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File: linux-is-better.jpg (89 KB, 1029x852)
89 KB
GNU/Linux now runs games better at a higher framerate than Windows. That's right: GNU/Linux is the best PC gaming OS.

Wintoddlers BTFO. It's over, Microsoft will soon be Bankrupt And Finished!! (ignoring the minor detail of there being a lot more XBoxes than there are GNU/Linux computers and also ignoring that the vast majority of games only run on Windows)

The difference is specially noticeable on the AMD side where phoronix compared the free AMD driver on Linux with AMDs own driver on the Wintendo. Kind of interesting that a free driver made by a bunch of hippies in their spare time is better than AMDs own driver on Windows - specially when it comes to 4k OpenGL.
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>What is OBS?
>What is FFMPEG?
Yea man all the good games are on linux now.
>192 fps
How many of those frames were tear free though?
It's like saying Nvidia cards produce better looking picture than AMD cards - not unless you use different settings, at which point comparison is not valid.
File: e28.jpg (107 KB, 352x338)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
He's using OBS with nvidia frame capture and GPU encoding.
It's actually quite good but he has some trouble with his audio that I don't see on any other dxvk video.

Compiling it now.
have you actually watched the video? the audio is all garbled up. he's using obs (literally the only option)

What is the best rooting method or apk to root your android?
I used KingRoot everytime, but read some shit about "shady practices" (chinks are selling fake copies and IMEIs)
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From twrp. You don't need root to install twrp.
>just run another layer of useless processes to emulate a unoptimized program

You're a idiot.
> root using userspace android app
Miss me with that gay shit
SuperSU via TWRP is the only viable option.
>whining about security risks when he uses a literal closed source Chinese botnet
if you use SuperSU your opinion does not count.
>connect phone to computer
>put phone in fastboot state
>sudo fastboot oem unlock
>sudo fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
>boot into recovery
>sudo adb devices
>adb sideload lineage.zip
>adb sideload opengapps.zip (optional)
>adb sideload magisk.zip
Wow, that was hard. Why would I use an """app""" or something similar for this?

File: 350.jpg (21 KB, 290x297)
21 KB
You're looking at the pinnacle of case design.

>minimalist aesthetic
>front-facing ports
>side window

Name a better PC case. I bet you can't.
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The regular Define Mini is infinitely better than that C garbage

>let's only make space for 2 HDDs. and make sure not to let even the slightest air flow over them!
Louqe Ghost, as in the filename
The Dancase looks a lot worse though, not a fan of that brushed panel that bends all the way over the case
isn't that one of the cases where you mount you SSDs in the back panel?
File: Lian-Li PC-Y6.jpg (203 KB, 1280x984)
203 KB
203 KB JPG

File: 18.jpg (161 KB, 1000x561)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Why dont they make phones with removable batteries anymore
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allegedly waterproofing, but they really just want to force you to buy a new one if the performance slowing upgrades don't work.
I must admit, you have me stumped, so I must ask: what is the difference between a removable battery and an easily replaceable battery? At the very least, it would seem the former is a necessary precondition for the latter.
I'd assume he means removable as in not soldered, and easily replaceable as in just needing to pop off a battery door or something similar to swap the battery
because the average user doesn't take advantage of it? Who here is unable to charge their phone once a day so as to need an extra battery?
There is such a thing as being prepared. If you have a few extra bucks, buy an extra and charge that bitch up and toss it in your trunk/glove box or your wallet. Forgetting to fully charge a phone or no readily available charging solution is more common than you think.

File: question.jpg (28 KB, 480x328)
28 KB
I'm looking to buy a 2-in-1 laptop with a pen for work/personal. I really want one of the surface pros, but they are too fucking expensive for what I want.

I'm between the ASUS Zenbook Flip 14 UX461UN-DS74T for ~$1300


the HP Spectre x360-13t 16G512G for ~$1400

Both are 8th gen i7 with 16gb ram and 512gb ssd. The only real difference appears to be the added thunderbolt 3 on the HP but the ASUS has a possibly better graphics chip. I like the ASUS more, but I do not know how useful the thunderbolt 3 might be.

Which should I get?
Spectre x360 is a much better writing experience.
I hate the idea of buying an HP, but it is the next best option.
Asus. The HP has a higher chance of hardware failure.
File: 1521697497322.png (11 KB, 818x377)
11 KB
Obligatory image.

File: 2.jpg (7 KB, 480x360)
7 KB
Distro-jumping, bugs, freezes, tearing, breaks, unreliable software etc. This has truly been a curse for me.
I have invested too much of my time into KDE desktop to the point I have even sacrificed school-time and productivity. While I see people with macbooks never had to meet the struggle.

