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File: 2143125124.png (635 KB, 917x1024)
635 KB
635 KB PNG
A dereliction of Nyx is punishable by death.
File: angelic appul.jpg (837 KB, 1920x1080)
837 KB
837 KB JPG
>Ah was so tired of being a nigger
>Twilight, are you there?
>It's me, your best friend.
Actually it's Starlight Glimmer (because she's a soulless husk) being turned into Nyx who has compassion.

File: moondancer.png (452 KB, 1600x1663)
452 KB
452 KB PNG
Who are Moondancer's parents?
I need to know so I can kill them off in a fanfic that I'm writing.
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Well, now I'm definitely not telling you.
File: ojzTQ0u.png (930 KB, 1260x1020)
930 KB
930 KB PNG
File: 20171227_192832.png (938 KB, 1260x1020)
938 KB
938 KB PNG
Momdancer and Moondader, duh.

Welcome to the Massive Pony Thread!
Dimensional Size Difference Edition

Check out our slowly growing pastebin: http://pastebin.com/9HrRJZqs

Writers, artists, and critique are always welcome so long as it pertains to the main idea of the thread which is size difference.

Previous thread: >>32927952
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That posted before I meant it to go up. I was saying unless you've got a surge of business around halloween or something. Take care of yourself. Maybe get a bag of candies and eat exactly one candy for each line written if you're really in a rut.
Can someone make a new thread?
The thread’s on page 4. Calm your tits.
He says while falling into a giant mare's throat


If you don’t like the idea of Zebra’s, Yak’s, and Dragons coming into Equestria, you are a racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, bigot. The Griffons clearly meddled in getting Twilight Sparkle to become a princess. Watch some Canterlot News Network, you Twister! Just know that your idiocy will cause millions of ponies to go homeless. Extremist!
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> an
go back, Jose

I want to S M A S H Yona. Don't ever think I'm racist, or sexist.
Bugs are NPCs.
File: 1540077349914.png (6 KB, 202x238)
6 KB

This is Ponk.
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File: reverse tiddies.jpg (353 KB, 1883x1746)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
P i n k i e P o
File: 1354924961893.png (842 KB, 1280x1280)
842 KB
842 KB PNG
Ponko Pop
Cuddles are mandatory.

Captcha: hippogriff bait

File: thumb.png (34 KB, 250x223)
34 KB
So Anon, do you hide your true power level or do you let the whole world know youre a pony fag?
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So is that a yes?
I am a barneyfag so they know I come to shitpost youre board and don't even say a thing
>hiding your power level
>not hiding yourself completely
nobody has seen me in person since I was 10 years old
How do you make money and get food and water and shit
No. She doesn’t have a pocket, though my next one will and that’s easy to hide. Mom was interested in the plush to the extent that I taught myself how to sew and made the plush. She spent time inspecting the applique and ladder stitching and not the butt or asking me why I wanted a plush.

File: ShimmerBoop.png (145 KB, 600x600)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
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File: 1538582218503.png (148 KB, 332x332)
148 KB
148 KB PNG


File: 1510805692693.png (236 KB, 600x600)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
File: Chad bacon.jpg (2.37 MB, 2274x1642)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB JPG
Based Shimmychad

Are these still being made?
I remember an anon selling these on etsy a few years back but, something came up and I wasn't able to buy one back then.
I completely forgot about it until now and I'd love to get one.
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Me too. This is probably the first pony related stuff that I've ever spent money on and it has been almost 5 years since I started to watch mlp.
>implying shooting spics isnt a sport
Hey, question, so you aren't the designer or the producer? How does this operation work? Whose idea was it, who makes em, etc.?

Why not ? Dust?
Gonna wear mine at BronyCon.
File: 0125141728.jpg (459 KB, 1280x960)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
>tfw managed to snag a scarf and the mlp writes books in 2013
Still have both, wore the scarf during winter when i first got it but moved to a less cold climate so now i only wear it during important 4cc matches

File: 1535923669828.png (350 KB, 646x634)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
>Student6 appears in Equestria Girls season 2
>Smolder is a human kid
>Spike is still a dog
This likely going to happen
>Student6 appears in Equestria Girls season 2
Yeah right. That would mean having to make them all look like strange humans and give them weird human backstories that does not trigger anyone in the real world. What would they even be able to do?

