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File: 1200px-Game-Boy-FL.jpg (118 KB, 1200x1455)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
This thing had the best library of any Nintendo console, handheld or otherwise. Prove me wrong.
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Agreed and gameboy is 80% wayyyyyy inferior crappy b&w 8bit ports of games, literally only good the first few years when it was porting NES games, once 16 bit happened the 8 bit version of games on it suckkked.
Anyone got a clue how to keep a dmg powered on? I got two and both seem to have issue with the batteries not keeping contact proper. Ive cleaned them with alcohol, anything else i can do?
Recently picked up a DMG-01 and couldn't really remember more than four or five titles I used to enjoy as a kid to play with it. These are some great suggestions. Thanks bro.
It was mostly cookbooks and bullshit, don't get too worked up about it

File: mame.jpg (82 KB, 1920x1080)
82 KB
i dont really know the proper technical terms but I swear one of the audio 'channels' or whatever is really low volume in mame after comparing some games to console ports, like the music sounds slightly incomplete, and I can faintly hear the parts that aren't playing loudly enough, and I feel like this is some mame issue rather than the actual arcade games being like this, after listening to arcade OSTs on youtube, which sound 'complete' like console releases. maybe something's wrong with my settings idk
One of your earbuds is going bad
no I'm using headphones and they're 100% fine. I hear the difference when using the same pair
Check your slider controls, make sure all the audio chips are set to 1.0.
What games are you talking about specifically? Some games in MAME are known to have audio volume imbalance issues.
Found yer problem

File: bitlounger_00010.jpg (1.1 MB, 3814x2543)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
Is it weird that I just really don't like 16 bit era games at all?

My friend has a SNES Classic with some extra games added on and when I come over I pretty much exclusively play the NES games. Ninja Gaiden is my shit. I can play that for hours. paperboy 2 is awesome, as is megaman 2, but I generally get bored of pretty much all the 16 bit offerings really quickly.

When I go home and fire up my emulators the same thing happens. I'll play NES games, then pretty much go straight to Playstation games, but rarely touch the SNES or Genesis titles (except Sonic and Knuckles occasionally because that game is awesome)

Now before I get the predictable response of
>hurrrr SNES Classic is shit that is why fucking fake ass faggot ass emulator

That's not the issue. I actually don't care how 100% accurate an emulation is as long as it's playable and has a good frame rate, and like I said I play on emulators at home as well. The issue is game-play.

The 16 bit era didn't really do much to expand on the gameplay of the 8 bit era. It's all the same shit: side scrollers, platformers, fighting games, and JRPGs (but now with an ungodly amount of unskippable cut-scenes that aren't even good), and honestly I don't really like these genres of games that much with the exception of a well made platformer.
On the NES these games are tight, to the point and abstract. But on the SNES and genesis they feel bloated and clunky, and the attempts of the 16 bit era to branch out into 3D gaming were just awkward as hell. The SNES did have some decent SHMUP offerings but they were always inferior to their arcade counterparts, which the PS1 were able to emulate much better.

Idk. I just don't really think 16 bit gaming is all that great.
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The difference between 8bit to 16bit isn't just graphics. The genres pretty much remain the same but to me it seems tome there was a change in paradigm. Games started focusing more on story and exploration, while 8bit remained more true to arcade style. I don't know man I am drunk and don't feel like elaborating further.
Not weird at all. This is very typical for young bandwagoners who learned what to like from youtube. So is blogging on 4chan.

There's only so much you can do with a 2D plane. 8 and 16 bit consoles were bound to be similar for that reason alone. Refining of those 2D concepts were something most were looking for.

16 bit consoles also helped to bring the arcade experience home. Nobody was going to play Smash TV on their old NES unless they absolutely had to.
NES to SNES is a massive leap in refinement and playability ignoring the graphics. Everything on NES is incredibly janky, it's basically a glorified atari
How old are you OP?

File: 1519250890485[1].png (674 KB, 1440x1080)
674 KB
674 KB PNG
Woah, playstation character models look like THAT?!
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File: Cloud-ffvii-special.png (62 KB, 219x479)
62 KB
There are 2 different battle models. The final fight with sephiroth used the highest detail model.
Isn't that kami's house in the background?

I figured Cloud's normal model was just the result of technical limitations, or at least Square having a poor understanding of how to optimize PS1 games at the time. Since the Sephiroth fight involves only two models and doesn't need to load a background or a bunch of skill animations into memory, the devs could probably safely increase the poly account for the duration of that one fight.
Toriyama was the character designer for both Tobal games

That isn't literally Kami's house but it does look like it completely on purpose
tobal 2 has some final fantasy looking machines as enemies/player character too and the highest detail playable chocobo on ps1.
It's akira toriyama + squaresoft. Its one of the best coded ps1 fighters and I assume they tried to push it hard with some fanservice. Too bad it never catched on but casual trash like tekken did... well ps1 is the ultimate casual console... go figure...

A thread where we repost the same ads from the last ones with a handfull of new ones
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I need a fucking new sequel

All of the games in that collection are top tier except for Battlezone, and even that can’t be described as “forgettable”.

File: requiem.jpg (294 KB, 1600x740)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
does ANYBODY know how to get this to run on windows 10. I've been using dgvoodoo2 but with any configuration, i get "error not enough memory"
use the gog version
is it even good, it looks kinda dull
Didn't work
bumping for interest.
It's alright. The powers are really the only cool thing about it.

File: gay_shit.jpg (24 KB, 220x220)
24 KB
any of you fellas remember this?

beside the fact that its just a quake 2 Nerf plug its surprisingly fun.
Yea, it's just UT99 with a nerf skin on it. That being said, I actually enjoyed this more than ut99, especially with the community pack.