Have anyone felt like this before too?
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File: SDCZ50_angle_Large.jpg (157 KB, 750x629)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
hmm that's exactly what was happening to me with manjaro. i was using the piece of shit in the pic related to install it. i am back to zorin and happy.
Don't fall for meme distros, go for Slackware. No kidding.
same, I started with ubuntu and then just moved to a slightly less bloated debian based thing after fucking up a net install. I do feel sad when I see my friends get internships, I wish I started working on side projects before 4th year of uni
I was using a glide, but now I’m back to deepin like a pleb and it jest werks
>install something
>install something to fix the error
>Google how to fix it
>Answer is to install the thing you installed already

It just didn't werk, if I was on Windows it would

What is this style of earbuds called and where can I find the best pair on the market that is under $100?

Everything these days seems to be the in-ear ones which are incredibly uncomfortable for me.

Non in-ear earbuds?
Dollar store. They all sound like liquid ass so don't throw away too much money on them.
Earbuds? In-ear moniters?

These are what I would buy. They are $120 but you can find them on sale for $100 or less.

buy the apple ones then. they are like this. they are $20-$30. no angled connector though

File: 1519781536538.jpg (462 KB, 1080x875)
462 KB
462 KB JPG
what the hell is this site? ocsp.pki.goog
firefox is always making a connection to this site.
It's that place where you send the fingerprint of the SSL cert and it checks if it's been revoked or not
iḿ brainlet, so this is safe?
It keeps you safe.
It is to guard against "trusted" CAs issuing certs to state actors or people who pay them a lot.
Isn't that what hsts and/or cert pinning does?

File: huawei-p20-pro.png (411 KB, 680x453)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
The U.S. congress already pressured AT&T and Verizon from dropping plans to sell Huawei phones, and now Best Buy has also caved to the pressure.

Is it a good idea for the U.S. politicians to pressure private businesses into dropping Huawei products instead of opening a formal investigation into Huawei if there are indeed evidence Huawei may pose risk to the U.S.?
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Also ZTE was established by China's Ministry of Aerospace, so they have Chinese military ties just like Huawei has
I have found software backdoors on my Xiaomi that I have been unable to get rid of. Kapersky frequently flags it and the one time I did get rid of it, my phone shutdown and required reflashing. After a fresh install, it was still there.

Google play found another one hidden in an app called "Tools" that Xiaomi installed as part of their update.

The Chinese botnet is real.
lol i wouldn't be surprised if this was the case. they probably have the hardware backdoored someway. since each phone requires manufacturer proprietary drivers to make the hardware work that's where they would hide something. maybe they couldn't get huewei to let them backdoor their drivers or maybe the chinese already backdoored it and they don't want NSA backdoors fucking up their backdoors.
Huawei has a long history of fucking over all their business partners. I always wondered when the other shoe was going to drop for them.
Also that notch...
huawei mate series is fantastic, i'd take it over samshit any day of the week. if you're going to suffer a botnet, a chink one is probably least offensive.

File: 20180321_160920.jpg (1.39 MB, 2560x1536)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
I've just got a broken laptop and I'll try building a PiBook with a RPi Zero.
The laptop's working parts are: screen, keyboard, 32GB SSD (mSATA), 2x 4GB RAM (SO-DIMM), WLAN Chip

Would I be able to use at least the SSD and one of the RAMs on the RPi with an adapter? And how do I connect the keyboard to the Pi? Its connector is that plastic thing (idk what it's called).
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
No. Just no. The pi zero has the performance of a PIII at 500mhz. Get a new board and use the CPU with fresh paste.
Cool project, but I'd HIGHLY suggest you using the 3B instead of the Zero because the Zero is really really weak.
I'm actually doing something similar with an old T42. That poor thing had literally everything bad that could happen to one of those those (the infamous "flexing" problem, CCFL only lights up red and then goes out, CPU fan buzzes and even stops, GPU is defective and shows artifacts). So in other words it was a COMPLETE loss.

As a fun project I want to kinda revive it by stuffing a pi3 in it. The biggest fun of the whole thing is to make everything work. The CCFL I replaced successfully with LEDs, the display driver comes from China and is a universal driver board that comes with firmware for your particular display you tell them before buying. I even found possible ways to make the clitmouse working. Biggest problem will be the keyboard since I need to figure out the matrix or just map each button to some generic usb keyboard and do it that way.

In any case, have fun and don't listen to plebs. The tinkering is the biggest fun of the whole thing.
Yeah, but the Pentium M is actually faster than the Pi 3.
a turon xp 1.8GHzis faster than pentuim M

and i own both
top kek.
>Yeah, but the Pentium M is actually faster than the Pi 3.

