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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier. With the release of the 8th generation of consoles, the Sega Dreamcast will now be considered "retro", though the remainder of the sixth generation (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) will not.

Helpful links:
Game Tech Wiki
Emulation General Wiki

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Mega Sonic the Rocket Knight
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Is this the best CRPG of all time?

Of course it is.
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I agree we were way better than Bethesda. A lot of us went on the Obsidian so did I for a time, but I hate working with some of the bigger companies, its all$$$
Avellone would never, EVER post on 4chan

I know him buddy.

So dont even try.
I thought he left Obsidian anyway
You'd think Branwen would have some words regarding the man who turned her to stone but nope
So now you've worked at SSI, Black Isle, Bioware, Troika, and Obsidian Entertainment? Your shitposting isn't even believable anymore.

File: DSC00621s.jpg (3.9 MB, 5472x3648)
3.9 MB
3.9 MB JPG
Previous thread >>3536632

This thread is for the spirited discussion of CRT displays - Televisions, monitors and projectors used for the playing of retro games!

>Try to keep it /vr/-related: Nothing past 5th gen(+ Dreamcast). Slight OT might be okay if related to CRTs (E.G. 16:9 compatible models, flatscreens, etc.) Systems with backwards compatibility are also pretty safe territory, assuming you're focusing on the older games. PC CRTs are also a-ok.
>Produce OC! Get out your real cameras and take beautiful pictures of your CRTs displaying recognizable characters with the kind of beautiful accuracy that brings tears to the eyes of young and old alike! If you take 100 photos, at least one of them will turn out alright! (maybe)
>Try to be as detailed as possible when asking info on a specific model. As always, google is your friend, and we are your friends with benefits. Older archived threads aren't a bad place to look either.
>Share appreciation for others choice of technology and personal philosophy of gaming. As always show courtesy in your discussion and moderate yourselves first.

Discussion of video processing and scaling devices is okay, but try to keep the focus on CRTs and CRT accessories

CRT Pastebin (WIP) : http://pastebin.com/1Ri5TS3x (Update ETA - Soon™)
An Anon's Guide to CRT Hunting : http://pastebin.com/H9H9L2LQ
S-Video Pasta : http://pastebin.com/rH2h6C7W
BKM-10R Protocol Information : http://pastebin.com/aTUWf33J

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there are. rca sells them but they are not cheap.
>It's cheaper to buy a SNES to SCART and a SCART to BNC cable

What the fuck, why
Wrong. Every SD CRT has scanlines when displaying 240p. Most have such low TVL counts though that they blend together with the picture.
that's the price you pay for being a true patrician with a pure bnc setup who has completely sidestepped the scart meme.

actually, I have no idea.
Interestingly, specialty projection CRTs are still in production in Japan. The Mikado Seisakusho company makes new tubes for high end CRT PJs like the Electrohome Marquees, Barcos, and Sony G90s used in simulators: http://www.mikado-seisakusho.com/04_ecrt.html

It's nice to see that CRT making still lives on, with a company nobody has heard of. More interesting pics: http://www.mikado-seisakusho.com/04_crt.html

Vacuum tube craftsmanship can easily become a lost art. While audio tubes are kept alive by guitar players and hifi stereo, CRT is endangered and operations like this are rare. Retubing a 9inch CRT PJ with 3 tubes from Mikado costs about $3600-mostly gov simulators still running on them to pay that cost, along with the rare home theater CRT fanatic.

File: ff7casefront.jpg (233 KB, 1191x1024)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
I bought a copy of Final Fantasy VII and it has a fucked Disc 1. I can't play past the intro segment where you blow up the thing. Disc 1 has tiny little bumps right at the edge of the disc where it must have been knicked. The other discs don't have that damage. It's too late to return it. I could try to sell it but that would just be a dishonest passing of the buck. I can't find anyone selling only Disc 1's online.

Is there anything I can do here or am I just screwed?
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borrow disc one from a friend.

eventually you will find one selling online for cheap
File: 1408960223155.jpg (30 KB, 500x456)
30 KB
>mfw I try having Tifa use the Powersoul and Curse Ring at the same time
The world is actually torus-shaped.
Destroy it.
I have a spare disc one. If you want I can send it to you OP.

