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File: download.jpg (5 KB, 192x192)
5 KB
ITT we recommend Android apps that are unknown to most /g/ users

Bonus points for FOSS apps.

Standard Notes
Simple Keyboard
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what does that do besides make them a little more difficult to uninstall?
if you reduce transparency, using a background isnt as cancer for your app drawer. i dont really need a search but i wanted to add some top padding to my icons so its close enough
Use GoneMAD
best one period
>>>/a/ pedoweeb.
Does this work with DNS66 running?

File: 61EsTrsJZ5L._SL1000_.jpg (84 KB, 1000x1000)
84 KB
Who here got an AMD GPU (Mostly for gayming) and why did you chose it over Nvidia?

I have a Sapphire Pules RX 580 8GB for about £250. I got it because the Nvidia options available were either lower spec or too expensive (I was doing a build that had quality parts so I saved on the GPU to upgrade later, most likely to Nvidia). Plus the first Pc that I had built for me was AMD so I was just used to the platform. I wanted comfort on my first solo build so I stuck to what I knew.
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Cheaper, faster, more vram, less jewish
To go against Novidya shills desu fampai
Because it's good to have the option, rather than just buying the latest Nvidia card, and are welcome to buy whichever graphics card they want to buy
I've got the Sapphire RX580 Nitro. Got it because it was cheaper than 1060. Handles all the games I play well and it's really quiet. Nothing to complain about.
I've had driver issues once. Then I just rolled back to the previous drivers that didn't have the issue and waited until there was a newer version.
About 220W power draw. Not too bad.

Microsoft don't listen to their custo---
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What a fucking waste of oxygen you are, ffs!
File: 1518070375536.png (258 KB, 1017x760)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
Yeah because if someone wants to spy on you they have to make sure the "Camera" app is installed, right?
just with the last update windows installed avast secure browser. Yeah, thanks, really needed that
They won't really, too much money to be made collecting your data.

Why is the Apple Watch S4 the only good smartwatch out there? Does Google just not give enough of a shit about Wear OS to have a watch produced that can truly rival the Apple Watch?
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And what if Lenovo made a ThinkPad watch :^)
>I use a thinkpad so I'm not mainstream!
>literally every 18-25 year old white boy incel uses a thinkpad to seem cool
I sometimes accidentally get cum on my Apple Watch when I masturbate
Android is for poor people who barely can affoard a $140 phone, much less a watch that's more expensive than that.

Seriously, what did people expect?
its good if your a political dissident reporter and want to record your own death and dismemberment and upload it live to the cloud with 1click/voice activation.

File: Qbittorrent_logo.png (38 KB, 192x192)
38 KB
Find a flaw.
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> exclusively affects the WebUI
Does anyone on the planet use the webui of qbit? It lacks so much of what is in the standalone with the same amount of difficulty to deploy as a deluge daemon I can't imagine anyone using it.
>comparing a fucking executable to an installer
holy shit
Not bad considering one has Tetris built in and it's the smaller one.
"find a flaw" only posts not getting you a permaban is a seirous flaw.

File: s-l225.jpg (10 KB, 225x169)
10 KB
so i have this pcpartpicker list https://pcpartpicker.com/list/MGVpNQ will this shit be good enough for gaming. I would spend more but my poor ass dosent have money. My limit is $350
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go back to /v/ and never come back

>has $350 for a gaming rig
>complains about aesthetics

How can you be this fucking stupid while being this poor? Seriously?

This guy is giving decent advice, I found prebuilts with a 4770, and 16gb ram for $150. Slap in a $50 ssd and a $150 gpu (GTX 1060 used) and you have a decent workstation that performs well:
16gb ram
GTX 1060
500gb ssd

for $350, how could you even complain?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Appreciate your effort, but he's still much better off going with a $200 recycled office PC that will blow what you linked away in benchmarks, and he can throw in something like a 970 or 1060 used in there which would blow away what you linked, especially for gaming.
They have a general for this shit.

