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File: triforce.gif (102 KB, 500x500)
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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier. With the release of the 8th generation of consoles, the Sega Dreamcast will now be considered "retro", though the remainder of the sixth generation (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) will not.

Helpful links:
Game Tech Wiki
Emulation General Wiki

File: eplogo-tag.jpg (18 KB, 295x150)
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With Emuparadise and ISOzone gone, what places are left to download ROMs? I don't want to download sets because it makes me download games I don't want and they will never have some obscure games in them that I do want.
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>I don't want to download sets ...

Then download them individually? You do realize you don't have to download everything in a set and you can choose the files you want individually if you're using torrents, right?

> ... they will never have some obscure games in them that I do want

There are plenty more fish in the sea. If one site doesn't have that 'obscure' game, another most likely will. It might not be the same quality but beggers can't be choosers. Besides, who cares if it's obscure or not, just get what you're interested in and do some research in what you'd like to play and what not. It's not like it takes years of university studies to find that out you know.
>look at me I'm a real 4chan user guys!!
This site assumes you're an adult so even if you aren't one then at the very least ACT like one instead of throwing a hissy fit when people don't like your obviously cross-boarding crap that's irrelevant on this board.
Well americans kinda fucked the world with laws like this, and that and they can print money for free and loan it out with interest
There are still plenty of sites around with full sets you can download individually. If anyone can't find any game they aren't fucking trying.
Coolrom next, then some other lesser known sites, and finally you won't be able to find most of obscure PSx\PS2\PSP\GC\Saturn\Dreamcast\Wii games.
People who say just download romsets don't realize that problem is not 8-16bit but CD and DVD based games.

Anyone here like this game? Or any other old rhythm games for that matter.
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Thanks senpai, that helps a lot desu
File: medium_1_screenshot.png (209 KB, 640x480)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
I played the first one back in 1998, it was in japanese. I didn't understand half of what was happening, but the rhythm itself was easy to understand. I even got one other kid to play the game with me. We only played Gas-O and Beat's stages because the music was faster in them. Never liked the slower songs.

3 years later, I rented the second game and the clerk told me: "You know, you're the only person who has ever rented this game. People here never bothered with it."
The first game had better music except for Kelly baby motif in the first game kinda creeping me out. Her police theme in the second was much better.
File: yeah.png (188 KB, 283x268)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
Just picked up a loose JP copy for almost nothing. Used to rent the shit out of this game.
Lammy and Gitaroo man.
File: The Heat is on.jpg (9 KB, 480x360)
9 KB
>Anyone here like this game?
Of fucking course my man.

File: cover.png (570 KB, 640x639)
570 KB
570 KB PNG
Can anyone who's played this shed some light on whether it's actually a good game or not?
I feel strongly that it would be a good game if I could even vaguely parse what the fuck is going on beyond the first three scenes

>tfw I just know that the translated script would feel too much like a walkthrough and unless I become quite literate in moon I'll never properly experience it

>Or Yuuyami Doori Tankentai

>Until OCR auto-translating filters become a thing

Why are you into retro games and what does it mean to you?

If it helps, cite a specific game and talk about it to explain why you like it despite it being made decades ago. I'm sure a lot of you got into this stuff as kids but people like me didn't get interested until later on in life. I'm interested to know what makes these games so special for them to still be discussed all these years later.
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**Macaco de merda.**
>retro games
I just call them games. Do you refer to Scrabble or chess as “retro board games”?
Because they are better than games from 2003 - present. I feel modern day gaming is getting a little better, but it's nowhere near the fun level like 1985 - 2002 were.
não sabe nem fazer spoiler otario
The sound of chiptunes has nothing to do with bit depth.


File: No!Roms Im sorry.jpg (55 KB, 700x385)
55 KB
Thought they was bluffing. all the games now castaway. Sad :(
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It's better not to make your bed. It traps more perspiration for longer which feeds dust mites. It would be better to hang the bedding.
Mind sharing your GBA collection?
Go away
Fuck off, he offered and I'm gonna take him up on it. All emulator sites I visit have shit GBA libraries if he has everything in one place I'm interested.
https://pastebin.com/qN0TQe2m it's in here along with all the retro console rom sets like NES, SNES, N64, Genesis etc

nice try lol

When I was in grad school, one of my boomer profs had written several articles about game design, including one about gender roles in gaming.

He brought up examples like Lara Croft as a negative. I mentioned Samus and he literally had never heard of Metroid.

