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File: eqohunm.png (199 KB, 320x319)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
Is it worth playing?
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>still no translation-patch
File: PEq1qO2.gif (1009 KB, 320x240)
1009 KB
1009 KB GIF
The game is weird.
Look a like South Park scene.
Here's a question - how does it compare to Deadly Premonition, another David Lynch style adventure game that did see an English release? I've played it some but without good Japanese comprehension it's too easy to lose track of the narrative

What do you think of Akira Toriyama's art style?
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> dub
> sub
The anime itself is trash and the only correct way to experience the story is to read the manga.
>we never got the 10th character in the game and never will
Fuck this timeline.
Pretty much this. His creature designs are really endearing but all his characters look the same and sometimes just really bad. I hate the way he does spiky hair but I could never get into something like dbz because everyone looks the fucking same.

the best I can say is he makes some really good fem designs, that chick from the new DQ is pretty banging, still has sameface tho
It sucks dick, only the buu saga is good, kid goku db is superior in every way
funimation should sue this guy
he blatantly ripped off dragon ball z design

>Glide wrapper

>Cube recipes

>Rune Wizard

There used to be a semi active general here but it was full of shit and died out. Maybe provide some links and help some newfags get into the game and we can fix this. In the meantime tell me what the fuck you're playing,which mods,versions,chars you're currently running etc. Im thinking Im about to play Amazon for the first time ever,never tried it before for some reason.
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NM. Baal Normal has the best odds of dropping but with the length of those runs I'm better off running NM Meph.
Yeah you are definitely better off doing meph runs, I wasn't sure if you were doing hell or nm though. It's almost a difference of 500 between nm meph and hell meph, quicker to kill as well.
Imbue your bh or farm nightmare for a bsnap/steeldriver
berserker axe or ettin axe for death? what you guys think?
Why 1.14d is not compatible with PlugY ?

DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread >>5050843

Gameplay, WADs/Maps/Mods, Source Ports
All other retro FPS welcome
~~ Let's post like gentlemen ~~


Doom: https://cdn2.desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/vr/image/1503/77/1503778360511.png
+ Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ietb4JwaaXA
Doom Downloads:
+ IWADs and more (>3 GB): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B47V8l2eVZKxRU82S3JkZkdBRXM

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File: q2xp0003.jpg (820 KB, 1920x1080)
820 KB
820 KB JPG
because of DLL bugs fixed only with source ports like yamagi, q2xp and such

this is how it should look like, not that blurry and blob shit
We need Adrian Romero
But he isn't, just imagine what would happen once those barrels start spinning.
Thi is best girl.
>no sign of Tom Hall
Well, I guess it just makes sense.

File: 247 - 1tGsqLm.jpg (24 KB, 451x452)
24 KB
Faggots, I need your help. I want to buy a console, not an official one but one that can emulate any retro game roms. I'm a poorfag and really want to play retro games without using my PC. I'd like to know if something like that exists, a console with usb/other inputs support to connect my controllers to and emulate the retro games.
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If you want to play on a CRT, the Wii is a better option than the Raspberry Pi.
It still has a HDMI. I got a LG from 2009. Does that classify as old shit?
You can look into Lakka. It's just a Linux distro with RetroArch on top of it. You can install it on whatever hardware you want, from a cheap Raspberry Pi 3 to a fancy Micro ATX. It depends on what games you want to play, obviously the Pi 3 won't be able to run PSP and GC games and even N64 at higher res, but anything below that gen should be fine.

If not that, then you can just get an Nvidia Shield and install Retroarch and the Steam Link app to get whatever you want. I have a Shield TV myself and it's pretty great and there's the bonus of getting to play those dumbass Android releases like Adventures of Mana on a TV.

If you want something portable then there's the PSP or the PS Vita. I've only recently started researching the Vita to get one for myself and it looks pretty sweet, but I have no personal experience with it.

A lot of times retro gamer overlaps with young and poor.
The highest I want to go with games is Mario Kart 64. I'll look up the rest of your suggestions! Thanks for sharing, anon!
That's an HDCRT you should absolutely use a PC with that because you'll have by far the best control of resolution and frequency. Ironically, a properly configured PC emulator on a display like that can look more like how real consoles looked on period displays than a real retro console hooked to it will look.

File: thoseotherdngames.png (1.32 MB, 849x945)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
I mean Zero Hour on the N64, Time to Kill and Planet of the Babes on the PS1. I guess there were a couple original Game Boy Colour and GBA games as well.

Duke Nukem : Zero Hour on the N64 was a decent run and gun styled 3D platformer for the console. With the "yellow keys" for movement/ strafe and analog stick for look/ turn. It controls quite well on the N64 gamepad. The graphics looked decent for an N64 title, and the level design was decent. This game was made by Eurocom, who also did the N64 port of Duke Nukem 3D. Not a bad game. I kinda wish there were more N64 games like this one.