File: desktop.png (503 KB, 1440x900)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
13-year-old 1337 h4x0r edition
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File: 6523456.png (1.61 MB, 1680x1050)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
File: sync.png (71 KB, 1024x768)
71 KB
> overleaf

File: 2018-10-20_124525.jpg (84 KB, 657x563)
84 KB
I don't get this back and forth
is this one of the biggest cover-ups in history or is bloomberg just using shitty sources that use phrases like "muh mainframe" and "abstraction"
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he's a croney and his company is responsible for crimes that are yet to be defined in law but they will be - self-certified phone.. whats that about tim can't you test it first before exposing our brains to it...….
yeah we'd be going back to typewriters the next day (like russia had to). There's a reason the feds have blacklisted all chinese manufactured chips.
apple needs to be destroyed harder than a bunch of whining liberals on twitter.
They can’t just come out and admit they gave their data to the Chinese. Once Hillary won and the NWO was declared after they killed off most white males, the Chinese were to be the core of the global commie superstate and nobody would be asking these pesky questions.

As it is, they will probably execute the guy for treason eventually. Him, Zucc, and those Google kikes have all betrayed this nation.
well its ok nobody found all of those amd flaws bloomberg also revealed first from cts labs

File: i3ntc03j771y.png (507 KB, 800x600)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
Don't get tricked into installing/using Linux by Loonixfags unless you're a developer. Except for you health, nothing in life is more valuable than your time. There are no official statistics but we all know it's true: if we had two samples, a group of Windows users and another group of Linux users, the mean amount of virgins, unemployment and faggots who watch anime would be higher in the Linux group. Don't deny it, we all know it's true and again, I am talking about the general rule because like in every statistic, there are exceptions. Being unsuccessful almost always results in a lack of self confidence. They can't stand the fact that they suck at everything in life so what they'll do is trying to convince you to use Linux because apparently it's safer and easier to use (lmfao). Maybe they're not even aware of it but subconsciously they know that their counterpart is not going to be able to handle Linux. In their subconscious mind. they want their counterpart to come back and say "what were you talking about? Linux is not easy to use, it's a wase of time" so they can him stupid for it and feel superior to anything/anyone for once in their life. You have to consider it's not really their fault, it's just their brain trying to compensate. We shouldn't be mad at them. This does not apply to developers (actual developers, and most people on this "tech" board aren't developers) because it's understandable if a dev doesn't want to deal with cygwin, mingw, wsl or installing libraries on Windows in the first place. But using Linux as a daily driver it a timesink, so don't fall for the trap.

>inb4 nice blog
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and your hobby is probably masturbating to animated children
Need more anime,traps and cheese pizza.
What a slut
imagine being this insecure
tl;dr the thread

File: 1540079490405.png (1.49 MB, 1357x1281)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
>women in stem
can we agree this is just trouble? fucking thirsty bishes scared of the wall have been actively distracting me so much from my work. not to mention:
>their work is typically shit
>they cause problems with shit like the a/c and general catty behaviors

t. chadlite
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>Its very interesting how insecure or jusf plain shitty men get about women doing intellectual things

He/She/It is mistaking them trying to mask their disgust as insecurity.
I've only just noticed this and it's bugging the hell out of me
How did she take that picture with both of her hands on the keyboard?
it's not harder, you're just weaker.
and delusional
>women have less opportunity to succeed in tech than men om average.
yhbt by old bait pasta, hand

File: Turing is fucking gay.jpg (63 KB, 600x692)
63 KB
9900K + RTX 2080 Ti vs Ryzen 2700X @ stock speeds.

Intel requires overlocking to 5Ghz+ with a an expensive cooler to even make Ryzen look bad.
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post feet bitch
It looked like Intel was doing better in these games. Am I missing the point?
>Am I missing the point?
Yes. FPS is a stupid measurement. Frametimes makes a lot more sense since the improvement in smoothness gets smaller the higher FPS you get.
>change your conception of performance, and use a different metric
I see.