File: Capturee.png (1.18 MB, 1299x663)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
why didn't she invite Flash to her party ?
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Sunset and Flash broke up
have you even watched the movie ?
File: flash_JUST_wojak.png (468 KB, 636x797)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
You better shut your whore mouth!!!
Yes, so that means Flash is Sunset's ex
Cause Brad was working.

Would you gift someone a pony?
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Well done gentleman, the 5’s have it, that’ll be all for today. Same place tomorrow, whenever you have the time.
the two faces of /mlp/

nyx angery
I like her ass

File: full.gif (1.94 MB, 503x524)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
>They gotta get the hell out of equestria
>And leave the ponyfolk alone
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>They'll be singin'
>'Get out of Equestria!
>We wanna be free!
>Them old ziggers
>Ain't catchin' me!'
>And when Celestia's beggin' for no more
>That's when the ziggers'll be knockin' on your door!
>So we sing so they'll leave us be
>Cause them old ziggers ain't catchin' me!
I struggle to figure out what melody this is being sung onto.
>So ponies I'm asking you
>We gotta buy us a boat or two
>And here's what we gotta do
>Help 'em pack
>And be kind
>Make sure we don't leave one zigger behind

File: 1222.gif (25 KB, 400x402)
25 KB
Any ponyfags here live in the UK? I've never seen another fan of the show in my country.
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You’re not in Grimsby are you?
I wish I wasn't every day
I’m so sorry.
>Kent Pual
Newcastle reporting

File: -noc.png (8 KB, 636x773)
8 KB
Why are npcs attracted to characters like sunset shitter?
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Anon, that's been said and 'proven' to them times and times again, but they're still here, and worse yet, they're fucking GROWING.
Do you really expect them to just stop believing?

Well they won't, they won't until they actually try it and end up killing themselves, and maybe us too.

And no one gives a fuck about AIs, Anon, you can stop with that.
You are a literal communist and a genocide-apologist.

But I think the saddest part is, presuming that you live in a developed first-world country—you are free, and you hate it.
>There is nothing baseless nor illogical about referring to the founding texts of marxism as a refutation of the insipid assertions that fly in the face of those texts and claim such absurdities as
>"When a government taxes every dollar made at a 40% rate and micromanages every business policy, it controls the means of production whether it admits it or not"
>"(the reality is that) meeting exact, precise definitions in a real socio-political context is impossible"
It seems we have differing understandings of how important the end result of things are, as opposed to the beliefs behind the failed attempts at utopian wonderlands.
But alright, I can adapt. Let's talk about end goals and ideas and dreams for a bit.
See, the end goal of communisocialimarxi-whatever is to give the government all the power, and hope that the government will use that power to make everyone equal.
That's it. That's its end game. All of Maxy's flatulence about "Dismantling the establishment" and "Defeating the bogus 1%" is utter nonsense. You aren't really dismantling a state if you're just going to conquer it and call it something else. Not really.
Communism fails every time it's implemented because it's wrong and stupid. It thinks it's perfect, and it's too stupid to understand why it's shit. That's why you have to keep on pretending every time communism fails, and every time even a hint of communism infects something and ends up making it worse, and every time things get worse the more communist they get, you have to deny it.
You have to deny it, and reality, because you don't have the stones to admit you were wrong and you need to find a new religion with a new creed.
File: 1419112007361.png (261 KB, 600x605)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
>See, the end goal of communisocialimarxi-whatever is to give the government all the power, and hope that the government will use that power to make everyone equal.
>That's it. That's its end game.

This, plain and simple. That's the sense in which it is inherently totalitarian. And the sense in which seldom have more evil words been spoken than, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"?

• Who decides what is your ability?
• Who decides what are your needs?
• How is your labor to be extracted according to your ability if you do not do it for free?

The answers:
• The State
• The State
• The Gulag

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