No way in hell do I buy a replacement board for that old T42. It can be happy that I don't throw it away because the few parts that still work on it have literally no monetary value anymore.
It's perfect for a fun little tinkering project like this and when it's done I will most likely use it as "eletronic picture frame" (because the led background lighting and the pi use fuck all electricity. that shit can run of 4 fucking AA's) , kitchen radio/YT player, calendar or have some comfy beach cam running on it with sea sounds while working at the desk. Don't give a flying fuck if it will be slower than the 1.7GHz M that was running in it before. It's completely fine as media player and especially cool as a project shitbox like this.

File: images.jpg (6 KB, 300x168)
6 KB
Every PC game seems to be either OpenGL or DirectX.
Are there any big PC games written with native code and no API?
36 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'd figure writing concrete rendering routines you need for you game would actually be much easier than implementing a complex and abstract API

t. somone who has never written a single line of ring 0 or kernel code
Every game now just uses unreal. Writing code is obsolete
The only advantage you will have is the part where you skip everything you don't actually need.
But you will still need the shader pipelines etc etc etc, and as you will not want to actually write a rendering pipeline for every single videocard on the market, you will end up coming up with something very similar to a cut down Open GL, but internal to your game code.
Vulkan also has no screen tearing because cuts down on cpu overhead converting everything into machine for gpus
Screen tearing have nothing to do with performance, Its just about when you flip the screen.
Any sort of 3D rendering, including the one on vulkan is done on a "bitmap", while the video output read from another separate "bitmap" what have to be sent to your screen.
The ideal is to you wait while the screen is not drawing (during a interval known as Vblank, where old CRT televisions would pull the beam back to the top of the screen, but still present as timming on LCDs etc..), and during this interval you flip.
But if you flip while the screen is drawing, half of the picture will be the previous frame, the other half will be the next frame.
Many, many oldschool games did that on purpose, with the purpose of making adjusts that are normally only on the whole screen such as scrolling and color palette be only on part of the screen.
For example having a score/lifes status bar on top/below the screen that does not scroll while the rest does.

File: 1520924575025.jpg (55 KB, 665x835)
55 KB
I want to know if there is a good, open source, HTML Template for blogging. I know there are free shitty templates all over the web, but I want the Thinkpad™ of Public Blog Templates if something like that exists.

If it doesn't, then how could I go about finding someone to commission for this creation? I want to make it free for everyone so others can download it and start putting their thoughts and ideas online and on Neocities without worrying too much about how to code.

I've got the structure of it in my head roughly. I think it should be structured like this:

Homepage/--->links to---->/ A Chronological Listing of all posts, a directory with files or works if someone is say an author with things to download, as well as directory that can list categories tied to posts so that the chronology of posts are easier to navigate, and a page where topics can be written about and improved upon over time while keeping previous versions of written thoughts on a certain topic accessible behind the most recent writings to see the evolution of thoughts over time.

Anyways, this is a a very specific inquiry so if anyone has any info related that would be great, or if you want to help because you're behind the underlying philosophy of open source and making it easier for everyone to connect and share thoughts, then that's cool to.
File: download.jpg (12 KB, 199x254)
12 KB
File: 1516520262298.png (27 KB, 657x527)
27 KB
gary snial
WordPress?? I don't understand the question
That's too much text for a simple question

File: IMG_20180321_231646.jpg (1.85 MB, 4160x3120)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB JPG
Rate my setup /g/
59 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nice TN panels, retard.
hate that browser
this is how i browsed 4chan as a kid, good times
>probably a pentium 4
>windows xp

File: gentoo.png (82 KB, 400x400)
82 KB
It's been 20 minutes
how long is it going to take for my kernel to compile
why did I get baited into this shitty OS
97 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>but someone earlier was talking about all the developers being pony/furfags or something
that was a joke because the repo has some packages with "pony" in the game. Packages that are on most other distro's repos as well
how do i post text/code in a window like that anon-kun?
Code tag - alt-c on 4chan x.
You can use systemd with gentoo.
Embrace the future.
the point is its optional and not forced upon you

File: GT740_SC_Single_angle.png (200 KB, 502x418)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
i think i upgraded unnecessarily

had a egva gt740 SC 4gb ddr3 same as pic

it got hot during simple games so i assumed it was not very good

i decided to upgrade to a 1050 so i started to "burn" my old card by playing hard on high settings

i found that after a few runs of 99 C it kinda got much much better

now i am playing decently in good resolution and decent details, and the card is not heating up anymore

i think i upgraded unnecessarily when checking the specs, the gt740 isnt that far of the 1050

i think mine needed a hot break in and i just never pushed it hard, now i replaced it and it just giving its best

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
seriously i always thought it was a piece of shit, just now its gaining a new life
guess the point is, would you kill yourself if i replaced your current cart with this said 740 , is it unuseable?

and i used to think yes, now i am thinking i was just an idiot who didnt set up the games properly
bunk thermal paste or bad contact with the heatsink.
i am going to replace it, dont know why didnt i think of that either
post stats/ graphs or you're full of shit

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