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File: Final_Fantasy_VI.jpg (27 KB, 425x234)
27 KB
Is the battling in 6 good or bad? Because I love 7, but people say 8 and 9's battling mechanics are worse for some reason. Also, general FFVI thread.
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What page was this on when you bumped it?

why dont you take the 30seconds to pirate it and find out for yourself instead of coming here and making a thread to ask you fucking mongoloid
summer redditor detected
>why dont you take the 30seconds to pirate it
I thought owning at least one legit copy of FF6 is required for being allowed to post on /vr/.
>self-imposed challenges
This is such a vague word to use especially in context with a JRPG where there's a substantial difference between, for example, trying to beat the game in 30 hours versus trying to beat it in 45. It's not like "play with one hand tied behind your back and don't use the espers that increase magic stat and you have to guard every other turn with Locke" kind of shit.

Sup guise?
Wanting to build a Mame cabinet. I want the machine to play all the arcade classics but I don’t care about having old Amiga shit and stuff.
1: Best place to get ROMs?
2: Better to download or just buy a memory stick off of amazon? I want to plug and play not spend a lot of time sorting folders and shit.
3: also thinking about building a cabinet to play newer games like all the VS Capcom games. Can retropie handle running that or would I need something like hyper pie or hyperspin/Tb system?
Thanks in advance.
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What game hurt you anon?
Most have difficulty settings to help you practice.
None hurt me, I've just always found them boring.

It is true that there are some real quarter munchers out there (try 1cc dark seal 2even as a quarter muncher I like as its pretty rad for the time it was released[/spoler])
but the pure simplicity of engaging right into the action as you put the quarter its always a quality I always liked.

console games usually take a while to warm up and get interesting. Most of arcade games specially SHUMPS and Beat em ups get you instantly pumped.

Also have you thought that a considerable size of any retro console library pre 1995 are actually arcade ports?.
I don't like retro games.
Then don't play arcade games.

Why did retro games had such detailed bathrooms?
Like in all retro games mirrors had reflections, you could flush the toilet, turn showers on, etc.

Now in modern games you rarely have reflection in the mirrors.

Here is exmaples of SOME good bathrooms.
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>all retro games mirrors had reflections, you could flush the toilet, turn showers on, etc.

If by 'all retro games' you mean 3D Realms games and Warren Spector games.
>it's not a real reflection

Of course not, it's in a video game.
It's a shame 8-bit Pwny Club doesn't exist anymore, huh?

You can never have too many bathrooms.

Did it bother anyone else that Super Mario RPG had Magikoopas in Bowser's army, but you never encounter them, yet they have these weird Terrapin creatures you can fight that never appeared before or since?

Also, Mario RPG/Paper Mario general.
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And so is surprise... What's the big deal?
>yfw the Smithy Gang are alien to the dimension Mario's from because at the time of Mario RPG, swords, knives, spears and other weapons didn't exist in the Mario Universe.
That's why I like Mario so much: he relies on his wit alone rather than weapons
You say as he uses a hammer in this game.
Then again hammers are usually for more practical purposes rather than combat so I'll let it slide.
>To be fair, they aren't Koopa Troopas

Japanese name is nokohei, sounds like they're still the same species.

File: ps1-games-psp.jpg (45 KB, 500x227)
45 KB
Who /comfy/ here? What are you playing? How do you get over the lack of L2/R2?

For me, nothing beats having Diablo I, Resident Evil and Silent Hill all in the palm of my hand.
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Has anyone played Warhammer: Dark Omen on the PSP? How were the controls? I loved that game on PC.
I play PSX on a original PSX

You can play it with the PS1 mouse, btw.
True, but I was interested in the PSP's control scheme. I guess I'll just see for myself. Warcraft 2 was playable. Still seems like a relatively small sacrifice because you get it in the palm of your hand.
VBA-M (not vanilla VBA) did the trick for me, though I'm currently using mGBA which works pretty well and iirc has a Vita port.

File: ff3.jpg (180 KB, 700x314)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Could FF7 be ported to the N64?
Maybe if they apply some magic like with the RE2 port?
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>implying the N64 could provide real time rendered backgrounds even fucking close to the pre-rendered scenes of FF7
Holy shit you dumb cunt.
Would've been possible using the RE2 technique and a 512 Mbit cart, with maybe one or two cut FMVs if needed, but there's no way anybody had the understanding of the console needed to pull it off in 1997. It coming out years later would've been a waste of time.
FF7's prerendered backgrounds look like dogshit, though.
Realtime > Prerendered. It's the reason Dino Crisis holds up better than Resident Evil.
Final Fantasy VII on the N64 would be a completely different game. Most of that game's design decisions were based around the limitations of PS1 hardware. You would have gotten a fully 3D game instead. N64 and PS1 games tended to have extremely different decision choices based on hardware strengths/limitations.

File: hqdefault.jpg (35 KB, 480x360)
35 KB
I never trusted anyone who claimed this was their favorite game of all time.
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I honestly don't know of any retro puzzlers that approach the difficulty of some newer ones that make less gritful players give up forever.
Having said that, Paganitzu is a pretty fun Sokoban-like.
That's fine. It's still a fantastic game though.
>FF7fags are always the 30 yr old boomers
>Phantasy Star 1fags are always hipster soys
>Breath of Fire furrs are just that
There is nothing wrong with saying FF6, FF4, FFT, Tactics Ogre, or Chrono Trigger is your favorite game.

