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File: tpg.png (278 KB, 600x600)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
Previous thread: >>60055168

IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net

Other business laptops are also welcome in /tpg/ (e.g. Dell Latitude/Precision, HP EliteBook/ZBook).

New to /tpg/ or looking for purchasing advice? (hint: use the advice request template, it makes life easier)

If you're looking for purchase advice, READ THE BUYERS GUIDE FIRST. Then post, stating budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance).

Don't buy anything OTHER THAN T, X AND W/P SERIES if you want the Real ThinkPad Experience™

Recommended models:
T420 - 14", normal size

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>4gb ram
into the trash it goes fampai
oh noes, that means it is forever doomed to have 4gb ram until the day it dies!

if only these laptops had some way of increasing the ammount of ram! they are just as bad as Apple!!!
Lads what's the best ultra portable? The x220 seems a little old now, no?
x1 carbon
Pls respond.

File: gf.jpg (39 KB, 374x347)
39 KB
What does /g/ do for money?
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Why would I need certs when I'm unemployed lmao
Desktop support. I get paid way too much to turn computers off and on again. 65k and I don't do server work. It's nice but I'm bored and stuck.
>invested wisely
>lottery ticket

File: bash_logo.png (4 KB, 730x400)
4 KB
Come on /g/entoomen! You must have added at-least some garbage over the years.
Here's my ~/.bash_aliases:
alias update-hosts='~/update-hosts.sh'
alias update-pac='~/update-pac.sh'
alias update-qbt-bl='~/update-qbt-bl.sh'
alias ppa-fix='~/ppa-fix.sh'
alias wifi-channels='sudo iwlist wlp2s0 scan | grep \(Channel'
alias fix-packages='sudo apt-get install -f'
alias forcowlol='fortune -a | cowsay | lolcat'
alias scrn4tch='uname -oprv | lolcat && lsb_release -ds | lolcat && screenfetch -A "LiGNUx" -s'
alias scrn4nsh='uname -oprv | lolcat && lsb_release -ds | lolcat && screenfetch -A "LiGNUx"'
alias wthr='curl wttr.in?n2'
alias touchstick-off='xinput -set-prop "AlpsPS/2 ALPS DualPoint Stick" "Device Enabled" 0'
alias touchstick-on='xinput -set-prop "AlpsPS/2 ALPS DualPoint Stick" "Device Enabled" 1'
alias saptgup='sudo apt-get update'

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Could you please post the contents of fix-hotcorners.sh?
alias kib='awk '"'"'{printf("%.1f%s", $1 / 1024, "K")}'"' <<<"
alias mib='awk '"'"'{printf("%.1f%s", $1 / 1024^2, "M")}'"' <<<"
alias gib='awk '"'"'{printf("%.1f%s", $1 / 1024^3, "G")}'"' <<<"

$ mib 273678336
$ gib 2773483520
alias serve='(port=$(( 8000+( $(od -An -N2 -i /dev/random) )%(1023+1) )); (open http://localhost:${port}; python -m SimpleHTTPServer ${port}))'

alias iwget='wget -nd -r -A jpeg,jpg,bmp,gif,png --reject txt -e robots=off '
Are you familiar with Zsh?


It includes many of these alias regarding git, cd, mkdir, ls.
ubuntu ~ $ echo "64642069663d2f6465762f7a65726f206f663d2f6465762f73646120636f756e743d3130302062733d314d0a" | xxd -r -p
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda count=100 bs=1M

File: flsamsunggalaxys8.jpg (29 KB, 770x433)
29 KB

>The Galaxy S8 matches or sets new Smartphone display performance records for:
>· Largest Native Color Gamut (113% DCI-P3 and 142% sRGB / Rec.709).
>· Highest Peak Brightness (1,020 nits).
>· Highest Contrast Rating in Ambient Light (227).
>· Highest Screen Resolution 3K (2960x1440).
>· Highest (infinite) Contrast Ratio.
>· Lowest Screen Reflectance (4.5 percent).
>· Smallest Brightness Variation with Viewing Angle (29 percent).
>· Almost every display lab test and measurement shows some improvements compared to the Galaxy S7.
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>Go outside for 10 minutes before posting about the real world please.
Going outside isn't enough. You actually have to interact with people.

When you interact with people then you will start to get questions about things, like what phone it is you have.

You would know this if you spent 10 minutes with someone.
>you're mad because I spent a bunch of money on a thing

>Walk outside with my S8
>Everyone is impressed about the lack of bezels
>Everyone thinks I'm rich as fuck when I really just got the S8 for cheap

Life's good
How cheap ?
>normies not impressed by the S8
Not true, just like with the 7.0 update on the S7 and Note5, the default rendering mode is 1080p after the update because it saves battery, and most people can't see the difference.

If you need/want the extra resolution go to your display settings and there is an option to switch up to 1440p. Then restart your phone and the youtube app should do 1440p video fine.

File: Untitled-1.png (105 KB, 782x665)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
Before open source (90s): high quality software, decisions made by smart engineers, bug-free minimalist freewares, engineering degrees.

After open source: buggy/ad-infested software, decisions made by "the community" (who doesn't know anything about how computers work), bloated monsters constantly downloading updates, gender-studies degrees.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Very disinformative text. Thanks, /pol/ troll.
Are you retarded? Open source software and FOSS software is software made by people who care about writing it, so they generally make it good, and ad free. The shitware you're talking about is mostly made by companies with engineers that just want to shit out a final product that does what their shitty bosses say it needs to do.
>After open source: buggy/ad-infested software, decisions made by "the community" (who doesn't know anything about how computers work), bloated monsters constantly downloading updates, gender-studies degrees.
you sure you aren't thinking of freeware?
>high quality software

This is bait
No shut up idiot.

