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Show off your hackintosh(es) and share tips and tricks with other users.

I just got OS X High Sierra up and running on my X230 but I need to find drivers for a lot of stuff still. It's pretty comfy so far and runs pretty smoothly.

In before
>this angers the gaymurs
>this angers the freetards
>this angers the macfags
I had a T420 with Sierra, everything ran smoothly.

Now i'm waiting for my usb programmer to install High Sierra on my T440p.
>usb programmer
What is it, an SPI programmer clip? Do you need to flash a modified BIOS or something?

File: 9205.jpg (12 KB, 250x250)
12 KB
Person ask for Wi-Fi help on tablet. It was off so I turn it on. But it went back to off. What's wrong?
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Shit touchscreen.
Works fine. Thinking I need to clean it but it already looks clean. A lot cleaner than my phone.
Phone restart usually unfucks most things.
You tried literally one thing before coming to g
Fuck off
No pictures, no model, nothing
You didn't even restart it for fuck sakes
Why did they ask a retard for help?
>Person needs help with something
>I turn it on
>It doesn't work what do

File: aol-instant-messenger.jpg (66 KB, 970x545)
66 KB

Press F for respect.

What are your AIM memories, /g/?
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>IRC you need a server and port, versus discord you just sign up and click a link.

You can put the server, port, and channel in one url for IRC as well. It just needs its own client, which is completely fucking demonic to normies. Anything more than clicking a link and it working automagically is too complicated.
>I just thought everyone stopped using it when Facebook came along
AIM supported Facebook chat so I'm sure that helped prolong it
Ah! That might explain why that one anon said all his friends were still on it when he logged back on. Maybe they were actually on FB but AIM just picked it up.
Yeah and most networks you need to authenticate with chanserv or similar to keep your nick, etc. It's just too complicated for normalshits.

Maybe a good thing, it will keep the tards off IRC.

The people who spam discords on 4chan are the worst kinds of people.
Good riddance.
Windows messenger and successors all the way baby. Good times.

File: terry.png (849 KB, 850x490)
849 KB
849 KB PNG
G What happened to Terry a Davis and why is he living in his car?? i stopped watching him like 10 months ago due personal issues,
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No, he didn't.
Post all u have

wew lads
yes he did
File: no.png (91 KB, 411x554)
91 KB
No, he didn't. By the time the funds were released to his bank account, Terry already bailed out of jail.

File: finch.png (260 KB, 1280x731)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Is anyone still writing full blown bash applications or is it not cool anymore and I should switch to 100% python?
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Go is nice to use.
Even Windows has been able to run a full POSIX suite for like, ever, INTEREX is old as shit and I think there was something before that even. Now there's even more options like msys2, cygwin, and even Microsofts own WSL.

So even on Windows, you can get your bash stuff working at various levels.
>running bash on windows
Do I look like a retard?
Will you also tell me to use Windows Server?
I don't even know where you're coming from on this one.
I never thought of using heredocs for inter-parsing

File: image.jpg (2.48 MB, 3000x3000)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB JPG

The webpage for the iPod touch (the only iPod currently in production) still has Apple’s older design, such as thinner fonts and general layout. It also still lists iOS 10 as the current version of iOS.

With Apple neglecting the iPod touch’s webpage, is it a safe bet that it will be discontinued soon?
i miss my ipod touch 4g, i fucked with it so much with jb
Eh, it was only inevitable. Smartphones already play music so for most people there's no reason for a dedicated music device. I wish Apple would make another iPod classic, though that'll never happen given that the future of music is streaming.

This thread is about the appreciation of whorology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering required for fine watch manufacture.

>Required viewing for newbies:

>Strap Guide:

>Watch essentials 102:

Previous Thread:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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oh shit i just did it didn't i. fuck me i am too stupid.
Do you guys hate divers or something? What is the problem
I don't think I will ever get over how good the milanese mesh on that watch looks. It's a damn shame it would be a high pain to try and recreate that on another watch.
Why is it that all the cool watches are someplace other than the US? If you want a Rolex you can get those all day long but anything else is always in the fucking Philippines, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, etc.
What brand NATOs?