Fuck Zelda
>fuck zelda
tryin to haha

Any other platformer with dope ass pinball physics?
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it's fun but really short
>Sonic Mania

Are there any other Genesis games with a variable number of input lag frames?
File: Sonic Classic~04.png (95 KB, 512x644)
95 KB

File: 7591_front.jpg (306 KB, 640x909)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
What's the best version of Star Wars Racer?
Heard that the game is buggy with higher framerates.
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Not saying the gameplay is different. Just easier with the increased resolution and non-shit stick.
Did anyone ever beat Rigo's time
it was released on gog like two months ago, it had a general here that 404'd and never came back
Said general still produced top quality stuff and dig out ancient material for the game in quantity
I never mentioned anything about the quality of it, in fact, I would like it to come back
unfortunately, I'm going through a bad time that doesn't allow me to sit down and play comfortably

File: Z0038227.jpg (184 KB, 1017x900)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Anyone remember this game?
I've replayed it occasionally for years. The gameplay, artwork, music, everything is fucking amazing for what is supposedly an edutainment game. Sure most of the character designs and some of the dialogue are 90s but it's not just nostalgia - it's really better that way

(I also figured out how to get it to play natively on modern versions of Windows. Can't quite get rid of some video and audio glitches tho.)

File: mickeyusa.jpg (21 KB, 300x219)
21 KB
This game is fun.
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This game is really fun, and beating time trials to get ghost tokens is really hard to do.
I really like how is more focused on driving skills than use of items or boosting like in other kart-racers.
imagine every single n64 game having this detail in every scene
Imagine playing a new game that has this detail in every scene.
Mickey Speedway USA didn't really turn out the way Rare wanted. It's really obvious that it was supposed to be a globe-karting adventure, but the final game only took place in the USA. And the game is kinda weird because they scrapped some mech game they were making for spare parts, which is why the art style is a bit over the place.
I recall a Disney skateboarding game, I think it was by the Tony Hawk team? No idea if it was actually any good, though.

Majuro Ou / King of Demons thread, because I can’t get enough of this game and more people need to play it.
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File deleted.
It’s one of the better Action platformers in snes. On par with classic linearvanias like Castlevania 4 or the Valis games.
Played this through twice back to back on hard because of a thread. Good game, kinds easy
I wish I could buy a copy, but I'm not going to drop $1k on a one.
>translate the cat's name as "Elia" when the entire point is that all three names end in "ria"
What retard is responsible for this?
I played it, it's alright i guess. I love the art.

File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (276 KB, 1920x1200)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
what wizardry allowed this game to kick so much ass?
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werdna is that you
>that side flip
>the hand spring
>falling for long enough sends you into a roll upon landing
The game has better movement options than the newer 2D Mario games. It's ridiculous.
Yeah, really wish they could try this control scheme again in a 2d environment.
Solid controls, mechanics and level design. The staples of any quality video game.

File: Umihara Kawase Shun.webm (2.84 MB, 640x360)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB WEBM

last thread here: >>4798498
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Fuck, I know I've played this game, but I can't remember the name.
I think it's Fighting Vipers for the Saturn.
Nobody looks because nobody includes it because nobody looks because nobody includes it because nobody looks etc.
>willfully ignoring potential sources and trying to act smug when you missed info because of it

What retro Pokemon game would you recommend?

I played Pokemon Red many years ago although I've forgotten almost everything about it. I don't want to replay the same game again though.

I'm think about playing Pokemon Crystal since it lets you play as a girl and I'm a huge faggot.
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File: misty squat.jpg (360 KB, 670x985)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Back then, I didn't think of Misty as anything special, but these days, I like lolis, and tomboys (especially) so I find her pretty fuckable now.
The pokémon series is really full of all kinds of cute and sexy girls, it's kind of amazing.
>So much good pussy in GSC and I was only 10.
I started jerking it when like 11 or so, I wasn't that far off. I just didn't care much for her back then.
WOW why is everyone so young here? 36 soon and after yellow everything sucks!
GSC was truly remarkable for the time, expanding, instead of rebooting again and again like they did later, the original world from RBY and improving upon it, adding many features that later became standard in the series.
I recently ran a semi-marathon consisting of Pokémon Blue, then Gold, then Sapphire. 2nd generation was still the most enjoyable. Plus, and this is all personal opinion, it has the best atmosphere and feel to it, I can't really explain why.
Bear in mind that I'm talking about the originals here, this is a retro board after all.
26, grew up with a bunch of old games, an NES, kept liking the ones I had, got an N64, though only very few games, eventually got into SNES emulation, which was great for a kid who loved computer games in the late 90's/early 00's, because it was not just like the NES games I remember, but much cooler, it was also free.
Keyboarding Super Metroid wasn't the most pleasant, but I pulled through because it was such a cool game. I remember thinking 16bit sprites looked nicer than a lot of 32bit/64bit 3D graphics around the same era.

I kept looking into newer games, but I always kept going back to old favorites, and occasionally I'd look around at some older stuff to see if there was anything cool I missed. Still do. Just recently I checked out Rise Of The Triad for the first time, and I was not disappointed, very fun game.

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