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File: sb2.png (225 KB, 1024x1024)
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225 KB PNG
Your daily reminder than GlimGlam is better than ShimSham
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Because mods delete spam threads, not quality threads, silly man!
File: 1510436727906.jpg (193 KB, 640x1088)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
haha, no no no sonny
take this
File: WOW GLIMMER.jpg (81 KB, 857x1200)
81 KB
uhm no sweetie
Glim = the most superior pony!
boop boop!

File: Ponka.png (1 KB, 64x96)
1 KB
Equestria Girls YouTube Series of 45 shorts, including CYOA, is set to premier today!
Will it be the G.M. Berrow shorts we got on Discovery Go earlier this month, the CYOA story edited by Nick Confalone, or something else? We should know in the next 24 hours!

Links to all EqG content for the year below.
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"we're independent, cool, A-O-A-O-A"
Good god, those lyrics are pure cringe. This series is horrible
Kino, you misspelled kino
I hope they'll show up again.
File: 1479754501875.png (185 KB, 617x467)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
>Sonata's stockings
Dude, I'm trying to quit fapping.

File: its shit.png (468 KB, 800x440)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
Much like the rest of the Glimmer/anti-Faust shills, the defenders of this shallow episode praise it for pandering to the fandom, even though it's a rip-off of Romeo and Juliet and has extremely flat characters. It's generic and cringy infatuation. Steven Universe and Star vs the Forces of Evil destroy this show in "adult" themes.

Please just end already MLP before you embarrass yourselves like to the entire world with that pathetic excuse you call a movie.
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Yes. Pretty much.
You do know that there are only 36 types of stories overall? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Thirty-Six_Dramatic_Situations
Both better
Well yeah, that's literally the spirit of 4chan.
Fucking rekt.

File: The Last Roundup.png (681 KB, 1920x1080)
681 KB
681 KB PNG
>Now careful, Muffins!
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File: muff.png (2 KB, 283x60)
2 KB
Fucking terrified me, thought hugboxbooru fell even lower than they already are.
Wait I could have sworn they kept derpy.

File: maudblink.gif (155 KB, 524x600)
155 KB
155 KB GIF
>He ships his waifu with someone else
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Not him but I'm not putting myself into a story where he's a total beta bitch. If you do, you're a cuck
File: 1505881577713.png (1.36 MB, 1200x1556)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
was it autism?
Waifus are stupid, what if I just ship my favourite characters?
A waifufag would say the exact opposite.

File: ThinkingAboutRankings.png (938 KB, 4221x4434)
938 KB
938 KB PNG
It's been a few weeks since the official release of the season 7 finale and over a month since the finale leaked, so I think it's time we try and get another episode ranking survey done to see where this new season stands.

One of the big worries I have now is that we're at 174 items to rank with 1 pony movie, 4 EqG movies, a bunch of EqG shorts that I'm not sure if/how they should be counted, and 169 episodes, and that can be overwhelming to try and get a ranking for all at once. I'm considering a few different options to try and make this as easy as possible to respond to while still getting as much data as possible from each Anon. There's a few different options I think may work, either by themselves or as a combination, to do this.

At the moment I have 4 methods in mind that could work. Using the same sorter we always used, using a modified version of it to speed sorting, using All Our Ideas, or using a Google Form. I'll post my thoughts on each below.
Once that's figured out I'm thinking next weekend would be a good time to start this off as long as everything's prepared.
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All should be done and online, with the movie.
I think there's one more question I have for this. Do you think it's a good idea to post the updates with the current stats as lists get posted?

In the past I always posted updates in the form of the current episode ranking or averages to that point, and also individual stats for each list. I remember Anons saying that may not be a good idea to be posted cause it can discourage participation or influence results. It may do that, but then I don't just want to fill threads with nothing but "Bump" either.

All seems well to me. I'm sure someone will find some way to break something, but for now I just have to make sure I've got the method for making the charts down.
I never understood the "oh no, people have a different opinion so I won't say mine" stance and I suspect it's just two or three loud shitposters
updates are good for discussion and to see how the chart is developing, I say keep them
If you don't want to bump with the actual episode ranking you could use number of participants, season rankings, age etc. that don't pose a direct hazard of altering the results
I think this is good for now. I'll have a thread up either later tonight or sometime tomorrow to start this off for real.

File: alone in the dark.jpg (245 KB, 1280x1280)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
It has been eighty years since we have had one of these. Or maybe it has been a week, I used to browse /mlp/ daily but I have lost interest in that too. Post your waifu and power level.

>inb4 but i dont have a wif...


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at least,that serene comfort makes you stay in a pseudo stable area where you can do things without stress.Not many but there is room for a decent time.

Whenever the rhythm speeds up or you cannot get as much free time as these days,you will kind of miss it.
File: Life was fun.png (119 KB, 400x441)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
I know there's a suicide prevention joke to be made here but I don't see it.

File: 1479928452435.jpg (52 KB, 432x540)
52 KB
Site doesn't work.

