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File: Rosa Felmonde.gif (1.29 MB, 500x465)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB GIF
Rosa is /fit/ af
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as fit as the artstyle would allow at least
File: 1386813397739.gif (39 KB, 189x410)
39 KB
oulan from suikoden 2
File: 43724493_big_p0.jpg (756 KB, 1200x1500)
756 KB
756 KB JPG
Oh yeah. She's hot.
The left version looks really good. Is it fan-made?
I think it's supposed to be the sprite from the BGA games with SNES Samus's bod and costume, but I'm not completely sure.

File: FO2-Screenshot-6.jpg (655 KB, 1600x900)
655 KB
655 KB JPG
I've tried UnderRail, Shadow (HK and Original), Torment Numenera...
But I keep coming back to this masterpiece.
Despite playing it many times over the years, I've never beaten it.
Just started a new game a couple nights ago and I've discovered lots of new quests.
Why is this game so fucking immersive?

>Favorite companion
>Favorite Perks
>Favorite town/quest
>Preferred build and gear
FO2 thread pls.
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Fantastic game imo. I like Fallout 1 but it feels like a demo version for Fallout 2 since the quests are far more simplistic and the game is much shorter.
Nice you're giving it an old spin.
I remember jumping on 2 immediately i finished 1. I played them years after release, sadly.
Finished the trial and got out of Arroyo, but then I kept making excuses (The humor, how Klamath was so cluttered, etc.) and left it aside. A year later i reinstaled and had a blast.
Either Skynet or Marcus.
Sniper and Pack Rat. Bloody Mess and Fast Shot for traits.
>Fav town and quest.
I liked Gecko and the energy plant situation. Blowing up the bathroom is a mission that always comes to mind.
I also loved sniping the robots at the entrance of the Sierra depot and getting in.
>Build and gear.
Mostly Small Guns + Science + Lockpick. Would emply rifles and machineguns most of the time. Made the character moslty around Int and Per, but Str also to carry things around.
Great game, took me a few rolls to figure out how to beat it. I went with Middleg Aged dude with tagged Outdoorsmen, Lasers and gambling and ran to Vegas to grab a pistol. Then it was gettting Marcus and figuring out EXp dumps from there. Need to finish a run trying to get Skynet tagging Stealth, Science and throwing with Melee getting boosted. Science Ninja! I want K9 as well.

>Favorite companion
Myron, baby!

>Favorite Perks
idk need another run maximise fun but Sniper was useful. Trying more melee stuff

>Favorite town/quest
I really liked Vault City, the sterile soundtrack and setting. I was bummed you couldn't help those Orwellian fucks take over the Waste. All they get is assimilated. I liked talking to their boneheaded leader.

>Preferred build and gear

I try hard to fight against Small Guns/Speech/Lockpick or whatever the meta is. I like tagging a "character" trait, and using Laser weapons especially early on in the series for the animations.
I can't wait to get the Sniper perk. Right now I'm using better criticals with small guns at like 120%. It's fucking DOPE scoring a crit 25% of the time. Bloody mess always seemed like sort of a waste, though.
Fallout 1 was really good. I beat it with Dogmeat and... I forget the other guy's name. I remember it being brutal getting Dogmeat through the lazer fences at some point.
But yeah, FO2 is huge compared to 1.
I'm always impressed by the environment and the quests. In my current run I discovered a fucking ghost in the Den and ended up finding her pendant.
Also killed Metzger for the first time. Felt so good.
I really want to find Sulik's sister and figure that shit out.

>they didn’t main Viper
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You misspelled "nigga that's kawaii as fuck"
I remember the dreamcast game had ads in every game magazine at the time. I really wanted to play it, but didn't own a dreamcast at the time so I never did.
>VO was at local pizza place
>always picked Viper due to speed
>friends would make fun of the pink color and call me gay

Man life was hard as a kid huh.
the meteor dive was cool but probably not my favorite special

File: SimCity2k-625x350.jpg (136 KB, 625x350)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Finally someone is making an open source port of Sim City 2000

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File: 1518546794999.png (1.16 MB, 1440x1236)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
File: sc2k.gif (141 KB, 540x400)
141 KB
141 KB GIF
Just how many industrial zones am i meant to have? I'm always hesitant to put them down because of pollution

File: Rolento.png (109 KB, 1266x512)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
Hello again, I posted a thread talking about graphical improvements to Final Fight for Openbor a while back and I wanted to update you guys on some progress. I've finally finished Rolento and currently working on reworking the colors for Sodom and Belger. I've used the colors that were on him in the Gameboy version as I never really liked the original sprites. I don't know if I should make another version with his original colors. But that's up to you personally.

File: cute-lillith1.jpg (50 KB, 481x640)
50 KB
Darkstalkers thread.
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File: x7.png (1.17 MB, 955x1500)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
This. Lilith has the same body as Morrigan, minus the boobs.
What a strange thing to post and then immediately delete.
I mean look at this. You can't call that bod a loli, can you?
File: 66292599_p0.jpg (1.54 MB, 1339x1685)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB JPG

I don't blame you.

>it's a "European game with very nice graphics and fun gameplay, but vague hit- and hurtboxes combined with large characters make it a challenge to play" episode
That's a very specific episode.
>It's a 'this is really just Three Wonders's platform shooter with a new skin' episode

Not a bad thing at all. Hard as fuck though like all of Arcade Zone's games. I really want to like Iron Commando at times cus it's a gigantic Cadillacs ripoff and Cadillacs is best berutu sukurolla, but it's kind of poorly made.