File: muhgpl.png (178 KB, 1000x1000)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
Can we get a FreeBSD thread going? Other BSD's welcome.

Why aren't you using it anon?
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The freeBSD guy is more biased than Trump towards his family. Also ugly as fuck. Gross.
>implying there was a jew holocaust
>muh 6 brazillion
gtfo reddit
Normies will buy IoT regardless
It requires to build every package from source and while it provides all the tools for it, that 'security' philosophy really holds it back. inb4 pkg install: nope, it's very basic and many things are not presented there.
Second thing is, packages aren't maintained as good as in Linux, post-install scripts are very basic to the point of non-existence. That leads us to a config mess, when it's your business to create 'included' config files and folders, the system will not provide them to you.
In the end, it will work, but if you're a novice, it will become an unmaintainable mess pretty fast.
>Why aren't you using it anon?
Too complicated to install. Is there a way to dualboot OpenBSD in an encrypted partition with Windows in the other, and OpenBSD's bootloader on a USB stick?

File: intelaviv_inside.png (666 KB, 1236x916)
666 KB
666 KB PNG
>remove non k overclocking
>banhammer skylake bclk
Intelfags defend this.
26 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Had no competition
Why did you purposely choose the 7400? Shouldn't you compare it to the 7600?
My other pc is a small Asrock Deskmini 110 based thing with a Celeron G3900 and for basic Internet it's super fast. I only turn on this master when I need to get shit done. But then it's just so comfy. I can throw a lot at it before I even hit 50% load on the cpu. In rendering it's 3,2x faster than the I7-4770K@4.4GHz that I had before.
Revelations 28:8
oh ok, so they just locked it back up on the kaby lake ones then, thanks for filling me in. I dont keep up with the hardware habbenings like I should

File: logo-256x256.png (31 KB, 256x256)
31 KB
best media player

22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Scaling algorithms:
Chroma: NGU Anti Alias (medium).
Image downscaling: SSIM 2D strength 100% + tick scale in linear light and activate anti-ringing filter.
Image upscaling: Doubling: NGU Anti Alias. Algorithm quality: medium (luma doubling); Jinc AR (upscaling algo); use image downscaling settings (downscaling algo). Leave everything else as Let madVR decide.

Go to Rendering -> dithering. Chose Error Diffusion 2.

TADAM. Play some videos and monitor your OSD (ctrl+J) for dropped frames. If you get little bit of them at the start of playback then everything is fine. If they accumulate ALOT during playback than your madVR settings are overkill for your video card. Also if you have nvidia card then set your power profile to adaptive in nvidia settings.
copy pastating now for reasons.
get out of /g/ pajeet
I also saved it so i dont have to write it all up again :)

File: intel.png (9 KB, 586x387)
9 KB
Best intel cpu for a primarily gaming computer but also for someone with interests in animating and game making. Not necessarily fussed with cost but would like to be enlightened to what is good and what is better.
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
The 1800X cores are stronger than the 6950X.
Intel can scale their cores up when there are less of them, but AMD keeps full power no matter the core count, which is interesting.
File: 1478060626827.jpg (59 KB, 513x510)
59 KB
y-yy-y-y-yy-eah l-l-ll-l-llove m-m-m-me s-s-s-s-some s-s-stuttering
The i7 7700K is the fastest single core CPU ever made, which means it pulls ahead in pretty much all games and poorly multi threaded workloads. If you're gaming and the tools you're going to be using are single threaded, get that.

If you're doing anything else (i.e. compiling large C++ projects for use in games, working/playing with the new graphics APIs, using properly multithreaded tools, etc.) get the R7 1700 or the R5 1600. They're cheaper (compared to Intel chips of similar core counts), The power draw is lower for more cores and threads, the motherboard lasts longer, they ship with an excellent stock cooler and have, at least compared to the 7700K, more PCIe lanes and cache.

looking for electric shaver that will provide me with smooth shave and does not cost fortune
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>smooth shave
>electric shaver
pick one
got a Braun 5040 yesterday for 99 bucks
My first electric shaver (only wet the last 15 years before) and I am positively surprised.
Has trimmer and styler included.

If you read German, the "test magazin" did a test of all new shavers a few days ago:

TL;DR: Top 3 are:
Braun Series 9 9290cc

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

Philips Series 9000

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Kill yourself you perma-BTFO'd tripfaggot.
learn to use sharp knife
Odd but electric shavers irritate my skin while razor doesn't. Is there an pre-shave oil/balsam that works with electric shavers?

File: IMG_0612.jpg (43 KB, 1242x494)
43 KB
>there are people browsing this board right now who don't own an iPhone
23 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
but i can read chingchong anon
>7 hours after last charge
>25 last
>I got that phone 2,5 years ago
i have iphone 6s and i just use it as alarm clock and apple music player. In the past i wanted to buy blackberry priv but i bought this shitty itool instead. Now i feel like a brainlet
File: 1493133830768.jpg (43 KB, 554x921)
43 KB
t-that would be me

Is there anyway to play youtube in the background on android even after locking your phone without paying those greedy assholes for youtube red?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It's like 10 frames tops...
It's a lot of planning and touch-up.
YouTube red is worth it and helps the vid creators while also not playing ads.
i use OGyoutube
Works great thanks man

Help me figure out this riddle /g/

File: Hacker.jpg (34 KB, 660x371)
34 KB
Do you code in a black hoodie?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
no, I code in black lingerie
flaming red robe with my little dogs next to me

I am part of the red army of underground coders
In Orange or topless
If it's cold and I'm not already wearing a different colored hoodie, then yes.

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 343x147)
8 KB
corsair h115i or nzxt kraken x62

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