Shit you never get a chance to post
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File: 18p41kro3zt0yjpg.jpg (25 KB, 800x450)
25 KB
y cant metroid crawl?
If she got there without using morph ball it means she had to wall jump out of the morph ball room. I find it hard to believe that someone would be able to wall jump but unable to press down on the dpad.
That's probably a correct assumption. But really, the best part of the gif is when she moves the entire pad upward like it's a motion controller.
File: 488932098457.gif (19 KB, 256x224)
19 KB
That is 1990 Hatsune Miku?

File: Sega-Genesis.png (296 KB, 640x480)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
So I heard that /vr/ likes fart noises
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Pffffft, there's barely any farting at all in that. I'd say it sounds practically fartless except for that farty bass.

Here's some goddamn farts.

>FM synth is inherently bad

Hello Autismoposter.
File: Namnlös2.png (2 KB, 98x99)
2 KB
FM-synth is only bad when it's a console australia-kun likes
Earthworm Jim and Cool Spot both used GEMS but Tommy Tallarico is a good composer and knew how to make it sound good. But I agree the default sound drivers were not optimal for custom fm synth sounds.
One thing I think the SNES lacks in music is the ability to tell which company the game is from just by the "instruments" used. You could do it for NES and Genesis. A Capcom game SOUNDED like a Capcom game, Konami games had a very distinct sound.
On the SNES everything had the same sampled sound.

Good or not?
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probably the very best example of a game that doesn't hold up
Roguelike is generally not applied to games like Diablo because at the time the term was much more strictly defined, now that it has become a indie buzzword meaning that the orc has a pink shirt this time = infinite replayability it is actually closer to the old formula than a lot of what they call roguelikes today

actually if you turn on hardcore Diablo is pretty god damned close to true oldschool roguelikes, but it's still just an action RPG with random maps

if you're not finding wands and scrolls that might kill you permanently or might wipe out entire levels of the game "rogue-lite" is a much more accurate term

you will still probably be laughed at if you try to describe Diablo this way, like arguing that Speed Racer is an anime
anyone know when the ladder is going to be reset?
It's funny that battlenet is still infested with children trying to PK you the same as it was back in 2001. How do kids even know about Diablo 2 let alone want to play it today when shit like minecraft, CoD, Overwatch etc. exist? Makes me feel old.
>like arguing that Speed Racer is an anime
I'm sorry, wtf are you on about?

File: Tactics Ogre.jpg (35 KB, 350x334)
35 KB
A thread for retro strategy RPG/simulation RPG/turn-based tactics games, like Langrisser, Sakura Taisen, Daisenryaku, Super Robot Taisen, Tactics Ogre, etc. What are your favorites?
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I've heard good things about the Black/Matrix series but nobody has made a translation patch as far as I know, same for Wachenröder.

Kartia also puts itself forward as a more mature story, despite how predictable everything is.
>serious and "made for adults"
FFT 's plot devices more or less evolved from LUCT though. Both Vandal Heart 1 and 2 are s'pose to be serious bizness about revolutions and bad governence.

I found FM1 more tedious. It was mostly just kill everything. FM3 at least had some variety in Alisa's route, and in the split team missions.

It'd be a really fun game if the scaling wasn't absolutely retarded. I put like 60 hours in of mainly grinding before I said fuck this game.
>Route C: Before the start of scenario 12, choose, "How do you know about
>that?" (third choice) when Angelina asks if you ever got lost in the woods
>about 10 years ago. This will activate the "lost woods" flashback. Sometime
>during scenarios 13, 14, or 15, have Angelina attack Emily at least once (it
>doesn't count if you attack one of Emily's horsemen or if you attack Emily
>using one of Anglina's mercenaries; IT MUST be Angelina herself versus Emily
>herself). You must also have Shelfaniel and Angelina's love index up to at
>least 110. Before scenario 17, refuse to ally with the demons (second choice).
>If your alignment is under 95 and satisfied the other conditions, the "second
>choice" will automatically be made for you and you'll automatically go to
>route C.

