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File: worms.png (31 KB, 300x338)
31 KB
What went wrong?
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It's a huge problem when Gunbound is better than modern Worms
Ninja rope was the beginning of the end for me.
>>4649493 meant you could play only with friends, and most casuals were outright scared from rope users.
How does it feel to make up the same story for everything you disagree with? Don’t you get tired? Do you ever feel like an idiot?
Pretty sure he's joking dumbass
you can turn the rope off if it bothers you

Monster Rancher 1 or 2? Is it even possible to play anymore without CDs?
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monster rancher allows you to get monsters by putting CDs in the PS1

you can still buy monsters in game but part of the charm was putting in different CDs to see what you can get.
and you can do that with an emulator, its the same deal as a ps2 as that can read things that the ps1 can't
Emulators can read disks and isos, so that works exactly the same as it does on console, except you don't even have to actually own any disks.
actually they cracked the code on it already so you don't even have to try discs, you can just make an iso for whatever monster you want
Might as well not play at that point

File: uw2.gif (163 KB, 480x640)
163 KB
163 KB GIF

Having problems running old games? WELL THEN GOOGLE IT, YOU ASSHOLE!

Google doesn't help? THEN ASK HERE!

I can't get digitized speech to run in Ultima Underworld 2. I can get speech running just fine in Ultima Underworld 1, but not 2 for some reason. Anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong?
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Have you read the OP in the Doom General Thread?
This is a very good sign. It is necessary to ignore PSX emus until they can do it right.
that's bullshit

I just wanna play some PS1 games
Why play with a worse control scheme?
Of course, I have the patched rom, the japanse rom, the tools the IP I've tried header and no header, got the C7 error and stuff...

File: sparkster.png (455 KB, 580x715)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
This kills the Sanic fan.
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Really? that's weird.
The music in that stage was great. Hell, the whole soundtrack is great. Makes sense though, I'm pretty sure Michiru Yamane worked on some of it.
Apples and oranges, my friend. But if I had to choose: Rocket Knight is dope, but I still like Sonic more.
What the fuck is up with that lava level? Do I have a broken cartridge? I literally time is perfectly, run to the next platform, then watch the lava rise, yet not even near touching me, and this little faggot jumps in the air and I get a game over. What the fuck bro.
Some faggot 30 year old stole my gunstar heroes a couple years ago

File: dbz_sb3i.png (56 KB, 264x224)
56 KB
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Does it hurt being so underage? Cartridges had limited storage capacity
You tell me.
Super Butouden 3 is 16 Mbits.
A regular SNES cartridge with no enhancement chip can store 32 Mbits
File: BALLS.gif (2.31 MB, 480x360)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB GIF

> update a game with popular new characters fans will be sure to buy, without completely blocking sales of its predecesors or increasing production costs with higher-capacity cartridges

Shockingly irrational decision. Buyū Retsuden is the best in the series anyway, fight me
File: Super-Butouden2.gif (1.47 MB, 309x270)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB GIF
Buyu Retsuden is great because of the big roster, but gameplay wise it's only slightly better than Super Butoden 1, and doesn't match Butoden 2 and 3.

File: Capture.png (61 KB, 611x653)
61 KB
What should I play?
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So why download them all?
so you can find one whenever you need it
Nintendo sixty fooooooouuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrr
File: download.png (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
Genpei Toumaden

File: images (1).jpg (17 KB, 300x168)
17 KB
I never really see any Mortal Kombat threads posted here and I want to know what /vr/ thinks of this series?
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X is quality shit. The fuck outta here with that.
>What were you playing back then?
From a personal recreational free time perspective, yes, very much.
I made that typo consciously.
Fightcade 2 actually has a support for many mortal kombat games.
Why's the CPU so hard? WTF.
i no rite

File: xxY2zdt.jpg (420 KB, 759x1049)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
Are there any mods for Shadow Warrior that add these weapons back in?
I dunno anon XD

File: wbimw.jpg (31 KB, 220x309)
31 KB
Is this the Dark Souls of retro vidya?
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dark souls without good combat
How about evaluate the various elements of gameplay and what it feels like to play instead of just dimensions and genre. Dark Souls, whether consciously or not employs many elements from various classic games. For example, the core combat dynamic of Dark Souls involves recognizing your opponent's attack tell, dodging at the right moment, and then knowing how many hits you can land while he's vulnerable. If your timing is bad, you can sometimes block instead, which costs you stamina and some counter-attack frames. That's a fairly precise description of the mechanics of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out for NES, which is neither 3D nor a combat adventure.

