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File: kid kirby.jpg (37 KB, 500x400)
37 KB
It's Kirby. But he's a kid, a hideous pre-rendered kid. And can only be controlled by SNES mouse.
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File: ad_214190591.jpg (30 KB, 620x465)
30 KB
wtf? everyone loves doland. did they do this market research in hawaii?
Yeah in Burgerland they just omitted "Donald Duck" from the title entirely. On the snes version at least.
Oddly enough Mickey Mouse and the gang are much more popular overseas than in the US.
>Sister Sonic is a canceled localization of Popful Mail announced sometime in 1993. Originally the plan was to replace the existing cast of the game with Sonic characters, including Sonic's long lost sister, Sister Sonic. Due to a large number of angry letters sent to Sega Falcom (the name which would be used for the Sega and Falcom team) it was decided to cancel this port and instead settle on a more direct port of Popful Mail to the Mega CD.
Diablo port for the Gameboy that was going to have three different versions, one for each class, with players able to trade unique equipment over the link cable.

File: download (1).jpg (16 KB, 269x187)
16 KB
What's the common consensus of goat scrolling shmups ?

Super aleste has to be it right?

The power ups. 8 weapons. Big bosses. Very fast play.

The likes of r type iii and super r type don't cut it in terms of pace...

Then you un squadron. That game is hard.

Not forgetting to mention gradius and Darius. Imperium to? SNES has a lot of big hitters in this department. Not to clued up on sega. I know PS2 had a few heavyweights but can't remember them
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File: 1423086363441.gif (1.97 MB, 380x285)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB GIF
why do SOTN haters get so triggered at the mere mention of the game that they have to try to derail unrelated threads
You have to admit that calling it the SotN for Gradius is a pretty vague comparison. What does that even mean?

We all know it's actually the Dark Souls of Gradius anyway.
he probably meant it in terms of general production quality, since the spritework and animations are really nice and the music is incredible
Soldier Blade
Thunderforce IV
Lords of Thunder
Parodius Da
R-Type 1
Air Zonk
Fantasy Zone

to name a few...

Does anybody plan on buying this? From what I've read & heard, the problems had been fixed. I plan on buying one, simply because I might be able to mod it & it will look great sitting next to my Sega Genesis model 1 console. Although I'll cover the AtGames logo with black paint.
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I already have Streets Of Rage 2 in cartridge form and in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. I'm anti-Disney, so I have no interest in Disney games. I have so many Sega Genesis games on cartridge that I could play(which I do with my model 1 Sega Genesis on a CRT TV).

I already have Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. It's not about the games inside the console that I want. The fact that it looks like a miniature model 1 Sega Genesis is one of the main reasons I'm buying one, plus I intend to mod it.
How do you intend to mod it exactly? It most likely runs their genesis-on-a-chip architecture, and there's some inherent inaccuracies in that. And if you already own Genesis, Genesis usb hubs, etc why do you need another cheap chinesium model of it?
Possibly a BR obsessed with bad games from his poor childhood.

>I'm anti-Disney
>it looks like a miniature model 1 Sega Genesis

Dude, it does not even looks like a miniature Genesis, it only looks like someone making an approximative cheap imitation and pretending it looks close enough for aged and not so demanding genesis fans.
You fuckers will never learn huh..

File: 91ndxVgS7uL._SL1500_.jpg (444 KB, 1500x1097)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
3DO copped a lot of flack for making games that were foggy and visually unimpressive, but what's curious is that their N64 games ran really, really well despite having lots of enemies onscreen, big levels, and fancy particle effects. Army Men: Sarge's Heroes and the BattleTanx games are smooth and responsive 99% of the time. A lot of N64 developers didn't care about framerate, and getting a relatively stable framerate on the N64 required significant technical competence. But 3DO managed it.
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Her mother was a barbie doll. This is canon.
Sarge's Heroes is a curious game. A lot of critics hated it. It became a popular meme to bash the Army Men series in general. But it sold well and there's quite a lot of nostalgia for it if you go digging. It's a quite charming TPS, and the only real issue, going back and playing it, is the wonky camera and some frustrating enemies like that dude with flamethrower. It's overall a pretty neat game.
It's no meme. It was a below average series that was recognized as shovelware in its time.

I remember my brother and our friend really loving all the N64 army men games. The multiplayer was super fun. I only recently found out that the series was/is looked upon poorly
Army Men games are still my jam.

I've been playing the Army Men games on my Dreamcast and they still hold up. I also had Sarge's Heroes on my N64 as a kid.