File: 10nm2020.png (310 KB, 722x570)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
Are you guys ready for a 500W 10900K?
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it's coffee lake-r refresh.
that's coffee lake refresh refresh.
case king is selling them.
Doesn't matter if OEMs or server businesses don't take them sadly.
File: 1496703339166.png (153 KB, 723x481)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
>coffee lake refresh refresh
>kaby lake refresh refresh refresh
>skylake refresh refresh refresh refresh


File: 1537924822464.jpg (713 KB, 2605x2636)
713 KB
713 KB JPG
What's the first computer you remember having?
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File: 1-6AARRR.jpg (1 MB, 2048x1536)
1 MB
An old family computer. Don't know its specs except I think it was a pentium 4 cpu or that might have been the one after that. But here's a picture of me with it
Elite is undoubtedly one of the most important games ever made, so far ahead of it's time it's scary, but that doesn't make it the best. Top 5:
1) Repton 3 (plus expansions)
2) Elite
3) Chuckie Egg
4) Exile
5) ????????? (really hard to fill this slot, so many contenders. Jet Set Willy perhaps? Citadel? Any suggestions?)
Motorola MEK6800D2.
File: amstrad-6128-plus-1.jpg (84 KB, 724x560)
84 KB
Amstrad 6128+

Shit was cheaper than an Atari ST or an Amiga, a micro computer for poor households basically.
Based on a Zilog z80 (4MHz) and with 128kB of RAM it wasn't more powerful than a commodore 128.
It featured more colors and graphical modes IIRC and came with a 3" diskettes drive (3" disks where expensive compared to 5.25" or 3.5"ones because of their rarity).
Was also sold for the equivalent of about 800 modern dollars with a color monitor, two gamepads and a game cartridge (burning rubber, a car racing game).

The interface was just a basic prompt (locomotive basic 1.1, Amstrad proprietary basic).

I had hundreds of games on diskettes, copied from my older cousins who owned amstrads 464,so games were free, basically. Allowed me to learn rudiments of programing in basics. I loved it even if it was a previous generation computer.
Not entirely sure, but I did have this to play. Some sort of win95 machine for sure.

File: xcode[1].png (376 KB, 1664x1418)
376 KB
376 KB PNG
What's the best font for an IDE?
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what font is this?
Unironically input
I use the IBM Plex ones, they look pretty good.
the umlaut is a small cursive e

File: hoarders.jpg (1.28 MB, 1440x1080)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
>talk about what you hoard anons
>talk about programs and how you annotate and arrange your data
Making a better arrangement would help other anons in being much efficient.

Previous thread : >>68129051
62 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Second NAS at a different location that mirrors the data on your first array
>Cold storage
>Cloud i.e gdrive
>Backup service i.e backblaze
>Or just leaving it in RAID6 because frankly >2 disk failures/ransomware/fires are quite unlikely and fuck the extra cost
For your small amount of data I'd just mirror it on some cheap ass cloud service like gsuite or something. Or you could buy a second HDD and cold store it. 3tb HDDs go on sale for $50ish and 4tbs sometimes go for $80 on the best sales. Black Friday coming up soon too.
>what's a good backup solution?
At least 3-2-1 for irreplaceable data
>Or just leaving it in RAID6 because frankly >2 disk failures/ransomware/fires are quite unlikely and fuck the extra cost
This doesn't protect you against software or user failure, which is exactly why people say RAID is not a backup.
- 3.3 TB of anime
- 200 GB of fetish porn
- 75 GB of Music (FLAC)
- Maybe another few 100 GB of non-essential or random stuff
RAID is for uptime. Keeps your data available in the event that one of your drives decide to neck itself.

A back-up solution would be to mirror all the shit you want to back-up in externals. A good solution is 3-2-1. I usually settle with just 3-2 (it'd be 2-2 in this case, right?)

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