I've never played OP Wonder boy so I don't know how it compares. To me the classic game most like Dark Souls in terms of adventure elements is the original NES Legend of Zelda.
Pretty much, story wise as well as difficulty and gameplay.
That said too unresponsive and slow to be enjoyable IMO.
File: wonder-boy-iii-e60396.jpg (273 KB, 427x600)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Great game love all the WB stuff. WB kicks ass. Platformer, rpg, some metroidvania bs, and a bit of shmup and the music is awesome.
To me, even better than the arcade version: better sprites, better music and doesn't drag for too long.

File: 1519485352171.png (3.98 MB, 6114x3084)
3.98 MB
3.98 MB PNG
Previous Thread: >>4489209




>>>Maian_SoS Scenario Pack<<<
>RCT1 recreations - Made in 2013 by Crappage with near-perfect accuracy, right down to available rides and research order. Includes "Real" parks, gaming magazine parks, and competition parks (periodically updated, check date for latest version):
>/v/ pack - Scenarios made by 4chan users, includes the original Mr. Bones save (Crappage is responsible for keeping this updated, bug him if you want something added):

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>testing Roller Coaster with full load
>barely clocks in the station at 29 mph at the last second because I added enough upward helixes
File: RCTdustydesert.png (27 KB, 496x225)
27 KB
Paths along the track
Random scenery
File: Heartline.png (119 KB, 1536x813)
119 KB
119 KB PNG

post you're favorite psx belt scrollers
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Final fantasy 7 was my favorite belt scroller of all time
File: Spoiler Image (80 KB, 700x881)
80 KB
You don't get many people responding to bait like this here in v/r/, friend. I'll try to help you out though, but first I've got to get a hold of a teensy weensy bit of that weedle-dee-deed! That WEEDLE-DEE-DEED haha oh my goddddddddd anon haha Jesus man Jesus! I'm high as FUCK right now holy shit tutti fruition I'm in a fucking high ass condition! Man you gotta get high and jack off!
File: maxresdefault.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
FF8 had more belts though.
L e g e n d

File: kolibri.gif (77 KB, 500x436)
77 KB
ITT we post our favorite retro playable birds, enemy birds, support birds and scenery birds, realistic, fantastic or cartoony. What are birds anyway? We just don't know
49 replies and 40 images omitted. Click here to view.
Zipang is a great game too
was about to post this
Antartic Adventure
>The ostrich things from joust
Also came to post this.
File: Skye.png (66 KB, 189x325)
66 KB
Skye, take flight!
> It's a Ryudo spends 45 minutes putting on his stupid costume episode

File: 1494527912288.jpg (2.16 MB, 2531x1965)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB JPG
How does NTSC/PAL work on the Amiga? This computer is a bit of an interesting situation since most of the software is made to run in PAL even though the machine was developed by a US company. Will the game just run in their proper mode like on the PSX, or do you have to mod it or something if it isn't from the right region?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>How does NTSC/PAL work on the Amiga?

You use the thing with a RGB monitor, NTSC/PAL is irrelevant here.
It still runs in either 50hz or 60hz.
And because PAL has a few more lines of resolution, the screen takes a few more cycles to draw. Because of this, music will often play slower on PAL.
Not on the amiga. It's meant to play at 50hz, so it's 60hz games that have incorrect audio (it sounds too fast)
Well, the computer is more 'meant' to run at 60hz since it was developed by a company in the US, but most software is meant to run in PAL mode because the platform sorta died out in the NTSC countries after just a few years.

File: Persona_2_EP_cover.jpg (19 KB, 220x211)
19 KB
Was it kino?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Fucking game made me tear up. Tatsuya's life was pure suffering
File: 0EthpXObkxI.jpg (130 KB, 523x640)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
File: coolest maya.jpg (7 KB, 147x201)
7 KB
Worse than alone / Exiled.
Worse than exiled / Dead.
Worse than dead / Forgotten.
it really was. playing it right now and i can't stop smiling at how good it is

File: $_1.jpg (18 KB, 400x282)
18 KB
ITT: rarest/most expensive game that you own
342 replies and 90 images omitted. Click here to view.
I am new. I also have a strong hatred towards gays.
Sorry to be so off-topic but my deep-seated lust for cock keeps me publicly denouncing homosexuality out of fear that I'll be outed.
Ha ha, you're funny.
Also, if that were me, I would use proper punctuation. You forgot the comma in between of off-topic and but.
I can pretend to be someone else using the name field... hacker XD

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