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File: images (1).jpg (15 KB, 512x287)
15 KB
Is 2020 finally the year of Linux?
>windows 7 is kill
>people hesitant with windows 10 and don't want to play Russian Roulette with every update
>Macfags throttling hardware / too expensive

Is this finally it lads? Will Gentoo rise to the top?
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File: 1496802882563.jpg (13 KB, 224x216)
13 KB
>duck roll
>yet you still don't know femanon lmao

Pls go back to 9gag
If this is a ruse, I'm not falling for it. I refuse to believe this is a known /g/ namefag unless he/she became a thing within the last year or so.

Also, there are no girls on /g/
Yeah, since you already mentioned it, this is why you should go back to >>>/b/ where you belong.
real question.
can I in leenuks

> hibernate or suspend
> set cpu ti actually use shit like cool&quiet
> Use a screen rresolution thats no 1024x768 without edit a line of code
> use mspublisger (work reason. oo draw is shit)
I'm allowed to dream, man.

Hey /g/, remember the default Windows XP user icons?

I've been looking everywhere for the high resolution version of the one with the skateboarder. The original was a Getty Images photo, but it looks like it's been scrubbed from the internet. Same with the other XP icons, all that exists today are grainy thumbnails.

Any ideas?
Here's the best version I could find. Any clues?
File: LS000985-1024x1024.jpg (175 KB, 1024x676)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Additionally, a similar photo from what looks like the same set
The pages where you could download this image have been taken offline, they where still online six years ago though
amazing detective work I have to say

sorry can't contribute
are they on the wayback machine?

I just got a case with capacity for three fans on the front and three on top, it's the first case of this type I got and I got a question for you guys.
Is the upper front fan supposed to be intake or exhaust? I've been reading that it must me an exhaust but isn't it just taking out cold air? It's positioned right next the front upper fan which is blowing cold air from the outside and this air is immediately taken out by the upper front fan or at least that's what I understand. There's only an ssd below the fan but that one is being cooled by the front mid fan anyway.
I'm confused, someone help me understand this shit.
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meh. I can only get off to shit i can imagine--not spoonfed, and most thots look better with clothes to me.
ass is too big
Get a double 120 all in one and mount it on top as intake, and get a strong fan to mount on rear as exhaust. Try and fill front mounts with intake. The goal is to create positive air pressure, with it all leaving the rear.
File: 1515857497730.jpg (868 KB, 1080x1080)
868 KB
868 KB JPG
I love that puta
File: sweating_irishman[1].png (122 KB, 1262x1295)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
>t. ireland

File: Unbennant.png (3 KB, 175x46)
3 KB
So, how to avoid this fucking shit?
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File: 2018-07-21 11-44-13.webm (2.91 MB, 1168x640)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
It's not hard to make custom filters in uO

>says this while posting on 4chan
I'm surprised how many people on /g/ don't know about custom filters. Actually, no I'm not.
you cant, its impossible.
I wish advertisements and tracking was made illegal. I knowingly don't want these things, yet no matter where I go online, I'm subject to it. There needs to be a law that forces ISPs to block IP addresses of sites that don't give a free, non-consequential option to turn off advertisements and tracking.

File: 20150612193455.jpg (137 KB, 800x450)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
What's the most amount of data you've worked with?

Sub-100-million-rows plebians not allowed to post.
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The company I work for has a few tables in a database with trillions of rows and that's just some of the big ones.
time series?
Currently generating 1.5TB of matrices into a text file.
i've had to do stuff that involves processing about 1 PB of data. of course i submitted this to run on clusters all over the world.

i've done tutorials where i used spark to do stuff with something like 100 TB on a single cluster, in real time
our production database is about 300gb

File: 1518519229490.png (263 KB, 1260x709)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
Did they buyers remorse set it for you guys yet?
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I have a 1700 and a GTX 1080 and I've not run into a game that I can't get playable FPS at max settings yet. Most games run at 60+. Sounds like a you problem.
Depends. For a pure gaming build a 2200G + dGPU will fare better.
The big performance gain from the 2400G is the 4 extra threads, not the 3 extra CUs.
If you want to be productive and minimalist game then 2400G otherwise the 2200G to pocket $50-70. Also wait for a sale on a 2400G to soften the blow.
then go back to /reddit/ where you belong
Still seething over your diseases?
My 1500X is working out great. No issues.

File: justfeel.png (43 KB, 312x390)
43 KB
>made an app
>user adoption is 90% iOS and 10% Android
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Apple is mostly used by rich Ameritards and some Europeans
Can someone tell me what great apps I'm missing out on?
So poojeets are bad because they are pirates. But iOS users are bad because they will actually pay for apps. Nice.
I've actually noticed a pretty even split in terms of iPhone user ownership. The first group consists of people who are wealthy (moderately to insanely so), and buy an iPhone because all their rich friends buy them and they can't have anything but a blue text bubble. The other group consists of fucking major league poorfags, who spend everything they have buying the phone and then struggle to keep up with the monthly subsidy payments. I'm not sure why they buy them, probably to appear less poor for the most part, although a few get iPhones because they're too retarded to figure out anything else. You know all those people you see walking around with iPhone screens that have been smashed? Ever notice that the cracks in the screen are filled with grime? It's because they have had broken screens for a while, but since they are already at their limits financially, they literally cannot afford to get them fixed.

Almost none of the middle income people ($50-$100k) I know have an iPhone. They always go for Android, because it's "good value for money". Like the Nissan Altima or Honda Accord of phones.