File: CoolScottyAuks.jpg (14 KB, 220x275)
14 KB
Do you ever play games that have tedious grinding or exploration as background noise for podcast or music? Daggerfall is good for this.
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excellent taste
you mean background activity? yeah I'll usually grind in rpg's and listen to a podcast
This is cool when you can disable a game's soundtrack, but not the sound effects so you can react to stuff, and then put music of your own.
I used to do this when I played G Darius in MAME which didn't support soundtrack, only sound effects (I don't know if that issue has been solved since)

>Flank attack a gun-wielding opponent because standing directly in front of him for even a second results in getting shot to death
>Suddenly, a black screen appears

What are /vr/'s favorite realistic fighting sims?
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S-Shut up! It was real...

... in my feelings.
>There were no gun characters in Bushido Blade
You fight a gun-wielding mercenary about half-way through story mode. I think you're the one who hasn't played the game, Anon.
>There were no gun characters in Bushido Blade 1
>he doesn't know how to kill the gun guy honorably
Free-run avoiding bullets until you are within range, get in front of him while moving side to side, then throw your throw-able at him, and stab him when he flinches. Or just use the Naginata and get close enough to stab him to death.
That's not a gun. It's a small sword with fire magic.

File: pm2.jpg (142 KB, 726x546)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Suggestions? I like the variety of gameplay elements but wouldn't mind a different plot/theme.
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>at this time it is a faraway dream as they have grown expensive
How much? Bought mine for 25€ a bunch of years ealier, and an SC-55 for 30€, shipping included, a month ago, but I've read that US prices for MT-32s are more akin to the price I paid for an SC-88pro.
>>On the Dreamcast version or the PC-98 version?

Dreamcast i used Demul
>once u realize what it requires
The process of figuring that out is the game.
It may be called Princess Maker but you don't have to make her a princess if you don't want to. I played this game a million times and only had her marry the prince once to see what it was like. Fuck that guy.
My favorite is the FM Towns version.
It has the classic charm of the PC98 version with some improvements.

File: IMG_5637.jpg (138 KB, 750x995)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
ITT we discuss why Mario 3 is the best Mario.

Mario 1: too primitive
Mario 2: not even a real Mario Game
Super Mario World: great game buy way too easy
Mario 64: nobody cares about getting 90183 stars
Mario Sunshine: no one played that
Mario Galaxy: great game, but not good enough

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File: world6-4.jpg (25 KB, 480x360)
25 KB
I wouldn't call it the best one, but the first SMB is fucking amazing. So much fun to play.
I'm playing the Arcade Archives version on the Switch (where there's no warp zone to world 8) and it's actually fucking hard. Level 6 is a real challenge, especially if you get there with no power ups and just a few lives.

Amazing platforming, real non-stop action. Try to give it a try without using warp pies sometime, so difficult but so much fun.
Seeing how Mario games pretty much never returned to that level of challenge you may be right.
Japan does have a love for hard games, but there's a difference between challenging yet fair (many arcade games) and "trolly" hard as you're pointing out.
Isn't VS Super Mario Bros is mix of SMB1 and SMB:TLL levels?

It's a cool idea that they removed the duplicate levels of SMB1 but that doesn't make SMB:TLL levels suck.any less

You're right, I'm a complete moron. I thought the arcade version was just a slightly harder version that the one on the NES (more enemies, less war zones). But as you say, VS does mix in quite a few of the lost levels, making it bitch hard.

It's still quite an obscure version of SMB, so I'm really glad they put that on the Switch!

File: download.jpg (20 KB, 240x210)
20 KB
Likely a dumb question but I'll ask

I'm trying to play Super Mario All Stars on my SNES and i can't get off this dumb intro screen
I've seen other people via YouTube getting into a menu to choose which Mario game to play, but mine cycles between the intro screen and the short intro videos for each game. I've tried every button on my controller and am beginning to think i either have some shit fake cart or my controller is fucked.
I've never played these Mario games through this and am not very familiar with anything pre n64
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I figured it might've been some shit bootleg or something so i checked
>thinks thread is bait
>still gives (You)s
really makes you think
Your start button is messed up. Try opening the controller and clean it and see if that fixes it.
>makes it clear he's not sure if it's bait
>tard can't into reading comprehension
really makes you wish more people could think
There's a Nintendo trade mark on the side of the board, so that means you have a legit licenses cart. Press select or start at the title screen. if they don't work. then the buttons are probably gummed up with crude. Take apart the controller and give that cunt a good douche it's fairly simple to do.

File: willy.png (6 KB, 129x124)
6 KB
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File: Yoshis_Story_Poochy.png (115 KB, 437x335)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
Poochie should have had his own game. Very underrated doggo.
this is the closest we got
>the original Beethoven died after the second movie and it was replaced by another dog
Probably that's why Beethoven 3 felt so wrong.
aw now im sad
the life of Brian... the lion

File: lsdrevamped.jpg (113 KB, 1280x720)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
What the fuck happened to this?
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I honestly appreciate the screenshots, but if you even wanted to just start laying down some fresh questions, it'd be better than the volume of these things you're posting on their own.
File: factory 2.png (2.74 MB, 1920x1080)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB PNG
File: factory 3.png (2.25 MB, 1920x1080)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG
File: factory 4.png (1.96 MB, 1920x1080)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG

File: sarge2.png (97 KB, 294x218)
97 KB
DNA's Diner is no more... ...as is Edna herself

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