File: Street_Fighter_Alpha.jpg (900 KB, 850x1102)
900 KB
900 KB JPG
What does vr think of the Street Fighter alpha series?
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Because fans will buy it anyway so why bother
Capcom Generation 5
Because they're only including games that were in actual arcade cabinets.
>all these BRs
No. Why would I? There's also no training mode which was one of the few reasons I was considering it (for 3s).

>Hyper SFII
because CE sagat, CE guile, CE bison, HF blanka, and HF ryu would be SO fun to play online against right?

File: earthbound poster.png (2.34 MB, 1920x1080)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB PNG
lets have a comfy earthbound thread on /vr/ because they always go too fast anywhere else

what was your favorite part or NPC?
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File: earthbound.jpg (475 KB, 1280x981)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
id love to see an EB cartoon.
so much potential.
Nah, stop motion or nothing.
how can you do cool fights with stop motion? fuck outta here with that.
Have you forgotten that most promo art for the series was done with those beautiful handmade figures?
Hell, they were even on the back of the game's box like pic related.
They're cute, charming, and stop motion naturally conveys that oddball charm Earthbound looks for.
As for action, have you not seen Laika studios Kubo & The Two Strings? It can be done, and wonderfully so.
>Guiegue had foster mommy issues
>Porky Minch had epic mommy issues
>Lucas' mommy issues were buried after the second chapter.

This is a bizarre question but...does anyone know what retro song is game this music is from? It’s on around the 6:40 mark. Thanks

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nobody cares about you shilling your shit video
Don’t be an asshole, nobody is going to shill a 2 year old video.
Simpsons died long ago man I’m sorry.
OP is.

return the favor?
probably not retro but :3

File: dualshock-usb-adapter.jpg (46 KB, 500x373)
46 KB
Ey boys, how's these DualShock to USB adapters?

Are they PERFECT?
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So you say. I have no problems playing my favorite games emulated on my PC, whatever input lag there may be I can't notice
Gotta love that male pattern baldness
I have one. It works well but doesn't support vibration which would be nice
Does it have support for NegCon controllers? I heard not all have it
I think those generic adapters can support vibration, but only through drivers. Windows already has drivers for them, but the vibration function is not included.

Anyone know of a good crash bandicoot emulator? I found one a month ago but for some reason it literally plays at fuckinng half speed and it takes almost 30 minutes to pass the first level.
Yeah, it's called buying a fucking $30 PS1 you cheap kike.
Does it Crash?
File: Hugokir.jpg (33 KB, 480x360)
33 KB
play hugo games instead

File: IMG_5030.jpg (50 KB, 450x338)
50 KB
I'm not young, but I'm just now getting into these games. I have been playing a ton of R-Type Delta and Einhander. Can anyone recommend me some other good ones? What are your favorites? Why did no one ever tell me that the FFTactics composer did music for this type of game?
55 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
I started with Ketsui so must be autistic.
Speaking of autism Espgaluda and every Cave game that came before it are retro right?
Cave is shit
Wow, I never thought of them that way before. Thanks for opening my mind with your wise insight anon!
Agony is terrible and the music is godawful. Apidya is a million times better.
It's okay. There is a secret red version with near infinite ammo, its much better.

I find that the Endymion FRS MK.II is the best, you just gotta be fast at switching the 3 pods.

Did the Turbografx 16 / PC Engine have ridiculously low software attach rates or something? The games cost as much as the console itself, often times more depending on which model.

A bad TurboGrafx or PC Engine game costs as much as a popular SNES game. Finding a reasonable deal on a PC-Engine Duo system isn't too difficult, but an everdrive is the same price as a lot of original Hu-cards, let alone the CD games. I guess piracy and emulation is the only way to go with this thing unless I want to shell out a small fortune?
38 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
But the "crash" was really only in America, not anyhwere else in the world. thing is, YOU people always take the decision as if everyone is American.
>American: talks about the American game crash
>American: yes that's what I'm talking about, as I am American
I have had a TG16 sitting around for years but never knew if it actually worked because I had no games and not even a controller.

A couple weeks ago I got the itch and hooked it all up and found that it powers on to a grey screen. Cool. So to make absolutely sure that it works before dumping money on it I found the cheapest game I could on ebay which was Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf which I got for $9 and free shipping. It arrived earlier this week and to my delight it actually runs games!

So I dropped about $60 on a controller (fuck even the beat up controllers are like $50) and today I ordered a Turbo Everdrive. Pretty stoked to try it but now I have to wait a few weeks for it to arrive (And fuck Krikzz's web site for emailing me my password in plain text, for fuck's sake.).

Never do they state it as an/the American crash
Yes and if an American talks about the civil war it's obviously implied that they're talking about the AMERICAN civil war. Why do you need the extra clarification if there wasn't a game crash anywhere else?

File: logo-kusoge.jpg (67 KB, 480x287)
67 KB
What is the worst retro RPG one might have the misfortune of loading? Whether it be shithead mechanics, uninspired plot and dialogue, or terrible maps, what do you think absolutely does not even deserve a second in your console or PC?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Lagoon is remarkably bad for having a sequel that's actually pretty decent
Suikoden 2 is particularly bad.
-Music is awful
-Full of glitches and bugs
-Translation is unfinished and entire text boxes are left with garbage code instead of text
-Level design is terrible
-Writing that wouldn't even be considered good in a shounen anime series.
I'm sure there are worse out there but out of dozens i've played it's easily the worst. But hey it has nice sprites so lets all give it a 10/10 :^)
Wait, Lagoon had a sequel?
Nope I was thinking of Lufia my bad. Lagoon is actually a port/adaptation from X68k and a super early snes title that's why it's so weird (bad)
The setting and themes for that games were great and should be used more,too bad the gameplay is shit and impossible to know what to do without a faq or going fucking everywhere everytime you make a little progress

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