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File: triforce.gif (102 KB, 500x500)
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102 KB GIF
This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier. With the release of the 8th generation of consoles, the Sega Dreamcast will now be considered "retro", though the remainder of the sixth generation (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) will not.

Helpful links:
Game Tech Wiki
Emulation General Wiki

File: bloodlines.jpg (115 KB, 549x629)
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115 KB JPG
So we can all agree that this is the best game in the series, right, /vr/?

Talk about all things CV in here.
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>From Mirror of Fate what i love the most it's the atmosphere,
>I liked the atmosphere and story.

That's fair then, at least it's some reasons. Personally the game actually made me angry with how badly it was made. I kept playing hoping it was going to get better and it just never did. That one Fleaman you come across while running from the thing in the clocktower just felt like a big fuck you.

I'll rant about it no more, it just always amazes me when I run into someone who didn't hate it.
File: 2014-10-19_00002.jpg (576 KB, 1600x1200)
576 KB
576 KB JPG
Maybe i've been unlucky, or it's stronger in latin-american and spanish communities (Some international forums also have a hard on for Iga... oh well...)

In any case, reading this such as "Finally GBA will get a true Castlevania" after the official Harmony of Dissonance announcement it's pretty nerve wrecking.
Pretty much this. I'm so glad he's gone. No one man should have that much power. He definitely had some screws loose, walking around the Konami offices with a whip.
So what's the most hardcore Castlevania game? Not going with RoB because I can beat that with my hands tied behind my back. I want to say either III without supporting characters or Bloodlines on Expert.
Yeah that's pretty bad. But also for the most part I just play the games, don't look into a lot of back info on them and am not super active on forums. It was only last week on here that I found out CotM wasn't an Iga game. But it did make more sense after that.

File: P1090314.jpg (296 KB, 1600x1185)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
So where do you get your retro vidya from? Any local stores or online retailers you favour?

There's a rather nice store on eBay called Geomart Games, never done me wrong before.
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File: 348s.jpg (31 KB, 348x348)
31 KB
There is only one game store that also sells retro games. It's called Gamecastle and it's a fucking kike store. They sell games for eBay prices. Life is suffering when you are a German...
I wish there were retro stores in the anaheim area
As in actual Shylocks, or they're just greedy?

In either case I'm sorry, anon.
90% of the time Im forced to bend and get raped on eBay to get what I want.
There is also a guy at a market around here who used to sell snes stuff, got a few common but decent games (Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, but also bunch of shitty ones like Shaq Fu) from him for cheap, but haven't seen him for a while.
Don't know about this one. Oh well.
And when you find something on the net for a good price, customs are a pain if you import.
Sucks hard indeed.

File: Loaded.jpg (78 KB, 950x950)
78 KB
Anyone else experienced massive framerate drops in this game?
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>I remember it being a buggy mess all over the place
Sure you arn't confusing it with the shit sequel re-loaded?

Man i love this game and have both ps1 and saturn ports with saturn being superior imo just for having the map let you know where you have already been making those find the fuel n shit stages way less painful.
I'm playing on PS1 right now, whenever I enter a crowded room it slows down to near unplayable levels.

Is this an issue on my side though?
Woah, nostalgia blast.

I remember I saw an ad of that game somewhere (maybe magazine or video) and I wanted to play it so bad... but I never did. I don't even remember what the game was supposed to be. What's its genre and how is it?

Funny how game ads used to get a nigga so excited as a kid. I rarely ever have that anymore.
>Sure you arn't confusing it with the shit sequel re-loaded?
Ohhh you know what? I might be. It's been like 20 years and I only rented it once, it might have been the sequel. What I played was choppy, buggy, crashed on me several times and when it did play it was just a dull slog.
I don't remember it being THAT bad but using bombs etc in crowded rooms halfs the framerate aye but only briefly and its at it's worst in the first 2 stages tbh.

Yeah thats gotta be the sequel which is wank mate. I've never encountered bugs in the original and i've played it a lot.

File: 41FQH0FSW2L.jpg (23 KB, 300x300)
23 KB
post the controller you use for emulators

this isnt as bad as it looks, doesn't feel cheap and plays well
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Been using a dualshock 2 recently after getting an adapter. Before that I was using an F310 but the dpad crapped out so I couldn't press down.

