g/uys...this looks strange on my end.
why did you post this, i wanted ubuntufags to have another reason to not use it
>rw init=/bin/bash
this is a well documented "tip" on how to get root when you have physical accesss to the computer.

However, most if not all of us, encrypt the partition so the data is safe or lost, depending on how much you forgot your password.


(i dedect op/ is a a windows 10 shill).

File: konata_watches_youtube.png (217 KB, 480x336)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
>Lyor Cohen, YouTube's global head of music, says the company is trying to "frustrate" free YouTube users to that they're subsequently "seduced" into paying for a monthly subscription. YouTube's unnamed subscription service is described as a "necessary conterweight" to Apple Music and Spotify. "You're not going to be happy after you are jamming to Stairway to Heaven and you get an ad right after that," said Cohen.

Will this be a successful strategy? Will you subscribe? Or will this be the first salvo in a new round of anti anti anti adblock wars, because surely, YouTube knows the first response by the users will be to try and block the ads. Will the technology of freedom be able to do battle with the Tube of You?
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What's an ad?

>Will this be a successful strategy? Will you subscribe? Or will this be the first salvo in a new round of anti anti anti adblock wars, because surely, YouTube knows the first response by the users will be to try and block the ads. Will the technology of freedom be able to do battle with the Tube of You?
There are still no anti-anti-anti-adblock wars in Youtube's back end that just serves the video to the website, and the website puts up its defences. Surely, intercepting the video from behind will completely circumvent any blocking attempts? Judging by my screenshot, the strategy works nicely.

use hooktube: bypass blocks and age restrictions, and download Vevo videos
Wtf just use adblock you stupid nigger
Maybe Youtube needs to make an application, something similar to Spotify might work.
>YouTube Increasing Ads Between Music Videos So More Users Pay for Upcoming Streaming Service

No, it sounds more like a RIAA salvo, desperate for more money, because we fucking block ads and Google's not going to ban us, or VPN users who get stuck on Spotify's region locking. In either case, business as usual.

What magazines/news sites does /g/ read? Any YouTubers™ that are /g/ approved?
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File: 1520529472708.jpg (180 KB, 680x898)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
File: 1520530119046.jpg (261 KB, 640x901)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
File: 1521738375924.jpg (84 KB, 352x495)
84 KB
it's pretty spooky that his channel makes the same content as I would if I ever made videos. I still might but zero motivation.

File: disgusting.png (754 KB, 1920x1080)
754 KB
754 KB PNG
Absolutely disgusting!
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This board is for people interested in technology.
4chan also has a video game board.
Adding that /g/ stands for /g/ijutsu (technology) so not only about games but about japanese culture as well.
So what's the verdict?
That Windows 10 ain't so bad after all and is like Windows 7, but newer and with more functions?
>search start menu
>every other result is an ad for the windows bloatware market
God I'm getting sick of the forced updates. Disable the service and it comes back. Delete the Update Asisstant and it comes back. Delete the Tasks from the Task Scheduler and they come back. Delete the fucking update and BITS DLLS and they fucking come back.

Christ is there any way to rip the update mechanism out of this godawful operating system?

Where will Cell Phone graphics be in 5 years? 10?
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a qt :3
everything looks good when you're looking at a 6" screen
What's a computer?
This, that probably looks really good at that resolution on a 6" screen. It's a lot harder for me to pick out out problems with that image when I'm standing 4 1/2 feet from my computer monitor (at which point the angular resolution is similar).
fuck, i loved that game

>Alternatively, we could see developers cease to be lazy...

>get together a bunch of excellent programmers
>use assembly for everything
>double dev time
>sell 6 instead of 5 million units on account of amazing graphics

File: hqdefault (1).jpg (27 KB, 480x360)
27 KB
Why don't they make phones with plastic screens and ship them with 1-2 hard glass screen protectors? That way when you drop the phone it doesn't shatter, only the glass does and you just replace it, would also stop scratches, they could add a lip to the phone so it fits flush
53 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
this is why i have my note 4 in a case with a second replacement front glass panel ontop of the regular one. the case holds it in place perfectly, i don't even notice it anymore. i work in a garage and i've broken 3 10$ faceplates but never the one adhered to my lcd

these ones specifically. basically just a super thick screen protector. touch and s pen work fine through it
if only there was some way to have /two/ pockets
Lenovo makes Motorola phones. Is the Moto /g/ still the phone of choice around here?
Note slipped out of my hoodie pocket from about 1.5 feet and shattered the screen. Curved screens are a shit meme that needs to die.

File: electric.png (719 KB, 882x1029)
719 KB
719 KB PNG
Norway is very close to becoming the world's first fully electric vehicle country. Norway has the best universities.
America can't compete.
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No, I'd rather ask a friend who already has a truck because he like trucks.
>Does that mean he would have to rely on your fancy car to drive in his weekend trips?
No? He'd use his truck/
>Norway has the best universities
And what metric are you using that puts their universities ahead?

So you want to find a retard who always works his ass off while you party? Seems like a parasitic "friend" to me.
What does his work schedule/ethic have to do with it?
Do you have autism

File: compaq.png (27 KB, 1200x439)
27 KB
Do they still make quality computers?
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HP pretty much trashed their own PC division when they purchased Compaq, most of the shit they build now has direct Compaq lineage.
Parents still have the windows xp compaq from when I was a kid. Ahh, brigs back old times of slow as fuck computers, used to hate windows xp because that computer was soo god damm slow. Now Iits just nostalgic for me.
>>the Comp is short for compatible
proprietary ram
hp renamed it to elitebook
The Compaq laptops were the cheap trash line of laptops, the elitebooks are high quality trash.

File: 2PpxEgP.png (37 KB, 1009x598)
37 KB
typing test go
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key.br is the best resource I've found for typing speed. It learns based off of the way you type instead of just a generic practice set so you get to work on the keys and patterns you struggle with.
thanks maybe i can stop fucking hunt-n-pecking now and finally achieve >130
File: 1515165941159.jpg (90 KB, 957x621)
90 KB
i can't fucking concentrate with the countdown timer in the corner
my problem isn't that. it's that i learned incorrectly and my right pinky almost never gets used, so I'm trying to relearn again to use the pinky. my right middle and ring finger does too much work and move around way to much, which is probably causing most of the slowdown (as well as inaccuracies for symbol presses). the keybr one looks like something ill do after i fix my current typing issues.
File: .png (62 KB, 971x391)
62 KB
okay actually looking at it a bit more it's probably not even that useful for people over 70 WPM. it improves accuracy but not speed. either ways ill start off with mavis beacon again then probably move to some sites that are specifically for code typing.

File: shot.png (260 KB, 800x600)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Cool browser /g/, thanks for the meme.
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File: 1514950609133.png (1.16 MB, 1007x765)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
>cute browser
What browser is this?
I was going to ask for configs, but two people itt don't even know what it is and a third is saying things like "cute browser" and "key board". Although honestly I don't know what I expected on modern /g/, where we have threads like >>65215726
Mate, this could be several browsers.
fuck you whore go google for browsers and find things yourself u little piece of shit faggot

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