File: retro cgag.jpg (539 KB, 1426x1383)
539 KB
539 KB JPG
I'm looking for games that:
-have cute girls as playable characters (bonus, if it only has one playable character)
-have arcade style gameplay without any adventure elements cancer (story bits or dialogs are only allowed in cutscenes between the stages)

hard mode:
-no "versus" games where you battle other characters, just to filter out fighting games because of low interest and arcade puzzle games that I'm well aware of
-no STG games for the same reason
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>Also, no quizzes!
What about Mahjongg and Poker?
File: 51030_front.jpg (129 KB, 640x1158)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Thanks, I know about them and I want to put some time in the first two especially as I find them very charming. Should I play arcade or PC Engine version of KiKi KaiKai? Is the PS1 Namco collection port of Valkirya a good version?

Yes, I like ARPGs and action adventures, but as for this particular request I'm not interested in games like that.

No board games and cards, no pachislot and horse breeding either.
Battle Zegue-Den
one-plane beat 'em up/belt-scroller
designs by Takei Masaki (Graduation/Debut/Doukyuusei/Dragon Knight 4)
File: CARAT.gif (40 KB, 640x400)
40 KB
Games by Cyber Techloligy Custom.
Metal Orange (Breakout)
Carat (Falling Block)
Chip Chan Kick (single screen platformer)

File: 1496380591969.jpg (207 KB, 650x650)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Why is this game still not on GOG?
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I just did that myself.
Did you use the patch made by the germans?
You can use cheats on the n64 version to make them faster but it's a chore.
Probably because it's a movie licensed game.
So is there a link with a COMPLETELY out-of-the-box working version? Or could someone please upload one?
The german patch runs damn well, but the game's iso needs to be mounted, and you need to run it in administrator mode.
>Link to everything you need: https://mega.nz/#F!UVtTjDpT!3uzGLXgtq1k3ORNRy6kJJg
What to do:
•Mount the iso by right clicking > open in explorer
•Run the patch from anywhere
•On the patch, choose extract audio and cutscenes
•Once installed, make sure that audio is enabled on the installer, except for reverb. Reverb causes issues for some reason.
•Crank up the graphics settings. For some reason it defaults to low.

If you have no audio in game, run it in administrator mode, it won't recognize your audio card without it for some reason.
Also, sometimes the cutscenes crash the game, just press space to skip through them if that's happening to you.

File: Super_Mario_Bros_2.jpg (45 KB, 256x359)
45 KB
Is this really not as good as 1 & 3? I thought it introduced a lot of interesting concepts compared to SMB1. You have character selection, verticality, lifting/throwing, objects, different enemies, more complex levels, more complex secrets, different bosses, etc. Many of these things hold true into the rest of the series. Do people like it less just because it isn't as fast paced?
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Did you know
No, because that's an opinion and it's a fair one.
SM2 isn't actually a Mario game


Authenticity and validity are two separate issues. Saying "it's not really a Mario game" (which is really debatable on its own - it's not like they just did a sprite hack on the day before it shipped) doesn't say anything about whether or not it's a good Mario game.
>1 a hidden gem
>included with every NES purchase for years

File: cnc.jpg (11 KB, 204x247)
11 KB
>Command and Conquer
>Red Alert
>Dune 2000
>Tiberian Sun
>Red Alert 2
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ps1 red alert and retaliation had link cable and mouse support, c&c 1 had neither it included covert ops though which the saturn version didnt

All factions have their weaknesses, the Yuri faction is just less conventional.
File: Em4mRSk.png (642 KB, 960x540)
642 KB
642 KB PNG

1. RA2
2. Tiberium Sun
3. RA
4. Tiberium Dawn
5. Dune 2000

Check out openRA, its for all operating systems and its really good.

How to beat Blackout in Tiberian Sun? It's the fifth NOD mission, the first against GDI. The disc throwers and the engineers are murdering me.
I'm pretty sure it came out when Vista was the newest OS, and even then it was buggy as fuck and got like two fan patches to fix things.

I tried to play TibDawn recently and could not get it working right on Win7, best was some fan gold patch but it kept crashing after the first mission. And OpenRa is a full remake that gets a lot of small things wrong, and they dont have all the missions made yet.

File: tower being built.gif (151 KB, 640x480)
151 KB
151 KB GIF

last thread here: >>4200471
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Nope. An early game bei Yuke's before their games turned into that pile of horse shit that they are nowadays.
File: goddess_000.webm (2.1 MB, 640x400)
2.1 MB
Man Sven coop is so fucking comfy
its still a mystery
fast joystick movements there
Nice, i was looking for this one. So comfy. I don't like the game tho.

File: snes.jpg (30 KB, 444x444)
30 KB
why does it take more and more retro junk to make me feel good? I used to be able to buy one retro game every now and then and it'd make me happy, now I find myself buying 20+ at a time and I feel like garbage.

How do you maintain a healthy interest in video games?
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Collecting is a cancer. I've stopped for the forseeable future and am actively working down my backlog of games.