I picked up a bluetooth receiver to try and get my wiimotes connected because the classic controller looks like it would be great for snes games, but I can't connect to it because I don't have a pin code for the wiimote and there is no option to connect without the pin, so that shits pretty frustrating.
File: 716O7pNVWdL._SL1500_.jpg (102 KB, 1500x564)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
What about this one?
For those adapters, are there any delays or any other issues?
Ive never experienced any delay with mine, my N64 adaptor requires me to turn up the analogue sensitivity up to 100% in Mupen, but other than that its fine.
It depends. Usually input delay isn't too bad, more often than not you get issues with extra controllers and perhipherals, rumble, etc. Had to find some wacky drivers to get rumble working for my PS2 adapter, but it works a dream now.

Speaking of which, that's what I use. PS2 adapter and either a PS2 pad or the old namco PS1 joystick. No real reason to faff about with shitty cheap usb versions of better controllers.

File: Duke's DooM.png (250 KB, 1021x638)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
I really miss old time FPS heroes

What ever happened to badasses like duke and doomguy who kicked ass and could run for miles never tiring?

Not to mention there's no creative enemies anymore now it's just terrorists or russians.

Duke 3D had fucking alien pig cops for god's sake.

Nowadays you play as some random literally who soldier who is too human for his own good and can only run for a solid 10 seconds before barfing his lungs out.

What the fuck happened?
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>real buildings

Real buildings are boring (for the most part), and you can't compare pre-Half Life FPS level design to real life. Irrealistic conceptual levels are the essence of that area.

> intuitively navigable
Past the lower floor, you basically have one huge hub and different rooms around here; most of the rooms also happen to be connected one way or another (or several ways) between each others.
I don't see what's non intuitive about that; even if accidentaly go back to the hub through another path, you'll know you're there, and you should remember where you've been or not.
A quick look at the automap will show where you've already been, where you are, where you haven't been yet.

As for signs, the map has plenty. Actual physical signs.

>understandable dead ends
I don't see how the dead ends are not understandable. For instance, you find the front doors, you'll know you won't be able to open them.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Real buildings are boring
When intact and mundane, maybe

>you can't compare pre-Half Life FPS level design to real life
I sure as hell can. Reality is what most people have a connection to, and level designers should include that.

I have not played the particular map. My comments are general, because you seemed to suggest that a big maze-y map is always a good thing. If that particular map does not make the common maze mistakes, that's cool, no problem.

>Actual physical signs.
I intentionally suggested they're not the only thing, as they tend to be the cheapest solution. Alternatives include destruction/blockage, positioning of enemies, and a player motive.

>in such a huge map, making important progression points easily missable isn't a good idea
Right, that.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I know it's not retro, but Borderlands 1 & 2 had good characters.
RIP Duke, no chance of being good again
Fuck my stupid life. I hope TerminX can kinda release some acceptable fair-use "recreations" of the alpha/beta stuff he swam into. He's at least allowed to share details I think. We can all work from there.

What's the best GBA Castlevania game?
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File: 1440263804326.jpg (62 KB, 544x708)
62 KB
>Even among Nintendo's own handhelds it's done the worst.
>if we compare this great success to these much greater successes, it doesn't look as good
>it only sold many hundred millions
>it's not that good guys
What are you talking about? 3DS is massively popular.
Most of the DS Games are shovelware and 3rd party titles.

There are good ones, but I have seen a lot of 3rd party games being churned out for it.

Wii/WiiU/DS/3DS has a lot of 3rd party games.
>Most of the DS Games are shovelware and 3rd party titles.

So in other words, the exact same thing people are saying about the GBA. I've never understood why people care about shovelware. I don't give two shits about how many games on a system I don't want to play, just how many games I do want to play. 3DS has an incredible library.
>Most of the DS Games are shovelware and 3rd party titles.
Normally what happens with any successful console. People will release trash to make a quick buck because the install base is so large.

Just look at the app store/ps2 for instance.

File: Myth_II_Cover[1].jpg (23 KB, 298x334)
23 KB
Does this game hold up to nostalgia or will I be sorely disappointed?
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>story mode is also fun.

The narration is so good in it
>The single-player campaign is only playable from the perspective of the Light
Poop, same thing as in the first Myth... Interesting RTS without base building & no resource usage though
that's called RTT
WW2 Titans mod, and that one map with helicopters and shit were amazing.
File: PBF194-Bip.jpg (493 KB, 5000x4279)
493 KB
493 KB JPG

File: aoe2.jpg (155 KB, 800x600)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Ok, how do I play a lan on Age of Empire II? I have the original version on CD and a pirated version of HD.
20 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>we decided to try voobly for a few days.
>Never again.
>Good shit the dev team could get their shit together and un-fuck the game on Steam.

wait are you saying the dev already did, or should fix the steam version?