File: 1530423229486.jpg (64 KB, 466x466)
64 KB
What should I do /g/?
>Made an IOS App (petty much fully functional)
>was using github to store code
>never attacked a software licenses (all the source files we're copyrighted tho because xcode automatically generates copy right headers)
>never released it (It's been a year since I've worked on it)
>check the App Store
>someone published it and is charging money for it.
I'm conflicted. I'm glad someone cared enough to publish it but I'm pissed they're charging money for it. What should I do?
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>(insert meme here)
there is no hope for you, there is no way you can proove the app or code belongs to you, that is why there are so many copycat apps on the playstore
just publish your app
link to your github?
I would advise against this.
>there is no way you can proove the app or code belongs to you
Yeah there, in fact, it's incredibly easy. Even if two programs have the exact same functionality on the surface they still have minute differences in implementation. Disassembling the binary would make it very obvious if any copying was done.

File: f droid.png (256 KB, 2000x2000)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
What are your favourite f-droid apps?
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wtf is that, a launcher for retards?
Is there an irc client that supports xdcc apart from AndroIRC?
Why do you need to use those keys? Twidere worked out of the box for me
I like the interface and it has all the features I wanted.
But for some reason if I leave the phone locked, after a while my phone would ping time-out from irc, but the client would believe it was still connected to the irc network.
This happened multiple times while conected to freenode from wifi. its a shame because revolutionIRC is otherwise a pretty good client
conversations and emerald launcher. That's it.
> https://f-droid.org/en/packages/ru.henridellal.emerald/

Best launcher available.

The only other app i have installed is Signal. Why even use your fone for anything else than calling and texting?

File: 1511032699173.png (72 KB, 589x360)
72 KB

File: 1458833119357.png (405 KB, 600x469)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread.

Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about GNU/Linux and share their experiences.

*** Please be civil, notice the "Friendly" in every Friendly GNU/Linux Thread ***

Before asking for help, please check our list of resources.

If you would like to try out GNU/Linux you can do one of the following:
0) Install a GNU/Linux distribution of your choice in a Virtual Machine.
1) Use a live image and to boot directly into the GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything.
2) Dual boot the GNU/Linux distribution of your choice along with Windows or macOS.
3) Go balls deep and replace everything with GNU/Linux.

Resources: just like in /sqt/ spend at least a minute to check a web search engine with your question.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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you could just print over ssh (because of course you can)
just ssh port forward an IPP address, then use that as your 'local' printer
Can somebody post one of the "programming challenge" pictures that pop up from time to time, I need some inspiration
because while userspace is stable in linux (that is, older userspace programs will run on newer kernels), kernelspace is not (drivers/kernel modules need to be recompiled against newer kernel releases, except for patches)
most of your drivers are 'mainline', meaning they ship with linux itself, so you don't need to worry about those, but proprietary drivers need to be kept in sync separately, and since they can't be recompiled (since you don't have the sources), you're stuck waiting for nvidia to catch up each kernel release
ach loonik
File: 1507192433005.jpg (14 KB, 420x315)
14 KB

What tablet do you use, and what do you use it for?
What would you recommend?
263 replies and 66 images omitted. Click here to view.
>having prime
Not a cuck, sorry.
Thanks. Real MVPs right here.
Can't argue with that, Nexus 7
I bought it to almost exclusively take handwritten notes in class, and it was a fucking dream. Not so much the iPad, as any stylus tablet could provide the same experience, but using a tablet was great for better organization and cleaner notes.
Wait for Tab S4. It will be the true successor to the original Tab S 10.5 (2560x1600 screen mostly)
That isn't a surface is it? it's one of those chink tablets packing an Atom, why does anno keep trying to pass it off as a Surface.

File: my desktop.png (84 KB, 1366x768)
84 KB
Who else Win7 here?
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File: .png (269 KB, 1920x1080)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
Man I love Windows 7, fuck Windows 10.
Is that a work computer or?
It is
It's an old computer we have hooked to an old plasma cutter
What baffled me when I started working here is that the computer has a ThunkVision IBM display
Man that shit is beautiful for a 1024x1024 screen
Windows 7 Reporting in
I can tho
nice numbers, but 1. [citation needed], 2. vidya isn't a hobby, it's an addiction and waste of time 3. I can stop easily since hiro managed to fuck this site up entirely, yo

File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (149 KB, 1280x720)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Could this be the most retarded name for a CPU 'cooler' ever?
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File: scrot.png (413 KB, 800x800)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
fp AMD shill

There is no doubt that AMD is paying pajeets to shit up this board. It's easier, cheaper, and more effective than paying engineers to actually create better products than their competitors.
File: behindthispost.gif (501 KB, 300x169)
501 KB
501 KB GIF

That's not how you do it, moron. This is:

"Isn't this the best name ever? I like it."

Remember, the alt-right is lives on denigrating others since it's the only thing that makes them feel better about themselves. So if you want them to hate something for being an "other", just make them think there's a reason someone would like it and they'll review bomb it to death.
I'd wait for Zen2 to try that, to be honest.
Sup Gunn, how's your newfound retirement working out for you?

File: text editor wars.png (64 KB, 1147x599)
64 KB
Why is VS Code so shit and why is it gaining so much popularity?
What dont you like about it?
Using it for webdev and its pretty neat bro
Last time I've used it was two years ago but

>looks like shit
>UI clutter all over the place
>it couldn't render its default font properly, for example if you'd write "+" the vertical bar would overlap two lines of pixels
>made by microsoft
oh and VS Code has telemetry by default

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