File: 1493635810058.png (342 KB, 1001x621)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
What's a cheap laptop that isn't a fucking used and cum encrusted ThinkPad from 1855 and can run Linux\GNU perfectly?
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I have a ThinkPad X230. Works well with a 275GB SSD and 12GB of RAM.
File: avg thinkpad user.jpg (8 KB, 194x259)
8 KB



File: 1513302441542.gif (997 KB, 229x176)
997 KB
997 KB GIF
That dry chink cum-encrusted cock slid up OP's ass nicely, though.
> "Oh god anything but an HP Stream!"
i fell for the meme. got an x220 for just over $100, running elementary, and everything just werx.
>buys the neckbread special
>runs fake MacOS


File: 1491827587785.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
what does /g/ think about teamviewer?

File: seamonkey_logo.png (20 KB, 340x105)
20 KB
I generally despise programs that don't adhere to the Unix philosophy of "have a tool do one thing and have it do it well" yet I still use pic related on a daily basis. It may just be that god-tier or it may be nostalgia (reminding me of the days of a semi-sane Web).
Do you have any similar experiences with using technologies despite them being clearly something you'd never use?
I don't have a a "philosophy" for programs I use because I'm not a faggot
kind of fpbp

Having an idea of what you want your software to do is fine but thinking you're violating some kind of personal covenant just because you use $software that does something a bit different is pretty faggy ẗbh fạm

File: p9sample.png (44 KB, 1376x768)
44 KB
Plan 9 thread

/g/ told me to install plan 9 in 2008 and I did. It was the best decision I ever made. Since then I have had a sane, productive, and elegant os and software environment.

Does /g/ still experiment with Plan 9? It's been a few years since I was on this board much, but Plan 9 is still my main os. General Plan 9 discussion thread?
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File: screendump.jpg (366 KB, 1920x1080)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
It doesn't support images though or I'm doing something wrong? Also no Acme-like multi window support.

The reason for the templeOS-style docs is the guy who did the ANTS stuff was literally manic and delusional when he wrote a lot of the documentation. The actual code and concepts are surprisingly sane but it hasn't been updated since the beginning of this year.

I like it because it lets you build a plan 9 environment from multiple nodes without assuming a static unchanging configuration of servers like the original plan 9 design does. I also like the custom rio and the hubfs persistence layer, which are independent from the kernel-level changes. I like to have a bunch of different rios in different namespaces, but let them all access some of the same hubs as needed.

9front.org has isos and their FQA is excellent documentation. It is definitely the version of Plan 9 to use.


Plan 9 was really revolutionary when it first came out - in the early 90s. Since then, its useful innovations have been integrated into more common operating systems. Nowadays, it is pretty much for programming hobbyists, but that isn't a bad thing, it just won't replace mainstream oses for everyday use.
>Since then, its useful innovations have been integrated into more common operating systems

In hacky, subpar ways. linux namespaces are absolute garbage still.

It does support images, it just doesn't really work at all with 4chan. Works well with sites like the 9front homepage or anything that is just plaintext and images. It doesn't do multipanel acme-style stuff, true, but it does some nice things like if you plumb images to it, they will pop up in a separate window. I like it for things like browsing textfiles.com

>YFW a fictional tv show had a hand in killing what little credibility Firefox had left
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This. You can't treat Firefox like the other browsers. It's free software. You can actually change it. The same is not true of the other browsers.
Always confuses me when people are picky about news sites. You cannot guarantee that every news site will write about a certain subject. Sometimes you just go to where a story is, and you don't care about that site.
>our ability to stealth install extensions
b-but its open sores! Surely this ability would have been found by one of the many forks that have been made
Man, you just reminded me that I understand multiple operating systems better than I understand a single web browsers codebase, why is Firefox so fucking complicated and huge. I bet Chrome is even worse.
>certain subject
Anon if the idea of news sites curating content for you is foreign and you aim to know everything I think I have to inform you of your failure.
And if someone posts a link to a news site you implicitly promote them. I'd rather have a link to Mozillas support page on this frankly.
Or even reddit actually.
Techcrunch has so much garbage on it. At least we can hold a certain attitude towards user-content.

