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File: index.jpg (11 KB, 270x187)
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>fly through space on a mostly straight path, shoot enemies that attack you in a predetermined pattern, collect powerups floating around, fight a boss enemy at the end that shoots millions of lasers at you, and continually improve at the game by memorizing enemy patterns and layouts.
>i-it's not a shmup because muh 3D
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I'm pretty sure it's supposed to mean SHU TIN GU but that still leaves the ん sound out OH WELL
As in, it's supposed to read シューティング but that still leaves the ん out
In the golden age: Space Demon, Space Firebird, Space Fever

Solar Striker on gameboy, plus R-Type DX was published by Nintendo I think?
That is really cool, I never heard of those. Thanks.

there needs to be more games like sf64

What is the best retro Zelda game and why is it Oracle of Seasons?
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Sure, I get it it was your first game in 2001 and that makes it special for you. But it was just an addon 8 years later.

In this case it is. Some of the Nintendo Zeldas are classics some are mediocre. None of the non-nintendo Zelda are truly great but some are okay. Okay isn't good enough for "best retro Zelda game"

You are just focusing on that one point because you can't refute the other points.
But that was my only point, you retard. There was no reason for you to make that comment except the fact that you're a Nintendo fanboy.

Please stop breathing
>But that was my only point, you retard.
That's the problem.

You could do this: Oracle of Seasons is actually the best retro Zelda because it has this features:
So it's not just a clone but improves Z:LA.
(That's bs but you may believe it)
What you actually did was:
You are wrong because you are a fanboy!!!
I said fanboy that means you are wrong.
>my argument was an argument but your argument is not an argument
ayyy lmao

Also the 'Select Skip' glitch is gone. In the original LA, you can press Select while Link is moving to the next screen to sort of warp over to the next. This can cause a lot of crazy things to happen, like tilesets being used incorrectly, sequence breaks, etc. It also has the strong likelihood of corrupting your saves, so it's not that great to use on actual hardware. It's most useful outdoors, and probably worst in dungeons, since it will often strand you in a sort of 'fake room' that has no doors you can leave from. When I was little, I tried to document all the things you do with it, like see how far you could get in the game without getting the sword.

File: 22068.jpg (153 KB, 1024x768)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
and here's why

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It's true though, ET is only disliked by AVGN parroting /v/ kids.
WTF are you talking about? EWJ is a sidescrolling platformer/shooter, MDK and Kabuto are 3rd person shooters.
3rd person shooters are just run 'n guns in 3D.
I may not care about the DKC games, but platform visibility and which ones you could interact with was very apparent.

I don't even know what they're called or who makes them, but I remember circa 2001 or so being at a hotel with a TV with a hardwired snes style knockoff controller. You could pick from a list of games for various prices to play I dont remember all the games but there was some SNES games. How did these work? Was it done through a network?
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File: abxy_bad[1].jpg (45 KB, 350x263)
45 KB
this is what the controller looked like
I feel like such a fag now for that one time I got my mom to pay so I could play 30 minutes of Digimon rumble arena
Dont feel bad, I made my parents let me take my N64 on a two week roadtrip because we just got a new minivan that had AV inputs for a 6" TFT screen

spoiler: i never got to set it up even once
We did that on Florida vacation trips except we brought a power inverter and one of those babby CRT TVs and just hooked everything up like normal in the back seat
File: oCoMLHv.jpg (784 KB, 2825x1883)
784 KB
784 KB JPG
I could have sworn there was some sort of thing like this for the PlayStation 1. It was a pretty expensive prestigious hotel in Banff and I remember there was some Tomb Raider demo on it. It also had an ad for the 2001 film

File: penis.jpg (120 KB, 1280x720)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Is there a self-booting cdi of codebreaker, or do I really have to burn 2 CDs?

Doing this to play jap imports on my pal dreamcast. I keep hearing codebreaker is the best choice.
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File: Simpsons Roy.jpg (15 KB, 270x262)
15 KB
AdamKoralik explained it pretty well, if you don't him waffling on a bit.

