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Now that the show has tackled death (Tanks for the Memories) and divorce (Surf and Turf) it’s only a matter of time before they finally give us that episode about one of the Mane 6 being a lesbian.
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Shut the hell up, loser.
Um be kind sweetie
no u
We are all surprised that it's actually Fluttershy who's prefers the company of mares.
Literally This >>32266041
Maybe he lives not in the sea because jobs or something.

File: Creepy-candy-pony-toys.jpg (1.94 MB, 2560x1231)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
Mildly disturbing pony merch thread.

Crossed across this jewel today at Target, post your similarly creepy pony toys or otherwise that should have died in the drawing boards.

File: download.jpg (7 KB, 221x228)
7 KB
babs seed doesnt sho
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report spam
I want to cum inside Rarity's girlfriend.
File: Untitled.jpg (46 KB, 518x507)
46 KB

you're faggots
The faggot is (You) for bumping the thread.

File: PhotoGrid_1524367868090.png (732 KB, 1080x1080)
732 KB
732 KB PNG
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Except kids rarely get to chose.
There's a patriarchy but it sure as hell doesn't manifest in favour of men.
The Hippogriff kingdom obviously has very liberal child custody laws.
Oh my...

What if there was an episode where Celestia had to raise a human child?
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Because she's like a real horse?

Because she is a useless bitch.
Would the boy be called prince and bowed to by the pony population?
File: 1510970414213.jpg (76 KB, 359x369)
76 KB
Are you just running around making casual threads of preexisting generals?
This is why mobilefagging needs to be disabled on this site, fuck these windowlicking retards.

Previous thread: >>32104905

Last time, we successfully infiltrated an airship full of diplomats headed towards Griffonstone. Some spell or device is currently preventing all traditional magic on board from working, save for your abilities, and some of what Astra and Ophelia can do. The sun is setting, a storm is about, and the ship should reach the other side of the sea by late tomorrow.

Previous post: >>32167550
map coming next post
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"More than okay. Or do you not want it?"
We should continue with the gentle teasing and soft kisses, just to be sure.
Are those oils the kind good for /the other thing/?

By the way, I bet there will be at least one anon reeing about us going full homogay now.
"More than okay, unless you don't want this."
Prim is beyond flustered, but her body doesn't lie to you, as you place a few more soft kisses on her neck.
"Come on, confidence Prim! What do you want?" Your command locks her body up completely, tensing as she lets out a squeak. A second later, with held breath, she responds.
>"I don't want you to... stop."
"You want me to stop?"
"Alright I'll stop."
>"No!" She finally stammers, turning and kissing you back, wrapping her hooves around you before she hugs you tight.
>"I mean.... I just... I haven't done this before." She whispers. "I... just tell me what to do."
"I want you to relax. Like while being massaged, relax your muscles, mind and soul."
It's good thing we are a unicorn, we can finally utilize our skills in the arcane art of dickomancy! Let's start with a gentle hoofjob, eh?
something came up, be back in a little while.
And thus, Kahuna disappeared forever.

File: twrk.gif (178 KB, 560x560)
178 KB
178 KB GIF
do ponies twerk?
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File: LylyFast.webm (134 KB, 756x756)
134 KB
File: 506652294229f[1].png (98 KB, 256x256)
98 KB
faith in humanity = +789877789876543456%
File: 1522887911100.png (554 KB, 640x640)
554 KB
554 KB PNG

>8 seasons
>Scootaloo still cannot fly

So....Diamond Tiara was right all along? Is she officially disabled now?
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File: 1445254.png (836 KB, 2371x1513)
836 KB
836 KB PNG
>feel bad for Scootaloo not being able to fly
>remember that I can't fly
>remember that I'm not even a pony
oops time to die
Dash said pegasus need confidence to fly. There is a lot of evidence suggesting that Scootaloo doesnt have any of this, like her shit parents or just how insecure she was with Dash liking her.
To fly, you have to throw yourself at the ground and miss.
Scootaloo hasn't learned to miss yet.
>8 years
>Still here

So... Mr Burns was right all along? Don't forget, we're here forever
File: temp.png (5 KB, 434x403)
5 KB

File: 1689373.png (555 KB, 1869x1828)
555 KB
555 KB PNG
Dress horse best horse

Post art and stories of Rarara
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I want to put my finger into Rarity's rectum and wiggle it around until poo comes out, Dahling.
File: 1180554_cropped.png (195 KB, 747x522)
195 KB
195 KB PNG

I want to put Rarity's horn up my ass.

