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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier. With the release of the 8th generation of consoles, the Sega Dreamcast will now be considered "retro", though the remainder of the sixth generation (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) will not.

Helpful links:
Game Tech Wiki
Emulation General Wiki

File: konami_treasure.jpg (87 KB, 600x300)
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Who wins?
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Irem obviously, what did Nazca do besides Metal Slug?
File: smugoldman.jpg (134 KB, 400x400)
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134 KB JPG
What is Konami's answer to...

>Bangai-O (free-roaming shmup)
>Sin & Punishment (3D rail shooter)
>Light Crusader (isometric action-RPG)
>Yu Yu Hakusho (4-person fighter)
You only say it's bad because you suck at it, go play easy modo Sunset Riders baby
File: marina.gif (924 KB, 497x331)
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924 KB GIF
yeah, nah

That isn't even a side-scroller. Are you OK anon?

File: raiden.jpg (229 KB, 743x474)
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229 KB JPG
>go on /vr/
>no mortal kombat thread

I am disappoint.

Mortal Kombat 2 is the best game in the franchise.

If you disagree fight me irl.
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>balance the martial arts and dark fantasy aspects
MK1 did it better... its simpler play mechanics just didn't hold up as well as 2 did.
Everybody get pumped and get on Kano's side

Johnny Cage says YOU will die!

i thought in either mk1 or mk2 he alternated between "come here" and "get over here"... or am i confusing that with mk4?
>release barebones, incomplete game.
>Sell a measly 100,000 units in five months after an initial underselling shipment of 1.4 million

Capcom are such a joke. I'm glad it's all coming down on them now, although it has been for a while. MKX is so much better than SFV it's not even funny.

File: oot.jpg (255 KB, 1642x1200)
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255 KB JPG
It's Ocarina of Time's 18th birthday. Say something nice about it.
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Neat. I never even thought of using Din's fire on shadow Link. Only used it to light torches I guess.
>the music and atmosphere trophy goes to Majoras Mask, though.

No, it really doesn't. The music of MM is mostly monotonous or otherwise copypasted from OoT and used out of context. It lacks the same variety and contrasting play of feelings.
Oh look it's this bullshit again;

>b-but Nintendo didn't invent anything!

George Lucas didn't invent shit either when he made Star Wars. What a fucking fraud, eh?
Well fuck, in 20 years that once occurred to me either.
>Egoraptor is a faggot who couldn't even graduate highschool

Preach it brudda!

Jesus tap dancing christ. I played Ages hard back in 2002 and never touched it since finishing it and I had forgotten the layouts of the dungeons and puzzles and jesus fucking christ what the fuck. I have not been this god damn stumped since the Ice Dungeon in ALttP.

God fuck I never played Seasons because I got so burnt out on Zelda because of Ages.

And fuck that "rhythm" goron part.
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dick balls
I admit this part made me quit the game the first time I played it, but I was a casual fuck back then.
Since then I've learnt to appreciate the greatness of this game.
I've started playing Ages after Seasons, and it's so much better, Seasons doesn't even compare.
I dont feel like starting a new thread to ask.

But this linked/code stuff in seasons/ages is confusing.

I finished Ages, now moving onto Seasons with a code, lots of references to my time in Ages and looked online for these code things and cant find shit in Ages.

I am getting all sorts of code things and shit in Seasons, but I cannot find any of the code givers in Ages.

Do I seriously need to finish Seasons and replay Ages to do all these codes?

File: Cog97V_VMAQe8y_.jpg (25 KB, 540x378)
25 KB
Give it to me straight, /vr/

What are the chances we'll ever see the conclusion to the Ecco series?

Annuziata was turned down by Sega a couple of years ago. Is the dream dead? But retro is in, and games long thought dead are rising from the grave like Shenmue. Could it happen?
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There was a kikestarter for Ecco III but it failed.

Yes. And it had a code you were supposed to use in Ecco III to prove you beat 2.


That was for an original game by Annuziatta featuring marine life.

I want the story finished.
>I want the story finished.
Easy. Just get at least $1 million

I am currently eating peanut butter out of a jar with a spoon because I can't afford to buy bread
A better question is when will we finally see Ecco in Super Smash Bros?