> Duke Nukem: Time To Kill
This game is for the PS1 and developed by >N-Space who was a bit of a shovelware developer. I never played this one much, but it is a 3rd person 3D corridor shooter with some clunky controls and really box-y looking graphics. It was OK for just being a generic shooter, but it was also pretty repetitive.


> Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes:

I never played this one. It looked like a weird mix of Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid (It's like a parody of MGS) and other genres. In some ways it looks amusing from the video I posted below. Also developed by N-Space.

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>The jetpack, that on DN3D is little more than a cool gimmick

I always thought that the jetpack was well integrated into DN3D. Plus it makes duke match so fun.

I really need to replay Time To Kill.
I like zero hour but damn its brutal with its longass levels with no checkpoints, and you really cant miss your shots or you're fucked.
Second. It actually turned me unto Stabbing Westward because of the kick ass intro song. After I played Time to Kill all the way through (Greece was stupid, The wild west was the best!) I went to the warehouse and bought the album.

The album that song lives on is almost completely different from that song, however, it is a really great album. It has offered much comfort in my various relationships and even just when I felt down. Its emo as fuck, but since I don't listen to emo really at all, I can enjoy it on its own.

Zero Hour's soundtrack is so good.
What are the objectively best Duke games?

File: saturn.jpg (11 KB, 304x166)
11 KB
Have you played your Saturn today, /vr/?
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God I wish I had one...
File: powerslave.jpg (43 KB, 354x355)
43 KB
I burned a copy of Powerslave and I'm surprised by how much I like this game. Anyone know if Robotica is any good?
$23+shipping straight from one of its makers:

Or 15gbp+ shipping if you're in Europe:

though registration is broken there so you have to use the linked email-forms
Just missed one for 50 with 2 third party controllers, damn.

For switch.
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There's a perfect port on Xbone/360 if you have either.
It’s not portable.
oh you're one of those
People with legs?
In a higher resolution? Thos untextured polygons look really good in higher resolutions.

File: crt.jpg (48 KB, 690x627)
48 KB
Are old PC monitors good for retro consoles? Can you easily plug them in? I want to play retro next to my modern computer but my concerns are input delay and cleanliness
Depends how old and what kind of monitor. In general though, no. Few game consoles output a compatible signal natively and very few of them output a compatible framerate. If you want a good CRT for old consoles, a Sony Trinitron with a shitload of inputs is a good choice.

A bunch of old consoles can be modded to output an RGB signal that can be easily converted into a signal that standard VGA cables can carry, but it's finnicky. Unless you're interested in modding, composite video is probably the best you're going to get in any system pre-Dreamcast.
In a word, no. That's why people pay for production monitors like PVMs
There's basically two problems you have to solve to use a console with a PC CRT monitor.

First, signal format. This is the easy part. PC monitors expect RGBHV. Many game consoles output RGB, and HV sync can easily be generated from composite sync. Some monitors even accept composite sync directly, so you don't have to do anything.

The second, harder problem is that consoles' 15.7 kHz h-sync frequency is too low for normal PC monitors to sync to. The way to get around this is by using a line doubler to increase the h-sync to be within the monitor's supported range. You can get a decent line doubler that correctly handles 15.7 kHz progressive input for around $100 (RetroTINK-2X), or the best one currently in the market for around $200 (OSSC), plus another $10 or so for an HDMI-to-VGA DAC.

this makes sense, thanks

File: 865896.png (5 KB, 165x115)
5 KB
there needs to be a sticky for emulating in 240p @ 15khz
or at least better knowledge of it here

this is the proper resolutions for most systems starting with the NES and ending at PS1, and also MAME
yes, your PC can output this resolution, but nobody seems to know or care about it
these games look amazing on CRT television sets,
and having one single device, a PC doing all this is simply the best thing in my opinion

the emulation can be done with most radeon cards,
only 4 main components are required,
the radeon GPU, the Emudriver software, a DVI to RGB adapter, and a RGB to composite video converter, which typically range for $60
nobody here has done this, not even i, but it certainly can be done.
the only reason im holding out is because i dont own a CRT television set, and are still searching for the right one
but anyone here with a nice CRT can do this immediately, and i encourage you to post results
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now that i think of it, having a lower frequency modulation probably requires different circuitry
it would probably need amplification, for passing through larger resistors and caps, general shit.
though technically it would be easy to achieve with minimal design,
its a shame if they dont

i still believe they do
This has to be the dumbest junk science reasoning I've ever read.
They don't.