Basically, Sega's GDI technology was unironically unbreakable (or at least at the time it was). People couldn't understand how to crack it, but what they did find was the Dreamcast accepted another form of media called "MIL-CD" which was used for Karaoke games in Japan.

Because of the fact MIL-CD's were basically just CD's. It meant that you could put Dreamcast game data on a CD and the Dreamcast would recognize it as an actual game.

Sega did something about it because if you own a Dreamcast made after October 2000 I think, then they don't read CD's anymore. But Model 0's and 1's do.

These days I would try to avoid playing games on your Dreamcast with a CD since it can burn out the lasers pretty badly, mine died last year after 16 years of service, so I bought another and have been using Dreamshell w/SD Card reader to play games on it. Works pretty well, you can play Shenmue 2 in English perfectly.
File: 1504410581909.gif (1.68 MB, 250x187)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB GIF
Adam Koralik can scarcely describe where his arsehole is in relation to his elbow.

I refuse to watch his videos because they almost invariably just make me want to put my fist through the screen.
I used to watch Adam Koralik videos and thought they were quite informative.

What are the major lies that he has fed me?
What do I need to unlearn that Adam Koralik misled me?

What disinfo does he push?
i just started watching his console gen overviews/reviews series. so far he's been very informative and thorough on these videos, but i cant say much else other than one comment by anon on 4chan bashing someone with no other context provided isnt to be taken seriously.

make up your own conclusions. adam coral-lick is one man with one mindset on things and if one anon doesnt like him than thats cool. dont get too hype and hop on the bandwagon now

File: W64.jpg (130 KB, 1280x720)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
PS1 Wipeout -- Jittery mess.

N64 Wipeout -- silky smooth. Like a flying boner.
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calm down, dude
The Reality Coprocessor runs circles around the Emotion Engine.
>play the north american release of wipeout 3 and tell me that again.
Wipeout 3 has reduced jittering, but it's still a PS1 game and still has jittery 3D and point sample filtered textures.
How is it unfair? Just compare Wipeout 64 to all the PS1 Wipeout games released before and after it.

Wipeout's real competition was Extreme-G and maybe Star Wars Episode I - Racer.

File: g6kmfw4g79b5zwgmvlzo.jpg (344 KB, 2000x460)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
Analogue Super Nt coming in 2018
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a shekel for the good goy
File: IMG_3408.jpg (61 KB, 600x449)
61 KB
Then just buy a regular SNES and a flashcart. This thing's whole gag is the HDMI out.
>an additional $0.10 (+tip) coupon has been added to your account.
>see-thru version
jesus christ man there's kids in here

File: 5956_front.jpg (63 KB, 640x629)
63 KB
Best Pac-Man game
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It's fun, play it on Dreamcast.

My mom got this for me from a garage sale for a few bucks in the late 90s. Even though it was super shitty I could never tell her, and I tried my best to beat the game and never could
File: _20171019_141932.jpg (61 KB, 455x450)
61 KB
>How are there so many Pac-Man games? Aren't they just the same maze over and over again?
This kinda hurts to read, even the maze games differ from one another. It's weird how many good games of different types Pac-man has been in, considering they're all trying to cash in on the popularity of the original.
>super shitty
pleb, it's fun

File: IMG_5208.jpg (10 KB, 107x127)
10 KB
Anyone know what game this is from?
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Well it's an arcade, the purpose of it is to keep getting money
I think that's something people neglect when they look fondly on the memories of the arcade. Every machine is designed to pull as much money from you as possible. Some do it with cheap deaths, some do it by enticing players with difficult 1CC runs, but regardless, it's not a charity. No one stayed in business without SOME fleecing the playerbase.
really dude
is that a hotwheels

File: take no prisoners.jpg (191 KB, 800x980)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Let's talk about early Windows games.

Discuss favorites, hidden gems, and ways to get this shit running on modern computers.
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2nd game is SkyRoads
I think the first game is Destruction Derby.
Awesome, grabbing all of these for my old PCs.
first game is Fatal Racing (aka Whiplash)
it's a MS-DOS game though so I don't know why someone would post that in this thread
Old windows just ran on top of DOS anyway, so lots of DOS games run if you launch them from windows. Sometimes there are driver problems though, since windows handles some drivers differently.

