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File: file.png (98 KB, 480x360)
98 KB
When will the retro vidya market finally crash and prices will plummet?
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>copypasting a line from Wikipedia
Wow what an infallible argument
Not if the next generation of NEETs and hikkis aren't interested in original hardware. I see a lot fewer of them into the physical stuff than our age (also 29) and they're much more willing to embrace emulators on smartphones which to me feel nothing like the real thing.
every single square has truth to it
When GameStop got rid of their retro games in the 2000s, everything got more expensive. Games used to be cheaper online than in stores too.
Yes but humans are pattern-matching monkeys who want to find some way to make every dot they connect significant, and blind ridicule is really hip right now.

File: 20171210_223634.png (92 KB, 637x768)
92 KB
Why was the Saturn such a fuckup lads?
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>they don't really demand MEANINGFUL stories

You're right but I think that's because they've rarely to never had them. You can't know what you're missing when you've never experienced it.

It's not actually really a bad thing because narrative-first design is incredibly demanding while gameplay-first allowes you to be agile and adaptive in a way that has massively benefited those elements which make games distinct from other forms of media. That's given us a rapid evolution of form that has yielded all the tools, tech and conventions that narrative-first games can now take advantage of.
And when they do happen it's a pleasant novelty, and that too is a good thing because those rare games are worth appreciating.

I think since we seem to be at the beginning of a dark age of cloned garbage in which every gameplay innovation leads to a sea of identical bullshit to the point that there's now basically zero thrill in trying a new title, we'll probably see more swing towards narrative experiences (the last few years of walking sim garbage being clumsy first steps in that direction).

>Back in 1990 do you actually think they would have went out of their way like this to tell people about stories? Not even in 1995 they would have.
You seem to be completely forgetting about Interactive Fiction, which has always been huge, and directly lead to a lot of graphical genres. We wouldn't have Adventure on the 2600 without Cave Adventure/whatever. A lot of shit happened in text decades before we had the tech to do it in action form.

saturn pad is the best pad ever made, that's why so many shmup players, arcade players etc use it but of course you're to low level to even know anything, probs an rpg player.
We agree with each other then, good to know.

I want to buy one of these with an adaptor just for emulation. Best 2D controller ever, only rivaled by arcade sticks.
Holly shit can you talk more about this, please ?
File: p7zu8lims6ez.jpg (56 KB, 750x600)
56 KB
Sure, but I think we covered the basics ITT already. It's been leaking into a giant modern cross-media "conspiracy" in the last few years that you probably already know about if you follow modern gaming, but I could probably connect some dots.
What would you like to know?

Any grandpas here? How does PC gaming in the 90s differ from 2017?
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Yeah, I could see that. My grandkids don't get to visit often, but when they do it's hilarious to see them boot up my old IBM and wonder why there's no desktop and no games they can get to immediately.
One of them once took a look at my copy of Breach 3 and said "Wow, this art is so old" and I almost fell over.
IRC was a lot of fun back then, though. A lot of good times were had with people who knew when the pool was open.
having to use disks for anything.
I'd say the same if I saw someone playing that and those were the sort of games I played when I was a kid. Doesn't mean I wouldn't be interested though.
File: eye-of-the-beholder.jpg (142 KB, 800x1008)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
i want to go on vacation and play some of these again.
Breach wasn't out when I was a kid, Anon. In fact, almost none of the games we ever talk about here existed when I was a kid.
I was in my 20's when I picked up Breach 3.

File: Nina and Patty.gif (355 KB, 300x400)
355 KB
355 KB GIF
I feel like pixel art requires more skill to produce a quality result compared to 3d models + textures. does anybody else feel completely unimpressed by models? even average quality pixel graphics look 10x better to me than fallout 4's texture vomit, which gave me a massive headache after 30 minutes. pixel sprites are kind of magic when you look closely at each little detail (nina's left hand and wings, patty's chest and hair), models don't really have any artistic quality quite like that. am i just getting old? i want to enjoy newer games but they strain my eyes and until they have remade d&d stronghold it's not worth the pain.
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I already went over this. Texturing is it's own job. Making the texture's move is animation which is it's own job. And the model is a 3rd job.

This is a 3 person job (4 people if you want particles which have gotten so complicated they now require a specialist). All of these jobs require a different skill set. Making the sprite character is a one person job.

And it gets expontially bigger because once you have 3-4 people working on something you need a manager that keeps everything organzied and the production pipe-line smooth. That's now yet another person.