but, elaborate on the NEVER AGAIN
so basically, NO

you need to buy it zerowice

aoe2 became abandonware the moment microsoft closed zone.com

get ur old CD, install, apply vooblyinstall, if you are doing it to try the new civs, go to website, mod library download forgotten, u can also select trees mod, and done
some civs, aren so versitile and so, less forgiving on wrong usage by novices, all that happens is some newbies play Huns solely for the no-house thing, but they suck because they are newbies, not that any civ is inherently unbalanced

>Saracen main

dude, play some randommap / landrandom, with random civs, 1v1, 2v2, and have fun stop being so anal with muh main civ
>aoe2 became abandonware the moment microsoft closed zone.com
Bullshit, I regularly saw AOE 1 and 2 + expansions being sold in Wal Mart throughout the 2000s and I'm sure I saw it in Tesco's back in the UK in the early 2010s.

> African civs developing basic technologies such as bows and arrows let alone reach feudal age.

DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread >>2644191
(We mainly talk Doom, but Unreal/Duke/Quake/Marathon/whatever are also welcome! Let's post like gentlemen)


The OFFICIAL Doom Wiki, actively maintained and supported by the Doom community. Want to learn more about Doom? Check this site first!

FAQ/Pastebin, updated semi-frequently

IRC (Password is in the FAQ.)
Channel: #vr

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
60 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
I recommend checking out Chocolate Doom's source code instead of the original doomsrc.zip release. It is much cleaner and well-documented, while still functionally the same.

If you would rather check out a limit-removing source port, look at Boom or MBF's source.
i'd assume the rendering part is a fairly minor part of the issue anyway; if you're talking about thousands of montsers, it's the complicated decorate ai that becomes resource-intensive; at least from my understanding.
>If you would rather check out a limit-removing source port, look at Boom or MBF's source.
i think eternity has the cleanest codebase of the limit removing but still vanilla demo compatible source ports. at least those i've looked at.

This is what I was talking about earlier.

It's not because it's sprites, it's because DECORATE is more intensive than vanilla AI. Go test out a limit removing port like Boom+ and then zDoom on something like Sunder's "The Hag's Finger". You'll see a huge difference in framerate, even before the monsters have been activated.
I wonder what perfomance the "scripting branch" has compared to normal decorate.

File: sunsandsummer2.gif (1.53 MB, 482x354)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB GIF
Sun, sand and summer fun - second edition.

Tibia is a top down fantasy MMORPG launched in 1997. /tbg/ plays in two servers: Secura (located in Europe where we have the guild Yotsubas) and Fidera (located in North America where we have the guild Sengoku). Choose the server you have the best connection to and post your name & world in here for a guild invite or venture out on your own as a lone wanderer meeting new friends and foes. Summer is here. Summer is hot. Being hot sucks. I'm going to live in my freezer box.

>Play Tibia:
>Information (FAQ, guides & links):
>Ongoing and upcoming game events:
Hot Cuisine (August): http://tibia.wikia.com/wiki/Hot_Cuisine_Quest
Rise of Devovorga (Sept 1st-8th or less if defeated): http://tibia.wikia.com/wiki/Rise_of_Devovorga
The Colours of Magic (Sept 15th-23rd): http://tibia.wikia.com/wiki/The_Colours_of_Magic
Annual Autumn Vintage (Oct 1st-8th and Oct 17th-24th): http://tibia.wikia.com/wiki/Annual_Autumn_Vintage
>Latest news:
"Starter Kit" (cheap bitesized pacc for new accs, Aug 5th):http://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=3291

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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gj 300 fucking pts in a day u crazy fuk
What is this poorly cropped image doing here :^)
>tfw autism
Jesus, this is so cringe it hurts. Please delete this post.
nice try Soul Skiller

File: rip.png (2 KB, 256x240)
2 KB
I want something to play today. How long should it take me to beat FF1 on the NES? Looking to play the original for difficulty + the remakes really bring out how dated it is.
19 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
mario 1 is the worst nes game ever created besides barbie. mario 3 rules.
Mario 1 is still a good game.

Mario NES is at least.

Mario SNES has stiff controls and some messed-up mechanics.
Don't talk shit about Barbie, her game isn't nearly as bad as crap like Hydelide or Winter Games.
At least Mario has different levels with different challenges in them. Plaything through FFI, you go through many areas and keep running into different monsters as you go, but what you do is always the same. Attack,attack,attack,attack

Unless you have a mage in your party in which case one fight in 20 or on bosses you get to do attack, attack, attack, cast magic.
Nothing is worse than Hydlide.