File: hqdefault.jpg (23 KB, 480x360)
23 KB
i would like to remind everyone that we abandoned 2D for THIS
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They look better then real life. That's the problem for some people, but some think games should not be actually photo realistic though anyways.
In that case, this >>4321258 looks better than real life.

Photo realism is ruining games. It's killing creativity.
>In that case, this >>4321258 (OP) looks better than real life.
You missed the point I think.

>Photo realism is ruining games. It's killing creativity.
I agree.
The point is that "better than real life" is meaningless. Some people would rather play 8-bit games than watch a movie. Does that mean 8-bit graphics are better than real life? It's totally subjective to the point of being a foolish thing to say.

I agree that pursuing "realism" for realism's sake is harmful to the creative potential of the medium. Consumers don't want "realism" anyway, they want an escapist mix of realistic-enough-to-self-insert and wish-fulfillment fantasy.

File: temp.png (618 KB, 1366x768)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
He what's up, you gonna play a remake of your fave retro game? Hope you don't mind this extra loud introduction thing that takes forever to get through.
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>you gonna play a remake of your fave retro game?
Maybe. If it's worth it.
>you a baby who cant into unmolested roms?
Not a chance, baby.
Not posting the music? Dummy.
I fucking loved these. I went out of the way to collect gba roms with intros and trainers to preserve history
oh my god I haven't heard this in like 14 years

who knew I would get nostalgic for a cracktro

File: image.jpg (1.4 MB, 3264x2448)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
Idk if this is the right place but I left one of those little tree air fresheners on top of my game boy color in my car for probably two years? And then this happened. Does anyone know how I can clean this? Does anyone know if this is the best place to ask this? All chemicals in pic, I've tried.
It looks like it's scratched the fuck up. But that's just something from the tree that's on there. Pls halp. I just bought Pokémon cock version and I'm trying here.
9 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
You might just have to reshell it.

You can get replacement cases for about $15-20
It will need at least a new screen cover to be usable, cost ~$1
Will need a replacement case to be proper again, ~$10 for chinese repro, ~$20 for oem
Did you already buy it? Because there are higher quality shells out there. Also, I highly recommend getting a glass screen lens.
Got any hydrogen peroxide? That may dissolve it. If not, buy some GooGone or whatever off-brand orange cleaners they sell these days. It can take several applications before you get any results, so don't stop on the first try.

Also, you can buy GBC replacement shells dirt cheap on eBay. Just set your search to international sellers, as most of them are based in China.
Oh I see. Recommendation: Use your current buttons when you change shells instead of the chinese ones

File: Z0084345.jpg (76 KB, 348x479)
76 KB
The system had lots of great racing games, but which one was your favorite?
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Nothing. It's an awesome game.

I still play the stunt arena with friends to this day. I pretty much never touched the racing mode in this game.
>What's wrong with Cruis'n Exotica
Not much. Audiences were just sick of the formula at that point. It's a neat game in some ways.
Any games in the system similar to sega rally or daytona usa?

File: main.png (279 KB, 600x336)
279 KB
279 KB PNG

Trying to remember the name of a game? Ask here! Make sure to be as descriptive as possible!

I played a 3-D truck driving game years ago that I can't remember the name of anymore. I think it was an arcade game, but I'm not 100% sure. I distinctly remember driving on highways. The only thing that I am 100% positive about is that it was NOT Sega's 18 Wheeler, nor was it a "sim", ala Eurotruck Simulator or those types of games.
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This isometric game on the Sega Saturn, and I only remember the second level where I think you run around a base trying to stop rockets from launching.
Sounds like Al-Qadim
YES that's it. Thank you anon.

Great game, but I remember it being really short.
There was a plug and play console that had a ton of games on it including spy vs spy and some wrestling game with like light blue and green guys but there was one game it was a Mario clone called 80 days or something. Not sure of the exact name I can't find it
Last Mission? S.R.D. Mission?

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