WTF. The requirements for the Ron Paul route is a pain in the anal route. I have to avoid killing everything for XP AND have to get jiggy wiggit with 2 grills.
Even though that SOUNDS complicated and convoluted, all the requirements are pretty much stuff that you would do anyways. There's no reason not to have the love index high and there's no reason to skip the lost woods flashback. The game mentions the pendants a few times so it's obvious that they'll be a plot point, but I suppose you might not figure out that you need to have the characters holding the pendants fight eachother.

The only really unintuitive thing is that choosing NOT to ally with the demons is the route that leads to the demon characters joining you.

Anyways, I really enjoyed Langrisser IV even though the story was somewhat weak and the gameplay was horribly broken. Too bad the series is dead.

I remember hearing horror stories of those compressed cards erasing so I've never used one, only went for the 15 block ones.

I've been thinking about playing some RPGs I bought but never got around to, after my first Playstation failed in 2004 (laser fixed multiple times, connectors loosening and resoldered, when the connector to the controllers broke off from the circuit board I gave up).

To be on the safe side I got 3 consoles (2 grey old, 1 white psone) and bunch of controllers.

Then I realized, what if the memory card fails? I have 2 original sony 15 block cards (one bought in 1998, been in my closet since 2004, other picked up at a flea market) and one chinese copy.

Does anyone have experience with using these old cards? Do they work or will they start failing from old age? I've never had a problem before.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I have two two-page memory cards that I used for nearly twenty years. One fucked up and the other still works fine. I probably just got lucky.
Sony memory cards are absolutely stellar, I've still got cards from nearly 20 years ago that work fine. The third party ones have fucked up on me several times though, ones that have more than 8MB memory are particularly bad - just don't risk it.
If you want to back up your ps1 saves you can move the files to a PS2 card. If you don't have a PS2 then you can use a dex drive and move them to your computer.
Or you can transfer them to the PS3.

File: 1449247254246.jpg (55 KB, 698x319)
55 KB
Is there anything like pseudosaturn for a parallel port cheat device? I really like not having worry about a swap and if I can I'd like to grab a PSX for something similar.
They are called modchips.
yes, lots of Action Replay devices do this. just put in a normal game and wait for it to finish spinning, then swap for the burned disc and start the game with or without cheats. the only thing you need is a spring to trick the PSX into thinking the lid is always closed

Why bother with a modchip when all you have to do is plug this in?


It literally just turns a gameshark into a modchip.

With the saturn version, you don't even need to swap. Just boot with the flashed AR in the ram slot and you're good to go. I was just looking for something similar for the PSX
Just soft mod a PS2.

File: playstation1.jpg (2.27 MB, 4140x1900)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB JPG
I am going to poll /vr/ in regards to what their favorite games are for each major retro game console. The way it works is you put a Top 10 list of your favorite games for a particular game console (in this case its for the PlayStation). The game listed as number 1 gets ten points all the way down to number 10 which gets only a single point.

I am curious how /vr/'s taste is for the leader of the fifth generation.
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Thread is getting old.

Can we get the results?
1. SaGa Frontier
2. Final Fantasy Tactics
3. Final Fantasy VII
4. Final Fantasy VIII
5. Tony Hawk Pro Skater
6. SaGa Frontier II
7. Yu-Gi-Oh!: Forbidden Memories
8. Mega Man X5
9. Capcom vs. SNK Pro
10. Namco Museum Vol. 1
1. Metal Gear Solid 1
2. SaGa Frontier
3. Silent Hill 1
4. Mega Man Legends 1
5. Final Fantasy 7
6. Tekken 3
7. Resident Evil 2
8. Final Fantasy 9
9. Resident Evil 3
10. Bloody Roar 2
All shit save for mgs. Why do you even post here?
File: stop_liking_file.jpg (125 KB, 321x360)
125 KB
125 KB JPG

File: bh5.webm (1.83 MB, 640x512)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB WEBM
Were old Shmups designed to rip you of your money completely?

