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Season 5 is out APRIL 4TH, AT 11 AM Eastern/8 AM Pacific/3 PM UTC!

Interview/teasers parts 1&2:

Character promos:
Main: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yABdnL9d8RE
Fluttershy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQCRbAJlUss
Applejack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5P6Fj2EWlNw
Pinkie Pie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=356db2Ga864
Rainbow Dash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwoyHLhi0oM
Twilight Sparkle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89n_p1Hu5_I

Fiendship is Magic #1 is due this coming Wednesday (April 1), with another issue every week for the whole month!

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File: scouter.png (238 KB, 568x568)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
I am only just now noticing her hips in this image
mmmystery on the friendship express
File: apple butt.png (175 KB, 800x785)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
"Why're ya staring at mah hips anyway, Anon? Ain't nothin special 'bout 'em."
Damn it. I had the right episode in my head and somehow flipped the names. I'm not a very clever human.
helloeveryonethisis P to the ony Pony here
back with some more Friendship is Magic action

File: 132355526994.png (998 KB, 1920x1080)
998 KB
998 KB PNG
is spike considered as a house pet?
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>Most ponies consider dragons to be animals.
Which is why he's considered at pet. See m8 you went full circle, you got to work on that autism.
Ponies are the top of the food chain, (Well share it with Gryphons) They are the bar none (Except stated earlier) Dominate species in Equestria. They are, for no better term, The men and women of there planet.
That has to count as something.
>People still believe that Spike isn't a slave
>People don't account for racial prejudice in their greentext and fanfiction

File: Heil Celestia!.png (2.86 MB, 1920x1080)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB PNG
!READ THIS FIRST! Q&A/FAQs--> http://pastebin.com/razBGdu2

This thread is for the posting, sharing, and discussion of anything 3D mlp.
Feel free to ask questions or provide feedback and critique, preferably the useful type.

3dAnon's EQG Models
Rainbow Dash: http://www.mediafire.com/download/a8tkrolpyvknnck/RainbowDash_1-1.7z
Sunset Shimmer: http://www.mediafire.com/download/44e7qvx6ymfweoo/SunsetShimmer_1.0.7z
Fluttershy: http://www.mediafire.com/download/e65p56f6pqh5ll3/Fluttershy_1-0.7z
Rarity: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4068d0q9b6k4919/Rarity_1-0.7z
Twilight: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sd1th7dgmt44up8/TwilightSparkle_1-0.7z
Applejack: http://www.mediafire.com/download/iwiij337cvkg4y5/Applejack_1-0.7z
Pinkie Pie: http://www.mediafire.com/download/mydyyrdozfzj2b0/PinkiePie_1-1.7z
Other models (Including nude and Pony) are linked in the pastebin.
We now even have a mostly finished EQG Trixie model! (See pastebin)

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I think it'd be nice to get a group shot with each individual outfit. Everyone wearing Sunset's for example.
I'm only counting permutations where no one is wearing their own clothes. Also, that number seems a little too high.
Can't really get higher than 7! = 5040, am I right?
Thanks. Making an account now.
File: SS1289.png (990 KB, 550x976)
990 KB
990 KB PNG
It's 6^7
Let's take the column on the right:
everyone in Pinkie clothes + Pinkie in AJ
We go towards the left with pinkie so we get 6 combinations. Then we change AJ clothes to Twi ones and repeat all 6 Pinkie combinations. We move AJ and repeat Pinkie. We end up with 36 combinations. Now we change Twi into AJ and repeat the above. 6*26 = 216. Next Rarity: 6*216 = 1296. Fluttershy: 6*1296 = 7776. Sunset: 6*7776 = 46656 and Rainbow: 6*46656 = 279936
I think Fluttershy is the best looking girl in there. Why is she always so adorable?

We must be proud of our clopsexuality (or ponysexuality, if you prefer.) We must make this flag known all over the internet and in real life. You can make changes if you want.
(Note: if you want to cum inside rainbow dash, or is sexually attracted to any cartoon pony, congratulations, you're a Clopsexual.)
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GLORY TO Arstotzka
No, she sucks carpet, you idiot.