File: full[1].png (415 KB, 1600x1300)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
Such a pretty house and such a pretty garden.
but Ponyville has many surprises which cause alarm

File: Season8.png (236 KB, 1204x886)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>mane 6 episodes do terribly
>CMC episode has the highest average of the season
>CMC episode overwhelmingly has positive scores with a few faustdrones voting it 0
So, is this clear proof that the supporting cast is doing better than the mane 6. Remember that /mlp/ tends to vote CMC episodes lower than the average episode and yet this one still scored higher than any other season 8 episode.
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I half feel that the season is building up on this idea. We see that even after a relatively large disagreement, the CMC still remain strong friends by the end of it. In contrast, it feels like the mane 6 are drifting further and further apart (especially considering half the episodes in season 8 has this theme to it).
But he isnt wrong about this. Surf and Turf had the highest average of the season so far.
The Mane 6 no longer have consistent characterization making them uninteresting. Even something as generic as Star Vs. The Forces of Evil has character arcs in which you can watch an episode of any season and notice differences in how Star and Marco have changed from their experiences. With MLP when you're watching trash like Fake It Till You Make It, there is no consistency or believably to Fluttershy's character. Fluttershy Leans In, despite being awful, at least tried to sum up Fluttershy's experiences and who she's become after so many seasons. FITYMI ignores it entirely and regresses Fluttershy's character back to a creative void, pulling her actions directly from a character cheat sheet.
I dont understand how the supporting casts arent affected by this, yet the mane 6 are. I feel like it would be easier to keep the mane 6 consistent over the supports.
Support cast's characters aren't nearly as fleshed out so being a little different isn't necessarily OOC for them. Plus they have a lot fewer EP's in which they have development so it's easier to keep track of that and follow it.

File: IDunnoAJ.jpg (249 KB, 630x654)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
So, I've been kinda out of the look with the most recent season. How would you anons describe this season thus far? Is it worth keeping up with? Or should I just wait until the first half comes out on Netflix?
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>This just wow
That's entirely dependent on your personal tastes and values, and asking us if you should do something for enjoyment doesn't seem very useful. However, this place is as cynical as ever and most seem to have not enjoyed it so far. That does not mean you won't, so just watch it if you want to.
Lurk more?
File: 1487827969131.png (26 KB, 309x294)
26 KB
>spoonfeed me
go fuck yourself
Here’s your (you).
Go choke on a dick, faggot, and then kill yourself

File: shining.png (73 KB, 247x162)
73 KB
>tag: zebradom
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File: not even me desu.png (49 KB, 1881x527)
49 KB
oh my god i left for a day and someone else took it up in my stead perfect
> Thinks this is a situation where one can win
> Is just a pigeon that walks on a chess board an takes a fat shit on it
> Calls it for damage control because he can't come up with anything else to say other then 'no u' and 'accept your loss kid, nothing personal'
>Pigeon shitting where he pleases
Your posts to the letter, m'sir.
Hey let me try to speak in your language since you can't articulate a better comeback, "no u"
Hey let me try yours, "pbbbbbbt" lmao

There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare

Cross-eyed Angel edition

Old thread >>32216131

Stories by Tsar Anon: https://pastebin.com/BnjZqwM3

Stories by DGCT: https://pastebin.com/u/dontgooglecrotchtits

Minty's Careful Steps: https://pastebin.com/P2aD5GVa

A Heart Longs for Another: https://pastebin.com/11TXCVXJ

The Sun Where You Belong: https://pastebin.com/WRUW1xQu

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1491845570731.png (182 KB, 1024x885)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
Don't write for the "brony community", write for this thread.
At one point I felt the same way, but that only gave me motivation to start making content in the first place. They always say, be the change you want to see, I guess that was enough for me to try.

It's nothing you haven't seen, anon. https://pastebin.com/u/YukkuriPalehorse
Before /nmp/ 90% of my greens were about Twilight. Even now I work on another one of those. It does feel good, even if it moves real slow, thankfully I don't post it yet so I can work at my own sluggish pace.
>It's nothing you haven't seen, anon.
The implication here is that seeing something i've seen a hundred times before somehow reduces it's quality.
Not sure it's an accurate comparison but i never get tired of seeing my waifu, even when i didn't realize she was that important to me.
>i never get tired of seeing my waifu, even when i didn't realize she was that important to me.
Same. Even before I realized I was in love I always enjoyed seeing her the most. Realizing that later just made discovering my own feelings even sweeter.

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