The level of difficulty is completely of the rails, most of the time patterns are absolutely unavoidable and then game does some shitty trick like pull your ship too close to enemy to do anything, make enemy attack you in absolutely unpredictable and unavoidable way just fucking ram you for example or stuck up odds against you like throw dozens of enemies you cant even shoot because they on the sides of the screen much less avoid or just mix small barely visible projectiles in the swarm of large bright bullets flying at you.

Sometimes when you slalom trough every bullet in a frantic pattern it feels awesome but most of the time patterns go crazy to the point where it is impossible not to die.

Are shmups the definition of artificial difficulty?
Vid taken by fraps which accidentally slowed down the game enough for me to feel like Neo for a moment, I just speed up to more or less how it was in game.
182 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
>What the fuck happened to this thread?

Well let's see.

>Are shmups the definition of artificial difficulty?
>artificial difficulty

And there you go you used a buzzword that does nothing but incite rampant shitposting in your opening post.
>You're the one who's upset, kiddo ;^)
I'm disappointed in the sense that humanity shows such a lack of intelligence and character at times that it is genuinely depressing and discouraging that these are the people I'm going to have to fix.
>When I can get to the last stage on 1 credit the feeling is just amazing,

Yeah cause you never got laid before lmao.
so if you had sex you stopenjoying videogames? thanks for the info, one more reason to become a wizard.

New to shmups 30-40 coins per playtrough kind of new.

What is your opinion on them?
Priorities on the battlefield, movement theory, strategies and skills that needs to be honed to succeed in shmups generally.
Which is better for 1cc autism or asperger?
Is savantims merely a preference in competitive gaming?

Which ones are good for people who werent genetically blessed with 0.01ms reaction time, panoramic vision and movement coordination that allow them to pluck their own eyelash and write their name on the back of the flea running on the back of the hamster running inside a wheel.
preferable the ones that can be run on MAME without PC that contributes to climate change when idling

Are NES, SNES, Genesis shmups worth trying or its all arcade.
Are self imposed limitations like 1coin completion is the proper way to play them?
Just dont start a shitstorm like in the last thread, you think its a waste of time, thats ok, everyone get it, no need to write multiple posts about it and proclaim yourself a master troll when the thread is falling apart

This and anything else that will help a noob get better at them.
23 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
>not even looking at my ship
This is the 'trick' for bullet hell games. Be aware of where your ship is, but watch the patterns formed in the space between the bullets.

How much do you move around on the screen?
Not that guy, but I credit feed when I am first trying out a game... to take a tour, kind of. If it's enjoyable and I want to play it more, I practice with no credit feeding, no save states.

Using the Satori Shooting Practice Program has cut way down on the memorization that I have to do for each new game. I can't recommend it highly enough for anyone who wants to develop bullet hell skills.
>How much do you move around on the screen?
Normally I try not to flail left and right (still a lot to kill enemies) but in DoDonpachi I was flying left to right, back and forth to shoot all the enemies (they were coming from everywhere), get all the stars and upgrades.
>I find it helpful when I've just picked up a game.
I used to do it too, but now it just makes me feel like 1cc is impossible, becouse later stages and bosses are usually really fucking mean.
so I just play on 1 credit until there is something i can't figure out without trial and error.
>to take a tour, kind of.
I usually find it more fun to uncover a new game bit by bit, and it motivates me to get better, it's like how most kids played hard ass nes games just to see what's ahead.
>Satori Shooting Practice Program
that looks interesting, can you tell me more about why it's good?
>Satori Shooting Practice Program
Its not for any mainstream consoles or arcade?

File: nes-classic-edition.png (58 KB, 640x443)
58 KB
Anybody excited about Nintendo's
mini Nes?
31 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Believe it or not, some people don't live with their parents and actually make good money. I can wipe my butt with $60.
What if monkeys flew out of my butt?
For sixty bucks dont count on it. On both accounts.
well I'd wipe your butt for $60, per swipe.
>trying this hard

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