Is classic, non-Prime Metroid just obscure to the average person?
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You didn't play the game. You have to tap a direction to dodge. You have to hold down a button to charge.
>auto-lock on that auto-dodges enemies for you
This doesn't make sense..Furthermore, there's nothing wrong with the game's enemy targeting system.
>linear hallways
>no exploration allowed
Yea, that's because the game is purposefully oriented into a fast-paced corridor running action game. Third person lets you see the action better than first when it comes to combat. Makes sense to go for given the drop in immersion by going third person from Prime's first person.
>pixel hunting
>"theatre mode"
Only the cutscenes are bad. Those other negatives have minuscule impact on the game.
It's bird alien magic
I have to agree.

Other M's bad part was largely the cutscenes, the plot, and Samus' characterization. The gameplay was different but fine in its own.

To be honest they should just make their 3D games in the vein of Metroid Prime, and 2D handheld games in the Metroid 2 remake style. Those formulas work.
>To be honest they should just make their 3D games in the vein of Metroid Prime, and 2D handheld games in the Metroid 2 remake style. Those formulas work.

I'm playing Prime 1 now and I didn't really like it until I got the Gravity Suit. Now I'm in that underwater area near the pirate frigate. It feels like a spiritual successor to Super, and the 3D controls took some getting used to, but it's probably the most immersive style for Metroid games.

I wish Samus Returns used pixel art instead of polygons. That's the only real issue I had with it--visually, at least.

Let's discuss retro Megaten (Shin Megami Tensei and such).

We had a good thread the other day.

I'm playing through SMT1 for the SNES and I'm enjoying it. I've just go to Shinagawa... does anyone know how far I am in the game? Am I about half way?
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can we talk about SMT4 here? Lord knows /v/ never plays it
last I checked the 3DS came out after 1999
I just levelled up my heroine from 12 AGI to 13. Probably still not enough.
I think I've found it.


What is the speed stat here? 'ACC'? If so it's at 18. If it's 'AG' it's only 13
If I can get my heroine up to 14 perhaps she can take the initiative

File: 213314.jpg (38 KB, 640x480)
38 KB
The graphics of pre 6th gen games have always been unique.

Yea people love their sprites and hyper realistic 3D games we get nowadays.

Yet alot of people keep shitting on PS1/N64/Saturn era games for their graphics

Yet they have always had this unique art style to them.

I don´t know if Im alone in this or what. But there have always been this special unique charm to these older games
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The color choices. They don't have mouths either. It's kind of noir like.
it was the engine and how developers approached game creation.

now everything uses unreal. I mean, MonHunW is "unique" because it uses fucking cryengine instead.
then the engine would fit the assets, not the other way around.
What do you mean by color choices? Gray?

>They don't have mouths either.
Look again.
world still uses mt framework same as all the other mh games
The latter half of the PS1's lifespan, in particular.

Looking at early PS1 games released in 1995 and PS1 games released in 1998 is like night and day - both the programmers and the artists really learned how to make the most out of what they had to work with.

File: bg1.png (3.69 MB, 1920x1080)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB PNG
Just finished Baldurs Gate II. Amazing game. One of the best RPGs I've ever played (probably have to hand it to Fallout 2 for the GOAT though)

Now I'm trying to slog through baldurs gate 1 again. This must be the 5th time I've tried. I bought it way back in the day when it came on 5 (or was it 6) discs, and even without the disc swapping, slow load times and walking speeds, I can't bring myself to enjoy it. It's such a drag. Half the time I'm just waiting for my characters to walk to the other end of a map because I need to go and get something, only to run into an unwinnable combat or a "you have been waylayed by enemies" which half the time kills half your party before you even have time to react to it, and have to save scum and backtrack some more.
>in bergpost
>try to get Kaigan to find some kid
>he insists on joining my party
>tell him no we're full
>won't talk to me anymore
>agree to get perdue his sword because I need XP (iirc it's good to be level 2 by nashkel right?)
>go west
>you have been waylayed by enemies
>explore the area near high hedge
>robbed by 3 hobgoblins
>pretty much unwinnable
>have my cleric cast tangle and run away

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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which avernum is that?
well just unironically spent 5 hours in darklands character creation screen and still didn't manage to make a party
fuck this piece of shit game for retarded gay-ass boomers
It's been days. Figures I would choose now to reinstall.
Still fucking down.
It's dead

File: Kingsfield1_cover[1].jpg (37 KB, 315x315)
37 KB
Is this series any good?
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>KF4 has great magic, each spell has 3 tiers as you level it up, plus it has six elements instead of 5 like in 3 and 3.