File: aoe2paint.png (157 KB, 715x488)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
Is there any sort of /vr/ group for Age of Empires 2? I've been getting back into that game and Steam never really looks too busy.

File deleted.
How to start a super nintendo collection without raping the wallet?
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Being old enough to play SNES games when they were new means being old enough for the glorious days of the secondhand game market that was the late 90s/early 00s. That shit was magical, nobody wanted old games.
I think there was an RHfix patch for Star Ocean which allows it to play in real hardware.
>thinking he can find anything at reasonable prices from those sources in this day and age
top kek. You're lucky if you can score a crappy sports game for $5.
Only SD2SNES. It's too big for a Super Everdrive to handle.
File: 1477705869772.png (273 KB, 1153x499)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
>tfw i'll never be too big to handle

File: 1472276272446-2.jpg (32 KB, 648x209)
32 KB
Why are there so many people on /vr/ in their 20s and early 30s ranting about "millennials"?

Millennials grew up in the golden age of gaming (gens 3-6), when developers actually cared to finish their games before releasing them. Aren't you looking for Homelanders (yes, that's what they seriously call them)?
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Kind of like how adults today can't live without electricity or a vehicle.

Exactly, you got my point. Each generation is dependent to something.
>Why are there so many people on /vr/ in their 20s and early 30s ranting about "millennials"?

Because underage users fell for the millennial hate meme. Why do you think we have so many YouTube e-celeb threads? Underage don't actually play retro games, they just watch AVGN and then shitpost about retro games on /vr/.

And lol @ that image. Boomers fucked up the economy, now they're scapegoating us because we aren't picking up the tab for their mistakes?


They watch other stuff, like Game Grumps and other more "in" youtubers. AVGN is like the gramps of youtube and nowadays kids only mention it for the cuck meme.

It's like thinking kids still use Fancebook. They see FB as a mom and dad thing.
>I started on 4chan as an underage b&.
I think most people do.

File: image.jpg (2.36 MB, 3264x2448)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB JPG
Ay Ay ay post your battlestation, setup or whatever
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If you haven't updated to the most recent release (at the very least stable) you should do yourself a favor and do so.
File: Untitled.jpg (380 KB, 1602x911)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
these all connect to a big CRT on the other side of the room, can't really fit it into a picture.
i like those colors in the super famicom. how do you remove those n64 games? look pretty thigh fit.
you need to dust your stuff down familia
should i import a nip one? Will i need to do any modifications to get it working on a PAL TV, also you can set the language to your preference on all dreamcast models right? So hopefully i won't have to deal with learning moon runes

File: REO-A1075-2.jpg (142 KB, 500x402)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Looking for Genesis and Master System recommendations, especially anything sim, strategy, homebrew, or Western RPG like. But recommendations in general welcomed as well.

Also open to hearing if there is a better sub 50 dollar mobile gaming option?
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Why the fuck would you buy that? Have you even done research on it?

Do this. Not only can you easily find one and mod it for cheaper than $30, the Genesis emulators for it are significantly better than that Chinese trash and you can emulate nearly all pre-PS1 systems.
Do look up Ashens.
I would put the value nearer to $15. If I saw a brand new boxed one I might pay $20. A $20 PSP is going to be beat. I agree with everyone else that for $30 a PSP would be better and worth the hassle
>Bout to grab one of these bad boys for 30 bucks

OP, you really need to do some research. Those devices poorly virtualize Genesis hardware. The sound is utter shit and way off pitch. I don't even think they support SRAM saves, which means no Shining Force, Phantasy Star, etc.
But it isn't

File: Mean_Machines_Issue_1.jpg (386 KB, 1071x1407)
386 KB
386 KB JPG
Prove you're an oldfag, let's talk retro magazines.