I guess that its just points 0-5 points added per question so I stopped couting at fifty

Daily reminder /ml/podcast a shit and basically, you are fucking stupid How? ...Just Watch This Free Video >
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so a cringe-filled autistic board created a cringe-filled autistic podcast. why is anyone surprised?
File: 1467057168144.jpg (363 KB, 4000x4000)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
>grassroots podcast created by more of a happenstance than deliberate planning
>over 2 years on air with marginal or no viewership
now stop projecting and tell me how this is:
>trying to be the cool kid

>all the disabled children think you're faggots.
>hurr i'm the voice of whole board: the post
fucking kill yourself, please
>he wasn't there when Disgusted Celestianon was voted the voice of the board
damn it feels good to be a gangsta
This word says nothing about the kind of people they are. Just because people use the term "grassroots" it doesn't automatically make them better than they would have been, it's just a word that appeals to idiots
>more of a happenstance than deliberate planning
Same thing, this does nothing to say they are now better than they would have been.
>2 years with not marginal/viewership
>not popular, therefore not attentionwhoring
That's the equivalent of saying a person who has no money cannot be greedy

>im trying to be the voice
Fucking read the thread faggot.

With that being said, you didn't actually post anything of substance. Thanks for the shit response.
Who had the valley girl accent? I didn't hear it.

File: 1480503992063.jpg (116 KB, 1334x750)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
What's going on here?
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>tfw no two cuddly nerdy horses as your friends

I... I need to lie down
Twilight is a slut.
nerd love

File: 4ujta.jpg (130 KB, 1223x548)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
how many of you are trans-brony horsefucker cuck, /mlp/?
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File: wojak brainlet2.png (38 KB, 408x450)
38 KB
They reuse colors and cutie marks all the time.
I'm most similar to the Caramel in the middle. If I had access to transformative magic, I would get myself turned to be more like either Big Caramel on the left or Lady Caramel on the right.
File: WAT.jpg (79 KB, 517x383)
79 KB
>trans-brony horsefucker cuck
Keep all gelding related discussion here

File: scheming piglet.gif (586 KB, 294x556)
586 KB
586 KB GIF
So if Party of One was done in EQG would Ponkle Pee be naked the entire time or in a Alice in Wonderland-esque Pinafore dress?
who cares?
Why would she be naked?
She'd be wearing the same clothes as usual because you don't spontaneously change wardrobe depending on your current emotions unless you're Rarity.
Also this
way to ruin my sexy headcanon

EQG FTW!!!! :)))))) <3333

File: 1448631386696s.jpg (5 KB, 126x250)
5 KB
When will the show have complex characters, great worldbuilding and lore, and well-done drama? The show is too slice of life. I feel like Equestria is a big, interesting world, and the show isn't utilizing it enough.
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You sure wasted a lot of time on something many people aren't even going to bother to comment on.
Well he get trips and you didn’t so..
I'm autistic enough to go on a 4chan board about this show, spending time on stuff that won't get noticed is not that bad in comparison
Can you say anything that isn't a meme, you fucking hasdrone? anything of substance at all?
Ponyville is the backwater, nudist hick town of Equestria. It's meant to be slice of life.

File: mommy.png (312 KB, 752x870)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
Why was there such a big obsession to Button's mom?
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>what is stopping this thread from being nice

all these anons responding to fartfag instead of just ignoring and moving on with the thread
Wait what fart porn ?
Easy fart smeller. Kidding. I enjoy a good fart in the face just as much as the next guy.
File: 1508713662231.gif (2.07 MB, 500x282)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB GIF

File: 52456245.png (392 KB, 856x1091)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
Even More Candyass Edition
Also New Pastebin Edition

Previous thread: >>31373983

Greenpaste link archive:
507 replies and 109 images omitted. Click here to view.
It sure took you a while to realize that Flurry Heart is Cadence's daughter. Kirko's been writing about her for like 3 threads, Anon, try to keep up.
She wipes her memory and fixes her whoopy cave?
Fresh baked bread:
The other way around obviously, moron.
>511R / 86P

File: 1434364828029[1].jpg (44 KB, 680x765)
44 KB
ITT: Post the first exposure you had to ponies.

I myself stumbled across this ancient meme video back in late 2011. If I had only known...

51 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
I be weary of 2010fags. They only had less than 3 months before 2011 and they may be confusing the times.
>have a dream today about being in Sugarcube Corner
>firm 2011 feel
>wake up, realize those times are gone and will never be here again
>never again printing fimfiction stories and reading them before sleep
>never again listening to pony songs and mass cheering for new episodes
>never again reading tulpa shit and lucid dreaming on /mlp/

why live, anons?
What's stopping you from doing all that again?
>Summer 2013
>be underageb&, doing normie shit scrolling across pictures on ifunny (I know,
I know.)

>scroll past a gif of these pony things dancing, where the pony would sway her hips to the left, it would switch to another pony, and she would sway her hips to the right, then it would change ponies again, so on so forth
>didn't think anything of it, moved on
>about 20 pictures later, couldn't understand why I couldn't stop thinking about that gif
>scroll all the way back to it
>watch the loop again about 3 times or so (each loop was about 10 seconds)
>"Why are they so damn happy?"
>saved the gif

>throughout the month, looked more into it
>found out they rebooted a show, a weird fucking community came from it, and they drew a lot of porn

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1447521834103.png (58 KB, 645x773)
58 KB

>uploaded 6 years ago

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