File: oi2bUL8.png (54 KB, 912x722)
54 KB
Thread Prior: >>22292405

IRC: irc.rizon.net #/mlp/AiE
Active list: http://pastebin.com/mVG33ERX
Master list: http://pastebin.com/xGf9RcL9
Completed Stories list: http://pastebin.com/QZ4PDe7g
Stories Sorted by Pony: http://pastebin.com/GJyQquaY

>Rope's Thread archives: http://pastebin.com/Qg2dwzq0

Add for skype: sin.aie

Collection of AiE images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ju8ygvv3n4fa0um/quC3vIooOq#/
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I believe that's an opossum, Anon.
a goddamned cookie thief is what it is
...Can't the ponys talk?
Not anymore, Anon.
They all caught throat arthritis after Twilight tried taking apart Anon's Gameboy.
They never stood a chance against those chinese factory supergerms.
File: 1289787307523.jpg (121 KB, 1256x1075)
121 KB
121 KB JPG

File: 1427382375854.jpg (245 KB, 974x869)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Sunday's a good day for plushes and plush threads

>Link for plush buying since OPs always forgets
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File: faec.png (357 KB, 1280x720)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
Scratch that, my pattern needs a LOT of work. Why haven't you fuckers told me how much it sucks?

oh please, like if they would care about that
But of course you're right
Stop oppressing me
Because honest opinion is considered shitposting
I'm too lazy
File: 1390625716657.jpg (200 KB, 1142x1024)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
I used to fetishize cancer. Those were strange times.

File: frgh.png (298 KB, 692x461)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
>back then
>sarcastic know-it-all, neurotic lovable nerd

>little miss perfect princess happy and friends with everybody

I miss Twilight.
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Rainbow ruined that book anyway with all the highlighting and doodles.
I think that is bad writing not a destruction of the character.
She is not bad, the writers ran out of idea.
She can be easily needed BTW. She sucks at fast planning, she can find the best answer to a problem, but not in a timely manner

Twilight will fail in the face of an adversary that doesn't behave in any predictable manner.
Oooh, Good point!

Should he come back?
Yes. Ya god daym fruit bowl.
I probably wouldn't either.
He answers all the big questions
but will someone take his lessons to heart?

File: OP1.png (630 KB, 1461x1309)
630 KB
630 KB PNG
Welcome to thread #8! Carry on camping edition.

Useful Links -

Everything so far: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e33FA7Hex9xcGLr7dYz2iOw9cLYsAOkYsj_c90LPyTg/edit?usp=sharing

Resources Folder: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4eSgXABJTrfb1lMQ0Y1NzAzQzQ&usp=sharing

Green to follow.
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Its how it must be.
Death to trolls bump

Betting it's a dragon. Thermal is showing heat.
>You slowly trot around the edge of the clearing, watching the rock.
>One one side of it, you can see two dark holes and what looks like a pair of eyelids.
>Should you approach it?

>Blue will never fast Edition


Previous thread
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Very well! About 7k words in now. It shouldn't be much longer.


Crap food tends to be not only easier to get mass quantities of but also far more fattening. I think a lot of authors/artists just pounce on the easy "huge amount of calories" wagon.
Why do you seem unimpressed? Does the fraulein have her mittelschmerz?
>I think a lot of authors/artists just pounce on the easy "huge amount of calories" wagon.
Come to think of it, the vast majority of what I read here is always
>Eat shit ton of food at once
>Get super fucking fat

We need a writefag to make a story where a skinnypone slowly starts to get a pudge and it advances steadily from there. I want a novel-length fatpone story
>That's Generic Fat Fetish Story #567
Well then smartass, why isn't there a pony version of it yet?

File: tiarawhy.png (240 KB, 764x650)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
>More than a year of waiting
>Says the game is nearly done in frebruary
>"Waiting for my coder, it'll be done soon!" he says
>Post almost daily updates on the tumblrs.
>Suddenly no posts in the last 2 weeks.

Maud game confirmed for vaporware.

File: fluttershy.jpg (558 KB, 1700x1256)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
< Here's a drawing I made
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3vrV-WNmsc < Here's the song i'm currently listening.

This week I did not go to school.
My nights are becoming shorter and my thoughts become darker.
I'm all alone and lonely. I am a poor boy of 20 who has lost his mother.
I left my old military school to get closer to her and live with it his last moments.
I entered another school, where I know no one. Socially, I'm doing well, I'm a confident speaker, but the smiles I make are all lies and in my heart I'm dying.
I no longer hope for anything. I recall the past and all the happy moments I saw past, I did not do.
One day I found out through a friend My Little Pony, I loved it. I stopped watching as my life was changing ... Today I started watching season 4. I think I'm becoming crazy, it's like I am drunk, I'm uninhibited constantly, I am afraid of nothing, I insult people on Facebook who I usually have much restraint, and I am passionating about the absurd.
I'm a bad drawer, but the only thing that relaxed me lately is to draw the fucking ponies.