There's a reason that a single pixel artist can make all the assets for a game while 3D games require massive teams. To be able to do EVERY aspect of 3D graphics well working with high res high poly models would take a fucking prodigy. And even if such a person existed he wouldn't have enough hours in the day to make everything himself. Because doing all the 4k textures, a 50k poly model, making 200 animations takes a hell out of a lot more time than doing the complete sprite sheets for 16x16 characters.
File: 1510766744731.gif (46 KB, 340x620)
46 KB
>I already went over this. Texturing is it's own job. Making the texture's move is animation which is it's own job. And the model is a 3rd job.

>need three people to produce an inferior product

the ABSOLUTE state of 3Diots
You do realize there are indie game companies that task one person to do more than one of the roles you've listed, right? While you're not wrong with your breakdown that is often the case for middle to large game companies.
File: a42.jpg (76 KB, 600x939)
76 KB
>Anyone on /vr/ defending 3D
3D art didn't stop looking vomit-inducingly awful until well into 2000s.
>pixel art is the same any 2d art
>3d modeling and animation is harder than pixel art
The fuck is going on in this thread?

if a game saves to memory card on n64 are ingame options as well
>when everyone on the board is a stupid brazilian

File: Snes-Classic.jpg (48 KB, 960x480)
48 KB
Whats youre opnion on the SNES classic, /vr/?
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I only play the real thing (tm)
What's wrong, anon? Are you implying I should've went for the sd2snes, saying I should use original carts, or is this in regard to the 3.3 Volt thing?
Are MMX2/3 really worth the extra hundred dollars when you could get the MMX collection for $10?
niggest nigger detected
File: 1512988055089.jpg (144 KB, 572x303)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
I can't find one in the store.
I've found controllers though. Any reason to get one even if I can't get the system itself? Are they any good on the Wii?

File: sonic_composite.webm (2.95 MB, 720x480)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB WEBM
why was it so awful?
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genesis composite is infamous for being the worst of any console though

i don't believe that at all
who ever says that is a cuck and a failure
you're trying too hard
Because Sega can't design a PCB for shit. Several PCB revisions have a bunch of high-frequency signals running right next to the video traces, causing rainbow banding and jailbars both in composite and RGB. It's not the encoder's fault, it's purely Sega's shoddy design work. Not much you can do short of pulling the signals straight off the VDP and building your own encoder circuit far away from the noisy board.

It's funny comparing the Genesis composite output with a console that actually has good composite video, like the PC Engine. The Genesis is a mess.
The CDX has a nifty wave nose pattern going in the background.

Which one is the best?
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>Finally, the last battle! Red, the last among the toughest trainers is the opponent! How will the challenger take on the wily veteran which prevailed through hundreds of battles? Victory is within sight, go for it!

The announcer really was the best part about this game, or at least one of them.
>either they had to reprogram the Super Game Boy code entirely for N64...or they just emulated the SNES.
It wouldn't be at all surprising for them to have just thrown something custom to run on the RCP(or just on the CPU) rather than emulating an entire SNES without any need for it.
>6502 assembly
None of those systems have a 6502. The SNES CPU is a successor, but it's a very different beast.

>nobody coded in C for the SNES
A lot of Koei games are and there could be others. There is some SNES homebrew floating around that has been written in C.

Like >>4459898 says, a lot of GB emulators are able to fake SGB commands just to display the border if a game has one.
more namefags every time... why do you do this do you need some sort of online validation? go to reddit people can even vote give you +points if that makes you happy
>every time
I've been here since /vr/ started. I use a trip so I can easily reference back to previously made posts, which often end up being decently lengthy and technical bullshit for hardware (and more often than not, CRT) threads rather than having to rewrite shit repeatedly or manually archiving stuff.

If there was an invisible hash that could be tracked instead, that'd work too, but there isn't.

File: 321vyt.jpg (284 KB, 800x600)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
Replaying all of the neo geo renditions of Metal Slug (via emulator bc poor fag) and I was curious to know how /vr/ would rate them from best to worst?

Currently on the 4th entry (including X aka v.2.1) and I have to say so far 3rd is my least fav just bc it appears to be made with full intent to kill you whenever possible. Nothing new but it seems the reaction time was removed to some of these scenarios/boss battles, but otherwise a good game nontheless.