The circuitry and magnetics needed to halve the minimum refresh rate from the standard 31kHz would add quite a bit to cost.
You need to read an Edgar thread then

>quite a bit of cost
how do you figure this?

File: header.jpg (33 KB, 460x215)
33 KB
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I played Unreal coop during the height of modding and hacking. It was a glorious time. Drama, fun and many keks to be had. It lasted for quite a while until WoW and Social Media killed it, since unreal was basically living on a thread of being a social platform.

Oh well, it was good times and it helped me learn how to program so im not sad about it.
How did social media and WoW kill arena shooters?
you must be at least 12 to post here.
>whichever one you played first
it's always the dumbest people who say this, because while there's a nugget of truth but it's never the whole truth nor the most interesting truth.

File: innerbox.jpg (244 KB, 1000x1167)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
So, now that this underrated masterpiece, this unpolished diamond is finally out on GOG, does anyone wanna share their impressions, strategies and opinions?

The manual is somewhat lackluster, so in-dept tactics are mostly based on subjective experience.

In example, even though I've played the game since I was a kid I only found out now that Combot Crew experience only increases the damage dealt by the Combot, nothing else.

>Level 1 crew does base damage (same as a Combot without crew).
>Level 2 crew does 125% damage.
>Level 3 crew does 145% damage.
>Level 4 crew does 165% damage.
>Level 5 crew does 185% damage.
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Maybe it was the map then
You know, that Jetpack Torso + Jetpack Leg combo is actually quite legit on Milagro. Put 2 Hammer hands on them and they still have a solid 700 HP but they're fast as fuck.
I never got around to doing that. It actually does make your bots faster?
What the defense values on it?
Yeah it does make them fly faster than a bomber, maybe slightly slower than a hoverjet. Since 1 hammer hand has 335 HP and they had a little over 700 HP with two hammer hands, I'd say Jetpack Torso + Jumpjet Legs have about 50 HP together. K/E values don't matter as much since they're always 0/0 for units in air.
MilAgro had the deepest campaign. I don't think Neuropa's jew antics can beat that

Has anyone here thrown together an arcade they feel proud of? Willing to share pics?

I've got an oculus rift and just from the looks of what i've seen this looks wonderful to fuck about in
I messed around with the demo for this program, couldn't figure out exactly which version of MAME they were using, so I couldn't change the arcade games up. Had a bit of fun changing the console roms and posters on the wall. Still don't see the point in using this when you can just use an emulator directly.
galaxy carpet is best
>couldn't figure out exactly which version of MAME they were using

It's just Retroarch. You can even change what version of MAME you want to use if that's a thing for you. The best thing you can do is get the third party "Arcade Manager" app, it's way more powerful and easy to use than the built in arcade designer utility. It's got a cool random mode that takes a little while to run but will choose random games and get the correct ROM/attract mode video/artwork for you automatically. It's pinned at the top of the Steam forum.
I got NRA cheap in a Steam sale and while I don't use it that much I got my monies worth and love just sticking up a load of games and wondering around watching the attract modes and the cacophony of all those sounds, it's an insane nostalgia rush.

File: Captain-Falcon.png (97 KB, 300x380)
97 KB
Why do people think PSX had the better racing games over N64?

>Ridge Racer 4
>Trash Team Racing
>Wipeout 3
>Gran Autismo 2

>F-Zero X
>Mario Kart 64
>Wave Race 64
>Beetle Adventure Racing
>Diddy Kong Racing
>Extreme G2

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>But Wave Race 64 is an amazing, one of a kind, game.
But all it did was rip off Sega's Wave Runner.
>Sega's Wave Runner
They both came out in the same year, not a rip off.

You really have to play WaveRace64 can get a feel for riding on the waves. It's a unique thing that even WaveRace Blue Storm on the gamecube didn't do properly
n64 has more fantasy racers while ps1 is more realistic
>need for speed series
>v rally - similar to top gear
>colin mcrae
>rollcage - amazing coloured lighting
>porche challenge

on n64 i had fun with
>mrc - like ridge racer
>top gear
>cruisin usa - like outrun
File: 1536617734316.gif (881 KB, 350x350)
881 KB
881 KB GIF

I literally saw my own cum literally leak out of your mums cuss and down on to her sun-dried date.
Racing Lagoon is amazing and you don't actually need to learn runes to finish it, I highly recommend it.

File: df1-5213177.jpg (283 KB, 1178x1600)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
It was ambitious but I doubt most gamers were able to appreciate all of it.
44 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
The game was originally supposed to have marriage & sex (and buying sex as well). The unfinished code was removed, art not.
So all those Oblivion and Skyrim mods are actually just bringing the series back to its roots?
Is Daggerfall the best game in the series?
No, maybe if it had been finished, but it's not as fully realized as Morrowind and Skyrim.

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