I found that video games wasn't satisfying a creative outlet, so I started a faggy game review channel, and took up painting.

I think you should seriously assess what you want out of games anon. I was like you a few years ago, just buying buying buying but never actually playing. I spent more time at garage sales, and trolling craigslist/facebook/ebay for deals than actually playing games. I started with a favorite: Mega Man Zero. Then I tried something I never played before, and I liked it. THen I tried something I hated, and then an old favorite I didn't like anymore.

Bottom line: Video games are meant to be entertainment, not your life.
Because you're sick frogposting garbage. Nothing can cure you except the bony embrace of the grim reaper.
I sometimes feel the same way, maybe you are spoiled by choice? Try not buying games for a while, just focus on enjoying the ones you already have, when you actually feel like it.

Also try to get into new hobbies, like some other anons have said, or work on some project.

Sit down for a moment and really think what it is you want to do right now, any game? Any book? Any subject? Any project? Any interest?
And if you don't feel like doing anything, maybe just sit there by yourself doing nothing, and relax for a bit, think on the world and on your life, either in silence or with some music you like.

Or well, that's what I do anyway, hope it helps.
Buy a couple games and actually play them you fuck
Thanks anon, if I'm not studying I'm usually laying in bed doing just that, nothing. Feels good in a way.

Why did the N64 sell so poorly compared to the PS1?
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Prove it Nintendrone. Sega did more pro-consumer stuff than Nintendon't.
Grow up kid.

True. I feel like if the games have a story, then part 1 should be available on all platforms. It shouldn't start off on part 2, if gamers have no idea how the story of the series started(unless they owned the console that had the first game).
Because Sony learn all the mistakes from Nintendo, and didn't do it again. (the fiasco of the Super Famicom released in Japan, the delay of the NES in Europe, selling up when SNES released)

That story is well documented.
It has always been extremely common knowledge that Nintendo never did well in Europe, Wii excluded (and even then Wii didn't sell in actual games in Europe, same as the rest of the world).
>It has always been extremely common knowledge that Nintendo never did well in Europe,
>Wii excluded
>(and even then Wii didn't sell in actual games in Europe, same as the rest of the world).

File: gus3bdc.png (91 KB, 246x185)
91 KB

>Sonic controls differently at low and high speeds
>Higher top speed
>Better camera
>Speed shoes makes you invincible
>You lose flickies only if you have 0 rings
>No more asshole flickies who run away from you
>Enemies and projectiles won't knock flickies away
>Spike ball enemies got nerfed in level 1
>Shadow bug fix
>Score display during gameplay

>But it's not how the developers inten-

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Are you autistic?

Oh, the irony
It doesn't matter how pretty you make it it's still a mess of a game in a franchise all about velocity
who cares?

it's still fun flying in the game as an unstoppable demi-god\
just make the bonus stages more bullshit so you can say they earned it.
I hope he releases that music demo tape of Jun Senoue
>camera pans better so you can know where enemies are

File: image.jpg (315 KB, 654x654)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
Aeris or Aerith
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calm down
No fuck you
File: 1449378299648.png (237 KB, 1349x778)
237 KB
237 KB PNG

Honestly it's not even a close call

Everyone knows she was Ultimecia this whole time.

Skaarj Edition

Unreal/Unreal Tournament General

Share some of your stories from Single-Player/Multiplayer, show off some new maps, mods, mutators, etc and just have fun!


Thread Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYDmFLymfys
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Keep going. The game dips right after the beginning but the later levels are interesting.
I got to level 7, Ceremonial Chambers and it's so annoying, like the water temple in Ocarina of Time, except way worse. Flip this here switch, but what did it do? Let's traverse through a series of underwater tunnels fighting tough as fuck enemies with fuck all cover and slowmo underwater controls, maybe we'll find that one door that was opened. And maybe that switch wasn't timed. Have to go all the way back and flip it again, if it was. Also everything looks the same and there's no automap because fuck you.

When does it get fun? Yeah, I get it, the transparent water and colored underwater lighting was a p cool selling point when they marketed their engine back in the 90's, but it doesn't make for a very fun experience.

>considering nerfing Loque to hell via editing
>but he's really good when you get him on your team in team modes.
No, you must become Loque. There can only be one.
After that map, you start hitting up against the mercenaries and their levels are better.

File: makes_koopa_think.jpg (3 KB, 98x92)
3 KB
Images from the 80's - 90's that activates one's almonds
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File: honk.gif (88 KB, 740x928)
88 KB
File: 43kl.png (426 KB, 468x402)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
File: 2j12xpj.gif (49 KB, 134x104)
49 KB
whats she thinking bout?
Imaging a guy who swing his penis left and right.

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