File: 61G4JRWZWSL.jpg (74 KB, 495x500)
74 KB
>in the retro section of local game shoppe
>platinum version of gran turismo 1 is almost a tenner cheaper

do people really care about platinum ?

I can understand the budger re-release titles that get weird borders around the art work but surely platinum can't be that big of a deal

and I'm pretty sure in GT's case platinum fixes a lof of bugs.

Pic related, the type of thing i was referring to (I rarely see any street fighter games with their normal covers in pal land)
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I even knew people who refused to buy those ones even if the game wasn't available otherwise.

Me too. It was like they didn't want people to know that they didn't get the original release of MGS, so they refuse to buy the copy that's actually available to them. People are fucking weird.
Green labels dont seem rarer at all. When I go to stores or even on ebay and amazon, its almost always the greatest hits version of a game for sale.
I dont care either way though; Ill buy whatever I can get, then if I really like the game I'll look for the other version just to have it
Man my copy of MGS is the one that came with the PS2 trilogy pack, and I'm fine with that.
this is a thing at the used game shop i go to. i dont understand the green/black label or game collection issue since it has nothing to do with the games themselves. would i like to have the big box version of resident evil for ps1? sure, but why wouldnt i get for five bucks on gamecube instead since i really just want to play the game and not worry about the label or box.
Green labels look like shit in a sea of black that is my PS1 games.

You may not care. I don't care about "street cred" I just want my shelf to look clean and uniform. Its why I have universal game cases for my cart games.

I will completely disregard green label or greatest hits versions of games.

1) Its likely that a copy will come up later at some point

2) At this point my backlog and library is so big that not picking up a green label isn't going to realistically effect me in anyway

3) Aesthetics. Taking care of your shit, making it look nice. Uniformity looks good.

4) Don't give a shit about what other people want. Go ahead and fill your collection with green label discs, no one gives a fuck.

File: Etvideogamecover.jpg (19 KB, 267x373)
19 KB

>The 881 games sold on eBay brought in close to $108,000, Lewandowski told the Alamogordo City Commission earlier this week. Buyers came from 45 states and 14 countries.

>Twenty-three games also made their way to museums around the world, including the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., and the Deutsches Film Museum in Frankfurt, Germany.

>But Lewandowski said there are hundreds more cartridges that aren't for sale at this time.

Why does this hobby attract the most retarded people?
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
ET wasn't actually a bad game at its core. The problems stem from the incredibly rushed dev cycle.

The final product is absolutely sunstandard though.
>Literally so many copies of the game were returned that they had to bury them in a landfill.
Tons of games were buried in that landfill. Doesn't have anything to do with their quality.
I'm glad people like these exist. I also think E.T. had something wrong and even in its final state was severely underrated.
>games were returned
No. Some idiots made more copies of the game than there were 2600's made

File: blood1_1.jpg (219 KB, 800x600)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
Blood remake in Quake 3 engine when?

Seriously, that engine is *the* best for recapturing that awesome atmosphere and it's free.
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: capture.jpg (546 KB, 1440x900)
546 KB
546 KB JPG
>a top AAA dev
File: blood_ue402.jpg (78 KB, 620x476)
78 KB
I'm just saying you need the budget of a top tier AAA dev to get the graphical fidelity you need to make a 3D skull that looks as good as the 2D sprite in OP's pic.

Imagine if someone made a 3D Life Leach skull with the graphical fidelity of Quake 3. There's no way it wouldn't look corny in comparison. To make it even half as good you'd need a damn good engine, great shaders and a high polygon count. Of course you need damn good artistic direction, too, but you most definitely also need the tech. I don't see a highly artistic team reproduce a Life Leech that looks anywhere near as good as OP's image with just the equivalent of the unmodified Quake 3 engine alone.

That's only one example, too. The entire 2.5D look, feel and atmosphere of Blood will be very difficult to transition successfully into a fully 3D engine with IDTech3 alone.

Pic related, look how shit this looks compared to the original.
File: B2_life_leech_2.jpg (13 KB, 206x232)
13 KB
I mean shit. Look how bad it looked even in Blood II compared to the original.

Blood II also felt nothing like Blood.
I think the problem is that our brains process 2D/2.5D in different ways. Two dimensional sprites leave some space to our imaginations, in a way thst lets us unconsciously imagine the tridimensional features of the sprite. It's hard to build a 3D model that doesn't include unwanted/unexpectedly/uncanny features from the viewer's point of view.

That's of course my two cents, as I never found any 3D rendition of a 2D object that satisfied me.
I agree. 2.5D and sprites for some reason have a very different feel to a full 3D game.

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