Also so far I'd say X > 1 > 2 > 3
23 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's a sluggish game series
Which aspects about Metal Slug 3 do you find unfair? I'm currently trying to 1CC the game and I found a fair bit of weird stuff like enemies gaining iframes or different healthpools for the same kind of enemy. The yellow petal attack on the fourth boss is also 100% RNG I'm sure. On a different note I would advise to give 1CC'ing Metal Slug 1 a try. You'll prbably be able to get it within a week or two.
Probably due to lack of skill but that robot boss which shoots a beam that (practically) goes across the screen always gets me. I know where I should go but the time to react is so short it often leads to death majority of the time I notice it coming.

Also finished 4 and 5 with the latter being better. Think 4 is my least fav. Now on to 6 and XX.
It's possible to get a slug into the fight if you use the submarine route but that's a risky trade for some iframes when exiting the vehicle. The warehouse is though. Never had trouble with the beams before but I play on default difficulty. Maybe they're faster on 4levels 4+. Absolutely hate the alien fight in Mission 2 myself.

File: Ultima.png (57 KB, 2000x679)
57 KB
What order do I play the Ultima Games?
Which ones do I skip, if any?
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>The Apple ][ releases were hardly professional

Ultima 1 was just written in BASIC but 2-3 are professionally-made games coded in asm and the Apple ones are the best versions of the games available.
Even Richard Gariot admitted the code for Ultima 2 was lousy.
You can write good code in BASIC and bad code in assembly.
What does the Apple offer over the alternatives aside from being the original? 3 in particular has a lot of viable alternatives.
>3 in particular has a lot of viable alternatives
Not really. The C64 and IBM ports are both pretty shitty.

I guess there's also the Atari 8-bit port; I haven't heard anything particularly bad about it.
And the Amiga/Atari ST port. And the NES port. And the FM Towns port. And the Macintosh port. And so on.
For the C64 you have Ultima 3 Gold which fixes all the shitty code and offers a bunch of improvements.
I think it implements enough of them that you can load/save files. Some of the extended functions probably aren't supported, but games generally wouldn't need them anyway.

File: pics-tokens-generic02.jpg (54 KB, 452x434)
54 KB
Alright 1cc'ers, either admit you're full of shit or the games you've actually completed.
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Are you pretending to be retarded or what? 1cc just means completing a game in one credit, not "your first run ever", of course you have to practice before a 1cc you lazy ass.
In any case there are a few games easy enough to 1cc on your first try, like Twin Cobra 2.
File: Puyo Puyo Tsu 1cc.jpg (79 KB, 641x479)
79 KB
Puyo Puyo Tsu
This makes me wanna go play some puyo puyo, thanks desu.
You're welcome.

File: sms.jpg (2.48 MB, 4000x2200)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB JPG
Sure is hard to find good games on this thing...
It literally has no games
The NES even got ports from it
Aleste is pretty good, but that's like the only thing I've played.
Golden Axe Warrior, Phantasy Star, Shinobi and the Sonic games are pretty fun.
The naruto game on it is royale good innit? found it in a proper bin didnt i? popped it into my seega and the controls felt fine on the seega paddle. anyway i need to get back to driving my lori theres a right fit lad on my route i think would be keen for a buggering.
Alex the Kidd in Miracle World
Ghouls and Ghosts

probably a fair bit of nostaliga goggles but I still like these two games on the master system.

File: boop.jpg (68 KB, 800x600)
68 KB
Anyone know what the thing is that the statue is holding? I already got it, but it did nothing, so that's why I'm asking.
Pic related, metroid, obviously.
Thanks anon
You have to be over 13 to post here.
Thought it was 18
found the 14 year old

What is /vr/'s opinion on the remakes in Wily Wars?
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The game was literally programmed by chinks

Same reason why the pc engine remake of ninja gaiden has fucked up parallax
One of the neatest things about Wily Wars is how you can cheat to mix weapons between games and they actually work, complete with proper weakness tables (Like Fire Man being weak to Bubble Lead or Wood Man being weak to Fire Storm). Makes you wonder why it wasn't a real feature of the game.
That's a big Megaguy
Don't you have to fight certain bosses in Wily Tower?
I really like it. They feel a bit off from the originals, but they’re still enjoyable. I like the graphical style. It’s a good update of the original without going overboard or re-interpreting.

File: Perfect Dark.webm (1.81 MB, 852x480)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB WEBM

last thread here: >>4410013
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File: sin_classic_gaming2.webm (2.93 MB, 468x351)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
>kill secretary
>quit the game

lol nice

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