I don't know why i'm writing this right now, i guess it's like a therapy..

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 130771148366.png (292 KB, 640x327)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
"A New Future" Edition

>>22338825 Old Thread

General thread for ongoing MLP Persona greentext as well as relevant horse, persona, and horseona pics/discussion.

We only ask that you accept full responsibility for the choices you make. For ye chooseth this fate of your own free will.

Story so far:
Calendar: http://pastebin.com/rdk25Xhv

Part 1: http://pastebin.com/Etf0a4E6
Part 2: http://pastebin.com/6jqrre08
Part 3: http://pastebin.com/8EsQCj1h

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1427133402817.jpg (11 KB, 184x184)
11 KB
No one mare should have all that power.
File: current state of the room.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1361)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
>You bend down and kiss Gilda on the cheek.
“It’s a great gift. Thank you, Gilda.”
>”It’s… it’s nothing.” She blushes.
“So all that’s left is Cheerilee and Derpy. You should both open your gifts together.”
>They open up the small boxes containing your gifts for them.
>”Oh, these hairpins are lovely!” Cheerilee says.
“And the daisies have a preservation spell on them, so they should last for a long time.”
>The two of them run up and hug you in thanks before Derpy runs back to grab two gifts for you from them.
>You open up Cheerilee’s first…
>It’s a basket of bath supplies!
>”You’re always working so hard, after all. You need to manage your stress as well. A nice bubble bath can be very relaxing, so if you’re ever stressed or confused, just take some time to relax.”
“Bubbles, huh? Well they have been proven to have positive effects on critical thinking. Thanks, Cheerilee.”
>Derpy stares up at you excited with her bright golden eyes as you open her gift…
>It’s a silver pocketwatch with the image of Derpy’s cutie mark engraved on the outside cover.
>When you flip open the cover, you see that it holds a photo of Cheerilee and Derpy smiling together.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Yes.....jpg (47 KB, 693x163)
47 KB

>Pocket watch idea got used after all

File: 404.jpg (101 KB, 610x924)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>22177099

More ponies eating ponies and/or people.
455 replies and 78 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh and just what sort of things would the sadistic pred actually do? Find a pair or group vore some of them and then coat the remaining ones in the digested remains of the first batch?
An extremely long flexible neck extension spell?
While the prey is squirming on his way down, the pred can squeeze them through a tight, almost intestinal path with extremely uncomfortable sharp bends.
Or maybe less of an extent, just twisting the throat where the prey is.
...It sounds ridiculous, but it's a lot more fun than a short neck.
>digested remains
ew no, that's just gross

if you're asking what the pred would do after they've digested the prey, i'd say that the pred should just look back casually on the ordeal by saying things like "she was food anyway" and things like that
That doesn't really seem sadistic, it wouldn't work with reformation, and without it just seems either callous or uncaring, like just another one night stand or notch on the belt sex partner.
i'm not a fan of reform, and the whole point of a sadistic pred is to be callous and uncaring, right?

ITT: MLP:FiM fanfictions, recommendations, riffs, I want to cum Smooze, Bleedin' feelin' like surrenderin', the worst type of crossovers, a character analysis of Anon's non-character, Equestria's anthem, self-inserting in 9/11, and threads dying before reaching bump limit.

Stuff that's going on:

Regarding the FiM-Fiction Starter Kit:

List of winners: http://i.imgur.com/vuTA7EN.png

List of nominees by category: http://mlp-fanfics.herokuapp.com/

Writing prompt tumblr (updated!): http://autismwhinnies.tumblr.com/

LtD riff and more: pastebin.com/u/notkickass222urmom

Voicefag's readings: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt68MpmvEketmqOdHncHI2w

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It'll probably be a clopfic.

It could have the six of them hanging out, talking about their relatives, maybe some lesbian sex in between.
Anon, I can only get so erect.
If you write it, I'll read it.
They could also meet other mature mares and interact with them.
Didn't read the spoilers, but I did read the new chapter just now, and the comments.

>literally one person complains
>"welp guess i better throw out all my plans and rewrite the thing"
You are overreacting. Stop it.
You're right. I'm stressed because of some other, personal shit, and it's transferring to this.

I'm going to go eat dinner and breathe deeply or something.


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