I actually had a letter printed in the Mean Yob section.
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PSX demo discs fucking ruled
I always thought EGM was the best magazine by far back then

and I still do, even though I've learned some members of the review crew were just pseudonyms for guys writing two reviews
File: IMG_20161202_160718.jpg (783 KB, 1920x2560)
783 KB
783 KB JPG
>Prove you're an oldfag, let's talk retro magazines

File: 3iKmbPJ.png (376 KB, 865x413)
376 KB
376 KB PNG
Of these Final Fantasies, which is the best? I've already played IV, VI, and VII, so disregard those.

Also Final Fantasy thread I guess.
42 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
FFIV for the DS because it's more challenging than the rest
>VIII is the best of the PS trilogy.
Don't lie to him.
File: Amano_FFII_Cast.jpg (256 KB, 760x1000)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
The story feels like a scattered, disconnected patchwork; much like the game maps bunch of separate environments that only interact through plot scenes that I don't influence.

I enjoy some of the characters, and the story has its moments. Mechanically, the game play doesn't really stand out or give me much time and space to experiment with character customization.

I like the game, but I haven't played it in more than a decade. It's getting into the territory that keeps me away from FF7 and beyond, and other games in the series are more to my taste.

>Also XV is great.
but not this

File: download9.jpg (6 KB, 275x183)
6 KB
What's a good phone/tablet that's good for emulation? Preferably affordable.

Hoping to at least get Mario 64 or Banjo 1 running decently.
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Shut up, autist.
I've discovered that the best way to emulate is by destroying perfectly good retro consoles, replacing their guts with a Raspberry Pi, hooking them up to a LCD HDTV and using a smartphone as a wireless controller
Asus S8.0's been pretty good. Not the newest one, the one that runs on 5.0.

You just want to get the Marshmallow update running immediately and trash the obscenely huge amount of bloatware. Then you have a pretty nice tab to work with at a cheap price.

I don't know dick about 64 but it runs all of PS1 pretty smooth.
>Hoping to at least get Mario 64 or Banjo 1 running decently.

You're not going to get suitable N64 emulation on any platform, except modding a Wii and downloading Virtual Console WADs. But not every N64 game is accessible this way.

>Raspberry Pi

Can't handle N64 emulation.

Never owned one as a kid so it's not retro

File: image.jpg (65 KB, 800x800)
65 KB
ITT: Thoughts on the Everdrive 64 v3

A custom N64 flashcart cartridge that can play all PAL, NTSC-U & NTSC-J roms on any N64 console WITHOUT EMULATION! We are essentially bypassing the dodgy N64 emulation options by using real hardware with real software, albeit software from roms. No slowdown, no glitchiness, no emulation jank.

It allows us to have nearly 100% compatability with all N64 games ever released worldwide, allows us to play N64 software with our authentic controllers, allows us to quickly use the inbuilt gameshark feature to unlock everything or activate cheats etc., and it allows us to play many modded, homebrew, unreleased and demo games on official hardware.

These mods include:
- Banjo-Kazooie, thanks to the community over at Banjo's Backpack who have crafted many new levels and games in the Banjo-Kazooie engine
- Goldeneye, thanks to the community at GoldeneyeVault, who bring us 85 new multiplayer levels, 93 new singleplayer levels, and most importantly, GOLDENEYE X - which is Goldeneye multiplayer in the more powerful Perfect Dark Engine.
- Perfect Dark mods
- F-Zero mods
- Diddy Kong racing mods
- Etc.

Now my questions to all of /vr/ are:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
29 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

fuck off shill
>1) What do you think of the Everdrive N64 v3

That your aggressive marketing only has the opposite intended effect. The more you shill your services on /vr/, the more potential customers you alienate.

>2) Do you think it's the perfect way to play N64 roms as it circumvents janky emulation

No, for two reasons:

1.) It's absurdly overpriced compared to an alternative such as softmodding a Wii and downloading VC WADs. Nintendo's in-house emulation isn't that shitty.

2.) Flash cart compatibility isn't perfect, so this method isn't actually a step up from emulation to begin with.

>3) If you had the money, and wanted to buy something really special for your SO who loves the N64, would you buy this as a gift

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Do you have a blog so I can read more of your bad opinions?


That really convinced me to buy your ShitDrive.
Where's the blog dude? I want to see more epic crusades against those damn dirty shills.

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