I think there are 6 elements and 5 crystals for each right? 30 spells all together
>unlike the weapons where you're always switching them too fast to level the magic just fucking owns and never stops

Unless you run out of mana which is rare as fuck in KF4. I think some weapons/items replenish mana (the trifang did in KF1) but until you get those - which is somewhere near end game - the mage build is absolutely useless.
Mushrooms seem plentiful enough but I'm not too far yet.
Does this game ever get a decent map?
Or is it just more things like the caretakers map?
It doesn't take long at all to gain access to the MP-healing fountain and the clarity bracelet, which is enough to allow for pretty heavy magic usage. MP-restoring consumables are also fairly common.

There is a better map in the game.

What kinds of /vr/ related stuff have you bought from the grorious rand of China?

I bought a bunch of controller extender cables off Aliexpress for like $1.50 each. They work perfectly, was a great purchase. I also bought the GB Boy Colour, it's okay but I'm a bit put off by the screen. It's clearly not designed for Game Boy games.
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That battery in there, is very very scary.
Seriously, never buy anything with lithium batteries. They WILL blow up or at least expand at one point because they are the worst quality possible.
please leave, rene
>also lel >buying 3.3V flash shit for 5V consoles

> I fear what I don't understand.

It's pretty fucking rare to have this shit happen. If you don't trust the quality of the battery replace it with one from a reputable distributer like digikey/mouser.

Batteries are only sketch if you're really pushing them to the specs like ecig people were a few years back when mechs were a thing and folks trying to pull order of magnitude more current than the battery was spec'd for. BUT even then all that happens is the battery vents. The grenade meme was just from people feeling theirselves too much because they could solve v=ir. They also tended to be the the folks who paid $200 for a metal tube. Basically the audiophiles of ecigs.

These days most lithium batteries have protection circuits making shorts and pulling too much current a non issue.

Lithium is fine if you use some common sense and don't try to push some sketchy Chinese no name brand to the limits of the engrish datasheet.

Stop spreading fear anon.

> Diode vreg

Americans would throw in $5 of shit to get 3.3v, Chinese just toss in a diode and call it a day. Must be a blast working as a engineer in China always playing on the edge of specs, shaving cents off bom's.

That said this is the reason I don't buy shit that plugs into mains from China. I don't want to be that statistics who gets electrocuted or has their house burn down. Low voltage stuff though yolo if it works it works.

DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread >>4977940

Gameplay, WADs/Maps/Mods, Source Ports
All other retro FPS welcome
~~ Let's post like gentlemen ~~


Doom: https://cdn2.desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/vr/image/1503/77/1503778360511.png
Doom Downloads:
+ IWADs and more (>3 GB): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B47V8l2eVZKxRU82S3JkZkdBRXM
+ PortaDOOM: https://spideroak.com/browse/share/Kroc/PortaDOOM/releases/

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I wasn't fond of how the first mod handled it that much. Does GS2 do anything differently?
see >>4984906
GS1 had default jump height and air control, he buffed those stats for GS2 making shit feel way better.
GS1 had default shitty jump. GS2 has ITSAME MARIO jump.
didnt know andrea was a dudes name

File: 1534177382337.jpg (58 KB, 960x720)
58 KB
>people actually bought this piece of trash
36 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Meant to reply to that tard

>i love being poor
CRT + composite video for the authentic experience.
>bandridge is $60 on amazon and apparently has trouble with csync.
got a link?
>>it scales. up.

>Some output modes differ wildly from standard HDTV inputs though, which can cause compatibility issues.

So yeah, it's the shittiest scaler to resolutions larger than 480p/576p on the planet. Yay.
Jesus fuck I could literally buy 10 4x SCART switches for that price here.

File: nessie and genny.png (464 KB, 549x760)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
any place to order reproduction labels for my retro games? I specifically want some for a bunch of atari 2600 carts, but i also need a new streets of rage 2 label for nes game pack.
oh, not retro but also could use one for mario kart super circuit on game boy advance
Literally Ebay, but they are stupidly expensive, like 3.50 a piece.

Its cheaper to print your own, thats what im doing with the spine labels for my Super Famicom games, only problem ive had is i cant find the perfect paper to print them on, i dont know where to get that paper that looks shinny and glossy like DVD covers, all i can find si the regular matte finish one.

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