Even if this weren't the case automatic updates without a peer review process (not feasible to have really) ruins it. You'll just push an update with the addon. Or push a malicious update directly.
Doesn't even have to be from the open source. Publish one version, present another.

File: Fractal Define r5.jpg (333 KB, 1000x1000)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
It it still the best case?
106 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
>thinking is a joke
Sure thing, there is this thing called metal tape, you know, it has holes drilled and no glue, you can use it to hold your hdd and screwing it into place.
File: full tower.png (1.11 MB, 900x783)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
The R5 looks like ass if you do bottom to top airflow and the GPU will block the airflow to the CPU cooler.

Meanwhile a Fortress FT05 is significantly smaller and yet comes with dual 180mm fans. FT02 is only 15% bigger and supports tripple 180mm fans.

Define R5 just has horrible space efficiency, horrible airflow and looks like ass if you open the top. Still looks meh if you leave the top closed.
I'm going to buy a 900d and air cool it

I've screwed HDD's into optical drive bays in the past when I had run out of space in a HDD cage. Othertimes I wedged an old 2.5" drive (using duct tape) onto the back of the frame holding the motherboard as the pressure from the case panel kept it nice and secure.

>best screen
>best processor
>top class camera only rivaled by the pixel
>iOS so no carrier bloat
>best build quality
>Apple ecosystem

Is there any reason to get another flagship other than “muh price”
14 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
It was the best until they cut it up ;(
>trying this hard to justify buying a dud
The iPhone literally has a measurably better display than the Samsung S8, and I don’t think there’s a single category except dark photo taking where the S8 is better in terms of Camera.
File: 1506382940055.jpg (416 KB, 960x3829)
416 KB
416 KB JPG
Why do people compare X to S8 when its worse than the S6?
File: FB_IMG_1512825079555.jpg (73 KB, 640x640)
73 KB
>best screen

File: ACE-logo.png (9 KB, 213x80)
9 KB
Are p2p live streams such as ace stream safe?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I doubt there is a single case for anyone getting into trouble because of ace stream. It's only used for watching sports as much as I know.
IDK, but people often get flagged by their ISP or right owners for downloading torrents, all it takes for TV channels who own football rights is to set a few honeypots and search for their content. then the users IPs are public....

depends on the country, where i live they actively monitor p2p transactions, it's only a matter of time until they flag live streaming.

Safe from what?

Copyright claims? Not really since it's P2P and someone could easily sniff out your IP unless you use a VPN.

From viruses? Probably since nobody has yet to prove this program provides malware. Run the .exe in Virustotal.

Safe from getting v&. Not sure, since all of the streams were getting taken down for the McGregor/Mayweather fight. I had to watch some shitty Brazilian channel acestream.
then again it's worth the risk IMO. in my country it would cost 60€ a month in TV channel subscriptions to be able to watch all my team's matches (i don't watch other games). i don't want to pay three different providers to be able to watch 12 different leagues. i only watch one club in one league.
I doubt there would be enough users for them to care about that. Relatively speaking, watching illegal sports streams isn't popular and p2p is only a small fraction of that.
Also where are you from that isp's monitor p2p?
>Safe from what?
Viruses, hackers, etc.
Also what's v& and why is everyone talking about copyright claims? Must be an american thing...
What risk where you thinking about? Copyright claim?
>where are you from that isp's monitor p2p?
in france, it's the government that monitors P2P and ask ISP to hand out IPs. got flagged once downloading mp3s (three strikes then prosecution)

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